The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 9, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1898
Page 7
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TflE UPPER DEB MODfESi ALGOKA, IOWA WEDNESDAY ffEBKTTARY 9. MM. I A Memory Aid. Goodfello—"Here's your health, old fel. By the wayj what Is that knot in your handkerchief for?" 1 JolMfello—"Hem! That is td remind ine tbat I've sworn oft." Goodfello— "But you just this minute took a drink." Jollifello—"Ye-e-s. Fact is, I never see the knot till I take out my handkerchief to wipe my mouth." In consequence of a death from hydrophobia in Pisek, local authorities ordered the town to be killed. Bohemia, the every dog in A SklftRrnpli. "Wonderful thing," said the shoe clerk boarder, "this new photography of thought." "Nothing new about it," said the cheerful idiot. "No?" "No. Not long ago I read of the Shadow of a doubt." TS EFFECT ON PLANT LIFE BEING STUblED IN COLLEGE, Ex-Senator Tabor, who has been ap* pointed postmaster of Denver, sold to the government in his prosperous days the land on which the postofflce stands for $1. THE MAN WHO LIVED. He should have been dead. But he wasn't, because tntrent Seat through Soil—It Is Proved That It Promote* the Speed of Orowth and Vigor of Many Pro«nct» of the Field. "There's nothing succeeds like success." There Is no withstanding the living: argument of the man who should be dead, who Isn't dead, but -who would be dead, but for • preserving medicine. That's about the way H seemed to'strike Editor Lawrence, of the Ohio Farmer, Cleveland, Ohio. He was afflicted with one of those colds that have, thousands of times over, culminated In consumption, when not promptly cured. In this condition he met a friend, a consumptive, whom he had not expected to «ee alive. The consumptive friend recommended Dr. J. C. Aycr's Cherry Pectoral for the editor's cold, on the ground that it • had "helped him wonderfully." It helped the editor just as wonderfully, giving "almost instant relief." But read his letter: "About two months ago, I was afflicted with a bad cold, and, meeting a friend, he advised the use of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral which, he claimed, Ayer'i , had helped him wonderfully. As he was a consumptive, whom I had not expected to see alive for several years, I concluded there must be merit in this preparation. I accordingly bought a sing the formula for such a very valuable remedy."—W. H. LAWRENCB, Editor, Tha Ohio Farmer, Cleveland, Ohio. Keep a bottle of Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pec. toral handy, on the desk, in the office, on the shelf or in the closet nt home, and you \vill have at hand a remedy that is capable at any time of saving you suffering, money, and even life. There is no malady up prolific of evil results as a neglected cold. There is no medicine so promptly effective in curing a cold and absolutely eradicating its effects, as Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Every traveller should carry it. livery household should keep it. It cures every variety of cough, and all forms of lung and throat trouble. Asthma, bronchitis, croup, and whooping cough, are promptly cured by it, and it has in many cases overcome pulmonary diseases in aggravated forms, when all other remedies failed to help and physicians gave no hope of cure. Those who for convenience have wanted a smaller sized bottle of Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, can now obtain it of their dealer in half size bottles, at half price—50 cents. Send for Dr. Ayer's Curcbook, and real* more of the cures effected by this remedv. The book contains 100 pages, and is Bent free, on request, by the J. C. Ayer Co., Lowell, Mass. couple of bottles, one of which I keep on my desk all the time. This is certainly the best remedy for a cold I ever used. It elves almost instant relief, and the J. C. AyerCo. are to be congratulated on posses- nilftDHMTCCn TO nilDC every kind of Cough, Cold, La-Grippe, GUAKAN I ttU I U uUlit ilonrsenesB, Influen/.a, Oatiuili, nnd all luuirnncl tin-out troubles. Send lor proof of It. It docs not sickeu or disagree with the stomach. Sale for all ages. Dr. Kay's Lung Balm. Write us, clvlng all symptoms plainly nnd our Physician will give FREE ADVICE, a (IS-imgo book of \^ (sold by Druggists or BCnt byronl!, recipes and a 1'KEK SAMPLE. ^ ^Jrice, 1O cents and 85 ccnVs. Address Dr. B.,1. KAY MEDICAL CO., (Western Office) Omaha, Neb. "THE POT CALLED THE KETTLE BLACK." BECAUSE THE HOUSEWIFE DIDN'T USE For maps, pamphlets, railway rates, etc., and full information concerning this country, enjoying exceptionally pleasant climate and continuous good crops, apply to N. BARTHOLOMEW, DCS Moines, or D. HARRY MURPHY, Stratford, Iowa. Canadian Government Agents. If you are interested and wish to post yourself about the Gold Fields of the Yukon Valley, when to go and how to get there, write for a Descriptive Folder and Map of Alaska. It will be sent free upon application to T. A. GRADY, Excursion Manager C. B. & Q. R. R., 211 Clark Street, Chicago. FOR H4 GEHBTS , •WowlBhtogainlnO.OOflnewcus- , turners, nna houco oiler 1 Pkg. 13 Day Radish, JOo 1 Pkg. Early SprinK Turnip, 10s 1 " Earliest Bod Boot, lOo I 1 " Biamorok Oaoumuor, luc 1 " Queen Victoria Lettuce, lOo 1 " Klondyke Melon, IBo 1 " Jumbo Giant Onion, loo S " Brilliant Jflower Seeds, luo Worth 91.00, far 14 cents. , Above 10 pkcs. worth $1.00, wo will mull you free, together with our great Plant find Seed Catalogue put'lhern." PotatoesTat S 1.6O _ nBbl.OiitiUoBaloneBo. No.vr. l> S1WKH SEED CO., LI CEOSSE, WIS, WILL KEEP YOU DRY. Don't bo fooled with a mackintosh or rubber coat. If you wantacoat that will keep you dry in the hardest storm buy the 1-ish Brand Slicker. If not for sale in your town, write for catalogue to A. J. TOWER, Boston, Mass Purely vegetable* Palatable of taste, Perfume the breatlif Pleasant of action* Powerful yet mild, Potent but nou-j;rlplng» Perfect laxative, Positively guaranteed to CURE H i t A booklet and cample free for the asking, or you can buy a bos for IDC, asc, soc at your drug store. Satisfaction guaranteed. 73 • Sterling Remedy Co. Chicago. Montreal. NewYork The relation of electricity to life is l puzzle that has interested many minds. In the subtle nature of that force which used to he known as tho Mectric "fluid" there is unquestionably something which suggests the yet subtler life principle. Though quacks abuse the analogy to chtit the sick, their frauds do not make the truth any less true. And the truth is that life Is force, and electricity is force, and they must be in some way related. It ts hard to study the finer effect of electricity upon animal life. Animals may be killed by the "fluid" or in some cases seemingly -helped by it, hut the result of any long series of experiments is spoiled by the difficulty of measuring any change. It is possible that the way to approach this subject is not so direct as some would mako it, but must start with plant life, and so work up to man. The life of a plant is not altogether different from that of an animal, but it is simple, and the results of experiments upon it can bo much more easily measured. It is possible that the experiments in electrical farming which are being made at the Massachusetts Agricultural College at Amhurst may be the beginning of discoveries that will not stop with plants. The workers there, under the direction of Henry H. Goodell, LL. D., are proceeding in a perfectly scientific manner, fully measuring every step before they take the next one. Thus far they have proved that certain kinds of electric currents applied in accurately measured amounts produce definitely measurable effects on plant life. Electricity properly applied stimulates the growth of a plant. The experiments ol the past year upon white mustard, red clover, barley and other products of the field prove that a rightly regulated electric current increases growth from 13 to 40 per cent. The subject has been studied for 150 years, but never at any other time and place has the work been so accurately scientific or nearly so conclusive. The method is to take 200 seeds of the same kind and separate them into eight groups of twenty-live seeds each. These groups are placed in exactly similar germinating- pans, and every condition to which they arc exposed is rigidly equal, except that some are treated with electricity while others -are not. The results prove the efficacy of electricity in promoting the speed of growth and the vigor of the plant. They are so definite as