Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 10, 1938 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1938
Page 4
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PAGE POUR FOR SALE—PRAIRIE HAY—Mrs. Peter Kandoll, Whittemore. 10p25-28 FARM FOR RENT.—INQUIRE AT Advance or write Leroy Hippie, Lake City, Iowa. 13p2-l WANTED—SMALL SAFE FOR records.—Write "A," care of Advance. lOu'Mtf TEN HEAD OF CALVES .FOR sale, around 400 Ibs. — Charles Scott, Burt. 121)25 FOR SALE — FORDSON WITH Moline 2-row cultivator. — Inquire Power Plant, Rutland. 12p25 FOR SALF—IS BARRED ROCK laying pullets, culled and blood •tested.—C. c. Baas, West Bend. KIMBALL SPINNET PIANO. Terms.—Write District Auditor, P. O. Box ?,1. Austin, Minn. 12p25 WANTED — HOUSEKEEPr.V:; In a motherless homo by a respectable, wrjman.—Box 534, Algona. p25 FARMS FOR SALE—IF you want to sell a farm Advance readers •will be interested. Use a for-sale ad. tf LU VERNE 4-H GIRLS REVEAL ROOM WANTS I.u Verne. Mar. S—Seven members lo'id what they would buy for their bedrooms "if they had 510. in a»s\ver to roll call when the Sherman Shiners 4-H club met wuh . Shirley Blumer Saturday. Shirley rontinue payments. — Write Fi-.„.„.,, ' a talk on imlnier a nt uulsic nance Dent.. \Vardell Piano _Co., jn Americai and w hat"goes into a ering, grows lily worth $1.00. In waterproof pot, 25c. — The Ben .Franklin Store. 25C SMALL PIAXO — NEW vear. Can be seen in Alsona. Sioux fity. la. 25 P- 5 . conservation booklet was revealed by Velma Bowman. Club music .,„,, p arliamcnta ry drill followed. Ko£rina Lauben then had charge KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. REWRITES BHf-fs summarizing prin- cipnl news in Inst Thnrsiln.v's Upper Pes Molnos. ing to Lu Verne. Funeral services were held nt St. Cecelia's church here Monday. Mrs. Periton and nine children survive. Mrs. E. H. Zittritsch and Mrs. M. A. Scobba, both of Algona, are daughters. ! H. Gr>"I»ERJIA\, Bode, fined $5 plus costs by Mayor C. F. Specht Monday on a charge of ; drunkenness. A similar charge was pending against Carl Norman, Saturday, Lakota Girls See West Bend Victory Lnkota, Mar. fl- plla Shaw drove -Walter nnd Luto DCS Moines 60th Wedding Day Bride, Buri, Hurt Hurt, Mar. 8— Mrs. H. A. Will to- ill nnrrowly escaped serious In- j lury Saturday ovening, when she was Saturday, starting early and tnk- 'slipped and fell down her hack C. ; , n tcn hlh scnoo i basketball steps. She struck on her head. the tournament Someone passing heard her cries tlle l ° u "lament , np tcn hlgh to towa Slate stiidents '\\VRK\ri; t.nn:>-.-Th: : rontl n, ; , nv arrived home land helped her back Into the i house. She suffered no serious in- -t \J L1UI IV OllllllilV 11 IU 1 11 III .S LIIVV* , ._„,,__-._._,_- Vll^V'llll. 11, J». J. w I I I, 1 , *llll,uiJVxii, «_F. vj v. i ux ... u ««.«v««.,i M..« i. • • j^ v ' 111 t* V LKK HOI.l/lUthlt, won D ; was fjned a do n ar ' alld costs but happy after witnessing the vie- j^ r V, first in oratorical. Betty Kohl- ,, y j uMico Danson Sunday cannol read melodies l>ui orclicnl.rn.t.l(,ns ill!li|.; T - '"UHllls ' """• r azir;:'| "'"""I., 8 :: f'amint i. J ..».« js^uvmt... t »j.s.....^i v... j , ..... ...,..., .,.,-,• , ,. i I nOUSe. OIHJ SUIIKI eu nu aci iuua ill' "• ^mjni,i iu KJ Algona. L. R. Porter, Mitchell, S. ;» o clock Sunday morning tiled M whltchlll had Ce i 0 brut- ody of what r> t: ,1 „ ,i~u— t „« A **„*„ hut h.nnnv nftor u-itnr.fisnifr fn0 vln-i*' _ •! .... ... ...... _ '. 1._. . anne Holtzbauer. first in humorous, in a declamatory contest at _-.. WANTED TO RENT -, -ROOM modern house, \\ill pay up to S in per month, six months in ad- ()f a recreational hour . vanr;c for right house. — John Mr- __ Guiie. . 