Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 24, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1938
Page 5
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24, 1938. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PAGE FIVE . Ferguson, of Mfg. MbrtenflevFcrgUson, of )«4 flgtiffed strongly in the Cy[& /Victory , oVfer Nebraska's hnittife t|_fim la the gymnasium . last ap- fance, fttlhfe po61 he led bis bhiate,' George "Hagrove, ilk fufrr, Nebfaska, in a and .40- i y 4vfht/' Th6 fiilce was close lUkfaout but'' with Ferguson ling itt the N best time, 5:29.!). erguson eartted his numeral a freshman/ and he has been the Varsity swimming team lor lapt thfe* ,,years. Ho won his ar .w,hen. a'sophomore, udng, the last year Ferguson r bfeen representative of the ietic; <3oUncil dn Cardinal Guild, student governing body of Iowa also been club, an or"ary> jorg&tifiatlon, of major cr viinners. Is* .a ' senior in tei'c6lle|e. ''We has Fetary f of varsity "l" Mr, nnd Mrs. M. J. McCall spent Iporintcndent of the Evangelical Sunday at Laurens with the Chas. I church. County Agent, and Mrs. A. L. Brown, with their three small sons, were entertained at fi:30 dinner Saturday evening at the J. C. Skow home, near Wesley. The dinner celebrated Mr. Skow's birthday 'anniversary. > Mrs. John Cniighlin got home Tuesday from two weeks of visits with relatives. At Osiers. • Mrs. C. IV Chubb, who was sir.k last week with a severe cold, is much improved. .Jesse Hill'has been down a week with neuritis. He is employed at the ice_ cream factory. Hernicc Harrington, Marlon Corey, and Alice Payne spent Satur- d ^ V t^ at A'S^'Sd - a! w.! ^™™*<-F**J2«*«»« I ?« triotic window display Tuesday. Washington's picture was centered on a strip of blue background with white stars, red and white streamers on the sides, arid two American flags in the shape of "sash" curtains. Below the picture lay the inevitable cherry tree, "chopped" down, with hatchet and chips near by. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Bohlmcr, Emmets'burg, spent the week-end at William Finn's. Mr. Behlmer is employed in a beauty shop. Mrs. program. A tap dance was given by Hulli Ann. daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. James D. Burns, for men, Carles Reaper, seconc! ft high. Mrs. Johnson also won travel. ,, The Delphian^ club will meet next, week Wednesday evening, in-I istozid or Monday, at the Hotel Aleona, at 6:30. Mrs. L. G. Baker •will give a talk on Iowa of Yes- itorday. There are some 16 members of the cluh. Mrs. Hi. <(/. Ilargreaves entertained her bridge cluh at one o'- ant j i clock luncheon Tuesday. Two ta- Finn Mrs Gall Potter is Uride— Gail lona Potter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Potter, Al- — „., „. ..„, „..„ , igona, and ICdward .1. Zender, son \ two violin selections were given I lllaa were ln plny ' Mrs - Josic Stan- § • - - • 'ton winning high; Mrs. Oscar Erickson, second high; and Mrs. W. A. Barry was low. The Royal Neighbors cluh met Tuesday at Mrs. W. M. Geerinj-j's, Meyer are at ing an ing. todayattend^ I «uok.n g ham nnd Margaret John i,""".? t U.I,I.I_.JLU i or . n n MM nf .Tnemn unn «r« a. n rriinu 1 meet- " h ° Mr. nnd Mrs. Roy V. Christenseii, with their son Bobby, spent Sunday at Spencer with the former's father. of James Bloom. . Mrs. J. It. Mason, Fort Madison, mother leave ing. C. Zender, also Algona,{by Juanita Bilsborough, acompan- tho week-end with their Barents i worc married ^ 8:3 ° this morn-1 led by her mother. There were 24 Mr find'Mrs T F Dev Ine north of '"* (Tluirs(]ay > at the Catholic in attendance, and everyone was Mr. ana Mrs. J. ->» ev ' ne ' ™"" 01 church| FatllG1 . Ahnmnn narform _ called on fol . an lnc ident in the Jeanne is slenoM«ipner ,„„ n <,!