The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 26, 1898 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 26, 1898
Page 8
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WMft DEB MOIK328: ALGOKA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JAKUABY 26, 189ft THE BATE IS FEBRUARY 10 fABMEBS 1 INSTITUTE OONTEtfES. A Jjot of Vftlunblo Discussion on tile Protcram— Gabrlelson of Hntap- toii Olio of the Speakers. The date of the coming far mere' institute is set. The committee has decided on Thursday, Feb. 10. Geo. S. Angus, J. B. Hofius, and Ellis McWhorter were in Algona Monday and arranged the details of the program. C. L. Gabrielson of New Hampton, one of the best known writers and speakers On farm topics in the west, will conduct the meeting, and Addis Schermerhorn of Charles City, also well known, will be present. Mr. Gabrielson attended the northwestern dairymen's convention in Algona some years ago and will be pleasantly remembered us one of the leading spirits on that occasion. The local program is excellent. The subjects for discussion hayo been well chosen and it will pay every farmer in the county in actual dollars and cents to be present. Following is the program, which the committee requests all papers in the county to publish: TiumsiUY, rcn. 10, 1808. 10:00. How can woitnprovolnstltutosys- tem, Addis Schermorborn of Charles City. Discussion led by C. L. Gubriolson of Hampton. 10:80. Farm machinery and its caro, C. B. Hutchius. 10:50. Farm Rents Landlord and Tenant. E. Bacon. 11:10. Private Dairying vs. Creamery, T. J. Julian. 11 :80. Poultry Raising for Profit, E. W. Donovan. AFTEHNOON SESSION. 1:15. Farm Management, C. L. Gabrielson, New Hampton. 1 :45. Co-oporation Among Formers, M. DoL. Parsons. 2:15. The Farmers' Hay, Win. Banks. 2.40. Good Roads, C. C. Chubb. 8:10. Ornamental Treo Culture, E. McWhorter. 8:80. The Farm Garden, Mrs. C. D. Ward. 4:00. How Best can wo Interest the Children in the Farm?, Mrs. G. L. Carroll. 4:80. Paper, J. R. Jones. FltlDAY, FEB. 11. 10;00. Question Box to bo Opened aud Questions Answered. 1.0:45. Stock Feeding, W. K. Ferguson. Saving of Corn Fodder, J. R. advantage possible in the search for gold. The conditions of the company are such that the stockholders of each locality pick their own man to represent them in the gold fields, and the safeguards thrown around both officers and miners, makes dishonesty an impossibility. In our opinion it would pay anyone interested in the subject to see Mr. Tinker and get a clear idea of the plans of the expedition. Parties have already joined it from some of our neighboring towns and we note that the promoters in all of them rank among the successful business men of this district. Mr. Tinker will be in town for several days and may be seen at the Tennant house. 11:15. Davis. 11:40. worth. 1:15. Angus. 1:45. 2:00. 8:00. 3:80. The County Fair, J. W. Wads- AI'TEUNOON SESSION. Possibilities of Dairying, G. S- Butter or Cheese, G. S, Wright. Hog Cholera, Dr. E. E. Sayers. Paper, Mrs. W. W. Anuls. Paper, Harvey Ingham. WOLP SOALPS MUST BE PAID POK. THE GREENBACKS. TJio Public Lyceum Will Discuss this Question Saturday Evening. Following is the public lyceum program for Saturday evening at 7:30 sharp: Recitation, Essie Patterson. Reading, Tena Wallace. Music. Debate: Question, Should the greenbacks be retired? Affirmative, Harvey Ingham, Horace Maun. Negative, Geo. C. Call, E. V. Swotting. Recitation, Ruth Reed. Duet, Daisy Combs and Mamie Chapln. BUKIAL OP WALTER WALKER. The Funeral Hold In Algona Yesterday at 8 O'clock. The remains of Walter William Walker arrived from California Monday, and yesterday afternoon the funeral was hold at the Walker home, Rev. Sinclair officiating. Walter was the oldest child, born at Richmond Hill, Oct. 3, 1800. His whole life was a struggle against asthma. He went first to Racine, and then to Minneapolis. Then lio decided to try California and went west ton years ago, and was in at the founding of the town of Rodondo. Ho was disabled much of the time, but did not complain. He died Jan. 14. I. N. Gay, who left Algona six years ago, was his fast friend at Rodondo, and cored for him through his last illness and attended to having the remains sent home. The family would