The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 19, 1898 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 19, 1898
Page 9
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tllMfiR MOiMlfiS: ALGOMA IOWA, JAKUABY NOlfES OF THE DAY. Kentucky man has married the of the girl who refused 8<OWA e whole effective strength of the < Utish army, regulars and volunteers, \ ! 63,067. * i froman has made the journey from j buth Africa to South Dakota to sue 1 divorce, | (The New Haven company of horse i lards has voted to go to the Paris ex- jj Union m 1900. j •li- i/fliw itf lt ram* *m as atl^' '£ only $9 days. . in A Jcnait iEpoin ttiltf iKmRf ran iKnrsitspnnE ffw ifee aJI to • ' Pcffik s — ""Wow is ftlSs iNS yw& toatS irefllireiS ffnai . 1a?5rft ywm JUT* Hworiisiig g!P!»te. srt. WKfflW iwC IbaT* 3w«aa itnw." Tlie friraa a — ""'ffAcr a sS . IB Pliil- Sicrn nfl 'W, E, c4 3icffl««i«ril: Ewiiai itstrt»tnw TWHW ttetfl*!. Sfce Ts?«t* fwr »« K Bfl is like a plant. What makes tie plant fafl% and wtibw 1 !? Usually lack of necessary nourishment. Tib-e reaapa wtj Pr, Ayer's Hair Vigor restores gray or faded iair ty fite luViimJ color, stops hair from falling, and mates il gro^. is liwaaas it supplies the nourishment the hair E^IE. FlmiSt ««; ttihe Jcof it!* liiip 7*'jpm!tfliit«!D flzritBi! iia Sail; fo-Ihrw a«fHL iiaig SB liliae. A to i'.itnnmm.l* "wii 9wfian? "When a girl at school, in Rea.inr,. vfcj:i. i 1*3 ,u s< attack of brain feve r . On ET r^:-.Jrfrr. i fnancl u perfectly bald and, for a long fee. I istrtifi i! liii-.m permanently so. Friends urge-i ce !.-• nw IT. ArKr'r Vigor, and, on doing so, my hair in^D^diiuJr >li?!pai i.c>: and I now have as heavy and £se a teai cf iitlr LF trm wish for, being changed, faovrerrr. fro— Vbiifc •<(< brown." — Mrs. J. H. HORSYST-EZ, 11-2. Pv.iik AT*., : Cruz, Cal. «!b* k>«*Jr bwnsR. Be attE- wiiacfti 1* sj>o*« lt»- Sh* *flT*cfl 8Bas3 I* put csa as'>5 nBP6*d «4iw -«*rn- ? »jipwr.D5!Bi JJfroBB Sib*- to mo Wt - fi 1* Huir . 11. — A 51* a-*,. JI. M. S!toB>fiPt- «b* ar *0igor. CIOJ LJ&AJ CANDY CATHARTIC CURE CONSTIPATION JOc 25c 50c AH, DSOGQSTS sum. i I'd a <t>a EO*. J'^ dii *>5' <a <ibn 3 <icain!miil1*»ft. i*c*oT*a si c«»»» 1'ln* SfllTW* «t- "CiwnDjiBii.ra8.Mn!! >t itini 8® ff«i!lil«™ r sum a 4i w- awt <ft*irib»4 at. Tl» BS»H« eff*rtaj«l mKisms «B this Women fsnbo Sbnow the t«ws <rf Ifafcaife ft&d •Ebeta M&3f Uhr« to '" Oar inaiir»M* (nwawiSy ikv. **nr<M»ai«is. love jili>M«3 -co ifile. iE'C'irr- Ji 3'«Mc>!l3l;i<iii BppMinc; .tftmif-laSia it-ja* *.flcgit*!L 43w of 33 - 1* imme »i)3 irmrmfrnr as in Ulie ^jeowall asRtfsBciilT. ID *ji*iBlt«r J»T* CWDJ biis, las-t ol *1 iriisn**!