„„,„_,.!„„ „„,.„,„ |1|£o of Washington. Mrs. Myron Ludwlg was in charge of the pro-i Mrs - Loais Lvnk a "<' M™- Klmer „ jplayed Mendelssohn's ' wedding' gram. | Phillips assisting. Four tables of, .„ -f-jjmarch, find Gertrude Zender, sis-i tv I A Wlnkol Attoiney I,. A. Winkel. Tallies Bishop, Marlon and Harlem Sigsbce drove to Des I i ter of the bridegroom, sang Goun-: Women's Cluh IK'neflt Sntiirdiiy— Marie, a Latin hymn, The Woman's club will give bridge wove in play. Mr-j. Bert, Dorothy Illlnkinan, Fairmont, 'daughter here. She will visit an- went home Sunday evening, after other daughter at Chicago, Mrs. a week here with her aunt, Mrs. J> S ' Hamilton. £ j ;,"M2"T'v F °ir'™i ss rsr'srs; t;«-;-,r /- *-«=;!»»«jssvs ^ « ™,,'2, r , "ifrSoSr'Sh^iKS r&r'r'b.,™' * > s ™™« -"*»"*!».%""*"& sr"; ^s" % , alter live months with nctjl-i.itt la attending a mismebs ., , , , . , and'«h n fin™,,,, .,«,) Rnr .\ a i r.,,mmlHnn. John Foth. Mr. nnd M.rs. W. A. Sigsbee, with ine I Mrs. Sidney Hjioar, who had been their daughter Ruth Ann, were f'v nf frdrestrv and will sick several weeks, is again up Sunday dinner guests at tPfl fii June j and around. Mr. Spear is a local; Warner's, Fenton. Mrs. ted in June. 'trnnkor. ' —nnd Mrs Slirahrvp -irn 0 | 0 school there, but is finishing the course and will be home next week. She will be employed by her father, of the Pratt Electric Co. 'Samuel! The . Ghiini Rolands, on south istor-at'Lu Verne Resigns to Accept £ Pulpit in Texas 'he 1 lie*. E. B, Hancock, Presby- an j pastor.* at- 1m Verne, was an visitor Tuesday and left Warner and Mrs. Sigsbee are sisters. Mr. Harlan, will move to the W. J. Becker house soon. The Beckers, scarlet and Mrs. Sigsbee will move back'who live on south Wooster street, have sold their home to Robert trucker. ! IV. J. Fuller, who is a /fever patient, is reported doing to Fort Dodge soon, well. He travels for a Mason City "Mr. and Mrs. C. 11.'Pommeren-] Stewart, and will leave March 1 concern. ing, with the son Bobby, spent 'for Denver. The Gene Nevilles, Richard Godfredson, Rockford, Sunday at Fairmont, guests of the west State, will move into the 111"., arrived Saturday for a week Glenn Swansons. Mrs. Swanson is 'house vacated by the G. W. and with Omega McGrath, of the Chris-| the former Clara Pommerening,'Frank Baldwins, who are moving tensen store. |and Mr. Pommerening is employed to Oak street. The Thos. Kemis l»r. (!. II. Oretsincyer was called at the Greenberg auto supply family, now on east Kennedy, will suit trimmed with fox fur and' t he finance and social committee, carried a boupuet of talisman ros-[ Mrs. H. M. Potter and Mrs. E. W. cs. The maid of honor, Ruth Annj] jU sby, co-chairmen. An attendance Cronan won high, and Mrs. Lloyd Ml.-lroy W^K low. Mrs. Joseph Frankl entertained at oridge and luncheon Sunday evening. Guests were Mrs. Eva Dcim, her sister Mary Beiser, and Mr. and Mrs/ Lawrence Gisah. Potter, Schaller, cousin bride, wore grey -with of the I of 200 is expected. Prizes will be black ac-| given at contract and auction, advertisement for sale of his .'