Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 10, 1938 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1938
Page 6
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EDITORIAL PAGE MARCH MATTER DE- Alsona ' , _ ° TERMS OP SUBSCRIPTION ;f"l h _ c ° u . n l y .Posto«lces and bordering Center, vprmorf. Wr i £pS"S' len ; *»?«• «'n«t«i. Rodman: smson, \\est Bond, and Woden. vnor n ,-ii With some of the editors we can overlook this continual slipping from the straight and narrow path of strict accuracy, but when a stickler for the truth like Editor Dewel, of the Algona Advance, continues to use the word pension we are going to quit. Theo- Hgians tell us that there is such a thing as "invincible ignorance," meaning that some heretics have a chance to be saved because >.hey are unable to see, understand, or grasp The COLYUM Let's Sot Be Too D—d Serions. T HOPE THAT W. c. Dewel, of the Kossuth County Advance, never lets himself persuaded that his efforts to bring about et Z—Ad Bond, and'Woden, year aw the truth. Well, these pension editors are in ? UI ? r s P° ketl and written language are futile. --- - - -- • 'that class, and we have decided to leavp thpm "Alien" column last week he expressed "- -' "• ' s °me doubts about the possibilities for good in M~S: £"***?«/ Des «»'«!« »oth t° same a/irii. » «•*"-« »-"_o ..nun i CM DO in co same » , — -^«^^»« v address at any Postofflce In Kossuth county or! to whatever fate awaits them, any ne lKh hor,nK powoff.ce named ,„ N - o * _ I; The Advance cannQ . year S—Advance year other postof; DCS Moinea both' ffices not excepted $2.50 year J2.M. Advance cannot speak for other news- : ^^^^ «w| addicted to the word "pension" as de- strong to resign, allowance afforded by the so- ' Walter Lippman he said, "the temptation is For what good does it do? and Governor Kraschel go within JtARCH 1938 S M T TV T F S - - 1 2 3 4 5 « < 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 10 I' IS 10 20 21 22 23 "4 05 on 27 28 2!) TO 31—1 papers soing to points j " Ure Erjitor Olaon tna ' its own Use is deliber- : ' te and done, with full knowledge from the fsrst of the euphemistic term employed in the act, but it can as- : ri?ht on ' Walt with hi « derelict participle con- county anil out-of-the-coiinty points named under No. 1 above are considered ust they had never been called to account. " ' payment continuing aubscriptions I statute. to be discontinued only! on notice from aub-| Indeed, scrlbers or at publish- ,..._,., K . or's discretion. Sub-! t)lOW5 hls scriptlona coini? to noti-1 "stickler" county points not nam-' eil under No. 1 above will bo discontinued without notice on 0 month after expiration of time paid for, if not renewed, but time for So what's the use nnrt have done with Were it better to quit this effort to make the world grammar-conscious, or shall we strug- ,„. j , •-• extended if requested in writing. As an Observer Sees the Fight on Gillette "When Governor Kraschel announced that he would run for governor again a <rood rnanv observers hastily concluded that Senator G'l- lette had practically clear sailing for the democratic renomination. but that notion was suddenly and completely quashed last week when three new candidacies were reported, with rumors of one or two more. Prior to the Kraschel withdrawal. Mrs. Ellsworth Richardson, Eddyville farmwife promment in Farm Bureau women's activities had announced candidacy. Last week Congressman Wearin. of Hastings, threw into the ring, and number 1938 sag into Class B, for no other goo reason than that the very poss bilities emphasize the dreadfu lack of plot, direction, and inspir ation. Even W. C. Fields, an ol favorite with me, seems bewild ered by the modern equipment an clan-trap which the motion pictu. has given him, and his Inimitabl golf sketch, otherwise the funnies „ thing I ever saw on the stage if Mr. Olson were setting nnc tn S '° ° n> e 'i a thoueh feebly, in the attempt to slnks '"'<> & dreary sequence o imneichnmnf t* a , M, 1 IT, 6 ?"