Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 3, 1938 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1938
Page 8
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EIGHT SEMI-ANNUAL REPORT June 1, 19:17, to December SiriosT^liYcfuslvc" 11 ' 5 '' Iown> for the Period from FUNDS General Stale Revenue Soldiers' Bonuk Old Age Pension General comity Court Hxpenso Poor State Insane Use Tax _ " Secondary Uoad~~Constructio7f' STATEMENT OP ACCOUNTS By FUNDS Balance June 1, 1937 Receipts $ 01.31S.-I9 6,998.14 7,051.39 1,795.IS 45,S2S.53 :t,07fl.2S 9,919.18 808.13 22,191.59 •USO.-l:) 1936 Tax 'Ucfumf ~~ "" Secondary R'niul AlTl7>L~M~M Bridge _ _ Co. Cash TfoacT County School Soldiers' KelltiC Co. Cash lloiid Monds ~" Diverted Inton-st ' ~" School Uist. Library" Motor Vehicle . Principal of School Cemetery Temporary Scfioor"(Fin7's)' Teachers' Institute Bovine T. it. .Domestic AnlniiiT"" Co. Kalr (irounilH City Special Assessments" Corporation Funds School District l<\iiids JJrainaKe—(Jrudlts Ovordrufts Pri. Uond liond Rrclempf" bee. Kuiicl JSedemptlon bee. Road Assi'Msnieiits Pri. Sec. -Hoad Assmts.' ."" Total Balances Ovc'i-drafts ~ Total • Overdrafts. 8-l,17S.2S 912.27 59.12 ... r,2,2!i?.9l 27.20 211S.S2 III 3.QWM IIIII 12.7B.S2 III I.S.2.S — II,2W.:!| .-- 2.-|,289.:lli H-I0.71 — ii, 920.2.1 117..SII Ki2.9l ... lIS-O.;,!) 179.2« _. 0,2;ll.S8 .. ul.UtM.Ii'J .. 108,17-1.41 *9iii.ri9 iir.x.7.-, 170.-IS' •l,iio,s.i;ii U.S.S 0,408.85 S,9fi9.99 S7,4o0.51 18,879.78 108,181.70 97,382.34 Balance Disburse- Dec. 31 ments 1937 78,331.70 $ 82,210.11 10,847.22 2,203.31 1,404.68 8,810.90 030.SO 20,888.97 7,138.96 1.IJ9-I.S3 50,706.47 2,217.47 C9.42 Ul.OOO.SS 27.20 4,069.88 46,931.50 4.4-15.76 29,74-l.iW 6,829.21 9,091.33 120,922.27 15,f>74.53 Seek Pulpit Supply KOSSUTH COUNTY'ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA 6,1 Si. 28 i.csuu ms,e.ss.io li.TOii.iir •I.OS3.JH I.1S5.UO •lli,lM.7.j •ISO.ll 2,27.-i.!n LTT.iO 10,(H:0.(K) l'!)l.:iO t,«.!!..10 -ISi.-IN SI,Ml.7:1 lS;!,3-M.(Hi -VU7.-J.10 M.I-'fUK) n.sw.ss 2.1M2.1S !l,'(i!K).7l •l.(t>8.94 (i-'ii.(i7 s,5,-ks.f>t •1,009.00 tan.-17 J.L'ttfi.-w JL'L'.III .'!.MS.!H> l.aS'Ufci 2.1KXUS K7S.7S 2!), 100.2:! 1SIMW.77 M.l'SL'.uO •I, li 12. M 1,1,V<.27 2, .182.14 4C9.M 15,701.72 K77.21 •IS, 1119.55 l!),2«9.:ili 19 7. M n.KS.t!" 172.75 Ii,(i54.01 2,l'.>1.9:j •IS.109.2S [•8.710.87 *(i88.37 531.25 170.-IS •151.74 9.88 BURT PASTOR KEPT ABED BY MM FEVER Burt, Mar. 2-The Rev. L Gar ncr Titonka, again preach at the Methodist church Sund morning, in the absence of t pastor, the Rev. Thohurn Speic er, who is still confined to b with inalta fever. The Rev. W. „/",!-" . h , as callctl a meotin of the official hoard for tills wee ihursday evening to make som arrangement for filling the pu 'temporarily. Mr. Speicher wi probably be unable to resume h work for some months. the Floyd Bacon farm, and Verne Is working for Mr. Bacon, Neva Sewlck and Mrs. Maynard Knock were confirmed after the church service Sunday riUI.7iK.fi:: *961.r,9 •ISO.L'l'J.lM *IKS..')7 j.-(K),Mi.:n jyM.GTj.u $.s-ic>,w.-» ?i7:i,r,::;j.its IMiL'ISIl'TS AXD UI.Sm:it,SI<;M.KXT.S On liaiul .lime I. i.'i:;; From rurri'Nt Taxes lii-iii w":. 