•" Rmmnlsburg Tuesday morning store. i have the Nevilles' former borne. isehold godds.' Mr. Hancock,: 10 Perform a Caesarean section. It 9 has.teen at Lu Verne "two! was "uccossful. rs, 'Serving4he Lu Verne, Ijiv-l 5Ir - , an(l ' >rrs - Gu y Smith, farm- Mr, and Mrs..F. E. Kent got Mrs. Geo. G. Cole, Maxwell, came home last week Tuesday, after a Monday for a few days at her month in the South.' They stopped c.ister Mrs. B. A. Thorpe's. .With lore and Ottosen churches has crs noar Corwith, were Sunday i at Greenville, Miss., to visit Jay her brother, W. C. Dewcl, dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. q. jKent, brother of Fred. Jay is in Mrs. Thorpe she attended igned td accept a pastorate at and the ccssorics and carried yellow jon- ftn d lunch wil be served. The club quils. G. P. Cullen, employe at w j]i m cet Friday at tlie library, the Zender store, was best man. |with David Phillips and a group of A wedding breakfast was served high school students in charge of at the home of Mrs. Hortense jthe program. Ferguson, 18 attending. I The new. Mrs. Zender is a grad-1 Union Tlnl) Meeting Today—• uate of the Algona high school, I The Union Mothers & Daugh- niid for the last two years badgers club meets today at the coun- been a popular clerk at the Cum- ' try home of Mrs. A. H. Wood, of mings -store. The bridegroom, I Good Hope. Hostesses will be Mrs. known as "Bud", is associated Cora Bacon and Mrs. Delia Trout- with his father in the Zender i m an. Roll call will be answered clothing store. He is a graduate j w jth original believe-it-or-nots, of the St. Cecelia's academy, Al-;and a reading on character will gon.i, and attended Clark college,, be given by Mrs. Eva Gisch, also a Davenport^ and the state univer-1 reading on luck by Mrs. Anna sity. At the university he was nf-iZanke. A talk on parliamentary Paso Tex He is a former t; ' Stewart here. 1; ]the feed business there. They also Charity ball Monday evening. Mrs. can, his-old home having boon! !{ » l '»ii Haney, stenographer for; stopped briefly at New Orleans. Cole's elder daughter, Georgia, San Juan His wife is a \e- IR . C. McMnhon, was absent from Most of the vacation was spent at and a friend recently returned ' ' ' -- .... ,from a few months in Europe and n. The change to the southern tar:k of the flu. ~ • " Mr. >v«,l Wr«. v,- f .,\ lUr-wh^tm. 'are now living at Evanston, 111. nate Is i'made jmrtly in the !n- ska-girl.' They have no chil-! thc ° rcic o Monday, nuking an at- , . "--'- if the flu. . Mr. im<l Mrs. Fred McWhorter, are now living at bvan&ton, 111. ft Kclch left Monday even-, farmers" near Whittemore, were The young daughter, Eleanor, is in estof.Mr Hancock's health El!'IK fo1 ' a week at Faycttsville, i Sunday dinner guest's of the Kalph Bankers Life employ at DOS 30 is a city of some 110,000 in-! Ark - with friends. She lives with j Bucks, the occasion being Darlene Moinos. The Coles are former Al- jltants. The'Hancock will leave .the. Crctzmoyers. . l Buck's eighth birthday. Mr. Buck : gonians. mt March 8, and will rt.'iv'y to j Mrs- A very. Cai'iinnler, Minneap- stopping in Nebraska on|"]is, arrived one day last week for 'way to visit" 1 Mrs. Hancock's visits with local friends. She for-1 Toe Shop, rnnrly lived here. is an Electrolux salesman! and! Mrs. Samuel Wagner, of Smith Mrs. Buck is employed at the Cof-, Center, Kans., left Monday night, j after six weeks here with her Huth Ann, eldest daughter -""of' daughter, Mrs. Goo. C. Vance. The Mi\ and Mrs/Bert Cronan, Mr. i County Treasurer and Mrs. M. J.