Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 10, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1938
Page 5
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IbAY, MARCH 10, 1938. KOSStJTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PAGE PTVB INT DK DRYING ENA— For walls, a, woodwork or ro You cnn get beautiful color lunations. fford Lumber Company TOOL, M{?r. New *t wright's TUCK"— Just plenty DODGERS WIN TOURNEY WITH CORWITH, 3RD Corwith, Mar. 8—An independent basketball tournament sponsored hy the Corwith high school .0 raise funds for uniforms for the ligh school hand closed Saturday evening, with award of trophies, wort from Hayfield in the clmm- Lho local Independents won from Woden, and Hayfleld won from Lu Verne. Next evening Garner won from Rcnwick, but for some reason not reported, Garner was disqualified, which give the game to Remvlck. Fort Dodge won from Vernon. Friday evening Fort Dodge beat Romvick, and Hayfield defeated Corwith. Saturday evening the Corwith high school girls played the Mcservey girls and won. Cor- wjlh won from Renwlck in a consolation game, and Fort Dodge to win from Hayfleld in Ihe championship final. Fort Dodge was awarded gold basket balls; Hayfield, silver balls; Corwith, bronze balls. Blesie, of Renwick, was awarded the sportsmanship trophy, and Barney Scverns, Corwith, won the free- throw trophy. The managers of the learns met and voted that the tournament be made an annual event. Christensen recover from sinus troubles, is thai he is at last noticing some improvement. Ho had planned to come home April 1, but! hn« been advised to delay return! for another month or so. The Andrew JlorlamlH, Brazil, TRINITY LUTHKKAN, I'. J. Intl., arrived Sunday to make their i leaner, Pnsfor — Next Sunday: Gordon Looblg, Wesley, is a new to Rochester last Thursday, and i home in Algona. Mr. Morlan, n|German -service, 0 a. m.; Sunday clerk at the local Anderson Jack Mrs. Wright remained for Mayo brother of Mrs. Bert Deal, and of,school, 10; English service, 30:00. Sprat grocery. i treatment of her eyes. She is ex-! Mrs. Hichard Sorensen, will bo as- \ ^onlon service next. Wednesday Dr. L. W. Vn\ has been confined i Peeled home" sometime this week.' socialed with Mr. Deal in the- evening 7:30. The S. S. T. me«l lo his home a few days by an at-i Mr - Wright is a railway postal i painting trade. Mrs. Raymond , lnls Thursday evening at 7:30. tack of the "flu." clerk. .Lovall, also of Brazil, sister of Mr.! Confirmation instruction Satur- Florcncc Young, local Latin Hertlia Oodfroy went to Erie, teacher, spent the week-end at hen 111 -. Friday evening to attend the funeral of a cousin, Doclor Fosls:-, home at JMartha Wesley, died of heart disease. Miss ensens. . . , Lovall, also of Brazil, sister of Mr. ! Confirmation instruction Satur- Morlan, brought the Morlans here lda .v. !):3 ° ft and remained for the rest of the' |»ii|.'«iiv'ri.'i\vMnvi week with the Deals and the Sor- L ** l ' ntn ' , '?' v ~ Ncxl ensens. " "" spending this week at the Ray- ' Godfrey who is a teacher in the Mr. and Mrs. T, W. Gillespie mond Beamish home here. 'local schools, got home Mondny ; spent Sunday at the lalter's moth- Mrs. William Aaldcrks, Lakota, morning. , jcr Mrs. C. I. Mansmith's, Ban- morning i worship, 1.1; ('. 