The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 12, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 12, 1898
Page 7
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THE BBS MQlKttg: A3UGOKA IdWA, ANUARY 12, Is such a goose; he gave dear half a do£en silver nut picks tut cracker.'* |, isn't that all right?" mamma, she has dyspepsia, sn't eaten a nut for twenty A Partc Mystery. Donkey— "Here comes an- woman." hd Fat Donkey— "Yes. I won|y It Is all the delicate, ethereal, eight girls pass us by, and all women want to ride us?" Now inventions. A. Pennsylvania Inventor has contrived a new hat pin which Is arranged FO that It cannot work Itself out of Hie woman's hair or hat, being provided with a small flexible extension. A simple fruit gatherer has just been patented which comprises a canvas apron, which is secured to the tree and below whlcj. four bar- are placed; when the tree is so that the fruit falls on the and from there is directed into arrels ready to receive the same. Sevice is light and seems as if it meet all the requirements neces- Inventors desiring information patents may obtain the same in assing Sues & Co., Uee Building, ha, Neb. g should teach us how to seek nth, meditation how to find It. Another Knrtteiu Chain, "Why do the politicians give that fellow money?" "He has influence in certain labor circles." "But how does such a chap get influence?" "With the money the politicians give him." A perfect ruby, which weighs four carats or more, commands a price ten times the value of a diamond of the same size. A ruby of six carats, without any defect, is worth $5,000 a carat, or fifteen times the price of a faultless diamond of the same weight, AN OPEN LETTER TO MOTHERS, We are assertlnf? In the courts our ri^ht to the exclusive use of the word "CASTORIA," and "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," as our Trade Mark. • 1, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of Hyannis, Massachu- I setts, was tho originator of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," the same that has borne and does now bear the fno-slmlle signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on every wrapper. This is the original "PITCHER'S CASTORIA" which has been used in the homes of the mothers of America for over thirty years. Look carefully at the wrapper and see that it Is "the kind you have always bought." and has the signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on the Wrapper. No one has authority from me to use my name except The Centaur Company of which Chns. H. Fletcher Is President. March 8, 1897. SAMUEL PITCHER. M. D. Boston is to have a restaurant wherein only vegetable productions will be cooked and served. LI HUNG Cf-f AN6 tfori Itoltaceo Spit and Smok« lonr l\(t Away. Iqmt tobacco easily and forever, be netic, full of life norve and vigor, take b-Bac, the wonder worker, that makes taen strong. All druggists, 5Uc or $1. Iguaranteed. Booklet and snniple free Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or takes both grace and grit to bear Bpointment well. llcwnre of Ointments for Catarrh That Contain Mercury, as mercury will surely destroy the sense of Binell and completely derange the whole system when entering it through the mucous surfaces. Such articles should iiot be used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians as the dnmnge they will do is tenfold to the good you can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh "Cure manufactured by P. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, contains no mercury and is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surf nee* of the system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine. It is taken internally and made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials sent free. Sold by Druggists, price 7?>c per bottle. Hall's Family Pills are the best. Moral courage Is the surest key to the heart of a pure woman. [THAT TERROR of MOTHERS." How it was overcome by a Nova Scotian mother Who is well known as an author. j'Of all Ihe evils that attack children Scarcely any other is more dreaded than croup. It so often comes in the night. The danger is so great. The climax is so Budden. It is no wonder that Mrs. W. J. Dickson (better known under her pen fnameof "Stanford Eveleth,") calls it " the Iterror of mothers." Nor is it any wonder Ithat she. writes in terms of praise and fpratitude for the relief which she has Hound both from her own anxieties, and ffor her children's ailments, in Dr. J. C. jjAyer's Cherry Pectoral. "Memory does not recall the time when ip)r. