The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 26, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 26, 1898
Page 7
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tJPPMt 1)18 MOIN&8! ALGONA IOWA, 1 ..... . ........ -,. ~..~ .J-^..,,.. .-.,.- „ .. , . --- . r - ^ ^4 -- .- ..- L .-~.- - ., .. ^ ~ r. j-~ ---- ... ------ 1 . — ' JANtJAHY 26, 1998. , „. ,.„ , . ' One flltfftiofi Gone. "1 used to have soine faith in human iBature," remarked the man in the mackintosh, "until I saw a boy on the Street one day distributing tree 8am- J»les of candy, and noted how many "well dressed men and women threw themselves in his way for a second and third box." Hie bass-drum is o- A of the instruments of uands attending regiments of the Servian army, it is fixed On a two-wheeled cart, which is drawn by a large trained dog. The drummer walks behind the cart in Style. Mr. DeStyle—"Let's go to the theate* tonight." Mrs. DeStyle—"I have nothing to wear." Mr. DeStyle—"then let's go to the opera." Some of the manly chests seen struggling daily on Broadway owe their graceful forms to corsets. A certain city dealer In these articles says that one-twentieth of his patrons are males, and, as a rule, they are ten times harder to please than the vainest of young ladies. ADVICE,TO MINISTERS. Given by a Minister. Preachers who practise it will preach better. No class of people Is so liable to throat trouble as the great class who make up the Gospel ministry. The strain put upon the vocal organs by constant exercise; the sudden change from a heated building to the cool air when the vocal organs are in a state of complete relaxation; the fact that a minister feels impelled to use his voice when actors and lecturers would take the needed rest; these are among the reasons why "Clergymen's sore throat" b known as a special disease. The Rev. E. M. Brawley, D. D., District Secretary of the American Baptist Publication Society, writes from Petersburg, Va., the account of an experience of his own which is profitable reading to those afflicted with Bronchial or other throat troubles. The sub. , stance of the letter is as follows: . _ . „ PETERSBURG, VA. ,' J. C. AVER Co., DEAR SIRS: Three months ago I took < R violent cold which resulted in an attack of acute bronchitis. I put myself under medical treatment, and at the end of two months was no better. I found it very difficult to prench, and concluded to try Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. The first bottla gave me great relief; the second, which I am now taking, has relieved me almost entirely ol all unpleasant symptoms. To ministers suffering from throat troubles I recommend Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. "Prevention is better than cure." A bottle of Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral kept in the house, will effectually prevent the rooting of a cold and its consequent devel- opement into some dangerous malady. This remedy has no equal in Bronchial troubles. 1 he most stubborn cases have yielded to its use. It is equally effective for Asthma, Croup, Whooping Cough, and every disease that attacks the throat or lungs. For years Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pec. tnfal naa >\Aa.. «..t .... _ —*-_ i.. i_—_r_ _i - CT ~- J^tt.., «~.. «ij,,_i „ ^.n_l.jr « (_\> toral has been put up only in large size price of $1.00. To meet nn bottles, ut a pii^c ui 91.00. 10 nieei nn. increasing demand for a smaller sized package the remedy can now be obtained in half-size bottles, at half price—50 cents. Send for Dr. Ayer's Curebook (free) and you will get a clearer Idea of the great value of Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Address J. C. Ayer Co., Lowell, Mass. CANDY CATHARTIC CURE CONSTIPATION ALL DRUGGISTS Tfl 01IDC every kind oC Coii K li, Cold, Ln-Grippc, I U yUilC, IIouvsenuBB, Inlhmni'.a, Cntnrrh, mid nil hiiiKan<ltliront.troublOH. Semi lor proof of it with tho stomach. Sale for all ages. It does not Eickcu or disagree "Write UB, priving nil symptoms plainly nnd our Physician will glvo FREE ADVICE, it (iS-pase book ol' W Sold by Druggists or pent by mail, recipes and a FREE SAMl'I/E. ^ Y rice > 1° cunts ami 85 cents. Address Dr. B. J. KAY MEDICAL CO., (Western Office) Omaha, Neb. Only Personally Conducted Tourist Excursions to PORTLAND, ORE., run Via GREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE Leave CHICAGO Thursdays Good conneotionsforTACOMA and SEATTLE Write for Rates and Klondike Folder. Ono. Sebastian, C. P. A., CHICAGO. 