The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 2, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 2, 1898
Page 7
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tJM^R MOUSES: ALGONA IOWA, WM»N18BAY« 2, Favorite. "ftori't you find matrimonial bonds Irkfioriie, Billy?" "No; tei-ff wife pays more attention to her poodle than she does to me,"—Chicago Record. A package containing a light-colored ptvwderly substance was found in a closet sfae was cleaning, by Mrs. Phoebe J. Wilson of Long Ridge, Conn., and ehe threw it into the kitchen stove. In- staatly there was a terrific explosion, tfa<s stove was shattered, and Mrs. Wilson and her daughter-in-law were bad- If burned. The package contained White gunpowder. A P -ncll Shttch. A wide, wide stretch of heaving sea, A low-hang sky, and gray Soft mist that drifts, and drifting drowns, The somber Waning sky. Vague memories that will not form, Dear tones that will not speak Beat ori my heart, as softly beats The gray mist on my cheek. —Llschen M. Miller In Pacific Empire. The Knslost "Way. "I think I must really begin to economize." "How will you do it?" 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I had rather have one bottle of Dr. J. C. Ayer's Sarsapa- illa than three of any other kind." '-Mrs. A. F. TAYLOR, Euglevale, N. Dak- Get Ayer's Sarsaparilla. BG Bffl oa CANDY CATHARTIC CURB CONSTIPATION ALL DRUGGISTS 283.. IdWA LEGISLATURE AND FIVE MINUTES WORIC. AA/Ji) Tvant tlio nnmpa of your neighbors who b>iy spcds, and. If yon will send us tho addresses VV of flvo persons whom you can recommend ns liclus Interested In gardening or (lowers, wo \riltBOnd yon tlio following assortment of sends wortb $ for only 23 cents: Markae Hardeners' Beet, Washington Wnkeflold Cabbage, Pluk Aromatic Celery, Astro Cucumber, Sftvarietlesof Lettuce.mixed, Iowa Mastodon Musk Melon, Canary Island Onion, Improved linernsey Parsnip, 40 vax'iotles of Radishes, mixed, Honor Bright 1'omato, Know Bull Turnip and Now Rainbow 1'anny. Total, 12 full BlzBd juiclteta, making u complete garden suiiply, valueSl.OO. for 25 cents und the live names. Ijirge, beautifully illustrated catalogue f reo to all. Mention tb is paper when writing. Address OWA 3EED OCX Oes ftioines, Iowa. ^WWWMWWWVWWWJ^^ FREE ADVICE I'/ our Physician nnd n FREE SAMPLE of our medicine mid aB8-pngo Free Book treating all dUeiirtcs with 6G cxcelleut recipes nro some of tliu reasons why you should write us. Curos tho very worst cnuesof Dyspepsia. Constipation, Headache, Liver and Kidney diseases. Send for proof of It. .V<i Guarantee It. Write us about nil of your symptoms. Or. Kay's Renovator in sold by druggists, or stmt l>y mail on receipt of price, 35 cents ami 81.00, Address Dr. B. J. KAY MEDICAL CO., (Western Office) Omaha, Neb Rock Island Tourist Car Excursion to CflLIFORHIfl. Leave CnioAGO.vlaSoenlo Route, THURSDAYS. Via Southern Route, TUESDAYS. PERSONALLY OONDUOTBD For information and folders, write John Sebastian, C. P. A., Chicago. FARM gator's Seeds are Warnmtod to Produce. ' B. Walter, LeHixyavllle. 1'tt., auwnUtied tlio world ' ^ by gr<wtuigU50 tmMltols Sulzcr'H ooru; J* Hreider, I Mlililoott, Wla., 113 busk, barley, und F. Ktunot, Bandana, Iowa, by growing 198 bush. Bntzer'B onln per aoro. If you doubt, write thorn. Wo wish to gam 1SO,000 now customers, hcuco will Bend ou trial , 10 DOLLARS WORTH FOR 10C. I 11 pltgs of rare furra .Beeiii, Hoc Pen, Sand Vetch, \ '40o. Wheat,' Sheep Rape, Jerusalem Corn, eto., in- i eluding our mammoth Scojl Catalogue, telling all, •liout thb ?IOO gold prizes for best name for our • k new marrelous corn avid oats, "Prodigies, I alao sample of same, all mailed you upon receipt of but IQo. postage, positively warUi (10, to get it iUrt. 100,000 bills, ' Seed 1'otutoeu at ¥1.60 a bul. >L_ > vkgs. oarlleKt vegetublo .