The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 26, 1898 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 26, 1898
Page 5
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THE tJPFEK DES MOINES! ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUAKY 26, 1898. tlie Let Joy Be Unconfined. Our Great Clearing Sale Goes Merrily On. People know that when we advertise a clearing sale we mean business, and the goods go as we advertise. Men's Fine Shoes, Latest style Coin Toe, at only - - $1.15 Men's Fine Shoes, Congress or Lace, Globe Toe, at only 1.15 Men's Fine Patent Leather Shoes at only - 1.25 Many bargains in Ladies' Shoes and Slippers—One lot, sizes 3 and 3£, shoe worth $1 to $3, at only - - • - $0.50 This is a great bargain if you can use the size. Ladies' Warm Lined Shoes, worth $1.25, at only - - 0.90 Ladies' Fine Shoes, hand-turned and welts, worth $3.25 and $3.50, going on this sale at only - 2.25 Many bargains in Boys', Girls' and Children's Shoes. There is not space enough in this paper to tell you about all of the bargains we are offering. Please call at our store, whether you wish to buy or not. We will be pleased to show you what we are doing. From now until Feb. 5th you can buy Boots and Shoes at almost your own price of in LJ IT T H • i .1 The Exclusive Shoe Merchatits, _f\LGONf\, IOWf\, RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 0:05 am No. 3 departs at 3:58 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 93 departs at 10:45 p m No. 71 departs at 3:20pm No. 65 departs at 8:30pm TRAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at 10:45 a m No. 4 departs at 0:28 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 departs at 10:10 pm No. 04 departs at 3:20pm E. F. HEDRICK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. 7:05 a m South- Freight 11:00 a m Pass 7:05 am Mixed 11:50 am Mixed 7:54pm Arrive at Des Moines at 12:15 p. m., 6:15 p. m., and 1:20 a. m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. North- Mixed .... Freight 11:50 am Pass 2:41 p m Mixed 10:28p m THE LOCAL FIELD. Lyceum Saturday evening. f Hogs bring $3.30 in Algona. / The city council meets in regular session Saturday evening. The ]1 bottles of Germaniabeer were condemned and spilled. P. C. Wittenberg went to St. Paul Friday to hear his sister sing. Irving E. Dodge and Rowland Smith will assist in the new postoffice. Treasurer Smith is thinking of making his daughter Flossie his assistant. The city well is down 809 feet. The last 500 feet has been in solid limestone. Jas. Taylor was at Scranton, in Greene county, last week on a business trip. Bailey has it over at Britt that the Algona'Methodists will build a $40,000 church. Rev. D. M. Stiles will occupy the Baptist pulpit Sunday morning and evening. Barton & Crabtree shipped two carloads of feeding cattle to Sioux City last week. The Baptists are corresponding with a dozen or more applicants for the Algona pulpit. A. -D. Barr sold 17 May pigs last week, which weighed 5,200 pounds. Who can beat it? Dr. Barr is back in Oregon. His oldest daughter, Nilla, is married. Her husband is a minister. The "Western Stars" open up at Emmetsburg next Tuesday evening. It will be a musical event. The county is forehanded. Treasurer Spencer turned oyer to Treasurer Smith over $44,000 in cash. The statement of the Kossuth County State bank this week shows up well for that reliable institution, The farmers' institute will be held about the middle of next month. A good program is being prepared. Geo. C. Call is the possessor of a handsome thoroughbred riding mare. A. F. Call made him a present of her. Representative Farley has introduced a memorial to congress, asking for the defeat of the pooling and anti-scalping bill. Mr. D. T. Smith will sing one of the "Star prize songs" at the close of the Methodist church service next Sunday evening. Rev. Sinclair will preach next Sabbath morning on The Three Leavens. A sacred concert will be given in the evening. Union township is the home of lyceums. Friday night it meets at the Schenck school house to get one well started. Rev. Day married Dayid Farrow of Bancroft and Grace Merrifleld of Algona at the Algona house yesterday morning. Geo. E. Clarke says his gold mine stock is above par, now that he has been down and viewed the field of operations. A lecture by Mrs. Adelaide Ballerd, president of the Iowa Equal Suffrage association is expected soon, the date to be announced. The Col. Clarke attorney fee case will not probably be tried at the coming term of court again. It will come on at the May term. Peter Purvis is having his room papered this week and painted for the new postoffice. He is putting in a handsome paper. A lot of Algonians are talking of going to Bancroft next week Saturday evening for the Eli Perkins lecture if an excursion is arranged. Prof. Lilly and W. W. Alcorn are 4one with the county books. Their report will show that Kossuth is as sound as a dollar financially. Manager White