Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 10, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1938
Page 7
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IDAY, MAftCH 10, 1938. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA inneth Lyons Is "ed in California IS A GIRL [0 WAS BORN HOLLAND Ion, Mar. 8-Kenneth Lyons ce DeOroot were married February 24 10 a. m. at .prmed church, Artesia, la in the presence of a I- full of' relatives and They were attended by the lister and brother, Mrs. nkhaar and Bert, DeOroot. near Bancroft. Paul Mulligan, who was taken to Iowa City early last week i ms a , )loo(] , • ™* "«t Mr. and Mrs. Orvlllc Nors'trum yho recently came here from S' IT m o, , afternoon doiph wSiirSe r u pg° w s ffiWn, 81 - Ant " ony b «°" Mr. and Mrs. William Curtis Sum* Falls, visltod here last week X?. d " 0 . B _1 a r: « nd MT»- Anna San- FARMS C. II. HI,A .Ml', r'lrl.) ISi'|ircN,.|iniiiv.. When we called last week Mon- dny on Tod 0. Welland, .seven miles northeast of Wesley, he said: "We have a new boy since you were last here." This baby was born December 3, 1937, and has boon named Norman Kay. Mr. and Mrs. Welland also have two girls, Edith Marie, 12, and Marlon " Ladle, 3. The two daughters attend the home school. . . ....v. t.ii tj, jinny. iVlll™ key wont to Sioux Falls with thorn to remain till late In tho month, "" " may return to her home nicnaar anu UB ri, i^urooi. m n™^%Jf } l° V Y™; n and her le wore a floor-length if.?" J n^ , ? nt to , Jacl( « on coun- t- ...!,!»„ ocitln oni-1 novflail L '« " l ""''l MSt WCOlt Monday fOl' a visit with relatives. Mrs. Scheppman returned the following Wednesday; Lewis remained till Sun- for after they ofteet the family butter at tho creamery there is only about '$2 loft and his wife makes him .turn over $5! » * * * Last week Wednesday Richard Menkc, who lives on one of the Arthur Murray farms northeast of Bancroft, was taking dry straw off a strawstack and spreading it on PAGE SfflVSM Fitches, Portland Twp., Hosts- at a Card Party Portland Twp., Mar. 8—-A seven o'clock dinner was served and card party given hist week Thursday evening at Mr. and Mrs. Del Fitch's. Ouosla were Mwwrs and MoscUinies Hannoy Put?., Kdward Hnppo, Cheater Fitch, Sexton, Ranney Hlcich, Burt, also Luolla Mlcich, Burt, and Harold Sailor, Tltonka. Prizes were won: high for women, Mrs. Bleich; low, Mrs. Chester Fitch; high for men, Mr. Bleich; low, Avcry Fitch. Six in Amateurs' Contest— entrants in an ama- frodson, saxaplione solor,, accompanied at UK; piano by his mother, Mrs. Alfred Oodfredson; Harold Ijong, harmonica selections; Maxine Dlckmoyor vocal solos, with harp accompaniment by ,her moth- nv Mrs. 10. L. Dickmeyor; Virginia and Mary Janice McWhorter, songs and tap dancing, their mother Mrs. Ray McWhorter at the piano; and Evelyn Becker, piano solo. 1'tvo in S|t(.'lliiiK Conlest—Portland pupils in the county spoiling contest, were Richard white satin and carried lea and white sweet peas. desmald also Ihgth dress, of wore blue, an and [a bouquet of sweet peas, ying the ceremony the bri- |y had a wedding dinner Ibme of the bride's parents, Mrs. John' DeOroot, of I The couple then left for j Jer, Wash., where they are Kenneth's grandparents, [, Mrs. C. 13. Lyons, who ct- tlioir 60th wedding anni- .Sunday. The newlywocis so to visit relatives of the Lynden, Wash., before re- to Artesia, whore a now hat is completely furnish- |ts them. at the wedding known here were Mr. and Mrs. insen, Santa Monica., and UflY. _ * i owicr, Havelock, guests at L. E. Colwell's. They are sister an-J brother respectively of and Elmer were Sunday Hum,; ansen is Jlisvbank, Calif. a sister of Ken- Bernard is a former Alby who went to California lenneth nearly three years how Mrs. Lyons, a native of Ledyard Cleo Gable, attending Waldorf college in Focrst City, came homo Saturday for a week vacation with her mother, Mrs. Martha Gable. Barnes went to Cedar Friday to visit friends over tho week-end. Mrs. Charles Hilferty assisted in tho Bashara grocery Friday and Saturday while the Basharas were In Dea Moincs attending the girls' state basketball tournament. PS LOSn wont to Sioux r., , Uty Wednesday to visit several ys ' The Ross Browning family, of