Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 10, 1938 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT N, W, KOSSUTH I RURAL PHONE LINE ELECTS "ounty Rec on Wtu. J. . to weddin... .. J- J. Doolev's , - "- Twp., Mar. S — A W »"• J. Pooler is .Married large number of people attended a i to (iirl In Wisconsin— rural telephone company annual \ Tn business meeting at Swea City last' week Wedut-silay. M. I,. Johnson. Richard Anderson, and Martin Tokheim were reflected directors. Holdover board members are Mikf. Hendrickson and Axel Paulson. The assessment this year will be $5^a member. The company has lot! rural phone patrons. " ' Fonr-H Girls' Club .Meets— ! The Swea Spirit of Service -l-H club held its most recent meeting! at Doris Brook's, nil members at- *OSSl.'Ttt COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. tOWA ^••••;. of Mrs. Henry Becker was iii charge of the program. Andrew Peterson 87 Sundav — \fr« .. M .-] ^ r i t — Dinner for fc. B, Squad— Mrs. Oscar Anderson will entertain the high school basketball boys and the coaches at 6 o'clock dinner Friday evening at her home. Attending will be Kenneth Tin ' ?m, Mucke r- R °ser Michel, Bruce Miller, Joe McNeil!, Junior Clarence Devine, Wavne s ' Wesley Shultz, DaVw Donald Willasson. Louis rinireh Society Meets Today— The Methodist W. F. M. S meets e , • ' bruie wore •' •'• -i. uooieys ilr - and Mrs. Andrew Peterson tr Kathleen, daughter i ^served Mr. Peterson's 87th birth- A. Vigars Mrs w w r, ', " - Fran. T. Keiley, ^unday ,^«^ a fewjwil, b . o& ^ H ' de ^K nrt,. ,.-,,.. j» . ... .. i' . v< ^ r> J-Vicc. tillouch will Mrs. Sullivan directed choru practice. Child's Birthday is Observed— Mrs. I. L. Seeman entertained a a birthday dinner Sunday In hono of her daughter Darlene, who wn 6 Saturday. Guests were Darlene' grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Joh Seenuin, Algona, and her uncl and aunt. Editor and Mrs. "Jack Zerbe, Wesley. Mrs. Zerbe is a sister of Mr. Seeman, l and Mr Zerbe publishes the Wesley News World. •• «» -'i " J-it.-1 e: it m i— i „>! a white satin ke - v " dinner was served. After din- of »•« -*-'v» *ij J^i wcx o ( *.\ H lilt III 1JV IS ilL~l ---•—*.» tending. Program: picture study, i anj wore ^ n Ruby Berg; color combinations fet;l ? ow n. w and dying rags for rugs. Mrs.' ctl P ani ^ short Emil Larson; health talk. Liia Berg. Recreation was led by Betty Anderson, and lunch was served by Mrs. Brook. ,..,,..., ,,. !th , ~ ." """.*• ^iiun ••-- ".""t-! »ci s servea. Alter a n- f^r^\\ • " '" >l , m ;lnd veil with ner ll short social time w as spent He, ^ H-? C0t ' dt ; d satin ' She car -'' at the p ^«son home. Attending rtd a white pearl rosary, and her! we re the Rev. and Mrs Geo C now ers were white roses and f Vance. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Youn-' --vvPPf peas. .Nancy Kelley. sister !J. S. Crowell. Florti E GtibrieT e bride, was maid of honor, i Mrs. Jessie Dalziel. Mrs Alien H' VOrp -)n !inti« >,!,,« «^:it_ ._- I T Tl-,.,1.- t ,. . _ -vitcu, n. of the and he '"_ ' n ' U Mrs. a reading. O. B. Assist- ..., are Charvioried— Some young people chart varied Mr. and Mrs. Charles McAlwee Friday evening. Mr. McElwee drove to town and brought back five gallons of ice cream for the revelers. The McAlwees have been with the bride's parents, Mr. and an aqua blue faille taf- with matching Juliet Tt veil. She carried a bouquet of Johanna Hill Rita Dooley. Des Moines. sister J. Wadsworth, and E. P. Keith. Mr. Keith was 85 the same day Both Mr. Peterson and Mr. Keith are still in vigorous health. Wa-tan-yans in Bineo Partv— ---•-.