The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 2, 1898 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 2, 1898
Page 5
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THE tfPPBK DES MOINESt ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MffiRXIAHY 2> The Great Slaughter in Footwear CONTINUES, We have sold a great many shoes within the past two weeks, and must sell many more before the end of this week, Don't miss this opportunity to get some of our good shoes at such low prices. REMEMBER we are giving you genuine bargains. No fake about this. We cannot do business and sell goods at the prices we are now making. So must close this deal SATURDAY evening next, Feb. 5th» Best of work done in our repairing department.- Slio© RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 9:05 am No, 3 departs at 3:58 pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 93 departs at 10:45 pm No.71 departs at 3:20pm No. 05 departs at 8:30 pm TRAINS BAST. No. 2 departs at 10:45am No. 4 departs at 6:28 pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 78 departs at 10:10 pm No. 94 departs at 2:20pm R. F. HBDRICK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South- Freight 11:00 a m Mixed 7:05 a m Pass 7:05 am Mixed... 11:59 am Mixed 7:54pm North- Freight 11:59 am Pass 2:41 pm Mixed 10:28 p m Arrive at Des Molnes at 12:15 p. m., 0:15 p. m., and 1:20 a. m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD. Eli Perkins at Bancroft Saturday evening. Ex-Supervisor Hollenbeck is going to the Klondike. Marshal Horan has 42 dogs with taxes paid. Two have been shot. Company F is talking a little about an armory sometime in the future. D. T. Smith sang a fine solo at the Methodist church Sunday evening. The Masons have no definite plans for a new building. It is all talk up to date. Representative Farley has sent a fine lot of public documents to the public library. The prospect is that Kossuth will have four new Methodist churches this season. The city well stands at 809 feet and a new test will be made of it before it is dug deeper. A dance by the club with the harp orchestra is on for Friday evening at Clarke's hall. Geo. Hohn has sold his interest in the Ladendorff restaurant and will go to Minnesota. Mrs. Prof. Spencer continues in a critical condition. Bev. Day's father is Improving. The teachers meet at Bancroft Saturday. Everybody should go, and stay for Eli Perkins. Marriage licenses have been issued to Luman Davison and Lena Elman, W. Aldrich and Etta Carr. The city council adjourned Saturday evening until this evening, It is the regular monthly meeting. Glen Brunson and family have returned to Livermore. He is again getting up to his old weight. C. C. Chubb says there is no surplus feeding stock in the county, and that a lot of cattle have been shipped in. Treasurer Smith is moving into the Willey house near the Chubb home and will soon have his family with him. The mweury got down to zero Sunday night for the first time in some weeks. Last night it was down to 14 below. Frank Jenkinson sold a bull calf, three months old, to Mike Weisbrod yesterday for $40. That is the kind of stock that pays. C. C. Samson has been adding a second story to his home, the Sessions house on Dodge street, and in other ways improving. Bancroft is to have a two-story brick 60x90 feet this spring. That is a good starter. Kennedy Bros, of Bochester, Minn., will build. The new opera house company met last evening for an informal organization. The old company closed its lease of five years Monday. Myron Schenok was in Monday to inspect our gasoline engine. He says he shall put one in and pump water, grind feed, and run a separator with it. Studley's drug store is ornamented by the'handsome soda fountain that was in the Gilt Edge cafe. Studley will dispense sweetness next summer. Mrs. Ernest Herman, who brought her baby home for burial a few weeks ago, has returned to Dubuque for the winter. She will come back in the spring. . The farmers' institute next week will make a clear $100 for every farmer who ajtends it and listens to all that is said. It is going to be an exceptionally good meeting. C. W. Budd was up from Des Moines and had a practice shoot with John G. Smith Saturday, and Monday Mortenson came from Britt and he and Guy Taylor joined. "That Girl" was a good entertainment Saturday evening, and on account of open time remained Monday evening also. It was clever, catchy, laughable, and not cheap. The Bancroft racing association meets Monday to organize for the year. Geo. F. Holloway says Bancroft will celebrate the Fourth, and ia talking of a fair this fall. Prof. Niles of the state agricultural college veterinary department is expected at the farmers' institute next week. He has written to Dr. Bayers that he would come. It is now likely that excursion rates will be restored. Col. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson, S. Mayne of Bancroft, and others are planning a trip the last of the month. Miss Ella Wheeler was taken to the Independence asylum Monday by Sheriff Christensen. She lives in Buffalo township and has been home from the asylum only a few weeks. The stairway is being changed in the Shoetz drug store and water closets and other conveniences are being put in the second story. Some handsome office rooms will soon bo fitted up. The county board met -yesterday to open the bids on grading and doctoring, but had other matters in hand until this morning. A lot of bids are in for both and the competition will be interesting. The Bremen have some handsome prizes on display in Durdall's window for the big masquerade. They are planning for the social event of the winter. It comes a week from next Monday, Feb. 14. C. C. Samson announces his abstract office in this issue. Ho is a genial man to deal with himself and Mr. King, who is with him, is a veteran abstractor. All who deal with this firm will get good and responsible service. The fifteenth anniversary of the woman suffrage cause will be duly celebrated in Columbia theatre in Washington, D. C., Feb. 14-19. Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stan ton and Miss Anthony will be present. Beduced rates will be given by the railroads. Bev. F. E. Day's theme for discourse at the Methodist church next Sunday- morning will be "Buzzards in Belig- ion," in the evening "A Great Question for tho Young." Mrs. F. L. Long of Sibley will assist in the singing. All will be made welcome. The new postoffice outfit was shipped from Indianapolis last Friday. It will doubtless be up in the new building this week. The exact date for a change of administration has not been set. The change will not occur until the new room is entirely ready. The farmers' institute will open next week Thursday morning at the hour set if there is only one man in the room. The first paper will be read at 10 o'clock, and no allowance for slow watches. A farmers' institute ought to be prompt if nothing else. Dr. McCoy is expecting a six-ton cannon any day now for the soldiers' lot in the cemetery. Senator Allison endorsed the request, and the department ordered it shipped. It was used during the war, but will hereafter stand in the middle of the soldiers' lotas an emblem of peace. Presiding Elder Yetter is home from his travels over the district. He says the results of revivals this winter are very much beyond expectations. Over 1,000 conversions have been made in his district. The biggest revivals have been in Bancroft, LuVerne, Woolstock and Buffalo Center. Piano solos of great merit by Mrs. Lee of the public school and by Miss Irene Bhoner, Mrs. Wm. Ehlers'sister, were features of the Congregational church concert Sunday eyening. Both are accomplished performers. Miss Bhoner is an exceptionally brilliant player for a young lady. The public library association elected officers Monday evening, Thos. F. Cooke, president; H. C. McCoy, vice president; E. J. Murtagh, treasurer; E. P. McElroy, secretary and librarian. It also began planning for a fair at which the 50 handsome pictures lately received will be disposed of. Peter Winkel got out ice for 223 teams Thursday, 211 teams Friday, and 62 teams Saturday. They were in from Wesley, Sexton, Hohart and Lotts Creek hauling for the creameries. Each patron hauls two loads of ice or pays $2, and Peter had the contract of cutting and loading for them. B. M. Bichmond wasdownfromSwea City Monday. He would not confirm nor deny the rumor that he will put a second bank in Burt. Some time ago he contemplated such a move and rented a location. Whether he will now go ahead remains to be seen. He looked wise but said nothing when pressed by the reporter. At the firemen's ball, to come Feb. 14, the following prizes we scheduled for distribution: Lady's first prize, handsome silver china comb, brush, and travel rack, value $8.60; second, silver hand mirror, value $1.60.