Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 3, 1938 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1938
Page 6
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flJDlTOftlAL PAGE Ko»t»tb (Komtfg OLASS MATTER DE- Alsona, ,—--..n,,^ tind bordorlncr CenteVrcorwUlV'""^^^ 1 B °rf' Brlit ' IB ' uffaI ° Live.-mo.-o, Ottoscn P n l^ ' T^' moro ' ""tchlns, Stllson, West lt S, aS^n^^S J-t.OO — that Secretary Hull would bargain away any commanding agricultural interest in this country, but it has to be taken into account that bargains necessarily involve real quids pro quo and that it is therefore up to any affected interest to see to it that it does not suffer unduly. named under "NO. 1 above are considered continuing subscriptions to be discontinued only nn „„*•„„ from Bub * , — ~ «. at publisher s discretion. S u b- scrlptlons gains to non- county points not named tinder No. 1 above W i!.. . be discontinued without notice one month after expiration The Biggest Business in the County There was a big slump from the December ' g , Ur 11 J T? ry bUS ' ness at ^e Algona liq 3.64. drow>ed $10,006.96 to ° r """ If not Senator Gillette and His Critics It is not supposed, however, that the current recession had anything to do with the drop It was just that the Christmas trade served to boost December business .and at the same time Perhaps, to depress January business. The •same conditions prevailed throughout the stcitc. 'Bancroft sales were $5295.68. and $4037.03 respectively, in .the state at large figures were $1,332,598 for December and $850,984 for January. The COLYUM let's Not Ho Too 1)—d Serious, W ELL ' WE HAVE TO abandon our own business now and work a few days free for the government, in an effort to discover whether we have to contribute to the support of the taxeaters, and well we know that long before the job Is done we shall be raving mad, so there's no time to hunt through the exchanges for the usual Colyurn stuff and nonsense, wherefore wo are compelled to resort to Ho Hum, a book of dreary funny cracks (some of the comments our own) gleaned from the New Yorker, a metropolitan magazine which is supposed to be the very essence of sophls- t'cation, humor, and wit— Hodgepodge Webster—A ste,r of tnrlons ingredients; n mixture. Al Capone is said to be crazy nt Alcati'az, whore he was sent for violation of income tax laws. At this time of year it is not difficult for lowans to sympathize. Not so .many have to file federal returns, but figuring out the Iowa return itself is punishment enough for muou uuuuuuiiu lU^NIIBlS WHO IllfluO a few dollars more than the minimum last year. Few people really object to paying the tax, but most get up on their hind legs and yowl when it comes to figuring out that in -v v f n you y ° U at .— Kansas City Star "Personal." THE" MOVIES- By T. H. C. T WO CHAIU'CTRRISTICS of modern motion pictures in general, and musical films in particular, are rapidly becoming a phobia with me. Some of these fine days I'm going berserk right In some theater—will probably rush up the aisle with a hatchet or an ax and start hacking up tho silver screen. I on screen. have made exhaustive research both of these matters, and I tax. have yet to find a single t . customer who countenances even occasional usage, to nothing of the many pictures Some of 'em do fool us trusting ? bloomer dft y s when the vol v trusting uminous garments hid the basket Basketball by girls has come a long way.since the old black sateen bloomer days when the vol available for beer-i s probably no wine" "largos m the county in point of gross receipts. Write your own comment Ah, Jim. guys that way. i uuii tit, ,vi;ji « H me rorms aevine. WOMEN'S powerful dry bodies begin drive But tho gamo ls growing more and —Boston Herald Headline. UHVL. :,„„„„ _ 4 __ ., They'd just had a bath and toweled up, e ase- ball as well as the forms devine. certain. "' renomln «tlon Nevertheless there are still " discontent with r practically I — —" L"~ eiillllt; 10 glUVYUlg IJlUl more strenuous as the gals _ , moro nature, em eeu weeks are up. V" isn't much doubt about the aou e RUSHING to her room Louise dressed in n ] ent l! and nervous strain if win- Sto nnH ^ ^ .,•. ___ i ,-,- . ^""'Ot. UILSSCQ in nine 1 hApnmni, *^« I™ --- ^ __ i ™i._ City State is +1 T * h °o gonoml impression that Senator Gillette ™d™, t wrs? v succe "- nominate The Free - T '""" they ca " senator will be renom'mtPri" 7 ' 11 ', 1 believes the !