Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 17, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1938
Page 9
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17. 1938. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA. IOWA PAGE NINU u,s, p i l.'lfi'- '»•£*, ROGRAM Woman's r evening at the 1th Mrs. M. M. s. Tholburn Spetc- js. The United [Neighbor was the „ program round table on ^Live at Peace? by eters; book study, frj Will We Keep Ji'.B. Champlin, re- IpL. A. Boettcher; id Peace Plans, al- ffinlln, reveiwed by . J. M. Dows ftftlJiiBd 'Mr. and Mrs. R. C KW^RtitfeHodgson, Florence if*ttd ? 'liyla5 Olson at monopoly idafefmiftg, and on Friday [Kfc! J ente'r£ained their Sunday : Junior boys and party. Twen ed the even iBihg6ii£Re£reshnients car idea. _ m _ H Shower— ^ific^Blerstedt and he <i:'i«»iii;.,im..ii4. n Mrs. Walte Dick O'Donnell, Whittemore, spent last Thursday vith her parens, Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Schroeder. The Herman Leecks and Albert Metzgers, Algona, and Ralph Ste-' vards spent Sunday at the Emll ~.,eeck home . * Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Sewick visit- id at the home of their daughter /Irs. Kenneth May, at Emmetstourg Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Larsen spent Sunday at the home of Mr. ,arsen's brother Arthur at Corwith. Jimmy Woltz entertained 11 boy friends at a birthday party at his home Thursday after school. I/ura Sewick, Forest City teach„.', spent the week-end here with ler mother, Mrs. Laura Sewick. Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Hansen entertained at three tables of 500 last week Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Heaney spent Sunday with Mr. Heaney's parents at Kiester, Minn. The Hans Koestlers and lone MM. C, M, KLAMP, Field H.fJB>iiiyle""Marlow will attend for Mrs. We called on H. C. Snyder last week Monday. He livos southwest of Titonka, and we found him caring for lambs. Two of his ewes had dropped twins that morning. H. C. said he would sell some of his ewes because he does not have room for many lambs. Seventeen of his ewes had dropped 30 lambs, and there were 35 other ewes wliich were to drop lambs later. These are high-grade Hampshires, some of them purebreds. Mr. Snyder showed us an ewe he bought from Ben Studer, near Wesley, and she has two,fine lambs. Not many men take as good care of their stock as H. C. doss. There are four boys and one girl in his family: Darel, 15; Cecil, 12; Bonnie May, 9; Clair, 8; Junior, 6. The children all attend the Titonka schools. The boys at school call Darel "the lawyer," for he is great at arguing and says he is going to study law when he grows up. Mrs. Snyder had an operation lOLuinej' rv.t:iui» wuic ouuunj ui*i- g^rly this winter, and is now feel- ner guests at the Ed. Thaves | ng muc h like herself again. She home. " | has a girl to help her with the Mrs. Ray Pringle spent the week housework,end with relatives at Marble Rock. * * * * F. D. Elliott, east of Titonka, had just come home from Titbnka Moyer spent Sunday at the Chas. Moyer home at Terril. iSupt. and Mrs. Condlt Bowie took a group of wrestlers to Clar- 16n Friday evening. The E. C. Bierstedts spent Sunday at the Lewis Wegener home in Algona. The Harold Stewards spent Sunday at the S. E. Straley home In Keiths were Sunday din- Fenton. when he saw him last week Monday. It will soon be a year since he had a leg broken. He was milking and the cow kicked, then slipped on her other foot and fell on F. D. He is o. k. now. * * * * When we called on Herman Franzen, northeast of Titonka, last week Monday the assessor, Robert Bunkofske, was there with 'his big books. When they were through Herman