1C., 6:30 p. m. Last some 40 young people (ittondod the C. E. meeting. The Rev. J. \V. Peterson, evangel- spent Tuesday afternoon with her Mr - an(l ^ rrs ' f '- D ' O'Harrow, of; croft. Mrs. Gillespie spent Friday nrrnrh i t , the daughter, Mrs. Alwin Huenhold. Ft. Dodge, spent Sunday at W. C., at her sister Mrs. Philip Putter's, I ;''„ "'" DllU ' xvi " pieach m the Mrs. I'. A. Dnnson had an oper- McDouRall's. Mr. O'Harrow, who Corwith, and was snowbound there | h- ation for an oper- appendicitis Monday is Mr - McDougall's uncle, manages j till Saturday. Mrs. Mansmith, who ! M'THEIUX, M. A. Sjos- evening al the Kossuth hospital. tlle Johnston hotel, and Mr. Me-, was also ihere, came here with j < ram j 1'nstor—Next Sunday: Sun- Twolvo seniors of the Cylinder Eougall is employed at the Dots- Mrs. Gillespie and accompanied the I f |-. y rK -hool, if) a. m.; morning wor- day. at Des ~Moines'"on o~ business Mrs ' Hugh Duffy, farmers near I an operation for removal of a bone j ST. THOMAS EPISCOPAL mission. , Whittemore, attended the state, in his left foot, is recovering, < Church school Sunday at 10 a. m. W. I''i Brown returned to the basketball tournament at Des though still confined mostly to the Morning prayer and sermon at 11 Jrown's Studio Wednesday, after a Moines Saturday. house. Some years ago a cow a. m. Special prayer memorial • •• ••-- •-• • • -..-•-• ir^iiSu 'i<-,,;„,... !,„,. i _:_i. stopped on the foot. Mr. and Mrs. service for Mrs. C. T. Griffith. Richmond, who were old-timers in ,,',T«» C-"i\ the North End, having settled CONMILGAJ lOJiAL, t.eo. ^am.'.«, there in the early 60's, have for the Pastor—Next Sunday: 10 a. m., last two years lived retired in Al- church school; 31, morning wor- gona. Mr. Richmond can tel Imany « ni P> theme, Reclothe Us in Our stories of Ihe hardships which Ihe Rightful MmuV. pioneers in northern Kossuth had Algona. Girls Back From Three Weeks Trip to the South Lula Huenhold and Edna Gilmore got home last week Tuesday from three weeks in the south. They Iraveled by car, am made stops at Muskogee and Tulsa, Okla., among other points anc returned via the Ozarks. Thej found three inches of snow a Dallas, Tex., where Miss Gilmorc attended a beauty convention; bu in most places fruit trees were out, flowers were in bloom, and farmers were planting crops. They found the people hospitables, more so than in Ihe Norlh. Clerks in stores, upon making a sale wounld reply, "Thankee, honey," and instead of the usual "Come again" they would say, "Hurry back!" *- ilgh school had class pictures tak- forr l lumberyard. ' I' ""ices Dutfy, clerk in the Gillespies lo Bancroft. Mrs. T'uf-l, ih j pi ' 'n. ' Lenten "services this for is another daughter of Mrs. j cveninK (Thursday), 7:30. Con. at Brown's Sludio Wednesday. I M. .1. 'Pool. Botsford lumberyard county treasurer's office, Earl | Mansmilh. • firmation class Saturday, 0 a. m. lanager, spent Monday and Tues- Connors, West Bend, and Mr. and: (.'. B. Richmond, who recently had | siege of the flu since last week llollis Tniinpr has been sick Thursday. abed for the last week with the Ailecn Kiddle spent Sunday at J. mumps and a streptococci infcc- F. Devine's, south of Algona. She tion. He travels for the George A. s a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hormel Co. Formerly the Train- lease Riddle. ' CI ' K "ved at Burt. Mrs. Trainer is of Mrs. Keith Kcipp, Walerloo, is a sister of Mrs. R. B. Waller, spending ihis week with her sis-; Marshall Keith Jr., son of Dr. ter, Mrs. Andrew. Johnson, clerk at and Mrs. M. C. Keith, Casper,! to undergo in the first years the Cummings store. . Wyo., arrived Tuesday from Chi- the county's selllemenl. Mrs. Rao Aslior spenl lasl week cago for brief visits with his Byron Stratlon, who once before at Cedar Falls, visiting friends, uncle, W. C. Dewel, and aunt, Mrs. livrd here, has returned lo Algona rrpamprv qprfi or,s Nos 4 and