Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1938 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1938
Page 10
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PAGE EIGHT MEETS MAN IN IRON LUNG AT IT HOSPITAL T,. H , „ Congregational Ulrthday Iivington, Feb. 1—Mrs. Douglas, 1'nrtj' '<? Maimed r ' KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA ._, , — w< j.-nii ia, JL/L who recently returned from iuwa iT/' i? e sho hntl been since before Christmas, with her son Duano, reports that while there she became well acquainted with Mr. Coleman, who has been in the headlines often because of his use of an iron lung, and also with his wif<\ n former teacher. Mr. Coleman, who was a teache at. Ottjinnwa, was stricken will infantile paralysis and was tak Blley left tW weeks go he had £!!!i » , ', '""'''' days in tn e ] ung out of late he bad had to be in it only at night. During the day Mr. Colema-.i's fl m l^ d A egs a . re . in flints, and ° has to teacher. «~,j i*v- JittO IU his muscles massaged. Mrs. Coleman was hired for that and has been with her husband almost continually. At Christmas time she wont to Ottumwa to be with the two children and Mr Coleman's sister, a former.Algona teacher, was meanwhile al City to give her brother his ~assage. Some time after enterting the hospital Mr. Coleman contracted pneumona and his doctors then despaired of his life. However he continued to live, and though at sextette this time, afer nearly five months of use of the iron lung, and with expert attention, he is still not able to^ move a muscle, yet he is lookjing forward to . describes the Co'.e- mans as a handsome young couple between 25 and 30 years of age. 16th birthday aniversary last week Wednesday evening, following a basket ball game' at the Academy. Twelve guests attended. Betty was presented with a gift, and light refreshments were served. 1). A. 71. Meets Tuesday— The D. A. R. will meet next Tuesday with Mrs. Laura Palmer, wiith Mrs/. Carrie Bourne, Mrs. Olive Herbst and Mrs. Louise Hyde assisting hostesses. The sub, -„..., Ject is what constitutes a good ., Mesdames citizen, and the local division will , T --- Mae Barring- be discussed by Mrs, Mabel Pax- MoQrtn^'n n -m- o ,„ son and the state and national di- Mesdames G. W. Stillman and visions by Mrs. Emily Grlggs, M. G. Bourne, July; Mesdmaes and Lloyd Wellen- Visiting Woman Speaks Today— Smith .mi M _ M * sdames D. P. The Congregational association bmith and M. G. Bourne, Septem- circles will hold a 1 o'clock lunch- r : i d Zf!,Z'. B ; ' rlm . a * d b T'mrsday ««~ ttoTy) Congregational church members are having their annual birthday party at the church next Monday evening, |Wit h a 7 o'clock dinner. I here will be 12 tables decorated to represent the months of the year. Mrs. L. F. Rice will be in charge of the January table; Mesdames H. W. Miller, -and Eugene Murtagh, February; Mesdames E. Laird and Hortense Ferguson, of 5£L rc £ , M / S ;,?,- P : Sm| th, April; Wesley Boys, Basket Champs^ Practice Under Handicaps Pearl Potter . . Lee Reed, October; Mrs. A. vill'be given as follows: H. | Mrs. H. D. „ in charge of gram. Mrs, R. vill be given as follows .,' aPr ° Sram dg6 ' give an address T i-, -«..v,»w 6'VO U. Joan Stevenson, Bonnie Phillips, World. She will be a " Harr, and Virginia Spear will |Mrs. H. " a play, A Wish, directed by circle will pro- Jenkins, Fort speaker and on The Moslem Wesley, Feb. 1—The Wesley high school boys won the county class B championship at Algona in competition with 11 other schools. This was the second time in the history