Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 24, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1938
Page 9
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24, 1938. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PAGE NlNfl AT Bill Mi TIME *I»4X AM) SATURDAY, FKimUARY 25 AND 26 "EaiSlore Meat" offrani'riwtNii'foi the mutual benefit of consumers, 1a- farnici's, and' the transportation and packing industries Id WcelVe the,8ttpl>ort of every Council Oak Customer; ilally wnct^flrJl quality meats can be purchased at the ivlnfc teHjJWie'dAl prices. MUTTON SALE 1 ! / I. ') ,' ' n is yottt favorite cut of mutton at a price that will ! y»n glad to "Eat More Mutton." / gf O'Mutton, per pound 13c )ulder Roast, per pound 9c itton Steak, per pound _ 15c itton Chops, per pound _ lOc itton Stew, per pound t 6c BEEF ROAST those who'don't fancy mutton for the Sunday Dinner, ive snpply » tender, juicy Shoulder lloast cut from well coy beefo The, price of tills sale is 15c and 17c per pound. psh Beef to Boil, per pound 12c re Ground Beef, 2 pounds 25c con Squares, per pound 18c bsh Smoked Bologna, pound ___15c No. 10 Peaches i i lenlsh your stock of home canned fruits ivitli these lus- 8, solid pack peaches. The No. 10 can, either halves or l d,'for 46c. Don't forget the necessary .apple pectin for Ing jam and preserves. I f Sorghum i j-* not Overlook the following seasonable delicacies: Ginger kles, ftiiuter Bread, and Boston Uroivn llread. Uest when le from'Farmer Jones Sorghum. f or this sale the 5-lb. for. 88c,' and- the 10-11). pail for 6!)c. Put plenty of sor- ui In that, ,iar of baked beans. Angel Food Cake S' are now plentiful. The more eggs we eat locally the er'price middle west eggs will bring on the eastern mar- For the finest cakes use Kobb Ross Angel Food Cake ir, priced for this stile at only 20c per wirtoi. 1 * ' Vanilla Wafers 1 , i •£' serving with Frute Gel gelatine Dessert and ice cream most desirable cooky is a crisp, vanilla wn'fcr. Our price this sale on these fresli baited cookies is 13c per pound. iUPERB WHOLE KERNEL i ' ! . Golden Bantam Corn sre need be' no regrets because corn on the cob is not In son." Only'.the choicest corn in the field is packed under "Superb" label. This tender, whole kernel, corn costs a le'-more than ordinary corn, but what a difference in the ror. For tills sale 2 No. 2 -cans for 28e. ;. vDromedary Dates 1 e Cl ise faiwiy' ^asteurJ/ed" dates give a delightful touch to ny dainty food combinations. The regular, size package this" sale, either pitted ,or unpitted, at a special price of tier package. \ Swedish Rye not sayypu don't care for Rye bread until you try our it, fluffy, Swedish Rye, baked by an original Stockholm ninla.; Sold onlj at Council Oak. Macaroni and Spaghetti or Ifavorjte casserole dish-always pleases. As a budget ancerjno other food compares with macaroni and spag- U. ,{'In^ our^cellophane package this week-end we will sell ioiiu«sifot||^f'. • . . MIS "Red Bag' 1 Coffee ^^fC^Aj • - ** . ' » len^TjtJw (Boffec tastes demand a change, we suggest you pur'popular priced Red Bag Coffee. Its. rich,, smooth Vdr'nw made loth of friends for the Council Oak Stores. ipeclaljprice of 17c per pound or 8 pounds for 49c. ;f"|' Blue Barrel Soap he quality pound bar that goes twice as far." For this sole Hard Water Castile cake 4c L Lemons, dozen ____i_ 19c »rape fruit, extra Irg each 5c >lid Lettuce, large head,_-^5c' lave on your •jo Ji r ind Seed lorn 931 and other strains suitable for your locality. re your orders at our of f ice with our representative MR. L. M, OWEN •son Phone 303 EX-IRVINGTON GIRL IS BRIDE IN MINNESOTA ('. i'l. liljAMI'. Field K«'|ir«-M«'ii1nllvi- Irvlnglon, Feb. 22—Mr. and Mrs. 3. L. Miller, daughter Betty, and Mrs. Mabel Potter drove to Buffalo Lake, Minn., Friday for the wedding of Lola M. Reid, formerly Algpna, and William Seaman. A' single ring ceremony was performed at the home, of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Reid at 8 p. m., the Rev. W. E. Peterson officiating. The couple were attended by Sarah Seaman, sister of the bridegroom, and James Reid Jr., brother of the bride. The bride's dress was of aqua blue not over satin, and she carried talisman roses and carnations. She wore a bandeau of orange blossoms. The bridesmaid was attired in peach-colored silk and carried sweet peas. The couple were married under an arch of aqua blue and peach trimmed with tea roses. Mendelssohn's wedding march was played by the bride's mother, and Lessie and Lillian Powell, formerly Algona, sang I Love You Truly. Fol- owing the ceremony there was a reception and dinner. 