showed us his new house. This is strictly modern. The Franzens worked hard many years save for such a home and are entitled to it. lcPMa<i»mber at the Jacob- iSmetinSAlgona Thursday ev- Lotts Creek * * * * H. D. Rademaker, northeast of German Valley, was at the Latz sale last week Tuesday. He formerly operated a Standard Oil filling station at Titonka, but now has rented a farm. * * * * Mrs. Bertha Dirksen, five miles south and 1% miles east of Lakota, and two of her boys have 'been farming 240 acres, but this year will farm 200. Mr. Dirksen died seven years ago, but his wife has kept right on farming and making a success of it. The oldest boy was only 13 when his fath- er passed on. There are three >oys: Reno, Cornelius, and Bert. 3ert has been working away from lome in the last year. All of the >oys are good workers, and when we called last week Wednesday .hey were cleaning the barn and milling the manure out to the 'ie'lds. Mrs. Dirkse had two grandchildren there, her eldest daugh- er being Mrs. William Holm. The Holms live near Swea City. The children are Russell, 3, and Elsie, ,8 mos., and they were having a ?ood time at Grandma's. Mrs. Dirksen has another daughter, Anna, who is in school. * * * * We called last week Wednesday on Earl Egesdal, Titonka, who nas the filling station which H. D. Rndmaker used to run. Earl farm- ed a few miles northwest of Weeley lost year, and he had rented a better farm, near Buffalo Center, for this year, but the farm was sold, and the new owner gets possession March 1. Earl is a good farmer, and he is also proving to be a good Olling-statlon man. * * * * C. E. Sigsbce, east of Burt, was not at home Friday, 'but his two boys were there and they were grinding ear corn. After this was done they were to begin splitting wood. There is a lot of oak wood on this farm. * * * * Henry Plaisier has a garage at German Valley, and we always find him busy. Last week Wednesday he was repairing a washing machine engine. People bring re- pair work to him from all directions and long distances. He also does electric welding, and he made his own wolder, but now has made a larger one on a trailer, so he can go out Into the country to do' this kind of work. * * * * Tom Clayton, northeast of Burt, will move soon to a farm northwest of Armstrng. Mr. and Mrs. to sell. This was Friday. M. J. had a fine herd of Herefords ready for market. * * * * , John Heiderscheidt, on the .M. J. Mann farm, southeast of Burt, was doing the chores when we arrived lost week Thursday. He and a brother are "batching it," and another man is staying with them ..«.,„ ~^ „.,.,„„.„,.,. ,„,. ,.,..„ „*,„. i at present. John Heiderscheidt Claytn have one boy, and lie has! said they had helped Charles been playing ball with the Burt Wagner with moving to a farm nine. He does a good job of it where Orville Crouch used to llvo. oo. We shall miss these good | * * * * oiks, for their new home is notj Stephen Tjaden, west of Tl- n one of our routes. I tonka, was busy doing his evening * * * * | chores wfoen we saw him last week At M. J. Meinzer's, northeast of j Thursday and was filling the cow 3urt, we found Boettcher Bros., i mangers with ground feed. This 3urt, who buy stock, .looking 'over looked like good feed, and his ome cattle which M. J. was ready stock shows good care. «*«„-»,• -JT Weok-End- i£ : Bahe? ( spent the week-end iBMtioifie' fai, Fairfbank; Lenore ttlat§tier^lio.me at Madrid; SfefeSftVaughn, with her parents ftolfefi^'Erna Baars and Mary tiiff a£$Ge<iari : Falls. iwns^WU'-l-'Ca've Butt— ^eraitS'tioy'' friends surprised eii'Giaytioir; Friday evening by igjItSlKiafhOme for a farewell lMySorin»Vwlll move with his imlvBOpni^o a farm near Arm- wtwisl'.Coinpany Meets— ijffelpimuai; meeting of the stock iJers'Sof-j'tiieY, Farmer's Elevator aturday afternoon. was re-elected as ladig, Mr. arid Mrs. August Pij- ihn, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter {rause. .. Swea City— ;, Doms will add- (8 ,?tt^,«.tu C .o and Sons' ban- st^SitheiiMethodist church at wfr/iii'ii'S'rnuurBday evening. !er is Seventy- went to help Mr. Rach- her 70th News. vtr .