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Daily Post (Merseyside ed.) from Liverpool, Merseyside, England • 6

Liverpool, Merseyside, England
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6 Liverpool Doily Post Saturday February 15 1969 Daily Post MILTON SHULMAN analyses the most talked about show of the week (BBC-2 1045 pm tomorrow) THE SOCK-IT-TO-ME STYLE IS HERE TO STAY I REMEMBER once reading that the world-wide harvest from the fall-out from nuclear bombs would be a crop of emotional instability and mental unbalance in the generation then growing up That was in 1948 I wonder how many people dismissed it ai rubbish Influx DRUG ADDICTION at its present level can be traced to the influx of Americans who to escape prosecution in their own country come here for treatment This is the opinion of Professor Francis Camps one of top forensic scientists He could link with them the protesters who come here as militant students to escape the war in Vietnam and all the other undesirables from the four comers of the earth for whom Britain seems to spell home Above the porch of my local cinema there was once a notice which read: The man agement reserves the right to refuse admission to persons deemed unsuitable Oh for the days when the British policy was just that Bearded George Schlatter coproducer of Laugh-In had his feet up on his desk was pecking away at a sandwich and was laughing at his own jokes One of his favourite occupations you get the blue and red lines to cross and shoot them in extreme close-up those Alka-Seltzer bubbles will make an exciting strange he was explaining to a middle-aged cameraman ersatz LSD I noticed the bubbles in a glass when I was shaving this morning enthusiasm inspired the cameraman into putting up an idea of his own The ideas they were discussing were not for Laugh-In at the moment most popular TV show These off-the-cuff brainwaves might one day find themselves in Turn-On which had its first showing on the ABC network last week and which Schlatter also controls as executive producer Turn-On might be described as the hippie son of Laugh-In It pushes formula of quick-fire skits instant blackouts blink-of-the-eye jokes still father into the region of subliminal excitement optical illusions electronic distortion computer graphics animated gadgetry and all the other whacky visual and aural devices that are needed to convince contemporary audiences they are being amused these days In Turn-On trying to appeal to a cult audience who waitch TV said Digby Wolfe the series producer who was born in Pinner and after a spell of night-club and TV work left England 10 years ago to try his luck in Australia and Los Angeles Goldie Hahn and Judy Came contributors to the chaos The people and the pounds The Prices and Incomes Board have been looking at the gas industry in which some people might have supposed them to be engaged They conclude that to have one man reading gas and electricity meters instead of one man one meter would be only a marginal saving in manpower How much saving would it be in womanpower? That the Board do not say Indeed one doubts if they have even considered it Housewives interrupting their work to traipse to and from the door don't come under scrutiny Their work calculable in the only terms the Board can consider But that mean it work and work as important in its way as that of the husbands for whom they keep homes Even in the own narrow terms their judgment seems curious The saving from a joint meter reading system would they say be unlikely to exceed million Are we to take it from the lack of enthusiasm that such a sum is too trivial to bother about? Not quite perhaps for there is grudging agreement that where experiments in joint reading are being carried out they should be continued and extended to include surveys so that a realistic estimate of the costs and savings may be made There is even a tiny concession to the housewife in the suggestion that public reaction should also be obtained Perhaps we should be grateful for this token recognition by the Board that people too exist and may deserve just occasionally to be considered alongside the pounds A noisy noise Meet the environmental expert Mr Roy Waller head of the environmental group of Atkins and Partners has solved your office problem: what you need is more noise A too quiet office he said this week needs artificial noise if staff can hear each conversations Nearby talk must be kept below the background