9 WORTH OF PREMIUMS GIVEAWAY WITH DR, SETH ARNOLD'S COUGH KILLER, U. S. Capitol Souvenir Spoonn, Scarf Pins, Sleeve Buttons arid Watch Chaius. Save the Maltese Cross on Outside liox. You will find a Premium certificate- around each bottle. Seud the certificate and crosses to the Or. Setli Arnold Medical Corporation, Woonsocket, R. I. All DrugglHts and Country Stores. Price, 25c.. SOc. and $1.00 It's not cold in the south.,,. The weather this season in the South has been all that could be desired, and all who have already reached the resorts of Florida and the Gulf Coast are charmed with their locations. The Louisville & Nashville Bail- road Company's arrangemeuts for through •service of Sleeping Cars and Coaches from Northern cities are unsurpassed this winter, Tourist tickets, good to return until May 81st, are on sale by this line from all points, at low rates. For full particulars, •write to C. P. Attuore, General Passenger Agent, Louisville, Ky., or Geo. B. Homer, P. P. A., St. Louis. Mo. PUZZLI MAP OF THE UNITED STATES SENT FREE TO ANY ADDRESS UPON RECEIPT OF FIVE TWO-CINT STAMPS TO COVER THE COST OF MAILING. BEST INSTRUCTOR in geography ever seen. Interests the children and teaches them the geography of their own country in a practical and lasting manner, Not more than one. sent to one address. Write to F, H. LORD, General Passenger and Ticket Agent, Chicago Cf«»t Western Railway, QUINCY PUH.DINa, CHICAGO, ILL. t It Cures Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat, Croup, Influenza, Whooping Cough, Bronchitis and Asthma. A certain cure lor Consumption in first stages, and a sure relief in advancedstagcs. Useatonce. You will see the excellent eflect after taking the first dose. Sold by dealers everywhere, Largo bottles 25 cents and 60 cents. For maps, pamphlets, railway rates. etc., and full information concerning this country, enjoying- exceptionally pleasant climate and continuous goo? crops, apply to N. BARTHOLOMEW, Des Molnes, or D. HARRY MURPHY, Stratford, Iowa. Canadian Government Agents, SAVE PROFITS. BUY DIRECT. 'Our Leader"Ruzor, postpaid, $100. "True Vermonter" x Blade Knife, We. Our goodsare hand forged and warranted' CHAMPLAIN CUTLERY CO. Burllngton.Vt WELL MACHINERY i Illustrator] catalogue Bhowtae WELL AtTQEES. HOOKPEILLS.HYDKATJLIO ' AND JETTING JIA-OUINEBY, etc. SINT FUEZ. Haro been tested und all warranted, W. M. THOMPSON GO,, BaMMiun to Sioux CltJ Engine * Iron Works 8IOUX CITY, IOWA, CLOVER SEED Largest growers ot Grass and Clover Seeds * In America. 6000 sores. Our Grass Mixtures lutt I a lifetime. Meadows sown Jn April will pivs, 1 » < rousing crop In July. 1'rices dirt cheap. Ham- < moth catalogue ana 11 pkuu. Grass and Grains, | f freof or }0e postage und thin notice. Catalogue 6c. ( > JOHN A. BALZKK gUKV CO., La trosuB, »I«. W.B CONGRESS. SENATE. Washington, Jan. 17.—Wolcott, chairman of the bimetallic commission, delivered an address upon the negotiations of the commission with European countries relating to international bimetallism. He expressed the opinion that an international allic abimetgreement is hopeless at present, especially with the nations of Europe piling up gold. With certain modifications, however, he believed such «n agreement still feasible. SENATE. Washington, Jan. 18.