Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 17, 1938 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1938
Page 8
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SHOWER HONORS CHICAGO GIRL AT IUVERNE LU Verne, Feb. ^5 —Phyllis Irene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Xiichty, was honored with a miscellaneous shower at the Lichty home Monday. She is to be a June bride, but as she works at Chicago this was the last chance friends here would have for such a social event. Forty women were present, and eames were conducted by Mrs. E. E. Hancock and Mrs. Irviu Chapman. After refreshments 'it- tie Mary Susan, dressed as Dan Cupid, appeared with a small •wagon carrying gifts for the bride- to-be. Mrs. Lichty was assisted in serving by her daughter Ruth. Peterson ^ere week-end visitor, at W *%*jg ™*£**£ Decorah. Supt. Evans referred at; —... v.. r,^- *«j «s a basketball tournament at Jewell Thursday and Friday nights Saturday. Other LuYerne. ; Among visitors in and around Lu Verne Sunday were the Lloyd Phillips family, Clarion, who were guests of Mrs. S. F. Phillips; the Georce Kabeles, Goldfield. who at Irvin Chapman's; the William Giffords, Lone Rock, and Jake Gifford, Burt, who were at C. W. Miller's. 1 Mrs. Cora MacPlierson came, - , •from Oskaloosa last week Thurs- j^,.,;: '. day to make her home with her • mother, Mrs. Cora Barton. j Ray mon Farrow, last week Thursday. ; Reuben Luedtke ! Mrs. Mike Wiese, who had spent < Reuben isome time with relatives at Chi-; R ^ har ^ „„,„..-. . , . ' cage, got home Saturday. i Northwestern Bell Tei. <-o., I The June Krauses. Winnebaeo, ; tel. service ' spent Friday and Saturday with L^» h»i«c t«3d and also *.tt^*\,i*" j u""H. M.; t "io- bv Fra«r and winded >~* mt *- Cojsrrove that the «.•» . Ta-V chars^J fccair.sS John and ^ a-MteJ. r&J«>n NO-.* was jas ^r recvir: on fllf- A>«. i Motion v !>y Mor ^f,j al>v !, -g^ 1 ^ i against "'Hern-.an Gies^ b* 1 r*a5i>n. same was •worked on \Y(? = : Ai'i. Motion by Heiken s:>1 se«*nd*a by p-,=..- that the n\ad po;I tax criare-M td Kay Ls^-ence :n HarrUc-n__Town- l>aid b'y r labor^in'senVca Township 'or •"Motion by Corerove ar.d seconded r.v Morris "that a" transfer of J^'-'^^'- n-.ade from the General^ t_oum> Kurd to the Bovine T. ^'.^u ' . -_ l '?,'L*t> H. Gu«Td*U assessor mtg. Read F*> !? jp c Gardner, assessor rnte._ K*»Sfen.'g- Vv C Nelson. assessor 4.70 . -Loss. bnl. and Kxig. I roquo?/ ' FuNisnTnjT "Co." " " sup- Laurel Book"Co."" Vujn>Ues ... Lvons & Carhahan. auppt'e 5 A" N. Palmer, supplies . ..... Rand McXally & Co., supplies World Co.. supplies ------ --Crescent Printing Co.. supp es Chas- Scribners Sons, supplies Klipto Loose Leaf Co. supplies Scott Foresmnnn & CO.. sup- S3,10 ITS. 40 On Hereinafter Written." FUNX> bounty J Harm?, bounty ----- Lu Verne relatives. i W. 'i}y ; . \V ' Suliivnn. postage Sullivan P. M.. postage West Bend i Edwin Luedtke. bounty Jim Allen, labor . ! Trade Holtzbauer. labor ijean Kinsey. labor 'Julia Benson, labor - :.Iohn Bestenlehner. label i L-anora Kinsey. labor i B-rnadine Allen, labor • Nellie Tastor's M'ife is Honored— The Lutheran Aid sponsored a birthday party honoring the pas-; tor's wife Friday evening at the; church. Attending were Aid mem-; bers and husbands to the number j -yy or( j was rece lyed Saturday of ; of 60. The evening was spent in-! tno deat h of Glenn Wells, ol Ce-| wlccv formally, games were played, and , dar Falls He was hit by a car as | F ' s . a covered dish lunch was served, j h wfls nelpin g a passenger from j city Mrs. H. D. Ristau had made a Ws ca j. Funera i services were aM' : :«" ^^auaT bounty "".". birthday cake, which, with a purse Webb j[ on( ]ay. Mr. Wells wasi-^.^- Tay ior.'bounty Swell known here, having lived hero lichen g$%*^S£ y --; lat one. time. I, j Weirman. tax returns.. ie Howard Munson family, ot. Harve \. A . Graham, bounty .. Graettinger, spent Sunday at the j Lafiv bxley, bounty - parental'M. P. Munson's. I Donald WarmMer. bollnty ... Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kroph, Otto-! Ervnn R. -eim.. Sullivan, postage . Xorton & Son. supplies, of l.W l.W n.M l.W l.W 12.75 4.W 3!?5 6.50 i:.7o 5.25 l.W C3.00 WS.04 54.33 5.00 Hougnton'Miifiln Co.. supplies Ginn & Co., supplies American Book Co., supplies. Laidiaw Brothers, supplies ... Follftt Publishing Co., sup- Sln'per PubfishTn*?"Co""supplies Macmillan Co.. supplies CONSTRUCTION Fl'ND F S Xorton & Son. supplies Lakota Record, printing- Fenton Reporter, printing Swea City Herald, printing .. M \INTENANCE FUND Brady transfer & Storage, ( lo Titonka Telephone Co., tefe. serv. -— Northwestern Bell Tel. <_o., tel. serv. — F S Xorton & Son. supplies. Brady Transfer & Storage, freight City of Algona, light serv. — Mrs J. "E." Moulds, r«nt w"L. Martin, rent „ Alex Miller, rent \ M. Collinson, rent \tW G. Dearths, rent —-— DISTRICT NO. 3 Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care . Cut Rate Groc., prov. Dr. Clapsoddle, med. Kleinpeters, prov. ..-----— Farmers Elevator Co., fuel .. Leo J. Hanig. rent T P. Doerr rent =.--7— DISTRICT NO. 4 i Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care. ; University Hospital. hosp. care „.., Kennedy's Store, prov. 4>il9tSorensen'9, prov. 10 4Si Smith's Dcpt. Store, prov. ... I Hood's Store, prov. f41.44'Krause Groc.. prov. 31" 39 Mrs. Clark Coffin, prov. 108.41 !\V. A. Murray, fuel 13537 ; O P.'McDonald, fuel 510'42 Mrs. Augusta Beitz, care iv'oj.t; M. Merrltt. amb. serv. ... 'C. H. Sohrader. rent l?52!j H. Sheridan, rent 105?iJ. B. McGaheran, rent ..... 0345 DISTRICT NO. o I Kossuth Hospital, hoap. care. Dr. Minkel, med. Griffith Drug Co., med. Marjorle Klenitz, care Mrs. Anna Hardy, care Warburton's Groc.. prov. Dr. G. F, Dalmage, med. 8.00 8.00 10.00 10.00 6.00 103.50 7.60 29.BO 30.00 St. Paul Book St 9 Tau? Book" ft"'StaUonef? CX)URT FITND Frances Davidson, reporter axt-v Loss, mileage —....... lona oSrfei. Shop, Jury meal Margaret M*'^™ clerk's fee 10.26 32.00 2.60 4.00 Ifl'.OO 118.00 134.S6 10.001 23.221 33.50 10.00 2.60 2.17 56.49 32.54 16.50 44.18 18.00 18.00 10.00 County Auditor. FE) Tablets WFF-.H1.J" I HIIH 17 ^_ 1 Best Liniment Closing-Out trady transfer & Storage, „„ I Steinberg Groc., prov. freight -- °- tx> j Hill Top Dairy, prov. owa Public Serv. Co., light ...'H. M. Dyer. prov. serv. — 1-M iThaves Sisters, prov. of money, was presented to Mrs. Wittenburp. Mrs. Barbara Loth-. ringer, Fort Dodge, was an out-of-1 town guest. "'w Leo J. Wegman, tax returns.. 3J5 Railway Express Agency, freight Church Yoimir People Mei't— The Evangelical Y. P. S. met Friday evening at Eleanor Mae TVoito's, 19 young people in attendance. The missionary book, Tho Young Mosloy Looks at Life, was .studied, after which a social hour was had, with Mrs. E. R. "Walter in charge. The hostess served a tray lunch. Six In I'luy at Altiona— Louise Lcucrs, Evelyn Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. John Brink, Kenneth Sorensen, and Richard Smith took part in a one-act play, Teaching Temperance, at a Sunday school workers' conference at Algona Sunday afternoon. Ton Draska Grandson Sick- Mrs. Harry Von Draska was called to Fort Dodge Sunday t.o see her grandson, Jack Higgins, who is critically sick with malta fever. He has been at tho hospital two weeks. Sunday at Sam Metz- Evans is B. It. Kefi'ree— Mr.s. Alex Evans and Walter sen, spent ger's. The Eli Grimms were Saturday from quarantine for .scarlet fever, after being confined for nine weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Ludwig, Marie Dunn, and Arnold Wilderman were Ottosen and Bode visitors Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Everett 15urns j called on the Wells family at Webb Sunday. , Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Sloan and Mr. and Mrs. John Bussey, Cedar Falls, called at the former's moth- I er Mrs. Ada Sloan's, Monday on 'the way home from Webb, where they attended the funeral of Glenn Weils. Mr. and Mrs. George Lowman, of Rodman, spent Sunday in town with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Thorsten Satern were called to Bode Sunday by | the serious illness of the former's mother, Mrs. John Satern. bounty \rt Priebe. bounty ! Edwin LuedtKe. bounty i Mice Anrteress. bounty released: W. \v. Sullivan, P. M., Harold Sparen. bounty . Wallace Spelcher. bounty Matt Parrott & Sons Co., plies Wayne Ridd'.e. express . Mary K. Sands, salary _ Armabf-lle Pemon, salary Evelyn A. Dole, salary _ post- sup- Everett Burns i^.^^'^^haUo.'