Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 10, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1938
Page 7
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, AD30NA, IOWA families from Algo- Saturday. flfld m.'Henry'Phillips and Vefi, Algdh&T'Mf, WHl Mrs. Le Bergefj *' ttfld MtV* Berger's Mr» Mrs, AHhUr ttgfger, of « spent i Sunday with Mrs. »t Wifie, MfS. Phillips and A. flefgW fete daughters of of "i And Mrs 1 , Victor fitch, i h ( i • • Hurt, spent Thursday at Chester Fitch's. The men are brothers. • Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wyland and Edna May \Fitch, of Hutchins, spent Wednesday evening with their mother, Mrs. Rosa Fitch. The latter and William Hanson had spent Tuesday at Del Fitch's, near Hurt. Mr. and Mrs. Sim Bemis and daughter DeLores spent Sunday at Chester Holcomb's home at Livermore. • | Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Greenfield and Edith spent Sunday at Harold Curran's near Lu Verne. Mr. Cur- ran is a nephew of Mr. Greenfield. Lyle Fitch, Lamonl, is spending a week here with his mother, Mrs. ndsa Fitch. Ho will return to his work at the CCC camp at Iximoni Sunday. Winifred Plumb spent Saturday with Lois Fitch at William Hanson's. ' \ Mr. and Mrs. Sim Bemis and De Lores spent Friday evening with the William Hartleys, helping Mr. Hartley celebrate a birthday. Mr. and Mnl. Dale Thompson and Mr. and Mrs. Sim Bemis attended a party at Ernest «utchin- son's in Wesley Saturday evening. SALE As 1 atti moving to a smaller farm near Britt I will sell at public auction the 'ollbwing described property at the farm 4 miles north and a mile east of Al- "yoiia, 6 miles south and a half mile west of Burt, on Thursday, February 17 S:! * ' ' ' < it3nle Commences at 12 O'clock sharp. Lunch wagon on grounds. Head of Horses '* ' ' Gelding/ 8 yrs. old, wt. 1600; gelding 7 yrs. old, wt.,1500; mare 9 yrs. old, ),()vt. 1200 i one" suckling colt. Head of Cattle 40 !* 13 milch cows, will be fresh in three weeks; 7 steers, have been on feed for 10 days; 13 whiteface heifers, coming 2 yrs. old; 7 good whiteface calves. 12 HEAD OF HOGS These are good feeding shoats. lews Farm Machinery, Etc. •* Allis-Chainiers tractor, new in June, 1937, been used very little; tractor cultivator, just like new; 8-ft. McCormick-Deering binder, in good shape; 5-ft. Mc- rrvormick-Deering mower, in excellent condition; McCormick - Deering corn ^planter with 160 rods of wire; New Idea manure spreader, new; New Idea side ^Scake, -new;. Emerson hay loader; Glover spring tooth harrow, new; hand corn jheller; John Deere single-row cultivator; McCormick-Deeriilg disc, 10-ft; bob •Bled with box; narrow tired wagon with box; steel wagon with hay rack. Wood saw rig in good shape; 2 sets good breeching harness; new 30-in. cir- 3le saw; 'disc sharpener; 100 good seasoned burr oak posts; 1930 Chevrolet )ick-up with'steel box; several oil and gas barrels; one oil pump; 2 good tank heaters-one-new; some hard wood eveners; 10 tons alfalfa hay in barn; Gush- nan,'gas .engine, iy a h. p.; feed bunk; 1000 bu. corn in crib; many other arti- -.14,0 v i '•<'•"•<«, .jlCO. , ^ t. ,' "fTERMS—Cash, or make arrangements for time with the clerk before the 'sale br,'at'«the sale. No property to be removed till settled for. sA *•**! $ ''..•A. LOU'MATIIjRjr, Auct. IOWA STATE BANK, Algona, Clerk. / jEjaH^HMM^HHMHB^^Hi^ & tp n* Mfaf-WV -A '•s3"~Y^~yitaiVT~^ r tV~V blic >unt ot the ill health of my husband I will sell at Public Sale at my 2 miles northeast of Algona, and one-half mile southwest of Plum ;tor, the following described property on turday, . , JH U ' U 3iiit§ii|ttTART AT 12 O'CLOCK SHARP. LUNCH WAGON ON THE GRQUN1) : - ''- • ES Head of Horses gelding 6 yrs. old, wt. 1620; gray mare 6 yrs. old, wt. 1690; gray mouth; black mare, smooth mouth; black gelding, smooth mouth. Head of Cattle cs of lain .ead of Shorthorn cows, fresher coming fresh; 2 head of heifers, corn- old; 2 yearling heifers; 2 yearling steers; and 4 small calves; one orn bull. Head of Hogs head of good feeding hogs; 4 sows with small pigs. C. It, KLAM1'« Field Keprcsenta PAGE m Ive Glen Teeter, southeast of Lone Rock, on the W. .1. Bourne farm, was doing chores when we saw ilm last week Monday. He keeps his herd of Holstein cows up to the best in condition and efficiency. The Bournes are again wintering