Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 10, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1938
Page 9
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llBRUARY la 1938 SECOND SECTION ALGON1AN TAKES NEW POST TUESDAY ilAILEY TS SPENCER )R A NEW JOB REMEMBER TWO YEARS AGO-THEB/G SNOWS? ^wwWSVf. T».if •:,!•'.''."•jiflljA- j Choten Secretary of I Commerce Chamber Jioux City. -\'» ',-ftV " • .•ijfflilHI'-:, [fiiSfg-.*-' faults his post as ir of Commerce [air secretary id',' become secretary Chamber of Cornis of his own _-__„.— ,,_ promotion in job illi/j^r;esuniably, as in compen- that choice made by the a field of 60 of nine him. :-iTlmes understands " Ji emoluments at ;urn him some has served at _,;__....-.,„..,.._,.,. lT ._-_. and the Cham- b^r'xfo^|ibb'taittiBrce and county fair organlzatipns'there were both loth tQ\lrtihim?gpy»The Spencer papers {'!{have ! vfclgnly;jcomplimented his rec- :< i.'Ji.'x -Is? ; j EireWeli/Banqnet Given. tpenisei'!-Chamber of Com- afe^-'iaffarewell banquet in last week Tues,._ .......... Noll", county fair board president, was introduced as chairiMnSbA'JThen followed," says heSSpencer|lI)aily Reporter, "a •rbcesiioii^lplfc/gifts' of a humor.' of them reminis- O uv,,«i-m. u ^.«.«us happenings con- rioiidlwitli'rpailey's career as sec- jrt|ryXof;itliJBii6cal organization." fl£§iT^oje J $wiid''presented gifts to !|jtties! : ;'isccomptiniment of tali '" t^eisl^tftlungs that happened . ;tirTpere' ! 'BJipposed to have hap- fjpw^dj|were;;'the following per- i'vSpns'-Xtpgettier with the "gifts" [ ••'ttieys;gaye'ytp''- Daile y) : !.;';•; ;:qttp|cA^BJprnstad (as asafe- ''-"-' l '- t -"—*- 1 - 1 '-" '•••-- — x — him to atmos- M. rod in- '•;cldent'in5t!fite] North woods); R. match Daij^y'fl collection of «v^nu viril*.fiiriare)';?Roy S. La Brant )X(a]'J^lMi$!i!pit Donald Duck. . '!• iifc;i:wltt&|gpj^d|iiBh tendencies); 7T7^^^ii|^l*|»Bi(a.nian's size ci- K FRill'-BS^wSs*!^;;', *-' Jl AUI|.';8*r,,:-,*^jr.|i<; ; ,'(,i)};:«; t:p5B|iJirQ'|SRotterts (a container l ::l iji;'!Dia:ii0S'|i|;favorite drink . . . Cornwall (a ..., «,-.-7JT— " • J ° hn Smith I^(i^fjliliinltelbjt a hula dancer's 1 lertreniitleB^to remind Dalley 'i ;i pt ; «&wiairlilayi(^-in the Hawaiian i Islands) ;«Bbb Mitcheltree (a '••" v8b - i -* : -- > - t with the in- key to success 11). ...tKflirsiaRiBiclfc); lone Matheson ^^Irlpllcjalpi^ Charlie McCar- '«iny1%ie|$iM>irtect "™ a " mnnv inn 100 BURT CHURCH WOMEN HAVE A JAPANESE TEA Burt Feb. 8—A Fellowship Tea was held at the Methodist church Tuesday afternoon. The affair was a Japanese tea. The dining room, was tastefully decorated in Japanese lanterns, with a Japanese pagoda from which tea was served, and the ladies who poured wore Japanese costumes. The program stressed Fellowship with Japan. It included talks by Mrs. C. B. Chlpman, Mrs. Lillian Sheldon, Mrs. W. J. Lockwood, and Mrs. G-. E. Brace, a piano solo by Mrs. B. X K. Bahneon, and a Japanese Lullaby by Brna Baars. Kocent Bride is Honored- Mrs. J. W. Dorrance and Mrs. faude Hanna entertained at a hower Wednesday afternoon for la Godden Hattle, who was narried a week ago. Guests were rtesdames R. H. Thompson, A. W. ladeke, G. C. Allen, J. M. Doms, D. L. McDonald, H. A. Gettman, loy Anderson, and R. C. Dremmel, nd Lyla Olson, Darlene Brayton, lather Hodgson, and Jennie Thompson. of the sermon all parts of the morning service were in charge of young people of the church. Shower for Itrlde-to-Re— A shower for William'ina Giddings will be given by her sister at the G. C. Giddings home Thursday afternoon. Williamina is coon to marry John Van Hove, of Titonka. Shingles Patient Returns— W. T. Trainer returned to Burt Saturday from Kanawha, where he had spent several weeks at the home of his brother, R. E. Trainer, recovering from a case of shingles. M ILDNESS OF WEATHER so far this winter tends to the belief the Winter is over. Not always so however, for the date on the back of this cut Is February 21, 1936. Plenty of winter and plent of snow can fall between now and spring. The winter of 1936 was one of the worst, and "old-timers 20, 30, and 40 years hence will speak of it as the present oldsters do of the winter of 