*; Ens'ish slanguage pure and un- speed and mechanical ingenuity, impeachment that this writer is a defiled for uncounted generations to come?" Glamorous Dorothy Lamou tor the cruth, he could cite no more Aa a sinner of deepest dye, W. c. I make! slinks tenuously through the end evidence than this very use For my at>p&al to >' ou: D °n't quit. While I haven't! less reels—the whole impressioi of the statutory ? ftS f^"' ab ° Ut the niceti es of grammar j of th » Bi S Broadcast is one of in ui lne statutory aa r oould be j wou , di rm g ^ ^^ ,! definite length-singing one goo pension not only in careful if I knew there was no sharpshooter son g' You Took the Words High 5 defined in the die- on the J°b in our north Iowa community. The tact that the statute calls ~" "' " * "" ' " else does not change its If this writer were preparing under this act he would THE MO VIES By T. H. C. BIG BROADCAST OF l»3g- lers soon realized that a stronger With gobs of talent and a half! box-office lure was needed, and, dozen catchy musical The Big Broadcast of conclusive 'he truth is that regardless •erm the allowance is a nonaries, something careful .. ...«. ^ ,, U..J tnj aiitiiiivtiiiHiiMr - --ui — .._ w — „„„„...,., . Heart, but contributing Given time, W. C., I think I can prove that nothin S else impressive. Bob Hope it s both your patriotic and your journalistic i is a disappointment. I am con ; duty to keep the old rifle in position for fir-i fused ab out the feminine contin legal paper :n ?> «*"en though it be pointed due east at! gent otner than Dorothy, excep nature. term; but he is not, deavors to write editorials in Hall>s on in the M. C. G.-G. At last—the PERFECT Spoofer! THE JACKRABBIT was good Observing column that what they «new luul wnat tney were proposing ff-nsion system and nothing else- also knew that in view of this country's Perience with war pensions sion" bore neither for Rave. This little lady takes a lot of verbal abnse abou". her big mouth, and the boys throw her around the" movie lot till they all but disrobe her, the w&fle she but they pen- i they; the word sinister significance and wsy ;-herefore chose a softer term that would not "S «ts very name alarm taxpayers and bring Protests which might kill the bill, 'he term "assistance" rather carried an implication of v.-hich would lull Gillette suc- 'here may be in the offins. •ersed in politics the as- situation sucraests these candidacies bona conspiracy on foot to convention for as- liticians? That's an in both parties s too strong with in an unrigged fight, to get enough local Besides, than "pension" help for, the needy; generous taxpayers into ac- ! of the scheme, or at least no resist- ' It's too bad that the movies can't get off the spectacular complex that is bothering the pro- A3 ONE WHO didn't have the good sense to I ducers an d give us a few more do it when the opportunity was at hand, and S ' mP - e thin ^—""le bits of hu- use the statutory the contrary he en... which spades ire called spades and pensions pensions, no mauer what fancy terms are used in leeisla- fur nor food ' Once Bother"undertook"to pre- ! warbl ea. Mama, Oh Mama, in typ- A ° enactments. " P«re one, according to some one's special lical " f W n S trapeze" style. For Editor Olson's f,,rth • . < recipe, and she brought the pest on a steam- The reall >~ bj g scene was a duet •iav be added rh, ,Z "„ info ™"ion it "JB Platter-to the table. It did look as if betw e<m Bob Hope and a young . >e aaaea that the authors of this act well the , r f, wa - s ^ oin s to be big eats. But in the' lad y wnose name escapes me middle of the meal father suddenly got up called - Thanks for the Memory a opened a. window and hurled out the jackrab- rather nj fty bit of modern low hit, platter and all.