in the southwest. * # * * Alex J. Radig, who is the stock- buyer at Lone Rock, was not at home when we called last week Monday. He lives southwest of the village. Mrs. Radig and the boys were there, and the former, who was looking after her chickens, said Alex had gone to Chicago with a load of cattle. This 'was the first time in two years that he had gone to market with cattle. The boys were sawing wood with a crosscut saw. # * * * A. H. Olson, northwest of Swea City, is one of the oldtimers there. He moved back to his little place, after he had been with one of his daughters, and now the daughter, Mrs. John Nelson, and her husband are caring for him. He said it seemed good to get back' to the farm north of Ledyard and will move to it Majrch 1. S. M. likes a good story. We * * called last week Thursday are sawed up for fire wood. Mrs. Doege likes to kid a fellow, so she had us believing she had renewed her paper, but after a while she gave her renewal. * * * * Henry Bartelt, north of Tltonka, had come home from that town, and about the time he arrived it thundered, so he predicted that in six months there will be frost. He that the corn would be soft, but Mr. Madson, of Madson & Hanson, Algona tailors, says it means abundant crops. Anyway frost in August would be pretty early, don't you think? * * * * Dr. R. C. Ball, the veterinary at rf l'itonka, is always the same jolly fellow when we see him. He said this is an old saying. The i has a good practice, and for other same evening we saw Loyd Wei- j exercise he likes to split a little Icndorf, and he said it was a sign wood from a tree he cut down on his driveway. He used blasting powder to split the trunk. Ledyard Marjorle Matzener suffered an. appendicitis attack Friday night, but is now better. Mr. and Mrs. Max Nit/ and Mrs. Martha Gable were at Blue Earth Saturday. old home, joke. A. H. likes to visit and Last week Tuesday we called on Otto Larson, northwest of Swea City. He and his wife have four children, two boys and two girls. The boys are through school and farm with their father. One of the girls teaches, and the other goes to school at Swea City. Mrs. Carson set out lunch for the men, on J. W. Burnett, northeast of Swea City, the Burnetts are a new family there, having come from Mason City. They have the Frank Dontje; place. Mr. Burnett is Mrs. Dontjc's brother. The Burnetts work for Mr. Donlje and operate the fai'm. There are two children, a brly and a girl. * * <» * IT. A. Nelson, west of Titonka, and his hired man were splitting elm trees they had cut down, when wo were there Friday. These trees are tough srilitting, and the men were using blasting powder. H. A. s feeling much like himself again, naving recoVerejl from an operation for sinuii trauble which caused him much pain. * + * * Enko Smidt, northwest of Ti- ;onka, was rtixing feed for chick- ns Friday when we saw him. He said that sometimes lie figured that it did riot pay to feed chickens, for the price of eggs was not high enough! to cover the trouble Enko is a good farmer and he gives his stclck good care. * * * * L. A. Doege, southwest of Titonka, was helping Mrs. Doege take care ot meat from butcher ing Saturday. We noticed a large pile of wood in the yard, and Mr Doege said he had cut down old cottonwood trees, some of their 20 with coffee and cake, and she said he cake was a wedding cake, but ve did not find out whose wedding. We sampled the cake and ound it first-class. * * * * Elmer Ditsworth, northwest of Swea City was greasing his truck when we /arrived last week Tuesday. He was going to haul horses to the Virgil Moore sale. Elmer bought the farm he lives on last year, and it consists of 160 acres with a good set of buildings. * * * * We found John Gilford, northwest of Burt, doing his morning chores last week Tuesday. John feels proud of the way the insurance company which owns the farm has fixed up the buildings. The company repaired the house, built a new barn, and painted all buildings. * * * # D. B. Potter, east of Swea City, is always a busy man. He lives on the Raymond Krantz farm, and here is where you can see a fine herd of cattle. D. B. feeds and cares for 160 head, and he also has a drove of hogs. The stock are owned by Mr. Krantz. * * * * Lawrence Pingel, southeast ol Ledyard, was hauling straw last week Wednesday. The wind was