Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 17, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1938
Page 5
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA Celebrated Vith Unique Issue ', ' W. •*'), Last Week. ie tictrtfUh M:\lktler opened Its year last Wefek *lth a unique en Annlvereary number. In- 1 of .the usual sheet in news- it sisie ftnd on -print paper, the Iniiihantphlet form with Iff'' yellow ' dpyef and 28 yel- 'Hlstorlcal art- pages insider, , cut3, '' and' 'advertisements B up the'.contents, and the is- was edited and printed by W. ennlngs, |present publisher. 16 >flrst issue i of the Hustler iared*,February ,9, ]888, but paper was ithen known <is the jcenti ' ,,Th& 'Corwith newspa- Company, a'corporation organ- by local 'persons and limited m years'was organized. Stock ie conipany^ -waft $5 a share.and capital rwras $1000. Debt exceed- 'IGQOv^puld^libt;;. be incurred. :;'papor?s : haihe'was changed to ' l%:;lnt:'189,S;U'- > v-iv^....-.-!— wo] . e R p E. L. Stll- and J. L. 'kjvaridj'MrSirHarding was edi- tateiJiS^li'yriiomDSon was for reai&.jPublisher;: and he and \?ife: ; ar<^bptti?'8tlll living. They METHODIST, F. Earl Pastor— "The average man believes in the church; let him bo consistent and go to church." We welcome you to tho services. Sunday school, 0:45 a. m. with classes for all age groups; worship service 10M5 a, in.; special music by tho choir, message by the pastor. The young folks meet for Epworth League fellow^ ship hour at 6:30 p. in. In the evening we join In tho county religious education meeting at the Presbyterian church. All men of tho church arc urged to be present this Thursday evening In the meet- Ing of fun, frolic, and fellowship for men only. PIIESIJYTBIUAX—Next Sunday: S. S., 10 a. m., preaching, 11; C. E., 6:30 p. m. Mrs. Frerking, wife of the Rev. 0. H. Frorking, of Lakota, will occupy the pulpit. At 8 p. m. there will be a demonsta- tion on methods of visual Instruction for more effective work in S. S. teaching, and this will bo in charge of the county council of .religious education. J. F. Gran- though now tho high ^jpallorsi-fan'd:'local profession- inilljjtfustiiiessfmen arc featured, 'h».»:_#>£>k.,a^L,^-- to tho Hust . •TRINITY T/UTHURAN, P. J. Ilranor, Pastor —Next Sunday: Sunday school, 10 a. m.; English services, .10:30. Confirmation instruction Saturday, 9:30 a. m. Y. P. S. next week Friday, 8 p. m. GOSPKL TAHKRNACLIi!— Thorington and Kennedy sts.—Revival meetings every night except Monlay and Saturday. Evangelists Vada and Merle Russell in charge. FIRST LUTHERAN; M. A. sjos- rand, Pastor—Next Sunday: Sunday school, 10 a. in.; vesper worship, 7:30 p. m. Confirmation class Saturday, 9 a. m. iLOCALS Clarice Folk, of Titonka, spent Sunday with her aunt, Mrs. Ann Fechner. Lewis MoWiortflr accompanied a carload of cattle to Chicago Saturday, returning Tuesday. Mrs. J. I). Itancy is confined to her homo this week by sickness. John Storm is also sick. Dorothy ItliiiUnian, Fairmont, is spending tho week at the home of her aunt, Mrs. John Foth. Ralph Uncle, Kossuth salesman, attended an Electrolux meeting at Fort Dodge last week Monday. and he is in the employ of a construction company. Twenty members of the Algona Lutheran Aid association attended a meeting In tho Lutheran school basement at Whittemore Friday evening. The Aid is a private insurance organization. Mrs. W. J.-Payne.wont to Fort Dodge Monday for a few days with her husband while the latter is conducting meetings there. He is a field manager for the Des Moines Register and Tribune. Kate Skinner, St. Paul, spent the Mnry Giacli, teacher at Pioneer, wee k_ om i he re with her mother, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mrs> E . j. Skinner) who ls ln L. Gisch, north of town, over the eomew hat poor health. Miss Skin- week-end. ' ner st ni travels for Ginn & Co., tV. A. Foster was unable to be schoolbook publishers, at his,furniture store several days j [r . and Mrs. Edwin Roberts, last week because of an attack of | a aug hter Dorothy Ann, and