- • •-- *. s.- »r*\/i viv^3, olw Lt? I — ,,--.-._• .L& *^m«,i_r itll Lj —— ot the bridegroom, was brides-1 Tne ' W a-Tun-Ye club met at an maid. She was attired in a melon I im °°nncU party Tuesday evening pink gown and curried a bouquet with Anna B "ss- Adah Carlson as- of orange and orchid roses. The sistin S- T\venty-one persons at- flower girl was gowned in a Ion? tended, including seven eiiAsts- - .- »%.«.*« it i,^, ^ASSlSt- host^es will be Mrs. Lamp, Mrs. F. L. Thorpe. Mrs. C. L Thnm° n V Mr ?- Rockn ey, «d Mrs.' Thomas Keniis. Ahronian Honored nt Partv— Mrs Russell Maxwell was hostess at a party last week Thursday long 'ended, with j Mr , s ; tlower girl was gowned in a . , . ,. shell pink dress trimmed with j Mrs - M - Bast. Mrs. August Huen- baby blue velvet ribbon and wore I hold - Arlene Bast, Edna Gilmore, a matching Juliet cup. j Mrs. J. Dreesma, Rosella Voight. Arnold Nimtner. West Tend,! nnd Esther Quinby, the latter high Wis.. was best man. and George | sch ° o1 mathematics teacher. Bingo rr.-i^T>, L ._ i was- the diversion Tho «ov^ mn^t. evenn , ursay evening in honor of Mrs. Arlo Stoltenberg, a nd Mrs. Carl Walker and Mrs. Walter Blake were as- There were five Mrs. Ra l Phe E\! rs - Melvln MP . Stoltenberg . sisting hostesses. of 'n u ' Knoll was low. . oe employed at the Maxwell , . .. s man. an Georee < maemacs teacher. Bingo ,yrs. Fred McGregor, but are inov- } Greise. Milwaukee, was sroonis- j was 'J 16 diversion. The next meet- - - i num. ^ num. d from the Robert and Willianf Kelley. i in ^ will be a dinner at the Algona ers of the bride, served a"s ! hotel & ext Tuesday, when commit- They did they Uke it , cmm- tees will be appointed for the year which at the home to be Cresco Chnms Have Program The Cresco Chums 4-H club met Vacated Farms Occupied- Mr, and Mrs. Earl Larson. Ringsted. have moved to the farm vacated by Dan Conn, and the Jo< Melntyre*. Rincsied. have moved to the farm vacated bv the V tau r Brandts. ' " " Other Sivea City. Mr. and Mrs. J. Hatch Cnrvi^h visited Sunday at Hurrv 'LiadeV ing this wtv-.k co ar. sn-acre f-"-m vacated by Warren Deibler Arthur E. Anderson :,,•,..•,.„-,.,led William and rha-; e , cu>' fcnechc. Uikota. Sunday •„,•" ., L,".. days at St. Paul Florence Looft. student at the a reception at the home of the Cresco Lnunis 4-H club met bride's parents. Immediate^ af- | aturdar> Jfarcb - 5 a t Mrs. Ralph tenvards the couple left for ' .Vew Brown ' s ten members, a visitor York City by airplane. This "trip an , d the teader attending. Roll was a weddins present from the was answi ered with favorite bride's uncle. F. G. Wilson Kansas mnsjcal selections, and talks and ""•• " " ' pr g Si _ | demonstrations were given on the j correct way to hang pictures, Zel- . . . - „ .„„... 4 ttt _, t - mf u t iu£ WCIS in the employ of the Amity Leath- rr Mrs. in Brfd ? e Benefit- ebeka&s are S fvfn K a bene- t f S rt> " th£s afternoon a^ F. Rice's. The lodge has lnt ° tw ° ^es In an and City. Mr. Wilson is vice dent of the T. W. A. air line.' Before marriage the bride was da Long; why are good for a Co. The bridegroom in the office of the home-made rugs jirls' room. Stella Mayer: and care of the skin er Products is employed Pick Mfsr. Co.. West Bend He at- i u . . - - tended Oeighton university -ind!" 1 "' 11 * after which lun ch was was u-ruduLited from the Marquette I 5 ! 