Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 17, 1938 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO ^••^••••••••••••1 Coast to Coast Store Paint Sale ••••^••••••^^•.^^^^.^JVUSHUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA Colored Quintet Amusing at Corwith Keystone Interior Gtloss Enamel PnJnt for Woodwork $1.98 Gallon KEYSTONE 39c Quart PULLS STUNTS IN GAME WITH INDEPENDENTS Corwith, Mar. 16—A large audience attended a basketball game FLAT WALL PAINT $1.59 Gallon FLOOR ENAMEL 59c Quart VARNISH KEYSTONE $1.39 Gallon Ti.^., * sjiuuaaium last week M^T m r e rn' ng> When the H "r- lem Globe-Trotters played the Lorwith Independents. The col ored team displayed expertness in the warm-up, and the game started with the Independents realizing .lint. fi,n y were far outclasae | tir'";r s ° ored the first basket, then the Globe-Trotters took an easy lead, and the score at the half was 32-15 in their favor. Mrs. Frank Wiemcr Has To Flee Flood on Coast -.iy. Mar 15—Mrs. Estelle Smith; Janet North Winner W ° f the late F ™nk Lucille DeLand. Wiemer, was among tourists in I .. .~.,.^,, ,,«i 0 uuuijig tourists in the flood at Los Angeles. Camping in a tourist camp in a trailer ^ouse, her party was warned by officers that unless they got out his nurse, half an hour it would be Iate . too WE ARE LEADERS OF LOW PRICES WHY PAY MORE? Harness Oil 39c Gallon Bushel Baskets Galvanized at69c Coast to Coast Floor Wax 39c can Johnson's Glo-Co 49c Pint Cream City Dish Pans 49c B Batteries 45-volt 89c 13-Plate Batteries $2.98 ex. Motor Oil SAE 30 2 gallons, 75c • "" •*« i»i nidi lUVUl, I he last half was more vaude- '"•3 than basketball, with the ro group showing as much tal- at entertaining as at making :ets. They overlooked dozens of opportunities to make scores, leave, and drove out with water up to the running board of the car. Bookcases for Lebrary Planned— No School Election Battle— SHOWER GIVEN AT SWEA CITY FOR BRIDE AT SENEGA sors were cut. P«lm of, Is nrofc, , n D °nna Jean, ( r- W. Bolli K bone In her \ fell down ii,' r 'ft school, sii • Sonoca, Mar. 16- Helmko, Mrs. Tim Little excitement was In evl- JIUUHKU, mrs. rin dence over the school election | James Doocy, and mrs. ueorgi here Monday. Jos. Preston and i Johnson were hostesses at a mis -Mrs. P. J, Doocy, Mrs. Mrs. George nere ivionaay. Jos. Preston anaijonnson were Hostesses at a mis-1 William Evans were reelected, no I cellnneous shower for Velda Johns! one having filed In onnositlon. I at the Leirion hall in Swea fMlv They, were »....v»n<.. 0 mi Miourary rin 11110(1— The Library board met Monday night, and all members were present except E. L. Hansen, who was unable to attend because of sickness. Plans were discussed with Carpenter John L. Haglund for new book cases. The librarian, Mrs. Jennie McCrary, reported the largest circulation of books February in one day was 131. in •-- -n—^mninco LU mane scores, ^uuruary in one day was 1 and tormented tho Corwith team. by passing the ball to their own 1)ral »" Staged at Clmrcli— Players direcly jn front of the lo-1 The drama The Wliirlwln >»..... ,_, i*. jjis\i «iij vii III I; 1I-— The drama The Whirlwind; pre- Methodist church 'onday nights, was ,, The cast follows: Mrs. Henry Preston, wealthy so- ... ^..,. ul lllc nj^ii, piayers. ""°- Jiumy i-reston, wealthy so- One of the Globe-Trotters got a cie t> 7 lady, Phyllis Johnson' Hen- •oo hospital. .. i _.(., n lv; mui LU meir own Players direcly jn front of the lo- ... «nr. r I a ?