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral was not used in lour family, for throat and lung troubles. if.That terror of mothers —the startling, Ecroupy cough—never alarmed me, so long Bus I had a bottle of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral ?in the house to supplement the hot-water ibath. When suffering with whooping |cough, In its worst form, and articulation rwas impossible on account of the choking, ffiiny children would point and gesticulate f toward the bottle; for experience had [taught them that relief was in its contents."—Mrs. \V. J. DTCKSON ("Stanford ; Eveleth"), author of "Romance of the Provinces," Truro, N. S. C. J. Wooldridgc, Worthatn, Tex., writes: "One of my children had croup. One night I was startled by the child's hard breathing, and on going to it found it strangling. It hnd nearly ceased to breathe. Having a part of a bottle of Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral in the house, I gave the child three doses, at short intervals, and anxiously waited results. I 7 rom the moment the Pectoral was given the child's breathing grew easier, and in a short tima it was sleeping quietly and breathing naturally. The child is alive and well to-day, and I do not hesitate to say that Ayer'3 Cherry Pectoral saved its life." —C. J. WooLDUiDGii, Wortham, Tex. These statements make argument in favor of this remedy unnecessary. It is a family medicine that no home should be without. It is just as efficacious in bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough, and all other varieties of coughs, as it is in croup. To put it within everyone's reach, Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is now put up in half size bottles, at half price—50 cents. Send for Ayer's Curebook (free) and read of other cures effected by Dr. Ayer'3 Cherry Pectoral. Address the J. C. Ayer Co., L,owell, Mass. CANDY CATHARTIC CURE CONSTIPATION GUARANTEED TO CURE dyspepsia, constipation, headache, liver and kidney diseases. Dr. Kay's Renovator Write us all of YOUR SYMPTOMS plainly. : Our physician will give A Sold by FREE ADVICE, | DRUGGISTS 68-page pook of recipes, and 9 or sent by mail, • FREE SAMPLE. 6 PRICE 25 CTS.& $1. Address DR, B, J, KAY MEDICAL CO., (Western Office), Omaha, Neb, Sick and Nervous Headaches POSITIVELY Cured In 30 Minutes, by At all druggists or sent postpaid upon receipt of $1. FRENCH CHEMICAL CO. 356 Dearborn St., p, 111. ^^ M, THOMPSON CO ipen*C9. AliS Vegetable Sicilian UAIRRENEWER1 It has made miles and miles of hair grow on millions and millions of heads. Not a, single gray hair.' dandruff. A IITUflUQ—We want your stories, poems and ftU I nUnO boob: MBS.; best prices; inclose Stamp. Author^ uijd WritersUpion,Chicago,111. Bnj-i All ot Germany '«. Promptly Met By CrUnfc ', Peldn dispatch! Att interview /with Li Hnnfrphang Has b^fen secured and the wily veteran said that China was willing, and even anxious, that the western people should understand thoroughly matters as they were. EJe then spoke as follows: "The forcible occupation of Kiao-Chao by Germany is a direct violation of existiug 1 treaties and of international law* , The pretext made for this net of war 1 w»s the murder of two missionaries by robbers in the interior province of ^Chantting, The Chinese government offered iin* mediate and full redress for this out* rage-; — punishment -of the ' crilninals, dismissal of the local officials and large compensation for all losses. Anxious to avoid hostile nets, the Chinese troops were withdrawn from Kiao-Chao when the Germans , landed, und in spite of strong .public feeling prevailing throughout the country for the defense f>f Chinese territory against aggression, my government hns not sent re-enforcements to Kiao- Chno." After stating that China was struggling to emerge from her ancient civilization and to recover from the results of her recent war, the statesman asks: "Should China be distressed by having her shores invaded and her territory occupied because of nu occurrence which, western countries would deal witlf by law and not by war — an unexpected incident, deplored by my government nijd followed by full