—Albert Eisele in Blue i stuff whic h, strictly up-to-date lir harth Posts Post Chaise. I its inferences, was the most hu- Very good, Albert, now go on. What did!" 13 " t ° ucnvof] the ^ Production. Mother Eisele do then? his hat as if on signal announcements by one Meyers, of Carroll, and W G Byerhoff. retired Sawyer farming near Fort Bodge, followed. In the news also was a rumor that David Murphy. Dubuque. brother of the late Senator Murphv whom ceeded, mi^ht enter the race. still other candidacies To anyone ar, all tonishing change in the speculation. Are ail fide, or is there a secret maneuver Gillette into the sured knifing by :.he old dodge of the politicians when the leading candidate The people to be beaten in an unrigged'fight Un ' J Promptly, All^tnat is necessary !S to get enough ^ basket. ^ -^^nSi^o^^r^s -nir^tr; ean vTr such — tr^f'trr UF force o£ ^ - *•*, per cent of the vote. ., ,„,„„ ^Jl, and state so "rce a to fill ! ' rack of the temperatures in San Antonio and! - must occssfn n ^ astebas!cet - *° editor but l" ew Orleans aa reported, in: Che. d-aiay- papers m must occasionally reflect on the enormous ! M ° st of the time ' a «ly it's been plenty warm j at both places. One day last. week. it. got up Waste in Government Propaganda A'Jded ro the many other kinds of .overn- ;"eut propaganda which overflows the ""! S .^. n !"! Papers c " mes ™ mimeogr •^t Governor Kra.schel's weekly probably 24 out of 23 shop^ thev unread, in the nearest waste- b a hall bat or something- and pound into I Pictures like The Big Broadcast the average husbamTs thick skull the advice i always remin d me of a tasty dish contained in the following-' bit of verse from i whlcn Bome experienced cook has the Webster Citv Freeman- from I prepared with great skill, putting I m all ingredients and mixing them a " with consummate care then banking on the past prestige of the picture, Of Human Bondage, promptly selected the present one, giving 17-year-old Roy Harris, of Greenville, S. C. $5,000 for the prize-winning title. ,0f Human Hearts is all the name implies. Its maudlin philosophy deals with an estrangement between father and son, showing almost revolting scenes of parental cruelty which culminate In a knock-down, drag-out affair be- maturtty. Then, after the boy's affections have turned almost cotnpletely to his mother, he suddenly forgetfl and neglects her, till he fa called to the executive mansion In Washington, D. C., by President Lincoln and there reminded that- he has a mother. Seldom has the cinema reached such depts of pure, adulterated sob-stuff as In otherwise Impressive sequence, long Walter Huston circuit rider; the wife; and James »"L"^k\ wart son. Honest by John Oarradinc Porting ca at ,. ?ea ^«|. ls Pon, bee, who contrlbut,.,' , tlve perfo-rmanco Many of the am no, nn- photographic beam-•", thlfl|or tempo with the ' «tl,J wherein a president, and earnest sermon, soldier to sit in the after a orders the presidential chair and pen a missive to his mother. A capable and effective cast Is employed to jerk tears from the audience — using every device story. But after Beauty a t the v Human Hearts f P ], ot ground; and, anywav *,' this atripe seldom ily with me. Ordir averse to a little small doses of iie^ my pictures, but when ... known to stage-craft from sadtetic,out In chunks with ,;' tween the two, after the son had cruelty to suffering motherhood. 