««<^<Hi ^£€=™»= is not ago. He is'grave,' depression, which charged to him -— ....w "months harrassed by the knows will be fair.' paste and joined him in spoke.—Serial story. lesJ e ' d Say U WM enough to make >em speech- JURY Tolls wou d m « Paoiric ' «uin since * • - • t * because thev (ion. In ' •' * *» ""wiurtl LKUlI Ihey ought to have let her finish it DAYS of ago I could pick out my in N."Y^Vorld a remarkable feature.—"A" Variation of derelict participial .uuLiiiug ui uiu luuuy jjiuiuiua which, time and time again, have built an entire plot around them. In order that you may not be consumed with fatal curiosity, I hasten to explain. In the first place, there Is the family bedlam-riot feature, In which everyone yells and screams wildly gesticulates, nnd ends up by throwing around dishes, crock cry, and even pieces of furniture including davenports, end-tables and overstuffed chairs. This is supposed to be funny—funny to ^he poor tired souls who have Louise drpq<Mvi in I ~;— ~L' """ •" v -"" ui ' oLiain u win- sauntered into the theater for a his car Npithlr ? g becomes too important. These little rest and recreation from a <-ur. ^either | tournaments are a good thing if hard day at tho office or a vaca- fhov t M «t, ..,- -,- ._ , ... tion from tho kltchon and makjng beds! I ask the whole wide, cock-eyed world—is there a single person who really likes this sort of thing? Are scenes of domestic violence soothing to jaded nerves, or are they even entertainment? The answer (from my extensive research on the subject) is loudly negative. Why then, in heaven's name, do producers grind these pictures out to us as "side-splitting farces" their musicals, take ua several city-blocks away from tho girls has always been a mystery to me. In tho present offering, Everybody Sing,we get only a fleeting glimpse of the girls close-up, then, presto, away goes our camera to a position I should judge three-quarters of a mile from the stage-, whence we obtain faint blurred outlines of somebody dancing In the far-off distance. Them's tho gals, folks. the I I>(1 " ko to sco tlle expression on eay |the face of some director if I took him to a musical stage show and last row the cell- they teach the gals to lose wlth- our bitterness, * * * » F. D. R. is not keeping c°£S-^ They ought to have let her finish it ttrTfe "' Tn«» » *" • -.•*»* iv*« ^11 i< n Pennsylvania, or In the latter state who took * dloped Ken- Dear the late Joe Rob- waves running over lier^Magazlne'story hanl« dn>t th<3 dr °° ling ° ld f ° 01 US<5 LiS . close to that Sioux They declare bunch he is on "too his republican Washington day dinner Kn 0 ° rM°™ M If" Week Wed °^day '•>-no.\, Chicago News publishpr .republican vice presidential unnecessary Letter in Coffeyvme,' Kans^./GazetTe Sounds like a good trick, if one knows how. by an infatuated bull.— St. t M>r 4, llw 4iiLt2 U UtJ JVUU" having considerable po- ----- trouble, and his defeat would not look good. A senator or representative is the direct agent of the people of a state, and not the vassal of a president. In order that this may be true a president or any other national figure slrniiM ,*rt»- i,_ ... , . *•&"**' Spencer, Emaietsburg. and town town not retailed ot seems t -on. JThis 1B notnlng aga in; t ~; nem ;:; ™ ™» allowance needs to be made for tbe there another north announced T, " ?or S5 Just love's old sweet song. pe SHE TRIPED on the rug.-Nevada newspa- Wasn't house-broken, huh? u^be ™^ L °*™ ted "I" ^.s "Would a widower do? Maybe they shouldn't have mentioned it. should not be permitted to influence the people of any state for or against the election of representatives of that state. If he does then there s an obligation which may bode ill for the people's interest. * * * * ordered my scats In the 1n tho houso. He'd hit „..