redress'/ Our decire is to preserve our territory intact and to steadily improve it as a field open to all countries equally for the development of commerce." I.exmv Chlciifjo I'ollcp. SrniNOPiKi,i>, III., Jan. 7. — The senate adopted by a viva voce vote Senator Lundin's resolution to investigate the Chicago police force. The resolution provides that a committee of seven be appointed by the president of the senate, clothed with power to send for books and papers, summon and subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, and to thoroughly investigate the subject and report its conclusions to the senate at this special session. The president announced the committee as follows: Berry, Aspinwall, Baxter, Lundin, Bolinger, republicans; Mahoney, dem., Dresser, pop. Two Hundred Tliousmiil In Need. NEW Yomc, Jan. 9. — The central Cuban relief committee, appointed by President McKinley, acting under the direction of the state, has issued an appenl for contributions in aid of the suffering people of Cuba, of whom it estimates that 200,000 are in danger of death from starvation. Checks and drafts should be sent to the treasurer of the central Cuban relief committee, Temple Court. New York city. Elocution Free-Co -oporutioti lu J2cluciitlon Prof. Ed. Amherst Ott, so widely known on tho lestnre platform, deserves as much recognition as an enthusiastic educator and author as he does success on the platform. Tho cooperative plan by which he gives to one person in each town a free scholarship to the Drake Summer School of Orntorv nml English, is an example of the originality he throws into his plans. It is not a visionary scheme, its practical nature, has been proved by many successful applicants. The registration fee is but 15 cents. The first applicant in any town has first chance to receive a scholarship (board and tuition free) to the Summer School of Oratory and a free ticket to the Midland Chautauqua. _ •__ _ About Infringing a 1'ntent. DBS MOINES, Jan. 7. — W. T. M. asks: "If a person should use a ratchet in an improved window shade roller, similar to Hartshorn's, would it be an infringement? Is not the principle of such a rachet too common to patent?" Without searching the records to see JIartshorn's claims, I will endeavor to answer your question and make the matter plain to you. Suppose Hartshorn's claim is for the combination of a ratchet, a pawl or detent, a spring and a roller for operating a curtain, all the parts may be common but the combination thereof new and patent- able. To improve any one part or element in that combination, or to add another part thereto to gain a new or improved result thereby would be patentable but not clear of tho prior broad combination claim and an infringement if used without license. But if one of the four parts of the original combination claim is left out then the combination is broken and it would not be an infringement of the claim that had four parts in it. To give a definite opinion in any one case all the facts must be known; in other words, the matter supposed to be -an infringement must be considered in the light of the patent or patents that are supposed to be ipfringeq, Valuable information about obtaining, valuing and selling American and foreign patents sent free to any address. Tuoa 0. & J. RALPH ORWJO, Solicitors of Patents, in the They Joseph Jefferson has at last answer e< that hearty old conundrum as t6 whei fin afetof ought to f etlfeY The auestlot i»as put to him Iti Cincinnati tbd other .night, and he repH6d: "Well, collating the time tot getting out of costufiie and the slowness of hackmen, I think an actor should retire at abWtt 11:46." Members of congress are much annoyed by visitors to the capitoi, mainly women, who have a queer pleasure in (sitting in the seats of the most noted representatives and have the greatest delight in occupying the speaker's chair one brief moment in the hour before the house is called to order. Fifty years ago, Mrs. Lucretia M, Judson tras a favorite vocalist In Portland, Me. She lost her voice soon after her marriage, and for forty years wa? unable to sing. While Visiting a friend in North Castine, a few weeks since, she unwittingly sang a song when asleep, and has frequently done so during subsequent slutdbers. In her waking hours she cannot warble a dozen notes. Mr. F. Abel of Freeport, N. Y.. witnessed a fight