came to America 14 years , near Elmore, visited Friday a D. A. LinkV, bam Walterman and son Eppo, of Kamrar, visited last pnnoth i." inn oldest son of Lyons, formerly of the AI- |icinity, now^ of Parkers Minn. Kenneth h;ul lived ally all his life, till the near A'gona and hv years, on. John Walterman's and week at at Mrs. Henry Gray's. He, is Mr. Walterman's uncle and Mrs. Gray's bro- jther. -,„.,,„ . Tnc Ge °rgo Jasobsons, of Ma- ;ls Going to Minnesota— Uowan, Minn., visited Thursday at Schichtl who spent the i OUR Anderson's. Mr. Jacobson has near Staples, Minn., with sold his store at Matawan and J3ter, Mrs. Nellie Andrews, j they plan to move to a farm, jited a small place there. He I Mrs. Burton Johnson has'been lo Algona last week Thurs-I «>ok the jwst week with the flu prening, but planned to re- She is at Pete Johnson's in Ban- Minnesota soon. |ompaniod by Mrs. He will Schichtl ho youngest son Gary. Ison Wayne will spend The the tho school year with rela- |t Algona. Mrs. Nina Schichtl P. D. Schichtls were Sun- nner guests at L. Schichtl's. Now Scar Iturt— February 25 Mr. and Mrs. King entertained at supper id Mrs. Arthur Tcitz, who iuco moved to a farm near That evening the Otto Knud- croft. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Zielske visited Sunday at the parental William Brack's, Swea City. Zielske 11 mm UOOK, wno then lived east of;ket. He has 80 head of ^1.1,u ML j Wesley, on the old No. 18, but he! the place. Mr. Murray has built was preparing to move to a rented some new' buildings and has paint- 1 farm near Crystal Lake. He will ed all buildings on tho place A lot farm for himself this year. He of gravel has also been laid in the was working by the month on the barnyard. Wesley farm. , * * « * * * * * ! Maynard Hertzke, 4V 2 miles' John T. ICnapper, who lives at northeast of Lakota, lives on one the north edge of Wesley, wears of the Hamilton estate farms, con- big white whiskers. He and his slating of 160 acres. Some corn wife have «, large garden in seas- that wo-s taken out of an outside on, also a fine flock of chickens, crib had been put Into a closed When we saw him John T. had. crib for sealing, but it held too just returned from taking eggs to much moisture, for sealing at pres- market in a wheelbarrow. This ont, though he figured it would barrow, by the way, is equipped soon dry out. Maynard said that with a rubber tired wheel, so the be and his wife had a new boy, eggs do not get jarred and broken born February 18. in transit. Mr. Knapper said that * * * * one of his boys who works at the The S. A. Deckers are a new Goodyear tiro factory in'California family west of Bancroft. They! sent the wheel and tire to him. came from north of Emmetsburg. j ; * * * * There are five girls in this fain-: Last week Tuesday wo called on Hy: Maxine, 12; Shirley, 7; Fran- j Snarks Bros., who live northwest ces, 5; Joan, 4; and the baby, six of Wesley, on one of the Andrew months. The baby is called Gollner farms. Howard, his wife, "Corty." S. A. was chopping wood.' and his mother -were at home, but There is a large number of dead Dean was helping move one of tho trees in the grove, neighbors. The Sparks boys, are • * * * * good farmers. ' i The Walter R. Smiths are a new I _, . _, * * * * family on the farm where the , Olaf Funnemark, the former su- Behrends Bros, lived, three-fourths! pervisor who lives northwest of o f a mile north of S. A. Decker's,! Wesley, was fixing a stick of wood W est of Bancroft. We found only! and sawdust so as to create a good a small boy on the place, and he .smoke when we saw him last week told us that his father and mother Tuesday, as he was smoking meat we re not at home, having gone af- ,for summer supply. We asked ter a load of farm machinery.! whether he left the meat in the T]ley came from near Milford. I smokehouse at night, and he said \ * * * * i "Oh, no!" So we didn't go back' Hans Presthus was not at home: that night. He had dandy-looking when we called last Thursday. He j meat. Olaf said Mrs. Funnemark lives southeast of Bancroft. Mrs. i | was at Rochester to go through Presthus, the three boys, and the; the. Mayo clinic. She has not been two girls were there, and the boys) feeling her best of