-. for iJb* bcrtK*. Tb* n'he wai'tis* aibfii fi3*«3 ani«i J Tbr MCTWB M "Sfflia* JafflS.ctfniill pers Swpet T»niBDS TMiDE. "Itas is ffl sj»«:l«s ©ff HajTSEffiitisams-" 1 "1 ETQBSS toe is alii rsgHait," Mean" Nam. "F^Iltow msnaiajr rS'E'd mitla teis tysis sftnat, 1 " WOST9KRS SHVEB CEASE. er's great (oataS-wsTii-?' fialnlt ^-irs. a F5g. a PeacJbi a.ffi-8 a. SlrawbeoT TicnaaaJiB. also am Onang'e Vaat; .gtmniiffl^ spHfU'dlaifl mnsT£.33lt!Sv. HiB i .rsvaJ*'fll a in US? 1 ? asad liiociSc fire*, prizes. seMtos «1 SU'i* apH>f.ft. bctare ib'car w3*SBT«!s. --O ITtll JSrafl *M* X*1i«*aaii3 £ m A. Salaeir Swfl Co., L-a C F'Cim wiiH gs-J fine«e (iufSr Ms ictwllls ail aibc'tu t* W« DM*. has *Eo«e4 us ends at feasft wstealf 1 yaoara in which So fulfill wot- «ttiss3«a* til life, aaarf it is gene-wily war own ftntil, it tre doe prenMtoreily-. ;-, jKernwas fexharastwsa ifflTites disease. This statement, is Ulse praeaSir*; tralfcL !! "Whea eTOrjrifainjf becomes* bwrdeft ftcd TWI eataaw*, walk a few block* vrittheent «sx«sssaT<e faS%oes, and Jpwa break onl intto perspirations easily* and jww faoe fiosfaess and rt*a grotr CwisWaadsJsSfcralllwieasll.proTOC*- and Jtya cannot bear to to* uif thing, yon are in daa* t y»wr nerrcs haT« gixsn oat; yoa nccd'bmldling np at «n<»! To bwfld wp TWHnan"s nwrnoas system and t«- ctoi« Twsaaa'te health, TTC know of no bctler or more inspiring- nwedMn« thaa Ljniia E. PinfelaaasD'S V«g«tahte Coaapoand. Your ailment tak«n in linse «an he tto»Tnn off, if n«gJecled it vrill run on into £?*»*, sajferin^ »nd pain. Heie is an ilJmslj*tiioa. MKS. Lrrr G<w»tns. Holly. W. Vs., says: " I snff*n«d with nerroas pK»tjalion. taiotness. all-gone fowling and palpi- teda-osa of dine heart. I tvrnM not sla.n*i b»t a few -moments at a time wi»hoo% ha.Tuair fl&aS. tieinriM« be.aj-jjnjr-«S<»WTS sensation. '* When I wraaasenwscd ta!k5ng L,ydia. E. Hnkham's TegelaWe Ctaanponnd I iraSy ire%h*fl 1'OS pcwaaiis. sad ee>aid not sat. wp half a day; betene, ht>rr«Tcr, I toaifi nspa" a wJs^te tuoWi*, I vra.s able to be aK>a4. 1 took in all about tlarce bot- *,3«s oTS^c Oonaapooind, and am entirely eared: now I we.iph 131. pounds and feel liSre a a*ipr TneraaJD, ft-tsronjEper aisd bet'er than ever in my life."' Soil temmsjnjws 8Jba!t because, off tie, Tirisies of Mrs. rtnkliasa'is T«>aderfal evea a, vejy s-idk wwsaan caa be cared and live to a. green, old age. aJl3«m-c«iB Uli* *1amtdIia-E; tic-ini)* nawtaibieirs <B! -e bcmf* and M. i-fe T-oile for gT>Tfrtaw sadi ECS 1 . Wti«n lib is w.*.s <ic> Shaw was «5««dl£ipeia dm3y J. C.. MiHJmam e3*nt • F. C. from Hi* Han- THE CANADIAN COLD FIELDS, They D« Xot AU O* lag st<- ?i a you sw ffl- raani -wMSa a fcnirtitnas Bsas pmoteMy swt W. ft'-oia ^raBlk- ijoifl til* to'cm&t 1 aoaS tryaffig; aaralt Ho s.ii« iflress p-siti!*rias bis wii'* Baas laid oat (on tt-e AN OPEN LETTER TO MOTHERS. W* ir.r :ij'ss£-;niiirir uia uJbf- vfiC'isTl.^ tcj'UJ- irlriM. HiD' exir3niMT<-'i.w.f4'3Jla.