Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 3, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1938
Page 5
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KOSSUTt-I COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA PAGE FIVfl DUTCH'S r i Super-Service Specialized Lubrication, CrnuUcnsc Flushing, Motorola Car Undies, Gofldyonr Htstto.rics, Greasing and IVasiiing, Sfandnrd Oil and Gas. Brnlio Service. 1'lione 83 t ' We'have been cleaning house and making a few • changes the. past week, and in order to celebrate the occasion will hold a real sale FBI!)AY AND SATURDAY PEANUT BUTTER, Mason, qt. jar 25c BABY FOOD, Gerber's, 3 cans ---"? c : t>i3Auiili.S, teavy syrup, No. 2y 2 .tin, 2 for _.^>c CORN, Iowa pack, 3 No. 2 tins for ^c CATSUP, extra fancy, large bottle 10c HA*ISINS, 2-lb. bags 1; )C PREPARED ilUSTARD, Mason qt. jars ___l*Jc ' PRUNES, 3 big juicy pounds 25c , RED HEART DOG FOOD, 3 cans 2oc WE HAV.E SOME REAL BARGAINS IN OUR MEAT DEPARTMENT ', , FRUITS AND NEW VEGETABLES ,, ' RIGHT UP TO DATE 'Our Store is the White and Bright Sanitary - ' v f Ai, , • Grocery r' ,., .'I l" MAKE US A VISIT W:-',' > ir*'^\.V'""^ VE WANT YOUR'EGGS' Phone's 214 and 215 Many Free Delivers \ »-,<'," A HOME CONCERN . 8 life many years edited the Algona Republican. Naomi IlcweM, primary teacher Dr. H. * 1 . Dowel, Evanston, III.,! Honncr, who is telephone mana- will sail Saturday from New York City for ten days in Bermuda. Dr. and Mrs. S. W. Meyer were at Swea City Monday evening on' a business mission. „ _ Ullmorc, high school English teacher, spent the weekend with friends at Bagley, where ger at Anamosa, is attending a telephone men's mooting at Des Moines. Mrs. Benner is the former Virginia Good. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Puffer, with a little son and Mrs. W. .E. Puffer, Corwith, spent Tuesday at It. W. Gillespic's. Thc Mosdaines Puffer and Mrs. Gillespie are sis- and Mrs ' W ' Pufler lh Mr, and Mrs. Ernest Godfredson went to Nevada Sunday to call on Mrs. Margaret Hofmaster, patient The next stop was New Orleans, j Howard M., she (Mrs. Kolley) fof where some sight-seeing was the first time learned, via the Ad-: done. They went through a town ; vance, that, Mrs. Still was also liv- -... -. , juicier MIT,. Margaret Hofmaster, patient done. They went tnrougn a town, v.ince, inai mrs. DUU WMB «iou yv- here, spent the week-end at her , v j u, e Adventist sanitarium there. | called Rodes«a just after a torna-iing at Tulsa, and the information home at Swea City, and David j Mrs§ Hofmaster has been in poor! do had passed there, so soon after, i resulted in a happy visit by tele-^ Phillips and Barbara Moyle, oth-, health for some time, but the Al- in fact, that they sa.w people corn-'phone after Mrs. Stillman got er teachers; were at their Grinnell! ,, on j ans found her improving. Mr. ing out to investigate property home. The Kelleys left here, for • - - - '"'-- Okla., 12 years ago, years, then mov- Mr. Kelley is a for the Webster Advance shop. Mr. Godfredson j" Mrs. Maurice (Susie Adam:-?) Kcl- Engineering Co., whose gas hurn- mannges a local Skolly oil station.! ley, 12 South Olympia, Tulsa,'ors are distributed to all points 01 (Jraco KonJia, Wesley, with ! Okla.. writes that when Helen Vin- : I he world. Mr. and Mrs. Koltey Elk hart. C. ,1. I'cHihoni' has returned from Iowa C'lty, where he spent two months or more while he was preparing for an recovering from an operation for a cataract on his 10ft eye. The other eye has been (Jrarn Koulm, Wesley, withohln.. writes Unit wen een n- , .e o. . . . .Tnnet KorfasH and Zada M. Butler, , Bon-Stlllman was here recently . to 1m vo two chklien, a son T.dwartt