late. were doing the evening chores. I * * * :: j,j r _ p res thus was at Rochester, • Ole K. I<iom, nortwest of Wes- going through the Mayo clinic, but! ley, was taking some rubbish out v we did not learn what is the mat- of a tile_ intake near his barnyard ter with him. when we were at his place last * * * * i week- Tuesday. The weather was Merle Wellendorf, who conducts .mild, and water was flowing off an auto repair shop on No. 169, ! the yard in that direction. North just north of the fairgrounds, is • Iowa has had a lot of thawing back on the job. Each winter he lately. goes south, where it is warm. This -was fixing up a brooder house, remarked that the family had plenty of room, for there is a large, house on this farm. There are 21 rooms, counting closets. * * * * Bob Gross, who has moved from north of Bancroft to the Angel farm, nrthwost of Wesley, was hauling manure Saturday. ' Heine a hard worker he was preparing for the spring rush. His father-in- law, Henry Reiken, told us about a fine trip that he and Merle Wellendorf, of Algona, made in the south this winter, but he added that if he ever went into old Mexico again he would take eats with him. Rudolph Larson, the Wo.'iley stockbuyer, also farms northwest of Wesley, and ho has a fine herd of steers in his feed lot. He was not at home Saturday, and he was preparing to take a few carloads of stock to Wesley and go with them to Chicago. Mrs. Larson sa'd she got a great kick out of the Advance's Hodgepodge—anyway the "slack" stories of last summer, or;i In attend-unco were Virginia .",nd Mary McWhorter, Eldora Ileldt, Evelyn Becker, and Mrs. Martin Becker. i'cpjiy 1'als Hold a &ali>— The Portland P.Jeppy Pals conducted a sale of home-made cakes, pies, cookies, and candy Saturday Jifternoon at, the Smith store at Burt, and $7 in cash was realized to be added to a fund for a vacation at the lakes next summer. Wyott Stotts Arc Hosts- Mr, and Mrs. Wyott Stott en- terfained neighbors at a 500 party Friday evening. The high family prize went to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Baas; low to Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Sigsbee. time. Treatment Prevents IJotflics— Doctor Lichter, Burt veterinarian, has been administering treatment to horses which eliminates botflies, a great menace to horses. Child Has Intestinal Fin— I sick, but is improving. Cecil Pingle was in Jackson, Minn., Saturday and had his tonsils removed. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Blome visited at Ed. Reece's Monday evening. time he and Henry Reiden spent a! in southern Texas and D> H . Strut h.ers, who lives on the St. Paul to Tho August Sunday guests relatives. Ivlinksieks were at Lou Junke:ho George Scuff hams, and meier's. [enry Scheppmans were at Mrs. Howard Jenson and Mrs. ns home to honor Mr. and Paul Nitz attended the Lutheran 'city, with a farewell party. Aid at Lakota Wednesday, were played, and Mr. and Maurene Doore and Bernice 'eitz were presented with a Smith accompanied the George oven. The women attend- Thompsons Saturday, when they jok covered dishes, and late went to Sioux City. Miss Doore evening lunch was served, Imelia IVnrmbier CS— went as far as LeMars, where she visited Miss Bosley till Sunday, and Miss Smith went on and visit- Amelia Warmbier, of Lu ed college friends at Morningside. celebrated her 68th birth-1 Mr. and Mrs. John Holt are the (onday. The !B. J. Sankeys, parents of a son, born Monday. lem Cunninghams, the Ezra i Mr. Holt is the coach in the Led- lards, and the Herman yard school, biers were there in the eve- * * * * B. E. Thompson, north of Wes' ley, was helping with butchering ,at his neighbor Clayton Angel's last week Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Tompson have no children of their farm east of the Doan church, was own, but about a year ago they not home Saturday, but was help| adopted a little girl, and she is do- ing one of his brothers move from | ing fine. She started -walking Emmetsburg to Ringsted. Mrs. | about two weeks ago, and she can Struthers and the three boys were also'talk a little. The good-heart- at home. The boys are Lee, 11; ed foster-parents sure do enjoy Ros, 8; and a baby born Decem- having this fine child. , ber 