The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 19, 1898 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 19, 1898
Page 4
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TJPM2B MSB MOtftJES; ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNEBPAY-TANUABY , _ THIRTY FIRST TEAR. BT maHAM A WARREN. TAiTrts to SUbscMb*r8. )ne copy, ofte y«af 11.50 fiecopy, sl» months 75 Secopy, thre* months 40 Sent to any address at above rates. Remit by draft, money order, or express or- dWfttonrrish. ftaf ,t«s of advertising sent on application. TEN PAGES. WHAT IOWA MAS DONE. An impression prevails thattfowahas been an unusually liberaVpatron of public institutions. It is unfounded. Iowa is not up to the standard of states • of equal wealth and population in many respects, if in any. THE UPPER DES MOINES has no means at present of , comparing our penitentiaries and asylums with those of Wisconsin or Illinois, but it has no doubt that during the winter such comparisons will be .made and that they will show that we have uo occasion to boast of our liberality. In other lines, and especially in educational lines, the state is so far bo- ' hind as to be wholly outclassed. This is not a flattering statement, but it is true, and its truthfulness ought to excuse It now that the matter of further curtailing public expenditure is being seriously discussed. Consider the matter of preserving the historical relics of the state. How many know that today in the main they are preserved in the historical department at Madison, Wis., and that the student of Iowa history and of the history of the Mississippi valley is compelled to go there to consult them. The Wisconsin historical department is known all over the world. It has been the means of preserving many of the most interesting and most valuable memorials of Iowa. Our state has not been wanting in men willing and able to build up a splendid and valuable department at home, but the legislature has invariably declined to do anything, and now that Charles Aldrich by indefatigable efforts has gotten together the nucleus of a collection, manv times in actual market value to the state all it has cost, he is crowded into the basement of the capitol with it, and the $25,000 appropriated two years ago to provide suitabie quarters is almost certain to be withdrawn this winter. : • . In the matter of normal schools the attitude of the state is absurd. By maintaining and fully equipping one at Cedar Falls it is admitted that normal i training is a proper public activity. This one school accommodates 1,000 students. There are 28,000 teachers in Iowa. In spite of aggressive efforts on the part of ambitious towns, and in spite of repeated resolutions by teachers' conventions, and in spite of the evident need of normal training and the great saving it would make in the expenditure of the millions collected in county school funds, every legislature has on one plea or another staved off doing anything—the real reason bfeing that it was afraid to appropriate the money. In the maintenance of the state university Iowa has been equally behind its neighbors. Many will say that the public should not be taxed for a state university at all. But no one will say that if the people are to be taxed to maintain a university it should not be such an institution as the people can take pride in. If Iowa is to maintain a university at all it should be equipped to stand in the front row of schools of like class. And yet for 20 years Iowa has occupied the absurd position of maintaining a university, and of allowing it gradually but surely to drag behind. The average citizen does not know it, but it is a fact that Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota have every one of them epent from twice to ten times the amount Iowa has in recent years in equipping their state universities Twenty years ago the Minnesota university was not ranked in the same class with the Iowa school. Today it ranks with the great colleges of the United States in equipment, receiving nearly twice the annual support from the state the Iowa school does, besides which Geo. Pillsbury alone has given it a building costing as much as all the Iowa university buildings of 20 years together. The agricultural college at Ames receives its whole support from its endowment fund—the fruits of the big land grant Hon. Peter Melendy has been telling about in THE UPPER DES MOINES. All Iowa has been asked to do is to build new buildings, and because the annual demand has been email the agricultural college has been 4ealt with in 9. reasonably liberal spirit. And yet in a