°, S ' ftlso doing aniseed at tho Methodist church il° w a -s-pits of tricks, much to the' Suntl ay and Monday nights was ,, , Swftns °n drove up amusement of the crowd and the i well received. The cast follows' hlm Monda y- oewilderinent of t.hp. Inn-ii ni«ir nl .c, Mrs. T-rnm-v ' filed in opposition. I at the Legion hall in Swea City .or 3-year Thursday afternoon. Others from terms. Other members on the Seneca that attended were Mrs. board are D. W. Fults, Ole Krams- F. W. Bassett, Mrs. Clarence j ''"'- "" J T "-- J 'Gardner, Mrs. Frank Looft, Mrs. . ,— t — ~ .. . -i Ben Klucas and Maxlne, Mrs. -o--- at lets Hospital— virgil Moore, Mrs. A. T. Paulson Robert Hagfund Is sick at the and Kuby, Mrs. L. C. Gast ant wlhT/n r', ta1 ' ?? S M ° ineSl Florence ' Ml ' 3 ' C - °- Bailey, Mrs. with stomach ulcers. He was once Sheldon Merrill, Mrs. Leo Swan- cashier of tho Farmers bank here, son, and Mrs. G. Kracht and her CCC camp In southeastern Iowa, daughter. Miss Johns is to be mar- became an officer in a Heel in the near future to Frank came sick serving when he bo- Simon, of near Fairmont. Card 1 Operation— Mr. ; FridaV fnThnrni "T ope j; a . ted on tamed the Modern Mixor"cTub 11 may foi heinia at a Fairmont and their families at a card party £111(1 MI'S. I TfM/lnif fMrniiliir* « 1 Kfftrttt Preston, her husband, „.. ^..^ «iuue- j. i uiLurs got tl broom from the school janitor and stood under his team's basket knocking the balls out of the basket as soon as they dropped over the vim. He then laid on his back In the middle of the floor, reading a newspaper while his teammates played. In tho last four minutes of the i same, the entire Corwith squad of ten men was on the floor, but was unable even then to down their opponents. The game ended with a score of ,-14-24 in favor of tho colored team, i and with everyone in a merry mood, the local boys realizing that the Globe-Trotters could probably have held them scoreless had the ,,,. ^ Ar visitors chosen to do so. The 1 ana Mrs. Roy Far Globe-Trotters have not been de- i Mont soinery, was held featod this year. KonnenV snnti^n^t _« The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. to see Party Given— The Legion post and the j ~>-(,i«n t >u»i. iary observed their Friday evening, and "500" was played at five tables with Ruby Paulsen and Curtis Olson winning high prizes; Mrs. Howard Richards and Art Paulsen low; and Mrs. Howard Richards and Mrs. Ralph Campbell tieing for travel l-'rirm Hand Is fnjrtfcrf— Frank Woodbeck, farm hand for Charles Jndobseii, was the vie- tlm of what might Have resulted In a'more serious injury, Mr. Woodbeck was sawing wood for Howard Richards and accldently got his hand in the saw. Several fin- ZOTOS Our Franchise with the Zotos C tion has neither been cancelled ° * i pired. We are willing to abide by the of the Zotos Corporation on pr j ces avoid cancellation of our Franchi Marigold Phone 803 FARRINGTONS ARE MARRIED FDR 25 YEARS Lakota, Mar. 15-A celebration m honor of the silver wedding of Mrs. Roy Farringtoa, Joe Bloom WALL PAPERS . Kenneth Gregson refereed the game, which was the last to be played by the Independents this season. Manager Lamon Sanders gave a talk of'anpreciation to tho community for the support of the team. Tho high school boys' team met the Independent second team in a fast and close game earlier in the evening. The score was tied a the time, and fin- of at Otto Ex-Lu. Verne Man is Killed in Accident Lu Verne, Mar. 15 — Word has [ been received from St. Charles