Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 17, 1938 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1938
Page 4
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What Next! r rvin § ton Girl Married Here Tuesday COUNT y ADVANCES. ALGONA. IOWA year we have haf i three Then came -"ramie's , after that mother-in-law's d h« i f re f 6VentS were wel1 attended and helped to keep the ball rolling and the cash register ringing. What next? Well, it is too close to garden time for any more foolishness, so we will have to Te B rtM Un 8u »«er The great outdoors will soon be calling and you will want easy shoes for work o? pfay We just received from Hamilton abTeTow^f' ! f thlnk 1S the most co °" able low shoe for women I ever saw. a- f U u PPers are of soft kid - The soles are thick but made flexible as a baby shoe If you want foot comfort you surely want S is good It has arch-support built in, looking and only costs you $1.98. I want to tell the young ladies the modern Miss, that we are now unpacking the swellest line of sport oxfords and S ?° Wn in Algona - Whatever you is new we have it. All colors all at J)rices from li.98 boysYow-nf-, the men boys \ou will find shoes and oxfords with Gro Cord soles. Lots of wear and lots of ° rt ,nn JuSt nmv we are Cunning a spec- on 400 pairs of men's oxfords These pair m this lot at $2.98. We can fit any foot narrow or wide B to EE. Jimmie Neville DORIS COLWELL MADE BRIDE OF BERCIE DAVIS Irvington., Mar. 15—Doris Colwell and Bercie Davis were mar- |,ried at 9 a . m. Tuesday at the I home of Rev. A. English, Algona. i ney were accompanied by Rita , Bauman, Humboldt, and Harold i Colwell, brother of the bride. ; The bride was gowned in Am- lerican beauty satin, with gold ac- jcessories, and Miss Bauman wore i" gold satin dress, with matching accessories. Immediately after the ceremonv Mr. and Mrs. Colwell left for Ot- jturnwa, where they were to be entertained, by Mrs. Nelson Stevens, [Sister of the bridegroom. The couple were to go thence to Batavia, which is their home. Mr. Davis is a carpenter there with his father. The bride is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Colwell, who moved to the former Schichtl farm here three years ago. Before coming here she attended the Humboldt high school. Mr Davis, the son of Riley Davis, Batavia, has worked here for u. L. Miller during the last several years. The couple have both been active in neighborhood social affairs. Before leaving the community for Batavia at Christmas time .Bercie was a member of the Irv- iington bowling team. Annual Musical Concert Is Given at Armstrong Armstrong, Mar. 16—The annual home music concert was held Friday evening at 8 o'clock at the high school auditorium. The program was: Air De Ballet, Homeless. Russian Overture, by the orchestra; soprano solo, Carmena Waltz, by Marie Irmiter; cornet solo, Stars in a Velvety Sky, Joyce — — bass solo, Big Bass Viol, Sterling Ray; baritone bass solo, Out on the Deep, Wayne Christensen; a lto clarinet solo, Adagio, Bill Whitlow; girls' sex- tette, music, When Soft Voices Die, Golden Glow, and Stop Dat three daughters. >v Fairmont hospital for ft minor operation. Hope Ravn, small daughter of ... . . ~— \ s s\\t-\ the , U » UB ..» Mr. and Mrs. Lehman Ravn, i with conestion of %^ Robinson I - —•—• iiavu i.emeu «. i*nm. | Three Ilnbles nro Born- Thc Emest L - J° nn , aon , fftml ' y | A week ago Sunday was a busy!