Mr. ' "' and Mrs. Harry Zick, all of Mason City, were Sunday guests of Mr. influen/a. DeWnln Van Dclniid, Eagle Grove, spent Saturday with Roger and Mrs _ Walter Roberts. Edwin Michel. The boys are both school juniors. high and -y\r a ]t er are brothers. Frank Clark, Garner, spent Mnry Scliietx, Mason City, spent few hours here Monday and was a the week-end with her sister, Mrs. Rotary c ii nne r guest of M. P. Eldon Stoftel. She is a student j Weaver. For two weeks or so Mr. nurse at Mercy hospital. Clark has been helping out the Mrs. M. C. Frandscn was taken Kanawha cdit0 r who was sick. home from the Kossuth Saturday evening, after hospital a week Mr. and Mrs. James Lukken, of Now Castle, Neb., were week-end vete- •;no|^ffijs;lijls;;t9it)'s,-once. a print' printing of-' C-, sets two . -, imtti|pfp;^reilgious matter by d?fpr|§tne!i;BUstier every week ' - i'afterf if has been published dis- eteers Around Games local inde- defeated in the Algona last week, local center, This was 9|ain||straight won by §; ; ifwfi61tiave suffered no mAwfljfi^ ''^' ime Penton al- 35-20. girls' teams Se'celia's, Algona "T'The boys won thp girls, 2G- .amsey Honor and foi to opportunl Muhleman Speaker at Scout Meeting The Rev. W. G! Muhleman was speaker at Eagle Grove Thursday evening before a north Iowa boy scout meeting in the high school ymnasium. Attorney George Wright is the scoutmaster there, and he received his training under Mr. Muhleman, who was first Eagle scout and tho "irst scoutmaster in Iowa. •Mr. Muhleman awarded badges to scouts, at the meeting and explained the significance of each badge. He himself earned every badge that a scout can receive, and he was honored p by Dan Beard, national scout figure. In speaking at Eagle Grove Mr. Muhleman was j.n familiar haunts, for he was Methodist pastor there 11 years. there for medical treatment. i visitors at S. O. Anderson's. W. E. irawcolt visited his sister j Lukkon and Mr . Anderson Lulu at Burt Tuesday. Miss cott has long been Burt pondcnt for the Algona papers. Mr. r |Lukken and Mr. Anderson arc " ] cousins. Mr. Anderson travels for corves- ; t]le international Harvester Co. Retty Gunn and her roommate, Dr. and Mrs. M. G. Bourne' left j Jano Dargorp Evanston, 111., spent Monday noon for Shreveport, La., where they have .friends. They planned to too away two weeks. Maurice Michel went to Des Moines Tuesday for a week with his father, A. E. Michel, who is still state deputy W. P. A. administrator. Tlie Rev. E. J. Otto, of West Bend, called at the Rev. P. J. Braner's Monday afternoon. Mr. Otto js the Lutheran pastor at West, Bend. Mrs. Kenneth Brown, of Sioux Rapids, was a guest of Enna Dee Phillips over the week-end. The Phillips family formerly lived at j Sioux Rapids. PAGE Mornlngside college and the board of the children's Methodist hos- nilal, Sioux City. They returned last evening. A class of 27 seniors in the Armstrong high school came to Al- gonti last week Wednesday, and ten Maple Hill seniors wore here .ho next day, to have pictures lak- 311 at Brown's Studio. Each class was entertained at a matinee at the Call theater. Mr. and 3Irs. Peter Chubb, Lake Mills, and their little son James spent the week-end here with Peter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. of their first great-grandson, Jerry .Wilmer White, born Saturday evening to Mr. and Mrs. Donald White, Iowa Falls. Mr. McWhorter observed his 84th birthday yesterday, and ho is still in reasonably good health. Before they came to Algona Mr. and Mrs. McWhorter were for many years prominent Burt farmers. Mult IVallnhait is again a candidate for district court clerk in Humboldt county. He )s a brother moved from Burt to Bancroft, where Mr. Mansmith is employed in a garage. Shower Given for Lotts Creek Girl Fenton, Feb. 15—A miscellaneous shower was given in the •basement of tho parochial school nt Lotts Creek Sunday honoring Lillian Schallin, who will become the bride of Donald Iladig next Wesleyans Present New Car to Pastor. Wesley, Fob. 15 — The Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Bottom are happy over presentation of a Model A Ford by members and friends of the local Methodist church, of which Mr. Bottom is pastor. The car replaces one burned in a fire at Novem- of Chris Wallukait, manager of the .Sunday. Ninety attended. Guests re- from Fenton were Mesdamcs Kinil , Council Oak store here. If Chubb. The Peter Chubbs will elected ho will performi his' off!