1 "™?' The ne:rt meetin § : wln b « university in 1933. He. is a member. and Anna >Iae Har r's. winter. Eila Harr. Musical selections were played on the phono- T7in« < --•-«• iuvyuc.r, una Airs. Rice is captain of one team. There are ten or 12 hostesses. It was expected that some 50 women will be entertained today. Sirs O A An derson is captain ofjhe other'side. ^ ™' ^ Cha " ter H «irs Buffer— me D. A. R. chapter met Tuesday afternoon at Mrs. Hortense Ferguson's, and W. V. Butler eave a talk on his experiences in cen- 03 ' Butler ' . mer • the Gammil Delta Phi fratern-; Farewell for the P-tnl °i' h v" I ' arear - :? - Mr. and Mrs. f rani Looft Mr. and Mrs. William Ca-r*o-' Estherville. were Sun^-iv vui-.,r< at Theo Platfs. " " daughter Mrs, c. F. McGregor's.^ Debaters Will Take Part in 2 Contests The hi-'i ^.hooi'^eb-i-.n- whi.h coasts 0 ; E!waor T i'orw .'-ad Jack ^ChruchiUes, ar'firma- ; lnd Rub >" Turner and Dick came at once to this ..,'-•,? e - ? p U ^ e - VVI ' 1 '- debate at settled ou a farm in ou>e at Moore's ,nd Mrs. J. M. Moore will vn ma;ried 53 years this i lay, and in honor of the : their daughter. Mrs. D. C. i er. thr-. Bode daughter-in-! Mrs. Donald P. Moore, and tne tnree daughters-in-law who' hve here—Mrs. Marc Moore. Mrs i Barnes Moore, and Mrs. Earl Moore i —Qiive ^planned a family dinner for ii'Wr. th-at day and open house was given the Baptist the Irving —--— -"••• "unci, wno owns the local Ben Franklin store spent vears in Africa. Mrs. P. V. Janse Mrs. M. p. Haggard, Mrs. Merfe (rnggs, and Mrs. W. L. Whitn»y jwere assisting hostesses Carnation Club Entertained— Mrs. R. H. Guderian entertained tne Carnation club Monday even- church in honor of lurches. month to a farm in Minnesota. A program was given, followed by who are moving this Ralph \alentine won g at bridge; Mrs. Garman, travel"; and high at " . " 0156 refreshments. John Jordan led in prayer: Mrs. F. C. Volzsfce. the! r pastor's wife. sang, accom- by Mr. Volzske; Betty ,s gave a dramatic reading: Kathleen Evans, a piano selection: Ross Ann Holtzbaner. a hu- PM er g. g at Fiddlesticks. The carnation is the J " B ' chos club. . and this social • ---- -. w<_i.u,i LU.C are all "carnation" meetings. Bel Canto Club Meets— The Bel Canto music club met Wednesday with Mrs. A. E. Michel o'clock luncheon, and as_ ' 8 Clab to Elect- The ^Oman's club will elect of ' ^ county. They Peatoa town- w« k Friday at P™.?rum will he U- f ••--.•?• 4 i-m-i » ill CUUSlSt of a discussion on Social Service and a talk. Youth in Conflict, by trict will enter a statute in Ayr;! David Ph coach of the local team t- which Albert Buttert'ield 'Algona !4 years asro Pella Couple Come to Algona to Wed Margaret Von Oscrura. dau-h- ter of Mrs. Frank Kester P e ll-i aau Arnold A. c?ca. ? per ? . also or Pel^v were marr>M at tw !o«il , Methodt^t parsonage Fridav even- 1 ing. Mrs. L« Fam^r. AI,o M . ,is-i .reasurer, Mrs. Lura San- Anxiliarr Hears a Program— | : htatorian - ^rs. L. C. Keith. ..,i°«:f r"L°tri,™ h s! G ^""s aB T" u""™ Kmt< - ^r ^-ss^issK xl'l»lH - -• auves wert. »ue»tb Friday evening Rr s H. M Olson, W. W. Sullivan, Eugene Murtagh. C. C. Shierk. karn- Uton. of Bancroft, and G. W Still- S ' Carl Vohs - Wes '' Bend for the ncckorsi Mr. and Mrs. Henry Becker en- tertamed at 6 o'clock dinner last j