Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 10, 1938 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1938
Page 11
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iRUARY 10, 1938. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PAGE nlls|f ' r ~-A u >i •""«"»«», y DO OUR OWN LENS GRINDING i E* SAWYER, Opt. Algona, Iowa *' t i i 1 or wir 0 ;> Ul " r ''Vpl, r( W!l « minor-,] '. Kf " '""I Plao, , it nol,o,|y , t "O..-.I or ,„.,, w.-i-f. ever is "'»' a rhj • s «'i" it nut i >««]! "f |, ril , ht , • "I""'-' l>y ap|K( uekcr" Justin,,,' '•lini'd, liailn| 1 "IMn I'd ,,,,'ij, lil.'iS. ^ sharp l "uhinlriK canif IK. .\layhp t|| C t Wednesday. , Iness is niorr , n thiiii df men •riulslto for (.,[] ccaslonally ut i Kusnn Mos in |t work often fa riK and the natl] .y. * « »t ulor Hcrrinir , loiil. radin (.,„,, hat Koino blood •ograins arc no: en the situatior nsor.sliip. Hdit; inion rcruiilh p ke tlic sponsor jnneciHl with i ors want faun, the public. I[ uiifavorable i' s rapidly, (en ould bo an im s]i-;ccli. Pr(s t laws provide r_ c.s. The (inly bo criticised , id is so-called could bo done' it a "liolier-thaiK sors. * * * t small business n Washington [: n Ihe New Deal ic small busm like his big broil New Doalcis did. ithcr. Another issnirn were rant: (de.spiie the lai merxlation? i ilk md boon. sies tdiili #Mi.'i (i iwa fanner I.N •ay is to coiwdc iple to lie waicht * * * • i chiMvcrs, pan iiasts who snap jm with wide-oi definite menace, person whose p 3d is KuiiiK to c i^vio by slaying •ijijil 1 iting as to havetiS|i|f ITllI i'-^V\ •e a post tliatsboiUf tlio story in tta 11 taken from m rnicnts in a > Door" — "Fo — "Danger U> 3 Game That K to Marry" - 'K«3| Back"--"Sorae p|| rous" — "You (\JSgl thing" — "Alcatel „ * * • i .nil tret machines « itch is that a P its via the mu of two cents ii a ten per cent tax takes two ce^|ti ;e. Other taxes g| .ted, some eight (J*j| there is a city I'"'"' i, depending on t >wly cigaret earn* ti tax burden asH| the dealers, m iats and tux colle«p| * • * « tm,.. ,e enthusiasm ovfg Jts as advertised f«l ed announcers ortj nny when not old timer" a"' .at who endorse! prof undo belong' ,'ision. * * * ; talk ultiiut J ig huge 43,0M* seems far-fetcliWj 3 , or the United »l y asked Japan tj iUast week, *°| without being « y is building I*"" iize it couldn 11 )ng. If JaP an •oats, the three I jut it already. »' savoring to do is f out the answer» ents for bigger f] Nothing hke to make the tax illy on the """ ider if U» »H :ently he vasj" •use, by golly, -j house he can c- i Where he can « wke and throw neral direction < his books ope" > certain to £' n0 . ben he returns' he can spread» art's content; ' lorUbly tacW."" fits"; where 4o»'t mess ,tfl(i( the N*"j TWO GAMES Of 1 j " i ^ Basketball f i i Friday, February 11 * i * ' i • HIGH SCHOOL GYM—7:30 P. M. ,, * . Algona vs Swea City First and Second Team Games 1 1 See These Old Rivals Meet Again—Admission 25c for • . ' ' • adults and 20c for students W. G. McCULLOUGH : ( TUNERAL DIRECTOR Laird & McCullough Chapel ' • ALGONA - IOWA • * t Dear Friends— ^I^wonder sometimes if we fully appreciate our ministers. - . ".Ijhave always admired the spirit of willingness -shown, by the ministry in responding t o funeral calls, always without a thought of compensation. is equally true of musicians. Funeral re-quests 4 ,often involve personal sacrifice. > A .,*. ' .Our community is particularly fortunate in this res'pect/ >• I H - i : , ! Respectfully, W. G. McCULLOUGH. m D D 0 LIBERTY MAGAZINE McCALL'S MAGAZINE MODERN MECHANIX PHOTOPLAY PHYSICAL CULTURE PICTORIAL REVIEW REDBOOK MAGAZINE ROMANTIC MAGAZINE .................................. 2.00 SILVER SCREEN D SUCCESSFUL FARMING .................................. 1.75 D TRUE CONFESSIONS TRUE STORY WOMAN'S WQRLD MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY! CHECK MAGAZINE DESIRED ABOVE (X) .. for which send M year, and the Gentlemen: I enclose f.. 