^iarV Lucille Dole, salary \V. .S. Cosu'rove. comm. sc-ssion J. H. Fraser. comm. and sion W. K. McDonald, comm. Sfs.sinn P. J. ik-iken, comm. and slon i Chas. Morris, comm. and ! sion r. A. Heard, bounty Alex Eriekson, bounty ... Northwestern Boll Tele. tel. serv. C. H. Ostwinkle, del. tax col. and and Co., Board Proceedings sup- sup- sup- "Serv., Auditor's Office, .January 21. l!i:s. Thfi Hoards of Sup.TvisoYs of Kos Kiil.h and Murnboldt counties met at j the Court lluuso in Algona, Iowa, at tin- call of HIM Auditors on January •J4, mx, at 10:00 o'clock a. m. with thu following named Supervisors present: KoHsuth county, McDonald, Morris, FriLser, Cosgrove, and llclkun. Hum- lioldt county, Boothroyd, Hoffman, Sawyer and Weir. Moved by McDonald and seconded hy Morris that Hoothroyd act as Chairman of the mi'i-ting. All voting .,y,.. '.Moved by McDonald and seconded Motion by Morris and seconded by Fraud- that the following Gravel Pe- tltlons bo placed on file: Xo. 422, Xo. j 4i':j, No. 121, No. 42.:, and No. 426.! Ayos: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by Co.sgrovo that a Pauper Notice be survi.-d on Jake Rouch, H. R. Trun- ary and family and Durwood Trenary. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by Ilulkun that tbe final Grading Lsti- mates oC MaCSuire Brothers be al(lowed: Project No. 2:!, No. 3-1, Xo. 44, ' No. IS, No. 17, No. Hi, No. 4-S, No. -Ill, No 51, No. 55, No. Ml. No. 51, No. 53, and No. 52. Ayes: All. Motion by llelken and seconded by by Hoikcll that < >. II. .lull IISOM, Illllll-. .*1I,L1U|| u.> iiiriiv,;u .iiiu ,TV> v,nvi, M.I *j j ,*..>ii^ ))i)|ilt cuiiiuv ainlitor, act as scon— j CosKrove that the Final Wood Bridgu Delia tary of tln-'nu-ctltiK. All voting Ji.Vi.'. ! t'.stlnmto ol' J. I. Meiryman bi_- al- Cnsoy Tho miniitt'S ill' tin- last Joint -Mi.vt- lowed. Ayes: All. Wrr,,.* ang wi-re rciul and mi iiinticni by Me- Mcjtion hy Heiken and seconded by Donald and si-c-oudcd by Sn.wyur and , Morris that thi; 1'ollowing Ul'l'icial votn thi-y WL-ri' approvi-d as i-ead. | Bonds nt' Kossuth County Farm l!u- Motion' by Cosgrovn and seconded : reau, $!),tXM; Chas. 11. Lindhorst, $50(); Iiy Sawyer that \V. \V. Moothroyil bej<). 11. Ui-alia,in, $.100; Rosella Voight, iiilhorixed to sign ] *1.0<lO.OO be itpprovi-d. Ayes: All. \V I* A fur clear-I Motion by llpiken and scconde;! by Cosgrovu that the Official Report of M. Smith, County Highway Kngi- I American n.ud hereby is agreement with ing trees and brusn nut of Ilumboldt- KoHSUth Joint Drain No. 1. Carried. All voting aye. On motion Hoard adjourned until 1 o'clock p. m. Auditor's Office, January LM, 11'li.S. 1:00 o'clock p. in. 1:00 o'clock p. m. Hoard met, all tho a;bove members present. Motion made by Frasei- and seconded by Hoffman that the following Resolution be adopted: In the matter of Joint Drainage 3>istiilct Number Two, in Hie Counties of HiimlioliU and Kussuth, State of Iowa. RBSOWTION •lie It Resolved by the Hoard of Supervisors of Illlmboldt and Kossuth counties In the State of Iowa in joint session ;it Algona. Kossuth county, Iowa, for the consideration of amending a Resolution made by said Joint Rate Hoard on tlie Kith day of November, A. D., W31, be amended so as lo extend the tiles for approximately L',000 to J.500 feet north and east from the ai-incb tile provided in said prior Resolution with an appropriate sized tile a-s recommended by the engineer in charge of construction. Ayes: All. Kays: None. The following Resolution was introduced and read by Supervisor lawyer, who moved Its adoption DruiiiiiK essmeni, to pay repair costs can /va..-) seconded by Supervisor Kra.ser. RKSOiLUTlO-N WIT'KlItliAS, repairs and clean-out on KossuUi-IIumboldt Joint Drain No. '!. have been made on the open ditch, and Wll'iaidlCAS, the eost of said repair and clean-out is in a substantial amount and more than 10 per cent of tho original cos! of said drain, making It ni.Te.isary m K i Vl . notice lo all of tin- landowners in said District be-fore an assc s;Ud clean-out and In- eonfinned, and '\VHIdI!:K A rf, Humhcildt county did. in 1!