Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 10, 1938 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1938
Page 10
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BUSINESS DIRECTORY FENTON PHONE OFFICERS ARE ALLREELECTED LAWYEES Fenton, Telephone Co. meeting Saturday .school gymnasium, KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA , engneer- ing student, took part In the Cossack riding. They returned early Sunday morning. • Mr and Mrs. Herman Dreyer and daughter Alvina, and Frank Dreyer, took Emll Dreyer to his home at Charles City last Wednesday. Mr. Dreyer has spent several weeks h cr e and in A l g ona and Mar. n — The Penton I " "'ttemore visiting relative*, held its annual A '•*'""• '•-••--'— -- - -in the high and officers tor; I-:. rector: Cowrie. Mrs. Knocker and daughter plan to join him this month. there W. B. Quarton H. W. QUARTON * MILLER Law Offices. Phones; Office 427, residence : Algona, Iowa. J. L. BONAIi Attorney-at-Law Office Iowa State Bank Bldg. p<~ <" i'.i.- •?.•> u jiaiu ay _ M , 1M lv , , — »...... uu ., uuinvuruui-'es Office phone 460-W. Algona, IOWH otherwise only $S; renters per res-l of Mrs - Johnson and C. F W"tr- - - - - . . . Ol-lrtT. ~" SULLIVAN, McMAIKW & UJfNA* J, W. Sullivan S. E. McMahor. L. B. Linnan Attorneys-at-Law •Office In new County Mutual Bid* Phone: Office, 261. Algona, Iowa HARRINGTON & LOWE Attorneys-at-Law R. J. Harrington J. D. Low Thone 287 R. J. H. 44. Office Ove. ^ostoffice X. J. TAN NESS, 0. W. STILLMAJ Lawyers Office in new Helse Block. SWione 213 Algona, Q. D. Shumway E. D Kelh SHUJrWAY & KELLY Attorneys-at-Law Office in Quinby Block 1 58 Algona, IOWH and directors were re-elected: Dr. '/' T-^'aitc, president and ' dircc- A. Huskamp, vice and di- M. K. Bin-wash, Herman Krause, and Walter Ohm, directors; G. W. Newel, secretary-treas- |urer. The company voted the as- jsessmem lor 1030 at: Shareholders lo pay .$!) if paid by April 10, |idfinco, $13 by April. 10, otherwise $12; business rent per phone ~... ulv , vioiiiji£ rt'HKlVt?vS. Arthur Kueckcr, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Knocker, Fenton, has accepted a position as assistant Radig were sponsors. , the de-f Aid will meet Friday afternoon in the parochial school basement. Mrs. Alex Radig will be the hostess. Mrs. Hugo Faulstich, Mrs. Ed Lieb, Mrs. Otto Wichtendahl, Mrs. Kenneth Bellinger, and Mrs. Carl Zumach attended the wccldins of A frert Meyer and Leona Drever at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Wolter went to Fairmont Saturday, awl Mr Wolter had his tonsil's removed. ' assertin interest nl oil! f I f 1 piaintm tition p of its o adverse and tha all unk persons ing any or to s-:i claiming the defendants are estopped from asserting any right, title, claim or therein adverse to the - The plaintiff in said pe- . tys for the establishment of its estate and title against the adverse claims of the defendants and that each and all of them and all unknown claimants and nil persons unknown having or claiming any right, title or interest in ", 1 lr." 1 t : ^ d , pre '". iso - s a . nd a " Persons or- under «»-^UJM.GU u position as «<?<; Hsfint > «. V «'noun leuiuveii. ,, ," , • •""&", ur- i buttonnaker in the crcamcrv nt * r"J r Kressin dl '°ve to Tiorho.s- hom ' , bo b£UTetl "'"1 forever Gowrie. Mrs. Kuecker mTrt 'urn- I ' er .^ lda - v . to visit his wife, who is i ° ! " )cd '.«"". ever having, a f The R K. Johnson family and uio ( . F. Wegeners were entertained at the. parental Henry Wegcu- er's in Algona Sunday. The oceas- '<>" was the birthday anniversaries cncr> William Meyer returned . ------ — ..