-«> -wcmdl "CASreBJLV' 3&>& -FITPC H EB"S CASTPOiE.] A.,'" m.s ima-'Tmi&t MuHt i. UT. SnmnM-3 IPjlifSif T. TiT Cymaffliif.. Sf 11*. TO.? Jltii- f .ririBa3.cir.oS ••"PITCffl K'^ 'CAS- «ho Yckor. • The ex- i I5a« past so GUARANTEED TO CURE every kfed oi c^gfe, La Grippe, Hoarseness, etc. Gatts, ^ Dr. Kay's Lung Batm$ Write us all of Y O U R S Y NIP TO M S p3aio!l j. Our physician will pive .j Sold by FREE ADVICE, jj DRUGGISTS, 68-page ,ook of recipes, and 'i or ses: bj s^i-^. FREE SAMPLE. il PRICE, fOe and 25c. Address DR, B, J, KAY MEDICAL CO,, (Western Offies), . Jwa. 3~.— A jo;n as>i3 salariies of of sb* Swc !bo adds- eiB janaw-rs aiod mifl at saJaraes cf cirit *f nib* (pammis A <ncaraDBDii1<ie two deraituws 4W9 par month. ioe. on maleaije * wa jr5«? -Hao«!>ci diswics osjon relating to *m- ona! *mp3oy«s was 3a*u*i tos forty aiia- lt«cair J2ae J:M'-.sim ; iEe *lrrm,a5 ! Biif. 'Ctf CiiAS. B. FI-EMPCHKE .csii *T*rj- TirraT'Jt-r.. 'T*as is ifce er^inaJ -'p!T!nC!HEK."S CASTOEIA™ wW-rito lift* bwii astid is llw Hjaanfes 'fl »3u* miMlMTS «fl Asofxwa tor *T*JT ihuirtijr jfanrs.. J *l. Jiif wra j'ipfT a.&(8 see «3ial 3» 5* leave aJwaj-s *>O.-B.FM^"" aU'2 IbJis all*- CH.AS. E. FiUEflPCHER on lib* WPAPJWT, CJD^ Sits; a^ciiIb'C'ruly tfro>3ij as'C 5'0 m.?* TOy 2i ei'oeipi Tib*; Cfrmsasnr Cvaajatvf "sf wibielh C H. FJeiw-teT is Pnesa JtiiJ. WareJa *(, BSJir. S.\MCE!L PITPCHTER. M. Tvj>ewr81*rs were iarieaiieS iwe five years sgo, hut Sn 1714 a patent for a msetajsie that '"wo jfocined to EriTT 1 t conunjilt** rooais 10 act. was J— We want your stories, poems and ------- book MSS.; best prices; inclose amp. Authors and Writers Union.Chieago.Ill. DR. TAPT BUOS., 4"Elm St., Rochester, ;-Tfcompsoi J s Eye fate?, ENSIGNS, PATENTS, CLAIhtS, D*s- Mcanas. Jan. IS. — No 3T.i3if :si.-3*d sS t8se naomiag i session, tte the i*i5riji'g- IwwunEBaai foveroct vri5.fe a haDdsuni tie niemt;*rs of tte j asseniWy. Lieaseaant Governor 3631 tiea sc*3: tie chair aad deJlTe.rext aia»Jr*5Su asking tin* oo-operasion of lii* *e.maJ<jr> in !be wort fc*fore jfaem. ii Tt* fcoase r*s<.3els-j3 for adjournment till of adoption and adjourn- was saien till lo-nsorrow, • I'lllUy *nd V«Io« Are ban'>pijy rilSa Ca>ii : oa ebild's l>y sfirays of flowers ia ojosaiiif, sse; amao5il.t>u> y.usi E52 t*?ia^ wss.b oH^^ir Sa£- ur*s» suad it* Coupon* by me.sns of wiitcfa many vilnsWe 1 oofcs aa«l osJwr arSk-Jes ujjiy t* obsaiB'Ml, rnsk* is?" J-bft nsosi desirable Calendar we Jiusve «Twse*n. Thenrst arsicle is H>.>*3"s Praeiscsl Cook's a nandswHie, nseftil volume, of S&O A#V your draffgist fcr Hocui's B C&lecd'ar. or.5«aii *V? IQ stamps for to C. i. Hix*5 & Co., Lowell, Mass. CUTLER'S MEDICATED Ha* n> e losiJ 1** «lw «o« H* VMI TH "art01 AIB INHALER, joii LCXfi X Y. Sick and Nervous Head aches POSITifBLY Cured in 30 Minutes, by Rork tsland Tourist Car Excursion to CIUFOBIII* Leave CHK-A<:o.riiS*r-!ilf E^n^ Via SMU At all druggists or sent postpaid upon receipt of $L FRENCH CHEMICAL GO, 356 Dearborn St., Chicago. Ill $10,000 WORTH OF PREMIUMS TOBC GIVEN AWAY WITH DR, SETH ARNOLD'S COUGH KILLER, . V, S. Capitol Souvenir Spoons. Soarf Pins. Sleeve Buttons and Watch Chains. Sa\e ' the Maltese Cross on Outside liox. ^ ou \\ ill find a Premium certificate around each bottle, gend the certificate and crosses to tiie Dr. Seth Irnold Medical Corporation, • Woonsocket, R. !