- Gent's first prize, silver smoking set, value $6; second, gold vest chain, No fireman will be allowed to compete for prize. C. N. Bosewall of Kedwood Falls, Minn., a younger brother of Algona's painter of the same name, has rented the Cordingley building adjoining the Bowe restaurant, and will put in a bakery. He is an experienced man and will put in a first class outfit. He was recently burned out at Bed wood Falls, which causes him to seek a new location. Work has begun already. Judge Quarton appointed M. P. Haggard a commissioner to take the testimony of W. J. Burton in the matter of his troubles with Mr. Holston, the owner of the farm he has been renting. Our supervisor testified very differently from Mr. Holston. It is evident that the injunction suit which is set for the first thing at the coming term oi court will be bitterly contested. At the hearing before Commissioner Hag- gard, Chas. E. Cohenour represented Holston and 'Squire Raymond and J. W. Sullivan were for D. A. Haggard, who holds the mortgage given by Burton. Geo. E. Clarke says that the first gold brick that was taken out of their machinery hnd $1,500 in it. It is to be cut into ten pieces and distributed among the stockholders. He brought home some very handsome opals from tho south and is going to have them set in rings and pins from this gold when it comes. The gold is very pure, selling at $18 an ounce, and it will make handsome jewelry. Lieut. Ward stands first'in the Fourth regiment on rifle score, and th* Fourth leads tho other three regiments. There are only three or four in the state ahead of him on state record, and that by but one point. They have 188 out of a possible 225 and Mr. Ward has 187. Company F stands third in the regiment in rifle work, and tho four United States sharp shooters of Co. F stand at the head of tho regiment. They are Ward, Walsh, Lew Huckman and Ed. McMurray. The record is a good one for our boys and for our regiment. Company F will make a heroic effort to get the silver cups again next year. E. G. Bovvyer has a letter from his brother which gives an interesting glimpse of his duties in the naval work of the United States: "I am now attached to this [the Washington, D. C.] yard and doing duty in connection with the gun factory. I have charge of the manufacture of all tho largest guns, those of eight to 13 inches in calibre, including the carriages on which they are mounted, and the installation of all turret machinery, which includes hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical machinery of various kinds. I find the work very interesting. We employ 1,000 men in the gun factory and are just now doing a great deal of night work in addition to the day work." An impression was conveyed last week in an item in THE UPPER DES MOINES that a dance at Grant Sample's in Irvington was adjourned to the town hall. The facts are that the dance was gotten up by W. A. Parsons, was attended by a large party of the finest young people in the county, and enjoyed the hospitality of the Sample home until a small hour in the morning. The Sample home is one of the best in the county and no one goes there who does not enjoy a pleasant time, and we are sorry that the item in question should have been construed to suggest that the visitors left after coming to the party. Other parties will be given at Mr. Sample's and all who attend are assured of a social time in genial and refined surroundings. GOOD five-room house for rent. Inquire at Ladendorff's restaurant.—46t4 FOR THE MILITARY BOYS. ATTENTION, FARMERS. We have purchased anew feed grinder and are prepared to do your grinding. We can save you money. 4612 RILEY & LAMUTH. USE Chase & Sanborn's coffee—the cheapest coffee on the market. 46 WATCH our "ad."and remember we have other bargains besides those published. M. Z. GROVE & SON. A LOT of fine Hose Comb Brown Leghorn roosters for sale cheap. GUY GROVE. Still 1" AJgoua. A. D. Clarke has not sold out his business in Algona, but is prepared to loan money cheaper than any man in the'county. He is here for business and intends to stay.