«.-<-.i rein per pnone ••••••um me.njr returned home 'is Slfi by April 10, otherwise only! Saturday from Rochester, where 515. In addition retail sales tax I llc s Pent a week at the Mayo hos- is to be added. jPital, having submitted to an oper- jatioii for the removal of a lip can- jcer. He is recovering nicely. ! Mr. ahd Mrs. George .Tent,: cn- jterlalned the Arthur Mtiollc>- fnm- i ily and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jent.z j Sunday. The Mark Simmons fam- jily. of Fairmont, came in the after'.noon. , Art Kressin, accompanied by :M,-s. William Meyer, drove to I Kocho.-uer Saturday t.o visit Mrs Kressin, natient in the hospital there. - They'' returned Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Oflo Borchard't be- •rs I'lan , Tho. Fenton Walther League met i Thursday evening at S o'clock in i the church basement. The topic i was. You and Your Congregation, ; which was explained by Walter | Look and discussed by the metn- j bo.rs. In the business meeting I plans were made for the spring |rally and a definite date was set | for the play which will be an- j nounccd later. Dolores Kipfer and Ruth Kabclit/. wore named as a visit his wife, , in a hospital there. es- ever having, assert- any right, title, or Plump, spicy, fruit-filled cooky *P^CvV ^•k^L^L^L^lV F ~ J iiiiMnurr- .,: .. Ajt ' i 'II|IHII»I ••• , u . . , *l WN'TYO Sunday. -\r *«-i a ; cCr eery hospital, '' thIee oel ». 1 woro i ~ "~ ~* t " j *•*"-• s>«iu \)i uiiiisuM Licb's I °!' f" J ' part thereof adverse to the i Plaintiff or tho plaintiff's title a patient at!, reln and that the plaintiff's tl- Whitte-rV?,. , e saitl Premises be quieted, ,_, _ i I PiSifl nilQlinrl an/1 nn »rt _ _* _. •, ., lwo i' (l « l » >v n RIG- i ««•*.* JM cuuous ue quictCu, n!!'° M OI ',, three weeks, relumed I established and confirmed and that home the first of the week. |the plaintiff have all such other OKTGT\AL XOTICK Equity No In the District Court of Iowa, and for term, countv. in ' T,. A. County Attorney. Attorney-at-Law Office in Quinby Building Phone ISO IITKAM I!. AV1TITK Attorney-at-Law Office over Town Sta le Bank Phone 206 Algona. In-v!. r. A. im'sox Attornpy-at-I.aw Office ovor Ton-ii State Bank Phones: Office, 4CO-J; Res. SIR ! evening was spent playing Bunco I JIr - {ln(i Mrs. Raymond Stocbci with Ruth Dreyer winning high i were entertained by the Dr. S. W. lo'w.i Mc - vcrs in Algona Sunday evening! Doi ._ j Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. 'Lewis IJtcod, of Algona. W. Kabelitz and daugh- and Salome left Thnrs- ! score, and Everett Mueller, r Lunch was served by Loon? or- [cradt and Donald Bolken. Twenly- i seven members were present mid four vi.sitors. A. n FTC II ISO N i)ON\T,n c. irn THKODOTM-I C. HUT('II1SO> Attorney^-at-Law Security State Bank Bldg. ne 251 Algona,'Town MAFFUCi; f. MclIAIVON Attorney-at-Law Office in Heise Bldg. Phone325 Algona, Town I'. A. Women Man Jioolh— The F. ]!. Woman's club of Independence township met at Mrs. George Mionke's Friday afternoon. 'Mrs. Melvin Man sage-r and Mrs. Dei-wood Kern gave the follow-up lesson on canned, cured, and frozen moat. Plans wore made for Achievement day and discu.s« 0 d which will he held mi March no, in tho K. r. hall a t Kmmeisburg, w'nii •ill townships and districts in county ropresemo.i. This ! owis R< Mrs. T! tors Lois '• day for Cedar Rapids for a week .with Mrs. Kabolit/.'s mother, Mrs. O. ('. Schneider. Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Jensen visited their son Perry at Ames Saturday and went, on to Des Moines to visit their daughter Marlys and other relatives. ^^^v^i-^^rSS. -Ity of Algona, Iowa, a Municipal Corporation, Plaintiff, vs. -Vubrey Wnterhouse and Aubrey Watcrhouso, his wife- Geraldine L. Maltzahn, formerly Geraklme AVatorhouse, and Mr. Maltzahn, her husband; and all unknown claimants, and all persons unknown claiming any right, title or interest in and to i the following described real es-1 tate, to-wit: West Half (W%) of HaJf^vt^f^e^ast'siS rods of Lot Thirteen (13) and tho North Half (N%) O f the West Half (W%) of the East ods of Lot Fourteen all in Block Five fa) of Auditor's Plat of Reservation Mo. 1 of (he original plat of Al- ! gona, Kossuth county, Iowa-! and all the heirs, spouses, as-i signs, grantees, legatees, do-' visees and beneficiaries of each' and all of the above named le-1 fondants, Defendants. j To the Above Named Defendants: i the plaintiff have all such othor and further equitable relief as to the court may seem equitable and just In the premises. And unless you appear thereto |flml defend on or before noon of the second day of the next term, being the March, 1338, term of said court, which will convene in the Court House at Algona, Kos- ifitith county, Iowa, on flip ?sni riiv Mrs.; ofAlarch, 1938, default'wi.fo'e S a against you and judgment decree rendered thereon in ac- with the prayer of said SO WHOLESOME AND DIGESTIBLE, TOO, MADE WITH CREAMIER i USE Spry FOR ALL MV BAKING AND FRVINC LOVE THE And sec easyt °m ....IT GIVES LIGHTER CAKES, FtAKIERPASTRV! CRISPER FRIED . FOODS cup Spry teaspoon salt loaspoon cloves teaspoon cinnamon • teaspoon soda 1 }$ cups brown sugar, firmly packed J. L. BONAR, Attorney for Plaintiff. Do ALL your baking this NEW EASY WAY U SE Spry for cakes, pastry, muffins, biscuits, everything. You'll say it's the creamiest shortening you ever used. Cakes are mixed in half the time and they're doubly delicious, so light, fine, velvety. You'll love Spry pastry, too, and Spry-fried foods, so crispy and digestible a child can eat them. Spry stays fresh indefinitely without refrigeration. So buy the 3-lb. can. You save money! Combine Spry, salt, spices and so<h in i., sugar gradually and cream well m •' l)lci "l with MflfcrtoatJ Spryl) Add hcat-~ m " w »l woH. Add H 4 of flour, then milk, .,_... ..„« ,4 „. nvsuif mi;n UIJIK, tlll'll and chopped fruit, mixing wcli afi'r Drop from tip of teaspoon on bakiimii;;",™" with Spry. (So much easier tha n iX, ^ cutout.) Sprinkle with sugar. Bakcfn " B (350' F.) 10 to IS minute., 8 M a ke«Vd, 0°,! won't last long! Remember, oitlv • Si.ri ""'« feet results in this recipe. ' y can 8ive K (All measurements in this recite „,, - - • ~ • i Mm^u j-'t'iKuimllLS . iou and each of you are hereby notified that the petition of the Jlaintiff in the above chtitled Monday tomy. IIe was Oito Witte. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wolf and son a tonsillec- accompanied by --,..*. .. .,, ^,,. iino. .ui.» mi,-!. <(iii >vun ctlHl tjUIljpje of will have a booth snowing j Myron, of Cleveland, Minn., spent .'property T'l'^'nt 11' 11 \-1: !vi i-,!..,,,...:.-.-. Om-ii-I.'ii- ,,.:*!. il TT_ T-. . _ i *^ tin- d iff ft rent ways in preparing ")o:u. At the. meeting Friday were Mesdamps Alfred Movers, George Sii.'ins. li. Laabs. Carl Kern, and Kverott Dreyer unrl Mj ss Florence Laabs. fr- , , Kossuh county, Iowa, claiming that the plaintiff is the absolute and unqualified owner in fee sim- UlG "owing described Sunday wi^li the Henry Borghof- |ers. Mr. Wolf i s n brother of Mrs. Berghofer. Mr. -and Mrs. Joseph McGovern and children, Whittemore, spent Sunday with Mrs. McGovern's par- to w to-wi Lot nn.l'v'M 0 ^ "'^ " lk ?" b , y rml , P T °' l '? ' el ' Pi ' <>0:<5 ' DOCTORS JOHN JT. Physician and Surgeon Office over Rpxall Drug Store Office phone 3flO Res. phone 326 C. n. CKKT75FKYKK, JI. I). Surgeon and Physician Office John Oalbraith Block Phones 444-310 AI g° na Iowa anarix o. BOURNE Physician and Surgeon Office in Po«t.office Block •I. Fiank and c. ]|. \ ew el winning the Jn'uii spore prine, and Mrs. A. J. Krause consolation. Others attending were K. .J. Frank Mrs C !"