The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 9, 1898 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1898
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ESTABLISHED 1865, , IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEBBtTAEY 9, 189& TOL, XXX1I--NO. 47,. All of These Bargains Are still in force at Grove & Son's. 10 bars Santa Claus soap.. .$ .25 A package of yeast 01 i Ib Arm and Hammer soda .05 17 Ibs granulated sugar ... i.oo A good broom .15 Lilly Gloss starch per pkg.. .04 10 Ibs oat meal 25 Coffee per pkg' •' • 10 A can of corn 06 5-lb sack of salt. 05 AND HEBE IS A NEW LOT- 3 Ibs English Walnuts 25 2-lb brick codfish '. .15 Washbowl and pitcher 80 Teacups and saucers per set .38 A good Japan tea, 5 Ibs i.oo IfOK PRIMARY ELECTIONS. A LAW FOfc TflElR BEOtTLATIOlT. Synopsis duced Any and all of these for cash at M. Z. Grove & Son's. The New Goods Are now daily arriving AT- ~3 ,M*T Galbraith's. Dress Goods in all the latest novelties. Carpets in Moquettes, Axminster, Velvet, Extra Super, and Matting. Ladies' and gents' Shoes. Fine G. L. Galbraith & Co. Fine Furniture, PICTURE FRAMES AND -NICE REPAIR 'WORK. f\. M. OOf\N. Undertaking and Embalming. The Cash Grocery Sells a nice table syrup at 250 a gallon. Maple syrup, (very fine), 850 a gallon. New Orleans molasses 300 a gallon. Best evaporated raspberries i8c a pound, California canned goods—peaches, green gages, plums, etc., roc a can. We sell and deliver hay and grain, South of court house. J". C FINANCIAL. Kossuth County State Bank, bought and sold. WM. H, IN<JHAM, President; T, CHBISCHIILES, Vice Pres; °' Smlth| *' B ' J ° neS ' T ' Oolleo to or H. SMITH. Cashier Lewis H. Smith, J. First National Bank of Algona. CAPITAL ................. . ..... ....... $50,000 AMBROSE A. OAJJv ......... .... , .PresWeut I WM. K. FERGUSON .................. Casulw 4),H. IIUTOBINS .............. Vice President I 0. D. SMITH....... .............. Asst. Ca»Ww A. rfttes to parties furnishing flx-at-class security. Officers and Directors— A. D. OlavUe, President, 0. O. Oliubb, Vice Prest!, Thos. H. Lautry, C Qeo. L. Galtoftft Fred. M. MUlev. Myron Scheuck, . 3?. Cooke. CASH CAPITAL, $50,000. General Banking, vrnvAyii &HK&TJT pyposiy ta^Interest paid on tiiu,e deposits. of tile Bill tlmt IB Intro- aiid Will Likely Pass- Summary. Kossuth county voters will be interested in the proposed primary election law that is very likely to pass at this session. It reads as follows: Section 1. Whenever any political party shall hold a primary election or caucus for the purpose of nominating a candidate for any public office, or for the purpose of selecting delegates to any convention of such party, it shall be unlawful for any person, not a qualified elector, or any qualified elector not at the time a member in good faith of such political party, to vote or offer to vote at such primary election or caucus. Any person violating the provisions of this section, and any person knowingly procuring, aiding or abetting such violation, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be fined not to exceed $100, or be imprisoned in the county jail not to exceed thirty days. Section 2. It shall be prlma facie evidence of the violation of the preceding section for any person who has participated in any caucus or primary of one political party to vote or offer to vote at a caucus or primary held by another political party to select candidates to be voted for at the same election, or to select delegates to any convention of the party holding such caucus or primary. Section 3. The presiding officer of such caucus, or any judge of such primary election, shall have power to administer oaths to, and to examine under oath, any person offering to vote at such election, touching his qualifications to participate in any such caucus or primary election, and it shall be the duty of such presiding officer or judge of election to so examine or cause to be examined any person challenged as to his right to vote. Any person testifying falsely as to any material matter touching his qualification to participate in such caucus or primary election' shall be deemed guilty of perjury and punished accordingly, -t- -t- -*Representative Whelan of Emmet is going to get an amendment to the constitution submitted providing for a legislator from each county, and not more than two from any county. It passed the house with only 15 votes in opposition. -»--*-•*A proposed senatorial district re-arrangement will leave Kossuth in with Hancock and Winnebago, It is not likely to be adopted. In fact it is doubtful if any redistricting is done. -*- T- -JJ. M. Dally of Algona, who as a member of the Iowa National guard, while In the discharge of his duty as an artilleryman, lost the use of his left hand by the premature discharge of a cannon being fired as a salute in honor of Gov. Drake