^^Vfi Please" Baud this •dv.aioug. ^aawddin in tho South. Cheap. Easy Terms. Vreu Oat. W.TI.Crawforil & Co., Suulborn Uulimliers, fio»li<llli>, 1'eun. NEWDlSCOVERYieivoa _ _ quick roiefaiiUcurea worst cusoa. send lor boolt of testimonials and 1O days' treatment Jl'roo, Ur.ll. 11. UliUKH'S t>UNB,Atlantn,aa. PENSIONS, PATENTS, CLAIMS. »J O H N W. MORRIS, WASHINGTON, D. C. Lato Principal Examiner V. B, Pension Bureau. syru.Iu tuoc war.loaujuuigaumi uiannu.ultj BIUCU. TRIAL BOTTLE -SENT k CDCC TJ5. TATT BUOS^'Elm^Cubclicater, N. T. WELL MACHINERY /Illustrated catalogue ehowing WELL AUGERS, BOOK DIUL1.S, H YDBAULIO AND JETTING MACHINERY, etc. BENT I?IIEU. Have been teKted and all ivarrantal. W. fil. THOMPSON CO., Succeawrs to Bloul City Engine Ik Iron Works SIOUX CITY, IOWA. WORTH OF PREMIUMS TOPS GIVEN AWAY WITH DR, SETH ARNOLD'S COUGH KILLER, U. S. Capitol Souvenir Spoonw. Scarf Pins, Sleeve Buttons and Watch Chains. Save the Maltese Cross on Outside Box. You will . flud a Premium certificate around each bottle. Bend the certificate and crosses to the Dr. Seth Arnold Medical Corporation, R. I. All Druggists and Country Stores. Price. 25c., SOc. and $1 00 HALLET PAVIS It's not cold in the south.., The weather this season in the South has 1 een all that could be desired, nud all who have already reached the resorts of Florida and tho Uulf Cpast are charmed with their locutions. The Louisville & Nashville Rail- rond Company's arr-ungemoats for through so'.'vice of Sleeping Cars aud Coaches from Northern cities are unsurpassed this winter. Tourist tickets, good to return until May "1st, are on sale by this line from all points, nt low rates. For full particulars, write to 0. P. Atiuore, General Passenger Agent, Louisville, Ky., or Geo. B. Homer, D. I'. A., St. Louis, Mo. Over a Half Ceniyry Favorites, SOW PIRECT AT FACTORY PR|C€S. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Writo for Catalogue i»ud J'vlcea UQ- foro buying. H ALLEY & DA VIS CO. H cUali five., Cor, Jackson St., ffwtw/ Boston BsUSW. CHIPAQQ, For maps, pamphlets, railway rates, etc., and lull information coucerning this country, enjoying exceptionally •pleasant climate und continuous good crops, apply to N. BARTHOLOMEW, Des Mcines, or P, HARRY MURPHY, Stral.orcJ, Iowa, Canadian Government Agents, SENATE. t)t« Moines, Jan. 24.—Among bills introduced was one by fitarriftmn to assign rooms 11 and 12 in the Capitol building as permanent quarters of the State Agricultural Soeiety. Senate agreed to house amendments to tRanck's bill governing fees for feeding of prisoners by sheriffs. notJSE. Farley offered a concurrent resolution to congress urging the defeat of tho pooling and anti-scalping bills. Hinkson presented a joint resolution to amend the constitution by striking out the word male. A memorial to congress for tho increase of the volume of currency vras offered by Downing. Bowcn presented a bill to amend code relative to manufacture of beet sugar and giving greater privileges to factories. Potter offered a bill relative to the manufacture of liquor. By its provisions the requirement wf a petition of consent from 05 per cent of the voters is stricken out and a three- fourths vote of tho city council is all that is necessary. SESATK, Des Moines, Jan. 24.—Little of importance •was done at to-day's session. The committee on highways reported a substitute for the till providing that township trustees shall see that grass and weeds on all public highways are cut. HOUSE. Gibson presented a bill to establish and maintain a normal school at LKJ Mars. T.iambcrt offered a bill to abolish tho office of state printer and binder and to provide for tho letting of tho state printing and binding by contract. Three bills were passed. One provided for the distribution of school funds by county treasurers; another provided for tho payment of tho contingent expenses of tho board of medical examiners, and another related to garnishments. ,TO:NT SESSION. In joint session tho members of tho legislature to-day elected Lafayette Young stato binder, Freeman Conaway state printer, Jones • warden of Ft. Madison penitentiary and Hunter warden of Aua- mosa penitentiary. A motion by Lambert to postpone tho election of state printer and binder until March 1, was defeated 85 to 50, Senator Alien, Garst and Kilburu anil Representatives Dickens Wilson and Smith of Green, voting with tho democrats to postpone, while Jaeger, democrat, voted with the republicans. SENATE. Dor, Moines, Jan. 2(5.