to bo of use to the farmer, and already on many extensive farms the knowledge gained at the Massachusetts College is being put to practical use. The current is passed through the soil in which the plants grow and the methods arc such that large areas may be treated without excessive expense. No scientist can doubt that the time is near at hand when electric energy can be developed incomparably more cheaply than power of any kind has ever been hail by artificial means. It will be only a little more expensive than sunlight; and in that day the farm lands of the earth, contracting as the population increases, will yet by their marvelous productivity supply Mmndant food to the race. Ofet, WttAt SPtENtJIO COfrMSE. llr. Goodman, Williams Co., 111., writes: "From one package Salzer's German Coffee Berry costing I5c 1 grew 300 Ibs. of better coffee than I can buy in stores at 30 cents a Ib." A package of this and big seed catalogue is sent you by .tohn A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., upon receipt of IBc stamps and this notice, w.nh. Siegfried Wagner is in Rome at work on a comic opera, the book being on a story of the Thirty Years' war. His music is said to be not of the school of his father but of that of Hnrnperdinck, the composer of "Hansel und Gretel." A German professor reports that he has found living bacteria in wine which had been bottled twenty-five or thirty years. * Oho JEfttfeft. As Old Mother Hubbard, beneath the wistful eye. of Old Dog Tray, flung wide the cupboard door and revealed only an emptiness of bare boards, her heart failed her. She took courage, however. Here, at least, was one on Tray, so to speak. Demand tot More Battleship*. The Secretary of tho Navy has demanded more battleships, nnd there can bo no doubt that congress will consider his recommendations. Protection is what our sea ports require nucl fortifications will not adequately supply this. Defense against all disorders of a malarial type is, however, adequately afforded by Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, an efficient remedy, also for constipation, biliousness, dyspepsia, rheumatism und nervousness. A American fcmrlst— "1 ttrarqvtis, that you fell in Idve with a' distinguished American lady on account of her pretty foot." Marquis— "Dat is it. Dat is It, D$ pretty vay she foots de bills." The new coal plant that the Baltimore and Ohio railroad 13 erecting at Sandusky, Ohio, will consist of an elevated track to be used either with side- dump or drop-bottom earn, the coal dropping Into bins from which it will flow Into buckets of four tons capacity, each placed upon movable platforms. Derricks of a capacity o£ ten tons each will lift the buckets to the vessel. There will be sixteen of these patent drop bottom buckets anil they will be handled by two of the latest steam revolving derricks, and these machines will glvo tho plant a capacity of about 300 tons of coal per hour at a minimum cost for the work, and with a slight breakage. The plant will be in operation April 1. A thin neck and shoulders may be remedied by means of a course of gymnastic exercise and massage with cocoa butter. Singing lessons will also help to nil out tho ugly hollows and banish the shadows of collar-bone so often revealed by a low-necked gown. The Tartars have a quaint custom of < iking a guest by the ear when inviting him to eat or drink with him. It Keeps the Feet Warm and Dry. And is the only cure for Chilblains, Frostbites, Damp, .Sweating Feet, Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder to bo shaken into the shoes. At all Druggists and Shoo Stores, 25c. Sample sent FREE. Address, Allen S. Olmsted, Lelloy, N. Y. When a man worries a great deal ho says he is overworked. immense Shipments of The.TohnA. Salzer Seed Company^ La Crosse, \Vift., have shipped withitt 25 days 1,400 barrels of their eelebrat-, ed Salzer's Earliest 0 Weeks Marked Potatoes to -Texas customers. This potato has the reputation of being the. earliest, the finest flavored and the heaviest producing early potato in the! country. ___ _ Truman H. Hadley, the Clevelandl banker, who has just celebrated his 91st birthday, loaned $2,500 to John D. Rockefeller when the latter started iH business. A LETTER TO WOMEN. Beauty IB lllonil Deep. Clonii blood