of the school that the honor had come to Wesley. Tournament scores were: Wesley, 23; Lakota, 20. Wesley, 30; Lone Rock 24. Wesley, 27; Burt, 18. Wesley, 33; Ledyard, 22. Lakota and Lone Hock had both beaten Wesley in season games. All members of the local first team are juniors. The "subs" include three sophomores and two freshmen. The squad totals 14 boys. The season's record shows 14 victories and five defeats, the best record Wesley boys have ever had. Members of tihe squad are Paul Goslin, Alvln Loebig, John Bottom, Charles Kraus, Bob Studer, Lawrence Hildman, Mike Lloyd, Pearly Haynes, Junior Bottom, Jerry Wlngert, Julius Monson, Price Ward. The locals play in an opera house here, the second floor of a two-story frame building. The court Is small, has a low ceiling, three small dressing rooms, no showers, and seating space is small. The boys get to use the place only three nights a week, including the nights of games at home. Practice starts at* 6 p. m. and lasts till 9:30 p. in. For these reasons only a few country boys can take part. \ of iriou, mrecieu oy local high school "Poverty" I'arty is Given— 1 Mr. and " " ' — recovery. Mrs. Riley met Missionary Society Meets The Missionary society uufl Thursday afternoon with Mrs A McLean. Mrs. Thomas was assistant hostess. All members but one were present and Africa and The American Negro were studied under leadership of Mrs. William Boldrid.ee. Prayer was offered by the Rev. A. English. Mesdames H. T. Sabin, Nan Schichtl, M. L. Roney, L. E. Colwell, and K. P Roney, with Mr. English, took part in the program. If weather permits another meeting of the society will take place February 18, and the study of the Negro will be continued. Mrs. Carl Seip was taken into the society as a new member. Gies Pinily to St. Paul- Don Gies, now of St. Paul arrived Sunday with his truck, and returned to the city with his household furniture Tuesday. Mrs. Gies and the children, accompanied Mrs. H. J. Gies and Mrs. Herman Gies, with the letter's children who had been staying with rm. r, i ~ ' »«a. rv. .ii. vigars an( The Bel Canto Music club sex- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Geigel enter- teite will sing, accompanied by tained at a "poverty" nartv It Agatha Thilges. Mrs. William (Boldridge and Rosetta Barke 3 assisting hostesses. Ther a valentine exchange, am refreshments were served. ^ embers Ol the the home of the Vigars Monday Sorority to bo Hostess- Mesdames E. V. evening at 8 o'clock. There were The Beta Sig W-Stm-|28. e uests. Each dressed in de- met at Bernice in on r> i i «7L— ' • • => " 11 " B""»I.O. .^ai;u messeu m ae- met at Bern man Ralph Weber, C. R. Holt, pression custume. The evening day evening and Florence Kiercht. !«.«,.> <• _i--,~_ ._ , OYC '""& | ua -x evening. sororHv TUBS' music director, will play ""flute selections. i . Mrs. E. W. Hansen will give two ' Wn-tan-ye Club Plans Party— n c In/i 1 ?<nn rl t« ~~ • . 'T'lifv "ITr« m«« tr_ _i ..*. . being laid cer at a tea February 13 at the Ho. . musical readings. The last two numbers will be accompanied by Mrs. Shierk. Child Study Club Meets- Mrs. C. C. Shierk entertained he Child Study club at her home Tuesday , afternoon at 2 o'clock. Members of the club who attended are the Mesdames M. A. Sjostrand Thos. Kemis H. M. Olson, Bryon Arnold, H. L. Hoenk, Burdette T. Agard, Mrs, Agard's sister, Dorothy Davis, New York City, and C. N. Aalfs. Following a radio program from the Ames P. T. A. a light luncheon was served. Surprise for Mrs. Larson- Mrs. Roy Larson was taken by lv surprise Friday evening when her friends arrived to help her cele-'one brate her birthday anniversary. Three tables of 500 were in play ' Mrs. T. H. McGilligan won high for women; Louis Olsen, high for The Wa-Tan-Ye club met for I 6 o'clock dinner Tuesday night in (the Hotel Algona,'s Blue Room, Other Society. The Methodist Aid will meet :,.