—Ran ok presented bills appropriating ?SS,1.00 to cover tho loss bylhvutthc StatuUnivcruity and SMI,0011 to support tha school. Palmer, from the iT.ilroads committee, recommended for pass- afro tlio bill cjitc.'idhtfr tlio Him- for tho in- trodnction of automatic couplers. Ponroso called up liis bill extending tho time in which cities may work the roads from September to November. Tho bill passed by a vote of SO to 0. HOUSE. Downing introduced a concurrent resolution endorsing tho action of President McKinley in sending tho warship Maine to Havana, and sanctioning his policy of keeping tho navy of the United States in readiness to protect American interests in Cuba. Ray introduced his state uniformity text book bill. It provides for tho publication of such books within the stato and by Iowa printers. A commission of fivo mom- bei's is to havo charge of publishing the books. A motion by Smith of Harrison to reduce tho number of house employes was referred to the committee- on retrenchment and reform. A motion introduced by Ladd looks to the prompt payment by tho stato of its running expenses, by giving tho treasurer authority to sell stato warrants whenever the treasury of the stato becomes depleted. Such warrants are not to remain out longer than eighteen months and are not to draw more than 0 per cent. They aro moreover to bo redeemed at tho earliest possible opportunity. Bill giving railroads till January 1,1800, to equip their cars with automatic couplers passed. Cook's bill known as the Templo amendment was passed by a vote of 00 to 2, Hunt, dem., and Parker, rep., being tho only opponents of tho bill SENATE. Des Moines, Jan. 27.—Hobart presented a lengthy petition from the Northwestern Iowa Grain Shippers' Association setting forth that they havo been discriminated against in freight rates and demanding satisfaction at tho hands of tho interstate commerce commission. Hotchkiss introduced a joint resolution providing for equal suffrage. Bill changing the open quail season to November and December passed, as did also tho bill giving railroads until January 1,1COO, to equip their cars with safety couplers. HOUSE. Resolution to strike the word "male" from the constitution was reported favorably. Resolution granting regularly certified reporters for newspapers stationery, as heretofore, was defeated. Among tho bills passed was one by Ray providing for the printing 1 of the deaf and dumb alphabet in all readers and spellers used in Iowa after December 81,1899. SENATE. Des Moines, Jan, 28.-—Ellison introduced a bill providing that when a criminal has been convicted more than twice for burglary, grand larceny, counterfeiting or sim ila-r climes, after tho third conviction, hobo sentenced to not less than fifteen or more than thirty years in the penitentiary. .Mitchell's bill permitting counties to receive interest on moneys deposited in banks was passed. Adjourned till 2 p. m. Monday. The senate committee on constitutional amendments reported a substitute for Senator Titus's resolution to havo state elections biennial. There is no material change in tho substitute from the original resolution. HODSB. House passed senate bill granting rail roads till January 1, 1900, to equip their cars with automatic couplers. Joint resolution to redistrict tho stato into represent tative districts passed. Adjourned till 3 p. Hi. Monday._ A woman with money has always something to go bviy. It is said that Sarah Bernhardt has had her monument erected at Pero Lachaise, whither she repairs each TOonth and scatters flowers on her own •tomb. There is always one woman in the neighborhood who does- the breaking- in act of the new shoes of that neighborhood, says one of Arkansas' little .Travelers. Mary Ann Goater is the oldest pauper in London, She wtfcs 103 years old on November 3 last. She is an inmate of the flolborn workhouse. The Up; Another man is rising from the throng, Push him back! "Why should he presume to wish to get along? Push him back! "When, fit last you stand upon the lofty height, Work agetnst the wretch who tolls with honest might To emerge from neither darkness into light- Push him back! Another man Is crowding to the fore, Push him back! You're a leader, there must hot be any more, Push him hack! Stnnd together, ye thnt glitter In the vnn, Cry him down— the bold tresspasser— If you can- It you fall— well, then "all hall the coming man- Clear the track!" — S. E. Klscr In Cleveland Lender. A New Crnzy Sect In Connecticut. A lot of fanatics in the stato recently immersed an old rheumatic woman bodily in the water to "heal her" as they said. Sho nearly died in consequence. 