Her husband is a Firestone sales- B. A. Thorpe. He is on his way and Is looking for a house to rent. ^e am ery seciions N °*- la ™ out of \lgonu h " ""'• *" fVl " «""»«*•<i >•<««« IMIE wifo is nt m-ounnt .it Twinnpnn- " al ° Holding a joini meetinf, ai Creamery Men are Holding Meet Today man out of Algona. oy cur 10 tne parenuu nome. rjih wuu it, u.i, i>i«hu.ii. ai ivumiuai>- r , T , r , , th ,. hnr ., Hob La Harre, student al the ' Kngcno Kelly, Advance press- oils, but will Join him here in ™*£ J* c , e L ^^ wl *? ull * £*£ stale university, spent the week- man, has been sick and off duty lease he finds a location. They g u °t a £" e '™; iy p ^"° in ? m ° 0 .1 , ...,,.,, T.!_ ._ ,»•.. ,1 ,t,itVi tlin "flu" oinoo U, 0 f •PliMvt.rln v I Knv/5. a mnvriofl cnn at Milwnnlrpp. "OUSO iniS evonmfe. 1 idjiinub LO the .sweet corn canning factory in Albert Granzow. Blinkman's. He Is surveyor for a °n the press Tuesday and Wednes- construction company. , day nights. which Otto Guderian is interested. Mrs. Guderian is his sister. Mr. Mrs and Mrs and Mrs NOTICE OF LETTING Sealed bids will be received a Gretchon Eaton, Minneapolis,' Mrs. I" -T. Propst, Kathleen uo ^, cu Ullla .„„ .^ >^.,^ „ spent the week-end at the Edwin Propst, and Weldon Green, all ofjStratton is an expert upholsterer the of _ £ice o£ . tne Courity Auditor I-iovey home. Miss Eaton attends Sheldon, called at the Methodist land furniture repair man. Ihe Minnesota stale university. parsonage Monday afternoon. They, _ * —Janice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. are members of the church al | JVIotor Sales Slow Carl Vohs, Wesl Bend, spenl Ihe Sheldon, where Ihe Rev. F. Earl week-end here wilh her grandpar- Burgess was pastor before he Butter Pecan Made with Savory Soft Shelled Pecan meats cooked in fresh creamery butter and cane sugar. A very pleasing flavor and lots of nut meats. An especially tasty ice cream. Made fresh daily in our store. Lusby's Courthouse Bowlers Win the Lead; Beat Titonka in 2 Games v" in Hoven is ba ,. ber ents, Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Vohs. Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Bell came to Algona. Mrs. II. M. Gill, Los Angeles, were Sunday dinner guests at Wil- . Calif., arrived Saturday for a n ex- Algona, Iowa, until 1:30 p. m March 22, 1938, for furnishini bridge material as follows: 114,000 *-• \ , s*> T- 1 bd. ft. fir bridge plank, 4800 lin. Light Cars, 1 TUCKS ft. red cedar piling, 48,000 bd. ft. creosoted bridge plank, and 2400 Only eight new motor vehicles u n . ft. creosoted yellow pine pll- ivcro sold in the counly in Ihe j n g. Bids will be received al the Ham Bell's, near West Bend. Rob- tended visit with her sister, Mrs. ; f j rst e j g ht days of March, accord- same time for furnishing 3000 lin. ert and William are brothers. | L. F. Rice. She had been in Call- \ j ng to ti ie new-car license rec- ft. 15-in. corrugated iron culverts, Mr. a ml Mrs. Andrew Reding, fornia most of Ihe winter, and will I or( j s in the county treasurer's of- 2000 lin. ft. 15-in. concrete pipe West Bend, spent Sunday with the now spend Ihe spring and mosl of| rice E B Diltmer, Burt, Hardy culverts, 300 lin. ft. 18-i'n. concrete lalter's sisler, Mrs. Gusla Patter- the summer here. Mr. Rice owns jordah, Buffalo Center, and Rich- p j pe culverts, 200 lin. ft. 24-iu. re- son, who clerks at the Ben Frank- the Algona bakery. ar( j Swalve, Bancroft, purchased mforced concrete pipe culverts. lin store. I Mr. and Mrs. Winton Triplet, of I ehe-vrolets ; Henry S. Haag, Whit- Biddings blanks and additional in- Mr. and Mrs. Carl