11 just "can't take it" steam. ^•^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^••••^^•^•[^•^^^^^^^^H Hood 9 s Store! Specials — Friday, Saturday, Monday PH03TE 855 PROMPT DELIVERY SERVICE ALGOMrnw', r , f. dall r» 8s» «»d 10:30 a. m.; 2:00 and 4:30 p. Jn . " A Lse our new delivery sendee and take ml vantage of these special BANANAS Firm, Bright Yellow prices. FOLGER'S COFFEE DEarONSTRATIOlf SATURDAY in and have a cup of Coffee. 2Lb. Can 52c NAVY BEANS ZLbs, 25c ! It might be a roast, or it could be a stew . 1-ood fit for a king, or a bite- or two Lut when he has eaten, why shouldn't she near i Those welcome words. -\. good: dinner, my • welcome dear I" And In words,. "A' _ I is scorched? feet are tired,, and her back aches J OF HOLUf she says to herself,. "All cookin bore;" care putting the dough into the oven ! !lnd burning it! What good are al1 the talent and ingredients of a show Iike this if the finished dish a BAKING SODA Arm and Hammer 1 Lb. Pkg. 7£c Peanut Butter 2 Lb. Jar 25c The year's first (and probably \-<-h~ i, ., its m °st potent and succulent) i tthen he smiles at her,, air her cares seem tear-jerker is on display at the ,.. , h T nt ' | Nrew Call under the significant tl- A., *he hears again, "A good dinner tonight." . tle - Of Human Hearts. Originally STARCH Corn or Gloss 1 Lb. Pkg. __. _ c STILL, OUT OF force o£ issued as Benefits Forgot, produc- In case there is such case it wins, or even if there a conspiracy, and is no conspiracy hut the poi knifing anywav, M That, of course, ii Imsk.s iike Wearin. who, i: is understood, is the Washington idea of a perfect rubher One feature of Mr. Wear a.s sent by his secretary has occasioned discussion, lows: Auer a series of conferences at the Whi'f- House and with administration leader- r'o'n- gre.ssman Otha D. Wearin . . . announced h- candidacy for the United -Vow, unquestionably White House -.vas that President wa «te of taxpayers' on money rMto stamp, rin'.s announcement, to the newspapers. began a.s ;'ol- It •••"essing, stamping, and ail of the equivalent of -rue for at least a day. ";i-;xn.s one-sixth of the practically all of it i P-yer foots the bill. The suspicion that -anda is intended insertion must take one employe's full On a year's basis this employe's labor, pure waste. The tax- to SO at S. A. and 76 at N. 0. and the" pTrson--, able young widow who thumbed a ride with ™ out of N. o. said: that when it waa that warm the humidity waa "something- fierce." Add Examples of Wit and Hnmor. Livermore- Gazette^ us o alons rho «troa,. """,-." "; l r_'"""'" s Luejr ste P s Hodgepodge TTebster—A steir of Yarious ingredients; a mixture. SALMON Pink 2 Tall Cans ___25c r-1 on the Wearin ard Wi!.-:on -'.-a:,hod Th. Thr- Whir d I in if :n sia afternuon states senate. the reference to the meant to give the impres- Rooseveli had endorsed ny -^-ed I(j\v;i sf In reply ;, White Hoii.- ( . . Gillei for thc- president .secretary, candidacy. Yet the next day Rich, Washington correspondent, t&le- ; Dos Moines Register as follows: •• Hou.so "rule" uf no federal med- te primaries was invoked Tuesday President Roosevelt in the tan- nat'jrml situation, inijuiries on the position of the ^, „ . '/V" 6 raf>e ' b '- l ' veiin Senator Guy ..I. GHlet.e and Representative Otha D. Wearin dfc::i..-..-rutic senatorial nomination, the uiu.'.-i'Hl. motioned to his assistant ., awpnen E. Early, and said to have bteve turn on the record. The "record" metaphorically repeats ov&r and! over a-rain on behalf of the president- .No lederai meddlin- In .crate primaries " Inns, the president indicated that no exception would be made in Iowa a.s has been the ca.se in .-:..• me other .-:tates. II . * a 1 in ' iicjtt *J T - h a' Gillette and ::u;.--t. iiirht it out on •hr-ir own merits Issues they choose, without a nod of ann'ov-il •j" disapproval from the White House. ' " ' The Wilson ,!iH P a ;i -h -.vent on -„ , a y that the colloquy "made it ciear that the hands-off policy ,s defimtsly in eff.