'How much better it would have been to have treated tho poor old woman for her Infirmity with Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, which not only cures rheumatism, but prevents kidney complaint aud remedies dyspepsia, constipation, liver trouble and nervous prostration. Give it a systematic ti-ial. - Appreciated Their Needs. "Line up!" shouted the foot ball captain. "Dade an' It Is," shouted a voice from the tubs on the other side of the fence, "an 1 from the luks av yez, il'd do yez all good to be hangin' on It." New J'lventloim, Amongst the curl- jus Inventions which have just been secured by U. S. Letters patent may be men- oil Honed that of a Nebraska inventor, who ^-^ liaa just received a patent for a simple method of cooking feed, which can be employed by nny one without special apparatus. The invention consists in encasing an ordianry receptacle in a box or housing, containing stable manure, over which is sprinkled a certain preparation. As soon as the preparation comes in contact with the manure, heat is generated in a sufficient quantity to cook the feed. The patent was obtained through Sues & Co., patent lawyers of Omaha. A very unique invention is that which hr.s boon secured by a Michigan inventor, whien is called n bicycle boai, there being provision made for ten bicyclers, who positioned within a light boat i.o bo propelled by Coot power. Inventors d^Kiring free information may obtain the samo in n<Mi'o?sir., n ; Fuoa £ Co., patent solicitors, Omahn. Neb. It is much to tho credit oC the clergymen of New Orleans that during the recent yellow fever terror in that city not one of them deserted his post of duty. Yet their congregations diminished alarmingly, and in some cases entirely disappeared. BETTER THAN A SILVER MINE. The editor estimates thnt the increase iu yields had by the American farmer by planting Salzer's Potatoes and new creations in Wheat, Oats, Corn, Rye, Grasses and Clovers the past year amounted in round numbers to $50,000,000. The reason of this is Salzer's farm and vegetable seeds are bred up to big yields. Salzer is the largest grower of grasses, clovers and farm seeds in the world; 100,000 barrels potatoes, $1.50 a barrel and up. JiiBt Send Tlii* Notice with 10 Cents to John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., and get their great catalogue and 11 packages farm seeds, positively worth $10, to get a start with, w.n.b. A cab owner had the word "Excelsior" pointed on the door-panel oE all his vo- h cles. He explained tliat his motto was "hire." AN OPEN LETTER TO MOTHERS. We are asserting In tho courts our right to tho exclusive use of tlio word "CASTOHIA," und "PITCHER'S CASTOK1A," ns our Trade Marlt. I, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of Ilynnnls, Massachusetts, was theorlslnatorof "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," the sumo that lias borne and does now Bear tho fac-simlle signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on every wrapper. This Is the original "PITCHER'S CASTORIA" which has been used in tho homos of the mothers of America for over thirty years, Look carefully at the wrapper and see that It is "tlio kind you have always bought," anil has tho signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on the Wrapper. No one has authority from me to use my name ei cept Tho Centaur Company of which CUas. U Fletcher Is President. Uarcli 8, J397. SAMUEL, PITCHER, M. D. Uecretary of the Interior Bliss has as the assistants in his department four ex-con- gressmeu and an ox-nmyor, There is more Catarrh in this section of tho country than all other diseases put together, and until the last few years was supposed to be incurable. For a great many years doctors pronounced it a local disease and prescribed local remedies and by constantly failing to cure by local remedies, pronounced it incurable. Science has proven Catarrh to bo a constitutional disease and therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is tho only constitutional cure on the market. It is taken internally in closes from 10 drops to a teuspootiftil. It acts directly on tho mucous surfaces of the system. They offer OHO hundred dollars for any case it fails to euro. Send for circulars and testimonials. Address, F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, Ohio. Sold by Druggists, 75c. Hall's Family Pills