'Among guests were Mrs. A. L.- Powell, Luana, la., mother of Lessie and Lillian, her son Harvey; and the John Reids and Martin Watte, Polo, 111. 'The newlywe-ds are both graduates of the Hector high school. They will live on Mr. Seaman's farm near Hector. The new Mrs. Seaman, who is a teacher, will complete a school term. The bride is a second cousin of O. L. Miller here, and her parents farmed in Cresco township prior to going to Minnesota, where they have lived 20 years. Missionary Society Meets— The Missionary society met with Mrs. M. L. Roney Friday, all members but. one in attendance. All present officers were re-elected. Mrs. tV T. Sabin took charge of the meeting, and the study of Africa and the American Negro was continued. Mrs. Sabin gave a re- nort on Missions in western Africa, and Mrs. William Boldridge gave several interesting facts about the America Negro. Mrs. Thomas read an article on the experience of a Sunday school missionary, and Mrs. Schichtl read I Am a Negro. The Rev. Mr. English offered prayer. Lorainne Thomas played a piano solo dcm- S. and he moved early. The new place Is closer to school for the children. * * * * L. A. Boleneus, northwest of . E nt t mr., n place where there is a crooked showed us a calendar that a friend .miles and saw a lot of territory, the-ln adJe™ ?i Tho which we will tell about some had Bent t h , rrom g cotland ^ th(j cmjntry ^ ^^ ^ £ there hi ad ve.se to the Last week Monday we called on on south Heckart street. E. L. Broesder, a half mile south formerly farmed in Union of the Good Hope church. This is ship, and last week Wednesday he the tree . _.. _ „._, „,.„„ other time. E. L. and his hoy were is different from any that we had | them was right here out In the workshop, repairing ever seen. With each month there Iowa. farm tools. They showed us a red- is a view of Scotland scenery. headed woodpecker which forgot | to go south last fall. E. L. keeps '• his buildings in first-class shape. ... , , > , , He repainted all of them last fall. Butchered just before we * * * * last week Wednesday and were When we stopped at C. A. Pen- 1 cutting up the meat. Mrs. Hawton's last week Monday at the kins is a fine cook. At one time the said premises for more than ten years last past under claim of title and ownership thereof and have been the undisputed and un- Wesley, told us Friday about his i Qualified owners thereof for over son Robert, who bought a new' ^?" ycarfl> , and that '^ reason , ii!, ,, , thereof and of the lapse of time two- corn-picker last fa) and not nnd the ]ache8 of the defendanta only picked Dad's corn with It, but in fa ,,, ng to assert nn pretonded earned enough from neighbors to c ] alm thereto and ,„ P e rmlulng the picker and have left valuable improvements to be made Algona, hs expenses on a trip to Callfor- thereon relying upon such posses- nia. Robert and his uncle, John s j on and ownership MIP rtofnnrt town- pink, who now lives southeast of owner.slnp, the defend- Titonka, drove more than 8,000 anv ricnr . tlllfi _ ,,,„„„ or [Exceptional!? Bo] in At the Jerome Hawkins place, northwest of Wesley, the men had arrived farm farm five miles north of Al- she and her husband operated a gona the children had just come home from school, and a jolly bunch they are. This family will move March 1 to a place east of Lu Verne. C. A. has not been well in the last year. We shall miss the Pentons, for hereafter they will not be on our route. * * * * cafe. Jerome still likes to tell some of the good stories he heard then. He and Editor W. C,. Dewel grew up at Goldfield together. * * * # ; Last Thursday we were at A. R. Vonteicher's, northwest of Wes• Icy. There were a lot of boxes in tho house, for Mrs. Venteicher aid The plaintiff in said petition prays northern tor the esablishmcnt of his estate and title against the adverse claims of the defendants and that each and all of them a nd all unknown claimants and all persons ORIGINAL NOTICE Equity No. In tho District Court of Iowa, In , , . county. March u . nk "" w » llavln f or claiming any T"I flit firm nr in)/>.1'm«f in r.r* 4-rt ftn irl The John Longs Sr., southwest her daughters were getting ready of Burt, are Kossuth oldtimers. to l- ack household goods. The Ven- They are the only couple in that telchers will move to a place near neighborhood who have been there Osage. We shall miss them, for and for Kossuth term, 1938. METROPOLITAN LIFE *„„„,..