last fall, on the occasion of the governor's visit to Port Dodge, was before the claims committee of the house Wednesday. Mr. Dally affirms that he was acting at the time under instructions or orders from his superior officer, and because of this fact asks the state to reimburse him to the extent of awarding him $2,600 for the great injury sustained. The committee heard the statement made by Mr. Dally, but no action was taken. the east than waa expected, looking up board-of-control matters, and the bill has been delayed until the prime movers are getting restless. They are afraid they will get started so low on the calendar that the session will not be long enough for them. They will push the bill as soon as it is Introduced. COL OOMSTOOK IS IflTESEStED. A Word From Car Oft Washington on UlinetaliiBua, SPOKANE, Wash., Jan. 80.—I have Just received your editorial "Not Inconsistent," and while I agree with you In the main, it seeina to ine that when you say, " there Is no contradiction whatever between a single standard of value and bimetallism. A single standard of value may be erected on one metal or a dozen metals," you need to explain very fully what you mean by the use of the term bimetallism, and also a single standard. If a certain standard is fixed by law or usage, us 23.33 grains of gold, as the value of 91.'and the government through its manipulating the ilnancial affairs of the nation, maintains silver, copper, and paper money equal In purchasing power, I cannot conceive, I mean speaking in a real close, analytical sense, how the standard rests upon more than one thing. From 1837 to 1873 gold was the unit by which all values wore measured. That was a period to which most speakers and writers refer as tho ideal period of bimetallism. But sliver during that period was at a premium of from one to four percent, per ounce. Now if tho standard rested equally upon gold and silver, how could silver be at a premium over Itself when measured by itself, as the unit which measured everything else? Is it not a fact that It was at a premium when measured by 33.33 grains of gold which during that period was tho only standard, which not only measured silver but everything else In Amerlcal I know that on page eight In Coin's "Financial School" he says silver Is tho unit which measures everything, that It cannot bo bo- low par, but still it may be worth more than par. But how the thing or unit which measures everything can be anything else but at par all the time is to mo incomprehensible. Perhaps I am thick headed. The moment silver was at a premium, that fact was established only through tho process of measuring it by tho unit which measured everything else, which was 38.33 grains of gold, and not by the fact of its (silver) being tho true unit of value which was measuring everything elso. So when you say that a single standard may be erected upon any number of metals, it seems to mo that you should put in a number of prlvisos, or fully explain what you mean. Speaking after the manner of man, I am a bimetallist, but I believe that wo are at present NEW DAY FOE ELECTION, LAST MOttfiAt INSTEAD Of FIRST, the New Code Makes the City Scrap Come Later than Before-City Council According to the report of the state dairy commissioner 70 per cent, of the butter made by the Iowa dairies is shipped to New York and a large part of this is sent to market abroad. It is only a few years since Iowa butter began to be sent to the European market. •4- -T- -i- The Kossuth fair association will undoubtedly gee its $200. A bill to that effect ana which will clear up the law so that the objections registered by the attorney general will no longer have foundation, has been reported for passage by the senate appropriations committee. There are 31 fair associations out in the cold. -*--j- -t- A move is on foot to out off the 65 per cent, feature of the mulct petition, That will let saloons into nearly every county in the state. ' •*--*-•*Uniform school books for the state are proposed. •*• -*- -»Miss Alice French of Davenport, " Octave Thanet," don't want "suffrage thrust on women by a small minority of agitators." She urges the formation of anti-suffrage societies in the state. •«-•*- -H Homer A, Miller, one of the prominent candidates for state auditor, has gone to California for his health this winter. He has fallen away 50 pounds lately in weight, and while Chicago experts say he is sound as a dollar, he is worried about it. He will be back to attend to his canvass. -t- -*- -*Kossuth may get in with Winnebago and Worth for a senatorial district, 4- -t- -t- Bepresentatlve Farley has taken the 32nd Masonic degree since going to Des Moines. It is as far as he can get without going east. -f- -3- rf- Senator Carney of Marshaltown comes home from his visit to Wisconsin enthusiastic for a single state board of control. He says