Van Hoven Iowa Falls, son Jimmy, and Mr. ] temo re, and A. R. Cruikshank, of formation may be secured at Ihe , spent Sunday 'at Spencer and Dick- and Mrs. J. H. Bailey, Clear Lake, j Algona, Plymouths; H. W. Balge- office of the counly engineer, Al- cns with relatives and friends. Mr. Mrs. Laura Hopkins, daughter Bes- j man> west Bend, and the Swea g0 na, Iowa. The Courthouse bowling team has taken the lead in the league Frank Shilts. partner of sie anc! Lee, were Sunday guests city' Implement Co., at W. E. Hawcott's. Mr=. Trip>t trucks. James Vaux, William nkena, Lakota, spent is Mrs. Hawcott's niece, and Mrs, several days here last week, visit- Hopkins is Mrs. Hawnott'E mother. International Swea City, thie." All this week by winning two games |jng re ] at j ves ana ; taking medical' Mr. and Mrs. John Foth, Mrs. from Titonka Tuesday night. Mon- treatment. He is an. uncle of Mrs. Lenore Peck, and "Billy" Stebritz day night Irvinglon won a game|rp om ]} a j] ev . | spent Sunday at Spencer, guests of from Burt, last night for Junior: Mr> an(1 ij( rs> De Los Fox, Mason Mr. and /Mrs. John Blinkman. Mr. bought a Ford. March 3, 1938. 25-26 E. S. KINSEY, County Auditor, It features on up-and- Chamber played Phillips; tonighl tucked front and ( a |tucked bolero, both iree covered buttons. 11-15 $16.95 esensky's [LOOK AT THESE Low Prices i&P (jury's "Best" &-lb. bag _—90c Jib. bag $1.75 |P Big Twist Sliced IA»» loaves, 3 fo: | Wheat-Half White )'N ONE, loaf :_, Cut EN A No. 2 »«,._ ^* Cans 'Stream O No. 1 ION. ^ Cans Skelley and Lu Verne : roll; and Friday night, Wesley and Flowers. Standings yesterday follow: Courthouse 39 24 Skelly 37 23 Irvington ---------------- 37 26 Titonka 26 (ON- ** Cans _2 •to IOCA, ield and their son Richard were last week Tuesday with Mrs. Mc- Sunday guests of the R. H. Guder- Gilligan's sister, Mrs. Ruth Clen- ans Mrs. Guderian is a daughter dening, Webster City. Mrs. McGilligan, who is cook at the Coffee Shop, was taking a vacation last week, and Mrs. Theodore Elbert substituted for her. The Elmer Dyes, Mrs. Charles Warden, and Jos. Lage, all of Mason City, were Sunday guests of the Ralph Lages, south of Algona. We Strike Mod, Bed ION, , 1 cans FISH, can -----01 |Y, 8-lb. can Macaroni or LGHETTI, 15c 50c PE8, 80-90, 4 TOASTIES, pkg, Itose Ibs, - T - t Paper O -\_ fi :125C 18c iorf 9UE- Bolls 990, dozen —- Day" today, 80 copy. P FOOD STORES Wesley 31 29 Phillips 31 29 Flowers 28 32 Burt 26 27 Jr. C. of C. 21 39 Lu Verne — 20 40 Algonians Included in Poesy Who's Who A centennial edition, of Iowa poets enlitled Who's Who Among Prairie Poets has ' recently been published by the Kuhne Press, of Des Moines. A biographical section was compiled by Lou Mai- lory Luke, Hampton, columnist for the Mason City Globe-G-azette. Among non-resident lowaris represented is James Norman Hall, now of Tahiti. Algona is represented by Helen Cowles LeCron, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Cowles. Margaret Durant, and Raymond Kre'sensky. The book contains a foreword .written by Governor Krashel and .a preface by W. Earl Hall, Mason City. New Painting Firm is Organized Here A new firm of painters and paperhangers has been formed by Kermit Forbes,-Mike Rentz, and Merle Webster and they will operate under the title of "Reliable Decorators," Each of, , : tbe , three men are well-known bj:v Algona having been painters and deCora- tors here for periods tfjtup to 15 years. They started p»' thetr.ypwi last summer and have been kep busy, testifying to satisfaction in workmanship and price. 