MO., of .the death of a former Lu Verne resident, Bennie, son of Mr and Mrs. B. w. Wilkinson, who low h vo a t Dows . Mr> Windnson fell from a scaffold and suffered I a fractured skull while he was at Tni,°" C °" Struction of a b 'g dam at Old Monroe, Mo., where he had been employed since June. Burial was to be made at Dows Monday. MIR 1\' 1 fa nYij-1 « . . *^ — -.,,., ^*t, Jiv^iu. £^L ULIQ Koppen's, southeast of town, Sun-i His wife""and" a son survive"' day, with a family gathering which | was ollly J 7 yea '. s °'d- ai large part of ished 28-26 in favor of the high school. Carl Long refereed. Music Pupils are Preparing— High school music pupils a working hard in preparation for Belmond music contest March 17 h-1!). Corwith will be represent . the glee club, band, mixe chorus, sexettte, clarinet solo drum solo, and five voice solos. inother Scarlet Fever Case- Wendell Woodbury, junior in ugh schoo , is sick with scarlet fever and the home has been quarantined. Mr. Woodbury, depot , and his at the - v 0 "i."v.i iiif^ \y lllUU lasted all day. Mrs. Farringfon is a daughter of the late A. Q. Smith " ' '' on the fa,™ , , on e uli th fdim, seven miles southeast of Lakota on March 12, 1.013. The cou- Ple began homemaking at Lismore, Minn., where Mr. Farrington was depot agent. They have two daughters Vera, who is attending Morn- •nsside college, and Laurl Mae at home; also a son, Glen, who is _ --._._ -m.^u^c, m iinnois. Mr Harrington previously served as agent at Hardy, Rossie and T" tonka in Iowa, and Grant, S. D He was also located at Montgomery Mt V Hm yea . rs - Th °se in attendance jit the celebration were- Mrs tmtna Emith, Lakota; Mr. and Mrs Rob Clemens, Titonka; and the Emory Smith and Leila Hanson The Farringtons were prl sented with a silver'coffee pot in remembrance of the occasion rovnshlp Farm Bnreau Mects- A Ledyard township general Farm Bureau meeting was heM a . \J. J^Prnrcnn 'o Tn>,u«.. for Elegant New Designs Priced right 14c 19c 24c 29c Per Double Boll Quality considered no one can beat these prices, and they are seldom equaled. No Free Wall Paper —but priced right to begin with. You pay only for what you get. Cart Hits Ante— In the run to the fire when Lew no/ilrw.««»-. -!__•_. . « «w .. TITONKA PAIR 45 YEARS WED; DINNER SERVED eterson ' s — -..„„., evening, - v= _ crowd in attendance, business a program was giv- Scnpture was read and grayer offered by the Rev. Mr. ity^gave a^'talk J ° hnson ' Swea . and Mrs. John Kei served a 7 p. m. dinner to rela T« nd friends ' M follow s: Mr and Mrs. A. B. Schauff, daughtei e " e ' n , Burns - Wyo., Mrs. MU- Sheikmeier, daughter Darlene Cheyenne, Wyo.; Dorothy Cr°v bfS ', B T H V MrS ' »' E ' H°bbs y Crystal Lake; Mr. and Mrs Charles Hobbs, Forest City Mr HnrnWM, r ' r " a " Harold Miler, Evelyn Willet, and ?™f** 8mit * > a11 of Titonka ' e Keils have lived all of the 45 years near or at Titonka. Mr. Kei] run a Jack snro \ n a ac P store here, and they also have funeral home.Jjesides an apiary. See Collegians en Tour— ---- . , *i,t Wl a t emu u, sonor WIR ung by the township mixed quart. Fr a t. Frerking then S on A Plain Btanrt itol, nd a Mr. Stalnbrook, Burt gave me . , ur gave membership talk. The prowlm was clo ' * April 8. R e w Ra >' mon <l Winters — «-«w**ii^»» bpeckman's chickenhouse burned,!,„ , " ""»•• IJ -"f the hose cart came loose and ran closed w'th a song '"- Charles Martin's new Pl^ "' ' knocking the back bumper Birthday is Celebrated— Friends and relatives gathered at