'me your newtpaper for mazatfne checked. Name .... $t, or SJF PosF Office S, R, RONEY IS BACK AT HOME ON THE COAST Irvington, Feb. 8—S. R. Honey, Grandrieu, Wash., is again at home after visits covering several months. Ho spent a few weeks here with his brother M. L., and also with a sister, Mrs, H. C. W!l- litt, Des Moincs, early in the fall, then visited another brother in *Tew Mexico, sister in California. The last stop was with his daughter, Mrs. Jesse Baker, Granger, Wash. The Bakers, former Irving,on people, are farming. New Kuhlman Farm Tenant — The farm south of Irvington owned by Mrs. Henry Kuhlman md been rented by her son Leonard near West Bend, since the death o£ Mr. Kuhlman, but has now been leased to the Augusl Hansens, who will take possession March 1. The George Marshalls who have been living on the farm as employes of Leonard have not found a place. The- Hansens come from near Burt, but formerly were employed at C. R Schoby's here. They have th Kuhlman farm on a 50-50 basis. Ralph JJrlstow Home Again— When Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Bristow, Burt, were en route to Carl Seip's here Sunday they met their son Ralph, who was on his way home, after a several months absence. Ralph left Burt on -his motorcycle last October and went to Indiana, where he visited relatives and picked corn. He also in Illinois before return- Write Letters to Foreign Students 'Corwith, Fob. 8—Members of the Cnglish class in high school here ire corresponding with students in 'oroign countries. Eva Mae Goo las received letters from Porto Rico; Gertrude Dunlap, from students in Austria and Holland. Others are awaiting replies to letters they have written. Some have, sent snapshots of themselves and scenes near their homes. Miss Smith, the instructor, is sending 'or more names for the class. LONE ROCK LAD SUFFERS BADLY FRACTURED LEG Lone Rock, Fe'b. 8—Wilfred, 15- year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Faulstich, fell from a bicycle when it struck ice, last weak Wednesday, and his left leg broken below the knee in was four places. He was taken to the Kossuth hospital, where the leg was put into a cast and was brought home Friday. The Rev. and ,Mrs. L. Richman, Burt, called on him Friday, and Sunday visitors were the G. 0. McFarlands, Burt; the F. F. Muellers, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Jaskulke, and the Herman Gades, all of Fenton, and the Hugo Faul- stiches, Lotts Creek. The William Jaskulkes, Mason City, were week end guests. Minnesotans in Tlsit Here— Mr. and Mrs. Sig Kvom, Benson, who were recently married, NINE GENTS A PERSON, COST OF GOOD MEAL Lu Verne, Fe'b. 8—The Farm Bureau women of Humboldt township, south of Lu Verne, met Friday at Mrs. Walter Parrish's, nine women in atendance. It was a follow-up meeting on the cost of an adequate meal, and cheese and bacon sandwiches, buttered vegetables, cinnamon apples, salad, lemon cake pudding, and beverage were served. Most of the meal was prepared at the meeting, and the cost, totaled nine cents a plate. .Mrs. William Murray is leader, and Mrs. Wilbur Kubly co-worker. The next, meeting will be held in town at Mrs. H. E. Peitzke's late in the month. Mfittiadist W. IF. M. S. Meets— Mrs. 0. S. Lund was hostess when the Methodist W. H. M. S. held its February meeting last week Thursday. Mrs. Peter Thomson led the devotional period; Mrs. Harvey Nelson reviewed three chapters of the study book, Rebuilding Rural America; Mrs. H C. Allen told of an articles in the missionary magazine; and Mrs Ralph Davidson presented enig mas. Plans were laid for a union meeting sponsored by the mission ary societies March 4 in obser vance of the World Day of Prayer visited Ing. Suffers from Sinus Trouble- Mrs. Jenny Colwell, who suffers every winter from deep-seated sinus infection, went to Fort Dodge and had the sinuses drained Friday. She has, however, had practically no relief, and, if able, will return for further treatment soon. She is now with her son Hugh at Algona, but recently she spent several weeks with the L. E. Colwells here. were last week Monday night visitors at Fred Genrich's. Mrs. Kvom is a cousin of Mrs. Genrich. Last week Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. Genrich accompanied them to Des Moines to visit Mainard Genrich, who is now herdsman for a Mr. Langgurth, of Davenport, at Mediapolis. Mainard had accompanied cattle to Des Moines for a show and sale Tuesday and Wednesday. 