—GalHnger, of the committee on public health and national quarantine, reported favorably a bill providing for investigation of the subject of leprosy. Placed on the calendar. Vest, of Missouri, reported the Teller resolution, declaring for the payment of national bonds in silver as well as gold, which had been agreed upon by the committee by a vote of 8 to 5, and gave notice that he would call it up in a few days. The urgent deficiency bill was passed. In executive session Morgan spoke in favor of the Hawaiian treaty. HOUSE. The army appropriation bill came up and was passed. In consideration of the diplomatic and consular appropriation .bill DeArmoiul offered as an amendment the senate resolution recognizing the Cuban insurgents as belligerents. The speaker ruled it out of order and the house, by a rote of 15B to 114, sustained the decision. SENATE. Washington, Jan. ]!).—A resolution by Hoar inquiring into the late order of the postmaster general reducing the number ol letter carriers in some of the large cities, caused a heated discussion, during which Wolcott charged that many New England people wore responsible for the postal deficiency, as the government carried their mail at a loss, and Allen charged that the general was annually defrauded out of millions of dollars through undcrwcigliing of mail matter. HOUSE. Brucker, dem., offered a resolution to instruct the committee on "foreign affairs to report at once the senate Cuban resolution. Hitt raised a point of order, which was sustained, and on appeal the republicans voted to endorse the speaker. Williams, dom., offered an amendment directing the president to appoint three commissioners to proceed to Cuba to negotiate a treaty of peace, amity and commerce with the republic of Cuba. Ruled out of order. Lewis, dem., moved an amendment to suspend diplomatic relations with Spain in Cuba. This was ruled out of order and an appeal was taken, but Dalzell made a point that the appeal was dilatory, and the point was sustained. Terry, deui., asked: "Can it bo possible that wo have reached the point where this side of tlio house eannot appeal from a decision of the chair?" Hepburn directed Terry to take his seat and the clerk continued reading. Excitement was at the boiling point. Lewis, however, found n parliamentary method of discussing his amendment by moving pro forma an amendment to strike out the last word. The general debate began later and H-itt explained the attitude of the administration toward Cuba, claiming that policy while friendly to Cuba, could be vindicated before tho world. Diusuiore, of Arkansas, arraigned the republicans for alleged inconsistency. Addresses were made by Adams and Berry and then adjournment was taken. SENATE. Washington, Jan. 20.— By tho decisive vote of 41 to 25, the senate decided to proceed at once to tho consideration of the resolution introduced a few days ago by Mr. Teller, of Colorado, providing for tho payment of bonds of the United States in silver at tho option of tho government. A resolution was adopted directing the secretary of war to make an examination of the Port Arthur ship canal, with a view to its extension to deep water. HOUSE. The entire day was spent in consideration of the diplomatic and consular appropriation bill. One of tho most dramatic episodes of tho session occurred when Speaker Reed and Bailey, the democratic leader, clashed on a question of veracity, Bailey holding that an agreement had boon made to vote on a motion to recommit with instructions to report back with an amendment embodying tho terms of tho senate Cuban belligerency resolution, and Reed denying it. The republicans supported the speaker and the bill passed, 158 to 95. SENATE. Washington, Jan. 21.—An agreement was reached by the senate to-day that a final vote on the Teller resolution and all pond- ing amendments thereto should be taken next Thursday before adjournment. The greater part of the day was spent in executive session. IfODSE. The house passed the bill to extend the public laud laws of tho United States to the territory of Alaska, and to grant u general railroad right of way through the territory. The urgent deficiency bill was sent to conference after the silver forces, with some outside aid, had succeeded in concurring in the senate amendment striking from the bill the provision requiring the depositors of bullion at