Algona, came up from Des Molnos ! attend the funeral of her brother, and a daughter l.oia. __ ^ some' iand hero. she formerly taught. £TrIw*rS «Jrs£ rc.s*i=:i,iv=-;, ,, r;i =r bundcoy, ^siting m. ana MIS. v ])ntlon was up and ;},„ wi n havn an operation on that I and 7 Theodore Peterson, farmers. ^ around Wednesday fo r the firstl cyo all)O . when - "•—'"»' hol ana . /ja , Saturday for Sunday visits with ; ------ —-•—.their roapoc.llvn families at Wesley inoss mission. He ... .. . . Eloctrolux representative here. with obstruction of the bowels,' greatly. developed shingles. Mr. | Mr§ |l|1( | M ,. K< Arn old Grace and Janet are | employed in Comptroller Mur-, offices in the statnhouso,; uijuir.ii.iwii u" <-""-;«nti /I'A>VA is in the income tax de- : ... „ .,„) seen Tuesday he : p ar i,ment of the slate board of. as-1- bl]t . time in three weeks. He Was at! waa awaiting receipt of spectacles,; scssrno nt and review. The income I ii'uH-ipt tno Kossuth hospital three days L nd W4ls expecting them to aid him tax division is now extremely - '"- -'-'" ™ " r <hn hnwniK i ,.. 'busy. Filings this year -are cx- Maxwoll; peeled to exceed the record of any ; I'liihcrs of tlie \Va-1.an- .^ .... - I yo club met for 0 o'clock chicken | field in mid-March. Mr. Maxwell'Dinner In the Hotel Algona's Blue is a C. & N. W. employe. Mrs. ft oom Tuesday evening. Election : Kain is now living at Dos Moines. O f officers was held, Mrs. Lura The Arnold and Russell Maxwell | senders bein nnrlos jn-KiiT of DCS Moines alld later devol °t )Ctl «hingles. Mr. Mr§ |l|1( | MrK< Arnnl(] Maxwell' peeled to exc el,,™* A'tnminv niffM it M C Me- Button is a partner ol D. L. Lor- nnc , a ,] auf r ntcri wno i, avo been liv- former year. Mahon' B . Mr. McKay travels'^ a Jft '" the Algona Flour and Feed |nR jn thf , h()USO owncd hy M , Fif|m . n „„. Des Moines brick and tile com- Co. y _ w _ stonc _ Ma . UjUle Kain will ™^ to Go d-| , „ ^ 3I.r. and 'Mrs. V. W. Stone, Ma- Trnlrn S.ni,,, wil, spend the *™ ^ d ^"^frcy ^ week-end with her mother, Mrs. "°y fa "j, g ( Clyde Smith, and sister Louise, j^. 11 ^ and n£f roller 101 " ^ ^ Stat ° ^^ care "^ Mrs.'kuth Look, Mason I Q-;^- w|th ' - ( , leii ; parc " IllS) Mr . C *3ln"nd 0> 3fnu Fred Pooch were CHy. Mr._Stono, whoj- a ™phaw | Mrs . c . E . Maxwell, The latl families spent Sunday at re-elected president. tend 'the. funeral of Mrs. uncle, Fred Tyler, GO, who died af tor a short illness. I I ^Pooch's a roofin s company. died af" The Rev. F. Earl Bnr^H taught er Eagle A,];,)! Carlson was eloctod vice an( ' president.; Violet Nortnan, secre- lattor ialtary; Ann Buss, treasure. Lula ' Jlu'cnhold was elected to '.he board for one year; Beuluii Larson and Laura. Mitchell for two years. A Word a \\c.e\i ago from Mr. and Mrs. S. E. McMahon, who bad been i^um. ivmA.jjmi iui L>.W .-^m.,. at,a San Antonio, Tex., hotel since secretarial report was given, and !!,„,, ..„ n ,.1-,.-. .-1 *li ti 4 r. ', I t t 111 m I ft_ T« Tl_ 1 • i. ,. 1 ,. » -..r. r.i-1 111 II * A 1 Ifl T''.1t* 111 |1 SrXUAY AM) M«M)AY, SfAHCH « AM) 7 \-2 S«nsatioiuil Stnrs <>{ Screen and K««li«! THE BIGGEST "BIG BROADCAST" OF THEM ALL...!! The world's favorite conies back! tor i'short illness a class in Evangelism at a Metn- ftt a San Anfonio , Tox ., hot .el since secretarial report was given, and lliirnpHii UoniisVettcT spent the otlist sub-district Epworth League ,, rGat .i lot i that city in mid-Jon-1 it v .