have been with him, but ho never allowed word of his serious illness to be sont, and they had no suspicion that anything was wrong until Mr. Gay sont word of the death. ITS PROSPECT IS BRIGHT, LIBEAEf ASSOCIATION MEETING. ilcport Shows It to He In n Healthy Condition—Social Reunion an Enjoynblo Feature. For the Grammarians. Henry Watterson In a recent Bine article says of the politician stock in trade are the offices." correct? maga: "His Is this Tbe Supreme Court Passes oil Judge Quartan's Decision In Palo Alto County. Charles Baker killed in Palo Alto county 12 adult wolves and one cub wolf and filed his bill with the county auditor, showing- him to be entitled to the legal bounty. He produced the whole skin of each of the 13 wolves and the county auditor accomplished their destruction by burning them. A receipt was given Baker for the skins and he assigned the claim to the plaintiff. While the matter of payment was pending with the board of supervisors additional information showing that the wolves were killed in Palo Alto county was demanded and was furnished. Defendant rules on its contention that as the claim was against a special fund and not against the county, that the claim could not be the subject of a ciyil action nor within the jurisdiction of tho district court. It cannot be, rules tho supremo court, that the language of the statute is intended to in- yest the board with a discretion to pay or not if the essential facts are established to its satisfaction. "It seems to us that the statute means this: That beside the certified statement, the board may demand other evidence with a view of knowing if the facts justify the payment of the bounty. If so, its payment is a legal right of the claimant. So long as the facts are open to question it is a matter within the discretion of tho board, but that discretion cannot overrule undisputed facts in favor of the claimant." GOING TO THE KLONDIKE. A St. Joe Boy lias Started AVlth -His Fatber Will Klondike Him. Roht, Christiansen, the 16-year-old son of Byron Christiansen of St. Joe, has started for the gold regions. He had no money but went to a friend of tbe family and borrowed $lp. 'The last heard of him he was on the train for Omaha, The boy has ambition and enterprise, but it is misdirected in this instance. A MUSIOAL COMEDY. "That Girl" to He tu Algouu Saturday Kvciiliiii. "That Girl," a clever musical farce comedy in three ants, will bo presented a,t the opera house next Saturday evening by Miss Olga Lorraine and merry band of farceurs. The play is from the pen of Mr. Sam P. McCutchen, original music by Thos. P. Marshall, costumes by Lunier, and was constructed for laughing purposes only. It is interspersed throughput with beautiful music and clever specialties and will positively be produced with all of the effects and the same big company just as in the larger cities,, and the company is guaranteed to be first class. Prices for this engagement have been arranged at 50, 35, and 25 cents. For Klondike Gold Seekers. MivM. S. Tinker is in town in the interest of the American and Canadian company, of which our old Judge Carr is the president. plan of the company is the best we Jj$v,e seep, and the fact that the officers A with the judge in its'man- ar,e m^n of sterling character vyorj;]}, Jea/is one to believe that eujaess js yory probable and that at least the money placed in the com- W'jWWls wjiU be us,e4 to Jb0 beet SEMI-LOOAL NEWS NOTES. Frank E. Allen of Esthervillo has gone to Battle Creek, Mich., to enter the sanitarium. He has hardening of the liver, and will go south for the winter. He is not as limber as he was when he won tho foot race in Algona, back in tho grasshopper days. -s- -f- -f- Al. Adams of the Humboldt Independent and secretary of the Upper Des Moines Kdltorial association, announces that the regular winter meeting of the association will be held in his town in the not distant future. We will all be there. -f- -f- -fr- it is said that President Burt of the Union Pacific will give Supt. Aishton, lately of this division of the North western, a good place. Supt. Aishton is a coming mun in the railway business. H- -H H- The lawyers at Estherville have held a meeting and will ask the legislature to add a third judge to this