'An- an nouncement of the partnership is found in an advertisement elsewhere In this week's issue, •,' Roadman Speaker at Father-Son^ Banquet A Fathers and Sons banquet will take place at the Algona Methodist church tonight, with.. Dr., Earl Roadman, ' Morningside college president, as chief speaker; David Phillips, high school teacher, will, lead singing. Robert Grpoters will tell what I want my church to mean to me;.Justice P. A. Danson will speak on "To the.li&ds, the Best Lads"; and Donald-.Johnson will speak on "To the Dads, the J3est Pads." /A high school boys' quartet—Richard Norton, ' Richard Keen, Donald Johnson,' M.er}e Pratt —will give special numbers... S. S. Teacers Are Coming, The Sunday school teachers Lutheran churches in the Algona circuit wil meet Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the laqal Trinity church. The Rev- R. W. Kabelitz of Fenton, will preside, and the local pastor, the Rev. P. J. Braner, wl)l open the conference with prayer and a short address. Some 65 teachers are expected. Quaker State Sold. Here, Algona Standard Oil dealers are now selling Quaker State oils and grease, in addition to Standard lu bricants, H. C. Bargreaves, Al gona, Standard Oil agent, an nounces. The Standard Oil Co of Indiana has become distributor im^ « * *™i_»_ **!! w» _ •! 1_ ~ (9; &« QUftfcer Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Johnson. Mr. and daughter respectively o£ Mrs. Fox, a mechanic, is a cousin of Peck, and "Billy" is her grandson. Mrs. Johnson. Mr. Blinkman runs a garage at Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. Steele were Spencer.- - — : at Des Moines Monday, and Mr. | Mr. and Mrs. George Mills and Steele attended a state clothiers' a Mrs. Bennett, all of Greenville, convention. Mrs. Steele mean- visited Mr. and Mrs. Fred Frost City| spen t the week-end here with Blinkman and Mrs. Foth are son while visited friends. here Friday. The visitors were en . The Edward Ostnims, ,of Lyle, route to Tama for a visit at "Jack" Minn., were Sunday guests of Ed- , Frost's. Mrs. "Jack" Frost is a ward's parents, Mr. and Mrs. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mills, Frank Ostrum. Edward works at and "Jack" is a son of Mr. and M'Whorter Daughter NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL Has Home Unroofed In District Co ° urt) state of Iowa i Kossuth county, ss. March Mrs. Ellis McWhorter has re- termi i^g. ceived word that her sister, Mrs. To All Whom It May Concern: Lincoln Isenberger; Sacramento,; you are hereby notified, That an Calif., and the latter's husband lnstrumeilt ot wr iting purportin lost the roof of their home ma to be the last wm and Te stamen ?.'?-.^_ d ..^! nd -^ t - 0r ?™. r !5 en £ y ; of Nellie E. Griffith, deceased, dat been a Botsford lumberyard. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jensen, for- Mrs. Fred Frost. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Byson, Ana- merly of Bode, have moved to Al- mosa, are expected today for a gona, and are living at 103 east visit with the former's sister, Mrs. Lucas. Mr. Jensen works at the I. L. Seeman, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Byson. They will local Solberg gas station. Consedireable other damage was ed February 21 1938 __ _ done. The Isenbergers had to hjs d filed ed and reai leave the city .and fake refuge Mond tne 4th day o f April on their farm. Mrs. Isenberger Ifl38 is ffxed for hearing proo said cyclones are unknown on the f t the Court House in A1 . Coast and high winds are unusual but hurricanes are plentiful. Emmetsburgers Married Here. gona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at