8. This lad has been named .,**** i Lynn Carol. Mrs. Struthers is en- When we called on L. W. Haupt- joying their new insulated home. man last week Tuesday at the j t j s wired for electric lights, so Wesley Auto Co.'s good shop An- when the high line comes the fam- drew Gollner was there, and he ny will be ready to hook up. I said he had a good joke on L. W. j * * * * | It was this way: L. W. stays at j We had a visit Saturday with the garage late evenings. -He lives, George Seaberg, a mile south of at the southeast edge of Wesley, ' the Doan church. The Sc-abergs on acreage, and by the time he | are new folks from Clark, S. D., gets home has milked the cows and George is Pe'ter Seaberg's and done the chores so all L. W. .nephew. George and his wife i has to do is ito sell the cream and have one -child. Mrs. Seaberg's sis- md bier presented gifts. Mrs. was in critical condi- few months ago suffering liabetes and complications, now somewhat improved, upper Itig Success— Irvington women wish- to everyone who attended supper last week Thursday K at the Legion hall, Algo- rhe only drawback was the they have to contend with local church, not enough to accommodate is crowded, roceeds neared the $100 is Critically Sick— 2%-year-old daughter of id Mrs. Clem Cunningham is sly sick with influenza and y complications. The child •om an upstairs window and ed a broken hip a year ago, the family moved to this vi- Snnkey to Hospital— ' -Sankoy, who was a-patient.. Methodist hospital, at Des >s, six weeks ago with ulcers wmplicaions, will go back "ils week for examination and x-rays, and will be accom- •1 by Mr. and -Mrs. Frank Officers Are Ee-named— 1 Friendly club met last week >y. Mrs. m Elizabeth ' Grill as- g. All officers were re-elect-^ irs. Vern Barker, president; William Metzer, vice; Agatha w, secretaryrtreaaurer.' e Officers Keclected— P annual business meeting of P line 12 was held at the elf_'off ice Friday. Np change »4e }n officers, who are; Roney, president; Ralph secretary-treasurer and r __ fise Honors Algonians— P John Wel>ers attended, a pse birthday dinner honoring 0r Tuttle, Algona, Sunday, r guests were Mr. and Mrs. ft Grooters, Algona, and Mrs. » Weber, near Lu Verne. irgaret Mulligan, spent' Satur- Sunclay with her parents, 1 Mrs. Patrick Mulligan, | spend the money. But L. W. 'claims the joke is really, on him, ter came with the family to help with moving and settling. George, WE SALUTE NATIONAL USED CAR EXCHANGE WEEK With BARGAINS 1937 Ford Sedan 4-door, blue color, clean throughout, special price $525 1937 Ford Coupe Deluxe, club model, with heater, defroster and radio, vineyard green color, special $545 1936 Ford Tudor " with heater a honey at $425 1936 Ford Tudor with trunk, radio, heater, thoroughly reconditioned TII'CCC' KENT M 1935 Ford Tudor All reconditioned, black, good tires, special this week $300 1935 Ford Coupe , Heater, Radio, clean car $325 1934 Chev. Coach reconditioned, special $275 1933 Ford Tudor Black, with beater, completely reconditioned $240 Open and Sunday Mornings Algona, Iowa IGfi 4B ^^^F ^R^ We'are operating our hatchery as usual this season. Mr. Harvey Finley, an experienced hatchery operator and poultryman, is in charge. He will be glad to see you and to help you with any of your poultry problems. Call and see him at > a Hatchery ttuliy Chicks, Custom Hatching, Brooder Houses and Stoves, Supplies, and Feed. J. E. MASON, Prop. H. FEVLEY, Operator. SPRINGTIME - SHOES • This spring, smartly clad feet will be wearing thes* jaunty Air Stop styUi. Path* ionable moderns will recognize the correctness of their, high styling... and the taj«; of walking... in the only style shoes with the "Magic Sole."-' They will carry you tireltssi/ through every active day.! Brownell's, Shoetore The Aigona Auction Co. We nrn linro to sorvn both the seller and buyer ftt our pavilion in Algona evory Saturday. Saturday, March 12 Don't, forget ue sell nnytlilng tlnit you bare to sell every Saturday by tlie bead or wciplil. Our place is packed tvitb buyers, and nil stock is demanding good prices. So don't forget to get your stock in, as you will tret tbo best cash price. irons KS nave- listed a number o£ horses, including one coming 3 years weighing ]G50 to WOO Ibs.; in.