*:J7, levy a seven per cent assessment on lands In said drainage district located in llumboldt county _ H10 IT NOW RliSO'I.VKO by the joint Kossuth- llumboldt county Hoards of Supervisors met in regular session at Algona, Iowa, this JUh day of January, lim, that an assessment of 41 per cent be levied on all of the land In said drainage district in Kossuth county and that sessmeiit 'n the amount of cent lie li-vied on all of llumboldt county, said l>o ratably and in proportion lo the original assessments levied against the land in said drainage district. It is further resolved that dau hearing on said assessment be fixed a-s of April 0, 1S3S, at tin House at Algona, Iowa, at : p. m. of said day. It is further resolved that notice of said hearing be given a.s provided by statute, by publication thereof two consecutive weeks In the Algonn l"p- per DCS Molnes. being an official newspaper of Kossuth county, Iowa, and in the llumboldt Republican, being an official newspaper i llumboldt county, Iowa. On roll call tbe vote was as lows: Ayes: All. Nays: None. Whereupon the said resolution was declared duly adopted. W. W. BOOTimOYD, rhairman. There- being no further business to come before the meeting motion by "Weir and seconded by Sawyer the meeting ndioiirncd. Ayes: All. O. H. JOHNSON. Secretary. W. W. BOOTH ROYD, Chairman. M. . ... neer. for roads and bridges work on County Trunk and local roads in Kossuth county from Janunry 1st, IICiT, to January 1st, l!)!!S, lie approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by Heiken that the following annual reports bo approved: C. F. Specht, ' Mayor; Iver H. Nordin, Justice of Peace; F. W. iBeemer, Justice of Pence; and J. L. Vaux, Justice of Peace, Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and secon-lcd hy Fraser that the Treasurer'.* Report of Fees by M. J. Duffy, be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Fraser and seconded by i Heiken that the following Resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION Resolution for a -I per cent Interest on Permanent School Fund Loas: WiH'KUKAS, the Board of Supervisors of jNOHSiith county, Iowa, on the 1st day of February, 193S, adopted a resolution •' that all Permanent School Fund Loans in good standing the 1st day of January. IKK, and all loans made after that date will interest from said date at he rate of -1 per cent. Ayes: All. Nayea: None. Resolution declared adopted February, ItllfS. w. E. MCDONALD, Chairman. Motion by Fraser and seconded by Morris that the cash allowance o'f -Mrs. Anna Tletn be set at ten dollars per month. Ayes: All. Motion by Heiken and (.'osgrove that Frasei make necessary flee oxp. --Koch Brothers, supplies Klipto Loose Leaf Co., piles Keystone Envelope Co., plies T.eroy Flint, supplies Jenkins Fergemnnn Co., plies H. A. Phillips School supplies Metropolitan Supply Co., plies Wm. Shirley, office exp. L -\ Wiukel, office ex. Harold V. Clark, printing Advance Publishing Co., pnnt- AlKona"'UinieT"""'Des Moines. printing Flax Company, supplies Laing & Muckey, labor . _ Cowan Building & Supply Co., supplies — Christensen Brothers, supplies K D. James, supplies Missouri Kansas Chemical Co., supplies O. O. Anderson, bounty Cvrlc Fisch, bounty Welter, J. P. fees Loss, sheriff fees Krne'st G. Thiel. const, fees.. P. A. Danson, J. P. fees Casey Loss, sheriff fees Iver'l I. Nordin, J. P. fees ... \V H. Steward, const, fees ._ J. II Welch Printing Co, supplies Kossuth Co. Mut. Fire Ins., premium — Checkwritcr Co., i 00 M J. Duffy, adv. "freight ... 7.SI Northwestern Bell Tel. Co.. l.W -tel. service . 4 <-0 Bert Shellmyer, patrol 1.00 Joe M. Esser. patrol SCO Tom Weir, patrol SCO Hubert Mergen. patrol 30*? Wm. F. Gronbach. patrol s'.CO S. D. McDonald, patrol Fred J. Coon, patrol • n.OO Peter Movick, patrol — 300 Harry Helmke, patrol 100 John Hanselman, patrol Ralph Markla. patrol H'SB William O. Ludwig, patrol ... 1.6*3 Ed Fuchsen, patrol 95C.O James Kelso, labor C"50 M. C. Thill, labor 5''50 Frank J. Burke, labor _ 4'52 Lyell W. Miller, patrol 6500 M. L. Worby, patrol _ ._ fn 00 Clifford Holmes, patrol ! Wilbur A. Fisher, patrol ]4S 30 i Dick Baade, labor i.T. E. Falk. patrol 16S CO Lynn Kuchenreuther. patrol.. i Oliver Young, patrol 15465 Alton Pettit, patrol |j. F. Quinn, parol 170 55 ' Arnold Delperdang. labor ! Earl Earing, patrol 10-t 70 Merwin Marlow, patrol l'oO Melvin Hawk, patrol l'oo Leo Delperdang, labor Jay Godden, labor ,T. 'M. Long, patrol Chester Aline, patrol Arthur F. Baum, labor 71 S4 ' Ed Baker, labor 3i'o.| Mike Baker, patrol i Hugh Butterfield, patrol 1-19909 Elmer Ewing, patrol \ H. T. Tin-ley, labor S7.19 Verne Molinder, patrol 3'08 Clyde Sanders, patrol 1J.'l-I. Montgomery, patrol lO.y;! A. M. Hilton, labor IVernon L. Larson, labor 41 57 iH'einder Krominga, labor I Albert Ellingson, labor 790 A. A. Schipull, labor 34 63 ; Henry Plaiser, labor ..c-!Martin Pederson, prov. .. '"' jRite Way Groc.. prov. .. .„.. iC. G. Gray, fuel ,:,2'J- P. Schissel, fuel , is Farmers Elevator, fuel . j$ Mrs. Ben Rushton, care . J'^ Henry Kline, rent :,'qo i GBNBB.AL JMrs. B'ertha Dettman, W. -. 