Thursday in honor of the W. J Beckers, who have left to make their home at Denver. Colo. Out- of-town guests were Mr. and Mrs I Jack Haverly, Wesley, Mrs. Haverly being a sister of Mrs. W J Becker. School Social is Planned— A basket social a nd program win be given this week Friday evening at 7:30 at the Ramsey township schoolhouse, No. 7, six miles east and 1% miles south of Bancroft. Marjorie Turner, Algona girl, is teacher. The attendance of the public is invited. Banqnet at H. S. Planned— The, annual girls' athletic association banquet for girls in physical training in the high school will be held next week Thursday! evening in the high school domestic science rooms. The banquet will be under direction of Miss Prescott, teacher. School Gfves a Party- Bobby, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Kuhn, entertained at a Bingo ""-*- '--" week Thursday evening "a.i.ci ai-uuoT. There were eight guests. Loretta Burbank won high for girls; Billy Eaton, high for boys. Refreshments were served at 6:30. Party for Jfe&rasfca YTsftor— Mrs. D. p; Smith will entertain a tew neighbors at an afternoon party today in honor of a Mrs Potter, Seward, Neb., who has been visiting at her son H. M. Potter's during the last several months. Mr. Potter is in Metropolitan Life employ here. Turtle Birthday Celebrated— Mrs. H. A. Tuttle entertained at Sunday dinner in honor of her husband's birthday, and' guests were the John Webers, Irvington Mrs. Alvih Weber, and' the Albert Grooters. Mr. Tuttle travels for a Des Mbines drug company. Alffonian's JTiece to TV'ed— Mrs. G. L. Vohs will attend a shower this afternoon at Swea City for her niece, Veldd Johns who will be married soon- The shower will be held at the Legion hall. sewed carpet rags to be sent to Knoxville and made into rugs by disabled war veterans. The Metlrodist Standard Bearers met Monday evening at 7 o'clock at Mrs. H. V. Hull's. They had their regular study, with entertainment later. Elvie Vera, Dickie Dale, and Patricia Hull were on the entertainment committee. The Presbyterian women will serve a public chicken supper next week Thursday, St. Patrick's day, March 17, at the church. Jos. Beard, 80, Once of Irvington, Dies Irvington, Afar. 8—Gail -Beard, employed by U. D. Frattkl here, received word Sunday of the death of his father, Jos. Beard, 80, of Spring Valley, Minn., and left here by bus Monday for that point. The body, it was expected would be brought here for burial beside the grave of Mrs. 1 Beard, but no word I had been received locally . up to noon Tuesday, aml ,. Heved that burinf , U at Spring V a,T C y' & "ved with his .4 n sick two weeks «,m Besides the two «nl h two daughters- ° ns once lived horc __ T was to be made hof afternoon. ° EXTRA -s^fo^.rws looking! ' Dl Isi % Style Exhibition Coming to he Hub Clothiers Tuesday, March 15 Mr. Carl Ortland Representing the Freeman Shoe Corporation, will personallyconduct this style exhibition. Other Society. enter- here. , by Mr S . Anton w a Past and Xew York City, H. O^onSSv ^ Wo,,!- ; ^ ^T^r^eTp^ ^ £^ stock, has m home, namely Mr. and Mrs. ed to , , 0 take the place of Albert Ooo'e-s us tankman ror the Cities Service company. ,\r r Growers i- now for Skelly. Mr Nail NJ.-J and -h-e children, yn'i 7he children, are •:: -•n^,i " " Letts Creek A ic'.-;.:-.-tf'.^ r a .,,, riuiu i- rw .; c p._ lrm Bu -itr new iVn V .- ;.,!,,,., iruu will be _ house :hu ,'lfq' x - rr ' 1 - 1 --'" "'-"-'.