Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 24, 1938 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1938
Page 6
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EDITORIAL PAGE K0e$tttf) THURSDAY ' Iowa, under the Act of 2, 1879. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION °" th ounty P 0910 "!"" and bordering Bode ' Brlt '- 'Buffalo , Tv«m n ™» > c J' llndc '-. Elmoro. HiitcHlns. IJvcrmorc, Ottosen Rake, Rlngsted, Rodriian Stilson, West Bond, and Woden, year ____ $1.60 n n t ml Upper D , es M "lnes both to same address at any postoffloe In Kossulh county or any neighboring postoffice named l n No 1 year ............................. „ ___ '$2.60 S-Advance alone to all other postofflces year $2 50 e9 questionnaire is never expected. All that Is necessary is that there be enough replies to give an indication of the probable general division of opinion. The Gallup polls are conducted on somewhat the same theory. The first question was, Do you believe that The COLYUM Not Be Too me tint question was, Do you believe that XJOW AND THEN columnists do pass on to he United States government should protect ^ another and haDDler world Granted that ,, , - ------- ------- r-~-""" uuuiuei- HIIU uappier woria (grante the investments of American citizens in foreign ! si. Peter Is merciful). C nly lately the e, and 61 voted nay. Nine iowa editors Second ouestion- a houw one of the very best of i China? Vote: 20 aye; 51 nay. Third: Do you believe that States M **°™ points points t hey been advised to leave year, , m MA d , ---- •-• —cj •* ,, »»uu 11^. ,T CU3 LI »• * and arrangements have been made for their attack. According to his above arc considered continuing subscriptions evacualtion? Ayes, 4- navs fifi to be discontinued only * ' on notice from sub- - ............ ... „„. scrlbers or at publish- another world war lh P er's discretion, sub- " ° r ' a wat the : Do you believe that In the event of fL t0 ambulances say he improved in the gent for him to get to the were In 1)—d Serious. world (granted that news<* Do American Fdrmers Want Regimentation? Answer Appears to Me That Some Bo and Some Don't and lit Missouri, They Don't Hy Georffo anllorno In Plain Talk, DCS Molncs, •In years of long ago the United age, eelf-rcspectlng farmer than States farmer was the most free and independent citizen of any country In the world. Eulogies was the old AAA. What -will be the farmer's reaction to this new law? Wo don't _ were wrltten to him. Songs were k but we can gUOS8 that, If ' the Ilk. Famed wit written lauding his freedom and own freo judgment in °e will give H a rude his death his fellow !«** » nd his , toil were matters of ; rndown . And outguess |, forti- - ™ 1,1. A , l H American that he was, he would lave been amused to his independence. His rugged hon- S6r *° neS> Such ! know thft t in remarks on , . columnist, Christopher M.rley would recall al priie , ° ve '7 whoi : e ' The farmer lov- f)6d „ the results of a aurv ey i n i * 1,1 i " sl " IJIler Jvi)r >ey. wouia recall a| d ]lls independence, his freedom, . \ Missouri recently by the '' recently by the The pa- himself. Here goes— and he lived up to these eulogies tell with his own lftnd those paeans of praise which | p e 'r'g| n t"7his''ils't"orquestlons"to the farmers In Its immediate torrl- In were his just due. Of late years, markedly 1933 and the inauguration c since t tho tory: hospital at once; all lorvice so a hearse <3.nt 00 w a States could was sent to fetch him. li this somber __ !_._. ouiliuui , ^ uim.ii.i.iuii. o u u- b - - - ,,,.„ „>,„,. ,.