™ 0 ™' 1 lo Moli ™' in - whorc ,' day for the stork. rt«nVerinir in will be employed. fering with congestion lungs. Mr. and Mrs. Allan moved to Nortlnvood, where they have rented a farm. ( The Ernest L. Johnson family. " ^ day Mr. for the stork, and Airs. Earl delivering Theesficld, Rose Whimperln', Marie Irmiter, Ellen Whitlow, Joyce Hah Troestter, Betty'jane and Bernice Horswell. Brass quintet, Spiritual, Joyce Hansen, Bernice Horswell, Frances Horswell, Forbes Irwin, and Kenneth Eckhart; girls' glee club, -— • i "«il« »it O, iJTll 1 1 ilVASOl 1UIU) tt daughter, named Karen Joyce; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kluger, a son; the Alfonse Guerdets, a son. The Guer- dets are residents of north Kossuth. and this is their fifth child. Armstrong Man loses Cousin- Mr, and Mrs. H. M. Irmiter received word early Sunday of the death of Mr. Irmiter's cousin, Gustavo Irmiter, Chicago. Mr. Irmiter will be employed. * " . • Mrs. Kate Bassett, Pioneer Girl Here, Suffers Broken Hip Irvinglon, Mar. 16 — Mrs. Kate Bassett, Sheldon, former Algo- nlan, is confined to a hospital with the result of a fall in her home. She is 76, and is reported died late Saturday evening, fol- in critical condition, her resls- lale Ba t ur t"i>' evening, fol- M" cruiciu conauion, ncr resis- Iowin S « heart attack. He and his tanc e having weakened by age wife had visited in Armstrong this I a " d sickness. Early last fall she last summer. was in an auto accident and had —-•««.«. «•» b»* *o fiitjG uiuu, ..i*. <Luu ITU o. xitiiiry uever Prayer, Pierot's Return; flute James Pulchow, Mankato, and solo, Csardes, John Thomsen; I M". Carrie O'Leary, Omaha, and tuba solo, The Storm King, Ber-|Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Irmiter Ring- nice Horswell; tenor solo, Danny sted, were Sunday afternoon visi- Boy, Theodore Weiby; reed- quin-itors at H. M. Irmiter's. Mrs Dev- TOf A QsMtfVllnwJ CT1.. _ A _1_ -r-* «<H_~ u J«r «.._ ' last summer. Other Armstrong News. , s lle " 8> weeks with a serious sickness. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Devens and | Mrs. Bassett is a sister of James imes Pulchow, Mankato, and Stacy, Algona, and comes from a . was in an auto accident and had both arms broken, and in February she was hospitalized for several weeks with a serious sickness. Sketch, Donna Braland, Marjorie I Shower Honors Bride-to-Be— : The Aid sponsored a pre-nuptlal .shower for Doris Colwell Mondav 4o women and girls attending. The honoree received many gifts Entertainment was furnished by Lorame Thomas, who played an in- jstrumental solo; Mrs. E. H. Tho- j mas, who, accompanied bv Lorraine, sang; Mrs. Casey Loss, who, accompanied by Mrs. Vaughn Ris' Boy, Theodore tet, A Southk. Miller, Bernice Benton, Bill Whitlow," andTjohn Thomsen. Contralto solo, A Brown Bird Singing and Morning, Bernice Horswell; The Brigadier General, IMPROVED SERVICE 'MILWAUKEE ST. PAUL I and Shirley R oney> who" ga7e a dialogue, a backyard quarrel. Two guessing games were played. Household Goods Taken Awav— .Mrs. Althea Thornton was here * H •'' f eMn Z °er household goods, which had been stored since Mr. Thornton's death following an automobile accident last tail. She has purchased a small • home at Livermore, and will live (there with her sons Robert and lioiian. School Directors Are Xameil— School directors in ~ Irvington township elected Monday were, i>o. 1, Herman Wise- *> M H McEnroe; 3, Leslie Jenkins';' 4 Edward Mawdsley; 5, Hugh Blacl ana b, closed; 7 closed- 8 Schulz; 9, Armour Lemk'ee.' Diano, and The Herd Girls'' Dream, by the band. Director of vocal number and accompanist was Christie Kreul- director of instrumental numbers, Oerald Niemeyer, Barbara Smith. , accompanist, Three Seniors on Team— The girls' basketball team went to Estherville Wednesday for a basketball picture. The squad includes Lavon Mixell, Doris Gangsted, and Evelyn Caboth, seniors- Shirley Peterson, Donna Miller, Joyce Hansen, Marjorie Benton, and Marie Irmiter, juniors; Mavis Gangsted and