Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 17, 1938 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1938
Page 6
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?AGE SIX NIGKERSON ILL ONLY AN HOUR BEFOJK DEATH Died Week Following Fatal Accident to Brother-in-Law. James Payton Nickerson, 69, well known retired farmer living in Algona,who died Saturday, Mar. 5th, at the Kossuth hospital, after a sudden heart attack, was sick only an hour. As always he had been active right up to the day of his death, looking after his property interests, which included the home farm in fresco township and town houses besides the home. He had had heart trouble before, : but nothing that seemed serious. Funeral services were held at 2:30 last week Monday afternoon at the Methodist church, with the Rev. A. KiiKlish in charge, and pall-bearers were L. J. Lowman, Arthur Cruikshsink, Chester Robinson, Edward Rich, John Sabin,; Algona, nnd Clyde Bristow. Bun,; <til friends and former neighbors | of the Nickerson family. Burial was made in Rivcrdale. 9- M !'cr') ic ' kers( " 1 was °°rn June 2i. 1SCS. at Eureka. Ml., and moved to Lalhoiin county, Iowa, in lrj'°l l 'ins IO "n""" C l ° K "* suth county '" V, ;'" - ve ars a.no. am] resided on the farm till Januarv. this year, when he moved to Aleona ' T,]., T- *; cli : crj!0n u ' as "larried to mo. iv I wiehaus in Hmo. ; uid the couple c-aine at once to iowa Be-' sides his wife, ho ia Slln . lvoc ,- bv | me daughters: Mrs. Hazel Mevel va,s in A sewage disposal plant. A community center for rec-reational purposes. Street markers and dtv zoning. Uebirth of principles. Cooperation among pioneers and the younger group. Hotter fire equipment. A larger appropriation for tlie library. A clean attractive room, where country women can wn.it for their husbands. A hard-surfaced or oileil road from town to (hi- Am- KOSSUTtt COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA REWRITES Hrlf-f.s summarising prln. cipal news in last Thursday's Upper DPS Moines. lm.se A. Call stale park. .. to-roiiHnp of Xo. lf,0 rfa the Call pnrk through town. A municipal auditorium. Improved hotel facilities. An ordinance prohibiting car parking on north Jones street. A modern, fire-proofed hospital. A greater water supply. A better county fnir. ' A now hand stnnd. KcdiicHon of cr.nvdcd living conditions. to be at is best. DIRECTORS ARE PICKED MONDAY IN UNION T1YP, CRUIKSHANK OUT FOR THE SUPERVISOR JOB Responding to pressure from 'riends, A. R. Cruikshank 1ms filed for the republican nomination for supervisor In this the Second district, which consists of BROKE OUT upstairs over Algona, Union, and Plum Creek here, the last time being from from Christmas through part of January, when she uvi.iiuui ^ t tv ncn KUIU wuo ttiiCpmp&Tl" fed home by Harry Brown* * Seeks Footlmll Team Place, Omaha, 'Mar. .M—"Bill" Barry, Algona, reported last week Tties- passed a resolution approving cfer- taln plans, specifications and proposed contract to be entered into by and between the City of Al- gonn., Town, and Central Fire Truck Corp. of St. Louis, Missouri, providing for the purchase by the City of Algona, Iowa, of One (1) I the Christensen store at 4 I Sunday morning and before it was brought under control by the local firemen, who were assis'ted by the Whittemore and Emmetsburg'fire- men, the entire upper story had | been gutted and the roofs of both ithe Quinby building and W \ [Barry buildings burned off. The blaze was kept from spreading to the first floors, occupied by! the Christensen store and the Barry pool hall respectively, but (townships. Mr. Cruikshank farmed more Algona, reported last week Tt.es- "[„. g ° n ?', I . owa ' of .? ne l, (1) 50 ° j ....,,,., gallon triple combination fire ,day night for the first meeting of i tr uck, said contract price being Crelghton university's spring foot-j about Five Thousand Nine Hun- ball practice. Fifty-five candidates i flrot) Seventy-five Dollars ($6,- fnr dm ion,,, *„,.„„,! „..» '|!176,00). Said nlans and Hnnolflnn.1 »'ii. v-. i uinoiumn. iciiiuuu more than 35 years in Union township, and still owns his quarter section there, the place now being occupied by his daughter, Mrs. McNeil, and her husband. The Cruikshauks have one other daughter, who is in high school. Last year they retired and came to Algona. Mr. Cruikshank has for 2.1 years been one of the Union township trustees. He has for many years for and , Purchase or sa ••""i is i» 'S, Council for the team turned out OFFICIAL I'lim/ICATION TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CON- ,00). Said'plans ^'^t^-\^^^ t] - • .