-ct ..." Queried af- tt!- a ciill on the president, ••uid: ' r.'ie pr'-si-tent made nifcnt i;iat the White H keep ?reat deal of propa- to react in popular political 3 is collateral isarj Politicians figure that ™, . *-" ^ VJ «*.CLLCi.J and:,,^ n %- p ^ n -- S - S s ;ipped^d a Sd^. L ?r^ ra ^^ scripture quotation, at him stand La slippery piac was. not scrip- suspicion that ; t unnece.ssar>- pajTollers on the '•' irbho'^r' - en(1S - P ° liticians fi ^e that ! Cowboy Humor in the Soutnwest ' Jobholder ,s good for a bagful of vot<lg j [Winterset Madisonian ] >t many politicians in high office are of ! Smt?" 6 ^'.™™ ^ e _ trav eUng editor, Ed. r.d .shouted j "Brother, the wicked: ^ The prompt retort, which -uff that h.uff old Vlc.-p^-t G™ ^w l anoU™ e = i r C :! t ^ °J^» ffow.)-w. -' evf - Mexic °.. diat commanded attenUo7eTenff • s made of. :>r of fu.sed, i.sn't Approached recently with an of- 11,000 a week for radio talks, he re- ^ayin,, "What John X Garner, c iti zen , worth five cents; what sign on the highway at Dennin« [ e.xpres-sed m out west English. It read '"This Gods country, don't drive through Hell." :-v-.-!ident thinks is not for sale. the vice jaurant between Carlsbad r and: El Paso "" Opinions of Editors no 'iTra^n 6 R< l Sister ~ Xeb ^^'e-cts -d "n" b^ded St& -'-"° °. lher - 6 ^ ™ •hese times when How's that for a ,,. citizens of every state" r± w_another sign in a ^yside res- that . generous T rh» fn 7 end ' Qrs e m principle, i the foi-ni of expression. It read "If 2ct to die soon, pay cash. We don't look all over Hell for you." And here i, Arizona, we read another more ele- much to the point, "We don't cash ten when they're good." Still anoth- have an agreement with the banks, Wearin on anv and sight? -Wr. IVearin and senator Gillette the general state.'U.--P is not interested liar with the old McGuffey story dog who lost his bone by ' reflection he saw in the trying water. to wolf in special state .,!ect,ons bm only in the good f'f the Ji-mocratic C'iijaret Suckers and Taxpayers. Knoxville Journal_we are all * ie surprised to know a taxpayer you are. Example of Contagiousness Winterset Madisonian—It' is now dent's attitude seems plair cape L ;>x-ars since Harvey Ing ham, of the Des Molne i- Register, called public attention to the a-t ' anna ' nlereS party a.s a whole." Asked whether he -ained the impression that the' White Hou.se was supporting Wearin the- senator said "N-,,." addir.L- that it was his understanding that the White House would be neutral and that there was nothing to the suppo- ' sition that Wearin had exr.lu.iivc White Hou=eJ support. " : In view of this record it is evident that' someone is confusing the truth. If the pres is correctly .stated — and ugh—then it is difficult to &s- ! the conclusion that Mr. Wearin has be- : gun his campaign with an ill-advised attempt to mislead voters. Of course he may be rely- • nig on what he conceives to be the president's ' personal rather than official attitude, but the '• N'orthwood official attitude u the only one given out for ! over the fact " the information of the public, and it scarcely : f ' rn ments seei becomes a candidate for high office to claim, taxes , to those wlln Property, it should be in effect, that the president of the United ["|; mbered tha t President Roosevelt said States would stoop to fool the people by tak-11932: ''"Ss iTe^ld^ln ^ ing one stand officially and quite the opposite | '"an who labors." He know! several e rP HH nlereSt bU1 on our national , exceeded the entire cost of national gov- 1 * 1 " P" or to the World war States and followin e lhe Wash- When Roosevelt Was Bight TlCirl A»i^,U