not blowing, so it was a good time for the job. Last year was Laurence's first at farming for himself. He was married about a yeai ago. 0. B. Koon, northeast of Swea City, and his son-in-law, Vernon Burt. were having some oldtime "fun" last week Wednesday. Thej have a Model T Ford, and the mo tor didn't want to start. Snov had drifted In on the coils. Finallj the "old Henry" started up. Oi the Burt farm there has been drilling for coal, and 0. B. sale there would be some more testing when the weather warms up. * * * * 'At Louis Appelt's, north of Swe* City, a corn sheller had arrive before we got there at noon. W went to the house to see Mr. Ap pelt, who has not been well lately and ho told us that he had lost 5 pounds, and had not been on a die either. He was feeling some bet ter, and had been up and aroun again. * * * * When we called at L, C. Cast': west of Bancroft, last week Thurp day we found that he was at th Virgil Moore combination sal This sale had a large crowd, an cows sold well, bringing as hig as $69. Horses did not sell well. There were 31 horses u for sale. When we found L. ( there he was ready to go horn- His daughter Florence had take him to the sale, so he rode horn with us. L. C., who is a Kossut oldtimer, raises lots of cattle. II keeps 50 cows and raises a calves, milking only enough fo family use. There -are 165 cattl on the place at present. * * * * We saw S. M. Orvick, east Seneca, at the Moore sale las week Wednesday. He bought planted 50 years ago. Now the> 34 li king! Farm Machinery, Etc Ilck-Deeriiig 22-36; McCormick-Deering tractor; McCormick-Deering-15-ft. new trac- kfcormick-Deering 8-ft. new grain binder; Deering 8-ft. grain binder; MoCormlck- nng tooth 12-ft. tractor hitch; McCormick-Deering rotary hoe; McCormick-Deering r with, wire; New Idea 3-bottom 16-inch tractor plow. jjck-Deering side delivery rake; corn binder; mower; drag and drag cart; seeder with ttachment; 2 8-ft. discs; potato planter; walking plow; sulky plow; hay rake; 3 corn S New Idea spreader; I."*H. C.. feed grinder; wood saw with 36-n. blade; tank' heater; "r; hog self feeder; 75-gal. kettle; 2 dirt scrapers. 'ggy and cutter; bob sled; 2 wagons with triple boxes; 2 wagons with 16-ft. hay ision ladder; 2 hay slings; 2 hay forks; fanning mill; Anker Holt cream separator; nick; gas barrels; anvil, forge and vise; iron drill and bite; many other tools; one- Igt in Red River threshing machine. Ifalfa in barn; 3 stacks of straw; 100 bu. of wheat; 100 bu. of rye; smoke house; 4 iog houses; 4-wheel trailer; 6-cylinder Star sedan; 3 sets of britchen harness; 3 eets ne set is new; all leather and in good shape; 8 horse collars; saddle; electric May- machine; household goods and canned goods. IS—Cash oi' see your banker. No property removed until settled for. George Miller and Jewel M. Larsen PUBLIC SALE As I have decided to quit farming and move to Minnesota I will sell the following described property at my farm 1 mile north and one mile west of Burt, i/ 2 mile south and 4 miles east of Lone Rock, 5 miles south and 1 mile west of Bancroft, on PI F AN-IlPt L»L tnli UI. Ve must make room for on ew stock of Bupane Ga toves, arid are selling these icw and used articles at ex- remely loiv prices: 1936 Zenith tal»le model, 6-TOlt 4 $24936 Atwater Kent Console 4 20.00 1935 Crosley table model at — $12.50 1937 El tatro table model, 6 volt $29.50 1938 Phjlco Console, 2- volt $39.50 1938 Puilco table model, 2-volt $32.50 1937 Philco Console, 2- volt, $120 now (new) I _. $74.50 1937 Phiico Car Radio, $49.50 (new) now _$34.50 1938 Grunow, 11 tube, $79.50 ! now (new) _$49.50 Monarch Range with wat- erfont, used 1 yr. __$74.50 Gasoline Stove, 4-lnirner, with opn $19.50 New large size Vega Separator | with electric attachment and motor $89.50 (with old separator) 2 gas engine trashing; machines enamel tub, extra good shape. Choice nt — $39.50 Perfection Oil Range with oven .] -- $10.50 Maytag, aluminum tub, rebuilt} engine $59.50 All radios listed are complete wirh batteries. Buy at "OUR OWN HARDWARE" and save money. W, A, STOEBER Hardware FENTON, IOWA The Algona Auction Co. We are here to serve both the seller and buyer at our vilion iii Algona every Saturday. iL BROS,, Auctioneers, IOWA STATE BANK, Algona, Clerk, Saturday, February 12 Don't'forget we sell anything that you have to sell every