„, (% ,..-..- and proposed contract for tlons an ? ' " R ^ | raid One (1) 500 gallon triple com-i of "aid lm, M """' ;icl ' or..' on ->•-•• <H( ' he"!" a To,;7S ke dal :" lag ? were |been"seWarv'"of lea\> Total damage has been es- Farmers elevator at tnnated at more than SThflnn *-«nieis eievatoi at ..„„„,,.„,„ tlll ., , IO.VIAI. he was for some years secretary TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CON-1}',,""," 0 " he'cVc'Tof fh^CltTcierk By direction of the City Council. by reference are made ft part of of the City of Algona, Iowa, notice [this notice. f R hoi'nJi v trf i*nti * li»i A-H 11. - •« />i i. mi . . -„ ...,,, u » i np,un ((f Ai_/ 1> it, HU UHJU is hereby given that on the 16th day of March, 1038, the City That a resolution authorizing! directing the Mayor and City rvitr,i , ,HV n rV AlL '""a. i m , " ° f March - "««. oil nf M,« r 1 f >V ' '-"«»-IHIIU uirecung tne Mayor and C ty r ,,. ,, ci! of the City of Algona, Iowa, Clerk to enter Into said contract Uy f Offices upstairs were occupied by E. C. McMahon. L. A. Wlnkel, Dr C. C. Shierk, Dr. C. D. Schaap. H. D. Hutchins, G. D. Slnmrway, Murtagh & Son, Dr. Walter Fraser. P. P. Zerfass, Bernice Stock, 'the Irene Drager beauty shop, and the Matt Streit grain office. P. J. Christensen, who died Mon- [ day at Phoenix, Ariz., was spared! knowledge of the disaster. . .._• .. v.k.. iui. 13 \j inc ,> tti i a SU(JI uLil 1 V of the Hobarton creamery before it was discontinued. The only other republican candidate is C. A. Samson, and the only demoncratic candidate is W. E. McDonald, present supervisor. New Grocery to "Open" Saturday — — . . ' ^ tmmi ' jxx***^^ b ^^ NICKERSON bin , Slip school town- took place and Mrs. ,,. ello Foss) e ' ;"P «chool election luull IJ1(lce Mrs. Gladys Mulinu. Britt:' Mrs' ?,-, J> , Fa '' m ° rS who had ™°v«l. Alia Lowman and Mrs. Evolv n \i- I, ° n ° locrtti(Jn in the countv to! evander, Alsona. .another were eligible to vote if j Mr. \ickerson had spent iii« : J' 0 ;!" 1011 ^ ° r the township ten davs ' entire life fanning oxrept ^",'i ' l>0 | 01 * h . antl years when, as u younir man. he ! ,,-' V ^"; 2 ria rcnce Reibhoff worked In a tile lac.orv a ; \- n " . ": » 'f elec ^ ed - ^ No. 4 Herman noil. III. He was indust'rious and . u ! ' ° U ' d ' rect()r . had moved thrifty and his „.„„! was eonsid- j'' 1 ': *" Wlth , Prank Thompson as ered as good as a bond omporary chairman Walter Out of town relatives and , r''n W f elected new Director, friends attending the funeral J,' ' ^.^ is , wel1 equipped for were: Otis P. Nickerson Valmr- < 1K) - sltlo ». 1'avin.e served four "a'S'i lud.; Mrs*. Leona Koerner'l- >S ,-', s treasur er of the Grant and Nick Nickerson, Kempton 111 • !' 0 , nso 'l tlat ed school. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Imm, Je'ffers ' lo t ^°; 5 Earl Ta >' Ior w *s re- Minn., son Roy; Mr. and Mrs ou ! r ° r a f ° Urth >' ear - F ^' ^ Twiehaus, Cullom, 111- Mr" an : n n °, election was held. Do Lo.s Mrs. Will Oberhelman, Mrs.' Lou in '' ' Vh ° has been director Oberhelman, Mr. and Mrs Join ; ,' e , nine or ten >' ears 'will doubt- Oberhelman, Mr. and Mrs, Frank ,' SS , appointed by the township Oberhelman, all of Manson- Mr.- i' Knml - Tvt '° other directors are- Clara Westmoreland and Mr ^nd'in , ? ' J ° hn Sabin : N O. 3, William Mrs. Leo Westmoreland, all of ° ds ' Thcv ttt-hiTh fiplUinS l ?-° f 11 ^ 1188 beC " com "K- cL cd S The e i ne> tnougnt they were climb ne partition dividinir tin. f,.^. hen a. hole was broken through i dicate prices of arOcloi Tho h wall into the Kruse-Blossom I shelves are wn ' to ^'^blic for ' J selection, and the counter is in the A. K. KKKSKJfSKY was elected' center of tlle s t°re room. A now president_of the Chamber of Com-;" fcn °" ®'" n was erected over the ™""~ •='"'- f — - - Both tho — - ^,,amber of Com- "'*" " as -:-recti imerce Friday at a meeting of the > toro . fmnt 5'esterday. auilt lni board of directors. He succeeded tront and stor e rooms have beei Joe Bloom. W. A. Lorenz is vice- ( Redecorated, and supplies havi president. C. H. Williams. W \ '' been arranged in accessible m-r- Loronz, and Ralph Meidke are new ; ago f ' ual 'ters. directors; others are R. H. Millev ^ , ~' . * - j ».