-Hev. Mr. Vance took, her as far as lounced candidacy for super- , oral hpspi)al, where she had been .are brothers filiatod with the Sigma Phi f rat- ! law will be given by Mrs. George ernity. ist. John. Music will be furnished The ncwlyweds will be home" by Mrs. Clara Thompson, here sometime next, week after a I State Officials Unfcrtained— ' Messrs and >V5Kdaincs L. iLinmin. R. H. Miller, and C. short wedding trip. Fnrcwll for Mrs. Sigslieu— The D. & C. club entertained at'Murtagh entertained at a 7 o'clock a farewell party Wednesday after- ! dinner Monday evening in the I-To- noon at the farm homo of Mrs. • tr-1 Algona's Blue Room. Guests David King, honoring Mrs. W. J.; were Attorney-General and Mrs. Sigsbeo, who is moving to Fort jOvahl, all of Des Moines; and Dodge in a few weeks, and Mrs. W.l June Corey,-of the Algona Upper J. Becker, who is leaving next! DCS Moines. Following dinner, the week to live at Denver. A chick- ' group adjourned to the Bryant en dinner was served, with the j school building to attend the cha- color scheme carried out in yol-,rity ball, low. Mr. Becker was senior part- Aid Music club met Mrs. Walter E. Tbo Bel Canto Wednesday with Roberts. Mrs. Anita Beck had charge of the program, which was on form and design of music. A Trinity Lutheran youn.; poo- pie's meeting will be helJ Friday evening at 3 o'clock at Ih3 church. 'Esther Lavj-enz is pvssidonl of the local society. The BridgeUe club w'll meet iKoct Tuesday with Mrs. L. W. Fox. There are nine members. The NiaJana club evening v.-ith 'Mary iiie-. Tuesday Harris. The evening was spent at Hewing The high school students had an all high school dance evening at the "gym." THE COURTHOUSE REPORTER, published by the Advance, gives liens filed in the county recorder's iiffico. Every business ment should be a subscriber. ner at the Elk Cleaners before the business wr.r; sr.id last year. or on'the democratic ticket in , il medical natient ten days. Lotts Creek-Fenton-Scneca-' ^ rs ° *• "• Anderson has |s Mrs. Miu-y' Dole, Irvington, her .stopped., at Clear Lake on the way " been i daughters Lucile,'Evelyn, Marvel, home to give a talk at a "Father " Son banquet. Plum Creek Club Meets— Luncheon and Program— The Methodist Aid will have a 1:15 luncheon next Thursday at ,the church, with Mrs. Henry Jo- •LJULLO V>1 CCl\.~i' ClltUll-OUIIUUtl- , . » • • ' .-.„-., , 1 O 1 t- - - - - " - ' ea-Buct-Greenwood district now, sick a Cow. days with sinus infec-iand Mildred, with Clarence Grsen, 'W<\ Son banquet. met at Mrs _ Rosg Callloun - s last ; committee >resen_ed by" Gharlos Morris, of tion - Mr - Anderson travels for the ! spent Sunday at Woden with an-! Henuce htock, dance mstrucior, Wednesday, 20 members and! Michel • vv V..HVV. ».,•».. T ^^ ^ Lt 1 TT ^ ^ ^^ l „ 1.1 _i i_i_ . -**. f,-, . . -, •, V..-. ,- r\\-\i\v\ ci-j-iH <hi^ lr»/^OTir»n nr JIG I __..-_.. ne Rock, , was an Algona visitor .International Harvester Co. t'week-end.i Mr. Newel is a'. • ( ' lairo Hanson, son of Mr. mer on the'.old Lewis Newel ! other daughter, Mrs. Chester "liar- : has changed the location of and mon. Lucile is employed in the Jo- i "school of the dance" from the farmers'north of'cal relief office; Evelyn, in the home to the room back of Irenejs ri.'iv fnv n olnv 'nf pnllntv rnnnivlor'a .iffioo ' TJn.llltV SllOmie {iboVO Clll'istensen S tnestead, *2% miles northeast of Algona, left Sunday for a stay of, county recorder's office. nton, And'has lived all his life indefinite^ length In California. i .lames Shi|)lcr, Titonka, ; Beauty Shoppe above Christensen's Thc Plum Creek Literary society jannsen Jr. as chairman of the • "'ee in charge. Mrs. A. E. will have charge of the five visitors attending. America program. Mrs. H. M. Olson will was sung, and Clara Gilbride dis- ! g'Ve a book review on Dale Car- cussed customs, industries, schools, and religions. Mrs. and negie's book, How to Win Friends 'R. :flr| d Influence People; and Mrs. i _. , t i -t 11 ' 1,' r , r\ nv;ill.'l^lr» 1 tlliU.l(jll*-muiir>. ivi I o. J v, i v , called : store. She will hold open hoiue Gavdner a talk on T . ; Vaughn Rising will sing a group Advance there Sunday afternoon from 4. to The studio has been re- from a magazine ar- ; of Irish song,. the Fenton neighborhood: His : - >rr «- William Finn .has been em-, Wednesday to pay his Ee was Ella-Johnson, and they Ployed at the Kossuth hospital two, subscription, and H was learned ; 8; P- m. -uie biuuiu ..