• AH Druggists and Country St Price, 2Sc., 5Qc. and $100 POTATOES Eejpc»naf frer-ifi! eomnis«*e to edit ftnd 1*1: she new *c«le was mad*. The cole fcs.f own she s«ai* $i6* par volume aod s*5L« •si $5. G^r KvSSS volasajes have be*n seat jj smu audit is exf-ect*.! that, another edition j wjM have to I* praaJei- It is c!3Uii».i that ti« second edition oau be goueu out cheaper. Ait*r a lively dfeta:« the house a rofoltation to adjourn To get comfortably fitting shoes, buy them in the afternoon, wtoen the exercise of tise day has spread the feet 10 iheir Sargest extent- till L V ?£^*Seu&$t$&™e eo. t Best Houfe to Klondike PUZZLE MAP Via V ' a GREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE C Leave CHICAGO Thursdays Good connections Jo, TACOMA and SEATTLE Writs IsrRste* an* K!ondik«F«M«r. Jno. Sebastian, C. P. A., CHICAGO. OF THE I UNITED STATES SENT FREE TO ANY ADDRESS UPON RECEIPT OF FIVE TWO-CENT STAMPS TO iQQVf B THE COST OF MAILINC- BEST INSTRUCTOR in geography ever scent Ifl~ terests the children and teaches them the geography of their own country in a practical and lasting manner. Wot more sent to one address. Write to F, H. LOIIP, General Passenger and Ticket Agent. Chipjjgp G,r«8t W««tern Railway, QUINQY nUllpINQ, CHICAQO, Itl- HALLET & DAVIS PIANOS Over a Half Cenlury Favorites. SOLO DIRECT AT FACTORY PRICES- Satisfaction (iwranteed. \Vrlt« for Catalofc-ue and Prices before buying. HAI.LET* DAVIS CO. Waba*h Ave.. C»r. J«clww St, - ••" CHICAGO. ii eslopi^d Tuesday. f.EXiTE. Dss MoJnv*. Jan. 1-5.— Twelve bills were k,t!vclu«id loniay, aiaong iheai the folJovrisic: By Driwt. w restore the laa<Hoi\Ts 5Jeii Jaw ss i! was before She new eode was passed : Toy Fsach, t<> aiaend the garuish- nsesii law; l>y Carrol!, to change the opening of the quail season from October and Xovejnber to Noveasber and December; by Hayward. to provide for a state tonsorial board for licensing barbers; by Euunert, empowering board of health to prohibit the UB}'«>rtatiou into the state without, inspection of aJl cows and meat cattle for bre*d- icsr purjX'ses, in order to lessen the dangers of tuberculosis; by Eric-son, to reduce interest on state warrants from 6 to 4 jx-r ceat. Wilson introduced ;\ Joint resolution kiug to the printing and binding of public. school books in the state penitentiaries. Senator Funk was elected president pio tern, after whieh the seaate adjourned til! Tuesday. HOVSE. A larsre ntunber of bills were iutixxluced in the house to-day. Cook, of Montgomery, brought up the old Temple amendment concerning injuries