„ iCLuu mill, m tins somDor. siassSrS.SXVn'SS: ±'°" " nd . SUCCeSSful * »»«»t.ln a raned vehicle he was laicl on a stretcher and will be discontinued without notice one month after expiration of time paid for, If hot e ™ UirAl P° siti °"? Ayes, 38; nays, 29. rolled off toward tho clii jlc. But on the way, halted in a traffic jam, the s ab out, his land controlled, Production regulated, his sur- y°« » you? . mvor M' vt -'" ul payment will be extended If"muie'sted'V'v wrtln Fifth: Do you favor an International quar- of belligerent nations—that is the " Ka l' se 1JUllea "P next'to I a smart little open nvon trade boycott w^merT '" ^i' 0 '' 'H frollcs °me young ^ere them? Ayes, 49; nays, 16. jof their^Irth^heVnoHri--- 1 "-"-™ 1 -^ nerves ' I LO J/lWllUlsllUM 1 ^£jl*l*H,OUf miiuuini - f plus in crops and live stock de- Payments for your farm? stroyed. There was probably not 3. Do you favor government a farmer In the land but revolted crop control and government crop at the slaughter of little pigs, run- quotas? nlng Into the millions, and not I <• Do y° u favor tho government fixing prices on farm products? Out of 142 answers to these Q. ,, , . ' i •• "»•» ni ciiej jiuuut ibixtn and last: Do you approve of the pres- chariot alongside; they, p Facts Every Auto Driver Ought to Know The Travelers Insurance Co. has just .„ leased for free distribution a handsome 38- - Ayes> 3G; nays ' 34 ' page booklet which ought to be required study ' In the coun t'T at large 1673 editors out of for every motor vehicle driver. Its title the 12 ' 521 voted ' and the results follow: No 1— reverse of that of a "best seller ' """" "" ent neutrality act, whereby the president is aver - and elanced reverently through the given the authority to declare when a state of J?*"? 1 whor « Don's burly war exists between foreign nations and to b™h\ 12S £ ^* re- , 'L war niat erials embargo against them?, burn and syncope, „ 'and magnificent wink' owvu 1 .' "'tuneiQ checks, which to him to quiet his could silence his con- questions it is noted that only 11 outlawed of the fanners gave answers of the comments A , m °^ g , from the ] lordes o f n tt i e control- made by tho farmers who At tw A * oeattyt \ 1™ trom Washington who were answering "no" to the 1! attempting to regiment him, to tell were the following: were queries inni of them with i inem Wltn a i him what and when to sow, and i how to reap, and when to sell. | "Just leave me strictly alone." which we used to sing. We think loAva farmers, If left free from the Nn d f or for , was ever better furnish- seem to believe In tho rugged In- bVm'ir 1 '"I 1 am uT nrad dependence of the farmer about ,hn '" '^u!^—, " "'"cm NJ,™** imppcis "We don't want to live under a j blandishments of the politicians to niiuH >cu 'f ni;o > Now Washington has put the' dictator, and we are able to run i express themselves, would be say- :a d a ./n Korca l last touches to a new AAA, more our own farmers without the aid '"" i»=> whnt thnir hmthor no-ri. i. .. MM Wind Sam, the cause for which I cannot say. I consider It borrowed money for someone else to pay." "I believe tho new farm bill now being debated In congress will damage the farmer Instead of help him." "My wife and I have put CO years of hard work and economy Into our home here, and woo be to the snooper who tries to dictate to me. I still own my old shotgun." "We cannot control production because wo cannot control tho weather." , ' "I suggest P. D. II. take a long fishing trip. If Roosevelt would take a six months' vacation twice a year, and take Wallace with him, we would be better off." "Let us bo 100 per cent free to act and perform our duty to the dictates of our own conscience. 1 ' "And may the good Lord help us!" Those Missouri farmers seem to " atnr . c«n!