Tit C3*-» that th •ii any are federal and rejoicing re- nu- campaign in privately. Query: When is a Pension Not a Pension? Editor Paul A. Olson ("Pa" Olson, always, in Colyum lingo) says in his exceptionally well edited Story City Herald— We give up. Here we have been trying for months to illuminate the minds of the brethren ot the press in regard to the proper way to speak and write about the old age assistance proposition, telling them over and over again that it isn't a pension. But they go right ahead talking about pensions anyhow. | win the man who labors if he stons i enough to analyze it . even though "* laion UXeS C0me from he the long may rich Ea*lrrn , £.agie Grove Eagle _ ca n Wilson Kraschel ? -the question thousands o r^SFf****- He most «rtainly can He on.y lacked one vote a precinct two years ago Thcre la always a recession for the party £ power between presidential elections Thl natural slump of the popularity of any administration is sufficient to elect a repubTan governor in Iowa, Add to that the lack of any presidential campaign backwash, and you are safe in predicting Wilson's election by at least 25,000 votes. ,- machine and .- .iut: that will take the shine out of the .--<:r. of your trousers and the elbows of your '•oat,-Anamo.s a Eureka. • And then the derned coot went o n for the "fr-st of the paragraph and never said where to find the machine or get the magic liquid. Rut Hold Gentlemen: Let's Investigate as Jtepards Equipment. [Xorthwood Anchor.] In a discussion on the type of milk which should be provided for school children, the chairman of the health committee said: "What this town needs is a supply <of fresh clean milk, and the council should take the bull by ;ne horns and demand It." SOMEBODY wrote Old Doc Brady, of the Sioux City Journal and numerous other papers, to ask for a remedy for stagefright, and derned if Doc didn't have a bona fide remedy. Listen— Begin a week or ten days before the ord°al taking two grains of quinine sulphate or one of quinine bisulphate in capsule, pill, or tab- Jet three times a day before or after food. Someone try that and report, please. If it works there's a fortune ahead for a patent medicine incorporating the ingredients, and lhe newspaper business can go hang. JUST 100 YEARS ago John Adams, a candidate for president, rode his horse through a Maine village on the Sabbath day and was severely criticised because he openly defied the laws of the great Jehovah and set a bad ox- ample to children.—Traer Star-Clipper. Not to mention traveling around scandalously like that and running for office 12 years after his death. SCANNING THE ITEMS in a year's expense record for income tax purposes is a chastea- iug experience. How is it possible to fool away so much money on fripperies? Every year we resolve to reform—and every year we don't. EDITOR SPERBECK asks this question In City HeTald candidate for Charley Klamp, roving farm news writer and subscription tak- e_r, says he still hears reverberations of the campaign to eradicate slacks as feminine apparel on the street. Some in favor-^some want to know what's the matter with the old fogy. In the winter there is little argument, but in the summer, tch, tch. FLOUR Gold Xirffset 49 Lb. Bag... $1.37 MATCHES IGA 6 Boxes 18c MACARONI, elbow, fresh__ 3 Ibs. 2lJ Salad Dressing, Carol, at, Sandwich Spread, Carol, qt. Grape Fruit Juice, IGA No. 2 3 cans 25t| Tomato Juice, IGA Viy z oz. ;j for SPAGHETTI, cut, Carol 3 Ibs. 21c HItieberries, tall can j Fruit Cocktail, 18-k No. 1 tall "j Red Kidney Beans, IGA No. 2 3 C nns 2ic Red Beans, IGA No. 2 3 Cftns "r^l CORN, Clarion No. 2 _3 cans 25c Cut Green Beans, No. 2 3 f or oj e | Spinach, Arkco No. 2 3 cuns «5 Sweet Potatoes, Kelly No. 2 3 can s 2!c Tomatoes, Red Ripe No. 2 3 cans o 3c BROOMS, No. 1 common ___Each 29c .