1 <u | A. labor o's 3 ! Ethel Jones, W. P. A. labor.. *" JMrs. Bertha Dettman, W. P. "i f,3' A labor fiV!0! Ethel Jones, W. P. A. so!50 i Bertha Dettman, W. P. 70 00 I bor «)'55; Ethel Jones, W. P. A. labor. Ts'.CO.! Bertha Dettman, W. P. A. la- S015 ! Doyle Sanders,~~W.~P~.~A~.~labor yj'flO i Perry Torrlne, W. P. A. labor 130 70 i John MaGovern, W. P. A. la- 17 7 !77 j bor 75 75 Earl Dltsworth, fll'.OO bor 75.95 '.John Tobin. "VV. SI. 10 Carl Busch, W P. labor. A. la- PUBLIC SALE wavin^ rpntPrt mv farm and built a home in Titonka, I will offer and Bc n /SutumB of Titonka, on _ Wednesday, February 23 Head of Horses 7.50 7.50 7.50 S3.00 14.00 4.00 P. P. A. labor labor. 1G.OO 19.75 S.OO A. labor A. labor. A/ la- ~p7~A."ia- sewing CS.OO 160.34 M. J. Xemmers, W r , P. A. la bor Clarence Xemmers, W. P. A. labor Harry Sankey, W. P. Bert Godden, W. P. Leonard Klocke, AV fi9.20i bor 57.75 Jerry Kneeland, W. 79.451 bor Hilma Ostrum, labor room _ Graham Store, supplies & Sjo^ren, prov. COUNTY FAIRM Sandy Slebritz, labor John Hennlns, labor Cowan 'Building & Supply, supplies '.•;-\'F. S, Norton & Son, fuel .;•!«'Frank L Miller, light serv. ... S'JriThos. Akre, prov. ... *"•;„ i Kender & Caldwell, supplies.. jS'iJJ! Graham Store, supplies 5.40 630 70.24 7-7 SO 01 35 ft" ;o 63.02 .- 97.CO 73.S5 4"0 S2.CO I Moe 79.-W 21.70 j 74.20 , S0.15 smooth mouth, wt. 3200, a real wor^ro^M'-i team- red roan eeiumg, a yrs. um, wc « -roke, wt. 1500; red roan marc comlngitfcsgm^ years'old S foal? wt 1600; bay mare 7 yra. old, wt. 1700, in foal, th s is nr ^an^. aSgian mare as grows; dark iron gray filly, com ng 2 yrs. old; red roan [ ing, coming 2 yrs. old; black fllly. com! ng 1 year old. 27 Head high grade milking Shorthorn Cattle Purebred Shorthorn bull, milking strain, 2 years old the 19th of Ja: with papers; 9 milk cows, 7 fresh, rest coming fresh soon; 3 high grade h heavy springers; 8 winter calves. 3.10 . 76.30 (10.38 i Kossuth Hospital, hosp. Co., care, sub- Advance Publishing scription I j'n'r'S; Fred Park, misc. exp. i"'m iKohllmas & Spllles, supplies. .,,. Kent Motor Co., supplies 4 °n Wm. C. Dau -Garage, supplies iRffl George Wagner, .supplies Ti in I W. H. Helmke, supplies 11. TV yy • — --- 18.00 16.00 31.70 10.S4 •1.11 13.00 50.00 2.-II 25.82 16.44 60.S« S.91 6.W) 5.00 W. A. Dutton. mtg. Nick MaharuH, labor L. A. Boleneus, weed comm— Robert Kruse, weed comm. — H. C. Allen, cinar. exp. Frank Clapsaddlc, mtg. Ci. F. Chambers, mtg. A. A. Schipull, mtg. l-I. C. Allen, mtg. Fred H. Kollasch, mtg. H. F. Schultz, mtg. Edw. Wichtcndahl, mtg. Walter Vaudt, mtg. L. W. Ebrich, mtg. Thnmas Berg, mtg. H. O. Larson, mtff. Wm. Franke, mtg. 0. R. Jenson, mtg. L. C:. C,a»t, mtg. 1. F. Engcsser, mtg. Chris Dahl, mtg. 1*. M. Ohristensun, mtg. Alex Radig, mtg. Cl. B. Johnson, mtg. H. H. Dreyer, mtg. Joe Schaller, mtg. R 'B. Bernlnghaus, mtg. II. W. Harms, mtg. Mike Wagner, mtg. l Harry Sabln, mtg. John Gerber, mtg. M. N. Phillips, mtg. W. N. Schwictert. mtg. Russell Shinier, mtg. E. (,'. A. J. P. C. K P. G. E. U, S. 00 42 H. D. Radamaker, supplies __ S7.05 Bammond Motor Serv., supplies Nelson Brothers, supplies Bancroft Impl. Co., supplies.. 13S.S2 Frankl's Store, supplies 5.00 F. I. Chapman, supplies 6.GO Farmers Co-op. Ass'n, supplies 23.01 A. J. ITlldman, patrol 23.48 Kohlhaas & Spilles, supplies 1.02 Hoenk Motor Serv., supplies.. I Arnold Motor Supply, supplies 63.00 Dutch's Super Serv., supplies. -1.00 W. J. Denton, supplies G.OO Rock Island Lumber Co., sup- 6.00 plies 2.70 J. M. 'Blanchard, supplies 1.15 Greenberg Auto Supply, stip- ll.SO piles 3.45 Farmers Elevator Co., supples 11.00 Botsford LunVber Co., sup- 16.35 i plies i George Holtzbauer, supplies 19.77 International Harvester Co., i supplies 3.85 : Schwartz & Peterson, printing I Inter-State Oil Co., supplies 37.50 K. & H. Co-op. Oil Co., sup- 23.45 plies .65 Iowa Punic Serv. Co, light S.40 serv. 11.30; Central States Elec. Co., llgh 4.00 '• service , 4.00 • Lone Rock Telephone Co., tel. •1.00 serv. 4.00 Lathrop & Weaver, abstract. •i.OO I Vincent Clay Prod.' Co., 4.00 plies 4.00 Town of Wesley, water serv.. 4.00 George De Rusha, adm., grav 4.00 el S.OO Owatonna Tool Co., supplies. Walnut Grove Products, supplies ; K. D. James, supplies Missouri Kansas Chemical Co., supplies Higley Chemical Co.,, supplies T. B. FUND Dr. L. W. Fox, t. b. insp. Dr. J. B. Winkel, t. b. insp.. Dr. J. T. "Walte, t. b. insp. Dr. H. E. Woodward, t. b. insp. _ __ _ Dr. M. I. Llchter, t. b. insp. Dr. Paul C. Gellenfcldt, t. "b"! insp. Dr. J. A. Sanftner, t. b. Insp. Dr. H. H. Raney, t. b. insp. Dr. J. A. Sanftner, t. b. insp. Dr. Ralph E. Wc'ber, t. b. in- spec. Heike A. Adams, indem. Ora Hurlburt, indem. II" i Otto Berninghaus, Indem. ...