Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 3, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1938
Page 9
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PAGE Corwith O/E. S. Honors Past Officers GOODYEAR TIRES ON OUR DUTCH'S i Super Set-vice Phone 33 SMALL GAVELS PRESENTED TO THE MATRONS Corwith, Mar. 2—A three-course banquet was served to post worthy matrons and patrons of Paradise chaper 384, 0. E. S. at the Masonic hall last week Monday night. The table decorations and menu were in valentine style. Each past matron was presented a little red gravel tied with a five star color ribbon on a gift card, with her name 'and year, by Mrs. Lorena Smith. A short. musical program was given by Mrs. Smith, Elvira Bonnstettcr, Abbie Mow, Mrs. Beers, Mildred Gaskill, Mrs. Dunlap, Mrs. Gerht, Mrs. Woods, the Rev. Mr. Hiller, and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Miller. After the dinner, a regular session, installation was held, with Mrs. Smith, worthy matron, presidirig. S. I,. Thompson talked on the birth of the chapter. Only Mrs. F. teams on the 480-acre farm. * * * * When wo stopped at Clarion — ... ..„_,.. -•••'- --" ~~~- " .. ' ' - ' come home' week "Wednesday he had finished i from Wesley when we arrived. I cleaning his cow barn. Ho has 12 Saturday, and it was about feed-; i fresh cows, and he and his wife) ing time for his steers. He is Homer, who had bought the Geo. Sonnenberg store. Homer formerly was DX oil man, but this work kept him away from home most of the time. He is a home man. so he figured nat the store would be better, I'M. S. Myers, :P/ 2 miles north of Wesley, had just !do the milking every morning and | evening. There were young calves !to food, and they keep ibusy. One calf had died. Clarion feeding 48 head of "whilefaces," | as he calls them. He sold a car-j load of mixed steers and hog« in I 'ft *£ i" ', i' ' < Many ycnrs of ex' [ierlencc nnd choice carefully selected to- haccos are jrespon- •»lble for the" popu- lurity of the GC*B i i si t- i Special Jnst give it'a trial —you'll know why they are so "popular. ,' ' ' For Mle at all , , ' Algoiw dealers. Barrocks, Mrs. Thompson, am himself now remain of all who were present at the occasion. Mrs Tda Oxley gave a talk on the ear- Wo Called at Clyde Bristow's, northeast of Hurt, last week Monday. Clyde and three of his hoys had heen fox-hunting on the Ran- ncy Bleich farm, where Albert Baas lives, and Mr. Baas and one of his boys had been with them. They sighted a fox, but did not pot it. They had also seen one day before, and Clyde had and killed it. Mr. and Mrs. Bristow iave two other boys and one 'Irl. When these boys and their dad go out with guns they usually get what they go after. * * * * Oliver Mathson, souhtwest of Burt, was not at home last -week Monday. He was helping with corn-shelling at his neighbor Clarence Ricbhoff's. Mrs. Mathson said she liked the new neighbors The Mathsons • formerly lived northeast of Bancroft. * * * # Kenneth Stvayer, who lives. men were building a platform for] S. P. Powers, a mile west of loading steers. R. T. feeds a lot lLakota, was out dojng his^ chores of cattle every year. He said he , when • January. I ;• * * Wo called Saturday on Mike! arrived last Thursday.! Loss, southwest of Algona. Itj had been a long time since we; nf nft1« nvprv vpar Ho sa HI lie ; WIG" wo arriviMi IUHI. i nuinu-aj. , ••—- —'•• - : . " ,,., , • : sold one tS-load son etime ago He told us he did not take care of, had been at this place. Miko c aim- : and now had anothei load °eady ! the paper renewals; that that was j ed that we had never been there I and now had anotnei leauyM ,.