are the best. It Is astonishing how many men, ot whom you would not suspect it, will lie. Don't Toliacco Kplt sml fmo'io Your Lift Away. To quit tobacco easily und forever, be magnetic, full of life unrre and vigor, take No-To-Bac, the wonder worker, that makes weak men strong. All druggists, 5()o or $1. Cure guaranteed. Booklet und sample free Address Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York. Everybody has had some difficulty with somebody. nirs. AVlnslow'ts Soothing syrup For children toothing.uuttona tho Kimts.i educes liirtam n,allays imlu. cured wind coUc. 20 couta <i bottlu. Off Mrs. afti Asks Women td Ssek Gtif 6s and Not Mere Tatnpoi'arj?' Belief From Pain. Special forms of suffering lead many a I Woman to acquire the morphine hablt.l One of these forms of suffering is a dull,! persistent pain in the side, accompanied by f heat and throbbing. There is disinclintt-[ tion to work, because -work only increases | the pain. This is only one symptom of a chain of troubles; she has others she cannot bear to confide to her physician, for fear of. an examination, the terror of all sensitive!" modest -women. The physician, meantime, knows her condition, but | cannot combat her shrinking 1 terror. He yields to her supplication for something to relieve the pain, lie gives her a few morphine tablets, xvith very grave caution as to their use. Foolish woman I She thinks morphine \villhelp her right along; she becomes its slave 1 A wise and a generous physician had such a case ; he told his patient he could do nothing for her, as she was too nervoxts to undergo an examination. In despair, she went to visit a friend. She said to her, "Don't give yourself up; just go to the nearest druggist's and buy a bottle of Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. It will build you up. You will begin to feel better with the first bottle." She did so, and after the fi f th bottle her health was re-established. Hero is her own letter about it: " I was very miserable ; was so weak that I could hardly get around the bouse, could not do any work without feeling tired out. My monthly periods had stopped and I was so tired and nervous all of the time. I was troubled very much with falling of the womb and bearing-down pains. A friend advised me to take Lydia 13. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound; I have taken five bottles, and think it is the best medicine I ever used. Now I can work, and feel like myself. I used to be troubled greatly with my head, butlhave had no bad headaches or palpitation of the heart, womb trouble or bearing-down j>v, pains, since I commenced to take Mrs. Pinkham's "- medicine. I gladly recommend the Vegetable Compound to every suffering woman. The use of or"* bottle will prove -what it can do."—MRS. LUCY PEASLEY, Derby Center, Vt. < Vunctmttloii. Tommy—Paw, the paper says something- about Mr. Blore'a brilliant speech and has a question mark In a Bracket after "brilliant." \Vhat does that mean? Mr. Figs—It means "nit." JJ. nnvl (). rroslilcfitH. The recent annual meeting o£ the Baltimore and Ohio R:ulro;ul comply. v.'liich was its scvinUy-a'r-it, brings lo mind the fact that the 13. & O. had had (.en proKtueiiis in seveiity-oue yc.'irs ns follows: Philip K. Thomas, Louis McLanp, Thomas Swan, William C. ll:irrls«n, Chaunccy Brooks, John \V. Garrctt, Robert Gar- I'ett. Samuel Spencer, Charles F. Mayer and John K. Cowon. The line was put in operation to Harper's Ferry in 1S34, was built to Winchester, Va., in 1S3C, and to Strasburg in 1S70. Westward it went to Cumberland in November, 18-12, and on to Wheeling, W. Va., by Jan. 1, 1853. The Parkersburg branch from Grafton to Parkersburg was opened May 1, 1857. It is the only great railroad company that is being operated under its original name and charter. A man thinks nothing Is smarter than for his children to learn things without taking lessons. . Mary A. Hiilis the noted Evangelist writes: "1 gladly give my testimony to the healing pvopertios o£ 13V. Kny's Lung Balm. My son hud a terrible coun;h every winter for five years and he took dozens of bottles of the leading cough medicines but nothing Roomed to help him or quiet his cough. But two !i"> cent boxes of Dr. Kny's Lung Balm hus cured him, nud it has also been a great relief to other members ot my family when afflicted