Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1938 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1938
Page 6
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JAMES Eexall Drug Store Algona, Iowa •••» Special Sale 10% DISCOUNT on Typewriters During February Because of our largo sto -1- r typewriters we are niakiim Siii"^^ - now portable •luce our stock. Cash only will h m ° rder to re J —- y W1H bu accepted at this discount. Come in now while om . Btock ^ I. G. DEWEL ATTIIK ADVAXCJ-; OFFfCJ-J : ,KOSSt)THCOtTN^YA|)VAiyCS,-ALGONA, IOWA REWRITES Briefs summarizing principal news In last Thursday's Upper Dos Molnos. PUNKRAT, SEKVIC.KS were held at the Methodist church, the Rev. A English In charge, for Howard M. Vlnson, 42, Saturday. Mr. Vln- son died at an Aberdeen, S. D., hospital, after a short illness with stomach ulcers, with, which he had for^ some time been afflicted. He been in the postal service for C.J.ANDERSON, EX-SWEA CITY, DIES ON COAST EARL SHEPPARD DAUGHTER WEDS AT WHITTEMORE Whittemore, Feb. 1—Geraldlne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sheppard, was married to Louis Schumacher at St. Michael's Catholic church here Tuesday morning by the Hev. William Veit, pastor, ^sther Henry was bridesmaid and Lester Schumacher was best ian. The bride wore a gown of oyal blue alpach crepe with no- 17 years Tio"L,T"""ir cl V°» IUI V "'", LJ ' - vvllon il& w ^ s 15 In tho nsir-r^^rs r&™« ^W^^STSWS *^&»VQm^^^j*Ls*<z Swea City, Feb.- 1 — Relatives nnd old friends here were shocked Monday when word came that C. J. Anderson had died suddenly Sunday at his home at Alhambra, Mr. Anderson was perhaps one p .. . "«<i jjvi.mi'|sa unu °l !° b ^J, Itn ° wn m «« 'n this vi- Wl en he wjjs 15 in tho white peas. „_, 1.111 vi >r ni LU n\V UUL Peas. The- bridesmaid wore a navy blue alpach crepe dress, with ae cessories to match, and a corsage "''"- carnations and swee wedding breakfast was served o.y tlie bride's grandmother, Mrs Gilbert Sheppard, at Algona, and a reception took place at the home of the bride's parents, where a three-course dinner was served to 40 persons. Mr. Schumacher is the son of T, ;, n , nd Mrs> Mlke Schumacher. Both he and his bride attended Presentation academy here. The Fern Valley Wide-Awake 4-H boys club met at Geo: Mr, and Mt$> W> C Elbert, of Wtiittemore, Wed Fifty Years ( --., ~ ~. lt u IUCL clL UUUi'^G ]'jt jward Fandel's last week Wcdnc day evening, and Randall R 0 f man, P a ] o Alto county agent, hel I ed plan a program for .1038. Bill JFandel gave a talk on a trip t | Ames, games ware played, nnd I few songs were sung. On the en jtertamment committee were Del jbert Elbert and Francis Fande '" was served by Mrs. Fande] tt ._ , •' •" "'« Jiupu mac "i niroc nouses in pnqf <?wnn K^jaV^^ariar-^'^a . . , .uuu.il «i.jju t*VU UJHI- dren, Craig, 18, and Shirley, 16 survive. Mrs. Vinson's mother is Agnes M. Laldley, former county recorder. GOYKIWOJl XHASCIIEIi USfOKa at the annual meeting of the Burt creamery at Burt Saturday. He urged farm ownership by the f™; a ', sa -! in £ tllslt now GO per r *i "fc*i«, lUiiiiiuu JUS win T trad0 ' Centering, and when he WM 22 located at Ban„. . ™> 101 ' e h e did contracting mo ^""dtaff- Ho was married in IBS!) to Emma Erickson. When Swea City was new, the Andersons moved here, rind Mr Anderson continued contracting, El,?.?, 1 di ^, a ' so establishing a Whittemore Feb. 1—Tho country home of Mr. and Mrs. William C Elbert was the scene for celebration of their golden wedding anniversary Monday, Mr. and Mrs. Elbert were married January 31, 1888, at Benson, fll., by the Rev, Father Martin Bauer. Their first eight years of married life they spent at Flaningan, 111. 