1 . 1 !.. 1 .-"' 1 . 1 .'!:"!" 1 " ' r » x ™: li'-s'Tnd-T^r-;^^";;;;;;;:;;;;;;;;; -Amount $ fiM),S:'.l.lh 1'cnulty. anil < City siic Stutu 11 i Gasollnu Old .\f.' L ' Dlvui-ti-d Motor (-,• Cljfaiviu- Licenses Interest i.,r Sclmii] i Teachers Kxamlnatl,, Use r l':ix i;.-e,-inK Fines a in cists ' ' sinenis d'aviim-. ~S("\vrr""u"T ijliway Ki-c'L'ipls _ ' Tax I'ension I lite ITS t - t. KK1.IH) Accident, Krport Corri'cfpd An account of <,„ accident which the J. w. Dorranco an Floyd Duncan cars were involve, was, according to Mr. Dorranc" reported erroneously. It said both cai-s had passed the stop si s i 1 "" t j-topplng, but it is sal, that the Dorranco car had stoppm Before it was struck bv the Dun can car The accident occurred' just as the car.s wero about to en tor on the paving west of town. Imports of n Few LHtives— Tho Clarence Soofelds, Ijtitheran morning. The Orville Stewards and Lloyd Steward, Garner, spent Sunday vllh the men's mother, Mrs. Alary Steward. The Methodist Home Missionary •society will observe the day of Friday ^ Ml ' Sl L ' E ' l ? 03tmft »' s Mr. and Mrs. Ross Ringsdorf, of Mapleton, Minn., visited iMre. Trc& «*e Ringsdorf last week Wednes Paul Macauley, who is workln a creamery at Belmond, spen ho week-end at home. Tho Clifford Holdings wero Sun lay dinner guests at Edwin Al ens, near Sw.ea City. Magnus Koeper and Earl Pulls i 1 ., Fort Dodge, were at A H Ioniser's Sunday. Members of the Epworth League (tended a sub-district railv at Lu orne Sunday. Tho Nel.s J. Nelsons, of Britt ere Sunday visitors at H achfit's. The Arthur Fandols spent Sun- Y with relatives at Whlttemoie iUrs. R. H. Ortman was serious- sick last week. .evroie?' llm0r iS driVillg n " RW — » fled and required to appear, and| each and all of the above name ahniif stn«tflA IP rtMt* Llimt hfilta twliv • • " -" •* J riea and roqtiirea to appear, ana show cause If any they have, why said Instrument should not bo probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, February ID, 1938. (Seal) KATHARINE McBVOY, Clerk of District Court. Alma Pearson, Deputy. Sullivan, McMahon & Linnan, Attorneys. ORIGINAL XOTfCK Equity No In the District Court of Iowa, In and for Kossuth county. March term, ]03S. City of Algona, Iowa, a Municipal Corporation, Plaintiff, - vs. Aubrey Waterhouse and Mrs. Aubrey Waterhouse, his wife; Geraldine L. Maltxahn, formerly Geraldlno Watorhousc, and Mr. Maltwihn, her husband; and all unknown claimants, and all persons unknown claiming any right, title or Interest in and to the following described real estate, to-wit: West Half (W%) of Lot Twelve (12) and the AVcat Half (\v%) of the East sixteen i-ods of Lot Thirteen (13) and the North Half (N%) of tho tho East -- • ">>i. Fourteen (M), all in Block Five (5) of Auditor's Plat of Reservation No. 1 of the original plat of Al- g "" a '_,, Kn , ssu . t ' 1 cou »l-y. Iowa; as- de- defendants, Defendants West Half (W'/ 2 ) of sixteen rods of Lot , and all the heirs, spouses, fiifins, grantees, legatees, vhich the Waif ^ Waltmans arc moving to Cor^ of Jfl-s.flsM.'lo •'" iiiii,. nl 1 Sc-h(,,,| M,, rnini Ccninty .\mfitor "~"~ Ircni ('(unity Treaftnrer" llMlll dunny llei-nnlei- I!'