Marjorie Caboth sophomore; Frances Horswell and Corrine Miller, freshmen. They were coached by Donna McCreary Bradgate, a graduate of teachers' college at Cedar Falls. See Girls' State Tourney- Margaret Twedt, both, Irmiter attended the — — . .... ji«L»i 1,^1 »3, ITAI a, i_/y v~ ens and Mrs. O'Leary are cousins of Mrs. H. M. Irmiter. Mr. and Airs. Leo Guerdet are parents of a girl born a week ago Saturday. This Is their second fihild and the first girl. Mr. Guerdet is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Anton Guerdet, of northwest Kossuth. Ardella and Curtis Halvorson, of Blue Earth, visited a week ago Tuesday evening at the parental Carl Halvorson's, and were accompanied back by Arnold Lamere who will be employed there. Word has been received of the birth of a boy to Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Hodsdon, Pittsburgh, P a . Mrs. Hodsdon is the former Marian Hemrich, daughter of Mr. and Mrs . F. Heinrich. Carol Weiby, small daughter of Stacy, Algona, and comes from a widely known pioneer Algona family. Ledyard a.nd Mrs. operated upon Jens Weiby, was ,„• . ----- --— for appendicitis Wednesday, evening at the-Coleman hospital in Estherville. Mrs. Lay.bert Locker, Mrs. John Thorson, MTS. Carl Halvorson, and Mrs Andrew Opsal quilted a t Mrs. 4-iM. Irmiter's Wednesday after- oon. This six weeks high school honor roll includes Elaine Locker, Age L'a-1 nes Moore, Margie Jphnson Fran- uuu Marie cis Horswell, and Eske Larson finals and Mrs. Bert Anderson was —-- A group of frien'ds from Grant called on Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Smith of Lakota Friday evening. They have just moved in their new home. The evening was spent at playing cards. Mrs. Smith is the former Wilma Speicher, About thirty friends from Sherburn, Minn., surprised Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Skaggs 'at the Hay Mino home Saturday evening. Five hundred was the entertainment for the evening. Lunch was served at a late hour. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Spiechor were Sunday guests, at Walter Mine's in honor of Mr. Mino's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. John Patterson . . went to Lakota Saturday night to get a grandson, Bill Baum, who will remain with them while the Marvin Baum's attend a beauty convention at Des M.oines. The Roy Minos and Curtis Skog- ges were visiting at Frank Montgomery's Friday. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hamand and Paul Doty left Friday for boys' Des bas- NEW, FAST OVERNIGHT TRAIN FROM CHICAGO The MARQUETTE Union Station n Lv. CHICAGO in£> Lv. JANESVILLE f O'OT pm Lv. MADISON ..'''•• flln * m Ar. MARQUETTE . . ' ' ' 4:22«» Ar.CALMAfl . . ' f.'XA am Ar. NEW HAMPTON ' ' ' «Vv7 Ar. CHAHLESCrXY ' ' ' t:?I am Ar. MASON CITY . '. .'• .' .' ^ ; Post-Talentine Party Planned— at nOS€ n ttaf ^ ker wil1 entertain at a post-Valentine party Fridav M .. an ^ haa b ^^^ 'Mrs. Miller Taken Home— ho*y r x Mae Miller ' A] g°na, who had been at the Kossuth hospital for several weeks, recovering ftDrokPTl }"iir» xi ?° m l; Mond ? y '. but it wiiT s ,tin at be leave a week ago Saturday. The sextet returned late Sunday afternoon, w«f £ aV !? S S6en their favo >-ite9, West Bend, win. Moines to attend the ketball tournament. The Grant women's basketball team suffered a defeat by the Eagle women. Reuben Knutsons More— The Reuben Knutsons have moved onto the farm vacated by the John Mixells. The .Mlxells are T on4Vtheir w *y to Albany, Ore., vhore they will live. They were K P " I ii ed '.,, b3r Merle ' H ™sen, linton Mprdick, Harold ; Mixell nd Mr. and^ Mrs, Earl Mixell and PAIN IN FEET, LEGS, HEELS? Tired, aching feet; rheumatic-like footand leg pains- "~ caucuses, or