government assay offices to pay the cost of transportation to the mints. SENATE. Washington, Jan. 32,—Teller's silver resolution was under consideration to-day. Nelson offered an amendment declaring for the maintenance of tho parity of our gold and silver money, and Spooner offered another declaring it to be the policy of the government to maintain the gold standard until international agreement for free coinage of silver is reached. HOUSE. Bailey, the democratic leader, arose to a question of personal privilege, and reiterated the statement that an agreement he had with Mr. Hitt hud been violated. Hitt, Henderson and others denied this, and the speaker supported them. The Indian appropriation bill came up, uud during th« general debate Cummings inadeau eloquent speech in favor of Cuba. Pensioners are blessed with immortal vitality. In the United States in the year 1883 there were 303,058 pensioners; in 1897 they had increased to 070,0^1. Pupils in the schools of Nueva Leon, Mexico, are hereafter to be taught to write and perform all manual labor with the left as well as with the right hand. The famous black horse once owned by General Boulanger, and, which was one of the attractions of military parades in Paris, npw draws a hack in fate Streets of the THE REASON 1 was at the party," Said Betty (aged Just four), "A little g-lrl fell off her dial?, 'Eight down upon the floor; And all the other little girts Began -to laugh, but me— I didn't laugh a single bit," Said Betty, seriously. "Why not?" her mother asked he*, Full of delight to find That Betty—bless her little heart! Had been So sweetly kind. "Why didn't you laugh, darling? Or don't you like 'to tell?" "I didn't laugh," said Betty, "'Cause 4t was me that fell!" —Mary E. Bradley. Hawaii nnd Japan. Dispatches from Washington state that there is about to be important developments in the Japanese imbroglio with the government of the Hawaiian islands. However this may be, certain it is that the disturbance of tho stomach caused by simple indigestion will develop into chronic dyspepsia unless checkmated at tho start. The finest stomachic is Hostettor's Stomach Bitters, which promptly rectifies gastric trouble, and does away with irregularity of the bowels and liver. A Modern Wlnt Daughter (winter of 1898)—"Oh mother! There's a lot of snow and Ico outdoors. Mother—"Is there? Run right out after breakfast and bring in a lot and pack it away. Like as not, It'll be hot enough for Ice-cream tomorrow." I'atcnt Pointer*. In the death ot Commissioner of Patents Bcai. Butterworth, last Monday, every Inventor in the United States lost a champion. NoUnlt- ed States patent commissioner ever did as much for tho good of the inventor as did Commissioner Ben Butterworth. Amongst tho notable changes during his term aro those requiring attorneys to register and also withdraw their misleading advertisements. In this connection it might be proper to say a few words in favor of acting commissioner A. P. Grecly, in whom the inventors have n. staunch protector. Inventors desiring free information as to the. method of applying for patents may obtain tho same in aaaresslng Suos & Co., patent solicitors, Bee Building, Omaha, Nebraska. The fastest flowing river in the world is the Sutlej, in British India, with n descent of 12,000 feet in 180 miles. ItcHt Konto to Klondike. Tho quickest and cheapest route is via Rt. Paul or Minneapolis, the Northern Pacific Railway, Tuiya (Dyoa) and Chilkoot Rail & Tramway, on via Skaway and wagon road, to tho Summit of "White Pass. The linos over these passes wo aro assured will be in operation in February, 1 SOS, by which time tho worst storms will bo over and tho siiow packed down fit for traveling. Tho ice goes out of tho upper Yukon basin lakes May 15th to Juno 1st or simultaneously with tho opening of tho Stikeen River 800 miles south, but you can reach tho Salmon, Polly, Stewart and Klondike country from three weeks to a month earliior by properly equipping and sledding your outfits to Lake Lindoman to open river at foot of Lake Le