.'" 1 " ( ,' !|11 I;, "f IMstriet (~Mun no.xt School I Drainai., County Jnh-r.-.-t Jiili-n-st On ,-r Onl.-i>- Tmvn-|,j,, 11,-rks' Kfcri-i.-irj- of Slat.. ScliiKiI i.s .Dated— b (-'hapter No. 20 of n,/< n " bold a monthly meei'iiis next week FiTdav' °M^" 11 ''i ,± < ! I-onx. district Instructor!' v.'ilT be tion in" M," Id r! 1 RC ' 1001 °^ '"stnic- i'"u in the afternoon. Diniii"- wi;i bo served a.t (; : :io and in thn'eve mg there will^be initiation. nirisfian Kudeavorers Oue.sts- ^ero'cnt'enainffT 0 ^ TnT'T sis ffi' ^*ry%*l u '?^ ? . -'(M. «) ].;-.«. n; . ll'l.lO T.f.c'.W URT DAIRYMEN GET AWARDS FROM AMES ,.„ . '"' " -— *• ui L.\ -i.Mi'GG fa Pin- ow in the Burt area i lavo be" the :l SH? CCl ; t , ificatos ()f '""-It bv he Stale col logo extension service for producing high qua j, tv crea ™ scoring 93 or better in 1!)37. The on the basis Tlii' Tranxl Tntal DlMl,!,,-...,. r. .M. j. Hurry TP- the ri-inii-i uive'n' al,,,\ me as said i i-.-asn,-,.,. it. J. DUFFY, County Treasurer soon be ^=^ Spring w hero — (he building-! season promises to be! one of the busiest in re-| font years. EiEii .rcari, LaaaJ Let us htl ll> you plan a Jionie. IVe can assist Jj |you in all departments. |You will be under »obligation. lurfr to IVresding- TouriiPv— • Sl 'Pt. Contlit Bowie, .Uel nnr] KS n Tj L ,avos SO ]"d W0 'te " Ch; ' S ' C "m d at n fSn Tf'V tf *°" n ^ r^^.!4:??w"| t «k?won BUs1e c • *"'^ tj ««tJi. J J »j u LULi .. -" - "Urt creamerv, where the cream samples were made All fconng was done by the Slate co- lego dairy industry staff liocoiving cereificatcs 'were- H eu-h. C, W. Bleich, R. Blolch'. W l bafee, p. p. Elvld „ H 11. Leonard Hcorolt, AV. p au i- ch, 0. R. Johnson, Hans Koest, Stanley Keith, J. Knoll p "-'llasch, J. H. Schroedor, 's' Parsons, It. S . McAVhortbr ' Knosller, .Wayne Mann, '„„„.,„ knifi.sdorf, Hoy Rlngsdorf, C. Bris- J. Zanke, Mrs. Leo Bravton C Rigsbeo, D. M. Stewart" 1-1 ' \ ^^-.? F ' Hawc^'-nl'-Ack-- .„...-., j-.iniu.uun, lUKUlBCS, tlC- visecs and beneficiaries of each and all of the above named -le- fendants, Defendants. To the Above Named Defendants: ion and each of you are hereby notified fhat tho petition of the Plaintiff in the above entitled cause is now on file in the office of he Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, claimin that the plaintiff is the absoiut and unqualified owner in fee slm Plo of the following described property, to-wit: West Half (w i/ 2 ) O f Lo t 02) and the West Half (W/,) of tho East .sixteen rods of Lot thirteen (13) and the North Half ' (NV 2 ) of the West Half ,,f 7 ! °^ the East sateen rods or Lot Fourteen (M), a n in n'f ,,f f f, Heservation N°- ' °»° (1) of the original plat of Aleona, Kossuth county, Iowa n£r±J ± »«« .'