„..._, and Martin eisM?yisltedT Sunday at the i-n«-'..^ I i.-sisj.iii, home near Lone ,a Stewards were at the Faulsticl Faulstich recentlj four places. Mrs. J. M. Dow ueu<4 _ Sunday 'evening a-Mr,'<.jj6$s '"moderated" a Con egationaftmeeting at the Pros terian$church, held for the pur ;'::--lM!L'"B".yl'i_L l :f—Ulw« f\ nn!l in H Tl (W SENEGA WINS JUNIOR BOYS' B, BJOORNEY 10. wiiiKuii J.A1UUIUU, v^ujiu... Seneca, Feb. 16 — The Seneca Parish night will, be observed j un i or jj 0ys WO n the junior high n the parochial school basement j tournamen t at Burt Saturday Mday evening. On the serving even i ng . The Seneca boys won ommittee are Mr. and Mrs. Alex the first garaej 13.5, f ro m Titonka. The Otto Ruhnkes were Friday evening visitors at William Leininger's Whittemore, and Mr. and •Mrs. Herman Zumach, Whittemore, were also there. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Potratz, son Martin, Mr. and Mrs, William Wetzel, and the Wetzel son Reinhard, attended the recent silver vedding anniversary of Mr. and tfrs. William Hillman, Ceylon. They beat Lakota, 17-2, and then met the Swea City boys and won, 22-4. They won the final game iaua». 22-4. They won tne nnai game Mr. and Mrs. August Gade and > Satur( i ay evening by defeating the 'r. ftiifl Mrs. Edwin Gade. West •<->....* *„„„, on_'7 Tim fnllnwinor Vtr. and Mrs. Edwin Gade, West Bend, were Sunday afternoon vis- tors at Hugo Faulstich's. Lorena Leisener , -Bertha Potratz, Dorothy Wichtendahl and Lucille and Gertrude Kuecker were Sunday dinner guests at the Ruth Meine's, and helped her celebrate a birthday anniversary. The McNeils, Mr. and Mrs. t Art Jruikshank, and Mr. and Jack Cruikshank, all of . M rs. Burt team, 29-7. The following boys play on the Seneca junior team: Melvin Klein and Joseph Crowley, forwards; Dennis Lynch, center; Mervin. Klein and Oscar Patterson. Jr., guards. Don Schultz dren Mr. and Mrs. Ole Oftedahl and daughters, and Mrs. Bula.Wil- liamsen spent Saturday evening at A. T. Paulson's and helped Mr. Paulsen celebrate his birthday anniversary. Birthday is Observed- Betty Kennedy entertained a few friends at her home Thursday evening in honor of her birthday. Present were Mavis and Howard Preston, Harriet Olsen, Kenneth and Donald Bollig, and Loretta Irowley. 'Other Seneca News. Seneca (seniors have selected the yellow rose as class flower, green and gold as class colors, and "Our Aim: Success; Our Hope: To Win," is the motto. Mrs. Albert Cody spent Thurs- ig the team. Girls Play in Tie Game iSeneca high school girls anc boys' basketball teams met the Lone Rock teams at Lone Rock Arthur Jackman's. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gross are parents of a boy, born Friday. William Fuerstenau has returned from Rochester. The Algona Auction Co. We arc here to serro both the seller and buyer at onr pavilion In Algona every Saturday. Saturday, February 19 Don't forget we sell anjlliing that yon have to sell every Saturday by the head or weight. Our place Is packed with buyers, and all stock is demanding good prices. So don't forget to get your stock in, as you will get the best cash price. HORSES We have listed about the following horses: 1 team of dapple grays, 5 and 6 yrs. old; team of mules; bay marc, smooth mouth; sorrel, coming 2 yrs. old; bay mare 5 