Borgo, 100 miles, thus avoiding possible portages at Miles Canon and White Horse Rapid. Send two cents postage to Chns. S. Feo. St. Paul, Minn., for latest illustrated Alaska map. The Northern Pacific is the only railroad running its trains (all oquip- 3d with dining cars, standard tourist and free colonists sleepers) through to Tacoma, Seattle and Portland. As tho pioneer line in Alaska passenger traffic, tho Northern Pacific will give the latest authentic information as to the reliable routes of travel. The man who dyes his whiskers and the woman who bleaches her hair never fool any one but themselves. Good Ivitiuln in flli»ii«notii. The best farm lauds to be found in the state are alonjr the line of the Minneapolis and St Louis R. R. Purchase a ticket to Madison or Dnwson in Lac Qni Purle Co., Minn., und convince yourself that less than 30 bushels of wheat per acre is a small crop. Other cereals, including corn in proportion. Crop failures unknown. For rates and particulars call on nearest agent of tho M. & St. L. II. II. or address A. 1!. Cutts, G. P. & T. A., M. & St. L. 11. 11., Minneapolis, Minn. A Georgia editor, in describing a man who had skipped with the town funds, informs us that "he is six feet tall," then, in the next line, that he is $10,000 short. " Worth Its Weight In Gold." "I am an old lady 67 years old. I have been troubled for 50 years with constipation, indigestion and sleepless nights, but since taking Dr. Kay's Renovator I can sleep like a child and am not troubled in the least with the above named diseases. Your Dr. Kay's Renovator is worth its weight in gold." Signed Mrs. 1). A. McCoy, 711 iSo. 2ith St., Omaha. Dr. Kay's Renovator and also Dr. Kay's Lung Balin have no equal. If you have any disease write us and give your tymptotps and our physician, will trend free advice and a valuable 68 page book with 56 recipes and giving symptoms and various method? of treatment of nearly all diseases. Will also send a free sample of Ur. Kay's Renovator or Dr. Kay's Lung Balm. Address Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., (Western Ofllce) Omaha, Neb. Failure never leads to popularity. The royal path to popularity is success. Do You I)ii 11 en To-NljflitT Shake into your Shoes Allen's Foot' Ease, a powder for the feet. It makes tight or New Shoes feel Easy. Cures Corns, Bunions, Chilblains and Sweating 1 Feet. At all Drug-gists and Shoe Stores, Sfie. Sample sent FRBB. , Address, Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y. A will made by a married woman Is not revoked by her subsequently becoming ft widow, and marrying a second husband. No-To-Bno for Fifty Cents. Guaranteed tobacco bublt cure, mukoa weak men ii, blood i> ure. fiOc, tl. All It is a clever man who can obtain information without asking questions. Mrs. "\Vlnulo w'sSootliinc Byruu For children teetliipp.eor.tcu9 thu Kumsauiiucoa Inrtau* , uurei wlutl voile. MM CAlii WOMAN A M?S? BttY. Bo She is to Them—Not BO to a Woniaa,' A Woman'* Knowledge Sa*e» Mrl. JEbbort From an OpMfttiofib A woman understands ^romen as a main never can hope to. Tor this reason Mrs. Lydia E. Pihkham. ol Lynn, Masa., now known all over the English-speaking World, set to work to help her sex. After long and patient investigation, Mrs. Pinkham ^confirmed her own conclusions, namely: that seven* 'eighths of the sufferings of women are due to dis» orders of the uterine system. Reasoning on this line, she saw that the only preventive of early breaking down, was a specific t edicine which would aclj alone on the female organism. fhls Was why she prepared her excellent Vegetable Compound, which has been such a boon to thousands and thousands of women. If you have headaches chiefly at the top of the head, and are troubled by painful menstrua* tion, dizziness, sleeplessness, backache, and that bearing-down feeling, Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound will tone up your whole system. MBS. CHAB. D. EBBEBT, 330 Wood St., Reading, Pa., testifies to the great power of the Compound. "Mrs. Pinkham—I can say that your