moist so if you can still hear the chatter from the typing pool the solution is turn up the volume of the background noise take fright though He want to take Concorde away from hush-hush residential areas and have it endlessly circling over the business quarter blotting out commerce of every sort and office politics with it No what he has in mind is an electronic supplement of artificially characterless Noise for the sake of noise But we had that for a generation now? Music while you work Radio Television astonishing what Laugh-In has managed to get away with Dan Rowan for example reporting the nerws of the future said: 1968 The Church today finally approved the use of the Pill The announcement was made by Pope le Roy Junior His father was not available for To a network like NBC whose policy was recently enunciated by a senior executive as intending to be found in the vanguard of the problems of keeping shows like Laugh-In at the top of the ratings and inoffensive at the same time has become a worrying and nagging dilemma With films and paperback books conditioning millions to take a more liberal and more open approach to sexual racial and political problems the question is how long TV can go on trying to drag public taste back to the comfortable immocuousness of a few years ago The censors realise that they are too often pressurised by minority groups into frustrating the legitimate adventurous tastes of most of their audiences Complaints told me they had 240 complaints about a Laugh-In said Ed Friendly who co-produces with Schlatter said 240 complaints out of 40000000 viewers? Why only one thing to do Take the series The network taste men also are increasingly conscious of the fact that as men in their 50s they are becoming more and more a part of the nation which is distinctly in the minority Are they right to impose values and attitudes acquired before World War II upon millions of people under 35 who neither feel nor respect those values and attitudes? Thus oddly enough in the field of comedy American TV has had to face for the first time the dilemma of reaching maturity Inevitably it will have to move towards a more adventurous roore adult more liberal posture in its search for laughter and ratings This cannot fail to have repercussions on the rest of American TV And on us show which consisted of people all over Digby Wolfe told me When NBC first put the programme in their schedule in August 1967 they had little faith in its chances of survival There was in preparation another show to replace it But in twelve weeks it had zoomed to fourth place in the ratings and was firmly set for a tempestuous and unpredictable life WE HAVE all heard that Russia produced the first steam engine the first aeroplane the first internal combustion engine etcetera etcetera as the Americans have a habbit of saying Hear this Last year national output of cars was 280000 Last year car factories turned out 450000 Though I have to admit we exporting tanks to Czechoslovakia Impressed Now regularly at the top of the ratings it makes humiliating mincemeat of such formidable opposition shows as Lucy Gunsmoke and Peyton Place It has made millionaires and national stars of Dan Rowan and Dick Martin two little-known comics in their midforties Its regular team of kooks and screwballs Judy It To Came Arte "Very Johnson Goldie tatooed Hawn Ruth Buzzi who eats men Henry Gibson who recites nonsense poems are besieged by fans and offers The catch-phrases it has spawned have inspired merchandising gimmicks calculated to produce £5000000 in a year Some of this weird paraphernalia includes I To balloons punchballs sweatshirts greeting cards cocktail napkins posters There are paperback joke books a syndicated strip -cartoon bubblegum cards an LP album a monthly magazine water pistols cakes candies and an ice cream called comes de The idea for Laugh-In was one of about 50 that Digby Wolfe and Schlatter concocted when they were trying to get a show on the air a few years back even had a geriatrics ago we were invited to see an episode of Steptoe and Son It was hilarious Then we were shown an Americanised version of the same idea It was What Laugh-In and presumably Turn-on have taken advantage of in establishing their success has been the ability of TV audiences to react faster and be bored quicker by comedy on the air and their readiness to accept a measure of irreverence that previously would have shocked or annoyed them Undoubtedly popularity depends