is to be congratulated in securing a first-cluss attraction for the opera house Saturday evening in "That Girl." It is good.' C. W. Budd is expected up from Des Moines Friday or Saturdny for that shoot with John G. Smith. It will come off Saturday or Monday. The bier crowd out for tho public library meeting shows that the people appreciate that valuable institution. A public library is a good thing. Durdall is making a great January clearing sale of clothing at prices that will sell. It will be money to anybody's pocket to buy now. Read hisoffer. The Algona firemen will dance at court house hall on Feb. 14, at a masked ball. The usual prizes will bo given, and are now to be seen atDurdall's. Rey. Day's father had a sudden attack of heart faflure in the postofflce yesterday morning. He has been seriously sick, but is resting- easily. The county supervisors meet next Monday again to open bids for county doctoring and grading. A lot of both are said to be ready for consideration. We Lope the farmers' institute committee will look over the valuable farm notes from Editor Bailey. How would it be to- have him conduct the institute? The Bancroft Register has Deputy Cosgrove's capture of Kessler at Spencer credited to Sheriff Christensen. Both officials are after the editorial scalp. Mrs. Prof. Spencer is very dangerously sick with heart failure. She has been very low at times since her baby came. She is somewhat easier this morning. A. L. Bel ton is still dressing a lot of poultry. The market was very poor for a few weeks, but now is good again, Mr. Belton has done a good business this fall. F. W. Dingley is on the road selling flour. He and Capt. Foster and Durward Walker have all been out. They are scattering the Algona flour over a big territory. A young blizzard began yesterday morning. Saturday all day the central portion of the state had a heavy storm. Up at Swea City there has been no snow at all lately. The Bancroft case in which the grain buyers were sued for taking 64 pounds for a bushel.of wheat was settled out of court. The extra pounds were taken for the dirt there was in it. The Epworth League will give a social next Friday evening at the home of Rev. Yetter. A good program has been arranged. Everybody come out and get acquainted with the elder. Langdon & Hudson have a lot of "Poor Mans' Axle Greese." It is made by the company in Sycamore, 111., that J. C. Blackford is associated with. That is sufficient proof of its merit. Rev. F. E. Day's theme for his morning discourse next Sunday will be "A Practical Study in Religion." Evening, " Future Punishment in the Light of Modern Thought." All are welcome. Thos. Cavanaugh, who is being kept at the poor farm on account of mild insanity, escaped last week and went up to Germania and made some threats. He was returned to the farm, where he Is at present. The Gilt Edge Cafe has closed. Mr. Hartwell will continue on his farm and Mr. Owen, who came from Spencer a year ago to take charge of it, has not decided what he will do. The fixtures are stored in the rink. The Jay McCall house and lots by the Northwestern depot brought only $546 at auction, L. J, Rice bidding them in for the Anderson children. Jay's cabinet of Colorado moss agates, opals, etc., is also to be sold by the sheriff. The north side sewer will probably be finished this week if nothing happens. Mr. Crellin, the contractor, was appointed by Mayor MoVicar on the board of public works in Des Moines, and is highly regarded in the capital city. The Women's Library Aid society will meet Friday afternoon, Jan, 28, at 8 o'clock, at the reading room. Mrs. Nannie Setohell will give a paper on "The Later Period of Flemmish Art. Mrs. L. H. Smith will give current news. Furman Tuttle of Webster City was in town a week ago to see about a bill for printing the abstract mnd argument . in the Wiltsey adultery case, which was taken to the supreme court and reversed. It seems that though Wiltsey was a Webster Gltyite and the printing was done in Webster City, Kossuth has to foot the bills because the case was brought here. A petition has been forwarded to Representative Farley by the Algona woman suffrage association asking him to favor their bill this winter. A long petition will be circulated at once in town for signatures, and will be sent later. The Brownell clearing sale of shoes is attracting custom from all over. The prices are so low that everybody can wear patent leather, fine'dress shoes for $1.25, etc. It will pay you to call at once while the assortment is good. Marriage licenses have been issued to Homer Ellsworth and Mildred Collinson, John Newman and Myrtle Stinson, E. A. Studer and Mary Schied- mantel, Gotlieb Straskie and Paulino Rosentlml, Carl Collies and Minnie Hembke. Two little orphan boys 13 and 14 years of age ran away from the Banwart and Rheinbart homes in Garfield township last week and are now being kept by Lou Millen at the poor farm. They belong to the band brought out from.Chicago. The