- and a program •••ii- .^ iivrp.. The ascendance o' :^e pubi'c is -.nv-.tc-ii - li<r --»-' V L; bx-..".Ar.-r^. -N^'oixi^ka. ^ a n:;r^;.f^ r n^ T^e .,-, r , 0 ,- h l M V M .- t'^ WHAT.. .To Wear to ^Achieve the T^rw Silhouette .,, iwll be answered in our Corset Section 0 , _fty!',.< Mae K. l:Q . who WM .>„- t.-.ued OP at rhe K.muth h,^ n ", t^°": '^ : :V: l ".":"'-v- i - m ;^^0^ bryu.iat h.i^e " ""'" J '" 1 '"' 1 M.-. u::,i Mr,. c,« Toriae, Swea ,;^..-;;;'° ^; ; ^vaant^op. the t:,iw.. w-A-usu-n.'.v -u^^:'::'^,;.^';;: 1 ^; '-• .'"~y^ - ! '-"^ n -or r.'i,;- ^w.jK-ijs i-,.,-. t!v:-;l.i,-[-S r.',-'.-.T.-.' '.•:.•••; l,-r>. ;A nJ a ~'.:z was n:•,}.;,-.;:•, ; J. Bancroft Tuesday, March 15th ( All Day ) by,., Mr. and M-. A. W. K--JV y ,,, parent ,( thtf!r ^un.h dai-ht^ Dora truiay. the .^xch child Dr. and Mrs. Y.>U-.S !e:r Fvidav for a new home at Srrtufonl. The doctor had be--.n attached r_'\ rhir CCC camp here. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson have a new son, born Monday. Mrs. Charles Solicited and her daughter Marilyn Jean attended a Lutheran Aid at Swea City Friday. Miss Winifred Davis GOSSARD'S Fash Jon Expert • Who vill bs here co conduct i showing ot the new Gossard Line 01 Beiury foundation garments and co give individual ngurs analysis. Models designed co be worn under the new cubukr dresses will be featured . . . including MisSim- plicuy garments, combinations, step-ins, hcok-arounds and brassieres. ^^ ======== ===l=55-i^ Mid Season Showing Cotton Print Dresses Chrisohilles Store COMEONE AT ^ FORT DODOE mailed an item Tuesday about certain visitors -at Algona and Burt. The person who wrote the item signed it, then carefully rubbed out the signature, not reali'i- ing' that that very act ruined it for publication. Strange that with every newspaper in the land announcing every few weeks chat it' wiiJ not publish unsigned ne.ws seat by mail a large number ot readers seemingly cannot be made to understand it. Chrischilles Store We are well into the season of the cotton dresses the first sign of Spring, a desire for a .new. cotton: printed dress or two. A. crisp, gay, new frock gives you the feeling that winter is almost over — that Spring is just around the corner. Well, we have a tremendous stock of cheerful charming cotton dresses tor your selection — complete in size from the Doris Dodson juniors in sizes 11 to 17, to the regulars from 14 to 52. Included in the $398 group, are lovely washable crown-tested silks which are both beautiful and practical, since they wash as well as cottons and are suitable for afternoon wear. Prices are very reasonable too — j us t three groups. SEE this style exhibition in Our Windows' and in OUR STORE O Over 150 styles of Freeman Shoes for men. The complete factory line. % The High Style hits and The Comfort Shoes. O Sport Shoes that are authentic In every detail. 9 Hard to fit feet will welcome this exhibition. Type n mind some Shoe you>11 find ifc Reasonable prices and shoes for men. f° f^ ^ ^ toe ^tin & leathers feat "es in these natfonaUr famous THE CLOTHING COHNEE OP NORTH IOWA New in Beauty an ~ DOOD - BIG —«- J miles per gallon—ana it's a you'll drive with pride! THE NEWTHRIFTY"60" ~1RDV8 DELIVERED IN DETROIT EQUtPMENT INCLUDED Come in and see this fine selection while the ranges are complete. This means now -this week. We'll be seeing you.

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