to a great extent on bursting through the taboos about racial political religious and sexual jokes The skirmishing that goes on between Schlatter and Sandy Cummings responsible for censoring Laugh In often sounds like a Marx Brothers skit Schlatter admits he puts in his scripts a number of obviously objectionable jokes so that he can use it as a lever to argue about the ones he really wants to get in The Pill and the Pope have been a rich fund of one-line-gags Considering that only a few years ago as Time magazine recently pointed out TV cartoons showed cows without udders and not even a pause was pregnant it was Non-committal RIP Schlatter is only too ready to acknowledge the contribution of English humour to Laugh-In of this kind of comedy started in England" he said of it you do better and some it you did before we did Indeed admiration for English TV comedy shows like That Was The Week Steptoe and Son and Till Death Us Do Part is constantly expressed by American writers and producers who view our freedom to be rude satirical and controversial in entertainment shows with a mixture of wonder and envy always trying to copy your best comedy shows out here but we just got the freedom" a writer told me Both George Schlatter and Digby Wolfe make shoulder-shrugging responses when you ask them about the chances of success They are non-committall recognising the way-out nature by TV standards of much that they are attempting And too they are still slightly incredulous about the success of Laugh-In which has in less than two seasons become the most looked at most talked about most envied show in American TV RESPECTFUL SILENCE is requested by Mr Anthony Wedgwood Benn for the turbine troubles I wonder if what he has in mind is the sort traditionally observed at a funeral HOW TO LOVE YOUR WEEDS by Howard Channon TEN SECONDS of film will be cut when the Queen Mother attends the first-ever X-certificate Royal performance was in bad said a member of the special seleo tion committee If that was so why for sake show that particular film at all What they have now ensured is that all those queer folk who are thrilled by the sight of schoolgirls giggling at a statue of a naked man plus thousands more who are simply curious will flock to see those naughty snatches which are not fit for a queen What a gift to the publicity brigade Real-life Playing fathers never too young to learn Children at a Whitchurch primary school are trying to impose a closed shop at the adjacent council playground warning other children off They have still a little way to go though Once they really get organised no doubt there will be a swings union to see that the members of the roundabouts union try to make up their losses The see-sawers will use the slide at their peril and the sand-pit diggers will be excluded from the paddling pool a wise child that knows its own shop-steward which had the power of a poleaxe and caused the hair to part in six places Miss Hatfield is a weed-lover only to a point She describes horsetail as "resembling a moth-eaten asparagus" admits it is the bane of many a gardener but has discovered that a brew made from it will control black spot on roses and rust on mint It is also supposed to clear up skin eruptions but thanks ever so Miss Hatfield try it on the roses first A Polish physiologist burned a crop of horsetail and in the ash found a visible amount of gold So maybe Wirral where generations of gardeners have battled against acres of horsetail with only ephemeral success could be another Klondyke with lemon and a little Taken regularly it is surprisingly effective she asserts Yet why surprisingly? My only experience in this field (and never again) was tea made from cltickweed One sip ugh! and that was me in the smallest room in the house for the rest of that day and far into the niight I begin to imagine the taste of Miss coltsfoot wine and her beer made from the dandelion (this weed is also known as pee-a-bed so draw your own conclusions) But once I sampled what was represented to me as daisy whisky (the recipe is in this book) As I recall it met the lips as innocuously as a baby kiss: but having passed the epiglottis delivered a blow Remembering the countless Ihours I spent before an efficient herbicide for the wretched stuff was invented on my haunches unravelling the tortuous roots of scutch excavated from a depth of three feet I was mortified to learn from this book that I had all unsuspectingly held in my palms a relief