it works there. The test of the thing is its actual success in operation, Geo. E. Roberts was in Des Moines Saturday. Ho wont. to Washington Monday. Everybody congratulates him. for everybody knows how well fitted he is for the place. IIo says if lie could have chosen };is office this is the one. ho would have taken. -*• H- -t- Senator Heajoy has been longer In having a gold and silver bimetallism in about the only way that it is at all practicable. The time may come when the present values may be reversed. If by bimetallism you moan the equal circulating values of gold and silver, wo hove it now in fact, but when you moan a parity of real values, we have it not. So I end as I began by saying that the real moaning of these terms ought to be moro fully explained. I am a gold and silver bimetallist so far as the circulation of these two metals are concerned, with equal purchasing power and the moro silver you can circulate and maintain it at a parity of purchasing power the better I like it. But when you attempt by law—ignoring natural causation—to fix a stability of the relative values of these metals that moment I part company with you, as I believe that will transfer the measuring unit to the cheapest metal. Kindly excuse this letter, I thought I could not keep still altogether. I read all your articles with pleasure, but I thought that for the lost few Issues you were getting a little farther out to sea than I oared to see you go. J. M. COMSTOOK. [As THE UPPER DES MOINES under- Under the hew law the city election this year will come the last Monday instead of the first Monday id March. Four aldermen are to be chosen, Messrs. Vesper's, Dlngley's, Slagle's, and Cha- pln's terms expiring. Mayor Chrischil- les will issue his proclamation soon. DOINGS OF THE OITV COUNCIL. ALOONA, Iowa, Fob. 2.— City council met pursuant to adjournment at the city hall, Mayor Chriscbilles in the chair. Members present: White, Vesper, Pnino, Slagle, Chapln, and Sayer. Absent: Dingley and MoMa- hon. Minutes of the previous meeting read and approved. Moved and seconded that the following approved bills be allowed and warrants bo drawn on the treasurer for the same: Jns. Cowan, Inspection on sowor ...... 8 6000 Ferguson & Oownn, one cover , ... i os 0. A. Telller, dog tax notices ........ .' . i 00 WalkerDros., oil .................. H 15 Standard Oil Co., oil ............... .,"' 11 oo N. Crownwall, blacksmlthlng .......... 4 70 w. V. Carlon, street work .............. 18 00 Jno. Swoitzer, police services ......... 1000 W. H. Horan, salary, etc ............... 4100 Mrs. Beaj?lemyer, plat book ............ 500 Wm. Kuan, drayage ..... .. ...... ...... 00 G; G. Wright, freight and hauling ..... 185 Wm. Miller, lighting lamps ............ 20 00 H. W. Stebbins, hauling coal ..... ..... 8 00 Same .............. .................... 300 Crelllu & Lovell, castings .............. 2170 Tom Little, right of way ............... 10 00 M. Starr, printing ....................... 25 35 D. B. Flemmlng, car ot coal ........... 10 89 Northwestern By., freight on coal ..... 40 34 M. Starr, publishing ordinances ...... 4 00 F. 8. Norton, lumber ................... 44 L. Horan, salary, etc .................. 42 10 W. W. Baldwin, drayage ............... 1 00 S. D. Hamilton, right of way ........... 10 00 A. F. Dailey, work on well ............. 32500 Chas. Fisher, ailing sewer .......... .... 125 J. 0. Anderson, answering alarm ...... 1 00 D. Archibald, pumping nights ........ 0 00 Co., sewer tile ....... 250 03 event said outstanding Warrants shall cancelled simultaneously with the deltv of said funding bonds, the Intention b. to change but not to Increase the indebfc ness of said city of Algona. Moved and seconded that the tibrt as read do pass. Carried, Moved and seconded that Mr. Vesper be appointed a committee of one to tut* certain what arrangements can be made for the keeping of city prisoners. Carried. Moved find seconded to adjourn. Carried. J. L. DONAHOO, City Clerk* ALL IS NOW IN READINESS. stands the matter there are two classes of writers calling themselves bimetallists—one favors the use of gold and silver at a single standard of value, the other favors two standards which may alternate and fluctuate. During the period of our history when the United States was said to have bimetallism we had in fact two dollars, and used only the cheaper, which was silver at first, and then gold. We never had both metals in use at the same time. This is the policy which the Bryan party proposes to perpetuate. On the other hand France and the Latin Union had a bimetallism which in spite of great fluctuations in the commercial value of gold and silver kept both in circulation together, because the two dollars were interchangeable. France paid out silver for gold in large quantities at a time when gold was much cheaper, thereby holding it up. The