1880. Scenes 1 to 5, inclusive, were taken north and west of Algona as snowplows bucked into 20-ft. drifts to'end the blockade that lasted three days. N o. 6 is from the Spring of 1935, when a flood covered the junction oi Nos. 18 and 169, and put water four feet deep in the Wallburg lunch room and oil station. Brace Granddaughter Sick— Mrs. W. E. Brace went to Fenton 'riday to help care for her little ;randdaughter, who had her ton- ils J removed at the General hos- >ital at Algona Thursday. W. E. Brace and the G. E. Braces went over Sunday and spent the day at "yes" man); idred Seek Job. icer job seems to considered a ilJfgijjf.ithere were upwards : '~lioations for-the succes- ;pffinal choice, J. How**$• -resigned as Clay court clerk to ac- ;LLO ate 1'u nine Jello "CERE ) WHF or It is said that the i'alary is $2700 a year. &:•<!_„ i nereB ted in Dai- he was born and the eldest son of grpC. M. Dailey. He be- feffe,->_i yforked in Algona once Upper Des ican foreman. Tom rector and builder p brother. 'iparents lived here jjind all Algona old- Ithem. They now live jjlifc and C. M. is a car- SBfoilywood. Leo married '^-n, a Spencer girl, one child, a. daugh- Iprld War veteran and stationed at Hono- &BEAP 18 ackagc ! ROAST Elects Two 'rom County college fraternities have elected offi- former Kossuth girl asent Kossuth girls zed by the Kappa jority. Margaret Lease, daughter of the Rev. former Algona dis- jjdist superintendent, fc'critlc," and Margaret, SENECA GIRLS LOSE AT B, B, TO ARMSTRONG Armstrong, Feb. 1—The local girls chalked up their llth basketball victory here last week Wednesday night by defeating the Seneca girls, 52-30. The visitors made a "poor showing in the first half, .trailing 27-6, and made only one free throw in the second quarter. After the half Olson, Seneca, connected with the hoop in field goals to bring her team up to a 38-27 score, with Armstrong still holding the lead. In the last quarter Peterson,, Armstrong guard, was lost via the foul route, but Caboth took her place, and the Armstrong guards turned dh the heat to keep the Seneca forwards down to one field goal and one free throw. The Armstrong line-up • was: captain,. Donna Miller;' Shirley Peterson, Marie Irmiter, Evelyn Caboth, Lavon Mixell, Mavis Gangsted, Marjorie Caboth. The Seneca line-up: captain, Florence Jensen; Helen Olson; H. and A. Cody, Kennedy, Lentsch, and one other, name not learned. In the second game the local girls' second team was defeated by the Seneca seconds, 35-27. Corrine Miller, Armstrong forward, was high pointer, The local boys won the Emmet county championship at Ringsted Saturday evening, defeating the Ringsted team in finals, 25-17. The locals had started a winning campaign last week Thursday evening by downing, 'Dollivor, 30-27, and Friday evening by winning from the rangy Estherville seconds, 25-20. Scores in the tournament games were: Haifa, 59, Emmet township, 27; Estherville seconds, 39, Gru- evening by downing Dolliver, 27; Ringsted, ^33, Maple Hill, 16. Ttie second "round scores \vore: Armstrong, 25, Estherville seconds, 20; Ringsted, 25, Haifa, 9. The local boys' squad consists of six seniors; Wayne Christensen, Orla Larson, Theodore Wesley, James Vigdal, William Whitlow, Craig Irvin; one junior, David Holland; and three sophomores- Clyde Eekhart, Wayne Dale, Lloyd Housetnan. They are coached by G-. H. Adams. The Gruver girls will meet the Armstrong girls here this week Friday evening. These teams have met twice before, and each has defeated the other. Other Armstrong News, Mrs. George Korrest has been brought home from the Coleman she re- and Mrs. Ugona, was 0. J. elected WANTED; LEADER FOR ' PORTLANB 4-H GIRLS Portland Twp., Feb. 1 — The Portland Peppy Pals 4-H club is badly in need of a leader. Letha Mann who was leader last year, has resigned, as she is teaching school. Will any woman in Portland who feels she has enough time, and is interested enough to be leader; notify the president, LaVonne Ringsdorf, or some other member of the club? Other officers of the club are: vice-president, Virginia Trenary; secretary- treasurer, Betty Stewart; reporter, Viola Trenary; and historians, Lavina Jandl, Margaret