makes n. clean skin. No beauty without it. Cascarots Candy Cathartic cleans your blood nnd keeps it clean, by stirring up the ln/.y liver and driving all impurities from the body. Begin to-day to bullish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads, nnd that sickly bilious complexion by taking Cnscnrots,— beauty for ton cents. AH druggists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10, 25, TiOc. "Do you think there is any money in politics, Jimpson?" "You bet there Is. That's where all mine went." (5nod LnniU in Miunonoln. The best farm lauds to bo found in the state are along the lino of the Minneapolis and St Louis R. K. Purchase n ticket to Madison or Dnwson in Lac Qui Parle Co., Minn., and convince yourself that less than 30 bushels of wheat per acre is a small crop. Other cereals, including 1 corn in proportion. Crop failures unknown. For rates and particulars call on nearest agent of the M. £ St. L. II. It. or address A. 13. Cutts, G. P. & T. A., M. & St. L. R. II., Minneapolis, Minn. Coo's Cough Halsntn Is tlio oldest and lieat. H will brralt up a. cold quicker than anything else. It la always reliable. Try It. "Does your wife jump at conclusions?" "No; she Jumps at bargains." Mrs. Wlnnlow'sSootrilnfr, Byrup For clillilron tootliliiK.BoftmiKtlio iruinn.reduces Inflammation,allays pain, cures v.-ind colic. 2B cents a bottle. The number of divorces to marriages in Japan is as 1 to 3. FITS PurmimonUyOureii.WofltR ornorvouanosnartoi ilrBt day'n \iso of Dr. Klino's (jvout Norvo Hustoror. " for FllEE 82.00 trial fooltlo anil troatlBO. '„ II. Kl.lNK,Lta..aJl Arch St., Philadelphia, !'•. Nond jj». n. n Ungratefulness is the very poison of manhood.—Sir P. Sidney. ll(1 Kuarantoed to euro To- biicco Habit, by all drugslsta, WORTH OF PREMIUMS TO BE GIVEN AWAY WITH DR, SETH ARNOLD'S CODGH RULER, U S Capitol Souvenir Spoons, Scarf Plus, Sleeve Buttons and Watch T 9 nalu ^v Sa YS the Maltese Cross on Outside Box. You will und a Premium certificate around ouch bottle Send the certllicate and crosses to the Or. Set!? Arnold Medical Corporation, Wopnsocket, R. I. AU Drufi-glsts and Country Stores. ~ ' 25C., SQc. and $1.00 Best Route to Klondike Only Personally Conducted Tourist Excursipne to PORTUANP, ORE., run Via GREAT RQQK ISLAND ROUTE Leave CHICAGO Thursdays vood connections for TACOM A and SEATTLE Write for Rates and Klondike Folder. slno. Sebastian, O, P. A., CHICAGO. n nmnn FLOiOA illu8tr»t«4 Utwfctwt J-UBSS JIVBBAl', to»4- It Cures Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat, Croup, Influenza, Whooping Cough, Bronchitis andi Asthipa. A oertaln cure for Consumption In first stages, and a sure relief in advanced stages. Useatonoe. You will see the excellent effect after taking tha first dose. Sold by dealers everywhere, Large bottles 26 cents and 50 cents. February Excursions. Opportunities for visiting the South during this month, via, the Louisville ,& Nashville Railroad, are as follows: Home-Seeker's Excursions ou first and third Tuesday at about one fare for the round trip. Florida Chautauqua at DeFuniak Springs begins on the 14th iust. Splendid pro- gramme, beautiful place, low rates. Mardi Cfras at Mobile and New Orleans on 32d iust. Tickets at half rates. For full particulars write to 0. ?. Atmore, General Fftssengev Agent, fcouisviUe, Ky., or Qeo, B. Homer, p. ?, A., St. Louts, Me. Ballroom Generosity. It Is not only in the slums or in the college settlements that charity may nnd opportunities to shine. For instance, it is a charming thing to see fx girl who is both unselfish and a favorite in the ballroom talcing advantage o!! her own popularity to provide partners for less fortunate damsels and making shy and awkward youths happy by drawing them into "the sWini." "When I was a girl," says a writer in the New York Tribune, "several of us who knew people and therefore had plenty of partners" (this was her modest version of her success) "agreed with each other that we would secretly (so as not to wound any girl's amour propre) form an aid society in the ballroom and that we would look after the wallflowers and see that shy or uninteresting girls had partners for the cotillons and suppers. We also promised to each other that we would keep our organization a secret and would never parade or