-;is learned that. A'.va Kwold woolt omiit Br It with her Mst»r rall y at Lu Vcl ' no Sunda y af ' tG !'' navy, said they contemplated a few j nas hil d perfect attendance since \l>q Fdniimd Vndore-c Burnetta noon and evening. Young people dnvs 01 . wec . kr . soulnw ) 1R re m ti'O . sne joined the club in November, Is n sister of the school'nurse. Mr. attending from here were Eleanor R| O 'Grande valley. San Antonio, -\<n'i. The next meeli;i ; ; will be an a sibic • ' Thnrne. .Train Murtatrh, Joan Stepli- fv, 0 inttnv «.iii ,,<•?. imrl :i "iiovl ' inrm-mnl navlv TnpKflnv p.venintr et attending from here were Eleanor Anderegg is a farmer. Thorpe, .TeanMurtagh, Joan The D. A. Karnards were at Win- onson, D °n al(1 nebago, Minn., Sunday, visiting lins - and Clark Mrs. Barnard's aunt, Mrs. Charles Norman. Mr. Barnard is manager of the local Gamble, store. Dr. K. C. Carpenter, Iowa C'ity, • at Pl1 "- unU from Rio 'Grande valley. the letter sai.l, PUS deal of airi t.hU winter. 'I lie Moines Register's daily weather reports from San Antonio have indicated satisfactory irinpcraturcs. Mr. mid Mrs. Fred Skinner, of a state Auxiliary convention at Wm lr r thP \vpok on-1 at his Des Moines. Mrs. Oliver Graham, j camo Pri day ior a vioii ^^.KC™*^"*^ ?urt, and Mrs WiUiam Barker c,| d ith F , r thor McMahon, teacher at Garner, will Swea ™y also attended JheVjj Sk.nnor who ,B m po Springfield, 111., and the son Jack for a vi.iit till Sun- Mrs. E. poor health, she joined the club in November, ••-. V.\?,'>. The next meeu;i ; ; will be an iod'.informal parly Tuesday evening et the home of Anna Buss, Adah Carlson assisting. ' Bingo will be played. »r. and Mrs. M. G. Bourne got home Sunday from two weeks in the South. They stopped first at Tulsa, Okla., to visit Dr. and Mrs. Donald Mishler. Doctors Bourne MrMibon toacher -it Garner will Swea URy also ULLU " UCU - '"VjJ. Skinner, wno is in poor neaiui, ^ fflen'd'the week-end here heard a national Legion command- and nis alster Mrs . Anton Di(1 . also spena tne weeK enu nere. KnRP . c \i at tho Argonne armory- 1 , i , ru - n n _ v , Mvq v T, Thornn. His and Mishler were classmates at Carol Jean and James Vohs, r-imi II.ITI -ind inmpq vans c - ' s speech at tho Argonne armory- ^en and Mrs.' F. L. Thorpe. His P h iflron of M? and ^Iis Carl •">'"' 1)ei " 1 ' Minneapolis, spent sistol . Kat who t ,. avcls for Ginn Volw West Bend pent the week- the week-end here with his moth- aml company, schoolbook puhllah- ,rt hnrTwIth thP? crandmJther er ' Mrs ' Eva Deim ' aml frl . end '' era, was also here. Miss Skinner Mr, C T Vrfh. Carl operates a! Marvin Kirkpatrick, Dos Moinea,' fs ' now lravollng , n Minnesota: Mis. O. Iv. vons uaii opeiaies, camc ^.^ ^ m Thc boyg are Frcd ifj a lonj , Ume employe of an m,rI TTp'rrnnn and freshmen at the Dunwoody Insti-' insui . ance company. wnito,. Th!i™« =nnnt thP wPPk end' tutc. Marvin is taking electric en-i <L , {> F ,. nst . r Rivcrdale township, at Mullard with Mr and Mrs. BlneerlnB. and John is studying' first dist ,. icl supervlsol . f nas itn- Richard GiriVs and Mr. and Mrs. 'air-conditioning and sheet-metal ; nounced can didacy to succo^l liiin- I Avnniri Pi,-rp« Hprrrnn and Wai- work. ' „ self, on the democratic ticket. He for ari farmers "uth of A gona ' Mrs. Geo. IV. Boevew, north of is B0rvln hls rirst tei . m> wnlcU ll^vd W^?M Mason C'v spent Algona, has left for two months m has a v , ar yet to rlln , Dut In his, the woek end here with hte par- the southwest and on the Coast and three Cl£ the oUl3 -,- lour dls- 1 the ^oecenc heie' w " n "^ ^ Hel -son Kenneth is a county agent ricts , t is ne cessary to elect this Pmmovpd in he Decker at Glc.ndale, Ariz., where Mrs. Otis year becaUBe there will be no offices and his father Paddock, the former Gladys Trl- election in 1033. It is generally none office employe here, bon, also lives. The son Maurice ; conceded that Mr. Frasor fats been B-ivlor came home Wed- is a veterinary in California. Mr. \ giving good serv'oe. N-i other can- fronVa visit since Satur- Paddock conducts a grocery j didate has thus far bean an- Slot^Fx/A "^Baylor" ^orks "iSo Donald Mcrt... Plan to "Tr^aud Mrs. Fred Jacob, of the ^, liaHev Troutnfan buldng leave Rockford, 111., and return to Coffee Shop, spent Sunday at El- ,foi Ilailej lioutman, Duimm 0 A Qna Mrs . Mertz is the former dora with Mr. and Mrs. Arnold ^ThTfieM AV Clouds moved Mon-' Drusilla Caughlin, who was a pop- Zumac'h and Mr. and Mrs Ray- dnv n Simix C tv to wh di m.int ular Sorensen drug clerk before mond Gilbert. Mr. Zumach is a M7 McC oud a riUwav PO°t"l marriage. Mr. Mertz has been cousiT1 o f Mrs. Jacob, and Mr. Gil- clerk^f'recentlf^nsf^red! with a packing _comp ! ar at ^ Rock- | b _ ert w^mnplo^djt^laundry ;i na d c ( . nd Mrs. V A. Byrnes at the a , Qrt at Shl . eveporli La . Pictorinl PB03IPT DELIVERY SERVICE 4 daily, 8:30 and 10s00 a. in.; 2:30 and 4:00 p. in. Use our new delivery service and take advantage of these special P« ces PHONE 355 ALGONA, I(W A I in - P ° 01 ' 'Mr? ^"ws' Fr^ ' damaged'^ fire" ^^\«i^\^^i^^Z^ ^. 'cS.'sfe h N as.be y en hedfast unaergoln^rejaJrB^The^roor was Mrs.JUbert is the former Helen Tho February 27 issue of the Advance carried a story about the during the last several months. Mr. Hertig works a t Swift's. --Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Clement looked aftei Geo. L. Miller's men Mr. Wellen- spent the week-end at Des Moines ar % ^^ J tn-ura^'ce and ; with Mr. and Mrs. Dean McCory. dorf carried «^"ance, and Mr. Clement clerks at the White been paid by the local agent, Mrs. Clement owns Paxson. Marie's Beauty Sal- 1 anil Mrs. John Lunstrum, of s. Paul Ilniniiill, Mason City, j were week-end 1 guests ^f Mrs . Lun- nt home Monda after last strum* mothei, Mis. Andew God ^ COMPANION IGA Pound Boxes Corwith Hustler's golden versary. Esther C. Smith, anni- . . Swea City, Corwith teacher, calls attention to two errors. W. C. Jennings retired as publisher last spring and was succeeded by Charles Murr, formerly of Woden. J. F. Granzow, Algona, also retired last spring after many faithful years as town and school bands director and was succeeded by J. Worth Miller, of Clarion. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Griffith and Antone Johnson, who recently | croft papers, had an auto accident which at the , l frene Mcl) time did not seem serious, has, as ( Cutty s. and help release the Rev. E. E. treasurer. Hancock from his Lu Verne pas- ;oroite to accept a call to El Paso, Tex. Mr. and Mrs. W. H, Irwin, Sac City,' and the latter's sister, Mrs. Lena Newby, Wall Lake, came Friday and remained till Monday, guests of the Irwin daughter, Mrs. F. Earl Burgess, Mr. Irwin is not In business. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Pommerening and their son Bohby took the daughter, Mrs. Glenn Swanson, to ler home at Fairmont Sunday. he had made a week's visit here. are some of the luality Features which make the Companion" THE WORLD'S GREATEST VALUE \ feature top-feed-opening and top-plate-lift ied •— new, exclusive and original m the H BEND COMPANION. Either large size coal re chunks of wood admitted to the fire box ease. at WHOLE KERNEL CORN, No. 2 PEACHES, IS-k, in syrup, 2}& SALMON, IS-k, red tall can . MILK, cans Cans 21c .3 for20C BRAN FLAKES, IGA CORN FLAKES, large WHEAT FLAKES, large CREAM CEREAL, IGA iPkgs. Pkgs. i Pkgs. Box 17c 19c 15c Dessert Powder IGA All Flavors 1 PEG. FREE WITH 4 for 20c CALL ..THEATRE.. iarge fire box taxes 21-in. wood, has heavy lin- tiT chambered all around; grate bars removable gh range front. The usual grate frame is elim- l 1 in this new design fire box. '• , ; PR BEND'S patented