equivalent of this system is what republican bimetallists propose to secure by international agreement. We have it now to as full an extent as one nation alone can go. The commercial world can safely allow free coinage at any agreed ratio, under such a plan. We would have but one standard of value, which under existing conditions would be the gold standard, and we would have the concurrent use of both metals maintained at a parity by the faith and credit of all the governments entering into the agreement. The use of the silver would in fact make what Hugh MoCollooh calls a "joint standard" because it would increase the supply of metallic money, relieve the pressure for gold, tend to equalize the metals, and otherwise materially effect gold values. But this joint standard would be a single standard just the same as though each dollar contained a certain proportion of both gold and silver, as Senator Beck of Kentucky once proposed. Col. Comstook and TUB UPPER DES MOINES agree exactly if we understand his letter. THE UPPER DES MOINES favors the existing standard, and tavors as unlimited coinage of silver as is consistent with its maintenance. Free coinage at any agreed ratio it considers possible, if the leading- nations will form a new Latin Union.] MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Goo. 0. Call, J. A. Hamilton & Carried. Moved and seconded that the present sower committee be authorized to make the final settlement with Crellin & Lovell after the inspector has approved the sewer. Carried. The following resolution was then adopted: Whereas, The city of Algona, a municipal corporation duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the State of Iowa, is justly and legally indebted on the following valid and outstanding warrants against the general fund, no single warrant being laigor than tho sum of $500, and it is doomed to the best Interests of said city to fund the same and issue its bonds at a lower rate of interest. Therefore, be it Resolved, By tho city council of the city of Algona, Iowa; Seo. 1. That there are hereby authorized to bo Issued by the city of Algona, Iowa, its bonds to the amount of $3,000 for the purpose of funding a like amount of outstanding warrants, which bonds shall consist of three bonds of tho denomination of $1,000 each, and numbered from one to three Inclusive. Said bonds shall bo designated "Funding Bonds of 1898," and shall be dated February 1, 1898, and become due $1,000 on tho 1st day of February, A. D. 1908, and a like amount each year thereafter until all are paid. Said funding bonds shall bear interest at tho rate of five per cent, per annum, payable seml-annually on the 1st days of February and August in each year, which Intercalation be evidenced by interest coupons to be attached to each of said bonds, and both Interest and principal of said bonds shall bo made payable at the First National bank, in the city of Chicago and state of Illinois. Sec. 3. Said funding bonds shall be issued under and pursuant to and in strict conformity with the provisions of title five, chapter 13, of the code of 1897. Sec. 8. Said funding bonds shall be signed by the mayor and attested by the city clerk with the seal of the city affixed, and tho interest coupons attached thereto shall be executed in the same manner, and when executed said bonds shall bo delivered to the city treasurer to be by him registered and sold, as provided by law, and the proceeds of said bonds shall be used only for the purpose of paying and discharging said outstanding warrants, or may bo exchanged for said warrants, par for par, and in uuy event said outstanding warrants shall be cancelled simultaneously with the delivery of said funding bonds, the Intention being to change but not to increase the indebtedness of said city of Algona, Moved and seconded that the resolution as read do pass. Carried. The following resolution was then adopted: Whereas, The city of Algona, a municipal corporation, duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the state of Iowa, is justly and legally indebted on the following valid outstanding warrants of said city, towit: Six thousand dollars in warrants against the water fund, no single warrant being larger than the sum of 1500, and it is deemed to the best interest of said city to fund the same and issue its bonds at a lower rate of interest. Therefore, be it Resolved, By the city of Algona, Iowa: Seo. 1. That there are hereby authorized to be issued by the city of Algona, Iowa, its bonds to the amount of $6,000 for the purpose of funding alike amount of said outstanding warrants, which bonds shall consist of six bonds of the denomination of $1,000 each, and numbered from one to six inclusive. Said bonds shall be designated "Funding Bonds of 1898," and shall be dated Feb. 1,1898, and become due, $1,000 on the first day of February, A. D. 1908, and and a like amount enoh year thereafter until all are paid. Said funding bonds shall bear interest at thu rate of five per cent, per annum, payable Bomi-annually, OB the first days of February and August iti each year, which Interest shall be evidenced by interest coupons to be attached to each of said bonds, and both Interest and principal of said bonds shall be made payable at the First National bank, In the city of Chicago, and state of Illinois. 