to employes of corporations aud the liability of companies to pay damages despite any previous agreement for the payment of certain indemnity. Jaeger presented bills to do away with the circle oil the ballot ; to require tho marking of all goods made in the state penitentiaries, reform schools or other penal in stiiutious, and to abolish the poll tax. Kab- stadt presented a bill to regulate the practice, of barbers. A joint resolution for the redisiricting of the state legislative districts was presented by Whclan. Adjourned until Tuesday. _ New Japanese Cabinet. LOXDOX, Jail. 14. — A dispatch from Shanghai says that the new cabinet has "been completed with the Marquis I to as premier. A judicial decision recently announced in Kentucky prohibits build ing and loan associations charging their members more, than six per ceu1 for the use of money. N. R. Freeman, justice of the peace of Winoinac, Ind., has married 2,89" couples. His age is 94, and ho dial lenges any man of his years to i wrestling or jumping match. The heaviest bicycle rider in tin world is Joe W. Grimes, of Augusta Ga. He is six feet four inches iu height and weighs 534 }$ pounds. U measures «3 inches arouno th« waist. Tfn W**k« for Ten Cent*. Strange as is may appear, that big {nm- j!y j>a})*r, t.b« !l!ii£trat«ij \V**kly SeuSineJ of Beaver. Colorado, ?found«?«l" 1S90> will be *ent ten we^ts oat rial for HV; clubs of sir, &!>e; IU for 51. Sinvial offer soleSy to introdsice the |v»5»r. Go.vt rings set wuh Rocky luouataio g*ais are giveu fnee BS >reuiiuois. Latest miniug news aad Uliis- rations of grand seeaery each we*k. Alj true ssories of love anJadveuture. Adress as alove and iuen8:on this paper. Vrit* to-day, jvistagfi stam»>s taken. Codger—Will you give me a few copiers for a bed? Isaac Moses—Certain- y, mine frendt. Yere ish der bed? Do Yon r>ai>e<t T Shake into your Shoes Allen's Fool- Jase, a powder for t'"-» feet. It makes ight or New Shoes iVel Easy. Cures Corns. Bunions, Chilblains and Sweat- ng- Feet. At all Druggists and Shoe Stores, Sample sent FREE. Address, AllenS. Olmsted, LeRoy, X. Y. A scientist declares that a foggy atmosphere is actually beneficial to the oniplexion. Coughing Leads to Consumption. Kemp's Halsam will stop the cough at once. Go to your druggist to-day and get a sample bottie free. Sold iu .!3 and 50 cent bottles. Go at once; delays are dangerous. There were fewer railroad bankruptcies in 1897 than for ten years. "How do you tell the age of a turkey?" By the teeth." "A turkey hasn't teeth." "No; but I have." 5aa.s drawn a ^ reai Eisuy people to t.ts® II 'c a n ndiam YffiiJi'ffina to Sih* far ^ol<d, and bas 'iSiT^Tit't'dl l-ib'S 3l^t*c'.>ni3ioTO ciff Q33.inv oft33eirs. Bust to ciindrT itio s»t sJasre si 5s o«-c*ss.arj t , Hlb^ll S in^.Sl.^1 S>33i!'lilIIii& 5/fcB p^i^£S6i5''!