Ringsdorf, and Virginia McWhorter. Rose Marie Ringsdorf is a new honorary member. The club will hold its second meeting this year February 19 with Darlene and Iva Marie Brayton. Music and picture memory selections will be studied. Brides, Attention! School is Planned Burt, Feb. 8—Mrs. Al Staehle, president of the Burt Woman's club, entertained Mrs. Mary Woodward, Whittemore, county federation president, and the officers of the local club at a one o'clock luncneon Friday. Mrs. 0. H. Graham, Mrs. F. L. Pratt, and Mrs. J. W. Dorrance are the other offi- cers. Mrs. P. F. Kriethe was also a guest. The gathering was f)r the purpose of making plans for school for brides which is to held in Burt March 12. >e Fenton Woman May Lose Second L e Fenton, Feb. 2—Mr. and M: Carl Kern and Willie Voigt visitbd Mrs. William Schutt at the Kossuth hospital, Algona, Saturday Mrs. Schutt has been seriously ill with flibitus and it may be necejs- sary to amputate a leg. The other leg was amputated several years ago. Because of her advancec years and weakened condition, i the operation is necessary, she will be taken to the univevs ty hospital, Iowa City. "PAINT 7 Many attractive color combinations for Interior decoration. See our line of Devoo Paints and Lacquers, for latest ideas. Botsford Lumber Company JIM POOL, Mgr. JJe Feme Krantz, Ti- ide a member of the gctors. iyer» Ship 'argjn Month Feb. 8—Clayton Jen- r member of,the Jen- lirm here, is in Texas .. stock-buying espedi- Jfennings boye shipped livestock out of Liver- jmd Hardy ia January, twenty-five cars was month up to this iil,ings usually works rterrjtow "elate," - WUeon is buyer HUNT BUYESRS are hunting Advance for-sale ad. She is a sister-ip-law Anton Guerdet, Swea hospital, Estherville, where had a foot amputated, and is covering. Of Mrs. township. Mrs. Martin Peterson has returned from Lone Rock, where she visited her daughter, Mrs. Delmer Fteeher. The Petersons once lived at Algona. Ardella Halvorson, of Fairmont, and Curtis Halvorson,, Blue Earth, spent the week-end with their parents here, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hal- Northwest Aid in the Central vorson. The Catholic served eupper States basement Wednesday night, and there, was a large patronage. Clayton Lytle end a brother, Gary, S. D., are visiting relatives here. Cancels Church Services, B»rt, Feb. 1—Qa Account of the .poor weather Sunday no church cervices were held at-, the Methodist and Presbyterian churches Jimmie's Birthday Party Monday, Feb. 14,1938 You are cordially invited to attend and partake of coffee and sandwiches. Come right in, make yourself at home, act natural. ..It will be informal—everyone keeps their shoes on. There will be music, a few comedy acts, Big Apple, Susie Que and some trucking. Plenty to eat, There will be plums and Prunes and -cherries, Raisins and citron and Cinnamon, too, , Allspices, cloves and berries And the pie will be filled up with glue. , Caraway seed in abundance / It will give you a fine stomach ache, It will kill you twice If you eat a full slice Of Jimmie's birthday cake. Be sure to come. Do not let anything keep you away. We are going to have a rollicking jolly time. Forget your troubles and your relations. Tou can even forget that you are married "lor one day" MONPAY, FEB. 14. "At the store from one to five p. m. Jimmie Neville Quilting Bee is Given— Mrs. R. A. Bleich entertained the following women at a quilting party Monday: Mrs L. Richmann, Mrs. E. C. Bierstedt, Mrs. P. W. Kollasch, and Mrs. Carl Reynolds. ^Vessel Gives Sermon Sunday— The Rev. Geo. H. Wessel preached at the Methodist church Sunday morning in the absence of the Rev. Thoburn Speicher, who is at the Kossuth hospital. Temperance Picture Scheduled— A temperance picture, The Magnificent Reprobate, is scheduled to be given in the high school auditorium February 17 under pices of the W. C. T. U. progressive 500 party Sunday week into the Mrs. Estel ,he >S. E. Straley brought Mrs. Brace hem.. home, home and with Youth Day is Observed— A Youth Day program was held at the Presbyterian church Sunday morning. With the exception. aus- Three in Fiddlers' Contest- Mrs. Del Fitch, Ben Knox, and Florin Bartlett took part in an oldtime fiddlers' contest at Titonka Tuesday evening. Other Burt News. Mrs.' Mary Steward, Mrs. Arlene Macauley and Donald, Lloyd Steward, Iowa Falls, the Ralph Stewards, and the Jack Hennings, Algona, were Sunday dinner guests at the Myron Meinzer home. The same group was entertained for supper Monday evening at the Ralph Steward home. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Ringsdort entertained their neighbors at a evening. Five hundred was played Rentz house. at five tables. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W. R. Chafee was confined to hi« Bristow won the high bridge score bed with flu several days last prize and Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Stewart won the low score prize. J° e Graham spent the week-end The L. E. Riebhoffs, of Alton, wiht a college friend at Fort spent Sunday at the M. M. Chipman home. They had been spending the week-end with Mrs. Rieb- hoffs parents at Lakota. The Riebhoffs moved to Alton from Burt a few months ago. The Henry Ewoldts, of Algona, visited Wednesday afternoon at the Mrs. Trina Wiese home. Nellie Ward came up with them and visited at the G. C. Giddings home. Mrs. R. L. Cogdill went to the Ceph Gross home near Lone Rock Tuesday to stay with the Gross children several days while Mr. and Mrs. Gross are away on a trip. Mary Jean and Stella Rachut spent a few days at the Rev. L. Rlchmann's till they could return j to their home after the scarlet fever quarantine woe lifted. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Clayton spent from Thursday to Saturday at Raymond, Minn., where they were called by the death of the baby of Mrs. Clayton's brother. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Allen and the Clifford Holdings spent Sunday with the Elmer Kienitz's Lakota. It was Mrs. Kienitz's birthday. v Mrs. Maude Hanna and Mrs. Ellen Hanna, Shindler, S. D., spent Sunday evening at Mrs. Tillie Hanna's, Lone Rock. Lois Graham, who teaches near Mason City, visited with her parents, Mr.-and Mrs.'J. D. Graham, Sunday. Marllda Pratt, who teaches at Runnels, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mre. F. L. Pratt. The W. J. Lockwoods and G. H. McMullens spent Sunday at the L. E. Roetman home. Marjorie Baas has gone to Minnesota ot spend several months with an uncle. The Stanley Blacks are moving WASHED DUST-TREATED BY WAXOL PROCESS We recommend it as the truly modern coals! BOTSFORD LUMBER GO. Watch for the Orange Colored Trucks STATEMENT OF THE CONDITION OF THE ALGONA CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY COMPANY ALGONA CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY COMPANY BALANCE SHEEI! AS AT DECF.MBEH 81, 1937 ASSETS Current Assets Cash _ $ 6,097.21 Accounts receivable 5,985.78 ' Advances . 256.00 Inventories (butter, oils, and supplies) 18,204.92 Cream scoring Office rent -----Office supplies and postage Annual meeting expense Insurance and bonds 110.00 60.00 • Legal and collection fees ___ i Q« me Miscellaneous --------------- -""-"^""I^IHn 323.20 $ Total Current Assets $ 30,543.01 Investments Stock (Iowa State Brand Creameries Inc.) 4,000.00 Fixed Assets Land, buildings and equipment 81,437.68 Less: Provision for depreciation 30,077.03 51,360.65 ALGONA CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY COMPANY STATISTICS _ Average Pounds Average Pounds Test Fat Cream received (sweet) 1,568,044 .296 465,174" Cream received (sour)_ 383,957 .286 109,907 Price .400 .363 Amount 1186,076.24 39,944.23 TOTAL ASSETS $ 85,904.66 LIABILITIES AND NET WORTH Current Liabilities Due patrons— % December cream $ 14,695.50 Notes payajble—,bank $ 7,000.00 Notes payable—others 2,300.00 9,300.00 Total 1,952,001 .295 575,081 Milk received 1,061,614 .038 40,091 .393 $226,020.47 2.13 cwt. 22,659.00 Total Paid Patrons ----------------------------------- $248,679.47 _ .. Pounds Butter inventory — January 1, 1937 __________________________ 29 099 Butter manufactured ___________________________ I-IIIIIIII""714'245 Advances on butter shipped 2,760.00 Accrued expenses 1,320.10 Tickets outstanding 555.15 Rebates payable (oil department) 2,969.43 Rebates payable (feed and coal) 239.37 