district, They say that Emmet county law work is behind and that the terms of court are cut short, They want an assistant for Judges Thomas and Quarton. -r- -S- -S- The Humboldt Independent says: "H. E. Gullixson went to Bancroft, calling at Algona enroute. Henry has purchased old Kossuth, the famous trotting horse owned by John Winkel of that place." This item is all right, excepting only that Kossuth is not a trotter. If ho is anything besides well bred, ho is a runner. H- H- •*Geo, E. Marble of Burt has built a big store in the north part of Emmet county. In speaking of it the Estherville Republican says: It would hardly seem that this store is necessary, yet it must be remembered that the point at which this store is located is probably the farthest from a railroad of any in Iowa. We understand that a postofflce will soon be established there taking the name of Dolliver, •*-•*-•+• In noticing the concert to be given in Emmetsburg by the " Western Stars," the Reporter says: Miss K. Neilson Smith's playing is characteristic, in-so- muoh as it comprises a broad musioian- ly style. She is one whose playing can add brilliancy to any concert program. An artist who never resorts to tricks to captivate an audience. Her fort lies in the remarkable technique, artistic phrasing, and pure intonation. Mr. D. Taylor Smith has a phenomenal voice. Its extended range and pure quality of tone shows that nature has richly endowed him. We prophesy a successful career for one of his musical ability. -i- -f- -*The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad company is one of the great trunk lines that transports all contributions of clothing and provisions made to the starving Cubans over its lines free. This act certainly reflects credit on the officials of the road. * H- -f- The Chicago & Northwestern Railway company now has more than 2,000 employes in uniform. The company furnishes the buttons which go on the uniforms and also the lettering for the caps. The remainder of the outfit is purchased by the employe, and according to the railway officials a good uniform can be obtained for from $10 to $15. The company merely requires that the cloth shall be blue and that the coat shall be made in sack style. Station agents wear gold plated buttons, like conductors. and baggagemen wear silver buttons, like those of the trainmen. Legislature )ji Session. The daily Iowa Capital will be sent for four months fgr $1, This will wore than cover the entire session of the legislature, ,The Saturday feature of faur extra pages of oomio' and artistic The fourth annual meeting of the Algona Library association was held in court house hall on Friday evening and was fully attended, the business, social, and educational circles of the city being well represented. Thos. F. Cooke, the president, opened the meeting with ah address of welcome which was full of hope and good cheer. " You are not invited," he said, " to listen to a doleful tale of failure and discouragement, but to one of success and promise." E. P. McElroythen presented his report as librarian, of which wo make the following abstract: Number of Vol. In library Jan. 1, 1800....838 Added during 1807 70 017 Annual examination Dec. 31— In hands of borrowers 102 On shelves 7M Withdrawn for repairs 02 017 Of tho 02 withdrawn 13 are worn out. Lost during year o In addition to the books tho library contains 904 magazines, among which thorp are several years complete of the loading and popular publications which would be of much greater service If they could bo bound. The circulation has been— A. L. A. books 5,140 Monday club books 348 Total 5,408 Names on borrowers' register 500 Added during the year 100 Over 80 per cent, of the circulation is free, fully that proportion of the books being taken out by the pupils of the schools. The reading room is regularly supplied with 22 periodicals and contains the books of reference. During the year there has been an attendance of 0,257; those who only look in are not counted. Tho running expenses of the library have been $290.38 not including books purchased. This is the work of tho year as far as our records show it and figures can make it known. What it has really been and what tho beneficient results, who can tell? Mr. McElroy