way the agricultural col' Jege has suffered because many of its •talented men haye been allowed to go to other states, because Iowa schools could not pay salaries to hold them. Jpwft lost one of ite noted educators in Prp|, Pesaey of Ames. A long list could be written of the men of talent who have been drawn from Iowa because the scale of wages Jn Iowa institutions is the lowest. The , §tajes never produced, a finer the salary Iowa could afford, it would not be just aor true to ea,y that Iowa does not hare educators of more than state-wide reputation. But it is true, we believe, that Iowa does not today have a single educator of more than state-wide reputation who is a resident of Iowa because of the salary he receives. It is at least true that many of the best known of Iowa educators have had tempting offers, not only once, but many times to go to other states and have remained because of other considerations. In the whole range of state activities it Is possible that the soldiers' home and some of the hospitals entitle Iowa to special credit. It is doubtful, however, if outside of the capitol building Iowa has anything to boast over its neighbors. The state capitol is the handsomest building in the United States of its size, and probably the most honestly and economically constructed. It will be a source of pride as long as one stone stands on another. But along side of it is the soldiers' monument—a travesty on art, both in its conception and surroundings—one of the most ridiculous wastes of good money between ocean and ocean. There is no reason why there should be any self-deception about what Iowa has done. No honest state pride can be built upon blindness to the facts. No self-congratulation will long stand in the stead of actual achievements. Iowa has been surpassed in very many lines of public activity by neighboring states in late years, and the fact that our state levy is a tenth or several tenths of a mill lower than theirs is not altogether an evidence of thrifty management, but in part an evidence of that spirit in the legislature which manifests itself in many rich, old, and well settled communities of a general protest against improvement, of lazy satisfaction with existing conditions. It is already evident that this winter one of the great problems with the legislature is going to bo " what can Iowa get along without?" Any man, any town, any state that figures long on that line will soon reach the rear of the column. " There is a giving which yet increaseth and there is a withholding that Impoverished" exactly fits the case. Iowa can save a tenth of a mill in taxes and grow poor as a state. Iowa can spend a tenth of a mill in a way to stimulate the pride of every citizen and enrich everybody. There never was a time a legislature was more needed with nerve enough to do the right thing. NEWS AND OOMMENT. Gov. Shaw will preside over the deliberations of the sound money convention at Indianapolis, Jan. 35. He will bo accompanied by a big delegation of lowans. , The election of Mark. A. Hanna as senator in Ohio Is a victory for clean politics. He was endorsed for the position by the republican state convention, and republican legislators were chosen pledged, practically, to his candidacy. There was nothing to do in good faith ;but elect him. His defeat would have meant political anarchy in Ohio, and the example would have been demoralizing everywhere. Government by party is the best we know of yet, and that demands that party leaders fight their battles in the caucuses and conventions, and abide by the outcome. The Sioux City Journal wants THE UPPEU DBS MOINISS to state what the quarter section farm that pays only SJS.50 state tax pays for local taxes. We have another example easier at hand. A home in Algona is taxed $80 a year. Exactly $1.60 is what goes to the state. Anotherhome pays $108. Of this $5.04 goes to the state. If the state tax wore wiped out not a tax payer in Algoua would know the difference. The tax payers pay more each year to get a man to work out their street tax thau they pay to support Iowa and all the public Institutions. The State Register says it is practicable to have national banks redeem their paper in gold and that they will supply a sufficient currency on this basis. It is to be noticed that Secretary Gage does not adopt this view, and that the Indianapolis commission does not. Will the Register print Interviews with national bank men of standing, who will offer to circulate a sufficient paper currency and hold themselves liable to redeem it on demand in gold. This is the gist of'the matter, for if the bankers