>r| : ;fheA81 Tre 11 '"'^^' rccPntiy she second I,, and she nhe;,!K! was minus ( around i," crc i°5rSea, >the tart! Tiiose Missouri rarmers seem to <-(„ "•>> '"" n 1 have minds of their own, and they , rln H"!" y """' lia<, 8ata 2 i L : !;! ' " 0| " rad B ™ n " physically massive as a shrug. three years ago, is "Death Begins at 40." The 4 "-° 82 - 591 ; 5—1175-394; 6—982-638. idea is that statistics show that if an accident So there you have what the editors think. occurs while a car is being driven under 40 But pleaso remember the warning that few, if miles an hour here is only one chance in 44 any ' ° r tllem Iulow enough about our foreign ... __ _ _„ JU , U that someone will be killed, but when the 1M)llcles to qualify for opinions worth while. isome °ne else's car and attempt, with screams, gesture of Intiriate apocalypse: he vicious and more trying on the of Hitler" soul and co wink «eem as of two or ^ yeS jA U : nays ' W08; 2-437-1202; 3-91-1561; !o? eye^ro^ soul and conscience" of" the"aver-' "I received a check from Uncle Ing just what their brother agri- j ^ , 0 .:±, rtti1tiit>1ti4t9 nn*t/\ttn rt»i *> t*mt ll«/itm 1^/i»« 1./IJ. culturlsts across our southern border are saying. Don't you? At any rate, Don alway , sels fell into a hysteric seizure, and as rolled away he saw them crash into insisted, the dam- his epeed rises above 40 miles the .hazard is increased to one in 19. It is surprising to learn that at only 25 miles a car develops enough energy to roll over once, but at 50 miles the energy is sufficient for rolling over four times, and at 75 also consider whether the ques- or unconsciously tionnaire was consciously "rigged" for favorable replies. Finally, you might add a few questions, such as: Do you think we should have any foreign trade? If so, do you think we should protect to^explain to a disbelieving policeman. "I'll bet," he used to say, "they led always running away from a fight? miles it has increased to nine times. The "' ami llow ' would >' ou go about it to do so? chances are against death from a. single roll, R ° you tllink we snoul d turn tail like a cow- but it is a lucky accident if no one is killed at ftrd and slink off wnen foi 'oign nations insult 50 miles, and at 75 miles the game is rigged ns and tram P le °n our undoubted rights? Do in death's favor. At 25 miles a car purrsTike y ° U know of flny way to make the American a cat; at 50 miles it is a bobcat lying in wait; fUlS res P ected abroad if we adopt a policy of at 75 miles it is a raging, charging tiger. There is another striking lesson in the matter of turns. Any student of physics learns that the first law of motion is that a moving body tends to continue in a straight line, and the second law is that the energy of such a body is in proportion to the square of the speed. In the case of an automobile this means that at 25 miles a fairly sharp turn can now and then the"payVboos'ted* In be made without danger, but at 50 miles the the Pensioners will be numerous enough°to"at- "turnability" bas been reduced to one-fourth, 1 '.™^" 1 . 0 attention of the politicians, and 70 and at 75 miles it has been cut to only one- ' tratos what" tha't^fll'me^ ^^ 1)ensions illus " "tj it is not at points of obvious danger ^^% t lS^™£ ^^»*£ like turns that the unbelievable majority of ment for state senatorial redistiictin- ™Velf accidents occur; it is not in fog, rain, or snow, iL 's not dead, but sleeping, though it might as Jior on icy roads. Surprisingly, again, it is on W ., \ de , ad ; ^ ext winter someone will intro- Ihe BtraiBht-away In dry, clear weather. Last S^.h^H 1 ", 0 ^^ 1111 ,^ * will either be by legislators lives after that. better •jv.i.v'" THE RECENT CHARGE that business, to THE MO VIES By T. H. C. TECIINICOLOIl ORGY— iHenie's current cinema opus, /CUSTOMERS AT THE New Call Happy Landing, but I think it will *"*•«*-«! luui, uliOllltrtSS. LU \J 1 t i ' spite F. R., had conspired to bring about a o7 o* wlor T^ treated to . an probahly be sufficient. Not that It recession and thus wreck the New Deal, in- dlshed° up° ^bwbte-t^ur^teilhn* '^^ 8 °° d entertain:ncnt <mcl a suspired the New York Sun columnist to write ' colors unbelievably easy on the P er - su l )er - au l ) or-productlon, but a AAA Control as the Antis See It [Plain Talk, DCS Molnes.] about tho f A lltitle modern fable la going'thick. u p tn „„, the rounds which illustrates the a K° the U. s. ne New Deal crop control plan and ed well nal strife and Great Britain, keep the world taking it cai . v oniTrt. .. ». aecret TlM makes it, as simple A-B-C. Ifero It is: plain Once upon a time there was ;im ont as | world, nnd the averKi fttui some of the cutest verse seen in recent years eyes ftnd one has tho feelin g, while Ilttlc of this sort of thing goes a j shirts. It's entitled Ga-Ga Ballad and hp™ -fio ' viewin s a picture, that one is be- long way for mo, and I think I So f farmer who sold two chickens and | condition--much with the proceeds bought it i.^ made to!««k) Wedn Timely Topics r ____ Tnere wcr e 311 persons on the old age pens's 01 -in/pr P^nr"" 1 , '? , January ' and they got ° "' , n 8 £' ooe y ne year there were 30,170 fatal and 687,700 non-fatal accidents in clear weather on the straight- ' f;r "istitution. away, but only CIS.) fatalities and 156,100 non- 'Many drivers are not observing the new law fatalities in fog. rain, and snow combined. ' requiring hand signals on making turns but This may jn part be because clear weather is ' P rob ably one Marvin Hull of Clarion has de- thc rule, but at that the figures are startling. 1 fg[' t , ecl . thei . r numbei > Last week he agreed to They seem to show beyond doubt that drivers'of his faHureto^Tve 6 a 1 sig™af ea n g d r ° Wing - OUt d.> exercise some sense in the presence of error cost him $1425 plus*casts'. The onVsa'fe l;nmvn dangers, but grow careless in the de- J thing to do, always, is to obey the law. r.-inive safety of a dry, straight speedway. Xi>r can the blame be shifted to the car; it's Ballad, and here 'tis— I love to see my profits drop And watch my business go; I'm glad to have to close my shop- It hurts the New IJeal so! I like to see my future crash— I love a business jar; I crave the loss of all my cash- It hampers F. D. R.! To ruin me, ah, that's) MY aim! For suicide's such fun W ^\! 1 is done to p ^ the blame 'Right up to Washington. When customers in panic flee It cheers my very s6ul' I just go broke to put, you see, New Dealers in a hole! When all is idle day and night And I am low and flat I'm satisfied, for it wjll spite Some great big democrat! 2525. the farmer had two shirts ing gently soothed by the beauties have seen enough'to satisfy"mvqpiri and tllc clty man had two chlck- of Nature in much the same wav „,„,. ,.,. ,..., . .. . y . " 1>sl - lc ens. Then along came the New and told the farmer he should get! ft '°nB with tlie two makes your old carl ,| that\nli wants you to buy a , n the OTOH .. , ' " • blizzard It does make a il( , (3 snow^l clgaret machine JOU i nortn'I Olio in AlKonn mv .in and at al wns Will as a golden sun^t^ T^ilv^ th * !t ' S ^ -other-skating pic- moon effects sentimental persons. , ture - • 0 __ Donald Duck was a bit trying—' * heard one song by Ethel Mor- more money for his chickens °by whore perhaps at least, five reels of it. Donald is ma " and I think that will suffice ! making tnom scar cer—he must not likely to be so parto«~ T - ..