supplemented this report with a brief review of the work of the past three years, and paid a well deserved tribute to the women to whose self-denying and persevering labor the foundations of the library were laid and the present success made possible. The report of L. J. Rice as treasurer was presented and accepted. E. J. Murtngh was elected director for three years by a unanimous vote. A vote of thanks to L. J. Rice for his services as director and treasurer for over three years was unanimously adopted by a rising vote. The meeting then adjourned and was followed by a most enjoyable social reunion, and the serving of light refreshments by the Women's Library Aid society. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mike Winkel has been at Stratford visiting his sister the pnst week. A. F. Cull was in Algona a day last week. He had been in Des Moines. Mrs. Harvey Ingham will be home from her Des Moines visit tho ,last ofthe week. Henry Straw was over from Garner yesterday visiting his sister, Mrs. Geo. E. Clarke. Jas. Randall will go to Des Moines Saturday for a visit and to look over tho big printing offices. Glen Brunson hopes to return to Livermore Saturday and begin work again in the storp. He is up from his long run of fever, but is still weak. Dr. H. E. Snow is expected in Algona soon for a visit with J. L. Donahoo. Dr. Snow comes from California and is a brother-in-law of Mr. Donahoo. Mrs, A. D. Clarke and Irma go to Wisconsin soon for a visit. They will go especially to see Mrs. Clarke's mother. Mrs. Clarke visited her sister in Eagle Grove last week. Thomas and Stitz Way are Interested in the Klondike gold company Judge Carr is president of. We haven't learned whether either are going up themselves or not. We will join their company if they will get Bro. Bailey to go up and prospect. Miss May Comstock of Spokane is in Algona for a visit, and is a guest at Dr. Rist's. She reports her father and all the old-time Algonians well and happy. It has been some time since she was here, but she finds many friends who are glad to welcome her. Geo. E. Clarke camo homo from the south with a severe cold which at one time threatened pneumonia. He is much better now. He and Mrs, Clarke had a pleasant visit at Dallas, where they found their daughter well and their little grandchild all they expected. Old friends of J. W. Bartlett and his family will be pleased to learn that they are all well and prospering in their new home. Invitations are out for the wedding of Miss Myrta E. Putsch and Mr. John F. Gerlicher, which will ocour at the bride's home Tuesday evening of next week. The bride is well known in Algona social circles as a charming and cultured lady. The groom is a successful young business man of Winona, Minn., where they will make their home in the new residence recently erected by him. Many congratulations will be extended. ion gossip. Terms of subscription: On dollar per year, 50 cents for si> months, 25 cents for three months. A trial order solicited. Sample copie free on application. Address, Perkin Bros. Co., Sioux City, Iowa. Publish era the Daily Journal, $6 per year; the Sunday Journal, $2; the Twice a Weel Journal, $1; the Daily Evening Times $4. STATEMENT OF Kossuth County State Bank, of Algona, Iowa, made to auditor of state, a close of business, Jan. 6, 1898. ASSETS. Loans and discounts $110,700.0 Gold and sliver coin 12,040.0 Legal tender and National bank notes and subsidiary coin 8,274.5 Checks and cash Items 1,710.8 Due from bankers- Citizens'National, Des Moines.... 8,527.4 Metropolitan National, Chicago... 5,880 0 First National, Minneapolis 2,480.5 Union National, Chicago ........ National Ex., Milwaukee First National, Dubuque FarmerH' and Traders', Bancroft.. Burt Bank, Burt Chemical National, New York First National, Bennlngton Overdrafts Heal estate Personal property 5,804.0 8,012.4 824.0 1,280.0 1,531.5 2,188.2 3,240.0 833.7: 7,203.8 2,740.8 Total $101,354.0 MABIMTIBS. Capital stock paid up S 50,000.0i Deposits 128,512.0i Undivided profits 12,841.31 Total $101,354.04 Liabilities of directors $2,400.0 We, Win. H. Ingham, president; Lewis II Smith, cashier, and Jos, W. Wadsworth, as slstant cashier, all directors of said bank, d solemnly swear that the statement above 1 true and correct to Hie best of our knowledg and belief, and that the assets are bona fid the property of the bank and no part of th same has been loaned said bank for any pur pose. WM. H. JNOHAM, President. LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier, Jos. W. WABSWOHTII, Asst. Cashier, Directors. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 18tl day of January, 1808. H. E. RIST, Notary Public. Don't take any chance on Abstracts of Title My books are thoroughly complete. Non but experienced abstractors have ever wrlttei a word in them. My work Is done by compe tent persons and is guaranteed. Anything en trusted to me will have prompt aud careful at tentlon. REAL ESTATE LOANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS. C. C. SAMSON, Algona, Iowa Opera House Block. DE. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines Full assortment always on hand of drugs, med cines, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only. Boolee a,ia.a. Sto.tloa3.er3r. Chas. J. Doxsee, .A-Tostracts, Estate, and. Office in Geo. 0. Call Building. WATER OR NO PAY. -A.. IF. Artesian wen contractor. I have the onl cable steam drilling machine owneu In the county; sink wells for water supply for towns cities, and railroads. Special attention tc farm well work. Estimates made. I em ploy only expert drillers. Address A. F Dalley, Algona, Iowa. DR. PRESTON, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Cltjr, Xo-wa- Operatlons performed. Diseases treated. Spectacles fitted, be at Algona is # great J.m,prpye,Bje.n. J, For tho Puzzle Solvers. Here is a puzzle for you: There was a mati who owed another man $1 and all he had .was 75 cents. So he went to a pawn broker and pawned the 75 cents for 50 cents and went out. He met a friend and sold him the pawn ticket calling for 75 cents for 50 cents. Thus he had two 50-cent pieces, $1 in fact, and he went and paid his' bill. Was anybody out and how much? CfUe Sioux City Journal Twice a week, four pages Tuesday, eight pages Friday. The best and cheapest. A delightful visitor anticipated with pleasure by its thousands of readers. Two papers every week. The Journal's popularity is certainly evidenced by its large and over-increasing, circulation. Bright, clean, wud ear tertaining. It pleases all. Once a subscriber, always a subscriber. Features of the Journal: The news of the world, able editorials, scientific miscellany, reliable market reports, short stories, humorous illustrations, the latest fash- LEGAL NOTICES. -^S^V^Xy^fc^Vw^fcXXy-^^xX^XS^X^V^ ORDINANCE NO. 20. AN ORDINANCE providing for the licensing of plumbers. Be it enacted by the city council of the City of Algona, Iowa: APPLICATION VOn LICENSE, Sec. 1. Any person desiring to engage In the business of plumbing in tho city of Algona, lo wa, in connection with the sewer and water systems of said city, and all other pipe fitting and plumbing, shall file in the office of the city clerk a petition giving the name of the individual and place of business, and asking to be licensed as a plumber. Said petition must be signed by two responsible citizens of the city of Algona, vouching for the business capacity and reputation of the applicant—that he is a resident of Algona, a master of his trade, and willing to be governed in all respects by the rules and regulations which are or may be adopted by the city council, Each applicant for a license shall execute and deposit In the office of the city clerk, wUh his application, a bond with two or more surities. to be approved by said city council, In the sum of Five Hundred dollars, conditioned that he will Indemnify and save harmless the city of Algona, Iowa, from any and all costs and damages caused by any negligence in protecting his work, or by any unfaithful, imperfect, or inadequate work done by virtue of his license, and that he will also replace and restore sidewalk, pavement, or street surface over any opening he may have made to as good condition as he found it, and keep and maintain the same in good order to the satisfaction of the superintendent or city council, for the period of twelve months next thereafter, and that he will pay all flues imposed upon him for a violation of any of these rules and regulations. On receiving his