- .credibly TO TUB ABOVE 'NAMED DE PENDANTS: You and each of you are hereby notified that the petition of the plaintiff In the above entitled cause la now on file In tho office of the clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, lo'wa, claiming that the plaintiff Is tho absolute u., 2B and unqualified owner In fee sira- **~* a plo of the following described property, to-wlt: Tho East Half (*A) of tho Southeast Quarter (U) of •Section Seventeen (.17), Township Ninety-nine (99) North, Range- Twenty-nine (29) West of the 6th P. M., except Railroad night of Way, Kossuth County, Iowa, and that tho plaintiff is credibly informed and believes that the defendants make some claim adverse to the title of the plaintiff in said property and that tho wild unknown claimants to said premises claim some interest in or to the said real estate as tho plaintiff Is informed and believes, but that tho plaintiff has no knowledge or information and does not know how said interest as claimed by said unknown clnimai/ts was derived or claimed to have been derived or the method of obtaining the same and the plaintiff avers therein that -he names and residences of the unknown persons are unknown to plaintiff and . that plaintiff has sought diligently t o learn the same , and you are referred to said petition for a more particular state-' ment thereof. The plaintiff in said i petition states that none of tho! said defendants or unknown -''°"«%, Vi and defend before noon of tho *»'„" ond day of the nest term, boi,,^,,,';",^ the March, 1938, term of , , llct x Court, which, will convene i n 7" 7'"'" *"$**&• Court House at Aljronn v lf '> n nt<x| ,J^yW$^ county, lovm, i ttai'th^aTIJi ^ W March, 19*8, default »m b7en-L. nJSfe '"'•- :i jlfei *'**^ Swift's Baby Chirks ,„ early because they're frim culled breeding flocks K V( to a Swift incubator'i.s ii l( 'li ±01- size, shape, qualify ,...., texture. ' ' ' ' • Big eggs mean big chick* mean a good start ' ..,, tl ,, LO Ul UllliJlUWll claimants have in fact any right, title or interest in or to the above described promises or any part — ——* uil OEDER YOUR SWIFT Bj Swift & Co. Hatci r. . Clarence Seofpld Monrtor I-rtilnr Still \l,ed_ Mr «- WJllinm. Ahlerks i "fif. "5f enn "' niltl Emma Mrs fined to bed, is Burt M Second r<iusin.' M 1 '. and Mr.« Dakota, visited Iceland's. Mrs. MeTe'r cently came from Germi second cousi,, nf At,., x'l haves is still much improved. Henry Sunday ,,, --^.-...jvi, rj.il i . , \v. A. Stotitenberg Mrs • Ackerman, R. Saathoff, W H Schwietert, ' ' y, M. J. Trunkhi'll ' Anna Soderberg. Illinois Sister of Aged Wesleyan Dies "formed and beUev s that tta S? a 0 '"!" 1 rn 113 '-, 0 f me cl!lhi a ^so 0 tllc t'tle of the plaintiff in s-tid 'i-operty and that the known claimants to said ^cTLttr 1 in ° r to thc has or in- plamtiff and his immediate grant- ' ors have been in the sole, complete, open, notorious, actual and undisputed adverse possession of -He said premises for more than ten years last past under claim of title and ownership thereof and have been the undisputed and unqualified owners thereof for over ten years, and that by reason thereof and of the lapse of time and tho laches of the defendants in failing to assert any pretended claim thereto and in permitting valuable improvements to be made thereon relying upon such possession and ownership, the defendants are estopped from asserting •my right title., claim or interest t erem adverse to tho plaintiff. "'"Plaintiff in said petition prays **»X''XM:,C> OO:: , Furni iounc< Many p'orienc careful Imccos tlblo f lurlty We ccted