yrs. old, wt. 1-150; 4 yearling colts. Also expect a number of others. If yon have any horses to sell bring them in us our market is as good as any place. CATTLE Have listed three good heavy springer roan Shorthorn cows; roan Shorthorn bull; and expect some good young cattle. Also have listed 8 or 10 good ewes. Don't forget—every Saturday wo will have a repair man for all makes of separators. TVe also handle the complete line of Massey-Harrls machinery. Don't forget to look this Twin Power Row Crop Tractor over. Will handle 82-in. sep. and 3 14-in. plows. Open every day. Sale barn phono 77 or residence 3F22. Start on stock at 1:30. TERMS—Cash. No property removed until settled for. C. O. RIDDLE & SON Operators and Auctioneers. Save on your Hybrid Seed Corn Iowa 931 and other strains suitable for your locality. Leave your orders at our office or with our representative MR. L. M. OWEN Anderson Grain & Coal Co. Phone 308 day and Friday in Minneapolis receiving medical treatment. The Harley Hoeck family had dinner at the parental Levi Haw- Aii spent Monday night' with her friend, Alyce 01- baker's in Elmore. Mavis Preston CLOSING OUT sen. JUCK. orUUvbilclun., Ull Ui. ^.i^\jna. t LjOne IXUUN. Leaiiio W.L j-iuiin .iv~~.were Sunday dinner guests at the ' Friday evening. The Lone Rock ] girls surprised the" Seneca girls and made an exci'tinf game with a tie score 51-51, at the end of the game. The Seneca girls had defeated Lone Rock girls by large IF YOU WANT TO RENT a farm, = make your wants known through ^ an Advance want-ad. It costs lit- piainpanw'",, MUU j«io. v/. ~. ----- iB*Mr'Sand Mrs R. S. John, Mr ' -•-- J "'- 5 --"-• Ringsdorf, Mr. and , and Mr. and Mrs. „ .„. , at bridge Friday Earl Dixon and •«i*-.rf-.i--j«f- T .i. i .i. pvsart, spent the H A. Thompson the Thompsons Mrs. Thomp- Dixon's father at Thaves, Lathe J. G. Thaves also visited Mr. is ill at Mrs. Richard Potratz was hos- scores in two previous games. The tess to the Aid Friday at a val- Seneca boys were badly defeated, entine party. Guests were Messrs 26-14. The Seneca girls will meet Alvin Potratz, Wilmar Wichten- '• the Ringsted girls in a sectional dahl, William Wetzel, Herbert Po-' tournament at Gruver this week, tratz, Kenneth Bollinger, Dick The Seneca boys will meet the Cordes, William Rusch Sr., Albert Potratz, and Edw. Maahs; also 'Olina Kressin, Lorena Laabs, | -——Esther and Alma Potratz, Lorena Birthday is Celebrated— Meyer and Bertha Potratz. I Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Olsen and A miscellanous shower was giv- daughters Alyce and Blanche, Mr. en Sunday in the Lutheran school and Mrs. Irvin Classon and Don- basement in honor of Lillian Sch- na, Mr. and Mrs Albert Cady, Max allin, who will become the bride ine, Helen, and Donna Jean, M . of Donald Radig soon. and Mrs. Sigurd Olsen and clul- Thor boys at their sectional tournament at Livermore next week. tie. 20-30 Bankers Life Farm Loans Low rate, long time funds from an IOWA COMPANY. See me for prompt closing, no commission. EDWARD CAVESIUS Heise Bldg. Algonn, Iowa Having decided to quit farming and as I have rented my farm I will sell the following described property on my farm located one mile north and 2£ miles east of Whittemore, or 7£ miles west of Algona, on No. 18, on who is employed bank, spent Sat- iy with his par- j. W. T, Kennedy. ,„.'