23u24 Thursday IJusv for Lutherans — ha : 1? ' /! r "!., in ..! iram!; ! t .i c ' : . nn ?..I!°r failing to obey a stop sign. VERM-:, Corwith, and St. Cecelia's Academy last week n<m Consolidated each won a first i ci'ngrlcC Edna" Leslie," Ariene Thursday. All are local pupils. St. in « declinatory contest at Ui; Hcctlant | ( Elissabctli Rahmstock,. John's academy. Bancroft, and St. Verne last week Wednesday eve- • Kat i, erine Dcrschman, Esther) costs but happy after wtnessng the vie-,' d • fifl , wedd , ng an nlversary a mapfcablr. r,,,,,,," '" y for .tory of the girls from Weal. Bend, ° d , f * h accident. Reader's I> i; , '' ' . i According to reports the girls got cou " lc ol —f , tunn An , .' • H _ 1 11. -It t „ il.,. . !-..«„ _ * . "Mil IJl.lt || MlK -| a real thrill from thc experience, i p •.**»»! ; The girls who went were: LoisireniOn „ in Flood Zone Safe teuton, Mar. n — Mra. Kalvin WANTED— MAN TO SELL products in south Kossuth coun The first Thursday in the month Matthew's, Clare, entered contest-, ning. Thc winners were Gordon : nuckels Delia Grace Kline. Elveno i Mansagcr received ants. Eileen Aman and Pauline Dimler, Lu Verne, oratorical; ; Ripl , cntrop| Lo ] a Schroeder. '" '" •ns tlio S| flr s, , " Header's f)i, :(v , ^'j' 1 tune, too, an,I [ J ' 11 '•" "Hi- rpn ,i,. moat f.-ii' Zender, both of Algona, earnedMaxine Perkins. Corwith, drama- ratings of excellent in an extern- ;tic; Jay Olson, Vernon, humorous, poraneous speaking contest at HumboUlt Monday on conditions 1 Anna Bauinan. ARKAXGKMENTS for examin- fnrwith Firm Will _..._ atloi» for cases of unsuspected I V '° rWltn F 1Fm VVIli OUR is always a taken date for local!'" Germany today nnd in Mexico, tuberculosis will be conducted] Lutherans. The Aid meets in the Car required.—Write S. F.. afternoon, the Young People's so- Baker & Co., Keokuk. la., for par- ciety, at night. Mrs. Fred Schnei- ticulaiv,. neighbor. St. Mary'? throughout the county soon, 1 St. Matthew's, of iCordin ~ to Dr. R. M. Minkel, our next-door Humboldt. and Clare, were also represented. Poth, 2-P24-2G 'ler was hostess to the Aid last 1)rv v T c IMJ «TT H-irnlrl week Thc R Wittenburg V'^JViT ' Halol « MEDIUM CLOVER $8.40. Alfalfa uilvo a lesson on women of the I and * ob l^Barre escaped S10.SO per bushel; also many : r-jble, and after a business meet-i Saturda -:" nigl l t : ,"' h , cn th . e other lots. Postal card us for cat-lj,,,. Uic rest of the afternoon was ! automobile skidtlod on ice alog and samples before ordering: spcnt at r ,[n Wns , Ro bert and Har- iMarshalltown, left the road, and at the McCullough chapel, follow-' snuth of th bank nn(1 thc Qua ,i t y a tolGgram - ... jfrom her parents, Mr. and Mrs.; zinos '—The Ivii, j.Tohn Light, Long Bench, Calif., jthat they were, safe, following Iho j flood |spent loft immediately after the flood for • Pasadena, and were to leavo this" | Monday for their homo In Fenton. Corwith, Mar. S—Risvoid Bros. v » Robert Sutcliff the Another Insnrnnco RcpreocnfaUTC. Lloyd Robinson, field ropresent- I to live for the elsewhere. — Hall Postvillo, Iowa. Roberts' Son,' Swea City, president of the county medical society. Fifty persons nl- have given ready have taken the tests at Burt. I contract for the erection of a new Pratt FUNERAL SERVICES for Mrs. implement building. The Riswolds j cd " a n'of f ice" Monday'above "MOO near C. T. Griffith were held Monday, have rented lots across the road am l Sjogren's, next north of the ' " ! Chamber of Commerce office. Myr- RELIABLE MAN WANTED TO call on farmers in Kossuth coun-, ty. No experience or capital re-i Mission Jlllltlll^. IXUIJtM L ctUU rifcli - : . . . .. ^ . . ., .'LI..I... ut !,..