«» ,,™-L .=- , t , ele about tho lanet Sumaphra . , ve three jchildreh, including a ! weoks as extra nurse. Mr. Finn Is; that ho has bought a • 235-acre i decorated,. and. the quaitoib aie Lunc h was served by tlie hostess, ; lta - (llfl Sewing Club Meets— v y in the,;Anies college Mr. employed at the Wilson bakery. farm four miles north of Algona'much larger tnan in the nome. j w]]fj wa< . {lsslRted by Luc ni e Cal-1 ' I!!0 R adio Sewing club met yes- wel IS Fenton, township soil con- 51nr W arct .Itiishnell Il<ifnuis1«r, all d will move to it March 1. The; Instruction pf classes will begin | h(mn and Jrene Fit7 _ seraldr |terduy with Mrs. Dr. L. W. Fox. _.._>. . _''_ _i_ _ . . -i i _ ! wli f\ lin« nonti Uiriri tr n *• "Hnu ATr^inrtc; : TJ «„,««., 1^7? iin ».,l^, l {,,:,-, ^ 4V,«,.« i - nnvr* IxinTlnfl V. AllSS OV-OCK HOW . .._ .will irs. His r uncle, the late Frank, . , , , . wel. was once supervisor from! "'<-' Han-y Schrocders, Ledyard, iMawdsloy,. farmer near Irvington, - • ' - iraines, freshman at Uie 3 same and Irene Fitzgerald. . I™, J ' ^-UA. county federation meeting , The members are Legion Auxiliary be held at the Presbyterian .members An Auxiliary program bo church, Algona, next Tuesday, the Presbyterian Aid serving dinner. , 62, ., , .„ _, . JIIM ,,, ^» t ^j ,-i.*, 1HH1 .,vy«l A* Y ..v ife u^-.l, j . . • T».,r,!« rtc .r. J I U K I) ,\ l.t! t 1 UI 1 ^\1U tlUlVIJIB U1UUU-L. were Monday visitors at Wm. C.\ s pent the week-end at homo. Rol-1 A moncnn Institute of Business, members -attending are to Dan's. Mr. Sehroeder, who is Mrs. ian d, son of Mr. and Mrs.. "A. L.'iDes Moines, went back Monday, at- ' nesp'; Larson, and Mary Louise, daugh-U°r a week here with her parents, v i ter'of Mr. and Mrs. H, L. Gil-! Mr. nnd Mrs. Archie Haines. She Dau's brother, is a farmer Ledyard. '• Naomi Hewitt, .local : teacher, • more, were also hero. All attend '?,! Algona high school graduate. Miss Haines has won a 120- Irs. \7 "*" ' j? iJ^Tl?? 1 * ""°' l ' 0 ."'*',-'spont the week-end at Renwlck | t he Slate college, Ames. r t. L/Odfife Hospital with Supt. and Mrs. M. K. Sperry.! : Mrs. Piilil Hammil, Mason City, worcis-a-minute shorthand certifi- r,'; | Miss Hewitt formerly tought at j came Sunday for a visit at hericate In the school and is now Lu Verne^ Feb. 24—Mrs. William Uenwick. | father F. C. Zender's. She attend-i working towards the: 140 mark. Her, 62,. Lu, {yerne resident 49 I' ^ r - and Mrs. H. R. Rasmusson ! e a the marriage of her brother Ed- . Margaret Ditsworth, freshman at' ara, died.Jasi night at Mercy; went to-Burt Sunday afternoon toj war( i to Gail Potter this morning. I the C. C. C. C. business college, spital, Fort'-" Dodge. She fell attend a high school band concert. Mr. Hammil, who also attended, T 1 " 51 MHTIRS. snpTlt tne week-end wear old-fashioned dresses and was heard via radio, and carpal rags for rugs were sewed for tho veterans hospital. take relics or antiques; A program will be given. • . d broke!, a|, leg, February II, and Mr. Rasmusson is local band-orch- blood ,'crbt»fbrmed two days ago.iostra director. usiqg aeatht'i.She is survived by I Sirs. Uyron Arnold came home r Tiusbandr'soh Lawrence, mar- e t id and -living* near Lu Verne, one uhterMj'ore Te r Tiede, four ^ , iters.