— ^ u ,.^,i -ti ls vu»i|» joiue itooin, *" c iuuLiiuuisi -am win meet 14 members attending. A business this afternoon (Thursday) for a meeting followed dinner. There 1:15 luncheon. Mrs. Albert Groot- will be an informal party next ers j s the chairman of the commit- luesday evening at the home of tee in charge of both luncheon and Laura Mitchell, Violet Norman as- Program. Carmean Roskopf the sistmg. '""'—' — • •'• - ' L The" rS™ 'A Bntertal n _ , 011B UIIB u . ameQ am wm ft]so thiV^ if^, Auxlllary wm meet several selections herself on the '' 1 ! S _ week . ™<J«y night at 6:30 flute. Mrs. Rae Asher will give a supper. Each mem-1 brief talk on the Life of school vocal music director will present a girls' sextette which she has trained and will also cive oatr/XTvi I m«l__ii-_ * O*TV ber a oei is a guest and a coy- a coy- ered dish. A committee will furnish coffee and rolls. Cards and other entertainment will be the diversion of the evening. Mrs. Koy Keen~Honored— , Smit A entertained , r - men; Mrs. Fritz Skill ng was ^ d f ° r eight ' Th low; and Glen Straker, won Tht • " Was sl Pentatbridge. Qt her Wh ° Was celebra - aniversary, was ° f thc day - Covers f ° r eight ' The ftf ter- ler. —««-**i,o ncric atjrv by the hostess, Mrs. Fred Zeig- Academy Party Draws Crowd- Bertes 45 Tears Wed— Mr and Mrs. Adam Berte celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary Sunday at their home. It „.,.. ui-vij **L£) >Y ILLL »' -~- »•* «J JL^J.tt.|| a V/J-U iVll^— 1 w --i, «--**•* AiUAlAC» J.L Mrs. Daniel Gies a few weeks, fol- There was a good attendance at t l, & ^ Ulet celel >ration In view lowed by car. The Gies family th e Academy party Monday night h Berte's poor health. Neigh- plan to make their home at St. T1) e Mesdames William Kollasch .,? r > S a , nd other Mends presented Mrs. William Dehnert entertained at dinner Sunday. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Martin Vinaas Mr and Mrs. J. H. Graham, all of Burt; and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Klamp, here. Mr. and Mrs. Vinaas are proprietors of the Burt hotel. Mrs. George Mahoney entertained the Laf-a-Lot club Tuesday of ternoon. Two tables of bridge were in play with Mrs. Gladys Watts winning high, and'Mrs. M. J Duffy being low. The club meets every two weeks on Tuesday. Mrs. Louis Lynk entertained the Easy Aces bridge club at her home Tuesday afternoon. Two tables wore in play, Mrs. Wm. Geering winning high; Mrs. R. Wooldridge, second; Mrs, Henry Furst, travel. A light luncheon was served. day afternoon at 1 o'clock lunch eon at the home of Airs. Scheme! Covers were laid for 8. Bridge was played in the afternoon. Mrs. George Stewart entertain ed the Brldgette club Tuesday Two tables were in play, Mrs. J W. Little winning high and a chair prize. Mrs. W. J. Becker was a guest of the club. Mrs. J. F. Overmyer and Mrs. W. A. Dutton entertained at a 1 o clock benefit missionary luncheon at the Overmyer home Wednesday afternoon. Covers were aid for eight. Mrs. W. C. Good entertained the Chatter club at her home Monday afternoon at one o'clock lunch- on. Covers were laid for 13. 