'oujnty Line Farm Sold at Lu Verne Ltf Verne, Feb. 1—Elmer Kuby, five miles east of Lu Verne, as purchased the farm belonging o the Mrs. Cora Baumgartner- ohnson estate. It lies north of he Kossuth-Humboldt line and onsists of 160 acres. Adjoining s a farm owned by Elmer's par- nts, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kubly. Tarry Christensen has rented the arm four years and will continue here till March 1, 1939. » WM. SCII HAW, Titonka, has aken ,out nomination papers for upervisor in the third district vs. William Cosgrove, democratic in- :umbent. TIRES Save 50% on guaranteed retread and used factory adjustment tires. We have on hand a nice stock of lug grip tires for snow and rnud. We specialize in vulcanizing tires and tubes. Sampson Tire Service Phone 553. Located at 110 State St. IN THE WITH j5\.IfoUUtl x 1 1 lUxlj HJ wciii- wii *i— .-->" Mrs. Miller Escapes Pneumonia— Lotlg at the Kossuth hospital. Call on Hospital Patient- Mrs. James Long accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Thompson to Algona Friday to call on Helen UL£3* J,l».« •«•>-.•. ^*Hv t ' -~ — Mrs. Mae Miller, patient at the Kossuth hospital with a broken hip, was threatened with pneumonia last week, hut her physicians believed they had the attack'halt- ed last week-end and Mrs. Miller, who had been propped high in bed for easier breathing, is again lying flat. A weight is attached to her right foot. Daughter for the ilutledges— I Mr. and Mrs. Orlan Rutledge are parents of a daughter, born early last week, the second girl. They also have one son. The Rutledges farmed near Irvington for some years, but are now on a farm at Good Hope. Sister Afflicted With Cancer- Mr, and Mrs. L. E. Colwell got home Sunday evening from Jackson, Minn., where they had gone to see Mrs. Colwell's sister, Mrs William banning, who has been in Helen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Long, Bancroft, is sut'fer- ng from an infection in the face caused by a pimple. Three to Conservation Meet— Laurenz Geitzenauer, Dick 0'- Donnell, and Arthur Priebe attended a conservation league meet ing at Whittemore last week Thursday night. Lawrence Xcwbrougli Quarantined Lawrence Newrough is quarantined for the disease a week ago. er. Mrs. Newrough was quarantined fo rthe disease a week ago. Seneeans Coming Friday Night— The Seneca basketball teams will play Lone Rock on the local floor Friday evening. Other Lone Bock. The Everett Richardsons, Algo- poor health many months, a victim of cancer. rm, the Ornie Behrencls family, of Seneca, Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Fischer, and Mr. and Mrs. William Fischer were Sunday dinner , I ~ , jguests at Ora Hurburt's. The Roy Fire Write Grade 'Ivxams'— | j€ . nsens were Sunday guests at V. Eighth grade pupils from the L whalen . s> Bolliver. Irvington school who took the ex- Mr and Mrg c w H eerdt, Al- amlnations at Algona alst_ week Rona were gun(Jay guests ftt Jim ammiiuoim UL ^i B u"u. ""°- "--" ;gona, were Sunday guests at Jim were Lorraine Ihomas, i ny'' 13 ! Ackerman's. Eileen • Walsh, who Maxwell, Phyllis Black, Dorothy teacnes near Irvlng t on , spe nt the Leigh, Adella Lemkee, ftna lien-, week . end at the parental H ugh ne.th Asa. j Walsh's. Elmo. Krueger spent last Missionary Society to Mee^- jj™* Tuesday at Clarence Thees-» ; K'H'^H-lr^- 'ss isssvf £s Itl ftllS. M. Li. itoney. mis. n. nf ^ vininm • NIo1t , rm . 