-43tf GEO. L. GALBRAITH has commenced to receive his new spring stock of worsted dress goods. ASK to see Chase& Sanborn's 35-cent tea, equal to ordinary 50-cent. 46 One Price to All. Cleaning watches, $1; best main springs, $1. All work warranted. E. G. BOWYER. COAL and feed. See W. H. Jones at Hobart.-44 WHY use inferior goods and imitations of coffee when Chase & Sanborn's coffees are cheapest? 46 MONEY—On first mortgages. 'Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa. WE don't pretend to be selling goods at cost, but just cheap for cash. M. Z. GROVE & SON. Jersey Herd for Sale. Our entire herd, comprising registered and grade Jersey cows, yearlings, and calves; also two grade Durham cows and two young Jersey service bulls. Will sell at private sale to close out. "Jersey Home" farm, one mile east of Milwaukee depot. C. B. CLARK & SON, 44t3 Algona, Iowa, Col. Cooke in Des Molnes to Give a Week to Instruction—Clnss of About 15O Students. Col. Cooko went to Ames yesterday to spend the week at the nnnunl school of military instruction. Ho will go again next week. Ho lectures to the second and third classes on small arms inspection. Last week the first, year class was at Ames, and this included Lieuts. Ward and Randall, who wore both present. The work each year Is in courses and our lieutenants decided to begin at the beginning and go through. This school has been in progress for three years, having been first hold in 1806, continuing through 1806 and 1897. At. these sessions the officers attended by regiments, all officers of one regiment attending atagiven time. But by this arrangement the result was very unsatisfactory. Upon motion of J. R. Lincoln, inspector general, a now four year course, now being instituted, was outlined on the same plan as the course used at Fort Leaven worth. This new course divides tho school into five departments, as follows: First, department of tactics; second, department of law; third, department of engineering; fourth, department of hygiene; fifth, department of strategy. There are about 160 students in tho school, 35 of whom were present at the last term. The last term continued until Jan. 28. The remaining terms of this session are as follows: Second, Feb. 1-4; third, Feb. 8-12; fourth, Feb. 16-20. Instructors presentarn: J. B. Lincoln, commandant; J. T. Davidson, assistant commandant and secretary, Capt. J. A. Olmstead, U. S. A., chiet of the department of law; Col. Thomas F. Cooke, inspector of small fire arms. DON'T forgot if you use Putnam Fadeless Dyes you don't have to send for a 'package for wool and one for cotton. Each package colors all fibres. Sold at E. & F. drug store. BARGAINS at the remnant sale next Monday and Tuesday. GEO. L. GALBRAITH. IF you have idle money why not have it where it will earn you something. 'Interest paid on time deposits. 45 GEO. C. CALL. BEMEMBER our bargain list and see what cash will do at M. 7,. Grove & Son's. For Klondike Gold Seekers. Mr. M. S. Tinker is in town in the interest of tho American and Canadian Klondike company, of which our old friend Judge Carr is the president. The plan of the company is the best wo have seen, and the fact that the officers associated with the judge in its management are men of sterling character and worth, leads one to believe that success is very probable and that at least the money placed in the company's hands will be used to the best advantage possible in the search for gold. The conditions of the company are such that the stockholders of each locality pick their own man to represent them in tho gold fields, and the safeguards thrown around both officers and miners, makes dishonesty an impossibility. In our opinion it would pay anyone interested in the subject to see Mr. Tinker and get a clear idea of the plans of the expedition, Parties have already joined it from some of our neighboring towns and we note that the promoters in all of them rank among the successful business men of this district. Mr. Tinker will be in town for several days and may be seen at the Tennant house. FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. BUY coal and feed at Hobart, of W. H, Jones.