'he afternoon was spent at sew- Mrs. C. C. Shierk will entertain er dessert bridge club at her ome nqxt Tuesday at 2 o'clock. overs will be laid for 8. Follow- ng dessert bridge will be play- Aid meets today (Thursday) with Mrs. John Urcli, and assisting hostesses* are Mes dames John Jordan, Paul Urcli and Leslie Jenkins. The women of the St. Benedlc Rosary society will give a c4ft party the evening of February^ 8 (next Tuesday) at the St. Benedict hall.. The Bel Canto music club meet Wednesday afternoon at o'clock at Nora McEnroe's. Lucia Wallace wil! be in charge of the program. The Naomi Circle mot Frlda'y with Mrs. Rose Anderson, 20 a't L tending. Assisting hostesses were Mayme Duryca and Mrs, Alice Sabin. ": Mrs. J. M. Cox, south of Algo na, will entertain the Cresco Embroidery club at one o'clock luncheon Wednesday, February '9. The Legion Auxiliary will meet Friday night at the Legion hall for a pot-luck supper. Each member is to take a guest. The Nazarene Women'. 1 !''Foreign Missionary society meets today (Thursday) at the parsonage. The Baptist Loyal class will meet next week Thursday with Mrs. Karl Wlllasson. The Degree of Honor lodge will meet Friday night at the home of Mrs. William Geering. * , Ex-Irvingtonian in Unusual Accident Irvington, Feb. 1—Leo Gregson Grinnell, formerly of this vicinity was seriously injured recently near Oskaloosa while he was trucking cattle. He had his largi semi-truck heavily loaded and was driving bchinid another truck when it became necessary to apply the brakes. The sudden stop jaused the cattle to lunge forward and some of them crashed through the front end of the rack and ,into .he back-end of the cab. Mr. Jregson was hurt internally. Some years ago the Gregsons lived on a farm a few miles east of Irvington. Leo is the father if Willard Gregson Algona. ;i » !;" • Kraschel Calls on Two. Burt, Feb. 1—0. P. McDonald, who has been in poor health for everal weeks, and Barbara 'hompson were honored Saturday fternoon by calls from Governor Craschel. DOCTOK CRETZMEYEB left aturday for Cambridge, Mass, to isit his son Charles, a Harvard 1 tudent. f Through c eman, coin imes DeLal 6f in i i venue'mo i. Johnson ittted byi.il In , discu jidge Delta ("There is i nd Spring shades like "Blithe" T' ^ y «*P reBB ! beiqe, and "Candid" ~ „' ' a ? ee pi»^ Koasi •u m i • . . a smart Ijoliiijeif' shows theyU complement your appearance 11 5rt of the p threads ..»$1.15-others 79cT 0 $"S,'""yl hViSife Clwisglulles ird or Btal le of thoet I talked « i formed tl e dlscuBsio talon that' get on In is a reel 1 Rath cln.ve --,, ~« ^.- ^«. V1 . j. JJC u-itss luuiny i * i * i - ^-v^auouiy jmny ivionuav nie'lit u — t'^ui UCU.ILU. Plan to make their home at St. Tlle Mesdames William Kollairh H° r - S and other Wends pr Paul, where they have purchased William Wise, R. E. Kain and th ?, P? lr with a plant and many and are operating a combined George Holtzbauer, were the 'com- grocery store_and_mea t market. |mitt£ ^charge. High ^contract Excerpts from Bert Sankey Bronchi Ho Mvs. B(-rt Sankey Mrs. Arthur I McEvoy and Walter ^,u«n- fir MHI h«™ WJ and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Charles Gilbride and Mra Heman tP^vi ?? nesday afternoon (yes- Mr. and Mrs. William Geering ~ ' '- - ° Mrs - Herman ^ rda y>- Excerpts from the Sea- entertained at a 500 party-at their sons Operas was the lesson sub- home Sunday evening. Twelve jeet with Minnie, J. Coate and Mrs. i guests participated, Mrs. Louis w. Lretzmeyer taking part. Lynk winning high score. Oscar Anderson being low. A light lunch 10 Des Moines Sat-lErdman urday and brought home Mr. Sankey who had been a patient in I'arty for Betty Koolhaas— the Methodist hospital there a Betty, daughter