«,' p nwol . u - i nh ' TI.ORO enod before, but he is mistaken, for the, for market. .Mrs.' Powers' job.' Those good , before, but he is mistaken, for the , * * * * folks moved to Towa in the spring I late 0. J. Peterson and yours ;| At Reuben Olson's, northeast of : of 1020, coming from DeKalb, truly fixed his pump on the: Bancroft, it was evening chore ;jil. That spring, Mrs. Powers re-'Fourth of July in 1913. Mike Ilk- . time when wn called, and Reuben ! called, there was a lot of snow In j cs to give us a pat on the back,. had filled all the mangers with April. She remembers it because, so he said our farm news is the : hay and was ready to put the her husband met her at Ledyard best thing in the Advance. On this! cows In. He remarked that his.with a sled and they hud to drive farm you will see the longest corn sister was a fast milker, for she;through the fields to get to their,crib in the county, and it is full ___i_i in. *.,„„ nn\tra AtrhUo HP. r»..™ M,« v™-,,it. kniurr iiinnirori of corn: also a lai'Eo- double crio NURSERY STOCK We offer a larger and more ^complete stock 1 than ever before. Ask for, our new free price list, it's a,money-saver. Landscape Service MILFORD NURSERY ' Milford. Iowa ( ' _*V ' "Where the Evergreens are I, Growing" ly days of the chapter 1'ronilnent. In College Music— The name of Russel Ross, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. BeTi Ross, appears in many music programs presented at Morningside college, He played a cornet solo in the annual band recital at the conservatory hall on February 1, and he is also a member of a trio known as The Three Musketeers which appeared on amatuer night at the orpheum theatre and won i second nlace in competition with seven other groups. Russel is a senior in the conservatory. . The college band is making plans for a five-day trip in northwest Iowa. Farm Itnrcnu Lessons Ended — Mrs. Albert Johnson gave fol- I low-up Farm Bureau women's les- ! sons at Mrs. Ernest Punke's a i few days ago, six women attond- |lnK. The lessons were on training !|lho appetite, and care of mother and baby. This concluded a series, and plans are now being laic could milk two milked one. * # * * cows while h p - farm, 0 "the""roads'" being "blocked of corn; also a large double crib 'with snow. There are four_ bo.ys ;on the yard te Jull.^Mllce Jr. and is fine I iiti, i i n;u tin vi i» » , _r•••.-• — i ... os at Buffalo' N. Y., where he is horse feed. The Losses do most, of nilKeCl one. wnn snu\v. i msri; eue luui u^.yn •"• ""*' .'"•" * * * * and one girl in thn family. Ralph,, the hired men hud filled George Heyer, who lives north- the clclosl boyi is man .i<>a and liv-!wilh upland hay, which east of Bancroft, had attended a os at uuff.^ jvj. Y., where he is horse feed. The Losses d , . ., . sale north of Titonka last week jn U)e clvl j_ aerv | cc am i works for, their farm work with horses and 3U1U IlUlLU »Ji. j. n,wi«."« - jf| IU0 l;l VI I-H(; I VICt; UIIU \vuil\r, LIJI |niv-ii .*... ... .. -^ --• Wednesday before we saw him. ithp ci(y steplimii t he second boy,'aim to have the best of feed for He formerly lived in the Titonka , s at hnrn(3i and ho t]ncs t ] 1G f a rm them. Mike said the men filled neighborhood, and likes to go back (work William, tho third boy, at- the barn without noticing that now and then to see his old neigh- tr , n(] «, Columbia college, Dubuque, they had closed up the place to The Algona Auction Co. We fire lip.rn to sp.rTft both the seller and uiiyot at out pavilion In Algona every Saturday. Saturday, March 5 Don't forget we sell anything that yon have to sell every Saturday by the heart or weight. Our place Is packed with buyers:, and' all stock is demanding good prices. So don't forget to get your stock in, as you will get the best cash price. HOHSDS One team, 3 and 11 years old, wt. 3200; sound and good ones; also expect to have a lot more by sale day. We sold last Saturday a pair coining 3 and 4 years team for $240.00, and don't forget, we will take horses or any stock on new and used machinery. i;0(JS— We have listed 15 or 20 head of pure bred Hampshire sows to farrow in March and April. We had a good sow sale Saturday. Gel your's in and vaccination papers. CATTIjK— Wo expect some good cows and young cattle. We fiell by the pound or weight. Don't forgef^every Saturday we will have a repair man for all makes of separators. We also handle the complete line of Massey-Harrls machinery. Don't forget to look this Twin Power Row Crop Tractor over. Will handle 82- in. sep. and 8 14-ln. plows. Open every daj. Sale barn phone 77 or residence 8F22. Stiirt on stock at 1:30. THIOIS— Cash. No property removed until settled for. C. O. RIDDLE <& SON Auctioneers. and now and then to see his old neign- tr , n(] «, Columbia college, Dubuque, they had closed up tne place r.o bors.' It was milking time when am] noherti tno fourth boy, is in let the, hay down, and now they ...