-44 LEGISLATURE IN SESSION. The daily Iowa Capital will be sent for four months for $1. This will more than cover the entire session of the legislature. The Saturday feature of four extra pages of comic and artistic illustrations is a great improvement, A GOOD Japan tea, 5 pounds for at M. Z. Grove & Son's. Se© It The next time that you or any of your family have a cold or cough, or the baby has the croup, try Orloff's Bussian Grippe Cure and see how it works. Everyone who uses it praises it as the quickest remedy they ever saw. HERE'S A SAMPLE. Cedar Rapids, la., Mar. 8, 1897.— For a family remedy lor coughs and colds I have never found the equal to Orloff's Bussian Grippe Cure. The small dose required and the certainty of its work makes it invaluable for old or young. MBS. MARY O. HEPLINE. 100 DOSES FOR 50 CENTS. SOLD BY W. J. STUDLBY. Metropolitan Druggist, none better. Great Bargains At James Patterson's Store. Commencing Monday, Jan. 24, I will sell 11 Ibs of coffee :or $i, and will guarantee it better than any pkg. coffee put on the market. 25 Ibs rice for $i; 20 Ibs good raisins for $i; 4 bars toilet soap for IDC, butter 150 a Ib; 5 gal. syrup, fine goods, 1.50; beans 2c a Ib; pkg. soda 50; Lewis' lye ice; 10 bars of soap 250; 2 Ibs tea for 250; Lamps of all kinds at your own price; toilet sets cheap; dishes so cheap that you can't afford not to have a set. I have been nine years in business, and never in that time could you buy as much for one dollar as you can now at my tore. I have the goods and they must be sold, and I know I can do you some good if you will call. Yours for business, Cowles' Block, No. 8. James Patterson. The Red Store Is the place to go for Sugar, per hundred pounds, . 17 pounds of granulated sugar for . 25 pounds of good raisins for Eight bars of Jaxon soap for Eight bars of white laundry soap for Eight bars of Lenox soap for Ten bars of Royal soap for . All package coffee per pound, Best Perfection oil per gallon, #5-85 oo oo 25 25 25 25 IO IO C. T. IDTJTTOlrT, IBVINGTON, IOWA. NSURA Also Land, Loan and Collection Business.. Office over Algona State Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Rockford of Rockford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life of New York. GEO. M. BAILEY. Sealed bids for grass on the following Hut of lands will bo received up to April 1,1808. No bids for parts of tracts In the list will bo considered, but each bid must bo for an entire tract as described bolow. All rentals must be payable In advance before lease will be delivered: Southeast quarter of 3 97 27 Southwest quarter of 3 07 27 Northwest quarter of 8 07 27 East half of southeast quarter.. 10 07 27 Southwest qr. of southeast qr... 10 07 37 Northeast quarter of 17 07 27 Northwest quarter of 17 07 27 West half of southwest qr. of... 17 07 27 Southeast quarter of 18 07 27 Northeast quarter of 10 07 27 Northwest quarter of 10 07 27 Southwest quarter of 19 07 27 Northwest quarter of... 34 07 27 Southwest quarter of 34 07 27 Northwest quarter of 9 05 27 South west qr. of north west qr.. 27 100 27 Southeast qr. of northeast qr...28 100 27 Southeast qaarter of 14 100 20 East half of southwest quarter.14 100 20 Northwest quarter of 10 04 28 I^-Write "GRASS BID" oil the face of all letters containing bids. WM. H. INOHAM. 44t4 Algona, Iowa. 50 YEARS- EXPERIENCE TRADE MARKS DESIGNS COPYRIGHTS &c< Anyone sending a sketch and description may quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an Invention ia probably patentable. Communications strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents sent free. Oldest agency for seourlngjpateuts. Patents taken through Munu <fc Co. receive special notice, without charge, In the Scientific American. 4 weekly. Largest clr- 10 journal. Terms, 13 » Bold by all newsdealers. A handsomely illusu. culacion of any sole"' year; four months, f' > !o. 3ei8rw *««'New York B"62S F St., WftShJnjron, D. C. A Steel Range Free. The past two years we have given away three toy ranges to the little girls. This year we are going to give away a full-sized Buck's Steel Range with large oven, large reservoir, and warming closet— one of the best ranges that the Buck's company makes—and when that is said it means the best range that it is possible to make. The range is now on ex- .hjbjition at our store, where full partic- ulils will be given. Someone will get a $50 range for the small sum of $1. C. M. DOXSEE, HARDWARE. Coal and Feed, I sell coal and grind feed to order AT HOBART, IOWA, Also have feed for sale,

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