(.lotto Koppen, indem. i-J.°; Herman E. Bleich, Indem. "I '• Ul1 ! Peter L. Koppen, Indem. »„„' Herman Bonnstetter, indem. ;-S . Lee C- Miller, indem. I -n'r'r,: Clyde Brlstow, indem. |U " )U ; Seely Brothers, indem. I. • ,,,, i John Carroll, indem. *••" ! Melvin O. Simpson, Ind'emT"" Albert Doden, indem. Harvey Steven, indem. IIII George W.' Godfrey, Indem. William C. Taylor, Indem. .11 Edward Hagge, Indem. John J. Theesfield, indem. Ill Leoriar A. Wdber, Indem. William W. Boettcher, indem"! 1.60 4.39 D.20 5.25 13.00 25.90 14.74 49.73 S7.GO 34 .CS 5.00 122.3S | STi.75 ' 1.12 15.3S 47.93 310.36 20.72 6.7 2S.9 70.2 32M 30-1.1 175.7 420.6. 253.25 168.50 192.00 16 Poland China brood sows. 14 Feeding Sows bred to farrow around the first of April. These sows are treated for cholera. . ^"~_ 'raiife^ ;tiftbiie;» SgSsfe' _.-*»«$ ,i.ta3&!!3SSiS FARM MACHINERY, Etc. THIS MACHISEttY IS NEW Oil NEARLY NEW McCormiek-Deering 10-20 tractor, with plow and cultivator, complete; McCormick-Dce: grain 'binder, now, this binder hasn't cut morethan 60 acres; McCormick-Deering hay loa like new; John Deere grain elevator, 42-ft., horsepower complete; McCormick-Deeriiii,' mai spreader, new; McCormick-Deering grass mower; John De«re corn planter, with 80 rods of ;\ McCormick-Deering side delivery hay rake; McCormick-Deering 10-ft. disc; John Deere 2- corn plow; 2 single row corn plows; 2 4-sec. drags; new Galloway drag; quack digger. Truck wagon with rack; wagon with box; endgate seeder; grindstone; 150-gal. feed c or- 2 hay ropes; clipping machine; slop barrels and carts; Mod«l T Ford truck witli grain Dorgwwg^ Clipper No. 2 fanning mill; 2 sets breeching harness; 8 new norse collars, 21 to 24 indies, 2 seve|Ma!$S leather fly nets, hand corn shelter; 4-wheel trailer; Ford motor; tank heater; water fountai:iiefc|atst hog oiler; pair of breechings, . ?S^|§|^? Bench grinder; hoist or block and tackle, wu.h 150-ft. of good rope; one-man tractor steen ^jj^£jj attachment for binder, complete-; 10-bushel cart; set ol runners; set of slings; chicken nests;;irnj^'-jj; 1 ; 40-ft. ladders; brooder stove; ferret scraper; fun Mne of tools, no junk; stack alfalfa to Jw^jyi^ Champoin movable hog house, 8x10; Champion hog self-feeder; some timothy hay in the barn; ^fflf^jij bu. Golden King seed corn; GOO Ibs. White Gold seed potatoes; 150 White Leghorn pullets; fi^ggg^W household furniture; purebred White Collie dog; and hundreds of other articles. TERMS—Cash, or make arrangements with the clerk. Harm O. Uken, Owner -e reisesf.'V Pringle & Oldenburg, Auctioneers. Titonka Savings Bank, Clertj.|p||S 1.53, I 1.99 Public Sal rogation . S.OO Minneapolis S.OO piles . . Paper Co., sup- s. s. G. F. W. R. B. J. located an as:M per the land in assessment t suth ard Auditor's Office. February 1, IMS. Board of Supervisors met pursuant io adjournment with all members present. day of PobruaryrViias'."""""" 1 " > " S „ a Milml| mts . _ ____ O. Peterson, mtg. Gutknecht, nits. IT. Holcomh, mts. Powers, mtK. Nelson, mtK. Kwoklt, mts. secomltil liv JJ - '''• Ki'iethe, mtg. he appoinua 'io «• £. ™^' "« unu-i ii;"K;-jt ri -'^' s '." u ,v ye ^ t ^ t ?-''• t i^nK',. 1 "^.-::::::::: Motion by Fru.ser anj seconded" by ?: J - D ;;Y 1 ",'-''. " ltf? -Morris that the followiiiK ae"otiiits !)(• Uclir >' i^ischuid, mtg. ehai'KeU to the pour fund as reuiilar C!lrl Hutchins, mte. eouiity chai-Kcs and not as charuus Walter lOngstrom. mtff. of lliu County l-'ui-m: Krank K'nu Kly Anderson, mtff. $ias.OO; Fi-eil rarter *U3 iiO- ranlc'ros F ™'i k Jacobs, mete. $01.00; Ueokuns, $30.00; and John Web- Floyd C-'olwell, mtg. t-r. »2!