- , ANCE COMPANY of the City of by through, or under them, be New York, a corporation, Plaintiff, vs. All Unknown Claimants, and all ^ the sa j d Premises or any part persons unknown claiming any Hereof adverse to the plaintiff or right, title or interest in and to l !e Pontiff s title therein and the following described real es- tlult th e plaintiffs title to the said tate, to-wit: The East Half (%) Premises be quieted, —-of the Southeast Quarter (%) of Section Seventeen (17), Township Ninety-nine (9!)) North, Range Twenty-nine (29), West of the 5th P. M., except Railroad right title or interest in or to said INSUR- P'' emIseB an d all persons claiming , barred and forever estopped from lever having, asserting, or claiming lany right, title, or interest in or to the said ther the Till!; ORIGINAL A NICKLESS f Only 5c they are fine people to visit with. The^farm where they live was sold, which is the reason for moving. Harry Keith, who operates a farm implement shop on west more than 40 years. We talked with them last-week Monday about some of tho people who used to be there. The son Mike now does the farm work, and he has as fine a lot of Poland China hogs in his feed lotas we have seen any- _—» — ^^ K0 ^' s ^' he ge 7 s where. * , * * ! a great kick out of our farm stor- We found A. M. Lemkee, wholes. They sometimes remind him lives on the Herbst farm, south of ° f 'away back when" we young Irvington, as busy as ever last fellows on farms would hitch the week Monday. He had noticed horses to a fence and make a bee- that a new rope he bought last Hne for the river on a hot day to summer had mould on it, caused take a dip and cool off. Sorry, by the recent damp weather, and sorry, Harry, but "them days is he had draped it on a fence to letjSone forever. ^ ^ f t the sun dry it out. A. M aims to uunkofske, east of Burt, keep everything^ good shape. | wag recently at Excelsior Springs, 0. L. Miller, southeast of irv-' M °" to take treatment for rheu- ington, was doing chores when we' matism, and he says he got great arrived on Valentine's day. He relief. He saw both Ernest Paine showed us a fine team in the barn. and clair Wmkie, of Burt, there, 0. L. is a lover of good horses. He » nd some otller P e °P le fr om north- Tn Iowa. Excelsior Springs is a own of about 5,000, but on-un av- rage there are about 2,000 people Right of Way, Kossuth Iowa; and all the heirs, spouses, assigns, grantees, legatees, premises be quieted, established and confirmed and that the plain- 1 tiff have all such other and further equitable relief as to the court may seem just. And unless you appear thereto County and defend before noon of the sec-j : ond day of the next term, being the March, 1938, term of said ,. . devisees and beneficiaries o£ ; Court, which will convene m the each and all of the above named ' r; ° urt House a t A ! gona - A 0 ^ defendants, Defendants. j county, Iowa, on the 28th day of DE .i March, 1!)38, default will be en" I tered against you and judgment thereon as notified that the petition of the' provided bv law> plaintiff in the above entitled ; Dated this 14th day of February, cause is now on file in the office 1938. TO THE ABOVE NAMED PENDANTS: , J J , , You and each of you are hereby i arld decre e rendered has a gelding that weighs a little over a ton. onstrating rhythm of tho colored race. characteristic Colemans to Move to Farm— The Wilfred Colemans will move next week from r the former Blythe house in Irvington, where they have been for only a month, to a farm some miles southwest of here where the Chris Gales lived. Thos. l|Coleman, father of Wilfred, recent- 1 ly bought Gales and the farm from has also rented Mr., two John Von Bank, south of Irvington, lives on one of the Archie Hutchison farms, and he says he misses Mr. Hutchison, who understood farming and took a great interest in everything on the place. John showed us a pair of bay colts, dropped last summer. They are evenly matched, though their dams were of different color. One is white, the other black. John's children have already broke the colts for driving. John said he' came home from town one day and found that the boys had the colts hitched to an old buggy and the team was acting like~old horses. John has lived on this farm 11 years. • * * * * Herman Becker, east of Irvington on the Bedell farm, had been to Fort Dodge last week Monday, T^I T-'t-t-'LU A'Ult -i-*uufc,t. JCWI* ,»vjwj». *.iwin*«.r , farms near Fort Dodge, which he !and had purchased an old bus will manage. The Gales family ther6 He planned to use the body will move to Algona, where