lock joint construction .is. x the Companion range the same as in, the priced De Luxe in all. body Joints, the oven and flue bottom. This construction malte^ ghtest body known-^quick to heat-H|?iyes fuel Is fire amazingly— bakes perfectly. ;ohlhaas & Spilles Ba^. - < t Mr. Pommerening is employed Greenberg's. V«rnon Kohlhaas, liberal arts enior at Iowa City, spent the veek-end with his parents, Repre- entative and Mrs. P. J. Kohlhaas. Vernon is preparing for business administration and plans to major n advertising. Phyllis Knchynka has heen vis- ting Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ostrum, Lyle, Minn., during the last few weeks. Mr. Ostrum works In a liimheryard there. Phyllis Is a '36 Algona high school graduate. The Ostrums are former Algonlans. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. McMahon, with their little daughter Nancy, spent Sunday at Storm Lake, guests at Mr. McMahon's sister Mrs. R. D. Schmidt's. Mr. Schmidt is 3 building contractor, and his wife is the former Marlon McMahon. Jfrs. Cecil Beiuier, Ananiosa, Is spending two weeks with her mother, Mrs. Walter Good. Fay H. ---, , ave., Glendale, Calif., once district court clerk here, wrote recently to renew his Advance subscription, adding: "While we receive lett,o.vs from the old home town, we still have an urge to read the paper when il arrives every Monday.' Fay works in a bank, and his wife is' the former Mamie Moulds. Tho Jf. C. lUces have moved into their new home on McGregor street, and Mr. and Mrs, Donald Hutehins are moving into the house vacated by the Rices on south Harlan. The new Rice home Is the former A. H. Stock home, and it was originally the home of late Milton Starr, THURS.-FRIDAY, MAR. 8-4 Previewed in Algona Wednesday Audience reaction— "Most human I've seen" "It got under my skin" "I was simply enthralled with the spiritual quality" One you must see our htritogc ...they carvec our happinas* if r o m the dangtroui 'frontier ol the W..H MACARONI, Carol 8-oz. box NOODLES or SPAGHETTI Box BAKING SODA 1 11). box SARDINES, in oil 5c 5c 7c 25c COCOANUT, moist 4 oz. can PURE LEMON or 91 I* VANILLA 2 oz. b I *t SPICES, all varieties PINEAPPLE, Q 91% f* S-oz. O forfcWW 9c Of* ^** Coffee Red!A I'resh Ground 15c 9c SUNDAY THRU Sunday matinees, 1-3-5 Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt says: Every woman should see "STELLA DALLAS" Wakw* HUSTON BcvUh BOND) J«M< STEWART Ann RuthtrforJ AM M-O-M riCTU "Sure I Like a good time, but who I'm not a fit mother!" SATUBDAY, MARCH 5 Matinee, 1-3-6, Algona's Favorite. BAKING MOLASSES —Full quart WAX PAPER 40 ft. roll MIXED DRIED 9Kf» FRUIT, fresh 2 lb». fcWW LARGE PRUNES, ^ 1 Qr California ** ^ s - • ^ v RAISINS, Seedless WALNUT MEATS, new MARSHMALLOWS, fresh COFFEE, Brown Betty fc Lbs. i>s. 15c LU.19C 2 1 /2 .lLb.15c 2Lbs.47c 5 Ibs. 25c BANANAS FLOUR 49 lb«. $1.69 OMAR ^ __ FLOUR 49 lb*. $1.79 GOLD NUGGET FLOUR 49 lb». $1.37 CAROL FLOUR 49 Ibs, $1.59 Fancy Fresh Fruits & Vegetables GRAPEFRUIT, Texas Seedless Doz. LETTUCE, 9 large solid -*• for CARROTS, 9 fresh green top __. (&BUB, CELERY, Fancy bleached Largs TOMATOES, O red ripe €m Lbs, ORANGES, A O71* full of juice fcDoz.Cl W NEW C POTATOES 51 Lbs. POTATOES, 4 Afl Lb ' 1 Minn, Cobblers. I MM Bag I * Guaranteed no frost or dry rot. BRANDED BEEF - QUALITY MEATS - FANCY PACK Walleyed Pike, Ib. --$ Ib, keg Herring -75c Boneless Herring In wine sauce, 18-oz. jar —_-25c Round Steak, Ib, - - - - . - -%l? Fancy Beef Roast. Ib, _ . 15c Milk Fed Veal Roast, !b. Pure Lard, 2 Bacon Squares, Ib. _ _ _ _ _ 15c Z Ib, box Chee»e ..,... Ground Beef, % Ibit -.. SUGAR .Fine Granulated 10

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