& uuuiv TIII\. n.v^ vfiiuni.^ >^- "-• •'- -• -'" - —-.,,, , were hosts to the voung I tumed over one or ' llorc times.. ,ng her death Saturday at the, storc from t]]c railroad company | tie Olson Is his stenographer, and 26(2)23-26 , ,, ( , 0 ple at night. The pastor alwavs ' Numerous other accidents were re- Mrs. F. \V. Green home. She has fol . usc wh ,, c const ructlon is goingl.slie is also office girl for Justice ' J ' '• " " •""•"" " f """"' -' " '" A1 r "" ""' on. TJje building will be 20 by!P. A. Danson, on the same floor. DAI conducts a religious hour, which ; P° rted last week as a is followed by games and contests, i the ic >' roads - The Rev ' C'irclc Has Meotlnir- result of silent winters in Algona for Geo. C. years. Her husband died at i Vance's car was hit while parked Green home a year ago. I in front of the Congregational ((Hired. Make up to $12 a day.— .Write Mr. Thomas, P. 0. Box No. The Evangelical Young People's | manse, and one of the Morck Mission f'ircle concluded study of trucks collided with another car. TIIRKK Kossuth farmers six ^ ^ ^ ^ tne< 80, and will face the northwest. It is to be completed by April 1. The and brothers have taken over the lofi, Waterloo, la. 30p25|a textbook, The Young Moslem LIVESTOCK FOR SALE — THE quick, easy, inexpensive, way to find the buyers—Advance for-sale ads. tf REGISTERED MILKING Shorthorn bulls, 1. to 14 months of age.—Aaron W. Steussy. Lu Verne. 15p25-26 WE GUARANTEE THAT THE baby chicks you buy from us are Btrong, sturdy, and healthy. Order now.—Swift & Company. 25C WE NEED THE MONEY, YOU need the tires, so come in and see what we will do — Sampson Tire Service. 20C2. r > FOR SALE — USED BICYCLES", used radios, one good used Electric washing machine, one. used ice box.—Joe Bloom. FRESH HOT BOLOGNA TODAY, Thursday. Try some. Complete lino of Lenten foods, fresh fish, and oysters.—Sorenscn Grocery •Co. 17i"2b ! Looks at Life, at a meeting Fri- near the Fisher bridge. FOR YOUR SAFETY AND THE j day night at George Merkle's. El- other fellow's stop in or call S5G| f 'unor Mao Woito was lesson lead- i for free brake test on our Cowdrey jer, i Brake Machine. Adjustments, j tions. and Melvin Marty True and false led devo- tosts were | ¥1.00 and up at. Vic's Service, next | given to students of the textbook. j School Klcction »xt '.Monday— annual school election will to Advance office. FOR RE- Cars were reported off the road Sheriff Loss were looking for a John Deere implement stock., horsebuyer who wrote worthless; Pledged to Frnternlly. Ames, Mar. !)—Ila Leffert, Algona, industrial science junior at M'KST HKXJ) basketball checks for $330, ?135, and $175: respectively last week over thc fans name of W. R. Green. "Green", turned out enmasse Sunday after-i disappeared with the horses. noon to welcome home the Westi Bend girls, who won the state championship at Des Moines last week-end. The mayor gave them the "key" to the town, and all I AM A CANDIDATE ..... ,. . . . ., . nomination on the democratic!"° hcl(1 M °nday and directors to ticket for first district supervisor' nlccec(1 Mr - s - Harold Sorenson .and •ind will bo n-itefiil for the sini-i also L1 °. v(1 Smith will be elected.. ,ina win DC M.aeiui 101 me sup ,„ , . ^.^ f ^_ Mr. ! at West Bend, will entertain irst district supervisor" "™y •"'"• "«""•" -^ gruteful for the sup-i ?' so Lloyd Smlth wil1 democrats in the dis-il'' 11 . 