even acknowledge the fact that we made any point of assisting other girls to have a good time. We kept this little, aid society up for several winters, until we were all married, in fact, and this is the first time I have ever spoken of our work,which I am sure added much to the happiness of many a bashful and self-conscious girl during those winters. I only do it now," continued the fair philanthropist of society, "as a suggestion that others should go and do likewise." I'urlHiiiu Art. When a lady is sitting to a Parisian photographer for a portrait the operator does not, in a perfunctory manner, coldly request her to look pleasant now, if you please. He says to her in the most natural and graceful manner in the world: "It is quite unnecessary to ask madaihe to look pleasant; she could not look otherwise." The lady, of course, ackMowledges the compliment with her most gracious and high-bred smile. "Click!" go'es the camera, and the picture is obtained, revealing the sitter to the greatest possible advantage. A Ptoguoglg. Cholly Addlepate—"Aw, doctah, I have wecently ibeen afflicted with fearful headaches." Doctor—"I see. Soh'.o »t those aching voids we read about." i Every man who eats too much (and nee^'y every man docs) is looking for something to "give him an appetite." ICdltnr of nryim'H Vapor. Mr. Goo. W. Hervoy, oditor o£ the Oraa- Ua AVoekly World-Hornld, writer): "For years I was troubled with indigestion so sovoro us to mako it impossible, to take inoro thnu two meals* a day without intense suffering. 1 tried threo of tho best physicians in the state but they failed to Kivo uio relief. I chanced to got Dr. Kay's Kenovntor nud before 1 had taken a25 cent box I had so improved that I was taking three meals a day. which 1 had not douo for years. 1 continued its use and it has been eight mouths since 1 used it and I now have no symptoms whatever of my old trouble." 1C you have any disease write us giving your symptoms and wo will send '/'(•«.'« wMcn by our physician aud a valuable OS page book with 50 recipes giviug various methods of treatment and a free sample of Dr. Kay's Uouovator. Address Dr. B, .7. Kay Medical Co., (Western Oflico) Omaha, Nob. Forty-four muscles are called into play in the production of the human voice. Motlinr Uniy'HSweet 1'owdorn for CliSlilri'n Suc-.cesslnlly used by Mother Gray nurse in the Children's Homo in New York. Cnre. I'V.voriishnes.s, Jtud Stomach, Teething' Disorders, move and regulate the Howels and Destroy Worms, Over 10,000 testimonials. THEY Jiwvuit FAIT,. At all druggists, 2">c. Maniple li'Il'EK. Ad. Allen S. Olmsted, Le'Roy, N. Y. Careful measurements prove that the average curvature of the earth in G.99 inches to the statute mile. Tonne's Family Medlclim. Moves tho bowels each clay. In order 10 bo healthy this is necessary. Acts gently on the liver and kidneys. Cures sick headache. Price, !,T) and GOe. Educate Your HoxvolH With CivHcixrotH. Candy Cathartic, euro nonstlpallon forever. lOc, J5c. If U 0. C. full driiKKlHts refund money. Sixty languages are epoicen in the empire governed by the czar of Russia. A few -words from Mrs. Smith, of Philadelphia, will certainly corroborate the cla.m that Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is woman's ever relitfblo friend. • "I cannot praise Lydia B. Pink* ham's Vegetable Compound too highly, "For nine weeks I was in ted suffer - ing with inflammation and congestion of the ovaries. I had a discharge all the time. When lying down all the time, I *" felt quite comfortable; but as soon as I would put my feet on the floor, the pains would come back. 41 Every one thought it was impossible for mo to got well. I was paying $1. per day for doctor's visits and 75 cents ( a day for medicine. I made up my mind, to try Mrs. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. It has effected a complete cure; for me, and I have all the faith in the world in it. What a blessing to woman it is!"