„ „„.,Ing! Yet that's what they have been dishing to us on the screen ns long as I can remember. Ant I've been harping on the subjee for at least eight long years. Thus in this picture, Everybody Sing, wo have examples of both of my paina-In-the-nock. Ajid there are numerous examples of blatani offenses In others. Are producers going to listen to TKC and correct these glaring faults, or am I going to my grave, unheralded and unsung, a martyr to the Cause under the comedies. ngs ni move fast are the pieces of furniture and tho bits of actors. ' guise of "fast-moving" The only tilings Unit "Haven't read farm control h» in its entirety . . . We „,„-,. ^ wondering if farmer i s alloted on calf a nd cow has twins whethe ^ firttt i\, t *i — fo*MH4tlUOnS anci that the other organizations have not seen eye to eye with the Farm Bureau as regards the new fa r,n act. Senator Gillette halta from S.ous City territory, and , t was certain] tliral tbflf )ln c linn 1,1 _:. -_ -. should give due attention „„ luc 101- the , ° Wn Pe ° Pl °' ID the end he voted ^.^,,11 ?i. nC ^ aCt ' What more, in fairness, could the Farm Bureau people ask? I s u reasonable to harbor a grudge after'there is no longer ground for it? But from the standpoint of pure reason the ; 0 rt U ?,,°V\ e dem ° CratS Wh ° wl » not S «P- ror Gillette because he opposed the president 8 court-packing bill is oven more un-un derstandable. Surely these democrats a Americans do not pretend to maintain'tha members of congress are bound to grant what ever a president, even of their own party happens to want. If that were so, there would be no need of a congress; the president would be dictator nnd rule by decree, as Stalin, Mus solini, and Hitler do. The court-packing issue was not a mere Party question. It was fundamental and ought not to have been regarded as a test of party loyalty. Division of opinion throughout the country w«« not based on party lines. In general democrats were more active in opno- sition than republicans. At bottom the overwhelming sentiment in the House at Washington was against the scheme, and with all the power of the presidency behind it, i t could not prevail ,„ the Senate. Why, then, should U be.considered a party crime that Senator , G 1 5.:;f dw 7 ith . tlle " la J°n^ against the ent? What .* the function of a member gross if not to help govern the country T,m« ^' t ' X ? 1 ' dsi " K his own best judgment on proposals submitted to the congress? Tariff Bargaining and Dairy Interests It has been the impression of perhaps most observers that while tariffs „„ , ra in s owin « to surpluses which have to be sold abroad and must, therefore, be governed by world inar *etB, have not been effective they have operated to save the home market for some asri- cultural products, including dairy products <md in particular Duller. This makes of interest a claim by the Minneapolis Journal thai in the tariff trading now going on between this country a nd others the interests of dairymen whose income arises from butter production are endangered It is alleged that Secretary Hull wants to reduce the butter tariff from 14 to 8 cents a pound. Chas. W. Holman, Washington, D. C secre tary of the National Milk Producers association, ia credited with this information, given in a recent address before a Twin City club He declared that even with the 14c tariff It had been difficult to maintain a price of 33c WC.:,: 1 i""«="i. u. o. mgn commissioner in tim T.J-, t .. , ««^«ui. I hilippmes. It launched a boom for the dem hen-pecked husbands, ocratic presidential nomination, though ' - COUI'Sft. Air •TUViMnn- i.. , ' '•""Ufa 11, • *....«,* "'Jnnjuo.uuil, IttOU course, Mr. McNutt, in accordance with tional political etiquette ' • It is — " -••••- ' NICE ROOMS, $4 5 tlful location week nn T,, tv.1 go wron^ -A S '~ an observer out in the sticks it the Hoosier stalesman's boomlel is It is not necessarily saying anjthing against iVll, ItOOSGVGlt to OXprGSS tllG llODP Mint 1 *ni not run again, or that if ho does he will\e Henfia, 'I Afte '' a , U ' ° Ur tradUi ° n of *™ ires- i-lential terms and out is a valuable safety de- ViCft flETninct rlinfof«».r,V.,*^ mt. . _ J tam ' ™ can go ™B anywhere. f YOU WATCH this consummate actress l° U see each ^licate layer of illusion— NY ™' ™ W ° St ° r Sl The best guess is the last, * * * * can afford to do .