• -V'-wol, A. J. Krau:,o, and |-\lCKsr. and Mesdames F. II. Bol-- \\'. V. West Half (w'/>) of 02) and the West Half („?,, pi the East sixteen rods of Lot thirteen (13) and the Xorth Half (Ni/ 2 ) of the W est" Half (W^i) of the East .sixteen rods of Lot Fourteen (M), all in I. ock Five. (5) of Auditor's Plat of Reservation 1X0. One O) of the original plat of Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa "ml that the plaintiff is credibly informed and believes that the do-1 . -- —_ iiendants make some claim advert Mr Dishor's in Whittemore. I to the title of the plaintiff in said i Glen Hammond, Waterloo, visit-1 P™Perty and that the <=aid un ' <H! at Hlmer Weisbrod'w Saturday. '> known claimants to said'premises Mrs. Wilfred Stoeber spent from i si week ago .Monday to Thurd^ayj with her jiarcnts, Mr. nnd Mrs". i The Rev. H. D. Stahmor family, Fairville, was entertained at din. nor Sunday evening at the Rev. :/.ester .lolmson, of Bancroft. , («ol)lcn Wt'iidinu 1 Oltsprvcii— ; Tho John Grampus f-imily u;i:l I Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ti"t'z wont , to Fort iWgo Friday to help cole- jbrate the golden wedding «nni- :. ".- •-" ^junud.v with : Plaintiff has no knowledge or I'TI ;'^^in CI A'S: Mr "' J - c ' Kr «-.KX^° es ^ '— ^ : Mr. and Mrs. Fred Newel visited (known claimants was deriv'ed .Mrs. Newel's mother, Mrs. Mary j claimed to have been derived Sorenson, at Wells, Minn.', DENTISTS Seneca DR. II. M. OLSON Dentist Phones: Business, 160; Algona, Iowa Mr. and Mr.s _. J ,.. Open house was hold and the couple received many gif-.s and con- ;gratuhuion.s. Mr. and Mr.-;. Gra- Imenx siu-nt three year.-; i:: Fen ton . „.„... ^ UL | several years ago, otherwise they j sons s ' 3eut last week-end wi'tii^-el- j siient. most of their married life " """" ---'•• Fort Dodge. The Cecil Baileys and Clem Dot- : l as t week-end u'lth rel- friends in the Twin Ci- , - . ~*'%-w iiwi, i\HU\V ilUW f.^'f,,," 1161 ,'!:^' as . claimec l by said un- or — • ^- " ^ v» * i u c i i v (j u or Sun-1 the method of obtaining the same and the plaintiff avers therein that ;the names and residences of the unknown persons are unknown to Plaintiff and that plaintiff has] sought diligently to learn the same and you are referred to said petition for a more particular state- ties. GBO. D. WALHATII, I). I). S. General Dentistry Office in Postoffice Block TOone 20 Alsonn, lows K;LRL R. IIOFFJIAN Dentist Office in New Heiso Bldg. Phones: Office 44, res. 116. DH. C. I). SCIIiAP I Dentist i Algona, Iowa I Phones: Bus. 133, res. 174. j of Six Burt Dinner (Jucsts— Dr. and Mrs, R. K. Bahnso'i Burt, formerly of tainod Mr. and Theesfield, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Widdel, and Mr. and Mr.s. Wilfred ! teachers' Fenton, entfr- Mrs. Clarence — I'vn uiv-uitu isLilLfc;- ment thereof. The plaintiff in said petition states that none of the ; , said defendants or unknown claim| me Elmer Olsen family, of near ants have in fact any right, title, Aigona, and Mr. and Mrs. William! 