10 , 1 ' 8 havo been f il e this week was proclaimed celebration week. Next week Thursday ! Mrs. H. W. Miller former teacher NAN KICK AM) MRS. Frank Kohlhaas got home Saturday from seven weeks in Texas and California. They visited many relatives and friends. port of Uriel in the June primaries.—J. H.! , Frasev, Uiverdale township. | there inay be other candidates. J.I ' Smil11 and Edw. IJehnert, andK' rls here. 35(2)23-''G i r ' : ' MAHOARKT KHI.l'.X Returned to Hospital. Herman Meyer, Lu Verne, who the had an operation for brain tumor ! some time ago, was taken sick MH.LKU, again Saturday and was removed William Miller, and • 15-year-old mising Algona girl, to a Rochester hospital the same : Mrs. Irvin Chapman are the oth- I AM A CANDIDATE FOR RE- j er members. was found in St. Paul by officers ; day. one day last week. She was sav- j election as supervisor in the 2nd i ,,.,,,,.. «:„.,.:„„„ ,-„ c .i,.i^.f r,« tl-,^ r l A ,v, nn ,. n i; n *;,,v~4. .,4. ' _ i district on the democratic ticket at i he June primaries. Your support I and vote will bo appreciated. — W. led from the juvenile home at To-!CHANCE TO EXCHANGE — UN-! T i • r . i i i ; ledo by an offer of relatives to i necessary foot discomfort suf-! Lenten semccs are being held; care foJ ,. her . A TUonka g|r , waa ! fered fromJ old style stiff leather i each Thursday evening at the' found at Mason whevo | E. McDonald. shoes, for steady comfort of !U. — \V. T lltlionn phnrnli \vUVi n visitine-i ««iouu ^n.>, nnciu nuu.wunv aiiuus, lu 29U22-25 n^tor for oach service ThiV we"f , had gonc with * voung man who ' "buckskln^oft." tough, comfort-! pasto, 101 eacli sen ice. I his ^eek> wag heW Qn & charge Qf statutory |{lble wolverine Shell Horsehides. FOR SAf.E—GARAGE 12-1S, floor and lined with wall board. Suitable for living quarters. Mile \ve.st Of Cresco church.—A. J. Berons. 22p25 TIRE SERVICE —A FLAT TIRE is never convenient! But our service is. Ju.st phone S5G. Our car will come promptly. — Vic's Service Station. 23(2)25 SPECIAL SHOWING! LATE models of those beautiful One Minute Washers, can be inspected at L. W. Swanson's. See them. No obligation. 21p25 FOR SALE—ONE 1932 DUAL •wheel Chevrolet truck with brand new box. Terms if desired. —Phone 55, or see Western Credit Company. 22ul8tf MAN FOR SMALL ROUTE BUS- pastor for each service. This we«k te Rev. W. II. Discher, Whitte, more, will preach. The Rev. L. mess; no experience; up to $45 Wittenburg, local pastor, gave a first week, more later automobile as bonus. get Let new me writer you full details. — Albert! Mills, -1.182 Monmouth, Cincinnati, 0. 29p25 sermon at Emmeteburg Tuesday night. NORTHERN GROWN SWEET clover $-1.80 bu. up. Alfalfa Slo.GO bu. up. Alsike, Timothy, Bromus, etc. Soil Conservation Certificates furnished. Samples free. Satisfaction or money back. Grimm Alfalfa Assn., Fargo, N. D. (500 cooperating growers). 33(2)2-1-27 Community club will meet'of 10 per cent or more, and Community Club to 3feet- Tlio next Monday night at the school gymnasium. Edward Dehnert is chairman of the committee on the program. rape. HEAIUJfG TESTS in the Algona I public and parochial schools con-' ! ducted by Warren H. Gardner, j j University of Iowa doctor, disclos-j |ed that 23 pupils have deficiences j Come in—try ; Clothiers. FREE — FREE IOWA THEATRE, ALGONA Algonn Automobile Dealers ivill run a free movie picture show from !) to 12 o'clock SATUHDAY, MARCH 12 Entertain the family at the show while you inspect the wonderful array of Usiul Cars offered on the last day of National Used Car Exchange Week. next The Paul ()],i cn | H| more, is holding GO-mlnute opening tiny day, March In new Spring u ness, collars, aiul 0 