Mr. Gales will operate a filling station. The Grover Reeds, who have been on the old M. do L. Parsons farm, wili move to Irvington and have the place vacated by the Colemans. Two to Move to Algona— It is reported that Mrs. Hattie Burlingame and her sister, Ada Merriam, will move from Mrs. Burlingame's farm home to Algona in the spring. The farm has been rented to Hugh Raney. Mrs. Burlingame and Miss Merriam have lived alone since their parents died. for his hired man to live in. The body had already been similarly used, for it had a tank for running water and a sink. With a little work it could be fixed up for a real bachelor's hall. * # # * George Ricke, northeast of Irvington, is a handy man. He was repairing harness last week Monday, a nd he said he also knew how to oil it. He showed us some of his sewing on tugs, and it was as good as any harnessmaker can do. * * * We called last -week Tuesday on Wilfred Coleman, now of Irvington, formerly hired man for Frank ,. , iDitsworth, northeast of Irvington. Children Have Whooping tough— Mrg Co ] e man said she enjoyed The Oran Hudsons, Burt, were Sunday visitors at. Charles Egel's. The children, Janice and Nancy Ann, have the whooping cough. Dickey, young son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Becker, also has the whooping cough, and John, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Dole, has been sick. Mr. and Sirs. Phillips Honored- Mr, and Mrs. Fred Parks entertained at 7 o'clock dinner Sunday evening honoring Mr. and Mrs. Perry Phillips on their 32nd wedding anniversary, and. Mrs. Edward Sheehan, Algona, who was celebrating a birthday. There were 12 guests. Line 12 Reelects Officers- Patrons of phone line 12 held their annual meeting at Carl Seip's Friday evening. Morris Parsons was elected president to succeed Ralph Lee, and Mrs, Seip was reelected secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Seip served refreshments. Finger Smashed by Car Doqr— Gerald Frankl recently suffered a severe cut on the tip of one fin^ ger when it was caught in a car fan, Other Irvlngton, P. D. Schichtl who has been employed by Arthur Riley at the Lu Verne elevator since last fall, will begin farm work for L. A. Johnson here next week Monday. Mr. Schichtl worked for the Johnsons last summer. Mrs. Schichtl and the son Jerry will continue to live at Lu Verne. The Harold Mansers and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones, West Bend, were visitors Friday evening at Douglas Riley's. Mrs Manser jind Mrs. Jones are niece and cousin respectively of Mrs, Riley. Messrs, and Mesdames George Wagner, Frank HUbert, and Ernest Borman will entertain at the Irvington hall this week Tussday ?V The L. E. Colwells were visitors at Fort Dodge Saturday, and the K. P. Honeys and Mr.' and Mrs. A. McLean were at Mason City. • - • • "The Cleo Blacks have moved to their new home north of Algona, Cleo was sick several days last week. ' ' reading our farm news, especially our baby ptories, with the names. The Colemans have two children, a girl and boy: Marilyn, 2, and Larry Wilfred, seven months. * * * * Mike Leners, southwest of Irv- nigton, on the E. J. Gilmore farm shomed us some fine calves lasl week Tuesday. He raises his calves and keeps 28 cows. These are Herefords, and he lets the calves suck till \they are ready to wean. The result is calves such as you seldom see. Last May's calves are now weighing nearly 1000 pounds. * * * » At Sim Leigh's, southeast of Irv ington, the two boys were turning the cows back into the barn when we arrived last, week Tuesday The boys had put them out tc clean the cow barn and lay new bedding. The Leighs take extra good care of their cows. Fifteen are being milked at present. Sim was elected as one of the Algona creamery directors recently. * * * * Leonard Klocke is new mar working for Clarence Mawdsley near Irvington. The Klockes hav two girls and one boy. * * * * P. A. McArthur, who now live lere, taking treatment for differ- nt ailments. v't * :!; * Russell Shipler, southeast of urt, was putting a battery into is radio when we saw him Fri- ay. . He had had the battery re- harged. The Shiplers like good nusic. There arc four girls in the amily: Lavonne, 9; Joan, 7; Darene, 5; and Carole, 9 months. The wo older girls go to school. Rusell is milking ten cows at pres- nt, and he grinds all of the feed or his stock. „ * •!! ft * Ted Hoover, a mile north of the Doan church, is already thinking ibout planting corn, for he had or- .cred some hybrid seed. Most armors are well pleased