0 T h B AHnn . Sabin will have charge of The \merican Negro and Africa as the opics. There will be election of fficers. Other Irvington. Mr. and Mrs. James Reid, Buf- It. F. linrtis About Again— B. F. Burlis, who had been seriously sick at his home here for a month, is now able to be up and around the house, after an attack of sciatic rheumatism. He recently celebrated his 81st birthday. Mr. Burtis was one of the early settlers of Lu Verne, haying come here in 1864. Pastor to Lansing Funeral— The Rev. E. R. Walter, pastor of the Evangelical church, was called to Lansing Monday by news of the death of a former parishioner, a young man of 22 who died after a short illness. Mrs. Walter accompanied him. The funeral was to be held Tuesday afternoon. Brain Tumor Patient Home- Herman Meyer, who recently had an operation at Rochester for a tumor on the brain, was able to come home'last week Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Swanson, Algona, were guests at the Meyer home Sunday. Child Has Pneumonia- Jane, small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Genrich, is seriously sick with pneumonia. Other LnVerne. Josephine Donelson, who teaches at Garner, was at home for the week-end, and Saturday evening was the dinner guest of her sis ters, Ruth and Phyllis Lichty, a the J. L. Lichty home. Fred and Matt Baumgartner, o Lu Verne, and August Gramenz o Fort Dodge, went to Geneseo, 111 Monday to attend the funeral o a sister of Mr. Gramenz. Arthur Hoppe is making an ex tended visit at the home of hi sister, Mrs. Chas. Hynes, Winne hago, Minn. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs John Phillips Saturday afternoon He will be called Robert Lewis. Herbert French attended a lum berman's . convention ' at De Moines last week Thursday. The Harold Phillips family, o Dows, were guests of Lu Vern •elatives Monday. PERFECTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES and with GENUINE KNEE-ACTION' 85-H.P. 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The Alton Hurlburste, Whittemore, were of i Sunday guests there. The Henry Schroeders spent Saturday at the Harry Schmelling's, Emmetsburg. The S. M. Orwicks, Seneca, and the Henry Kuecks, Good Hope, Monday night they f the H. E. Rists, alo Lake, Minn., came to Algona unday to see Mrs. Reid's aunt, rtrs. Mae Miller, patient at the iossuth hospital, and spent the ight with the M. A. Bartholmews. were guests leaving for lome Tuesday morning. Mrs. Reid, formerly Susie Rist, was a aughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. iharles Rist, Algona. Mrs. George Johnson spent last veek Thursday with her mother, Irs. Charles E. Clark, Britt. Mrs. Ulark, who had suffered a hand in- ury in a washing machine wring- T, and was troubled with result- but was much im- DANGEKOUS :t is iliuitrftrons to sell a SUBSTI TUT15 for fiCC just to make thre or four cents more. Customers or •our best assets; lose them an you lose your business. uo« > vorth three or four times as muc is a SUBSTITUTE. spent Sunday evening at Walter Thompson's. The Fred Wegeners, Mrs. Lillie Thompson, and the latter's daughter Neva were afternoon callers there. , Mrs. Maude Hanna, Burt, and Mrs. Ellen Hanna, Schindler, S. D., were .Sunday afternoon and supper guests at Mrs. Tillie Hanna's. Mrs. Ellen Hanna called at Hugo Marlow's Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Krueger, George Nyman, and Mrs. Frank Flaig spent Monday at Ft. Dodge, the men attending a grain dealers' meeting. The I. W. Nelsons were Sunday dinner guests at Jons Sorenson's, Algona, Mr. H. J. Bacon, Algona ng infection, _ "StoSoe and Phyllis Black were w«rBat7rtoy night" with' the Sunday guests of Pauline and]Nelsons Cathleen Seip. The Blacks will eave soon for a new home bet- veen Algona and Burt. Doris Colwell returned Saturday rom the Forbus Stiltz home, where she had been since the birth and death of the daughter, Margaret Anne Stiltz. Mrs. K. P. Honey will be hostess to her Sunday school class at a valentine party at the church ;his we£k Thursday night. The