will not do this, the government will be no better off with a bank currency thau it is uow with greenbacks, The Courier will notice that both the Emmetsburg Democrat and Emmetsburg Tribune, its free silver contemporaries, compliment Mr. Dolliver on the wisdom of his selection of a postmaster at Emmetsburg and state that Mr. Appelman is exceptionally well qualified for the office. Gov. Shaw's inaugural address is vigorous and clear out. It is refreshing to see a man with the courage of his couvio- tio/is even if one doubts the wisdom of his Views, or the timeliness of their utterance. Senator Carroll of Davis county, brother of Algona'e former professor, A. B. Carroll, has been appointed postmaster at Bloornfleld. He cannot hold his position as senator and the postofflce also, eoit is re ported he haa decided to withhold his acceptance of thepostbfflce until after the senate adjourns. The Register suggests; Senator Carroll will be one of the members who will favor aft early ad^osroipent. But because this is so the people must not get the idea that Iowa money has been lavishly expended, for it haa not. The manner of management can be reformed. It may be wise to have a single board of control. But no reform will come along the line of curtailing the amount to be expended. It should be enlarged. Iowa Should catch up with the procession. The Capital thinks the Australian ballot law ought to be let alone. Give th e people a chance to become and they will like it. JUST 30 YEAE8 AGO, In 1868 the legislature met Monday, Jan. 13. The Register published an "extra" with Gov. Stone's message. B. P. Gue was lieutenant governor and called the senate to order, and among the senate employes was Carl Wright, messenger, now one of Des Moines' leading lawyers. Charles Aldrich of Webster City was chief clerk of the house. Gov. Samuel Merrill was the newly elected governor, and Col. John Scott; the newly elected Heutenantgov- ernor. Their inauguration occurred Jan. 16, Judge Geo. G. Wright administering the oath of office. -t- -+• -*Political attention was all centered In Washington, however. Jan. 13 the senate by a vote of 35 to 6 refused to allow President Johnson to remove Edwin M. Stanton from the cabinet, and Gen. Grunt gave Stanton the keys to his office. All sorts of rumors concerning the president's future plans were in circulation. -f- -t- -f- New Years' day in Algona was celebrated with a Good Templars' exhibition in the new school house. The " Springvalo and Dakota" brass band was present and the crowd promised to break down the floors. Who that was present will over forget that house warming? -i- -f- -t- The machinery for the Stacy & Foster flouring mill had arrived Jan. 36, Mr. Percy, "one of the best millwrights in Iowa," was putting it in place. That was Algona's first flouring mill, and Mr. Stacy has been connected with it the full 30 years. , -•--»-•*C. C. Carpenter was register of the land office at Des Moines. -f- -S- -4- Tho weather in Algona in early January averaged 4 degrees below zero. It was a very cold month. THE MONTH'S MAGAZINES. Perhaps the most adventurous and interesting career that any man of this (?enoratlon has had is that of Prince Kvo- potkin, the Russian revolutionist and refugee. Born and reared almost in the household of the czar, he achieved groat distinct- tion as a scientific student. Becoming involved In the revolutionary movements in Russia, his property was confiscated and he was imprisoned in the fortress of St. Peter and St. Paul in St. Petersburg. Prince Kropotkin is now engaged in the preparatjon of his reminiscences, which will begin in an early number of the Atlantic Monthly. IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. tution with customers as wellI as Wosley has a dancing school. The Corwith packing house is handling 25 hogs a day. Algona jewel- A. L. Hyde, a former or, is now in Cherokee. Clifford Darr of LuVerne has gone to work in u candy factory in Fort Dodge. Clark Coffen has traded for the Hurt hotel. He is not going to run it himself. The Milwaukee company will soon run two trains daily on the Spirit Lake branch. Both the Democrat and Tribune speak well of the new Emmetsburg postmaster. The Upper Des Moines editors meet at Humbpldt, Feb. 17-18. It will be a big meeting. Jos. Cosgroye holds out at Wesley as an auctioneer and will cry sales. He will make a good one. The Burt band has a new instructor and will begin training fora big Fourth of July celebration, the Monitor says. David Grier has gone to Chicago on business for a few days. The Emmetsburg Tribune says: He expects to soon leave for San