arc happy to.quote we h au-1 .lost i —yoto' they t 'For Alg terest as claimed by said un claimants was derived 01 as eried ctaimed lo have, been derived 01 -. laintiff avers therein that eacl Alone H( SO— Mrs. Edwina Pratt, ho had ggist P. i months, re Cliiireli l)j lliu . r js ].i alllu , (] _ •^••^•S^ST^^ are ""known to same to said poti- thereof or a"ny7olor°or ri"ht 01- ntaivx,*. tliovn- 'l»"t. tnerein and ihnt the grant- coin- -M&£=rHs ---; title against the advorio claims of the defendants and tint ach and all of them a nd all uii- niown claimants and all persons iwn having or claimin" 'anv "s-.u title or interest in or to Maid I'Tthro?, 1 nd ° n P ° rSOnS clflimi ' " o.v through, or under them be barred and forever estopped 'from over hnvmir nco rt i.n«» ' , . Ifl r esoppofrom over having, asserting, or clain in "«y riht i ' , , c right title, or intere. in r , , - ' " '- iV -» *->i 111LU to the said premises or anv ,mt i rssri'^sr'lH! direct some of the larger urcrs of America. We will be in a position i ( , ( ,r,v n ,, of die best prices on qunliivanai],,' stylos ever offered in this- se,t.,,n state. WATCH FOR GRAND I DATE SOON equitable relief court may seem just And unless you appear as to the theretoi ALGONA fore. Ask price list, Land i MILFO V" 10 "Where t se^Tn'dV 15 ? 6 Md Blanche 01- sKSESDI* SonJ-i'/SS;, 1 ??*'-^ X JEtfEs-S^S thereof for and and been .. unqualified owners over ten years, and of the of the r~?z tablos wit has taken you are planning to remodel the old home- do it early, before thed building rush is on- J'ou will save on labor) and building costs. &•&-$: §£ft F. S. Norton & Son AT r+r^-^-r . _^ ^^ * Phone 229 lnu '- fi e. Helen Schwletert!'' 0 ' Sl " i " 1S _ V :' e ,, T - x " M ' 1( '' 1 "oinfr of , are expected week Thursday. • and Los borne this ernted on for Kossuth hos- the past attended basket bal schoo on attended he p\vee e FL tha Jensen, Lorretti' r*r 1 Fiolence 'een and Be Cy ' Katha " and BeUv Wolf, Per" man. the and Roy and Horn- me Junior WP-I, i, V "**"- 01 inmec to ALGONA TIRES Save 50% on guaranteed lug grip tires for snow an?mui*^ * *** St °° k We specialize in vulcanizing tires and tubes. Sampson Tire Service Mr. ^er Bnrt Jfev Mrs. Maynard as- indthateachanSan e -. d ^ endanta 8th Boti Sale to Start at 1 p. nterest in or to the -— ' tltle> or or any part Plaintiff or ule herein and that 6 to the said n >stabHshed and tlG Premises - ; .-.se to the Plaintiffs title Quieted ' that and will next term, term of Phone 553. Located at HO State St. Mrs. s»S|p« i§|S5 "c.j evening tor a farewell n • l^ e t'''on. i^a^er or said ed Monday. Sen> who r 1 roan cow couui le . ing 3 yrg. O i d . ^ 6 mg 1 yi\ old. Head of Horses i^S^^ Head of Catti« om- ^^«» w m> m ^ 3 yrs. old,j 1 blue roan cow,% '• com "^ 2 yrs. old; 1 heiferfl a etc. a baby epent *• day at the Brace and Satur- It May Concern: You are herebynoWied t tt . Plain- other small items St aS a usS aSDC e h 3 To! nyed rt ^^<^^£°^ • **woua./ to ^ t6nant *~ - ***«» v* mo aav ftnnva -mn~±i * --^oaat yuartflr /i/\ a£ y SSS"A' ) H «« the 5tt p 1 ^* (29) ' West SS i.'S^SK'S^I Wit S

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