Wilfred Colemans, who had been with Frank Ditsworth years, moved late last week .he former "Blythe house. Dorothy Mawdsley, student Ames, and a girl friend spent Sat- at urday and Ma-wdsley's. Sunday at Edward The Elmer Weavers" have taken possession of the farm they recently purchased from Mrs. Kate ihilton. The Rev. A. English, preached Sunday on The Second Coming of Ihrist, taking his text from Acts, 1*8 Audrine Culbertson, Algona, and Lotts Creek, Jordan's Sun- Clarence Zumach, were at the S. M. day. Mr and Mrs. L. E. Colwell spent Monday with the Oscar Mayberrys of West Bend. The Chester Harmons, Woden, were Sunday guests of Mre. Mary Dole. A. D. Headley has been confined to his home by a severe cold. ORDER YOUR RUBBER STAMPS from the Advance. Stamp pads, servipej dependable -work, tatr U$,s, and otber supplies. Q«!<* BlDUUOt Mr and Mrs. P. L. Person spent Sunday at John Kylen's, Swea City. The Persons spent the evening at the Dan Harris home. The Lyle Marlows were last week Wednesday evening guests at Mrs. William Bierstedt's, in honor of her son Fred's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ewoldt and the Jos. Culbertsons were Sunday dinner guests of Elva Ewoldt and Jessie Smith, at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wegener spent Friday at Algona with Mrs. Emilie Heiden'with and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wegener. Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Pertl, of Whityemore, were last week Wednesday morning and dinner guests at Emil Kraft's. Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Burtis, Algona, and their daughter Nila spent Sunday afternoon at W. C. Better's. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rowe spent Sunday at F. W. Neilsen's, Ringsted, and H. E. Rowe's, Estherville. The Mervin Marlows spent Saturday night and Sunday at the Frank Collins home, Livermore. (Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Macurn- ber, Algona, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Macumber. The M. O. Richards family spent Sunday afternoon at Maurice Bllaborough's, Titonka. Mrs. Edwin Howe, Emmetsburg spent Monday at the parental George Pettit's. Jeane, Dan-ell, and Billy Leeper Swea City, spent the week-end at Hugh Marlow's. Tae Carl Wieners were Sunday guests at the Roy Chrischilles home, Featon. Send $1 for the next Mo n til of THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY Make the most of your reading hours. Enjoy the wit the wisdom, the companionship, the charm that have made the ATLANTIC, for over seventy-five years, America's ipost quoted and most cherished magazine. Send $1 (mentioning this ad) to The Atlantic Monthly, 8 Arllng. ton St., Boston VULCANIZE Your Cut Tires Get many more miles in safety at small cost. DUTCH'S SUPER SERVICE CHEVROLET MOTOR DIVISION, Genera/ Motor* Safes Corporation, MTROIT, MICHIGAN Economieof Monthly Payments. A General Melon Vatu* Gtnerai Melon Instalment flan-C KOSSUTH MOTOR COMPANY CLARENCE MORRALL, Algona. Fred Flaig, Lone Bock Fisher Garage, Titonka STAND GARAGE, Ledyard plllll!!ll!ll!lll!lllllll!lll!H Horse Sense! Now Your Horses Are Pretty Smart Animals But even so you can't expect the auctioneer to get any bids out of them at your farm sale. Not by a long shot. And no matter how good your horses are, the thing that's going to make them bring full value — along with the pigs and the chickens—is a whooping big crowd on sale day. There's just one way to assure that—by telling the buyers in Kossuth and adjoining counties about your sale in the Kossuth County Advance, the "farm sale newspaper." • Through the Advance your ad goes into 3,300 homes, most of them in or adjacent to Kossutb county. /" As soon as you know you are going to have a farm sale, let us know. We will list it in our farm ,sale dates and make every effort to protect your date. s, mlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

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