Francisco and engage in court reportorial work. Eminetsburg Democrat: Geo. Delevan of Esthervillo has been appointed state fish commissioner again. He has made a good officer. The Algona people may not agree with us in this, but it is so. Axel Veig, the one-time champion corn busker of Lu Verne, has started for Klondike. If he can toss out gold nuggets with equal facility he can buy all the corn land in Kossuth when he comes back. Renwick Times: A fellow at Algona says he has a great discovery. His machine, he says, will locate gold at any place, even under a running stream He has the machine all fixed except the Sfe oT-the-Wesley State banK and the banks in other towns of the same size as Wesley in this part or tne state. THE STATE BOARD OF CONTROL, u u iiuo ».«v.. u .^ p or t Dodge Messenger: It is to be ,lone. Give the hoped that the general assembly will familiar with it this winter take action to estabiisn such policy. Rockwell City Advocate: The board of control plan is all right if integrity, common sense and ability control the board. Who will guarantee that sort of a board of control? Marshalltown Times-Republican: It appears very plausible that an efficient board, elected for the purpose and devoting all its time to the work, would serve the state more acceptably than a dozen boards, composed of inexperienced men, working at odd times. Sac Sun: The Sun is confident that the adoption of the board of control plan in its entirety will prove disappointing. A much better way would be to reduce in the interest of economy the membership of some of the boards of trustees, perhaps now needlessly large, and provide for the appointment of an expert accountant to assist the governor in exercising the general supervision which constitutes one of his duties at present. Vinton Eagle: In the trustee system a closer watch can be kept over the em- ployes and officers. They will be held to a closer accountability in the management of the inmates. If the board of control system is adopted it will throw this great army of officers and employes under its disposition and nothing on God's green earth can prevent it from becoming a political machine. The board will have at its disposal an immense amount of patronage and the man with a pull will always bo in evidence. MRS. PHIL BANNA'S IMPRESSIONS. She Likes Her Southern Homo Very Much-A rJonsnnt Picture of Her Surroundings. Mrs. Phil. C. Hanna has written a letter to a friend in Livormore, which the Gazette is permitted to publish. It gives a pleasant picture of her new home: After a very rough voyage, that I thoroughly enjoyed, I arrived here Dec. 18, and a day late. There was general rejoicing when we got in, for people could see that the sea was very rough. Phil, and I are going for a trip around the island soon, perhaps next month. I like San Juan very much. It is a very pretty place and has a fine harbor. The scenery is lovely. It is warm and summery here, but we always have a nice breeze from the sea. We haye met lots of nice people here, had callers and callers. We went out into the country yesterday through two very pretty suburban towns, one a place of about 1,000 inhabitants and the other not so large. There are a good many English speaking people here, quite a German colony, and they all speak English. Our house is very pleasant. I wish my friends could all drop in this evening, and we would have a good time. The bund plays in the plaza evenings, three times a week, and you can hear the " turn turn" of a guitar almost any time of the day. In fact, everything here is perfectly lovely, ELI PERKINS AT BANOROFT. The Great Lecturer and Wit Will Speak Feb. 5—An Excursion From Algona. "Eli Perkins," the king of humorists, will deliver his world famous lecture, "The Philosophy of Wit and Humor," at Jefferson hall, Bancroft, Iowa, on Saturday evening, Feb. 5, 1898. Admission 50 cents. Excursions will be arranged so what Algona people enjoy good things may have an opportunity of hearing this great man. He comes under the auspices of the public schools. CHEAPER CARE FOR INSANE. The County Supervisors Kosolve In State Mooting to Keep the Incurable lusane at Home. a Supervisors Smith and Weisbrod came from Des Moines Thursday. The chief topic discussed was caring for the incurable insane. It was decided by all that they could be cared for at home much cheaper than in the state asylums. The local cost was figured at $1.50. a week, at the asylums $3.50 a week. Tb,0 jpepoi't Of the gealey Ji ing committee Is published this AsTus VPWSB DJSS MOINSS has said all along, if (hows plenty of careless handle, which he says