^e i d Ol Si>fi5.t icif JwaDlb, slreiBg j»'owi?r* oT ir^iEi-c^ iSZi'iS c^ot^its9 t f3^'nslbl!.e mif'iSDS^ Me Jfaves Ms wife asaul bis family for a wm- .-saiiS'eTaftill* pedwdl, and the banJslaips he 2i^l5 it® e.33iQail!P£ SjTff 321 ^OIElk.I5iOiWJ3 to 533133, Ca.ESida ihas cil.5se.r .gwHd iSeSids, t.laoagh. Tb£'j' jare ibe ffi^Jds ttoiSl prodlU'fe her gwJ'iSiem graiB, Ttois year ibe crop ot MaaaMotoa, Hying (diKflly of Norlii DatoSa, y'ieWfrd *1.1W*ft.<M»0 InasSieJs of wheat al®D-p_ Ttse e«irr«-n5 price averages 70 sc*Ets, wbich, a^; a. local paper puats 53, "makes J.Jse produc; in gold ibis y*B.r, for w»ae4at aloae, e<j53ai to a value oJ $15,S'SC*, | {'< l ,'Ci." Twenty thousand farmers dad UMS. fr a.E average to each pro- idut-eT of sboui, $79$, "BMil nJaese same farmers are not living toy wheat alone. This is only one source of revenue lo them out of many, j Ttoey have also beef, buster, potatoes, j oats, barHey and poultry to sell, and S"Oi3jelJsae5 ot.her things, so that it may be fairly estimated that their incomes will average st least $I,CW)0 per farmer. Thus Manitoba's fields have yielded this year fully $20,000,000 in gold, divided among 20,000 actual producers, and a general population of about 200,After counting the cost of stamp mills, expenses of men, eic,, rich as is the Klondike, such vast wealth as is being {alien out of the soil in raising •vheat in this one province, cannot possibly be secured in any mining district. Of course mining development assists agricultural development, and that is why the Government of Canada feels so much assurance in predicting prosperity to a!l who take up farms in Canada, Western Canada today promises more than any other known field that is open to Immigration. Farms of 160 acres, capable of producing the best No. 1 hard wheat, yielding thirty to forty bushels to the acre, are giveu away free. Railways, markets, schools, churches—all are convenient. The Canadian form of government is one of the most liberal known, and a hearty welcome is given to settlers of all nationalities. Already there are many settlers gone in from the states, and the reports from them are highly favorable. Those desiring information as to free homestead laws, low transportation rates, etc., will have pamphlets, etc.. sent free on application to the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any agent of the Government. The only windows in Korean houses | are pieces of glass about the size of a I nickel. To Cure Constipation Forever, lake On*caret's CanrtT rmlmriie. lUo or 2ia 1( C. C- C. fail to cure druprfsis refund oioiiey. '•Autuiuu and Summer fight it out, Ami, look you, this is Summer's rout." Smoke Sledgfe Cigarettes, 20 for 5 cts. The past of a man's life never dies; it only sleeps. Thic Chwrfnl Itiiot. "Htnv <i!