„ ,,,n^ n nt his nlace. Mr. and j.i.,1, ,. n i, nn i i,, i.nimtn TCnthrvn. ! were trying to open it. . we were at his place southwest of Burt, across the road from Oliver Mathson's, told u last week Monday that his wife who had been critically sick, wa improving rapidly, and he though she would soon be up again. * # * * When we called last week Tuesday on Leo F. Lampe, southwest of 'Bancroft, we found that he and his hired man had sawed off the. Lops of trees. The .tops were dead, but the men were in hopes that the trees would bo saved. ft :t< fc * Willis Harmon and his brother Pay live on the Ernest Gilbert his Mrs. Heyer have the eldest boy was helping dad with the milking. Jesse Marlow, northeast of Bancroft was laying building paper on the inside walls of a building be had fixed up for a brooder , high school in Dakota, Kathryn, '' were trying to open it. four boys, and tho daughter, will be graduated j .from tho Lakota school this! We called Saturday on Paul R. spring. Mrs. Powers .said that she: Willo, custodian of the Ambrose land Mr. Powers had boon planning 1 ,A. Call state park. He had just to build "a new house over sinr.e : come home from Algona, and Mrs. they came here, but. they have ; Wille was fixing sandwiches for ncv'or wanted to'go in debt for it. i a party. We took a peek at so they are still living in the old them and they looked mighty jit; juiu LI-^VI «i- — ^ J.Q tncy are Him living in 1.111= "'^ LII--JU house last week Wednesuay. M_ houso _ Thcr e is a now silo on the good. IIVJL*.T)\.' it*"" •has fenced something more «n. c p , ace) howeveri ftm ] -; t is differsnt for no farm, west of Bancroft. Last week Tuesday we found hem laying a plank floor in their hog barn. There is a cement floor, but it gets too wet for young pigs. The >oys are. expecting arrival of liters soon. nus luin-uu wu...~-— n piace, nowever, unu it is unit an acre of ground with higli wov- • from any other jn tn(jse partR en-wire fencing for chickens. R lg buju Q( . c]ay b]ocks {uld Ilu This ground is well seeded to ai- - cement was used in Ule C onstruc- falfa and will be a great place ^^ for poultry- * * * * John C. Menke, two miles north, of Bancroft, was not at homo last -™J- weak Thursday, but some of Keller, who lives west . IHL , „ his mother, and throe i no brothers look after the work on • , ..,,„„ ^...-i the farm they occupy. We found boys were there and they hud „, h , , , lis mnther at fry . hitched a fine sorrel team to a ^ woo] . Tnurs . h , ilUl ,'nn u ^ nf TTn-n rt«v- The men had just butchered. ... has 100 head or Ho 10-• • movcd h(jre .„ lf)14 , , fords. They get away with a lot. iwissouri " T ' *** of feed. One of the boys 'Uso : »°™' V " B ' " e ^ '; \t the R T Angus farm be- showed us a fine team of greys in A 5 calS) a " • twccn Bancroft and Lone Rock the the barn. There are only the two on a i c K s ! Due to the extremely nice i weather, eggs are going to hatch Kelle, d.ed on. For this reason we are able ] to sell our baby chicks for a much lower price than we quoted ear****., ., .' Her in" the season: White and M. Downs, a mile north of :BurE Ije . gho ,. n> $G- c| 0 per ]00; , school was dismissed, the sopho- Henry Schicks have moved i Wesley, was hauling wood to the from house Saturday, but took time for Achievement day at Burt on April 1. FnrCMvell for tlie Hunting* Neighbors and others gathorec at Arch Bunting's Friday evening for a farewell party. The Bunt ings are moving to a farm nea Lineville, which is on the Iowa