Martin Larsen's Thursday Lunch brought by the by TM, mi" s JjBI| cheon— The Fairview Methodist Aid cir:IA Tnor itrii-Vi TIT •*-» i. /-,»_ Chambers lakota Tonng People Married• known here as Donald Worley, and Ruth Berschman, older daughter of Mr. and Mrs Hey O Berschman, were married at Al- Saturday afternoon, with Mr r Mrs. Ted 3fay ImproTed— j*ir»s. led May had another blond transfusion last week at Mercv hospital, Mason City, and is now showing marked improvement. Party Celebrates Birthday— 0 nSr eIyn Webor entertained sophomores Friday evening •elebmte her 15th birthday To^Sell School Busses— mv - Corwith Consolidated school .ys aeh mother died In his babyhood, and 8 the to plans to auction off five" drawn busses March 19. horse- OTHER CORTflTH KEWS ;•;•« till the Worleys moved to" M-son City early this year Both llknf« P t OP !, e are graduates of the ^aKota high school. They left Wednesday to make their home on a farm southwest of Burt. Acorn Clnb Has Progra m _ Mrs. Samuel Warburton was hostess to the Acorn club Thursday afternoon, and following bus mess, tho fnii/M..i«™ *fc i ""-. ^*. ii. jjjencn, with their son Russell, drove to Des Moines last week Tuesday for a short visit with the daughter Jean who with 319 other girls from btephens college, Columbia, Mo spent the day there and attended a dance at the Tromar ballroom at Drake university. The girls -"*—'--to Columbia, - - nV w - They began the tour March 3 and got back to Columbia March 16. Sixteen to Brides' School— Mesdames Homer Downs, R c ™ i A: Prench - Joh n Fisher,' f^ J°, h ,' Mary Oesterreicher, the following group of 4^H . with their leaders, Mrs. Ray Miller and Mrs. Harold Miller, attended the brides' school at Burt Saturday: Carol Reaser, Ala Mae \li er, Dorothy Peterson, Patricia tte.ii, Feme Oesterrelcher, Dorothy Gardner, and Dorothy and Alice Mrs. Jerry Ukena. Mrs. Delia Smith gave a short report of the county federation meeting at A* ng a A. f v °" a March 1. The nextVeetmg --- ~ __ ^ Tire Sale Trade in your old tires on new ones. We are a long trade on truck tires. , 82x0—10 ply wiy Your old tire and 82x0—8 ply P y Your old tire and 80x5-8 ply Your old tire and ______________________ $14.90 Tliese are AH Guaranteed New Atlas First Line Tires Sampson Tire Service .. Party for Birthdays- Mrs. John Bleich and Mrs. W. J. Uenton were hostesses to men Friday evening at the Denton home in honor of the husbands' birth"• which fell on the llth and tahio ° f ?* TC % resDec tively. Nine tables of cards were in play, and lunch was served to 50. Other Titonka flews. '-" and Mrs. W. J. Dek. lu « last week-end Mr. and an* .•.-—-•. i . I)ei 'ton, of Greenfield, and the latter couple's son Rex The men are cousins. Sunday guests of the Dentons were Mr and Mrs. W. R. Johnson, of Perry and Mr „„,< Mrs sam'ug, -- Iy T ? »^|M;= t ^rf t r£ t r Various games Frl- NOTICE OP PROBATE OP \tf\ J*>f»O T ^ In District No. 4368. Court, State of Iowa „ . i ,' r. 's mother, Jfr 8 . Ida Smith. Y THRU In the Xow Dutch Oven Koiiffo All Dny at 0,ir store I « ^mm^m I EFRESHMENTS rms 1 in the Family and Friends I ROLLER SKATES HOUSE BROOMS ^ Howard Hardware ALfirOTV A'fi Crumrin or>,^,». •UGOJfA'S STOVE STORE BLUE GRASS Lawn Seed 21clb, National Used Car Exchange Week cjeared our decks fin- on ca "*-«««l Pnt -> attractive ">' •«*»- UD«« , •^ fc -TubUo EcoaD«r » el0ler ""K'n* ^ P. V-8 ^r^ Ko ' V W10> the 60 LH)WaI Allowance An A pp raisal KfNT gflR ci

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