^nd'^gur'brothers, all near i yerhe^. funeral services will be Id Sunday!' Mrs. Miller was Rosa ' Wednesday, after two weeks at came last evening, and the Ham- mils will go home this evening. Mr. and Mrs. K. F. Ball, Charles City, with their little daughter Mones, spent the with" her parents, M_r. and Mrs. John Ditsworth. , Davenport with her parents. Mr. Virginia Fern, visited at the P. H. Hargreaves home, Hobarton, over here in 1889 v . ont ' Wis^pneln an4 lived on a ~ > ' .northeast of Lu |.^«lRBW«f*>«ii: i . Irother Killed m ||l||||)ff. Windmill Mr^,|aij:;p|jN|ckerson came home ondiayllEroilllpiper City, 111., to the week-end. Mrs. Ball is former Bernice Hargreaves, the and Arn'old is biology teacher in the local high school. • Drs. 'L. W. Fox and J. B. Winkel with Robert Harvey, attended a Golden Gloves boxing tournament at. the Shrine auditorium, Des Moines, last evening. C. K. La llarre and Attorney G. W. Stillman went to Waterloo last',j.j ]t ; here with the former's father, Mr. Ball travels for the Hibbard- Spencer-Barrett hadware company. Mr. and Sirs. Kenneth Stock, of Sioux Citv, with their children, Johnny and Gayle, spent thfe weelc- '\yednesday on a business mission. They were accompanied by their wives respectively. , l)r, and Mrs. J. B. Winkel were guests of Mr. and Mrs. "Bill" Cumin ings, Des Moines, over the week:, ., fwas called last end. Mr. Cumminga still owns the by news of of her brother 47, Mr, Twiehaus of a windmill repairs. His and one arm broken. The by his wife a few e accident, and still clinching a survived by his S^ar-old daughter. local Cummings store. A. H. Stock, and Kenneth's sister Itarnice. Kenneth is still state editor of the Sioux .City Journal. 'He has charge of 165 correspondents. Violet Halbrook, Mason City, started work Monday as general assistant at Brown's Studio. She is a sister of the former Elsie Hal- Mrs. Harvey Higley, of Whittemore, Sick Fenton, Feb. 22—Mr. and Mrs. Michael Besch were called to Michael Mergen's, Whittemore, Friday evening by news of the serious illness of Mrs. Bescb's mother, Mrs. Harvey Higley. All children were at her bedside. Mrs. Higley has lived with her daughter, Mrs. Mergen, since the death Society. 'Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Samson pn- ., , • _ , - ,„ , itertained at six tables of bridge AlRona lonng People »od— , ast week Wednesday evening. Vivian Loreen, daughter of Mr. Ml . s George Johnson won high for and Mrs. L. E. Holmes, and Ed-i wome]li Mrs HuRh Ranev sec ond son of Mrs.! Menz, Fenton, were married I at Des, Moines Sunday, afternoon ,ward &Relmers,sonofMra. hlgh . Karl . Willasson was high IT'S TIME TO Setting Eggs Custom Hatching Baby Chicks Incubators Stoves Supplies If you have something or want to dispose of something in the poultry line, now is the time to advertise it in the ADVANCE want ads. PHONE 254 a't three o'clock, the Rev. Mr. Shif- Jler performing the ceremony. Mis. Reimers, a graduate of the Livermore high school, will continue employment at the James drug store till after March 1. Mr. Reimers is a farmer, two miles south of Fenton. The couple was attended by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Houston, Des Moines. The bride was attired in a blue silk dress", and her attendant wore black and green. After the ceremony a wedding dinner was served at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Houston. Marilyn Thompson Five; Party- Mrs. Hoy Wooldridge and her in- brook, now Mrs. Jack Hil'on, who fant -daughter Karen Lee left the Kossuth hospital Monday. Mr. Wboldridge is a local mason. There are no other children. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Clurn, Emmetsburg, spent the week-end at Gordon Kuhn's. Mrs. Clum and Mrs. -Kuhn are sisters, and Mr. Clum manages a .billiard hall. The Rev. P. J. Hraner, pastor of the Algona Trinity Lutheran church, will as in former years, 'conduct special services • during Lent every Wednesday evening at ia Barber purlew Shop 22—Oran O'Keefe, |-barber, has been'at Moines, came up Monday to attend 7:30. and Mrs. A. D. Adams, Des Keeks, outfitting a .Curlew, a small aetsburg, had no iO'Keefe thought it opening. The O'( their household ek and are living in (lent over the shop, day. Mr. and Mrs. ire now operating II station on No. 9 the Charity ball, and we're guests H, W. Pletches. The doctor ne Burned Down. | Feb. 22-The fire- j^ to e, call to Fenton Walter Ohm house [The fire started at t all here came at 8, |l boys reached the foo.late to be of any MEETING of the [Council will be held at the Legion hall. be John Hattery, IQW& patrol, and Phil [council secretary. Of- Islected, arid a revieAV ats in 1937 will be were 11 highway county last year, fOn county highways, county has now us at dangerous .er is retiring j^tone Johnson, Mrs. Pr. H. Utteraore, vice preei- [Reiley, 8ecret*ry; J. r. There were of and. Mrs. Adams are former residents here. Mr, and Mrs. Marvin Doherty will spend the week-end at Des Moines, where^Mr. Doherty will attend a Heinz convention. He is a traveling salesman for the "57 varieties." Messrs, and Mesdames Marvin Doherty, Raymond Beamish, and Clarence Stewart, attended a district wrestling tournament at Fort Dodge Saturday. Ray was state "champ" back in 1937. ' Mr. and Mrs, H. D; Clapsaddle and the twins, Jack »nd Jill, spent Sunday at Burt with the Dr.. J. G. Clapsaddles. . .- Hprace eiapsaddle ptill rims the Shell oil .Ration south of Athletic park. : ' The Bev. and Mrs, F. Earl Burgess, Mrs. Walter Jensen, Mrs. B. V. Pierce, and Mrs. O. J, Stephenson were at Britt last evening, attending a get-together of former students of Morningside college. Mr. and Mrs, Everett Eyres, Le Mers, and their son Phil spent the week-end at G. W. Bergfleld'e here, Mrs. Eyres is the former §hiela Bergfield'. Mr. BergfielcJ travels for the Kennedy-Parsons; company. Mr, «nd Jfrs, Fred Jacob j^otor- ., Friday to at- is also employed at the Studio. Mjss Halbrook is living with the A. H. Schunks on south Minnesota street. Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Aalfs, son Gary, and Mr. and Mrs. C, S, Pearson were Sunday dinner guests 'of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hammil, Mason City. Mr. Hammil, a former jeweler at Borchardt's, is now employed in a jewelry store there. His wife is an F. C. Zender daughter. Phyllis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Coleman, Louisville, Ky., got back yesterday to resume work at Cook's service station. The Colemans are former residents of Algona. Mr. Coleman, who formerly worked for the Naiidain coal firm here, is , now doing ~ lOuisville. The postoffice and t year, •iv« will sti m louse were closed Tuesday in observance of the birthday anniversary of Washington. The postof- !ice delivery window waa open 'rom 9:30 to 10 a. m., but the mail carriers did not deliver. All incoming and outgoing mail • was 'worked" as usual. A card from the San Marcos, Tex., postoffice has ordered the Advance 'going to the Rev, C. V, Hulse to be changed tp Roswell, edTto Austin, tend celebration qf the ,'f 8th. wedding- tujniversary ',of the foi^nev 8 Brents, , Mr. widMrp. Robert Jacob Sr. They returned Saturday ' Bev Bur- iwme- ie ev. ' gess were entertained (*t 6:3(J dinner Tuesday evening at the Rev. and Mrs. R. B. Aur^nd's, Fprt