— a rambunctious little rascal, with too. Sonja herself is a culn IIIMP' n so mally and tnen he would The penny-change I jWEnnei « a :snsr4;r*;±s^ t irrr j " ~" """ Kras-ssarsrc r; £ u r>" s«s^^^\r=K:?%-;?»; get more income. Tho New Deal a tube in the innard over tliolalso told the working man In the chine. However, If tw that he must work fewer doesn't put pennies IT and get more money, a com-1 of course caused .- - any doubt the ronntrv "TT",*',"'VY,T e Clty , in I)roducts to cos t n i° ro money, about that, and I'll admit that I hel 3,?' J^L. ^f-".?. has l N °w, the farmer brought That, was drawn to the double-bill more by visions of the playful Donald than by the lure of Ebb Tide. :shin „.,, .„ ,,.„, .. Well, Donald didn't exactly dls- ! country on Mm HnL appoint me, but the action was too And r K furious, the pace too wearing on i(B '",.., sensitive nerves. Walt's genius is more apparent when he itakes a more simple them, like the Three _ . one -1 chicken to market. He got as much o money for it as he had previously i-lr-otten for two chickens. He felt greatest fi ne . . , ' raiso she d ° ncar for , , lady mer - has gone grammarian on I,* 1 " S ? ttoel> Little P'RB. or Th^'Country Mou,V '^ 7 ^ " huild -^-" M ^^ sss £ a ^ :±:^ ^&^sz:i??%g~ , , . a , m : , Wrticularly impress- ''u.ld-ups." Moreover I'm not in favor of these su- ibe driver. ]„ 1937 fewer than one in ten of b»th Ialu , and non-fata, accidents were trace- I lo to faulty cars, and even that proportion , dollar" congress. obey the law. By next year interest alone on the national feht will be ?976,000,000-almast a billion, the whole cost of fed- s He went to buy some shirts, but an JT id < the cigarets advantage of the"ni* B »i* o i«s salesmen say. is that "** * n *y now have to buy their -' ne CH Wc * ««, the fan There is nothing („ ^ ; that the Charity Balli, ized, aided and abette! „ ants wishing to sell d J d . Mra> f , whereas without the New Deal the the women's idea. found that shirts had also doubled women who attended ,™ d *JL^ in price. So he got one shirt. Now the farmer has one shirt and the city man has one chicken, i * the di Tbefl»oof w «55f§ men is approaching Mi. -— , farmer could have had two shirts the housewife foe Is the, and the'city man could have had'tremors of the urge two chickens. ' her into a feverish This Is called "the more abund- life. March And mavbe one too ma™ „,,, o .. ly okin S- From then on the tempo the temnintin I Sometimes increased by leaps and bounds, me temptation is strong to resign. For what ending in a perfect riot of color good does it do? Walter Lippmann and Gov- ftnd action ' ornor Kraschel go right..on, Walt with his EBBTIDE- Words By a Democrat <»• tHc Xew Deal's Spending Spree to End Now Tnnc for the \e,v Deal's Spending Spree to l!y A. L. Anderson, Dein^ that the- so-called ,., J n B | ngHted nispntcli Government in this coun would have been less if all cars had always try now cos ts something like 20 per cent o 1-oen kt-pt in good condition. In more than 93 '^!f national income. Is the kind we get wort per coin uf reported accidents investigation j disclosed that the car was apparently in good w «at would you say were the seven deadly condition. Tho actual figures show the cars in '««!,?» °Ll 1 '. e _.?, re f.? nt ,. da _ y? .. 