-1 Hii.skanip, " John' 'Fii'hr''" George rnove soon to Oskaloosa, _ where jcial duties in a new courthouse. Bolto, Henry Langermann, Itay- Peter will continue in highway; The present rickety building has commission employ. | for many years been condemned, Jerry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Theo- j but Prior to last year every pro- dore Zlltritsch, Iowa Falls, will Posal for a new courthouse was come today for a visit with his j rejected by Humboldt county vot- urandmollicr, Mrs. A. Klttritsch. jers. Mr. and Mrs. SSlttrltsch will short- Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Gillespie ly be transferred to a new location, as yet unknown. Theodore works for a construction company. Marilyn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Fuller, is unable to at- will spend Sunday at Bancroft, attending a family reunion at C. I. Ma.nsmith's. The G2nd birthday of Mr. Mansmith will be observed. Others who will attend will be Mr. tend school because she has the! an( l Mrs. Fred Dorsey, Ledyard; mumps. Her father is quarantin- j Mr. and Mrs. Philip Puffer, Cored for scarlet fever, and the. three'with,' and Mr. and Mrs. George children, Marilyn, Enid, and Billy jMunus, Burt. 'Mrs. Gillespie, Mrs. are at C. W. Uergfleld's. Marilyn' Puffer, Mrs. Dorsey, and Mrs. and Enid both attend the high'Manus ire daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mansmith, -who have just Modern a dry the wee"l:-end with the former's mother, Mrs. Sylvia Gunn. ' Both are sophomores at the State college. Betty is studying home economics. Itlnnchc Jfiiinett, Ft. Dodge, will come Friday evening for tli'e weekend at the E. W. Evans home. She Is principal of one of the Fort Doclgo grade . schools. Mr. Evans is employed at the Russell Max- wo.ll garage. Mrs. Custu Patter son, the Wilbur Ganders, and Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Brown spent Sunday at Armstrong with, the William Haglins. j The Ganders and the Browns are ! employed at Judge Quartan's Oakwood farm. Clark ftodilcn, Burt, stopped at T. If. Holmes, of .the cleaners' convention at Des Moinos ' the'AdvaTico 1 'off Ice"* yesterday to next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Irene McDonnell spent the ILl^lIl/ Jlt^/-. . fc JUClln. O. J- . HIOJVV>1»'UH, '"• ^...f^v-..", week-end at Whittcmore with ner h ca ii e d the same day, has a mother, Mrs. Tom McDonnell. She is a beauty operator at Irene Draper's shop. Lulu Iluenliold and Edna Gu- J I 11 mil .. . .- ^ _- ^ jj j L(H -I- Ut^lltl y J.Wi ttlL <U.J*^\j»lV*IVyll<i»J more loft Saturday morning uy opcl . ation w ],i c h was performed auto for two weeks In Oklahoma, Wec i noS (iay morning. Tho Peter Texas, and other points m tno ed among throngs tho 3rd Founder's Attends Conference at Moody Institute Chicago, Fob. 15—Mrs. F. C. Daclcen, Lone Rock, was register- who attended Week Conference at the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, during the first week of February. No former conference required so many overflow services for daytime sessions, and even the great Moody church auditorium was inadequate for some evening gatherings, audiences on a lower floor receiving the message through a public address system. Registered .guests came from 35 states, Alaska, three Canadian southwest. Florence Young and Josepmne Hughes, teachers in tho local the week-end at schools, .spent the week-eno. at flay njght They werQ | their respective homes, Davenport u ^ R Q Richardson, school, but Billy is in the grades. ISurdetle T. Agnrd rcCereed a basketball game at Livcrmore on Tuesday evening. Livermore lost | to Rolfc, 37-33. Other Algonians attending were Coaches Klnlay and Berger, John Haggard, Dr. C. H. Crot/.meyer, son Charles, Clark Redfield, Homer Kelly, Russell Sands, "Bud" Halpin, and Irvin Behrends. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Schobe, and Mr. and Mrs. Win. E. Greene, all of Humboldt, were Sunday guests of Mrs. J. E. Moulds. Mrs. Schobe is a granddaughter, Mrs. Greene a daughter, of Mrs. Moulds, and Mrs. Schobe is the former Electa Greene. Mr. Greene is in the employ of a Humboldt garage as a Chevrolet salesman. Mr. and Mrs. George Smith moved Tuesday from the John Foth apartment into the Kohlhaas duplex on Diagonal street. Mr. Smith , works for tho Metropolitan Insur- ! ance Co. Grace Berg and Lucille Black will have the Foth apartment. Miss Berg is bookkeeper at Gamble's, and Miss Black works for" the Kruse & Blossom insurance agenny. Mrs. Oscar Sorinnn and her daughter, Mrs. Clarence Zech, the latter of Rodman, will leave Saturday morning for Beatrice, Neb., to make the acquaintance of a new grandson of Mrs. Norman, born recently to Mrs. William Norman. This is tho William Norman's first child. Mr. Norman chief clerk for Swift and Company at Beatrice. Local representatives , of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.—• eeived at tho Baptist church Sun- j ^ ^Potter, ^Kogm,, Geo. montl Gremmels, George Gremmels, Arnold Hainsinger, Arnold Krause, Otto and Walter Ohm, Elsie Dreyer; also Lorcna Dreyor and Lola Warner. Farmer's Head and i Cow's in Collision —~~~— Irvington, Feb. 15—Robert Skilling suffered a painful injury Saturday, when a cow, impatient for her feed, swung her head and dealt him a blow on top his own head as he was bending over the to food the cattle. The blow caused serious nosebleed, and he suffered from nausea for a time. Farmers, Attention HARNESS OIL 39c Gal. Coast to Coast Store renew his subscription. He said that he had taken the paper 31 years. J. P. Nickerson, of Algona, record. Peter, son of tho late C. iW. Peter, entered the Kossuth hospital Tuesday for an appendicitis family lives three miles south Algona on No. 169. and; i Harold Walker, Helen Sterling, and Minneapolis,, , , ,_ daughter; Mrs. Behrends and a afld Helen zi «ritsch - returned Mrs. Geo. C. Vance and her infant son were taken home from the Kossuth hospital last son, and Misses Anderson and , Prescott, local teachers. WOCK. T, r _ -_.! ~a r u nvivio -\vc Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wallukait at- Thursday. The Vances now have tended a birthday dinner party two sons and a daughter. Sunday in honor of Mrs. Waliu- Mrs. Bryon Arnold left last kait>s aunt> week Thursday for a week or ten Eagle Gr0iv/ . _„ „„_ days with her parents at Daven- served tliere at the ]lome of Mra . port; Mr. Arnold is biology teacher Donnis Moon, a daughter of Mrs. Mrs. George Shaunce, Grove. The dinner was in the local high school. Marian llisinj?, of Des Moinas, Shaunce. 31 r. and 3Irs. Arthur Parsons, of 'of them was ' provinces, "and seven foreign coun- church, tries, of which the' is pastor, churches was headed by Agnes Samuol- superintendent. Roney New Head of Irvington Cemetery Irvington Feb. 15—The cemetery association held- its annual business meeting Friday at the elevator. M. L. Roney is president, Hugh Raney, vice; Harry Ward, Coleman ' secretary; M. E. Wooster, treasur- last week er, all reelected except Mr. Roney, lufi$r'ing from blood who succeeds the late Frank Web- eflWJtoneCha'nd. He was in er, and Mr.. Raney who replaced fJfe'*M,,;Ei-_ after having Mr.'Roney as vice president. The the time secretary reported a good-sized balance in the treasury. Hus- spent tho week-end at the home ot Eag ] e Grovo, called Sunday aftor- her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. noon on t i le o. p_ Smiths. The men Risins. She is still stenographer are CO usins, their mothers having for an insurance company. Saturday evening from a conference at Fort Dodge that day and Friday. Mrs. II. M. Potter accompanied them to visit friends there. Misses Sterling and Zittritsch are office employes. Sir. and 3Irs. Ellis McWhorter received word Sunday of the birth Lclloy Stoffel, son of Mr. Mrs. Emil Stoffel, north of been sisters, and Mr. Parsons is an " assistant coach and manual train,, i .