between about 300 sparrows and a skunk at Merrick. After the first onslaught of the birds the skunk fled for a hundred yards, but the plucky little sparrows pursued him, attacked him in a body, and In less than a minute he was torn to shreds. A funeral procession in Chicago was invaded by the horse and wagon of an expressman,' and the processionists had the man arrested. To excuse himself. he stated that his horse bad once be^ longed to an undertaker, and always endeavored to take part in every funeral that came in sight. Some young men of Irving, a suburb of Chicago, have formed an anti-marriage association. The member who marries must pay $25 and give a banquet to the members. To visit a girl twice In a week costs $2 and ?1 is assessed against those who fail to take a girl home by the shortest route. The members of the association expect to enjoy many banquets in the near future. New Year's Queen Victoria always distributes gifts of joints of beef and coal to the poor around Windsor who make application for the presents. Most of the beneficiaries are widows, and a man and wife have poor chance of help; also those who get as much as $8 a week— this being, in the queen's estimation, sufficient to keep a family above want A pension has recently been granted with $4,000 back pay to a woman who never was in this country. She lives In Norway and never left her native land, but she gets a soldier's widow's pension from this government because her husband was in the union army and died in the service. Her name is Knudson, and her husband, Knud Knudson, came to this country in 1861. He enlisted in company H, Fifteenth regiment, Wisconsin volunteers, in January, 1862. He died while in the service, October 16, 1863. _ Destructive Storms Along the Const. lieports of maritime disasters along the coast como in thick aud fast. People who "go down to the sea in ships" should bear in mind cue thing in particular, namely, that it In highly desirable to take along n supply of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters an n remedy for sea sickness. Nausoa, dyspepsia, biliousness, constipation, malaria, nervousness and kidney trouble, all sue' cumb to its beneficent aud speedy action ¥ quick roiiefduil euros voret S6H4 for liook of testimonials anil JO t}»yt>' . Vr.u. ii. AIR INHALER A Last "Her father says positively that 1 3an't marry her." "What are you going to do?" "There's nothing left now but to ask the girl." FREE FARM OF 16O ACRES. A. IN MI SATO mm. Meat, sense of tenderness &ad swelling of & part, All Indications that there is need •! instant repair *«**ne fctiteh. in time. Where these symptoms exist ou ifie leit ot the right side of thS Womb, disease of the otftry is setting in, and soon there Will be, if there is hot felr ea <iy established, a discharge, trifling at first, tnii later copious and irritating. Soon, also, there will be felt dull, draggirg pains radiating from the ovary. Do not, my sister, let your malady go so far, but those of you who are already suffering in this way should begin at once a course of treatment with Lydia E. Pinkliam's Vegetable Compound. It will restore the organs to their normal con* dition. In this connection MBS. E, L, MtffiaS, Quak-> ake, Pa., says: "My ovaries Were badly dis* r eased, and for almost a year I suffered with severe burning pains which were almost Unendurable, And ft dull, heavy jjaiii la the lower portion of my back. If standing I was most relieved with my foot resting on a stool or chair. The doctor told me I would have to take my bod and.keep quiet. I had not used half a bottle of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege* table Compound before it worked wonders With me. I now owe my health to the Compound. To those who are suffering from diseases peculiar 1 to women, I would say that Lydia E. I*inkham'a Vegetable Compound is just what they need." Mrs. Pinkham wishes to befriend you, and if you will write her at Lynn, Mass., telling her just how you feel, she will give you the very best advice free of charge. Think what a privilege it is to be able to write to a woman who is learned in all these matters, and willing to advise you without charge. 