H« equipment \\i] rebuilt 1.0-l't. endgate seeders, a corn planters. Free Lunch of Buns, Doiiiyliin Hot Coff<> ( . l! P t, vw | Noon iinil 1 p,j| PRINGLE A Auctioneers; Elmorv IJniik, |, e S0 |, ( ij scs a range of deafness from 6 j to 10 per cent. Some serious ' : cases were discovered. Causes \vill be remedied where possible, j C. A. TEXTOJf, 47, who had; Nickerson, 69, died of heart disease been sick a year while living on; SICK OJfT,Y AX hour, J. P. Saturday. (Further requested men- a farm between Algona and Burt, FOR SALE—TEAM GELDINGS coming 3; gelding and mare coming 4; also some registered Percheron mares, one good 4| wheel trailer. — V. J. Gross, one mile north, 2 east Lone Rock. 29p23-25 tion held till next we«k.) SARGENT STARTING MASH — Fortified with health-building, body building proteins and minerals. Chicks thrive on it.—Anderson Grain & Coal Co. 21p25 HAVE IN STOCK MANILA folders of the sort used by professional and business men for filing letters, bills, and other papers;—Advance. tf CHANT EASTER LILIES SCIEN- tifically started for early flow- THE CROWELL PUBLISHING Co. will employ two single men with cars as rural representatives. Must be free to travel. $3.00 per day while training, plus commission and bonus.—See G. Dresselhaus, 720 S. Minnesota St., evenings after 8. OTTT V*U J. GROCERY Are Being Shown at the CHRISTENSEN Large Dried 36P25JPrunes, 4 Ibs. ___25c Peaches, 2 Ibs. __25c I WISH TO ANNOUNCE MY CAN- didacy for the republican nomination for supervisor of the second district, Algona, Union, and Plum Creek townships, subject to the will of the voters at the June primaries.—Claude A. Samson. 35u24-25 SO MUCH.'" YOUR SAY RED CROSS Apricots, 2 Ibs. __29c Prunes lg., 10 Ibs. 79c RAISINS, Seedless ___2 Ibs. 15c, 4 Ibs. 27c IDEAL — FOR THE LENTEN MENU 22-oz. cans 3 for 25 3for25C Carton Matches, 6 boxes 19c Soda Crackers 2 Ib. box 15c 5UIAHH6 Made over exclusive "Um»" toil* Christensen Bros. Co. Shoe Department Mustard or Tomato Sardines, each __ lOc Pink .Salmon, 2 for 25c "Heinz Strained Baby Foods, 3 cans __25c 'Heinz' Cooked Macaroni, 2 16-oz. cans 25c Nile Brand Peaches, Pears, Apricots, 3 2i cans 50c 3 Cans Pancake Flour, pkg. 15c White Corn Meal, 5 Ib. bag 15c Bright New Bags $1.00 ' 4.95 "Algona's Style Center" Excitement runs high about the new Spring Fashions. They're gayer, younger, more feminine than ever! We have assembled for your review and consideration the greatest selection of new garments and accessories we have ever shown and you are cordially invited to see them. Clever new shapes! P a t e n ts, gabardines, grain leathers. All colors. Vivid Scarfs $1.00 1.65 Bright, bright scarfs so smart with your suit! Gay florals, paisleys, vivid stripes. Pure dye crepe. Yellow White Pop Corn, 2 Ibs. _15c| Raisins, 2 Ibs. ___25c Chase and Sanborn Coffee, Ib. 24c Butter, 1 Ib. print 32c Ocean—Boneless" Catfish, Ib. 20c Pabst Brick or Amer. Cheese, 2 Ib. box _49c Seafish Perch, Ib. 23c Old Fashioned Brick Cheese, Ib. _25c Headless and Dressed Whiting, Ib 15c No. 1 Pull .Cream Cheese Ib. 21 c .Spare Ribs, Ib. _____ 15c Wilson's Sliced Bacon, ^-lb. cello 15c Round an4 Sirloin, cut from yearling steers, Ib. 25c Gay Flowers 50C and $1.001 A "must" on suit lapels! Wide choice ol| bright nosegays. New Spring Gloves $1.00 1.95 Expensive looking hand stitched fabrics, neff costume gloves! White, beige, bright or dark| shades, New SPRING SUITS See the new $12.95 to $Z9.75 New SPRING COATS lands, Tweeds. AllSf-1 <ma " t 95, $37.50 New SPRING DRESSES crepes, sheers, taffes $5.95 to $83.75 Spr:

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