Saturday by the head or weight. Our place | is packed with buyers, aud all stock is demanding good prices. So don't forget to get your stock in, as you will get the best cash price. For this Saturday we expect a guod run of horses. In last week's sale the bidding was very good, with plenty of buyers and * number looking for horses, so dont forget to get yours in as it is getting Hme for spring work. Also have a number of brood sows listed aud good milk cows; could use all kinds of stock. Have listed 20 or 25 feeding shoats. We will sell these horses as they are listed in, so get them listed iu early, We are going to start at 12;30 and sell what small stuff came iu, and start on stock at 1:30. Bring any kind of stock, as we will have all kinds of buyers here. Don't forget—every Saturday we will hav > a repair man for all makes of separators. We also handle the complete line <f chiuery, Don't forget to look this Twin Tractor over. 'Will handle 82-in. sep. .aud Open every day. Sale barn phone 77 ox Start on stock at 1:30. TERMS—Cash. No property removed uitil settled for, C, (X RIDDLE & SON ! Operators and Auctioneers. Massey-Harrls ma- Power Row Crop 8 U-ln. plows, residence 8F22. Thursday, February 17th SALE STARTS AT 1 O'CLOCK 25 Head of Cattle 25 Two Shorthorn cows, 10 Whitefaced heifers, 3 roan heifers, 3 roan steers, 2 Whitefaced steers, and 5 Shorthorn steers. Have been on feed for 60 days. 7 Head of Horses and 4 Head of Mules One,team geldings coming 11 yrs. old wt. 3100; team, black mules, jack and a jinny, 9 and 10 yrs. old, wt. 2600; team of brown mules, jack and jinny, well matched, 10 and 11 yrs. old, wt. 2400; black gelding, coming 4 yrs. old, wt. 1000; roan mare, 2 yrs. old, wt. 1350; brown mare 7 yrs. old, wt. 1500; bay mare .colt, coming 2 yrs. old; bay horse 7 yrs. old, wt. 1300. Farm Machinery Hayes 2-row cultivator; Dain mower; set of harness and fly nets; John Deere truck wagon; single-row John Deere cultivator; truck wagon.,Other items too numerous to mention, including a leather davenport, 5 tons of hay, 30 tons of ensilage. TERMS: Cash. R. O. BUTTERFIELD FLAIG & STUART, Auctioneers. BURT SAYINGS BANK, Clerk. ARM SALE As I have rented my farm and will move to Algona, I will sell the following described property at my farm, 3% miles north and 2 miles east of Algona or 2 miles east of Pmrn Creek elevator. Tuesday, February 15 ONEO^CLOCKP.M. 14 Head of Horses 14 One bay mare 9 yrs. old, wt. 1650; one black mare, 9 yrs. old, wt. 1550; one bay mare, smooth mouthed, wt. 1400; one black mare, smooth mouthed, wt. 1350; one bay team mares, 8 and 9 yrs. old in foal, service fees paid, wt. 3000; one grew gelding coming 2 years, wt. 1000; one black mare, coming 2 yrs., wt. 1000; two mare colts coming 1 yr. old"; one buckskin mare, smooth mouth, wt. 1300; one bay gelding, 6 yrs. old wt. 1500; one bay gelding, 3 yrs. old, wt. 1400; one sorrel gelding, 3 years old, wt. 1300. None of these horses had sleeping sickness. 10 Head of Cattle 1O Four milch cows, fresh. One roan bull two years calves. old. Five winter Farm Machinery 13 in. John Deere gang plow; Oliver two bottom tractor plow; International corn planter with 80 rods of wire; two John Deere single row corn plows; John Deere two row corn plow; International nine wheel disc; International one row corn picker with motor; 8 ft. Deering binder; 5 ft. McCormick mower; 10-ft. McCormick hay rake; 4-section drag; one hole corn sheller, nearly new; International manure spreader; one high wheel wagon with triple box; one low wheel wagon, triple box; one iron wheel wagon, hay rake; bob sled; Hoosier eiidgate seeder; fanning mill; grindstone; two sets of breeching harness; one set buggy harness two sets of flynets; some horse collars; one Primrose cream separator; hog waterer; two hog troughs; three individual hog houses one hog self-feeder, holds one load; some steel barrels; three gallon chicken waterer; 250-egg incubator, nearly new; one new cistern pump; some household goods; kitchen cabinet; bfrffet; rocking chair; kerosene lamps and other articles too numerous to mention. _ IL ^ _ | X ' H_L .--.--. .....I I TERMS—Cash, or if time is desired, see the O}erk before the sale or at the sale. No property to be removed until settled, for. 4 LOU 1MATEBN, Auctioneer IOW4ST4P?

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