ten o'clock a. m., of the day above mentioned all _ Loren A. Phel'ps and Mabel L. persons interested are hereby noti- Salisbury, both of Emmetshurg,' f i e( j an) j required to appear, and were married at the Methodist', show cause if any they have, why Mr and Mrs. F E Kent took also visit Mrs. Byson's parents, parsonage here last week Thurs- said instrument should not be pro- Iheir'son Fred Jr.'back lo Boone-, Mr. and Mrs. C. Thorson, Arm- day forenoon by the Rev. Earl F. bated and allowed as and for the .m' vL ™™,io,, -BV^ T,. whnWnnir. -Rarl is a guard at the Burgess. Dorothy Miles, Emmets- last wm and Testament of said de- ville Mo., Monday. Fred Jr., who strong. Earl is a guard at the - • " ! Anamosa reformatory. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. McGilligan returned Friday from a visil since attends a military school there, spent the week-end here. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Furness, Shef- Burgess. Dorothy Miles, Emmets burg and George King, West Bend, were attendants. of Mr. and Mrs. Furness. Conrad Johnson, Terrill, and his son Merlyn, spent Tuesday here with the former's sister. Mrs. H. M. Olson, wife of a local dentist. Vlr. Johnson is a farmer. . Mrs. ,Edw. Wlklns, of the Morrison Beauty Shoppe, got back this S. S. Pins as Rewards. Gold pins will be awarded to Baptist Sunday school students having a regular attendance for VAN NESS & STILLMAN, ceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, March 8, 1938. i KATHERINE McEVOY, Clerk of District Court. Alma Pearson, Deputy. morning (Thursday)'from Chicago,) Mrs. Dye and Mrs. Lage are sis- where she had attended a beauty iters. Joseph, a Lage son, attends one year, starting March 6. Attorneys. 25-27 convention since Monday. Mrs. Eva Beini spent Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. Woodrow Johnson. The Johnsons are farmers south of Irvington, and Mrs. Deim is employed by the Modern Dry Cleaners. Leon Beamish, Mason City, spent last week here with his sister, Mrs. Clarence Stewart, and brother, Raymond L. Beamish. He is a carpenter, and Raymond is a Hoxie fruit salesman, Kathleen, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. R. A. Evans, worked nights last week at the Kossuth hospital. 3he started nurses' training last eptember, but took sick and had o give it up. Carol, daughter of Mr. and Mra. Albert Grooters, has been unable o attend school because of chick- n pox. She ia in the kindergar- en, and her father drives the local lities Service tank truck. Mr, and Mrs. Fred Dunn, Laramie, Wyo.,- arrived Saturday for several weeks with Mrs. Dunn's mother. , Mrs. Anna Phillips. Mr. 3unn is a railroad locomotive fire- nan. Mr, and Mrs. Tom Dailey, their high school at Mason City and lives with the Dyes. Mr. Dye is a chemist at the Decker packing plant. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Keen, their daughter, and son have moved from the farm east of Algona to the house in town vacated by the J. H. Hoppes, on west State street. Mr. Hoppe, who was with the Pratt Electric Co. here, has a similar job at Fort Dodge. Mrs. A. J. Keen, mother of Roy, has an apartment at Antone Anderson's. Mrs. Henry Baier, who has been sick three weeks with intestinal "flu," i's reported weak, but much improved. She is Mrs. Ray Keefe's mother, and the Keefes are tenants on the Baier farm, west of Algona. Mrs, Baler's son Henry Jr., Des Moines, and his wife were here Sunday. Henry Jr. works for the Standard Oil company. Mrs, Donald White, Iowa Falls, and her two-weeks-old son stopped here last week Sunday to call on Mr. and Mrs. Ellis McWhorter, great-grandparents of the baby. The visitors were en route to Es- thervllle to visit Mrs. White's par- SPECIAL CINDERELLA "(Prints $1.00 Also Los Angeles, Calif., Flood Pictures Now showing Through' Friday. WM. POWELL and ARABELLA "THE BARONESS A1S T D THE BUTLER" SATURDAY, MARCH 12 SUN.