6 Seo. 3. Said funding bonds shall be issued under and pursuant to and in strict conformity with the provisions of title live, chapter 13, of the code of 1897, Sec. 8. Said fund,i»gh<wcl8 shall be sj, with the seal of the terost coupons ""•-'• ecuted in the ecuted, city ti Institute to Be Held Tomorrow—Indications Are for a Splendid Meeting. Everything Is In readiness for a big farmers' institute for tomorrow, 0. L. Gabrielson of Hampton will be here, and also Addis Sohermerhoru of Charles City. Both are well known agriculturists, nnd will help to make this the best institute we have ever had. The program is as follows: THURSDAY, FEB. 10,1898. 10:00. How can we Improve Institute {system, Addis Sohormorhorn of Charles City. Discussion led by C. L. Gabrielson of Hampton. 10:30 Farm Machinery and its Care, 0. B. Hutchlns. ' . 10:50. Farm Rents Landlord and Tenant, E. Bacon. T ^Julian 1 ' 1 ™ 10 Dairylnfir VB - Qreamery, 11 :80. Poultry Raising for Profit, B. W. Donovan. ,.''"' APTBWNOON SESSION. 1:16. Farm Management, 0. Li Gabrielson, Hampton. 1:45. Co-operation Among Formers, M. DoL. Parsons. , • 2:15. The Farmers' Hog, Wm. Banks. 2:40. Good Roads, C. C. Chubb. ,,8 :10. Ornamental Tree Culture, E. Me- Whorter. 8:80. The Ward. r,^' How Best oan we Interest the Children in the Farm? Mrs. G. L, Carroll 4:80. Paper, J. R. Jones. raiDAY, FEB. 11, 10:00. Question Box Questions Answered. 10:45. Stock Feeding, W. K. Ferguson. 11:15. Saving of Corn Fodder, J. R. Davis. 11:40. worth. Farm Garden, Mrs. C. D. to be Opened and 1:15. Angus. 1:45. 3:00. 8:00. 8:80. The County Fair, J. W. Wads- AFTEHNOON SESSION. Possibilities of Dairying, G. S. Butter or Cheese, G. S. Wright. HogCholera, Dr. E. E. Sayers, Paper, Mrs. W. W. Annls. Paper, Harvey Ingham. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Alex. White is off on a visit with his parents. Mrs. Harvey Tngham and son came home Friday after three weeks at home in Dos Moiues. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Gilmore went to Spencer yesterday morning on a visit with their brother. Mr. and Mrs. S. 0. Spear are home from their Chicago visit, They report a very enjoyable winter month In the city. Chas. Kraft's brother was at Mason City Monday looking over that thriving town. A Kraft clothing store there is more than possible. A. D. Barker and D. A. Baker, two of the county's substantial farmers spent a week in Nevada visiting old friends. They are home again, John Goeders went to Chicago last Thursday evening to lay in that big stock of spring goods. He will buy more liberally than ever before. Col. Spencer is going to Chicago to attend a big Libby prison meeting today. The old prison is in Chicago, but is to be torn down and this will be the last meeting of the survivors of its horrors. Invitations are out for the marriage of.Miss Mary Taylor, oldest daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Joel Taylor, and Harvey Ward, son of Mr. and Mrs, Pinkney Ward, all of Union township. The happy young couple will go at once to a well stocked farm, the old Geo. M. Annis place, with every prospect of happiness and prosperity. An afternoon reception was tendered last Thursday by Mrs, P. W. Dingley and Mrs. J. L. Donahoo at the Dingley home to about 140 Algona ladles. Elegant refreshments were served, the house was beautifully decorated, and music added to the enjoyment of the hour. It was an enjoyable occasion for all who were so fortunate as to be pre8« ent. The liuwfc Trilby Show. The Black Trilby outfit were at Brltt. Here is Bailey's estimate of them: It was the rottenest, low down fake that ever appeared on the boards at opera ball. Their isn't an actor or actress In the whole aggregation, they assume to have a high grade entertain, ment when they haven't a voice in the whole aggregation but what eouadg like the wheeze of a 4th class steam engine. The mugs of the whole outfit, women and all, would break up a by' ena show. They have no merit, no wit, no beauty, and no shaw, TUe Cherry Sisters have made a fortune as fakes, this outfit ought to be million" aires in two months If that is what it takes to win. Now tp the public, the next show that games along a,n£ works us or attempts to work US, To? an aj, of then* performance is going to nut something besides a lot of * paper oHpptnga to prove opUHne will ttwy Tribune,

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