—MBS. JENNIE L. SMITH, No. 824 Kauffman St., Philadelphia, Pa. W. N. U. Des Moines. No. 7—1898. When Answering Advertisements Kindly Mention This Taper. AFTER NEARLY The record is unbroken. The record still goes on. Is the Master Cure for RHEUMATISM, NEURALGIA, SCIATICA, LUBOTBACO. Lucy Curtis is the mayor of Cimarron, Mo., runs the town, conducts a general store and is the leader of the local Sorosis. Wo will forfeit $1,000 if any of our published testimonials imi proven to bo )iot genuine. TUB Piso Co., WUITCJI, Pa. Soda, used repeatedly in washing the hair, has been known to produce premature greyness. manBanw^'ttjipria^^ •Jr • «Qhn Bz n uJfn •Ji™ iJnBi "•""• nHoi RNH) t*B» No-Tu-'Bac '<>r Fifty Cents. Gunrnniend tobacco hubil euro, mnkeu wonk men strum,', blood jiuro. 60c, tl. All "Do you know 1 don't think much of Mawson." "You don't have to. You can size Mawson up in two seconds." Smoke Sledge Cigarettes. UO for 5 cts. An Ohio girl, in her excitement over a parade, swallowed a campaign button. Now no one can tell what her politics are. Till) Queen's Englishman—"I say, ye knaw, what's the bookage to Boston?" Railroad Ticket Clerk—"The what- age?" Englishman—"The bookage, ye knaw—the tariff. What's th' tariff?" Ticket Clerk—"I haven't time to talk politics." WIOO Kowitrd, SI 00. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease thnt science htiK been able to cure in all its stages and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the cmly positive owe now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, re- cmires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon tjio blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation of the diseaso, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its curative powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any cuso that it fails to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Hold by druggists 75o. Hull's Family Pills are the best. Borax-water is an excellent thing for keeping the skin smooth and sol't. TO CUKK A COLD IN ONK »AY. 'I'aUo Luxntivo Hromo Qutntau Tablets. All Druggists rrfuud the inonuy If il. f ails to euro. Uoo In tlie South. Cheap. Easy Tcnna. Freo Oat. W.II.Crawf ord & Co., Southern ColOBlierl, Naihtlllc, Teua. A11T U ft D 0—We want y our stories, poems and AU I nUnO book MSS.; best prices: inclose Btump. Authors and Writers Unfon.Cmcago.Ill. NEWDlSCOVERYjglven _• _ ». •— . —- - quick relief anil euros worsi discs. nenil fnr liook of testimonials anil 1O days' treatment li'roo. 11. UKBKICB BON8,Aii«DU,a«. GetyourPenslon DOUBLE QUICK Write CAPT. O'FARREIX, Pension A cent, 1425 New York Avenue. WASHINGTON. D. C. Rock Island Tourist Car Excursion to CAUFORHU. Leave C'nicAco.via Scenic Route, TnmisDAYS. Via Southern Route, TUESDAYS. PERSONALLY CONDUCTED For information ana folders, write John Sebastian, C. P. A.. Chicago. FOR 30 DAYS WORE YOU CAN TRY IT FOR 25 CENTS. CUBED BY tit E. IP* Kft ^ ES> C* » f is the '"" l ' t eoiiccntruteUand powii-fill Bpocinc known. 5 Mlre5Jr*C> Free from ojiltttiw ami iiorfcctly hiinnl«i=». Uelli-f Is iiHuallv felt Hie VOJT nlphl. Wo huvc loltom of ur«.t<iful pralsu from thousuiuls who Imve been cured by ••!. DUOI'S," and who rccoiunioi-.U It to buffercrn. COD BLESS YOU ALWAYS. Swanson Klieumatiu i.'uru Co.. Ulilcatto. Dear t-rlomU:-yc». yes, I shall alwiiyi' think of TO:I u« my far uwu.y frluiuls, ftiul thank Uod tor illivi'tlng your adM-rllw- meitt" tliUulaci. Yes! oh yesl I win (tladly tell th» whulo world what your !S")ROr-»"" C done for mo.. It fouurt uw VHckccl with rmiu froruhvivd to ough Syrup. Tastes In time. Sold by druggists. liiii I CAWNOT PRAISE "5 DROPS" ENOUQH, I thought 1 would wrltn o. statement ot ray CMC- what you h»v As A positive curt? foe Hay Fever. CiUarrli, ouiuutlsiu, Sotntjoa, NeuralBU, PyepepsU, i Nervousness. «f>r\vw and l» ', BnvwcU*. Croup, SveWug, JUu, arlj>p«, t u>'4«w .»< ; !M», smt, rjmAti.vtfr < Wf5«%l I »&*M**g5jS$ >rful cur»tly« uropevKwi. we will sswJ out (9X ilUrtJf 4»y» W»». ,U. , K*»u"i MUMtfe to>ltt» will eoflvJno? you of }ta S)*K«>-vJwj «K 9\ «> W «> W ?P m fl> w 9\ <l> W W <n w ?,5 In a Tourist I Sleeping Car,,,, W <|J Personally conducted—via the fp Burlington lloute. That's the W way to go to California. Cheap; quick; comfortable. Burlington Route tourist sleepers leave Omaha 4:35 every Thursday uftei> noon. Arrive Sao Francisco following Sunday; Los Monday. No transfers. Angeles 51 i Particulars at local ticket office or by writing to J. Frunois, General Passeugev Omaha,. Ncbruskia. fcfifi^is^iiiiif CROPS"l IPO.OCO M<upl» fcOltlM.

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