ho can easily put on after he gets in Alaska. His only difficulty now is to get the funds to take him to Alaska. Miss Kate Smith's music classiuLed- yard gave a concert. The Leader compliments all very highly and adds: Wherever Miss Smith gets up an entertainment of this kind whether it be in Ledyard or some other town it is bound to be a success, for the people are so well acquainted 1 with her ability in that Hoe that they are going to attend If it is in their power to do a'o., Britt Tribune: Stitzel X. Way is feeling very much elated oyer the fact that he haa succeeded io bringing the balance sheet of tiie Wesley State bank up to read over the $100,000 mark THE DALLY CASE. Adjt. Gen. Wright Says the State Should Pay-Compliments for Dr. Morse, In his annual report Gen. Wright of the Iowa national guards says Private Dally of Algona should be paid for the injuries received at Fort Dodge. He adds: " The prompt and skillful treatment of the case by Major J. A. Sherman, surgeon of the Fourth regiment, and his assistant surgeons, Captain W £• H ; Morse and Captain VanBuren Knott, has restored Mr. 'Dally so that his condition is far better than it the time of Frank Nicoulin Land Company, XT« r HARD HE. Land that can be bought LAND OF No. 'JTO^^iue. Land for a poor man to b a c n rop W of flavor one'crop of wheat at present pnces wi for the land. . county for sale—would ,ota a" "bacTaS ig a purchas= land the fare which you pay w i be credite^on ^e pu . ndepen( j ent £a\\ a t our office and see u at once^ We have some rare bargains. Frank Nicoulin Land Company, LEGAL NOTICES. s.X^^-*-^-^-^^^^^^^^-^ 1 - ~" x -' TAX SALE NOTICE. To George R. Wells: You we hereby notified that on the 3d day of December, 1894, the following described real estate, situated In the county of Kossuth and state <" I°wa. Lots No Six and Seven, Block No. Nine, ways Barrett's addition'to Wesley, Iowa-was sold by the treasurer of said county to W.C.Dan- son, who Is now the lawful holder of the certificate of purchase thereof. That the right of redemption will expire and a deed for said land be made unless redemption from such sale be made within ninety days from the completed service of this notice. Dated this 30th day of December. 180i. 4»t3 W. C. DAN SON. TAX SALE NOTICE. To George Edgett: You are hereby notified that on the 3d day of December, 1894, the following described real estate, situated in the county of Kossuth and state of Iowa: East one-eighth of north six acres of northeast qr. of southeast qr. of Sec. Seven, Twp. Ninety- live, Range Thirty west of 5th P. M., Iowa, also described as Lot One of auditor's plat of northeast qr. of southeast qr. of Sec. Seven, Twp. Ninety flve, Range Thirty west of the 5th P. M., Iowa—was sold by the treasurer of said county to W. C. Danaon, who Is now the lawful holder of the certificate of purchase thereof. That the right of redemption will expire and a deed for said land be made unless redemption from such sale be made within ninety days from the completed service of this notice. Dated this 30th day of December, 1897. 42t3 W. C. DA.NSON. PROFESSIONAL. ^_^^^S^»^X-S*^*.^S^^.^V-'^j'^X^U^^^> - ^^. CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la, E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Boston block. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office over Galbraith's. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office in Hoxie-Ferguson bUck. TAX SALE NOTICE. To Emellne T. Jones: You are hereby notified that on the 3d day of December, 1894, the following described real estate, situated in the county of Kossuth and state of Iowa: Lot Thirty-four of Dunlap's addition to Ledyard Independent Districts-was sold by the treasurer of said county to 5V. C. Danson, who is now the lawful holder of the certificate of purchase thereof. That the right of redemption will expire and a deed for said land be made unless redemption from such snle be made within ninety days from the completed service of this notice. Dated this 30th day of December, 1897. 42t3 W. C. DANSON. TAX SALE NOTICE. To Flora Snyder: You are hereby notified that on the 3d day of December, 1894, the following described real estate, situated in the county of Kossuth and state of Iowa: Lots Twenty-eight and Twenty-nine in Dunlap's addition to the Independent District of Ledyard —was sold by the treasurer of said county to W. C. Dansou. who is now the lawful holder of the certificate of purchase thereof. That the right of redemption will expire and a deed for said laud be made unless redemption from such sale be made within ninety days from the completed service of this notice. Dated this 30th day of December, 1897. 