Reserved for taxes 1,099.77 Total Total Current Liabilities $ 32,939.32 Fixed Liabilities Mortgage payable (house and lot due 1939)— 2,500.00 Stock Subscription 4,330.00 Jftt Worth Capital Stock—outstanding (par $100.00) 10,300.00 Surplus 35,835.24 Less: Inventory December 31, 1937 IIIIIIII 26,120 Total Sales _ 717024 Butter shipped 527090 Butter sold locally '_ 123 715 Butter sold patrons t- I-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 66*,419 Total Sales as above 717 °24 Average price received for all butter I-_~~I"I'~I~ *"s4 Total Net Worth COMPUTATION OF OVERRUN Total butterfat received as above _____ . ________________________ 575,081 Add: Butterfat in milk purchased for manufacturing. ' " 4*728 Add: Butterfat in surplus milk ______________________ ~ 7*612 46,135.24 Add: Butterfat in starter milk ---------------------- 6*299 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET WORTH $ 85,904.56 ALfiONA CO-OPERATITE CREAMERY COMPANY INCOME, PROFIT AND LOSS STATEMENT FOR THE YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31. 1937 CREAMERY DEPARTMENT Sales—dairy products .__$291,121.99 Less: Cost of sales 249,870.61 Less: Less: 593,720 Butterfat in retail cream sales 11,217 Butterfat sold for ice cream 7,593 18,810 Gross profit 41,251.38 Gross profit on other commodities 858.88 Cost Total Gross Profit, 42,110.26 of hauling (net) _.' 859.35 Gross Profit, after Hauling 41,250.91 Operating and General Expenses (Schedule) 40,839.15 Net Operating Profit — Additions to Income Dividend on stock $ Rebate on butter 1932 I. S. B. Rebate on supplies and cheese I. S. B Other income Interest on $14,000 at 5% from Oil Dept. 240.00 787.35 358.14 310.36 700.00 Butterfat churned 574,910 Butter manufactured 714,245 Pounds overrun 139,335 Percentage of overrun . - .2424 These statements were prepared from my audit report for the year ended December 31, 1937. ALBERT C. CHRISTENSEN, Certified Public Accountant (Iowa and Minnesota) ALGONA CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY COMPANY OPERATING STATEMENT GAS AND OIL DEPARTMENT FOR THE YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31, 1937 Sales $ 59,126.75 Cost of sales _ 44,782.58 Gross Profit on Sales $ 14,344,17 2,395.85 OperalinR and General Expenses Salaries and wages _' $5,369.88 911.76 Deductions from Income Interest on notes Interest to stockholders at 6% — Accounts and losses charged off. Rebated on coal and feed—1937- $ 3,307.61 Social security taxes 169.74 $ 5,539.62 712.42 597.00 515.46 239.37 2,064.25 Repairs, building and equipment Truck expense 1,376.34 Depreciation — trucks 300.92 Net Income — Surplus January 1, 1937 $ 1,243,36 33,849.27 Surplus December 81, 1937 , $ 86,092,68 ALGONA CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY COMPANY OPERATING AND GENERAL EXPENSE Salaries and wages ? 19,727.80 Social Security taxes 566.97 $20,294.77 Tubs — 3,129.50 Creamery supplies • 3,675.24 Repairs 1,074.02 Factory supplies—hardware, pipes, fittings and mific. 492.03 Depreciation (building and equipment) 3,094.20 Power :._ 874.27 Light ^ 227.25 Fuel 1,552.11 Laundry Hay, feed and shoeing— T&xes (real and personal) Service truck expense Manager's travel expense i Telephone and telegraph Advertising (local) ._;., r __ Advertising and laboratory service (Gen.era.1) __. Bank Serylce charge — ,—. Directors'. feeer-jtttteading meetings outside city. 233.36 609.09 677.67 295.07 163.67 830.97 613.52 Depreciation—building and equipment Service station supplies '. Fuel oil for service station Insurance Taxes (real and personal) estimated I Light, po^er, and water Office supplies ,. Advertising Telephone, travel, laundry, legal and misc. __ Net OperatittK Profit Additions to Income Rebates—prior year purchases Cash discounts Recoveries oa accounts charged off Deductions from Income Loss on equipment sold or discarded. Accounts an,d losses charged off Interest to creamery ($14,000.00 at Net Income __ Less: Patronage rebates at 253.93 1,677.26 983.40 275.22 253.13 308.89 250.00 287.00 221.86 152,86 285.43 10,488,60 Increase In eurplua 210.83 Surplus January 1, 1937 132.80 ' 440.W Surplus

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