of Reprt few weeks. He is suffering from I've and Mrs. P. j. Kohlhaas, was Farm Woninn'i ulcers or , hc s ,o,,, ach al;d ^. imls |honoroe_at a surprise party giv- , The 'Sendb . Mrs. T. H. Chrischilles, Mrs. H. M. Hauberg, and Helen Dingley, are entertaining Saturday evening at 7 o'clock dinner at Mrs. Hauberg's. Covers will be laid for 32, and following dinner bridge be the diversion. complicaiinns but is much improv- en «t her home celebrating ed and able to be around the house. Sou for truest Itnnnstctters Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bonnstetter, near Corwith, are parents of an 8-lb. son, Billy Joe, born last week Monday. Mrs. Bonnstetter is a sister of Willard Gregson, Algona, and for several months last summer and in the earlv fall was critically sick from milkieg Mather and baby are reported GO ing well. I'hjlps Gmnjr to Bnrt— Mr. nd Mrs. Percy Philp and Vernon Robison have been employed by Roscoe Mawdsley, near Burt, and will live together" in a tt-.rn.nt' house. The small cottage which Mr. Philp built and in which the family lived a year is for sale. club, Riverdale, her township "met Wednesck v Tl h r T™' E ' t' Schemel and Mrft A ' T weanesd a> with E. Kresensky entertained Wednes eon was served, Mrs. E. A. Scheme! and Mrs. A CUT RATE GROCERY FREE DELIVERY Phone 271-272 BANANAS„, £!?•,£•«. dozon ig c 19c ORANGES Calif. Sunkist, do/en GRAPE FRUIT Prices on Dried Fruit Ag fc, 1 iV-V^ jte* AMAI ain "f FOR SALE-ALFALFA HAY and silage.—R. o. Butterfield, Burt. 10p20-21 Ttcnt a Farm- Mr, and Mrs. Alphonse Thilges, recently murried, are reported to have rented the farm owned by Mrs. Mary Stewart and recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Stewart. Mrs. Thilges was formerly Alvina Kramer. Jlissouriajis to lot-ate Here— The I^iwrence Thompsons, of Grant City, Mo., have been hired by U. B. Frankl and will move soon to the farm where the Cleo Blacks have lived for several years. Other Irvington. The George Noones and Mrs. Kate C'hilton moved Mondy 10 M,. s Chikon's farm, southwest of here vacated last week by the Robert Cascys. The Elmer Weavers have purchased Mrs. Clifton's small farm juat north of Trvlngton and are expected to move in soon. The John Schumchers, who left a few weeks ago, last wrote their daughter. Mrs. Elmer Dole, from Tampa, Fla., where they said they were perspiring in the heat. They plan to spend the remainder o the winter in Florida. Mrs. McDonnell, now of Algo na and the Ray Metzens will mov soon to what is known as tho O 1 Rourke farm. The Noonan fam ily has been living there. Fred, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hudson, has had to miss school several days because of an infection which started from a boil in the nose. Mrs. Mabel Potter, Spencer spent from Friday till Monday with the 0. L. Millers. The Cleo Blacks will move late in February to a farm in the Good Hope neighborhood. [FOR SALE—16 SPOTTED PO- land China bred gilts, farrow in April.—Anton Vammen, Ringsted. 14p20 FOR SALE—4 PIANOS, SMALL size, low as $12.50, must sell at once. — Brady's Storage, Fort D °tee, la. 17d>20 WANTED — FIREPROOF SAFE, uirgo enough to accommodate u record book 21x13 inches.—Inquire at Advance. 15u20-21 WATCHES AND CLOCKS - Care- tul, expert regulation and re- Pairmg. Years of experience. All makes.—A, H. Borchardt. 15(2)20 WANTED-YOUNG COUPLE DE sires close in apartment •March 1. Two or three roomt furnished or partly furnished".Write m care of this office. 24u2i FOR SALE-IMPLEMENT B~U3I in Ko 8 ;,,?;"Cormick-Deerlng line «60 K 0°^-. COU ?