-MON., MAR. 18-14 WHAT A MAN ...and WHAT A Extra Added OUK GANG COMEDY NEWS—NEW Crime doesn't pay 'WHAT PRICE SAFETY' The crooks in the building industry. Extra Added Second series Audioscopiks Get your colored glasses in the lobby. daughters, and Jeanette Sterling, spent Sunday at Lakota with Mrs. Dailey's mother, Mrs. Minnie Heet- iand. Mr. Dailey is a local bulld- jig contractor for Botsford'B. Mrs. Donald Cronan, Toledo, went .home Thursday, after visits with ben parents, Mr. and Mrs. G-. W. Bleicb, Burt, and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cronan, here. Donald manages a variety store at Toledo. cuts till Mr. White finds a busl- Mr. and ness location. He Is at-present pursuing special studies at Des Moines. Mrs. W, Jf Becker and the children- left Saturday evening via the C. & N, W. from Boone, on the City of Denver streamlined train, for a new home at Denver- Mr. Becker and the son Dennis left Tuesday by car. Mr. Becker does not yet know what he will do Edward Zender | there. For many years he was a . and the latter'e parents, Mr. and , partner in the Elks cleaning works Mrs. H. L. Potter, visited Mr. and and business here. . . . , Mrs. FranclB Lonergan, ,of Schal- Mr. and Mrs. Everett Andersoa ler last Thursday. Mrs. Lonergan : left Saturday for two weeks at is another daughter of the Potters. , Mobile, Ala. They will visit Mr. Hugh flfenuan, well known Al- and Mrs. Harold Gust, the latter gona retired farmer, has for two Mr. Anderson's sister Abbie. The weeks been laid up again, but Is little Anderson son Phil Is mean- reported improved. The Hermans while at H. C. Ander6pn.'s, Everett have lived Jn Algona. 20 years, and Is partaer in the local Jack Sprat their honie is on east State street, store, and Mr. Gust works for a Tue Cferls Wallukalts were Sun- roofing Company. Mobile is a city day guests of the Matt Wallukalts, of some 70,000 inhabitants at the Humljoldt; The mea are brothers, head of I^obile Bay. Chris ir manager of the local The word fronj P. J. Cbrteten- Council Oak etore, and Matt Is the sen, who, with Mrs. Christensen, Humboldt county district court went to wsefcs ,ago Ariz., ,a few the hope that the V9U14 help The famed Cinderella frocks are here—in prints charming as they are gay and new. Many solid color styles too ... all in the season's smartest colors. At the price, they're just about the best values we've seen in smart Spring frocks for girls. Better hurry in, while assortments are complete. Sizes 3 to 12, and 8 to 16. » (Above) "Hoiland" Print frock with zipper fattening. Swing ikirt and Peter Pan collar colorfully fagoted. Size* 3 to 10. * (Right) Novelty Floral Print. Swing skirt and turn-over collar decked with long itreajner bow. Si)ef 8 to 16. Iowa The THURSDAY THRU SATURDAY Saturday matinees, 1—3:30. DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM, 21c The Three Mesquitters "WILD HORSE RODEO" —Plus— "Jury's Secret", and Serial. SUNDAY THRU WEDNES., MARCH ^ "5 Shoes Flight before the storm and the law...the greatest of South Sea adventure dramas by Nordhoff and Hall, authors of "Mutiny on the Bounty," Sunday mat., Prices, 10r26c, Night 7-9-11 o'clock Prices, 10-3§p. Jto&njjJsii^F^lm wipi^m^fQ^' ^ m ^^pP P&yJYour Kresensky's Hosiery

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