---. »m. j . tt *>it i viixv il l (_ IIc \V directors; others ore R. H. Miller., c i 7",-., " —: f. R. La Barre, Win. F. Steele. J.! OChool Election at JJ. Lowe, John Bieser, W G Me- 1 --— Cullough. M. G. .Vorton, M. J 'p'ool ' and Mr. Kresensky. 'j Whittemore Lively Whittemore, Mar. 15—Monday's here brought out ed into the-AMn'H^nhoW C^i^e^Vlth"!^ R ° ebei ' ^ Brogan votes. Roy sr , fanner near Ayr- i third with 90 votes John ° elected Mrs. Xickerson suffered another Jieuvy bereavement only a f t , w days before her husband's whollv unexpected passing, a brother in Illinois having been killed in a lall from a windmill. Speeder Runs Down Poppe Car on No. 9 Paving at Lakota to the by Justice Danson. Paden got out tffi StVe« "rt ^ and S ± ^ I Nugent ! f ™°™ SCIIUIT2. GS, resident | r \ n - otf A 'g°na ten years, died Saturday ' were More dent' ofThe toa takes the place of Doctor \ n - f , ray T „ drews, who was not a candidate ' ° f ulcers of the stomach, and fun-'frnnt ' ' f, ra " serviccs ^ere held Monday at — — — ••— — — Daughter of Grants &t Lu Verne IS Dead T „ Vorn ne ' TRIXITY LIJTHERAX, P Hraner, Pastor — N ext Sun ' ri ., ".' Sunday school, 10 a. :n. ; EnSh service, 10:30; y. P . 3 meets next week Friday, S p. m Confir'! ~ instruction Saturdays at » , ciaj services were Held Monday at MUiii^ZU F. SWEXSOX, 26, of the Baptist church, with burial at Albert Lea, charged with statutory H "niboldt, where the family lived rape was bound over to the grand before coming to Algona. ' Eight ,jur> Monday by Justice Delia Wel-, cmldren survive. Mr. Schultz who • • ter. 1 he charge was filed by the ! was born in Denmark, was brou"ht 15—Mrs. U. S. word Saturday of --her daughter, Mrs. Buffham, St. Paul, follow- few days' illness with pneu- • Mrs. Buffham had visited Permanent Waves are Given in 2 Algona Snops The Marigold Shoppes Cora Millar Beauty Get the genuine waves atThese X" PnC6 &d ™^™^ Corporation 8!fl!fCftW<V^^W/wvi^ws»-*~^. - ~ j *,u. i -\_n\4 J.1LL who was with him when arrested for drunkenness he at have be^'n ^ a ^ lta V nor.?, 1 ^ » m u ght - ) uay: suntla y school, 10 pened Satunlaft^f ^ t "?£ U "}«? ^fUKRAy, >,, ^ Sios . L P ™ K Snervlcxe - "' C ' -• 5?^^^^^ to America when he was 13. BARBARA HAGGARD broke one of her legs again Saturday ay a Spencer, when her crutches slip- tp . ed and sl) e fell. She was just get- a bout again, after having had , t ^ Iegs brokeu in an a utomobile the pavm- on \o. f) Poppe family of f ive mte way to Lakota. when a car from suuck° rt ,h tr " vclin ? at a high speed struck the Poppe car in the center, throwing the car around till "t faced| east instead of west. Al in the Poppe car were shaken bate tournament. (Thursday) 7:30. Con- class Saturday 9 a. m -^,ji,.LV, UI'UI^) >ance, Pastor—Next Sundav: _ , — -•" •*- «il V* -LJIU^ U bmith were elected school direc- church school; classeV for tors at Lu Verne Monday, -rent "T ' (i ° f his car was — 7 reat, however, that he •carried onto the paving. Ex-Service Men Gel^Preference Special efforts to place ev-ser- vice mon who are unemploved are now being taken bv F R w" Grand Opening Saturday, March 19th I he average a K e of R. D. Wehrspann, 51, Dies ^Rochester Fenton, Mar. 17— R D We Wiil Have a F ree Gift for Every Lady Tha, VisiU Our More Saturday Free Coffeejmd Cooldes All Day , a blood grandchildren, sisters and broT erb. He was considered one of th o««t farmers in this communit where he had lived all hi™ l f Recently the family mov ed in tneir new home in Fenton. Two Hrothers Dea'd C. F. Walters, Algona, returned Tuesday from Slbley. 111., whenc he had gone Thursday to atten the funeral of his brother Wile Walters. He had been home jus «n hour when news of the death of another brother, Ben, at Jolie was received. Druggists Mutual Improves The Druggists Mutual office quarters will be refloored this -week-end with a new covering of Armstrong inlaid linoleum by the Cowan Bldg. Supply. The new pattern is to be a mottled gray 14c «, 16-oz. cans 5 C COFFEE, Miu^r^i-^-i.-^Vfc, 45 3 o C PLYMOUTH R 0 M CK T PE AE S S> ^ ^^ PLYMOUTH ROCK- — PLYMOUTH ROCK 12c Nelson and Lensing Grocery SPRING

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