with this ieed. Ted is now well settled after a move. He had only a mile, Bankers Life Farm Loans Low rate, long time funds from an IOWA COMPANY. See me for prompt closing, no commission. EDWARD CAPESrUS Heise Bldg. Algona, Iowa of the clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, claiming 22-25 that the plaintiff is the absolute and unqualified owner in fee simple of the following described property, to-wit: The East Half (%) of the Southeast Quarter (%) of Section Seventeen (17), Township Ninety-nine (99) North, Range Twenty-nine (29) West of the 5th P. M., except Railroad Right of Way, Kossuth County, Iowa, and that the plaintiff is credibly informed and believes that the defendants make some claim adverse to the title of the plaintiff in said property and that the said unknown claimants to said premises claim some interest in or to the said real estate as the plaintiff is informed and believes, but that the plaintiff has no knowledge or information and does not know how said interest as claimed by said unknown claimants was derived or claimed to have been derived or the method of obtaining the same and the plaintiff avers therein that the names and residences of the unknown persons are unknown to plaintiff and that plaintiff has sought diligently to learn the same and you are referred to said petition for a more particular statement thereof. The plaintiff in said petition states that none of the said defendants or unknown claimants have in fact any right, title or interest in or to the above described premises or any part thereof or any color or right, title or interest therein and that the plaintiff and his immediate grantors have been in the sole, complete, open, notorious, actual and undisputed' adverse possession of THOMPSON & WEIBLE, Attorneys for Plaintiff. The cigar that Is recommended for excessive smokers, because the nicotine, as far ns possible, has been re* moved, making it not only mild, but a satisfying smoke. Moderate smokers who enjoy n mild cigar are also enthusiastically In favor of the Nickloss. Try a box and notice the difference. Tour dealer can get it for yon. GLOSS WALL PAINT for kitchens, bathrooms, pantries, basements. Easily kept . clean. Many practical colors. Botftf ord Lumber Company JIM POOL, Mgr. Gillette Super Traction TRACTOR TIRES We stock tractor tires and Avheels — get our prices before you buy. We undersell Mail Order houses. FREE MOUNTING We .also carry supplies, such as pistons, sleeves, and rings. New Departure and Timkin bea* ings, clutch plate! clutch facings, a n{ many other items. GREENBERG AUTO SUPPLY The place to buy Auto Supplies is at a Regular Auto Supply Store. Closing-Out PublicSale As I am about to quit farming I will sell at public sale on the farm known as the Vought farm 12 miles south of Algona on Highway 169, 3 miles east, 1}4 miles north of Bode, 2y 2 miles west, I 1 /! miles north of Livermore, the following property, on Monday, Feb. 28 SALE TO COMMENCE AT 1 O'CLOCK r our Subscription Promptly MACHINERY FOB SAUE3? vftrt that \»-used machinery into coflh. An Advance for-eale afl dbe> the' trick. - t| SEIX- YOUR HORSES! BUYERS watcfc the Advance Want-ad column. Tell tbsnj "Wt»t for sale. BUY NOW VULCANIZING BEGROOVIHG ACCESSORIES SERVICE , Phone 33 6 Head of Cattle 6 Three good grade milch cows, 2 red and white, 1 red; 3 white faced calves, 2 bull calves and one heifer, October calves. 5 Head of Hogs 5 Five brood sows, 2 purebred Poland Chinas, 3 Hampshires—all first of April pigs. All bred to purebred Poland China boar, due to farrow first of May. Farm Machinery, Etc Parmall tractor; "Little Wonder" 14-in. tractor gang plow; tractor 2-row cultivator; triple box wagon, high-wheel, narrow tire; triple, box wagon low wheel 3-in. tire; hay rack, good condition; 10-ft. John Deere disc, just sharpened; McDeering corn planter, 3 years old , planted about 200 acres, with 90 rods of wire; 2 single-row cultivators, good shape; 4'8-ft. King & Hamilton elevator, complete, gpod condition; Hamilton endgate seeder, complete; Mc-Deering separator, 900 Ib. size, 1% years old; Sol Hot kerosene brooder stove, complete; Economy King 1%-horse gas engine; putng Jack; good s,et of "Harness pill" breeching harness; "German Heater" heating stove, fair condition; some mixed hay in, barn; 9 bu. seed corn; work shop tools; and other articles too numerous to mention. • T^RMS: banker. $10 and under, cash; over that amount make arrangements with ' COLWELL BROS,, Auctioneers.

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