- ty ' inV ° iCe abou FURNACE SERVICE — IF TROtJ •ble develops in your heating Plant, just phone 83. We'll be ^ 60 - Holtzb auer, Green Furnaces. 21-2C wants n arm. Grown boy a i so t m,ie b - Seeh Mlke Be ^ema° miles south of stop and iro sign, Emmetsburg, Iowa R i 26pl9-20 RELIABLE MAN WANTED TO ,nnll °?,_ f . ar]D6 r S 'H KoSSUth -rience or up to S]2 FOR SALE-ONE OAK extension book case, reasonable. — s M Gladstone, Lone Rock. I2u20 FOR SALE-ONE 1932 DUAL wheel Chevrolet truck Kortli Enders are Wed. Swea City, Feb. 1—John S. Nelson and Mrs. Phoebe Frye were married at Estherville last week Thursday and have begun housekeeping six miles northwest of Swea City. tor Co .—Kossuth Mo- 15(2)20 nenU.-Phone 604, Cora MU- 15(2)20 OIL t P °R WINTERZWE^^: antee Enarco Penn to flow freely and quickly at De i ov £ W ^ Jnats genuine protection. — Vic's Service Station. 21(2)20 MODERNIZE - DARK ATTICS can be converted into attractive, livable rooms at small cost. Come in and talk over plans.-H R. Cowan & Son. 28(2)80 A POPULAR LUNCH - DELI- cious hot sandwiches. Homemade pie, excellent coffee, only 5c. Bring along your appetite.— Algona Confectionery. 18(2)20 , — —— MiiVA 41). ttble to purchase truck chassis Experience not necessary but sirable, provided other require? are met. Give full particu- m first letter to Box 400. 40u43 HOUSES FOIt SALK. paved finest 24u20 MEN WANTED $75 a month paid to many men at first and more later. Local manager of nationally known company wants to hire several men for work in this locality. Deliver orders to farmers, render service and do other work i'arm experience very desirable. Car necessary. Permanent work. You only need to give your name and address. Address Box 103, care of this paper. Name Address RAISINS Thompson Seedless 2 IBs. _. 4 fc*- .29c PEACHES Choice Muir 2 IBs. 25 Ib. box _ $2.69 we hit a New on ven S isBi tli The most B term-of orthe,,^ d thelsce PRUNES Choice Santa Clara 25c 25 Ib. box __$1.19 APRICOTS Choice Tilton 25 Ib. box__$3.i9 .Shredded Wheat Sno-Sheen CAKE FLOTJK Sale Dates Feb. 3—Thomas C. Coleman & Sons, sale of 100 head of cattle «n o the Jim Devine farm near St.' J'L ";T; H T' y , Loerwald, elos- Jell powder All Flavors 6 Dkfip *. t 25c Soup Mixture Used Car Sal For the nday.afte T-i ' < *«. er oisea: I ney're Priced Right tte * cclde They're Guaranteed They're the cleanest most complete in Northwest lowalifi Egg Noodles Cello Pack 2 nice* 25c — v U4 . j^.j fou jirt. >• ^2—Complete closing out T?. i 7 , mile ; 3 northwest of Lone Hock 4 miles northeast of Fenton, p. H. Jensen. Feb. 24-A. C. Bjustrom, eight miles west of Algona on No. 18 I Teneral farm sale. ' OF MINN. FLOUR, 49-lb" 1 &S- i- r i- Breakfast Food 4 pkg 8 . Choc/Xov. ^.- es, 1 Ib. box 19c Corn Meal 5 «. bag ---- fl- Wheat Cereal 21bs .19c Camay Soap ATTENTION FARMERS 160 acres, excellent g ° 0d bldss - 40 HAGGAED & PAlKENHAEfEE Dance Feb. 4 BALL BOOM DABL NEBBE'S GOLDEN SYRUP. Sbs. Sliced -1937 Ford Tudor, heater . -1937 Chev. Coach, heater -1936 Ford Tudor, heater -1935 Ford Tudor, heater -1934 Chev. Coach, recondition^ -1934 Ford Fordor, radio 1933 Ford Tudor -1932 Ford Coupe -1930 Chev, Sedan -1930 Chev. Coach and many others to choose from TRUCKS LWB dual, heavy onceu ut-\n ^^"vi^vi Pound HORMEL'S BACON PH «!'OJT' 32C DAIRY BRAND CHOICE Lb. 4 •• BEEF BOAST I OC SPABE Lb" 4 Z BIBS___ 1 SC BACON Lb'^-T SQCABES_____' 1 BQ SAUSAGE., _ Lb _' 17C 1-1929 Ford, SWB singles, grain Terms SIBLOIJf BOUN: POBK tb . ^^" T^ ~^ir 19c Kent Mi BOAST__.___" CHEESE, ^iJiC

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