-ocoa, Muchmore, fresh o 15e SALT, plain or iodized 2 boxes 15c| OFFEE, REDA, lb. pkj; _ _ r JOFFEE, BLUE G, lb. Dkp. I_L_I™»Se PRUNES, California Pound, 5c his recent issue of the Swea "Whom shall be picked aa a „ mayor this spring?"—Ringsted Dispatch! What, Ray! Did you actually say that? so, suppose you substitute "candidate" "whom." and then see what's in the nomlna- tive case. rnteresting figures of the average income of various groups of professions are: Doctors, $4850- lawyers, $4730; engineers, $4410; dentists, $4170; architecture, >uS_'U; college teaching $3050- ournalism, $2120; library work S2020; ministry, $1980; skilled rades, $1430; school teachin<* 5T330; nursing, $1310; unskilled abor, $735; farming, $580; farm abor, $485. In the case of farming and farm abor the direct foodstuffs raised nd consumed on the farm are not onsidered, only cash or money in- ome being taken. It is figures such as these that end youngsters into training to be octors, lawyers, engineers or entists, the four top-rank income reducing livelihoods.. It takes up - seven years education to be- ome one of these, and this is ointed to by the professional lass as justification for the large ncome. But this is just as true in ny skilled labor—for that is what lese professions really are it kes a long period of training to make an expert. Apprenticeships re served in some crafts longer i ban it takes to become a docto a lawyer. The averages give re based on the 16 years from 920 to 1936. There is an intense struggle be tween the lower and the highe paid groups of workers an "workers" includes everybody There Ls a leveling process whic in the next few years will alte the figures to some extent. * * * * There is one advantage in hav mg birthdays—this is the one tim when the whole affair is vo.irs, And once in a while there is"a re membrance that jars you thinking that the world i s such a bad place after all. * * * * A 43-year-old divorcee wa awarded $10,000 by an Ohio jurj from a minister on a breach promise suit. The minister married another rich widow the first gal wanted some ' balm. She asked $100000 is a heck of a lot of money fo7a second-bander. FANCY FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Apples, Winesap _Box $1.29 Lettuce, Irg. heads _2 for 15c Oranges, largfe ._ Dozen 23c Grapefruit, good size, doz, Apples, Delicious _5 Ibs- 25c Parsnips, fresh ___5 IBs. 25c| Tomatoes, Red Ripe, 21bs 25c| Potatoes Pk. 19c Fancy Beef Roast, ___lb. 16c Round or Sirloin St'k, lb. 25c Fancy Sliced Bacon, i Ibv, 12c Pork Liver 2 Ibs, 19c Pure Lard, lb. _I — Pork Pork Loin Roast, lb. 18c Shoulder Lamb Roast, lb. 18c King Bologna lb. I5c Sliced Halibut lb. 27c Cheese, Am. or B'fc r 2 lb«. 47c I Pork & Beans Van Camp's Tall Cans, 3 for 25c no o ha a - nd hear which n j" . i -' — v it v o tllG "Wpsi Bend girls' basketball team which seh^ h ° n0r and glory *° to' Ite Tlgon^ R who' " unl™ dogs at the Mason City gave a good accounting of lnem oflverrto^ red the ™*£ ^ Then there's the *former If for and says theob ready cinched. Nice work till the COOPERATIN with National Used Car Exch Never Before Such Buys ange Wed WHAT BUYS 1937 Ford 4-Door Sedan Spor Blue, clean, low roileage *525 1937 Ford Deluxe Club Coupe" $P4 - heatcr and radio, green color *545 1936 Ford Tudor, " """"" ,, heater, a honey of a cap,"^S; t ":::""" 425 1933 Ford Tudor black with heater completed reconditioned 240 . auSl Te f b °L k heaf 5 ^ 00 ^ good, this weS 1 ^ d^VufaV 1 ^^ 1930 Chey. Sedan new paint, runs good at | _ $ 110 1 929 Chev. Coach extra good, special | $ 55 $ 300 !325 new paint, motor Come IB I Early to Get the 1st Choi( KENT MOTOR C«

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