0ne Grace Lelgl ^iiod condition in 43,150 fatal and 1,212 490 nun-fatal accidents as compared with only'elude booze: wealth withou7~Vo'rk; U "!)oHtics :;^5(i fatal and (lli.SlO non-fatal accidents in the wj thout principle; science without humanitv ..,,. . . MTlflllof»'»rnr!fTir\..t-,. — ,*,.. . J drivers! character; defective cars. What an indictment of ' lndus ^ without morality; pleasure withou conscience; knowledge without wonship without sacrifice. It isn't the .sex of drivers, either, nor their youth, or their experience, that counts, though K here we can't be dogmatic with percentages, ' w &s to steal $80~from a'wn'ton' Junction i.ecau.se, comparatively, so few women, young'J^ 1 they ret urned the money—after they had man , , people, and inexperienced persons drive cars 'H" • sent ^ ncecl to a state reformatory. Now Opinions of Editors —•— Why America Must Ann. Emmetsburg Democrat TV,« liiu we do know that last year the women fig- [many^om^one "rod in only S.3 per cent of the accidents as gypsy steal even'aTmuch'as'Vana' against !M.7 per cent for men; that young peo- j happens. Once more, why are gyr plo under 2-1 accounted for only 26.5 per cent muue from real Penalties? its compared with 73.5 per cent for persons "vc.r 2-1; and that in 95.9 per cent of the accidents the drivers had had a year or more of experience. Drivers over 65 can take pride in the fact that their percentage, was only 1.3. The motor vehicle i.s one of man's greatest boons, but it carries a growing menace that Prints a .startling problem, particularly in ' mc«caTIdeall,t would ke Amoni-a. In this country last year 40,300 per- where we had " tons were killed in motor vehicle accidents and .1,221,090 were injured. Every year since statistics were first gathered for 1918 there has been an increase In fatal accidents, and lhe yearly number is now more than twice what it was then. This country has fought six major wars in its ICO years, and in these wars, which altogether covered 15 years the number of soldiers killed in action and dying of wounds was 24-1,357. But brace yourself for frhock: 1 ' J Jh-ii" IOf " r " '''• U ' ' S t '"" ri " ousl >' "'"^ "i-ad- it has cost lll,!)l-_> Auioric-un lives! a see what gypsies im- S '" a cundit 'on na- Inventors— Mere's a Tip! ' .ti tes How the Editors Stand on Foreign Policies The Industrial News Review has conducted another questionnaire among editors, this time ii™ n on American foreign policy. It may well be weak -Hed to account. S Were it better to Q ui t and have done with make the wuin ° l settled he The The action was painfully slow, and the plot only loosely patched together. It .Is one of those things i attempt to preserve the English slanguage ent destination and Inds°"n a^ort puie and undefiled for uncounted generations ° f t dazed finale which le ^ves the on (u . tififli .., n — — s u.uug ear rots- is7b n ou e t ring wtat an the ^srkr^raa^, ^\ I couldn't get the drift of the ac- CnbVfhnVr ' 1< ' n ""' ' ' " tion—what the story set out to tell —or what f ' ious actors instead of Wherein School Board Serves as Aid to Dan Cnjiid. tSwea City Herald ] wh?t«ugh7 i n i ™e 0l of°/h a Cert ' ain y ° un e ™» in northwest'Voss'mh/and 0 wh£ dat6d °""" 1 " Dllliar to rnnnv r»^^r,««~ t_ _ r wo m ™ Io admit it or dent becn floati »E along -ear on rosp a- he fir n't get the drift of the ac- ' " y < ° W D ° al were of ftn em-irigate each it the story set out to tell ,,'„ " * ,!; atui ' 0 ' lvo '-th while under amount nf t the functions of the var- J° •"'" l °" S ' t )ut wlle 'i the coun- not over on PBwere. The hero was a b ac k in U l lat U ' was eoming ration nurn Blllatlns type, not brave, ™, k , ^ ™'™lcy and trying to six or ™t !