for gout catarrhal diseases of the bladder and cystitus and that if at that time I had had a dog cat and horse and the creatures had been ailing here at hand had been the means to restore them to health The elixir is a brew made from the cleaned and whisker-freed roots of scutch (couch or twitch) cut in short lengths lacking in any particular Miss Hatfield notes- may be flavoured mad milk Creeping Charlie and Dirty Dick A new book to Enjoy Your by Audrey Wynne Hatfield (Frederick Muller 16s) sounds the very primer for that reluctant hubandman who feigns to find a dock as delectable as a delphinium Alas for him the title needs to be qualified too She is very far from being as cranky as the keen gardener might suspect Indeed this is more a book for those who erjoy spadework than for those whio A weeding seems a loaf compared with the labour entailed in some of the recipes for herbal potions and cordials she has discovered enough daisies flowers no stalks' to fill a gallon measure weed is a lovesome plant in the wrong it was once claimed prooably from the depths of a sun-warmed deck chair as a mutinous rejoinder to cries of from the kitchen window Like most profundities it needs to be qualified Right if talking about primrose bee orchis and even the blueeyed speedwell Wrong if talking about horsetail ground elder and scutch (also known as twitch couch and squitch) You can sort out the welcome little strangers from the resented intruders by the names given to them by our forbears who certainly knew what they were about There are chick whittles hedge maids posies sweet basil and Good King Henry But there are also Stinking Billy soursop GUESSING SOCCER results should be fun for the panel of experts But why not make their job more realistic by pelting them with bottles and toilet rolls during the session AN INVITATION from the Raleigh people has come my way to what is described as a The card reads: It will not be a success without you so please come and see what we have done to The Pram Meet the men in motion who have put the skids under convention and tell us what you think Never mind what I think What will baby think RELIGIOUS SERVICES J- Noon weather chart The work-to-rule Letters to the Editor Honourable Arrows snov wind direction figures in circle show wind speed (mph) Figures outside the circle show temperature (Cent) Weather symbols: blue sky be hall clouded cloudy overcast fog drizzle hail mist rain snow tlr thunder storm showers with better dental health education and public health measures such as water flouri-dation the present overwhelming demand on their services may be lessened in the future Dental Surgeon Ormskirk FOLLOWING THE Duke of comments on university unrest student protester Julian Collier is returning his gold medal awarded for life-saving and a fifty mile hike He should be respected for having the courage of his convictions Which is more than one can say for the pot-bragging weirdies who cling to honours awarded for muck less wholesome activities before their image slipped LIVERPOOL PARISH CHURCH Sunday February 16: 930 Parish Communion followed by breakfast -the Rev Pedley 630 Evensong the Rev Arnold Myers Vicar of West Derby Tuesday February 18 and all through Lent Addresses at 15: Ash Wednesday Holy Communion 7 8 125 and 6 pm Preacher at 15 THE ARCHBISHOP OF PRIMATE OF ENGLAND Full list of 29 Lent Preachers obtainable on leaflet from the church ALLERTON PARISH CHURCH (All Hallows) 8 am Holy Communion 11 ami: Matins the Vicar Anthem: The Lord Is King (Boyce) 630 pm Evensong: Canon 1 HORNTON-DUESBERY Magnificat and Nunc Dimiitis (Brewer in fc Flat) 7 30 um: Holy Communion MOSSLEV HILL PARISH CHURCH (St Matthew and St James) 8 am and 1215 pm: Holy Communion 10 a in: Children's Church 11 am: Matins Preacher: The Rev A NUGENT- 630 pm: Evensong Preacher: The Hev Professor NIN1AN SMART "Christianity and Hinduism CHURCH OF SCOTLAND St Andrew Rodney Street Sunday February 16 11 am Rev BRAIN BAHAI For free literature apply The Secretary 3 Lanqdale Road Liverpool 15 or 33 Park Avenue Southport ST COLUMBA'S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Smithdown Gate Sunday February 16 Services 11 m- 6-30 pm Mr HOWARD NASH GRANGE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Kings Road Behind ion Sunday February 16 11 am: Morning Worship and Sunday School 630 pm: Evening Worship Preacher: Rev HOYLAKE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Alderley Road 11 am and 630 plll: Rev