. high Avon the •^tournament held here Sl§Sjii|^nd the Freshman ' JpSehtlwas won by Ledyard. Mrp^tliM^ L- A. Boettcher Sfe^LlSl'iit-iS-l^ Tlfno-oflnvf . Vis- Closing-Out Publ Feb. 24th =3. Sale to start at 12:30 Lunch Wagon on Grounds iBanna and daughter , and Mrs. El- Bmdler, S. D., were guests at, Mrs. Schmidts, Bode, the Paul Mobre went home with Bartlett and little son ertise Eggs Hatching: icks ye something or ispose of some- e poultry line, e time to adver- the ADVANCE As I have rented my farm, I will sell the following described Property at public auction on the place located 1 mile east and 8% ™1« ™JJ ° f JST'of mile west and IVo miles south of Seneca, 5 miles east and 1 % miles south or Ringsted, or the first place south of the Seneca Lutheran church, on Tuesday, Feb LUNCH WAGON ON GROUNDS SALE STARTS AT 12:80 SHARP 59HEADOFLIVESTOCK Head of Horses Team blue roan geldings, 3 and 4 years old, wt 3200 Ibs.; team dapple gray geldings, 6 yrs. old, wt. 3000 Ibs. dark gray gelding 6 yrs. old, wt. 1400 Ibs., black mare, smooth mouth, wt. 1400 Ibs. 33 Head of Cattle 33 13 Head of Horses One black gelding 7 yrs. old, wt. 1400; bay gelding 3 yrs. old, wt. 1450; black mare 12 yrs. old with foal, wt. 1400; 2 black yearling colts; one last spring colt; bay gelding 5 yrs. old, wt. 1200; registered Percheron stallion S yrs. old; black gelding 9 yrs. old, wt. 1300; black mare about 10 yrs. old, wt. 1500; roan mare 9 yrs. old, wt. 1500; black gelding 4 yrs. old, wt. 1400; bay gelding 8 yrs. old, wt. 1250. J*-, 20 high grade Holstein milch cows, some fresh, balance springing at date of sale; 7 yearling heifers; some with calf; 4 heifer .calves; 2-year-old thorough bred Holstein bull from Spies and Dahl herd at Graettmger; Hereford bull 8 months old These cattle just passed a clean t. b.^test and they have also been tested for Bang's disease. 12 BRED EWES Farm Machinery, Etc McCormick-Deering endgate seeder with grass attachment, John Deere 10-ft. disc, Int. 4-sec. drag- McComiok-Deering 8-ft. binder; McCormick-Deering 6-ft. mower, runs in oil like new Int corn planter like new, and 120 rods of wire; Int. manure spreader; Int. 10-20 tractor; John Deere 2"bo«om tractor p^ow; John Deere gang plow; John Deere walkng plow; Int. 2-row cul- sled wUh vgonwrp e box; wagon with triple box; hay rack with truck gearing; 10-ft ra g ke; Vsets good harness; 3 sets fly nets; some good leather collars; Int . Lss belt;' 45-bu. self feeder; 2 set* of hay slings; feed bunk; tank heater; shoveling cream cans; and a full line of farm tools. / ~ 33 Head of Cattle 12 milch cows, nearly all fresh;4 1-year-old heifers; 5 1-year-old steers; 4 2-year-old heifers;Hereford bull 2 yrs. old; six calves. 13 HEAD OF HOGS H Eight head of Duroc brood sows; 4 head of feeder pigs; 1 registered Duroc boar. FARM MACHINERY One McCormick-Deering 5-ft. mower; Mc-Deering 6-ft. mower; wagon with hay rack; low wheel wagon; wagon and box; P-20 Parmall, rubber in front with rear wheel cleaners; Parmall cultivator; Mc- Deering 8-ft grain binder; McCormick corn binder; Black Hawk corn planter, 160 rods wire; set front wheel cleaners for Parmall; Rock Island 10-ft. disc; 8-ft. disc; Keystone side delivery rake. Three single-row cultivators; 13in. walking plow; John Deere endgate seeder; International manure - - - • ' - ^ --^ !—"--• ° ••- ' *— j — s - j — 10-in. Mc-Deering har- some 1036 CHEV, PICK.UP W A'l CONplT iON 12 TONS GOOD.ALFALFA HAY IN BARN TERMS: Cash, or matke arrangement's with clerk before sale. No property to be removed until settled for. P. H. JENSEN, Prop. S oil barrels, etc. FLAIG * PRESTON, BURT SAYINGS BANK, Clerk. | — HOUSEHOLD GOODS — H One dining room table with chars; kitchen cabinet; Philco cabinet radio, battery set; telephone; Ad- sg vance circulating coal heater; kitchm table; sewing machine; lawn mower. S TERMS—$10 and under, cash; over that amount 6 months time on bankable notes, S ((pMHPw ^HP^(|H . mffjf'^tf ^^B& ^^& ^^P ^^^^ ^^^^ ^f^^^jjm FLAJG & STEWART, Auctioneers FARMERS' STATE BANK,

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