-iro 11 years old, 1600 Ibs.; black mare 5 years old, 1GOO Ibs.; some coming 2 and 3 yrs. old; also some smooth mouth hprses. Don't forget, we will 'take horsssor any stock on now and used machinery. HOGS—We have listed 15 or 20 head of pure bred Hampshire BOWS to farrow in March and April. Bring in your sows as we have all kinds of buyers, dot your'-s in and vaccination papers. (JATTIiK—We expect some good cows and young cattle. We sell by the pound or weight. Don't forgct-every Saturday ive will hare a repair man for all makes of seporators. We also handle the complete line of Massey-Harrls machinery. Don't forget to look this Twin Power Row Crop Sractor over. Will handle 32-in. sep. and 8 14-in. plows. Open every day. Sale barn plume 77 or residence 3F22. St:irt on stock at 1:80. TKKMS—Cusli. JTo property r-moved until settled" for. C. O. RIDDLE & SON Operators and Auctioneers. ^TORES'. YOUK FRIEND AT 3IEAI, TIME FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, MARCH 11 AlfD 12 Value Is Seldom Expressed in Terms of Price There is no appetite appeal in price. Real Food Talues must bring delight at the table. A host of popular priced Food A'alnes in every department at your nearest Council Oak S(ore - •?., .;au-3:ftS8!S Boneless Ham Uoneless Fresh Ham Rolls in any quantity for a delicious oven roast. May also be had sliced to fry at the low price nif 21 c. per pound. Beef Roasts Fancy Shoulder Roasts of the usual Council Oak high quality for this sale at 15c and ISc per Ib. Shankless Picnics SImnkless Smoked Picnics weighing from 5 to C pounds. Just the right si/e for an oven roast. The end cuts lire excellent to bake or boil with beans. A week-end special at IDc per pound. Ring Bologna, per pound _______ 13c Smoked Bacon Squares, pound __16c Wieners, per pound ____________ 20c Pickerel, headless and dressed, Ib. _9c Morning Light Peaches Use these large, luscious California Peaches, packed in a Kood table syrup, for variety during lent. The large No. 2 cans for IGc during this sale. The big full ripe halves f for snace and sunsliine salad. The sliced for peach tapioca and doivn side un cake. Sardines It's most convenient during Lent to have a good pantry supply of Maine % oil sardines. Buy your sardines this week- find at the low price of 3 cans for lOc. Large Sweet Peas Superb large sweets are the favorite peas with many. They will tell you that these tender peas possess a flavor not found in the smaller sizes. Try the full No. 2 can at the special jirlce of 12c, "Honey Krushed" The Council Oak manager personally recommends that you try our New Honey Krushed Wheat bread. Now a "Hearth Daked Loaf." You will be delighted with the improved flavor. Sold only at Council Oak. Cocanut Taffy Bars Small, crisp vanilla flavored cooky fliledwith macaroon cocoanut. For this sale these fresh baked cookies at the spec- inl price of 13c per pound. Apple-Butter The delicious spicy tang of this pure apple product can he enjoyed at a low cost. Economical spread for bread and hoi biscuits. The big 36-oz. jar at the very special price of 17c. Navy Beans Benu soup and home baked beans are two delectable dishes we enjoy at frequent intervals. Large' bright, Northern Navy beans for this sale at 4 Ibs. for 17c. "Red Bag" Coffee Many buyers who can afford the most expensive brands confine their purchases to our popular priced Bed Itag Toffee because its rich, smooth flavor just suits their taste. We grind this whole berry coffee as you direct. Try It at our special price of 17c per Ib. or 8 Ibs. for 41)c. - : ONE CENT SALE j Superb Toilet Tissue A fine, pure white, crepe paper that is thoroughly sterilized, soft, absorbent and soluble. An excellent cold cream remover. Stock up for this sale. 4 big rolls for 25c. With every 4 rolls you can buy one for le, Blue Barrel Soap The soap that does the work of three ordinary cakes. If s kind to your hands. The price is 2 big pound bars for ISc this week-end. Haskins w aar t der Castile cake 4c Cake Sweet California Navel Oranges, Doz, . Extra Fancy—Extra Large Delicious Apples, Doz. Fancy Crisp Solid California Lettuce, Lge head 5c 21c 29c BARli * S 'BEER IS BESX

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