medicine has cured me of the pains and troubles which I had. My case was J a very bad one, and puzzled the doctor. My womb had fallen and I had terrible pains in my back andhlps. I could hardly walk. My husband went to our family doctor, and ho prescribed medicine for me, but j I found no relief, and grew worse instead of better. The doctor examined mo and wanted to perform an operation, but my husband would notconsent. Seeing9<! the advertisement in the paper, I got a bottle of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and before I had taken half of the second bottle, I felt like a new woman. In all I have taken four bottles of your medicine, and can say that I am entirely cured. I hope that every woman suffering as I did, will follow my ad- yice and take your medicine at once." . A WoHtcrii Inuonvmilencc. Eastern Farmer—(contemptuously) —"Catch me going West, where you have neither coal nor wood. Mighty inconvenient burning corn for fuel, isn't It?" Western Farmer—"Wall, yes, It is rather. The ears is so big we can't git 'em In the stove." 8400 FOR MEW NAMK8I The Salzer Seed Co. want suitable names for their 17-inch long corn and White Oat prodigy. You can win this $400 easily. Catalogue tells all about It. Seed potatoes only $1.50 a barrel. Send This Notlcu und 1O CtH. In Stumps to John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., and get freo their great seed catalogue and 11 new farm seed samples, including above corn and oats, positively worth $10, to get a start, w.n.b. Belle Boyd, who was the most active spy for the confederacy, is under arrest at Lexington, Ky., charged with attempting to avoid payment of a board bill. AN OPEN LETTER TO MOTHERS. We aro asserting In tlio courts our right to tho exclusive UHU nt Ilia word "CASTOIUA," nntl "PiTCUEH'S CASTO.IUA," as our Trade Mark. I, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of Hyunnls, Massachusetts, was the originator o( "I'lTCHEK'S CAS- TO11IA," tlio samo Unit has uorno and iloos now boar tho fao-simllo signature of CJIAS. H. FLETCHER on every wrapper. This Is tho original "PITCHER'S CASTOUIA" which has been used In tho homos of the mothers of America for over thirty years. Loolc carefully at tho wrapper and see that It Is "tho kind you have always bought," and has tho signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on the Wrapper. No one hns authority from mo to uso my name except The Centaur Company of which Chas. U. Fletcher Is President. March 8, 1807. SAMUEL PITCHER, M. D. The New York Sun says it has become so fashionable to discard hats at the theaters that the woman with obstructive headgear marks herself as vulgar. Glvo tlio Children a Drink called Grain-O. It is a delicious, timiR 1 , nourishing-food drink tf take tho place of coffee. Sold by all grocers and liked by all who have used >t, because when properly prepared i> tastes like the iincst coffee, but is frcn from all its iiijuriotiH properties. Orain-C aids digestion and strengthens the nerves. It is not a stimulant, but a health builder, and children, as well as adults, can drink it with great benefit. Costs about \i as much as coffee. 15 and 25c. The sweetest thing In life is the unclouded welcome of a wife.—N. P. Willis. Deafness Cannot Ho Cured oy local applications as they cannot roach tho diseased portion of the ear. There is only ouo way to cure deafness and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the Eustachiau Tube. When this tube is inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed deafness is tho result, and unless the inflamation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will he destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh which is nothing but an iuflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. Wo will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Half's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars free. F. J. CHENEY, & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggist 75c. Hull's Family Pills are the best. If ham is left to cool In the water in