ERIC FVANS MA (Minister) TRINITY PRESBYTERIAN 11 am Hev WILLIAMSON MA STM 6-630 Pm Short I am utterly disgusted with the irresponsible behaviour shown by some of the teachers by their antics in striking and working-to-rule and other actions which one has come to associate with the lesser intelligent sections of the community I have always regarded teachers as members of a profession who were in some way dedicated to their work They have a great responsibility in that they are moulding the citizens of tomorrow and for them to behave in front of their charges in this manner means to my mind that they are unworthy of the position they hold and I am entirely out of sympathy with any who follow this miserable and degrading way of airing their dissatisfaction B- CHORLEY Church Lane Neston Anti-toothache expenditure Sir Your headline today over the story concerning dental cost in the National Health Service should surely read: £100m anti-toothache bill It is a fact that this cost roughly £2 per head of population per year is incurred in the prevention of dental decay: a service unique not only in Europe but in the world itself This fact has recently been recognised by the 8 per cent pay award recommended by an independent Government Committee who reached their conclusions quite unpressurised by any threat of strike action or withdrawal of service and after careful examination of all the evidence It is the hope of the members of my profession that Delays in the post RAIL DELAYS and the explanations for them are criticised by the Central Transport Consultative Committee for Great Britain Perhaps the railway chiefs should take a lesson from the airline pilot who apologised to his delayed passengers I and received their congratulations For telling the truth Sir A letter admittedly bearing a 4d stamp post marked Newport Pagnell (Buckinghamshire) February 7 1969 reached me on February 13 1969 I thought the strike was over C- Elliot Berkeley Street Liverpool 8 Evening Service WAVFRTREE WEST KIRBY FREE CHRISTIAN CHURCH Brookfield Road Service 11 am Rev ERIC PHILLIPS BIRKENHEAD UNITARIAN CHURCH Clive Service 630 pm Mr A PATTERSON WALLASEY THE MEMORIAL CHURCH Manor Road Service 630 Pm Rev BRIAN A PACKER CHESTER MATTHEW CHAPEL Blacon Point Road 1045 and 6-30 pm Rev A ST 'V FILL ENS UNITARIAN CHURCH Corporation Street Service 630 Dm Mr BERRY SOUTHPORT UNITARIAN CHURCH Portland Street Service 11 am Rev LAWRENCE CHANDLER BA WARRINGTON CAIRO STREET CHAPEL 1030 am and 630 pm Rev FRANK WANT PARK LANE CHAPEL Ashton-ln- Makerfield 11 am and 630 pm Rev ALLWORTH NORTH WALES UNITARIAN AND FREE CHRISTIAN SOCIETY Meeting 230 pm at Meeting House Emkine Road Colwyn Bay on Satunlay March 1st Miss CATHERINE HERFORD FREE LECTURE on Christian Science at First Church of Christ Scientist Liverpool Heathfield Road (near Penny Lane) Sunday February 16 at 3 pm CALVARY CHURCH (Independent Baptist) Knotty Ash Minister: REV A CHILLINGTON DAY SERVICES 1040 am Morning Worship 300 pm: Sunday School and Bible Class 630 pm: Gospel Service 800 pm: Thursday Bible Study ALL WELCOME CHRISTIAN SCIENCE Branches ot The Mother Church tlie First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston Massachusetts LESSON SERMON FEBRUARY 16 THIS WEEK SOUL FIRST CHURCH Heathfield Road Liveroool 15 Sunday 11 am and 50 pm Sunday School 11 am Reading Room at Church Heathfield Road Liverpool 15 Weekdays 1 pm to 4 pm Wednesday 11 am to I pm THIRD CHURCH Upper Parliament Street Liverpool 8 Services will be held In the Gordon Smith Institute Paradise Street Sunday at 1115 am also Sunday School 1115 am Wednesday Testimony Meeting 730 pm Reading Room 11 Tempest Hey Monday to Friday II am to 5 pm Wednesday 11 am "cHURCH Sandfield Park Oueens Drive Liverpool Sunday 11 am and 630 pw: Sunday School 11 am Reading Room 46a Derby Lane Weekdays except Wednesdays 1030 to 4 pm HOYLAKE FIRST CHURCH Gap Sunday 11 am and 630 pm Sunday School 11 am Reading Room 2a Westbourne Road Monday to Saturday 2 pm to 4 pm CROSBY FTRST CHURCH 7 Crosby Road South Waterloo Sunday 11 am Sunday School 11 am Reading Room 2 Church Road Waterloo Monday to Friday 2 pm to 4 pm BIRKENHEAD FTRST CHURCH Village Road Oxton Sunday 11 am and 630 pm: Sunday School 11 am Reading Rooms Village Road Tuesday and Saturday 230 pm to 430 nm also Wednesday 715 pm to 745 pm WALLASEY FIRST CHURCH St Hilary Brow Sunday 11 am and 6-30 pm Sundav School 11 am Reading Room 136 Sea view Road Monday to Saturday 215 pm to 415 rm TFSTTMONY