~. _ A1 ~ ing teacher in the Eagle Grove j gona, got home Tuesday from Chi- schools, cago, after three months there judge and Mrs. W. B. Quarton with relatives and friends. have received word that their son Druggist K. D. .Tunics and s ; D . an d his wife Cedar Rapids, "Clem" Cavanaugh, the latter of got back p r id ay f rom three weeks Whittemore's druggist, left Tues- j n t ] le W6 st. They called oa Mr. day morning to attend a druggists' an d Mrs. Gardner Cowles, Chand- convention at Des Moines. They ] e r, Ariz., parents of Mrs. S. D. Quarton. Nev., Tlio Rev. and Mrs. F. E. Burgess will return today. " Charles Holland, Reno, came Tuesday evening for a visit a nd the Rev. W. G. Muhleman left with the G. W. Stillmans. Mr. Hoi- Tuesday morning to attend a meet- land is a brother of Mrs. Stillman, ing of the board of trustees of tur., Feb. 18-19, SUN.-MON., FEB. 20 and 21 Hey-De Hey , it technicolor From Norway! IfeUri Uuh Sttvtn ton'j >dv«ntur«- rem»nc« brought to iht icrttn in ill !t< '••turtl color! Attraction hnicolor Disney's ntures of Id Duck>» n ice. d Pluto, .picnic. AMECHE JEAN HERSHO Plus ^Plenty of Money and. F^BBUABY f 7 MAHCH and FBANCIS0A GAAL —in BUCCANEEli" THE BOXY JACKET SUIT SILHOUETTE Slim as a reed,with pencil straight skirt. The Jacket has flattering rey- er and pocket detail, ' KRESENSKY'S Western Electric Wide Range Sound Now Showing Thru Satur. 2—Preatures, 21c. TEX HITTER —in— CATTLE RAIDERS 2nd Feature DON TERRY —in— 'SQUADRON OF HONOR' Serial S.'O. S. Const Guard Sun. Thru Wednes. February 20-23 New policy every Sunday. 4—DAYS—4 Sunday Mat. 1-3-5 Prices, 10-26c Night, 10-36c. VOTED: One of the year's 10 best pictures. ' HUMAN FURY UNLEASHED! —Also— Leo — Tommy — Spit Milte and Angel Original kid stars of stage success. Coining: Sun. Thru Wed- Few, 87 • Starch 2 100 per cent new techni- color Warner Baxter i joan Bennett —in— "Vogues of 1938" . AT ONLY LATE PATTERNS - NEW MODELS Plain and sport backs—Single and double breasted We want to move them. $12.85 will do it. Come in early for yours. M-&N S W-&A-P, Store Specials — Friday, Saturday, Monday 6 -v -*»» / T & PROMPT DELIVERY SERVICE 4 daily, 8:30 and 10:30 a. in.; 2 and 4:30 P. M. ALGONA, IOWA PHONE 355 PRUNES 1O lb. Box - 59C CRUSHED PINEAPPLE, S-oz. cans _3 CANS 18-K PEARS In syrup , No. 21/0 cans EACH WHOLE KERNEL CORN, No. 2 cans 18-k 2 CANS 1S-K PIMENTOS, 1 Q*» 4-oz. cans 2 FOR I 5JC HILL'S DOG FOOD, 1-lb. can, high grade* CHILI CON CARNE, 10-oz. can, IGA EACH 5c 9c CAROL HORSERADISH, G-oz. glass, fresh 1S-K QUALITY CATSUP, 14-oz. bottle 2 1»EL aiAIZ NIBLETS, IS-k, 12 oz. cans 2 CANS Red A Coffee 3 LB. BAG 1 Lb. 15c 10C 2 LBS. 29c. TENDER COOKING Macaroni - Spagetti 2 Ibs. KRAKLKRISP WHEAT FLAKES, new 2 BOXES I. G. A. GELATIN POWDER, 4 Q^ all flavors 4 PKGS. I 5JC HOUSEHOLD CLEANSER, I. G. A., 14-oz. 2 BOXES OXYDOL, all purpose O1 SOAP LGE. BOX £ I 19c 9c L G. A. WAX PAPER, 40-ft. rolls EACH PURE LEMON EXTRACT, I. G. A. 2-oz. bottle PURE VANILLA EXTRACT, I. G. A. 2-oz. bottle TOILET TISSUE, Q Carol __ _• 2 ROLLS SIC 9c 23c 23c POTATOES U. S. NO, 1, NORTHERN MINNESOTA THESE ARE FINE 100 LB. BAG Lh 15C Can 49 C MILK, f Tall cans « Bed Pitted Pie CHERRIES, No. 2 cans Brown Betty i COFFEE _! Delicious £• APPLES- PLIJS. Large Crisp A 4 9** LETTUCE- C for I OC Xo. 1 Winesap Bu. APPLES 6 LBS, 25c Fresh Green Top ^ CABBOTS — .Bimcli PC Med, Size Seedless GBAPEFBUIT Boa. Fancy Large A 4 **_ BANANAS- __ 4 I**, 1 86 $ 1.29 4 £•-» L»s. I DC Aa 49C Daisy CRACKERS SPRY, 8 lb. can Top Qwality BUTTER ________ ,_____Pound Fancy Beef 4 •• CHUCK ROAST -— -.Pound 1 9Q Loin or Rib End 4 & — POJtK ROAST ..... ___Ponncll6C Center Cut 4 A ^ POBK CHOPS ._.._...Ponii4l8C Fancy YEAL BOAST -------- p ou »d American or CHEESE Balk Fancy

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