editor found Representative Farley well at home in the capitol. He may not be the best looking man in the house, but he is the best looking fusionist. He is recognized on the appropriations committee us a safe business man, and is generally well liked. Frank oJenkinson's short-horn herd is becoming well known. He sold a two-year-old heifer and a five-months calf to Philip Weisbrod of Palo Alto for $105, and three heifer calves to Fred Koepke for $105. Those are not fancy prices, but they are good for this year. A big dance was given at Dutton's hall in Irvington last Friday evening, 49 numbers being sold. Everybody had a good time. There was another dance the same evening at Grant Sample's, but it was decided that one was better than two and it adiournod to the hall. While in Molina W. P. Jones saw Miss Hultin, Algona's last Unitarian preacher. He made partial arrangements with her for a lecture here soon, and her old parishioners may have the pleasure of meeting her again. Miss Hultin has been very successful in the pulpit. The King's Daughters will give a "Jacky Homer" sociable at Mrs. J. E. Stacy's, Friday evening, February 4. Plums, five and ten cents, according to size. Home-made candies, coffee and sandwiches, according to quantity. Everybody invited. By order of Mrs. J. E. Stacy, president. The Callendar Times has an item of local interest: " Miss Zoa Wartman, who is now visiting with her sister, Mrs. J. H. Eastman, has just received an offer of $25 per week to join and sing with a concert company which is now being organized at Chicago, 111." It does not state whether she contemplates accepting this offer. The Kraft clothing firm is now figuring on a branch store in Oklahoma, and the oldest brother of the firm is off on a tour of inspection. Our Algona member has not yetfully decided where he will locate, but is figuring with several good towns, He will leave Algona as soon as he decides, and Mr. Misbach will continue the firm's business here. THE UPPER DES MOINES was mistaken last week in stating that C, C. Samson bought S. S. Sessions' furniture. The Republican was mistaken in stating that Mr. Sessions and his wife will work for A, F. Call at Sioux City, The Courier was mistaken in stating that Mr. Sessions will be missed. The colonel took his furniture with him, and everybody hopes that he will seek a new field and adopt a new course in life. He has too many good qualities to make a total failure. Sunday evening a sacred concert will be given at the Congregational church, with the following program: Organ voluntary; anthem, choir; Scripture and prayer by the pastor; piano solo, Mies Freda Sjogun; duet, Misses May and Ruth Palmer; vocal solo, W. S. Wilcox; violin solo, Miss Kate Smith; anthem, choir; recitation, Miss Ethel Laird; piano solo, Miss Irene Rhoner; duet, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Grove; violin solo, Miss Kate Smith; vocal solo, Mrs. Frank Vesper; piano solo, Mrs. Hortense Campbell; anthem, choir. Frank Lull writes a pleasant note from his Los Angeles home. After some other mention he says: " We think as much of getting our paper every week as we would of getting a meal. We have been in California two years and a half and like it here. On Christmas day we experienced a little snow for the first time since leaving Algona. A party of us went up Mount Wilson on burrows. The mountain ie 6,000 feet high, the trail is eight miles from the bottom to the top, and before w.o got half way we found snow and indulged in an old fashion snow ball and face washing. It was quite a change after passing through orange orchards laden with fruit in tho valley at the foot of the trail." Teachers' Meeting. There will bo a meeting of teachers on Saturday, Feb. 5, at Bancroft, commencing at 9:30 a. m. sharp. The morning session will bo devoted to supplementary work; the afternoon program will consist of a question box and general discussions on anything that may come before the meeting. The occasion will also afford you a special opportunity to hour one of our greatest lecturers, Eli Perkins, who will be there in the evening under the auspices of the Bancroft high school. I earnestly request all who can possibly attend to bo on hand in tho morning. Truly yours, FRANK VAN ERDEWYK, Supt. Creole No\vs Notes. F. Fritz and N. C. Taylor have each put up a geared wind mill. There was a surprise party at N. C. Taylor's Friday evening, it being his 54th birthday. Over 30 were present and enjoyed a good time, Mat. Dalziel monopolized the upsetting bustnessand hauled in for repairs. Nice presents were left. A good supper was enjoyed, with enough over to last sometime. Hurrah for birthdays. IF you have idle money why not have it where it will earn you something. Interest paid on time deposits. 45 GEO. C. CALL. SOME of our competitors are reporting that we have quit business, are going to leave town, etc. Wo are still here, much to their regret, and if you want to be sure of it bring your money to 102 E. State street and see how many goods it will buy. M. Z. GROVE & SON. FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. BUY coal and feed at Hobart, of W. H. Jones.