<»» g ' V6 has been a later. Presi- should turn a deaf pleas for money for " and that weak, vacillating type, not brave, ^l,, Tint Hpiormlnnil T»nif ««~., ^j_ .. _ , "'UU1U o n ., o n to many persons here 7 T?U . nolt romantic—not what we have learned to expect of our> cinema heroes. The heroine, re U he was offered, and accepted a »i 8U mmer Frances Farmer, sort of trailed than he had here. At the end of th P ° S ^ 01 } ' along - not « uite knowing what to nornacv nd on its ,,wn feet been and Insist that go for at instead of as soon as the waran out. Then the housed hurricane ruins. lished with a dust L... with a broom, vacuumt'^v.-. sorted rags, pnils andi!.» caults the winter dirt, and makes it fly.! more a creature of change, confusion ni wants the place cleaneir'j"'" consciously approves < and consciously _^ result. But the attaintti4^in !! -an'd a great strain on hissrf:!-'- 1 ' 1 -'-- unlcss he is one of I'-f 1 male souls who enjoysct$ bub. luffered Then there's the tell his chin fellow who wants men to|clbje; ! white tie and tails at it^iSs&StSS as the Charity ball. ook funny enough v to get out in public IniC suit." For the tall " devils it's o. k., but , ° r SOTe n-tenths as at present i M11<JUetoaats fcel « He should board meeting theboa ^sudden "What young man asked married?" the lyebrows. bearing that this o lose hi s job _ the young » ^ait till morning, win you9 eturned the next morning' oard president, "I"' in he'ts^rel ^^ do or'hoWto"do 11-^10^'^ ?™ ^ ^ ' tracted stretches of conversation ", 1Ia ', U , ta " L ' xt to »«i and so-called "character wnrir" f """lite any of them. , carefully but nw » g0t> glve busfnes ated. * il s lt!i g ° f ? ecurlt y and helpfu 0 ' and ' et the over bureaus has k slowed up the action to a pace. we «° along unnecessary .on to! But the! pampering government The color was magnificent, and a ^" cies the harder it is to get rid the thought came to me, as I them • • • and the time will and vague pro- dnuUpS A come whe " lue J' are to be' nlrtt «^.,1J UUUUU. B This the governmen of the of norning In on al type of business, as i today. may sound like mutiny he ranks, coming from the f emocratic editor, but*un- anc party n Crltlcl f m is !taken wit hln the The vnnr,' ~~" ' ceedin s s . why color and plot could ^ Itha 00 t * r " "™ to?/th B f a 1 not bo combined into a more happy We can J us t as well admit that ft m ' stak es may continue, told the school result. Of all the color produe- WC havc made mistakes that-toe h n »H „, « OF ' " «•• heed of take our ndicine the time cones lot ti.) ' . color is an asset to anv •om W. Earl Hall's Eye ObsPrlTr, f ™ e P ' CtUre , ll should not he made o icluded— Observing column be carry the burden of the enten-iin I men t; there ought to be SS'''™"--"^'™"™" 11 --«^."-r ssr ""-' ".Si^M"" 0 ^ U i )ei ^ea>ing Business Alone? over the lamma?" l> in theater: "Can Try Leaving Business Enterprise. bein punitive measures. ^ « you do IOWB out of it. Renub- think the president is suspected that what the editors, do not kno.v ttat l-^t'.T^"^^".!!; C ^ iCiSed ' ^f ut about foreign policies would fill more large Sev1ei ' el >' criticised in 1936 but he beaten ? volumes than the average town library nous- IV in n ation al elections sin™ tiT ^!!,. 16C : es, but no matter, their opinions are, neverthe- 16P less interesting as a cross-section of current ' B( ??.uties That Are Ever New (.Webster City FreemanT /he sparkle of sun-kissed droi= "' - ~ The gladness of song birds' ode the splendor of skies set in , 0 .f °!™ E ^vations sections' of's'ul road to Art. mili wht y h 0 wa ysC p U " C or m0f thiSShOW -- 6!lCh three who sat up in the seemed more Mo , *'* ****** 'fafSfisEsffii^jf^^V^^ a "^ 1 *H.?S5w s "^-t?sjr el«t,o» s stoce lh , w , lu M: ««]« Ital J«»» Gaynor d.«,»-, m m ,_ W '>°»' : »;,i«,r In uHf&iS •Mi.n'S, J 1°»'».««' «i! ' & party. thin. Which, uTruT w « ST^^S ^*«*^ %£*">™ and edifying. 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