sore heels^-these are signs of weak Brownell Shoe Co., Algona . Sermon Series— The Rev. A. English preached bunday on habits. The' text w*, taken from Jeremiah, 13-23 Next Sunday he will start a series of prophesies Alberta Boldridge to Ketnrn— Alberta Boldrldge, who has been S connection with III8V for htr information a*k GEO. C. SCOBEE, Phone 244 ILL MAKE MONEY FO* YW.M/STfRt ,,- - _ BA«f GKKSKS Mtw. Kione Swift & Co. HATCHERY Wfll Return from Texas Pauline Black, who has been in sxas since mid-winter, is expected back this week. She will take early in \ rpdr i] beaUty CUltUre tMts Other irYlngtoB. Dorothy Mawdsley, student at the Ames college, came Wedues- wm, if* 7 6 ® k>s "Prfns vacation, with her father. Edward Mawdsley. Mr. Mawdaley was among men who spent laat week Thursday and Friday at Minneapolis oa Algona creamery business. He also went to Charles City on the same business Monday afternoon,. ; Mrs. U. B. Frankl apent Sunday at Bancroft with her parents TnH * ^ rB L Patrl< * Mulligan, and her brother Paul. The latter who had returned from Iowa City Saturday, is much, — - health. He had a tlon. The Missionary owlety wu , meet Friday at the church, and Mrs. MtsLeen. will lead.. Topics -»m be Japan and Foreig»e.rB in Am- tm ^ A cov ! re<1 •''"*•«»• lunchooa will, b^ aenred,. Th Aid'met last w«ek. Thursday at the church, Meadames O. L MH- ler and L. E. Colwell hostesses The next meeting will be March 1 2.4L when there will be election of officers; • Earl Sterns, Cedar Rapids, was an overnight Sunday guest at L E. Colwell's, and other Colwell Wimam SUnday W6re Mr ' and Mrs ' •Mrs. Howard. BJancftard, of D«a MoineB, £s receve^ring' rrom a WT cent appeadeetuniy. iJdr. ajn4 "--• JSl!!!* 1 ^*** R«x»» Suite. $59.50 society ODD PD2CES TO |"EP THINGS UP TABJiEB 4* New Low ha ln nave been or are ylQiixaa qf strep, tococcus throat -are Dorla Col v 1 f*" 1 *' P. Roney. 115,50 to $30,00 "^^^ Helpful hubby new quick way to do di M ANY A he-man proudly tdmits he helps his wife with the dishes. And why not? It's often fun. And with the New improved Rinso to help it's downright easy. The smiling husband above is saying, "Look, dear, while you were feeding the baby I did the dishes. That Rinso sure is great stuff!" The New Rinso IS marvelous for dishwashing, Women everywhere find that it gives over 25% more suds than the old. These richer, livelier suds soak to America's ical;ali t ,l cgo Get the BIG household p° YOUlt FRIKNI) AT MAI, KHWAY AN.1). SAWHDAY, MAIU'II 1 S AM) Feast For Less! The many thousands of Council Oak Customers arc cnlor wider assortment of good, foods. at a. reduced cost. Vm ttS r± Yo^V' 11 to t'o»nc'»: Oak's rigid Inspection f« rP Council Oak's everyday low prices and tJielr advertised spi Pork Roast There is a real apnetlto appeal In the men t Jon of a bcaofi browned -Pork Roast with Jinked Apples. A fresh Pork the desired size at lAc r>er lb.' A fancy Iwn.-less Frt Roast or Steak at 22c per pound. Fresh Pork Shanks Beef Roasts <Jhn ""we who hare in mind a beef ro 8 *tt for Snndaj- nv Shoulder Boasts, of the usual Council Oak high quality d I and Ifln per pound. H«. /, . . FRESH BEEF TO BOIL, ... pound U BIG BOLOGNA TO SLICE .pound 15 CLUB^RANKFmTERS .. _pound \\ Angel Food Cake Hn,« e !i,f^ d !i, ak ? is alwa ys a iHxury, but not expensive at un.e.oue t Q tip I«>w cost of. e$jrs. JIake your Angel Food Hoss Cake Flu* at Hi« HIUW.IAI price of 20c Oregon Prunes of. M. « or,. We to rtm new, ... _ planting Honey Kriwhed Wheat Brea*l| it and ; the flaw. Light White Loaf Flour lt <nt8 np :bag$U Spaghetti ture Co, .,,... , L . duperb Qiftl ' |Si!|fe^£ 'S** 'fihi^Sitt'^i •• «f »mkU cM jBtfl^ j^ 1WF» sw7r

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