license he shall have recorded In the office of the city clerk his actual place of business, the name under which the business is transacted, aud shall immediately notify the city clerk of any change in either thereafter. No license will be granted for more than one year, and the amount of said license shall be Five dollars per annum payable in advance. Removal of residence from the city shall act as a forfeiture of license. Sec. 8. Any person doing plumbing In connection with tlie sewer anil water systems or any other plpe-littiug or plumbing, without first being duly licensed iu accordance with section one of this ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a mUdeiueuuor, uud upon conviction thereof be fined iu any sum not exceeding One Hundred dollars, uorless than Five dollars, or Imprisonment iu tho county j nil for a period not exceeding thirty days or by both such line and imprisonment, nt the discretion of the court. Bee. 3. TUe provisions of any ordinance heretofore passed conflicting with this ordm- aauce are hereby repealed. Sec. 4. This ordimmce shall take effect from aud after legal publication thereof. J. V. CHBISCHILLES, Mayor. Attest: J, L. DONAHOO, Clerk. Passed Jan, 10, ist»8. Frank Nicoulin Land Company. OFFICES AT ,, T *TXT WHEATON, MINN., ORTONVILLE, MINN., And ALGONA, IOWA. LAND OF No i HARD WHEAT. Land that can be bought for speculation and will double in value. Land for a poor man to buy because one ctSp of flax or one crop of wheat at present pnces Will ^AlsVhavesome fine farms in Kossuth county for sale-would like to list more. We have hundreds of agents looking up customers for us, and if you want to sell your farm list it with us. It will be placed in the hands of all these agents for sale. We will will furnish you a half-fare rate to the lands in Minnesota and back, and if you purchase land the fare which you pay will be credited on the purchase price. Buy a farm and be independent. Call at our office and see us at once. We have some rare bargains. Frank Nicoiilio Land Company, A FIRST-CLASS COLLEGE EDUCATION Free <?/ Charge to Students of Iowa. Afforded by the Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. A new college year begins Feb. 22, 1898. Large faculty, excellent equipment, reasonable living expenses. Thorough courses in the Sciences, in Agriculture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mining Engineering, a Course for Women, Veterinary Science, Dairying and Group Courses. You can have an illustrated compendium free by addressing PRES. W. M. BEARDSHEAR, Ames, Iowa. LEGAL NOTICES. \*~^r*~f~^^v~**i-v~**r*~r**s~*^*~ir*~r-*^+*. SHERIFF'S SALE. State of Iowa, Kossuth County, ss.—Notice Is hereby given that on the 20th day of February, 181)8, ivt 10 o'clock a. in., at the court house In Algona, In the county and state aforesaid, will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, the equity of redemption and the right of possession of the following described real estate, levied upon and taken by virtue of a general execution from the office of the clerk of tho district court within and for the county of Kossuth and state of Iowa, in favor of the Corwlth State Bank of Oorwith, Iowa, plaintiff, and against the property of Edward Mahoney, defendant, for the sum of Four Hundred and Twenty-one dollars and costs taxed at Thirty-two and 30-100 dollars and accruing costs, to-wlt; The equity of redemption and the right of possession In the east one-half of Section No. Thirty-four, Township No. Ninety-four north of Range No. Twenty-seven in Kossuth county, Iowa, west of the 5th P. M., that Is reserved by law from the sheriff's sale in case of Henry Kliudt vs. Edward Mahoney et al., said sheriff's sale having been made on or about Jan. 22, A. D, 1808, In the case of Henry Kllndt vs. Edward Ma honey et al., under a special execution In a foreclosure proceeding that was issued out of the office of the clerk of the district court of said county In said action to satisfy said writ and execution and accruing costs. Dated Jan. 24, A. D. 1808. S. P. OHBISTENSEN, 45t2 Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. PROFESSIONAL. -'*^-V^-X^^^-.kV'-V>-v-X^X--'^i'%-» > ^*-s_*-»^« i . CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Boston block. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office over Galbraith's. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office In Hoxle-Fercuson hi jck. E. V. SWETTING, ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. J. C. RAYMOND. ERNEST C. RAYMOND RAYMOND & RAYMOND, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. FREDERICK M. CURTISS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over Kossuth County State Bank, Algona, Iowa. F. L. TRIBON, M. D., Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office and residence In the Boston Block. (In the new block.) H. C. MeCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office at residence, McGregor street. NOTICE. AN ORDER to rebuild sidewalks. Be it resolved by the city council of the city of Algona, Iowa, that the walk along the north and east sides of lot eight (8), in block twentv (20). original plat, Algona, Iowa, is in an unsafe and dangerous condition, aud the same be and is hereby condemned, and the city marshal Is hereby instructed to notify the owner or owners of the property abutting said walk to rebuild the same. That said walk shall be built eight feet in width, of two inch plank with at least four oak stringers, the cost of said walk not to exceed forty cents per linial foot, on or before ten days from the date of this notice; in case said property owner or owners shall fail to construct said walk in the time and manner afore mentioned, the street commissioner is hereby authorized to construct said walk and charge the cost of construction to the abutting property In the manner provided by law. A« <• T T J V T> CHRISCHILLES, Mayor. Attest: J, L. DONAHOO, City Clerk. 44tS NOTICE TO GRADERS. Bids will be received at the office of the county auditor until noon of the first Tuesday In February, 1808, for doing the county grading of Kossuth county for the ensuing year The county is divided Into two districts viz : The south 16 townships being District No l' and the remainder of the county being District N .%r- t Bids 8na11 specify the amount per yard of dirt for 100 yards and for each subsequent 100 yards to 1,000 yards. Full specifications and particulars can be had at the office of the county auditor. Each bid must be accompanied by a $2,000 bond of some Indemnity com pany, to Insure the county. The board reserves the right to reject any or all bids. . ..„ F. D. CALKINS, **** County Auditor. NOTICE TO DOCTORS. h ! e ^n5^^"^?, celve<1 a * , the "nice of 1. For the county. 2. Eagle, Grant, Swea, Harrison. 3. Springfield, Hebron, Ledyard, Lincoln 4. faeneca, Greenwood, Ramsay, German Plum Creek' BUrt> Portland - n ht Unl ™ and on, w ffL'vlngton 01 * M Plum Oreek and Uu " 7. Buffalo, Wesley, Prairie, e hf Irvingtou 8. LuVerne, Sherman, Riverdale. 0. Lotts Creek, Whittemore, Garfleld Each bid to include all necessary attendance and medicines, each district to be'bld on sep® arately. Also to include bids for the entire county, as well as districts. The board reserves the right to reject any and all bids 4it3 P. D. CALKINS, Auditor PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. M. J. KENEFICK, PHYSICIAN AND SUR&EON. Office and residence over Taylor's. H. D. SPENCER, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Sexton. Iowa. DR. MARGARET E. COLES, Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon. Office and residence in Boston Block, • ALGONA, IOWA. E. S. GLASIER, D. D. S., SURGEON DENTIST. Office over the State Bank. Algona, Iowa. DENTIST. A-. L. RI8T, D. D. S. Local anaesthetic roi deadening pain In gums when extracting teelhV GET WATER OR NO PAY. The undersigned has a complete Steam Cable Well Drilling Outfit, $S&&$?»* . K. PRAZER. SHELLY & PETTIBONE, MARBLE Head Stones, Monuments, ^"See us before you contract. It does not pay to fool with dynamite or irresponsible "dealers"-they both make a loud noise and somebody gets hurt! Buy your lumber of us and get it quickly and RIGHT! We offer you lowest prices and highest grades. John Paul lumber means thorough reliability- excellence all the way through We are especially strong on Sash, Doors, Cement, Stucco and Lime! s r * t ^* * A *> r "H, ~S"S\ V *• ~ _ ( i'> r,''*"*'A'*'Vf« '! - ' ' i

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