Podge. Mr, Avrwd 19 dJtetclct eu- trucking at the court- Lei, mis. mt_i£uii, Biuce LUU uuciui | -. - • - .. - ,, of Mr. Higley. Her condition was Marilyn, Daughter of Mr and improved Saturday. Father, Son Candidates. A. H. Avery, who once held the office, is a candidate for the re- Mrs. Jo'hn Thompson, observed her fifth birthday anniversary Tuesday afternoon, 2:30 to 5, by entertaining 11 little boys and girls at ia party. The guests were Phyllis, , „ . " , Guy. and Dickie Reynolds, Marilyn publican nomination for represen- E t Donna Holmes Mary C ath- I tative in Clay county, and WBJ , ne ' Ka , n . p r(irices Bunting, son, A den D. Ayery, is seeking the Janice Funk her Drbther and sis , republican nomination for county ters Edwardj Virginia, and Carol. attorney. A lignt lunch was ; served, with o : n TT" TT ^ the 'children seated at a large ta- Swtm Pool for Spencer. Me . centred with a birthday cake Following Algona's example, bearing five candles. Spencer will have a municipal | swimming pool, to be erected this Rebekahs in Patriotic Program- spring. It will cost $36,000, of i The Rebekahs met Tuesday eve- which $15,317 is a WPA grant. Al-. ning at the European hotel, Mrs. gone didn't call on the government C< C. Wright and Mrs. Mark Moore for aid. hostesses. There was a patriotic If the Hulses not already aware that a former Algon- an lives there, they might' call on Mrs. George Zink, sister of J. B. Wheelofck, of the Algona posto.- t Ice. Algonian# attending a joint county Legion-Auxiliary meeting 1 at Swea City last week Thursday evening 1 were Messrs. and Mesdames Jos. Harig, > H. C. Har* greaves, J. D. Burns, Ben Amelsburg, G. D. Bruudage, Samuel Evans, John Button, B. C. Hutchison, and H. V.jHull. 'Mrs; Ann Zitt- ritech also attended. Jtr, «od Sfrs, Henry Douglas, are vacationing in California, called Friday on -lairs Sorensen and his'- niece, Mrs. Julius Peterson, at Long Beach. Mr. and Mrs. Do\iglag are expected homo • this week; but Mr. Sorensen -will not return till April. Mr. Douglas has for many years been in the employ of tie Northwestern railroad. f lie Sorensen grocery GREATER IOWA THEATRE POLICY Now Showing Through Satur. 2 Features, 21c CHAS. STARHETT NOAH BEERY JR. _in— PLUS —in— - CATTLE RAIDERS "Trouble at Midnight" Sunday Through Wednesday, Feb. 27-March 2. Sunday, Matinee prices 10-26c, night 10-36c. Gorgeous Spectacle in Technicolor J Thurs.-Friday, Feb. 24-25 Saturday, February 26 SHE TAKES THE TOWN But he takes her heart.,.! EDWARD AHNOLD SHIRLEY ROSS IJOHN TRENT Paramouirt Pirturt —Also— "POPEYE" — NEWS "ALABI MARK" SPECIAL SCHOOL MATINEE Thursday, 4; 15, FREDERIC MARCH —in— «THE BUCCANEER" Special School Prices. Free Pirate Hats ajid Pirate Money. Sunday and Monday, February 27 and 28 Cecil B. DeMille's Roaring Story of the Pirate Who Saved a Nation BAXTER NETT Building Supply Company . HELEN VINSON MQWB.RAY The Spirit of Your Rooms REFLECT the modern spirit, of distinctive home decoration, in your rooms, Avith the choice of wall pti- pers that ivill make every room individual. We can show you a complete selection of samples for every requirement. 740,000 lin. feet of paper, or enough to reach from Algona to Des Moines. Birge Strahan Atlas Mayflower Henry Bosch . o ; Without obligation our manager, Mr. Grady, a graduate of interior decorating, will gladly assist you in the inspection, estimating, and selection of paint and paper. : r Our stock on hand would make a continuous band of wall paper from ALGONA to DES MOINES Look Over Our Samples New, Modern, Fresh • Wallpaper ' lOc to $12 per roll

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