>.00. Ayes: Ml 'Robert Kruse, mtg. Motion by .Morris and seconded hy ' Hc ' nl 'i' Schmidt, mtg. CosKi-ove that E. S. Klnsev Countv' H - Dreesman, mtg. Auditor, lie directed to enforce col'-I Jonn Boekclman, mtg. lections of all sums advanced by Kos- ' E H - Bcardsley, assessor mtg. county, Iowa, in behalf of Mil-' Joe c °e le S'. assessor mtg. Earl Palmer for his expense of °- H - Graham, assessor mtg._ support and keep in C'herokee State I w - °- s t amei '. assessor mtg... Hospital. Ayes; All A - E - Ogren, assessor mtg. Motion by'Morris and seconded by Ha.n'.v Schroeder, assessor Cos K rove that E. S. Kinsey, County ,," lt S' wi Auditor be directed to enforce collec- i w - G - Flai S. assessor mtg. ._ tions of all sums advanced by Kos- ' D - c - I '' llis . mt fe r - suth county, Iowa in behalf of Wil-' Guy Bone ' assessor mtg. f i Ham Rosseisen for his expense of' Peal ' le Hlcklefs, assessor mtg. support and keej. in Cherokee State i Inno A - Ger(J '' s - assessor mtg. Hospital. Ayes; All. " Frank W. Elbert, assessor Motion by Fraser and seconded by _ mts - ,-, Morris that the Permanent School' Kay E - H:lnsen . assessor mtg. Fund report for 1U37 be approved [Wesley Bernhard. assessor Ayes; All. ' :mtg. -Motion by Cosgrove and seconded ! Chas. H. Lindhorst, by Fraser that a refund of $14.27 be i mtt >' to K. G. Bruns as recommend- resolution adopted by City Council of Titonka. Ayes: All. Motion by Heiken and seconded Cosgrove that a tlOO dof,' tax chai,,... gainst Frank J. Wellik be abated, I-HHOII. error by assessor. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by [elki'ii that John Behi-ends and Behrends In- given a refund of ,-.-.-—- eaeh for Old A Be Pension tax ! I'- A twice for 1D;>5 receipts on file. | Oscai 11... C. Huu-hlns. assessor mtff. Mori-is and seconded byiJohn Hartshorn, assessor rntg. a refund of K.]H be giv- W. H. Patterson, assessor en Glen J. Shore on Poll Tax paid twice for 1930. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and Hecond-.-d by Fraser that $:!.00 Poll Tax charged against Theo P.ursteadt be abated, reason, worked same twice, receipts for same on file. Ayes: All. Motion by Cosgrove and by Fraser that a refund S.OO S.OO S.OO S.OO 8.00 K.OO S.OO S.OO S.OO 8.00 S.OO S.OO S.OO 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 lli.OO lli.GO 12.00 14.00 4.00 4.00 •1.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 •1.00 4.00 Sligo Iron Store Co., supplies Pratt Electric Co., supplies __ Balbach Co., supplies _______ J. W. Steel co., supplies ____ J. T. Meryman, bridge work __ Kelley How Thomson & Co., supplies __________________ Sieg Fort Dodge Co., supplies Swaney Oil Co., supplies ---Fort Dodge Mach. & Supply Co., supplies ______________ Standard Bearings Co., sup- plica _____________________ Barton Warner Co., supplies __ Globe Mach. & ., Supply • Supply __ Co., Co., supplies Iowa Mach. & supplies __________________ J. D. Adams Co., supplies ___ Standard Supply Co., supplies Gl'bba Cook Tractor Co., supplies _____________________ Central Auto Elec. Co., supplies ______________________ Peerless Oil Co., supplies ___ Standard Oil Co., supplies ___ Standard Oil Co.. supplies ___ Owatonna Tool Co., supplies __ POOR PUNT) DISTRICT NO. 1 Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care _ BO. 28 10.00 8.40 3.95 5.25 30.00 5.18 70.23 116.18 297.49 3-1.02 «9.17 42.43 74.79 69.82 102.21 S4.05 67.07 14.00 707.12 23.75 243.41 1111.58 611.78 24.95 Edward Fischer, Indem. _ 11.42 Adolph T. Foth, indem. ~™ 24.96 Arthur E. Hagg, indem. 14.20 Kain Brothers, indem. 10.05 William A. Knoll, indem 1G.42 Caroline Larsen, admx., in- dem. 13.1S Thorwald A. Larsen, indem. 10.8n Emmet Paetz, indem. 10 9( H. E, Plathe, indem. 9.5^ Charles Roper, indem~~I""~ 15.7! Richter 'Brothers, Indem. 26.2^ John Saibln, indem. 11.1: Edward M, Smith, indem. """ 14,3. Clarence Ackerson, indem. • 13 4 Christ Alt, Indem. 12.9 Robert T. Angus, indem. 21 0 Andrew Beck, indem. 62 Charles Blerle, indem. 15 o August Blerstedt, indem!" is'o Guy Carlson, indem. (jg John Cherland, jndemT n 9 Frank c. Dacken, IndemT iz'', Lawrence Dlttmer, indem. ijj\, Leonard N. Dittmer, Indem.""" 3fl'Es G. B. Eggesdal, indem. "" aosi Melvin Ellingson, Indem7 1306 Oliver E. Ely, indem. "— gm Jacob F. Gifford, indemT II'IR Andrew Godfredson, Indem.""" 56i« Halsman Brothers & N. W" Mut Life Ins. Co., Indem. ' 4709 As I am about to quit farming I will sell at auction, on Tuesday, Feb. 22 Sale to Begin at 1 O'clock Sharp fol- made fd by Kdith $2.CO l>aid Ayes: All. Motion by Helken that assessor by Bergffren. assessor rntg. C. AS r egener, assessor Ifunkofske, assessor O. W. Fred mtg. •Robert mtg. Michael Heiderscheidt, assessor mtg. W. L. Reynolds, assessor mtg. Marvin Va.ske, assessor mtg. _ BarsUju, assessor rntg. _ Frandle. assessor rntg.. rntg. Andrew Klbert, assessor rntsi. Ed. r.'harnTJers, assessor mtg._ Hollis Tienschoter, assessor mtt,'. AV. It. Stewart, assessor mtK. Otto Wolf, assessor mtg. set-o.ided i F. H. Menclier, assessor rntK._ $3.IS be j Thomas Crfihan, assessor rntg. en Irvin Harms Road Poll Tax, J. W. Bolllg, assessor mtg. _. f;°^ i Sanford & Lindebak, fuel ._.! --J™ Farmers Elevator, fuel J.OO Whittemore Elevator Co., fuel 7rn B 018 ' 01 ' 1 ! Lumber Co., fuel -•J™ j Schneider's Groc., prov. ;}"'«o i Sankey's Store, prov. l--00;Joe Muto Groc., prov. i5'm i H - ^'- Geela ". Prov. 