01 ' intei 'est in or to the above de- McKibben and Florence Woodbeck i scl ' ibod l" - omises or any parti spent Thursday evening at the por- •"""-" cntal Frank Woodbeck's Patterson, student at college, Cedar Falls, Stoober Sunday at the Vina;, ,,, spent the wee,3 a^hTpaSlS tel m Burt. Following the dinner 0. R. Patterson's l w '«ntal " 1R L '"° Kla "'" v " " •'-" -- ' "cnry Groen will be hired hand the guests were entertained at the Bahnson home. The occasion was the birthday anniversary of Mrs. Bahnson. TVS AND INSURANCE MURTAGU & SON .Farm Loans u Pa i j,; sta t t , Insurance and Uonds Quinby nidg. Phone 105 : Family Dinner is (Jivon— Mr. and Mrs. Earl Osborn entertained at a family dinner Sunday Guests included Mrs. Anna Osborn and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Goetsch, of Fenton. The Otto Kelly family, Swea City, the Wil- at Joe Preston's fo r gar Ho moved his lieston tenant house the week. John Panzer, owne the , , acua undisputed adverse possession the said premises for jand son Roger, Seneca. the first of , of the farm tenanted by the Howard Richards broken . . - when a train on which he was riding stopper suddenly, tin-owing him against the car. He is recovering satisfactorily in an Estheryille claim thereof and title family, suffered several now one day last week _„.,:-- -Honey's Worth in ' HEAI, KSTATK, KKAL ESTATK LOANS, AM) I.VSURAXCK JOllI, M. IIKKHST Office over la. State lik. j'lione 'JI! Algonii, Iowa See D. D. 1'AXSON yor Town Dwelling, Household Ooflde, and Automobile Insurance. Do not neglect your policy for often loss occurs when insurance lapses. VETERINARIANS I. W. FOX J. B. WINKEL Veterinarians West State Street, Algona """ Office, 475-W; Res., 476-B XOSSUTII COUNTY MUTUAL ISSUBANCE ASSOCIATJOK 119.000,000 worth of insurance in toree. A home company. Safe, se- D. D. Paxson, Secretary Kd\v. AVcisliroils Kntertain— Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Weisbrod entertained at dinner Sunday the George Uollingor family. Afternoon guests included the Virgil Zweiful family, Billie Mitchell, and Helena Weisbrod. Tho occasion was the birthday anniversary c.f the Weisbrod daughter Ethel, who was 13. EUJTGE SHOE SHOP Shoes Shined and Repaired. Iowa THE COURTHOUSE REPORTER ipublished by the Advance, gives Hens filed in the county recorder's office. Every business establish ment should be a subscriber. t IT IS DANGEROUS^ II Is damrorons to sell a SCB8TI- 5FUXE for CCG just to make three •r four conts more. Customers are jvnr best assets; lose them and you lose your business. 660 is worth three or four times as much »| » SUBSTITUTE. 1*. A. Italiy Jk-cf liertel lierkokind and son Robert, John Kerber and son I,indon and David Weisbrod, all of Fenton, were among a group to tour Palo Alto county .Saturday, inspecting baby beeves as part of the 4-H baby beef project. Approximately •10 boys made the trip. Has Rochester Operation- Mrs. Robert Bleckwenn and Mrs. Arthur Voigt, sisters, lefi Sunday morning for Rochester, Minn., and Mrs. Bleckwenn submitted to a major operation at the Mayo clinic Monday. Other Fenton. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Greinert and Mrs. Clifford Frink, Fairville, accompanied by the Greinert Louis, Whittemore, drove Waterloo Monday to attend son to the funeral Tuesday of Mrs. Louise Heidamann, 73 years old. Mrs. Heidamann was an aunt of Mrs. Frink, Mrs. Greinert, John Wegener, of Fairville, and Henry Wegener, Algona. They expected to return home Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Witter and daughter Joan, Des Moines, visited from Saturday to Sunday evening with Mrs. Witter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Huskamp, and other relatives. Hazel Weisbrod, also of Des Moines, accompanied them here to visit her mother, Mrs. "reelove Weisbrod. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newel and laughter Lavonne and Kathryn )hm went to Ames Saturday to ttend the military circus. The .. Cornelius, at the Jens 1 etersen home, spent Sunday at the parental Paul Cornelius home near Depew. Lee Hawbaker, Bancroft, spent last week at Hurley Hoeck's. ^ Mr .and Mrs. Curtis Olsen spent Saturday evening at A. T. Paulsen's. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Richards the Elmer Leo family, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Campbell helped Emil Eimers celebrate his birthday Saturday evening, and 500 was played with Mr.s. Howard Richards and Raymond Eimers winning high and Emil Eimers travel. Mrs. Anna Haskins is spending several weeks with her niece, Mrs. Jay Saxton, near Fairmont. Amos Classon and son Truman, near East Chain, spent Wednesday at Irvin Classen's. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Petersen and sons, of near Fenton, spenl Sunday at the parental Carl Petersen's. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Nielsen are parents of a daughter, born March 1. They have a family of three children. Mr. and Mrs. George Charleston are the parents of a daughter, born March 2. They have a family of five children. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Lee and sons spent Sunday at the parental Fesler home near Depew. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bollig and daughter Donna Jean spent Saturday night at Clarence Metzger'B, south of Algona. Mrs. Metzger, a daughter of the Bolligs, has been sick. thereof or any color or right title or interest therein and that' the plaintiff and its immediate grantors have been in the sole, com- !!llv'.,.°? e , n ' ™torious, actual and of more than color and and ownership! — ~~ • ~ been the undis- JhT F fa " d unf l ualifi ed owners thereof for over ten years, and that by reason thereof and of the lapse of time and the laches of the defendant.? in failing to assert any pretended claim thereto and in permitting valuable improvements to be made thereon relying upon "'"- 11 possession and ownership, Make Good Work Easy With icCormick-Deerin Tillage Tools SejF_Cjearing Tractor Spring Tooth Harrows • All-steel tooth clamps, angle steel frame rails, ends rounded, extra strong' hisrh carbon channel tooth hars flexibly connected to frame, l ; /i xi/, : oil tempered teeth with extra large coils. Flexible Harrows * Especially suited to stubble land and to stony ground. The heavy, round pipe bars are flexibly linked together, permitting them to conform to rough surface of the ground. Can be rolled up like a carpet to carry in wagon, if desired. Soil Pulverizers • As a seed-bed tool it is second to none, plus utility as a cultivator in corn, clover, alfalfa . . . better seedbeds at less cost are assured with this implement. II. . Above-Tlie New Quick-Attachable 2-r OW tlln " n *'" -•- d to attach to bc used as Me Cormick- tfolifotofitforn^ 33181 ' Ham)W > 2 siz es, 12 and 15 foot •1 • ^i t *L'^o . t . OYLl'it Ot llTflllonlilfl "ii^ritT T\nf- [ Cl'lllTll r i Ali'fm> 111 i - LAAtl - i *-'^cHLFi.i w y J.J.Ull » • • Ndu "' "i—heat treated spring steel scrajicvs Algona, Iowa Lotts Creek | Margaret Fiene, a nurse in the Fort Dodge hospital, came home last week-end to spend a few days with her parents, the Rev. and Mrs. Fiene. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gross had their baby son baptized Wayne Eugene Sunday. Mr. aad Mrs. Alex R. R. 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