— D _. Has everything -- to him on a silver nlatter the lucky st ifr_, 0 goes the sory of a lot of people, depending on ""' and the —" A'W»>UIIUI LU ue entrust€ one man for more than a few years. politicians are — — —-"•*•,; •Jviit*i,ui' VQ.TI Nuys 1)6- he dared to oppose last year's ilI-fit P d court-packing plan. The Senator holds one tiump card—an independent candidacy which might throw the election to a republican^ 13 threaten.™ to US6 jt An power tQ ^^ ^ BOY Detroit Give him time and he'll find the way out. current o " A d» in Nation" ^ ™ duce s tnreatening to use it. All power to him, but bust.-«X?'ta Peopled HO™ "? y ° UI> hips or S-^SWJKSS,-?^L,^f- - --";rri« M ,. Opinions of Editors The Secret of Odd Mclntyre. ^ in Kossuth ritically analyze one mns Paper. Our cow and work-horse think ent suits will last a while yet. "m Z oS\?^flr t ± ked ^,7'th first pri 2e their prea- i?f"«ki?SH;Hsri freeze a few of our ladylove's Depression and accession Defined it's "deiH-eTs"^^. ,!!f?! d .... onto s °meone Some later dicUonadeT maT dS r " no? e'xac'uv'fif tth ,° Ugh the ^ " ul exactly fit the case. ^nSnsTtl^CH^Ifi powered staff the And be en- word. : 'reces- word °° TOn «'' ve b ° me ' a . " — -•«.«.«; «. icw 01 our lanvln •pud-and see whether that scheme works from organist It ought to have been done privately. 98, is dead bee on wain WOMAN "le oee on Main <jtvoot t^ X s "* a oum- Dispatch in N. Y World y '~ SUPerior ' Wis S"' 3USt S ° S " e Wasnlt «™S » her hack porch. lu oeen auncult to maintain a price of 33c touching human intt 6 s in this country, for some imported butter b. as ' ers ' a) id freedom for "Billv»°Tnr, f ° r been brought in at 29c. y JQ ™s. Mr. Holman added that feed, machinery, from the ^vernor a the read - — „ „ vuut, jtccuj luauniiicry and labor costs have risen. If the wage anc hour hill passes in its present form another six-tenths of a. cent a pound will be added to production costs. It Is his belief that the new farm act does not give dairy a nd livestock farmers adequate benefits. Dairy farmers need- to look into these charges, and presumably they are doing so, through their associations. It Is inconceivable t . Anyway b e was ltepplllg iu the -ciiing I * * * * Every car driver county should HP nn hn,. p °' UU1U De ft n auuve mem- Th« w CC i Unty Safety Council. The 50 cents It costs, is cheap, and the starred plates on the back license plate of every car would be problems" with fi,p 0 ? Btant <md active reminder of young the da neers of motoring and lend > oun S cautiousness to otherwise foolhardy. The most important work of the council will not be felt till the youngsters who are now being taught highway safety hegin to drive cars. But it is no too late to teach some of the older drivers aow they too can live by saving a few seconds at the right time * » * * A Chicago old maid left $30,000 to her dog, and a Chicago court recently upheld the will. When the dog dies who gets the remainder? Can the- dog make a will' Sounds foolish, * * * * Another girl, not the one about whom the original Item was written, asked how in heck the HodEe- podger found out about her fall Now it is certain that two ga<s fell on the ice minus some of the necessary apparel for such floundering. Lends suspicion that there's more than meets the eye, or maybe less than meets the eya, hereabouts. Can Spring be far away? At Bombay, India, Is a youth- maker who claims to restore youth to aging humans. To many a human being, however, the next 100 years look anything but a nice period in which to live. Th-3 world is being compressed hy radio and transportation to « point where every nation Is on the doorstep of every other nation. It's going to take a major war or oataatronhe of some nature to hring th ^quarreling nations to a realization that they must learn to live with each other. The situation Is much^ke it was In every country toward the close of the feudal era. Then ev ery small kingdom and duchey had to eventually be brought into the larger unit of a nation Improved transportation and eommuSlon caused that change. Now the no x" pi^apssrJs Brsjrass TanS strives to keep its control ovSr h ^ n ^ t( * of ground U Im getting all fed up with the whole kit and kaboodle of this ilk of pictures. Which brings me to the latest example—Exhibit A Everybody Sing—a likely little musical featuring Judy Garland, Allen Jones, and a good cast, not to forget Billie Burke, the real offender in hell-raising antics. "Everybody Sing," however, besides embodying the first of my pet peeves, contains sadly enough also the second — the nefarious nabit among movie producers of giving us our chorus numbers through the eyes of a long range telescopic camera lens. Now this form of camera may be very effective in war scenes, whore the operator wishes to aave his own hide by getting as far as possible from shells and bullets/ and still obtain a picture, but I can see no excuse for such shots when photographing a musical comedy score. ' Folks go to musical shows I opine, to see the gals, and when say the gals, I mean not only heir lovely faces but also their— a - — symmetrical underpinnings vori n rt°^ y i kn ° Wn thro "ffhout the \orld as legs. Thte is an ir-e- utablo fact. When we go " a mul cal shows in the city, do we ask or seats in the 20th row? Not by n?S£f S , h0 | ! T Wetryto K ctt ^ n the first ten rows—if wo have he p^ce-the first tBn rows col? ovslik Pt ; Tha V S because the oys nice to see the cuties at nS*?ooi"« e t0 Bmo " the P° nd feel that they are in the i renches. So why movie-producers, iSlEl'IONEEr NOW PAST 82ND YEAR "Livermore, Mar Phine Malkmus Malkmus, celebrate v,™ g^ ^^^^•S Malkmus received gifts. many , ' nvcu wesl , f £™ n _°.r ° w _ n °d by r-^Sri Briggs house and he nmf M F> moved to C™ " e and his wife in Isn't in • man, 103.— suit intended for PRINCESS fully ' the old-fashioned nightshirt worked its CHEMISE- 3 used north re " were din. bought near aiso there n" ^ ?™.phy nation eventuaHy 0 wn to come into some federation states of the world. - . We're from Missouri, Miss mental set-up. govern- azine "Doc. Exactly, Doc. ience. nervous We speak from daily Mag- n ^rs^'iis^r™ »* ° Ji«wr Jaurr o-n/i »r moved 0 to atlHam0 " d '^sS Bays 0 the^ed^f^lV * l I gS^to. f a^ e ^ 0Pu C eSsthaVei spent the at Henry Mrs. E. Sanders Mason RichP 'oint unsung, a martyr to the Ci Against Asinlnity in Pictures? VOGUES OF 1988- There is ful , Vogues of HISS"! Manager Iiice'< shown t heater, and the sextntt ard already „,. should enjoy a set 5|^fffi^ [ Oll[ ,lis statement A menl AT YOUR FRIEND ^•MMMM _^______ FRIDAY A»B SATURDAY, MARCH I statei able I here's wh mtinteni t,» Not "Where to Buy' w> • £*w«». ovii'ixeiMJ' But, "What to Buy" {J'» « as >" t<» decide that the best place to scl Pork Roast jfi^'Asatrs.? baked apples with yonr pork nmstl Fresh Pork Steak ffLVires^t Beef Roast "-•* cut ^ "-' W'\ Sfflii •ftK m-x Fresh Beef to Boil, pound _ _ _ li Peanut^Butter, pound .. Pure Beef, pound .._..^ - liirtii^p _.J,||||Sgi||f,| Fillet of Pollock, • — _ . _ . _ •-• Frute Gel the l oi JiCntcn meals by serving fr made with Fruto OeL A product «i| Tuciients in o popular flavors. BIJ| lus week-end at Jc per pkg. Salmon week-end we seuTtaU cans fork|S||||i||| ^a«™»SjWgg not lighted Evap Peaches to the duality. Th e family will be k| pinnip, meaty peaches appear or "••*each pie or cobbler. Green Beans Ca " 8 * f a tenderness and flavor jon«J <|K.VJ"J« J!0f Beem T S Ginger Snaps S! purposes. iger snaps. We Swedish Rye Bread been an be White Loaf Bread r«t Prize" I^ow^lb. bag Brown Sugar de from S ffl^l^n 0 . S L syTap fw pancakes and waffles (f '• Hnj' your «nira?7Ef 8Uga f and a blt of "totfW ' sufear this week-end at 8 Ihs, for He. 1| Super Suds Deal Sunday. at fc New T«fM, pound >! *W«f^!». Sf»ip.

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