MEETING Wednesday First and Third 730 pm Fourth and Wallasey 745 pm: Crosby Birkenhead and Hoylake 8 pm You are cordially invited to listen to the nroaramme The Bibl Speaks To Radio Manx Friday 10-JO 15 am medium wave 188 metres 715 Pm VHF 80 Occluded Front Isobars show millibars and aneli equivalents Ll General situation: A complex area of low pressure will cover much of Britain It will be cold everywhere and frost will persist in many areas throughout the day There will be snow at times in most parts probably rather more prolonged in NW districts Further outlook: Continuing very cold with snow at times in most areas Wales NW England Isle of Man: Mainly dry with sunny intervals at first becoming cloudy with snow later Wind light to moderate NE Very cold Maximum temperature -1C (30 F) Ireland: Mostly cloudy with snow rather prolonged at times Wind NW moderate becoming fresh or strong later Very cold Maximum temperature 0 (32 F) Well done CHURCH NEWS Deaconess to preach at the morning service CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Hunters Lane Sunday February 16 11 am and 630 pm Rev BROWN MA (Minister) 14th anniversary Visitors Welcomed Sunday Febroory 23: Special visit of Rev A FIGURES (Moderator NW Provence end Secre-tary Lancashire Congregational Union) CENTRAL HALL (METHODIST) RENSHAW STREET SUNDAY FEBRUARY 16 SUNDAY AT THE CENTRAL 11 am Family Worship and Sunday School 630 pm POPULAR PEOPLES SERVICE Subject: KEYS AND KEYHOLES Conducted by REV TOM JENKINSON Around Europe EVER SINCE 1963 a committee has been co ordinating research into the impact of television Lord Stonham who has had a of its findings says that its theme is that a lot more research needs to be carried out He adds: surmise that the oniv thing that is at all clear is that nothing is clear may not be so very far Well if the result of five years of committee work lord help the lot of us CATHEDRAL SERVICES LIVERPOOL Tomorrow 830 am Holy Communion 1030 a m( Matins (Preacher Deaconess Thelma Tomlinson) 3 pm Evensong (Preacher the Rev John Warman) 830 pm United Service (Preacher The Rev Dr Rupp) Monday to Thursday 915 am Matins 4 pm Evening prayer Ash Wednesday: 930 am Holy Com munion Friday: 915 am Matins 5 pm Evening prayer Saturday: 915 am Matins 3 pm Evensong CHESTER Tomorrow 745 am Litany 8 am Holy Communion 1030 am Matin (Preacher Canon A Hardy) 1130 am Sung Euchariat 330 pm h-vensong 630 pm Nave service (Preacher the Rev Canham Chaplain choral) BISHOP OF ENGAGEMENTS Tomorrow 4 pm OughMbridge Sheffield 630 prn Sheffield University Chaplaincy Tuesday: ACCM working party Manchester Thursday 230 pm Council 4 Liverpool Deaconess Thelma Tomlinson the first woman to be appointed chaplain to Liverpool Cathedral is to preach there tomorrow morning The Deaconess was appointed on January 1 and became an assistant chaplain to Liverpool University at the same time There have been other woman preachers in the cathedral from time to time The Rev John Warman chaplain to the University will preach at evensong and at a special United Service later in the evening the preacher will be the Rev Dr Rupp President of the Methodist Union College Cmincli si! Halewood Friday: 7 pm County Council Preaton ARCHBISHOP OF ENGAGEMENTS Consecration of Bishop at the Metropolitan Cathedral UNITARIAN AND FREE CHRISTIAN (H Cli Eo Unitarians encourage honest independent thinking in religious matters ANCIENT CHAPEL OF IOXTETH Dingle Service 11 am Dr UITI hRO ADTCHURCH Sefton Service 11 im Rev GORDON ARKF HOPE STREET CHURCH YMCA Chapel Mount Pleasant Service 630 pm Rev ERIC PHILLIPS MILL STREET DOMESTIC Service 3 pm Rev BRIAN A AC FR HAMILTON ROAD FREE CHURCH No service BOOTLE FREE CHURCH Carlton House Breeze Hill Service 3 Pm GATEACRE CHAPEL Gsteacre Brow -Service 11 am Mr GEORGE CRAIG PS METROPOLITAN CATHEDRAL r8 am 9 am 10 am Low Mass 11 am High Mass 3 pm Consecration of the Right Rev Monsignor Joseph Gray ns titular Bishop of Mercia artd auxiliary of Liverpool (Preacher Archbishop Igino Apostolic Delegate to Great Britain) 4 pm 5 pm Low Mass 7 pm Low Mass Monday to Saturday 8 am Noon 1230 pm 415 pm 545 pm Low Mass Wednesday and pm To tana'ry" 4 pm Veneration I tha Sacrament aeboeda University Lancashire Gray BISHOP HARRIS' ENGAGEMENTS Reception for tha cen-M3L NoS Dama eoUaoiata MY TONIC of the week was tlr story of the forged fiver si good that a hank issued it an income tax collector a part of his salary.

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