colds." Wo are positive that Dr. Kay's Lung Balm and also Dr. Kay's Renovator have no equal*. If you have any disease write us and givo your symptoms and our physic-inn will semi free a (vice nud a valuable OS page book with Dfi recipes and giving symptoms and various methods of treating nearly all diseases. Wo will also send a free sample of Dr. Kny's Lung Bului or Dr. Kny'« Renovator. Address Dr. B. J. ICiiy Medical Co., (Western OfHce) Omaha. Neb. The difference between an optician and an editor is, the former may wear his own glasses, but the latter was never known to read his own iiaoer. It Kcjips tlio Foot AVnrm ntul Dry. And is the only cure for Chilblains, Frostbites, Dump, Sweating 1 Feet, Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen's Foot-Kiisc, a powdor to be shaken into tlio shoes. At all Drugsrists ami-Shop Stores, IMC. S;i tuple s./nt FRK13. Ad- dross, Alh'ii S. OlmsU'd, L«Iloy, N. Y. ' They'll coine to congress by and by, AV'e'll know that they are there, And Ifll whore each la seated by The tidy on the chilli-. —Washlnpton Star. F'tnr Toluici.'o i?i tlio lending brand of ho world, becuus-o it. is tl;s best. It scorns tn us It. would In? awfully hard to love a Klrl who can't Kins. [fB ± c o%:iSt Thompson's Eye Water Full Illustrated descriptive imml- (icrudon llturutiirc I'm 1 . IVntago.lOo. ATIi 1'KKSS UUUliAU, T.lllalaiBCC. — Wo want your stories, poems and book MSS.; best prices: inclose stamp. Author.saml Writers Unfon,Culoaso,lll. ' nPrnnnvct MIZTAH OANOHB, ! JLUmorS! KKMKDVI I'erfect euro at your home! Never lost a slnple cnfiol Write for circulars. Ml/i'All BIBUICINM CO.. Monsoy N Y Only Personally Conducted Tourist Excursions to PORTLAND, ORE., run Via GREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE Leave CHICAGO Thursdays Good oonnectionsforTACOMA and SEATTLE Writefor Rates and Klondike Folder. Jno. Sebastian, C. P. A., CHICAGO* Go to your grocer to-day and get a 150. package of Do You Unnco To-Nlght? Slialtc into your Shoes Allen's Foot- Ense, a powder for the feet. It makes tight or New Shoes feel Easy. Cures Corns, Bunions, Chilblnins and Swent- iny Feet. At all Drug-gists and Shoe Stores, Sfic. Siimpio sent FREK. Ad- ciress, Allen S. Olmsted, Leltoy, N. Y. Expenses never seem to run so high as when one's income is real small. Coughing Lends to Consumption. Kemp's Balsam will stop tho cough at once. Go to your druggist to-day and gut a sample bottle free. Sold in 25 and 50 cent bottles. Go at once; delays are dangerous. How much time liusy people have to waste with those who want nothing. No-To-Hiu; for Fifty Cents. Guarariiui:<l tutuvcu liali i cuio, tuakus weak men 6ta -ax, liluoii nuiu. iilli;, fl. All (ini^i;.iiti,. A big man w'.tli a soprana voice Rounds lust as funny aa a little man with a deep bass voice. My doctor said I would die, but Pise's Cure for Consumption cured me.—Amos Kelner, Cherry Valley, Ills., Nov. 2ii, '1)5. After some men's loafing has proved a failure, they write lontr articles on Industrial problems. TO CURE A COI.D JN ONK DAY. Take Luxativo Hromo Quinine Tablets. All lie money Hit fails to cure. ~ou We wonder what on onrth an Inside vest pocket is for.—Avashlngton Democrat. It takes the place of coffee at i the cost. Made from pure grains it is nourishing and healthful. Insist that your Rrooer gives yon GRAIN-O. Accept no imitation. OHi^^SSS^^. ','^^Pr.*.t--.-."k.- J / l r. \." .-., ':','• ;,•/..'.• ; ,,;' •, .» It Cures Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat. Croup, ln> lluenza, WhoopingCougli, Bronphitisand Asthma. A certain cure lor Consumption in first stages, and a sure reiisf inadvancedsJages. Useatonce. You will see the excellent effect after taking the first dose, Sold by dealers everywhere, Larga bottles 25 cents and DO cents. W. N. U. Des Moines. No. 6—13»8. When Answering Advertisements Wiodl) Mention This Taper. We wonder why preachers always pray longest when we nro standing:. Coo's Cough Balsam Is the oldcet auU bc;.t. It will brrnk up « cold quicker than uuytbiuj; ubo. It IB always reliable. Try it. We are always surprised whon ft real Email man amounts to tuiylhlng. Smoke Sledge Cigarettes. SO for 6 cts. The averege weight of a may's U fourteen pounds. Thousands havo been cured promptly of NEURALGIA"

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