-44 MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. . Money—Geo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa. One Price to All. Cleaning watches, $1; best main springs, $1. All work warranted. E. G. BOWYER. WE are offering bargains every day for cash. M. Z. GROVE & SON. COAL and feed, Hobart.-44 See W. H. Jones at Jersey Herd for Sale. Our entire herd, comprising registered and grade Jersey cows, yearlings, and calves; also two grade Durham cows and two young Jersey service bulls. Will sell at private sale to close out: "Jersey Home" farm, one mile east of Milwaukee depot. C. B. CLARK & SON, 44t3 Algona, Iowa. Still In Altfoiia. A. D, Clarke has not sold out his business in Algona, but is prepared to loan money cheaper than any man in the county. He is hero for business and intends to stay.-43tf Did You Ever Stop ..... to think that all the well - known remedies for coughs and colds have been on the mai-ket for over a quarter of a century? Are you satisfied to stay in the rut with them and wait a week or a month for a cure that can be accomplished in a few hours by Orloff's Russian Grippe, Cough, and Cold Cure? If you are, Orloff's won't suit you. It is too quick. Glenwood, Minn., April 10, 1807. A friend in New Yprk wrote me to give the new remedy, Orloff's Russian Grippe Cure, a trial for a cough that had been troubling me for months, and which several physicians had failed to cure. I had little faith in proprietary medicine, but to my astonishment and delight it proved to be just what I needed, und in a short time I was perfectly cured. J. N. 100 DOSES FOR 60 PBNTS. SOJ>D KY W. J. STUDL,HY. Great Bargains At James Patterson's Store. Commencing Monday, Jan. 24, I will sell 11 Ibs of coffee for $i, and will guarantee it better than any pkg. coffee put on the market. 25 Ibs rice for $i ; 20 Ibs good raisins for f i; 4 bars toilet soap for ioc, butter 150 a Ib; 5 gal. syrup, fine goods, 1.50; beans 2c alb; pkg. soda 50; Lewis' lye ioc; 10 bars of soap 250; 2 Ibs tea for 250; Lamps of all kinds at your own price; toilet sets cheap; dishes so cheap that you can't afford not to have a set. I have been nine years in business, and never in that time could you buy as much for one dollar as you can now at my store. I have the goods and they must be sold, and I know I can do you some good if you will call. Yours for business, Covvlos' Block, No. 8. James Patterson. The Red Store Is the place to go for Sugar, per hundred pounds, . 17 pounds of granulated sugar for . 25 pounds of good raisins for Eight bars of Jaxon soap for Eight bars of white laundry soap,for Eight bars of Lenox soap for Ten bars of Royal soap for . All package coffee per pound, Best Perfection oil per gallon, C. #5-85 i.oo I.OO .25 • 25 • 25 • 25 .10 .10 IRVINGTON, IOWA. NSURANGE Also Land, Loan and Collection Business.- Office over Algona State Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Rockford of Rockfovd, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York. United States Life of New York. GEO, M. BAILEY. Coal and Feed. 3 I sell coal and grind feed to order AT HOBART, IOWA. Also have feed for sale. W. H. JONES. Sealed bids for grass on the following list of lands will be received up to April 1,1808, No bids for parts of tracts in the list will be considered, but each bid must be for an entire tract as described below. All rentals must be payable in advance before lease will be delivered : Southeast quarter of 3 07 27 Southwest quarter of 3 07 37 North west quarter of 8 07 27 East half of southeast quarter.. 10 07 87 Southwest qr. of southeast qr... 10 07 27 Northeast quarter of 17 07 27 Northwest quarter of 17 07 27 West half of southwest qr. of...17 07 27 Southeast quarter of 18 07 27 Northeast quarter of 10 07 27 Northwest quarter of 10 07 27 Southwest quarter of 10 07 27 Northwest quarter of 34 07 27 Southwest quarter of 34 07 27 Northwest quartej of 0 05 27 South west qr. of northwest qr.. 27 100 27 Southeast qr. of northeast qr...28 100 27 Southeast qaarter of 14 100 20 East half of southwest quarter. 14' 100 20 Northwest quarter of 10 04 28 WM. H. The Big Dipper. overhead does not shine any brighter than our " ROCHESTER" nickel plated water dipper. It is made, of heavy copper and then nickel plated which makes a dipper that will NEVER RUST. This is only one of the many useful household articles made by the Rochester people—which ure the best —not "as good"—hut THE BEST of their kind made. Their extrti heavy nickel tea kettle and copper wash boilers are naawels of weight, and are the heaviest cm the market by scale test, and weight is what counts in copper, Step in and lot us, show you what " Rochester" gQo,a.s, are and then compare them wJmGjtbw OP4s. You will in /, ,,.i

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