811 f n. "I've been thinking seriously of getting married." "Oh, well, you are safe, then." •'What do you mean?" "Why, if a sensible fellow like you thinks really seriously about it he'll decide not to." , HOSTETTER CO. WINS A CASE. OPIUM MORPHINE and WHISKY HABITS. HOME CUHB. Book FREE, nil. t. V. 11UFP1UX, U»bell»Bldg.,CUIU(iO, IU» $22,000 Waft earned tn G yean by on* agent with our tree outllt. You can P. O, J371, New York. In the Clienp. Easy Terms. Frco Cat. W.TI.Crawf onl * Co., Southern folonlien, Nxhtllle, Tenn. F ifrlneeiueutH on Their liltlora Not Tolcr- ntotl liy United Six ten Court. The United States circuit court for the southern district of New York, Judge 'Townsend presiding, handed down an opinion December 23, 1897, granting Injunction and accounting, in the suit ot The Hostetter Company, against Isaac Pommers and Louis Joseph, for Infringement of Its trado mark. The jurist .states, in bold and clear language, the rights accruing to the Hostetter Company, and the liability incurred by all who would rob them, by fraud or misrepresentation, of the well-earned reputation and profits of a business built up by the efforts of half a century. The julge says; in part: "The complainant is entitled to protection against the appropriation of its trade mark, by any and all unfair and dishonorable- means, and a court of equity has power to grant such protection whenever it is satisfied that an attempt has been made by ingenious subterfuges, to invade the rights of an owner of a trade "mark. * * * In the sharp contest between the individual manufacturer, who strives to acquire and retain the fruits of industry and honesty, and the Held of keen rivals, seeking to wrest from him the prize of the public good-will, the inventive ingenuity of the infringer has conceived a great variety of devices for evading the established rules of fair dealing. * * * Courts of equity finding that their ultimate object and effect were to enable and induce the retail seller of a fraudulent imitation to palm it off on an unsuspecting public for the genuine article, and thus to contribute to the infringement upon the rights of the original owner, have not hesitated to apply the remedy." Would Ton Iilke to Be Absolute Owner of Your Own tfarm? WOULD you like a farm that produces upon an average of 30 bushels of wheat per acre? WOULD you like a farm that grows from 60 to 90 bushels of oats per acre? WOULD you like a farm that grows from 40 to 60 bushels of barley per acre? WOULD you like a farm that grows more bushels of potatoes per acre than any farm in Michigan? WOULD you like a farm that produces all kinds of roots and vegetables in abundance? WOULD you like a farm that produces the heaviest and fattest beef cattle that goes to the English market? WOULD you like a farm that produces butter and cheese equal to the finest Danish? WOULD you like to own a farm in a country where cattle are never stabled winter or summer? WOULD you like to live In a -country where taxes are very low, the principal taxation being for schools, and the government pays 75 per cent of that? WOULD you like to live in a country where every person is happy and contented, excepting the doctors and undertakers? WOULD you like to be where each of your sons can get 160 acres free, when they reach 18 years of age? If so, consult the advertisement of the Canadian, government free lands, appearing elsewhere. A tidy brakeman in Rutland, Vt, after cleaning his vest with gasoline, struck a match to light his pipe. A spark set the vest ablaze, and even his whiskers took flre. A comrade extinguished the flame by throwing a coat about the blazing man. QU1CK Write CAPT. O'PARRELL, Pension Agent, f 425 New York Avenue, WASHINGTON, D. C. VIRGINIA. AND CAROLINA ILLUSTRATED. Hanubook or two States stvlnu uenernl Inform- Rtlon and ilvtulled descriptions of many flue farms lorsolc, with photoRravuresol Irallcllne8& scenery. HcntlTrro. Soiithn'ti Farm fla ncv, Lvnchburg. Vs. Southern Farm and Rice Lands WHERE? In Southwest Louisiana. HOW MUCH? $10 per acre and upwards. TEBMS? One third cash, balance on time. PROFITS? Pay for everything in on*> year. PARTICULARS? Write to The Fann- ers' Colonization Co., 8O3 Fisher Building, Chicago. Climate perfect! Crops magnificent! Excellent Schools and Churches and Good Society, FOR 14 CENTS WowiBhtopaln 150,000 UOWCUB- j tomorH, fma honcboffor " 1 Plcg. Ill Day Radish, 100 ._ 1 Phff. Kurly Bprlne Turnip, 103 1 " Earliest Kcd Boot, 100 I 1 " Biflmnrolc Oticurabcr, JOo I 1 " Queen Victoria Lottuoc, 16o i 1 •' Klondylto Melon, 16o ** 1 " Jnmbo Ulfint Onion, loo _ 3 " Brilliant Vlowor Seeds, loo | T7oVtIi 81.00, for 14 cent). Above 10 pices, worth 81.00, wo will mull you froo, together with our great Plant and Seed Catalogue : upon receipt of thin notice and 14a. postngo. Wo invitn your tnide and ' know when yon onco try Salzer'B ' needs you will novor aft along with- I out. (born. 1'olatocH at S1.5O aBbl.OativlogalonoCo. No,w l> HALZER BKKO CO., Li CROSSK, «1S. Good JUilldn in lMllmo«>t:\. The Lest farm lund? to be fount! in the state are aloii'r the li^e of the Minneapolis mid St Louis H. R. Purchase a ticket to 'Madison or Dawson in Luc Qui Pnrle. Co., Minn., and convince yourself that less than 30 bushels of wheat per acre is a small crop. Other cereals, including corn in proportion. Crop failures i unknown. For rates and particulars call on nearest agent of the M. & St. L. K. R. or address A. ]?. Ctitts, G. P. & T. A., M. & St. L. II. II., Minneapolis, Minn. $10,000 WORTH OF PREMIUMS TO BE GIVEN AWAY WITH DR, SETH ARNOLD'S COUGH KILLER. U. S. Cupitol Souvenir Spoons, Snarl Pins, Slciivo Uuttonu und Wat«h Chulus. Save the Maltt-BO Cross on Outsldo Ilox. You will find a Premium cortifU'ato around each bottle. Send the certificate and crosses to the Dr. Seth Arnold Medical Corporation, Woonsocltet, R, I. AH DniKB'ists and Country Storea. Price, 25c., 50c. and $1.00 When a man begins to move others be generally is called a "crank.". Do You J)nnc« To-Night? Shnke into your Shoes Allen's Foot- Ease, a powder for the feet. It makes tig-lit or New Shoes feel Busy. Cures Corns, Hunions, Chilblains und Swcsit- iujf Feet. At nil Druggists and Shoe Stores, 35c. Sample sent FKI313. Address, Allen S. Olmsted, Lelioy, N, Y. Only he who owes no debt can be at peace with all men, tmne's Family MedlHue. Moves the bowels each Uay. in order 10 be healthy this is necessary. Acts gently on the liver and kidneys. Cures sick heuduQhe, Trice, 25 and 50o. There Is always sunshine other side of every cloud. on UJP There are five centenarians little village of Friendsville, Pa. are Mrs. Mary Callen, aged 104; John Gibson, 103; William Seeley, 102; Mrs. Philanay Golden, 100; apd Mrs. Helen. (Jarcey, 100. Taxes are remitted on Paris which, $re unpeoupied. If any,'pa,rt/ oi the h,ouse is un, tenanted, ing reduction »s ma^e, jo of the tax, There Is a Glaus of People Who are injured by the use of coffee. Recently there has been placed in all the grocery stores a new preparation called GRAIN-O made of pure grains, that takes the plases of coffee. The most delicate stomach receives it without distress, and but few can tell it from coffee. It does not cost over }.f as much. Children may driuk Jt with great benefit, 15 cts. and 35 cts. per package. Try U,_ Ask for GRAIN-O. "There is nothing," said the philosopher, "that will so stimulate a man's sense of justice as to have gome one owe him A balloonist a mile above the earth commands a field vision ninety-six miles in radius. Coe's Cough Ualsum IK the oldest ami-best. It will break up a cold qiiieker than anything else. It in always reliable. Try H. In judging another's honor we often place a valuation upon our own. Kducato Your Jtowuls Vk'itli UtutCiiroU. Candy ("atliurtlo. cure constipation forever. lOo, 2!>o. 11 C. C. C. fuil druBi; sts ruruud iiiouoy. Life is a tragedy- or a comedy according to one's own interpretation. For maps, pamphlets, railway rates, etc., and full information concerning' this country, enjoying exceptionally pleasant climate and continuous good crops, apply to .1 N. BARTHOLOMEW, Des Moines, or ' D. HARRY MURPHY, Stratford, Iowa. Canadian Government Agents. TO CURB A COLD IN ONE PAT, Tube Iiuxutlvo Bromo Quinine Tablets. All Druk'b'istb i'c£uuii the laouoy i£ H milt, to euro. £5o If you wish to know a man's character know his thoughts. Cigarettes, gq It Cures Colds, Coughs. Sore Throat, Croup, liu tluenza. Whooping Cough, BronchitlsandAsthma. A certain cure tor Consumption in first stage», and a sure reliel in advanced'Stages. use at once. You will see the excellent effect alter taking the first tlose. SoM IH dealers everywhere, bottles 25peut8.8nd6Qcent9. N, U. Pes No. 3-1898* Advertisements {UQ<Hy IU* A8THM4. cap be quickly curs4 by bj» Astlunalene, All (uttorers from tbj» (Ustv complaint eUguld wtUo to Dr. Tuft Brajw ,4 35: ' "" «"•»•"

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