42t3 W. 0. DANSON. E. V. SWETTING, ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. J. 0. RAYMOND. ERNEST C. RAYMOND | RAYMOND & RAYMOND, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. FREDERICK M. CURTISS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over Kossuth County State Bank, Algona, Iowa. F. L. TRIBON, M. D., Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office and residence in the Boston Block. (In the new block.) H. C. McCOY", M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SUR&EON. Office at residence, McGregor street. SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of special execution, to me directed by the cler of the district of Kossuth county, Iowa, agaius the goods, chattels, lauds, tenements, etc., o Henrietta A. Ash and A. O. Ash, defendants, i favor of Rodney Hill, plaintiff, I will o fer at public sale, to the highest an best bidder, for cash, at the doo of the court house in the town of Algona county of Kossuth, Iowa, on the 22d day o January, 1898, between the hours of 9 a. m and 4 p. m., on said day, all of said defenc ants' right, title, and interest in and to th following described real estate, situate in Kossuth county, to-wit: The north on half of the west one-half of the east one-half c Lot One, Block Three of Call's addition 1 Wesley, Iowa, according to the recorded pla thereof. Sale to commence at the hour of 2 o'clock p m., of said day. Witness my hand this 24th day of Decem ber, 1897. C. 0. SAMSON, 4212 Sheriff Kossuth County, Iowa. SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of special fl fa execution, to me directed by th cleric of the district court of Kossuth county Iowa, against the goods, chattels, lands, tene nients, etc., of Sever S. Erickson, defendant in favor of Chas. P. Jennison, plaintiff, will offer at public sale to the high eat and best bidder for cash, at the doo of the court house in the town of Algona county of Kossuth, and state of Iowa, on th 22d day of January, 1898, between the hours of 0 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m. on sa W day, all of said defendants' right, title and interest in and to the following describee real estate, situated in Kossuth county Iowa Lots One and Two in Block One of Moires' ad dition to the town of Hanna, Iowa m of 6 todc 9 mmenoe at tne n °ur of 2 o'clock p this S4th dav of Decem NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY SS County 6 Ct C ° Urtln and ""•Kossuth To whom it may concern: Whereas on the 7th day of December, 1897, a paper puroort Lrlbb ,ntp h nf as ^ v111 and testamentof^Abfgail orabb, late of said county, deceased wanfli«ri in my office, and was by me opened and n seemed he could ever be at the accident. Dr. Morse is great credit for his untirl« Bl OB1UIUI ?f™ a J^' eatm ? nt ° f the owe iron, the «T C ea n £, of the Dall y matter the Webster City Tribune says: "Jus Dally who was injured by the explosion of a cannon at Fort Dodge at the last encampment in that city, stopped off on his way home from a visit to Wevada to spend a day with his uncle, S. B. Da ly. He will be a cripple unfortunately, for Jife. The third finder of his hand will necessarily have to hn swaraj-sis r£ , around,. „..„ affn V 3 T, niberea «»»t ago the Algqna papers has hie beiog wan the, state university law , but who. died 8 resjden^ Qf St. fe-i: I ;* ^ * v * **•?** I'ttiiy, he continued;" The S-=SSHSS Dated this 27th day of December, 1807 *«3 01erkofthe B h£tKgk 'All in favor of John Paul Lumber will signify it by holding up their hands!" The verdict upon tfao thorough goodness and rehabihty of the staunch stuff from this concern is unanimous-farmers prefer our lumber because we grades are SHperior and PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. M. J. KENEFICK, PHYSICIAN AND SUR&EON. Office and residence over Taylor's. H. D. SPENCER, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SUR&EON, Sexton. Iowa. DR. MARGARET E. COLES, Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon. \ Office and residence in Boston Block, ALGONAj, IOWA. E. S. GLASIER, D. D. S., SUR&EON DENTIST. Office over the State Bank, Algona, Iowa. DENTIST. A. L. RIST, D. D. S. Local anaesthetic foi deadening pain In gums when extracting teetfi. GET WATER OR NO PAY. The undersigned has a complete Steam Gable Well Drilling Outfit, . R. FEAZER. SHELLY & PETTIBONE, MARBLE Head Stones, Monuments, ld ? ttllo ^t Flees, pills qu y> ™ gnd ^° ve Otfr_Specf(tltits are Sasb. Doors. Cmtnt, Stucco and f.i^l

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