'UI i Whitmers Groc, prov. Si! White's Grocery, prov. _ 5.80 wiison'a store, prov. i_ 5.00 Huff Restaurant, prov. J-™ j Klnscth & Son, prov. "•'-'' De Groats Groc., prov. g. I McLean Grocery, prov. rSjIC. S. Johnson, pov. J-JfX Moe & Sjogren, prov. S-jSj Hoods I. G. A. Store, prov. .. J-VrScut Rate Groc., prov. °-rj*: Leo Swanson, amta. serv. 5 - so ,C. H. Lichty, rent _ ...IB. F Burtis, rent Mrs. Joe Lichty, rent DISTRICT NO. 2 Kossuth Hospital, 'hosp. care. Botsford Lumber Co., fuel ' 4 50 1 C. S. Johnson, prov. j' () 0! Moe & Sjogen, prov. II. G. A. Store, prov. Sj^lC'ut "Rate Grocery; prov. j Dr. Clapsaddle, rned. 7.00! Dr. Evans, med. | University Hospital, hosp. care 5 GO i Or. Fraser. rned. I Dr. Kent-tick, med. 7.70 Dr. Janse, med. (Too ! Dr. M. G. Bourne, rned. r,!-«; • Mrs Ella BrlKKs. care fi.OO j Mrs. Mary %'aylor, care 4°40 i H. A. Clark, prov. C!M Anderson's Kite-Way, prov. _ ! Sorensen Croc. Co., prov. 7.10! Sterling Groc., prov. ,130 Algona Creamery, prov. COOiW. T. Pilcher, prov. iHub Clothiers, sur>plles 4.60 F. K. Norton & Son, fuel 5.70 i Standard Oil Co., fuel u.80 jXaudalnu, fuel C.M) Anderson Grain &. Coal Co., e!sO|MrH. WnT.'Myera, care •_ I 57.00 15.08 C.03 37.12 .— „ —..... *., 0 . ^v, t iHutin. Ole A. Johanneson, indem John C. Johnson, indem. Ralph K. Johnson, indem Andrew Karels, Indem ' "~" Hlko A. Karels, Indem George Kemper, indem. Charles C. Kollasch, indem""" Peter W. .Kollasch, indem Louis Krug, indem. 21.42 Meindert Meyer, inde'm 15.10 Tony Meyering, indem ' 28.30 Emll Person, Indem 9.00 i U. Barney Pfeffer ln"d"c"m 10.00 Earl Reed, Indem nucm ' — 5.50 Ben Schmidt, IndenT , , a^iu j^ll h,. btoffel, inde 5.00 Everett Welland Indem ------8.00 Albert W. Younk, Indem ..... l^lr^ 8 b Atobas ' indem. "~ iQ'm n° " Doc °y. Indem. ...... 13,00 George A. Pindley Indirm ----- iJohn J. FrandTe.'lndefn" — JJ enr y Gettman, Indem. ..... eortf •«> nm 10.00 Joh ,' . Barlow, Indem. ....... " , B. Pamikuk. Joe N. Preston, In . Victor Rogers, , Indem Indem . , «7.77 George E. Sears, indcm 3.M 1 W. R. Smith, Indem ' ' 05. 105.00 4.50 . Ur. \, H. R. Gibson, t R- C. Ball, t. b.'lnsp.'"""- L1BHARY FUN'D"" |,, sn "" P - at my place of residence 5 miles east, 2y 2 miles south of Algona, J west, y 2 south of St. Benedict; 3% miles east, 1% mile north of! ton, the following property. "i Head of H One bay mare, smooth mouth, wt. 1300; one bay mare, wt. 1400 10 orses one gelding, smooth mouth, wt. 1100. Head of Cattle smooth ni 10 "luivnixy I' Junior Literary Guild, Scott . 07.75 Lyons Mifflir, 1.00 34.50 40.00 48.00 U.OO 32.00 14.00 4.84 25.28 9.K 2.50 14.2S 2.01 30.71 10.00 *.*,juiii v.o,. suorillcu ,;yons & Carnahari, supp les Jorham Publishing Oo., sup: inwealth ~Ruuk"(<o~, Cornrno piles Disabled Afnc'ricaii tbo World \Var, I'orcMrnan & sup- m'ut hcott Iowa Public HUpplll S H. A. Phillips"'"-; If. C. Maaon Sec- Health, supplies Scott Foresrnan Piles Readlr,g"~c]rcj"e" , supfjlies .1" & Co., aup- 10.23 84.12 1(1.40 1.17 11.10 S.Sli 8.03 3.75 Four milk cows, still milking; 3 heifers coming yearlings. coming 2 years old; 3 steefi 'FARM MACHINERY One wide tire wagon, good shape; 1 low wheel iron wagon with rack; 1 , -. , v ' '-' ;"-i'^j -*• *\J T¥ VVJ.1CC1 JJ.U1A WitftUXJ. VVA^^* J- 1 *^ ' wiiuLi wagon witli small box* 1 ^McCormiclv-Dcc^ 8 corn planter witli RfViTiflQ ixrivoi i T* &. r\ •• ^ ..-,-> r- ~ fnn\ i i«iwi uvi xuuti wiiti; j. ± . oc (j. gang plow 14 inch* 1 live I0 1 " mower; one 8ft. McConnick binder; one 10-ft. disc;' 1 hay rake; one* lowdoiin Deere cultivator: Tiitoniflrim-.oi , __. _j_.. -. i,^ eW; ,„-..„ -r.-i T\ ,,. ' -«v< -iu-i.u. U4.o>o: JL liny idivti, «*-- oZ 4 ! f 1>e 7 at ° r;International man ^ e spreader; 1 bob sled; one 4-section iron drag; one 3-section quack digger. - ^ clerk. No property re W. 0. D 0. 0. Eiddle, Auctioneer Security State lank, Cleri

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