which it has been boiled instead of removing at once from the pot it will be greatly improved. NOTES OF THE DAY. A Kentucky man has married th» granddaughter of the girl who refused him. The whole effective strength of the British army, regulars and volunteers. Is 63.067. A woman has made the Journey from South Africa to South Dakota to sue for divorce. The New Haven company of horsa guards has voted to go to the Paris exposition In 1900. All About Alaska. Persons desiring latest nnd most complete information about the Alaskan gold fields can get maps an<3 other matter by sending four cents in stamps to W. M. Lowrie, General Agent Great Northern Knilwny, S20 South Clark St., Chicago, 111., or free, by calling- at his office. The Groat Northern is the short lino to Seattle and Portland; vestibuled trains; tourist sleepers; meals in dining cars a la carte; connects with all Alaska stenmers. .-' , There are three varieties of the dog" that never bark—the Australian dog, the Egyptian shepherd dog and the "lion-headed" dog of Thibet. It Keeps the ITeet; Warm uml Dry. , And is the only cure for Chilblains',, Frostbites, Damp, Sweating Feet,Corns nnd Bunions. Ask for Allen's- Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken into- the shoes. At all Druggists and Shoo" Stores, 25c. Snmple sent FREE. Ad- " dress, Allen S. Olmstecl, Lelloy, N. Y. Diamonds are not dug out of the-' ground, but are generally found In narrow crevices of rocks. I In thn South. Clionp. Easy Term*. Free Out. W.n.Critwf»ril& Co., tioutliurit t'oliml'jorit, Niihhvlllu, 'i'vuv* ' book MSS.; best prices; Inclose stamp. AuUioroaud Full illustrated descriptive lintni* ^ration literature Krei'.iMntu£0,10o. KTATU 1'IIICSS limtKAU, Titllulmixue. MORPHINE and WHISKY HABITS. 1IOMF, CUKE. Jlnnk-PKKIft 1)11. 1. K, , l.«uueil»H!<l|j., CIIK'AIJO, ILL. NE\VDISCOVERY;pJvei •w m tm. -wr H mv u» quick rt'.iuf and cures worn! cases, semi for Iniulr ut tostinmnlalB anil 1<) (lavs' treatlUOIkt 1'V.fe. llr.ll, II. UltKI..VS bU.\S,Allnntu,G*. DGetyour Pension ^DOUBLE QUICK Write CAPT. lO'PARRELL,, Pension Agent, 1425 New York Avenue. WASHINGTON. D.C. I I I ^ ...... - j h Wo wiuh to gain 150,000 now ous* j i, tomorH, nnd hcmcu ott'er «£, 1 Pltg. 13 Day Had i«h, lOo ffl 1 Plcg. Early Spring Turnip, lOo * " 1 " KnrUoDb Bod Boot, lOo ( H 1 " Bismarck Oucumbor, lOa ( » 1 " Ouoon Victoria Lettuce, ISo i | I " Klomlyfce Melon, ISo I i 1 " Jumbo Giant Onion, IBo , a "• Brilliant l-'lowar Boeds, lio Worth $1.00, for 14 ecqti. ' , Above 10 plcrra, worth $1.110, fro will i \ mtiil you fruo, together with oisa., i grout Plant and Bood Catalogue ; ! upon ruoolpt of thla notice and JJo. J ' pontage. Wemvltayourtradeaad I ' Know when yon once try fialzer'u | > iiovorBPaonKw- out them. I'otatouH ut &1.5O J _.. aBul.OatnlosuloiioCo. Jfo.w. b! BlLZEIl SEED CO., U CI108SE, WIS. Coughing Lends to Conbuuiptlon. Kemp's litilsitm will stop the cough at once. Go to your druggist to-day nnd get a sample bottle free. Sold in 25 and 50 cent bottles. Go at once; delays are dangerous. A trolley ride of 124 miles may bo taken from Fairhaven, Mass., to Nashua, N. H. To Cure Constipation Forever, O'nko Oa.'cnret's Caudv Cmbartlo. lUo or 25o I/ C. C. O. lall to cure druggists refund money. The best teachers of humanity are the lives of great men.—Fowler, Star Tobacco IB tne leading brand of the world, because it is the best. Widows entitled to an army pension Jn Germany receive but $45 a year. H ALL'S Ve * etable Sicilian HAIR RBNEWERI Gray hair warns us of old age* Renew your hair and laugh at the warning. .Challenge baldness —it won't come* Rook Island Tourist Car Excursion to CAUFORMIft. Leave CHICAGO,via SeenloKoute,TnpHspA?* Via Southern Uoute, TUESDAYS. PIH»ONMIV OONDUOTtD For information, ana folders, -write John Sebastian, G. P. A., Chicago. W. N, U. Ues Moiues. No. 5—1898. Auswerimj Advertisements Kindly Mention This "Oft-times a jeweJ Where no one ever SIJACOBS OIL Only ?0 per cent of the murrjere in,nted yearly t»

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