Missouri border southeast from Dos Moincs. The daughter Margaret, sonior in high school, re- m'ains for the rest of the school year. Grandson's Appt'nti; x lloinowd— Ernest Applegato received word aturday that his little grandson, Bobby Applegate, Burt, had been nerated on that day for appen- icitis at the Kossuth hospital. Bobby is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Applegate. r-liool Girl's Uirtlidny Observed- Last week Wednesday after more was , - irls helped Marcella Schu- ; Falrvlew to a fan, north of Al- , to bert celebrate a birthday. Marcella. who was gifts. received many ona, and the Arthur Crafts, ,ear farm -- White Rocks, Buff Wyandottes, Black Minorcas, $7.00 per 100; Leghorn females, $14 per 100; heavy fe- Wn^iYth ! males, $11 per 100; heavy males, M is'? 8 - 00 " er 100; Le K hoi ' n males, $2.90 ' per 100. colored orchestra "representative tor the H. IT. j quired, and E. M. from i Turner Seed Co., of Grand June-: at Titonka, helping his brother HATCHKRY Bnncroft, Iowa Iowa 931 and other strains suitable for your locality. Leave your orders at our office or with our representative MR. L. M. OWEN p • o /^ i r brain & loal to. Phone 308 Mason City, known as Mac and tion. m7Five" : Aces7'furnishod music, j Joan, little daughter of Mr. and ; nib n\t, -vi,^ . I MI ^ Fjl . ]iest Bonnstettei-, was talc-. \Vlio(ii(iii!,' Cough Enidemlc— ! en "sick wih scarlet fever Saturday Whooping cough is becoming, and the home was quarantined. P Chlldron are being giv- | Mr. and Mrs. Harry Morriam against it. ' Two j llrov o to Mason City last week 'Paint, Ideal for Wall wall , May , 0 __i' ^ithout in- Get'information. BoUfpird Lumber oinociiaons a ohildrcn of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Stu- j Thursday to visit Wilma at Meicy ,lor are recentvictims. hospital. of monia. "- , ' Farm moving has started. The son. Small Loans -to $300 As I have rented my farm, will sell at public auction at my place one mile west of Algona ,on old number 18, and one-quarter mile south, tne following described ^property, on March 10,1938 * ^ • vw liJ'FOMOBn.ES rteous, confidential ers Life Loans ,' , . - iong time funds from 'A COMPANY. -.' prompt closing, no mmission, Joe Hammerstrom His Orchestra caecke CQLD3 and FEVER first dfty .80 minutes Sale Starts 1 P. M. Sharp Lunch Wagon on Grounds OF KOSSUTH COUNTY'S NEWEST, LARGEST, FINEST, MOST COMPLETE IMPLEMENT STORE 3 Head of Horses 3 Two bay mares, smootn mouth, wt. 1400 Ibs.; one black Morgan mare, wt. 1100 Ibs., smooth mouth. _• 26 Head of Cattle 26 Twelve head purebred registered Shorthorn cattle, papers with all of the Shorthorns, 1 head registered cows, 3 head •--•„ calves, one good young bull, 2 grade cows, a red herd bull, 19 months old, a fine animjal, see it for yourselt. Head oi Hogs 14 feeding hogs, average weight 160 Ibs., all vaccxzmu.u; — ^ _ w alfalfa hay in barn; 9 ne stack of alfalfa hay last cutting—5 or 5V 2 tons; a few bushels of yellow seed corn. . Farm Machinery ' - r article* toe numerous to —•-«•«"goods, Including Meadows electric and other articles, TERMS—0»sh, or see your banker before the sale, Colwell »ros., State lank, Clerk Handling Entirely and Exclusively Case Farm Machinery "It COSTS LESS TO FARM WITH CASE" Free Movies - Lunch Musical Entertainment—Talks Wed. March 9 Program to Start at 10 A.M. and Continue Thru the Day • (We are proud to announce that our firm will be exclusive distributors in this Territory for the entire J. I, Case Farm Implement Line of 77 pieces of the most modern, up-to-date farm machinery in the U.S. • Our Store and Business will be devoted entirely to farm implement sales and service... our front room will be for display pur* poses and office work, and at the rear we Have ample spaW for as« sembly work and a service department. We Cordially Invite You to Our Opening* Bring Your Friends HOVEY IMPLEMENT CO. t, , » ?roprietor Located qn North Thoyington St., Piyectly East of Kosguth Court gouse

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