«1 yon like the, wevr society drama ?"" asked the youngest, hoarder. "II reminded roe of a provision store," answered the cheerful idiot "Th« women were mostly shoulders and the men all hams," W>i»r-N! ?7>il M:* 5**U 1*tr Ufn Inj. U>l'*Mvo w»siJy and forever, be f«n3J of lit 1 * up.rve aud vigor, tasOw Xo-To-Rao, She vronder worker, Uaat nsakts xve.a5; svien '^trviU 1 ^, All klru'Cff'sfc*, *^c or $1, AtWrwfs Sterling Rcnwty Oa., CUio.'iigo or Kew York. L/ove is a gfttue in which it. never pays So bet to the limit T* L»ne°« Family Medtrtao. Moves the bowels each day. In order lo be healthy this is necessary. Acts gently on the.livor and kidneys. Cures sick headache. Price. 25 and SOc. Good will, like a good name, is got by ma.nv actions and lost by one.—Jeffrey. TO CURE A COLD IX OXE DAT. Take. Laxative. Btwmo Qttlniac Tablets. All Druggists refund ihe motiey if is. fails locuro. aso A graceful f»«d honorable old age is tu« childhood ot immortality.—Pindar. Go to your grocer to-day and get a 150. package of Grain-i It takes the place of coffee at J the cost. Made from pure grains it is nourishing and healthful. luslatthut your erooer gitcs you GRAES-O. Accept no imitation. — FARM Salnr's S«4s an WuniM U Frota*. K. \Talwr, I^B»j-t.Hi<!. Pv. MMnltlHsJatworti bt Br<j»lBi;lbOl-u.htU SiUtr't «n; J. RreUer. i / MiiMcotl, Wl«.. JJ3 bmh. htrifj, Mi T. Since*, 1 Hindi!!*, lo»», bv sro.ine 1« bu^ S«J'«« •" ti «.-«7 If joa >lv>ut>I. wrlw thrm. We with W {lit ^lO DOLLARS WORTHVoR iOo.' 1 i*«*f T»M ttfrn M*U. Hot F»», S»4 V«ttk,J '<ai. \Thfrii_' Sheep R»pe, Jeru»Ltcm Corn, « «»«.«. «-. -nwnmoth Seed C«u1og»e, Udu _ about tbe f <00 cold priut fnr bnt »mt for tor . new na?TcKMis ecru andcvatt, "Pittiisi**, , also txmplt of tame, all mailed you upon *~»<"t of bat )fo. postage. pa«t)relr ' , J10.10 net a «iarl. IKkOtt »W«. pd Potato.-* il $1 W • n-n.ilhU kdv. &)oDg. FLORIDA Full i))u»ti«t«vt descriptive imml- grmion liwratuii' FTN. J'ustajre.lOo. STiTK PKKSS Bt'UKAV, FARMS in the South. Ch*»p. E«sy Term§. Free Cat. Vf.1l .Crawford* Co., Soulkrr* ColoDlim, !iukrill OLD OR NEW RHEUMATIC PAINS Promptly cured by ST. JACOBS OIL. RHEUMATISM AND MANY OTHER DISEASES, If You or Friends Are Suffering Ail Can be Cured. The following letter is a sample of many received: ;Ti*d9 M»rk.) , 1S9S. by your wonderful lu nlfou of Jisen^s. belus <u*ut« iwiUiu»»«.«»* '£ i&Kill*5i*. M biu JiuJl^ U>^Stl v.:fcfc(t* ! k<**J>f5: wi^ wit«t U calle^l coiui'H- *H nirt v*(:»n,ii vJI (fcf WJly.. 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Catarrh, SlteiiU'^iu 1 !^, K«rv«9%M<~" *t»»*«»» Toothache, lipurt \V»wh*>««*> " FOB THIRTY DAYS loa. AUo. larsx wuiitrd lu bottw uif, Kor ulu» . * Wi«l «T*r}«.W«Mf I U'Ji* tai* uk«»i» 1 look lb» Mh For maps, pamphlets, raUwsy rates, etc., and lull information concerning this country, enjoyisg exceptionally pleasant climate and continuous good crops, apply to N. BARTHOLOMEW, Pes Molnes, or D. HARRY SWRPHY, i5ji t . .•_ .

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