'Then they moved to Whlttemoro 42 years ago and have " ved here ever since. The only person hero for the golden wedding who attended the original event was Mrs. Mary Kohl, Mason City. Tho celebration began with high mass at 8 a. m, at St. Michael's Catholic church, with 'the Rev. Father William Veit as cclehrant. Mrs, Elbert was attired In a wine colored, transparent velvet dress. Mr. and Mrs. Elbert are the parents of eight children, all whom live In this county: Lawrence, Algona; Leo, Mrs. Clara Mueller, Elmer, Martin, Clarence, Harold, and William all of this community. There arc 17 grand-children. At noon « three cdurse dinner was served to tho oldweds.and 50 closo relatives. Tho tables wore decorated with daffodils and snapdragons, and the rooms wore beautiful with streamers of gold crepe paper and small gold bells. There was open house from 3 to 5 Pi m., and 150 neighbors an.d other friends called. Gold-colored ' ice cream and cake, cookies, and I coffee were served. The Elborts receive,] many t 0:30 lu,,,, Immediate speak („, r .,: 16 <»ny it 11,' camp next Mnn,|, v AH farmers „ . •/"'%; will bo an onp,, ,,• " lvi H 1"B tho speech, ±' then bo : open to,^ Dour.; -~ ^""""' charge 01 j.etij ,. from n. railway' ,..,' western track* i ''' employed In a io,'.. ! ' ai1 •'' ' —, --,., ,,.£, L1JU , U iiu\v uu per p ""of "iou usiuuiisHing a cent of the farms of Iowa are ten-1 nlturo business. IIo bu|It t]le intod. Other speakers were 0. K. L, 5 "?* and Lutheran churches, btorne, of the Staito Brand Cream- r o!d °P era house, and manv t'mc. n •-. ,1 A -»I» »»...- "«"1 nM^rt.. 1 1 , .. ~. .""11.7 ~.u..,,., ul ,. uu ounce Jirana Cream- uimra iiouse, ries, and A. W. Rudnick Ames other local buildings. XI 1 II** n ., — _ I _- 1 t . _,. * »•»•«-" \rf«J 171!,. _ 1.1 •««• l _ The __ Thull's. Mrs. ° meetin fi at Billy Observes Uirtluhiy- Mrs. August Mielke was hostess o " 0 >Slibors and other friends Sunday and Monday nights in honor or her 68th birthday Tie men .played cards, the women Mr nnrt i°r 8t8 ?" ndny "^ Mi. and Mrs. Louis Braatz, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bierstedt, Air. and Mrs. Gerhard Wehespann, Sir. and Mrs. j. H . Helmke, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Potratz, Mrs. Fred ' were , Lehman; Monday night Mr , fahn, Mr. cke'r ' Ml '' Mr.' and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Otto and Mrs. Dietrich Stl '« c airy specialist. Tho creamery ^"a"? Mr. Anderson gave tip handled 10,378 pounds of butter contracting and devoted all of his worth $105,000 last year. j. P . time to the furniture business. In Irunkhil and E. B. Dittmer were L lfl31 , he sold out « 11cl went to rnli- rfl-nlnn^fi ri,,. n „ I fornia for his remaining years His Buy the Most Possible For . re-elected directors. Algona business wife . Milton, survive. A " duced, ton-minute 8 ven, followed by rlle ., anj j ual meeting will be held n March, when the terms of Di- cctorsWin. F . Steele Jos. Bloom, V. V. Butler, and T. H. Chrischil- es expire. we re (Eastern Pythias. flnd thc services were held I afternoon in Alhambra. 'her wella n ..,' laborer, nd Delbert Posnaugh, of Plum reek, were given sentences of ten ' T F ° rt Madisoa Mony Judge, De Land on charges (HARVEY WADSWORTH SICK SEVEN YEARS ,. _ Card Part,- a t Tamil's— Entertained at 500 at AUK- a UK- gust Vaudfs Friday evening were . with the gir, ,, r two IMvKCER, who had been )'™°^ e A, J - Wttda ' w °«-th, GO, was inriV g ° na Oct °ber 1C and was a resident of K Clarence Mrs. N. S. Nemmers, Ramsev township, since childhood, was or to leave the state of Iowa by ice Danson last Thursday a !°jL ad " lreateiled to commit to „ control of auto agoncy at Genoa Ln(; ame to Denver, and he had resided here continuously garage and an auto health per- and Esther Potratz, Dawn Vaudt 1^,' f 10 ,' ° f' llew B aptist min- tvelyn Voigt, Helen Halm. May M . ' w '•'"' ohar se- Surviving is inard Roeber and Reta Struccker m rt ^r" 8 , and six children: won h ish; L£ ™ ce Meye] . ( t c>- ^J^J^" - , Thompsons to CedaT- Rapids— :-™-a i t tnr S - sr?ss ™^ ' lth n^!5 n l™« »?. ^»awha You Avill find excellent values in our stock of beds, spring and A variety of poster, spool, modernistic or iron bedsteads. EXTRA FEBRUARY VALUE Iron bed, Simmons spring and cotton mattress $14.95 High grade coil spring and inner spring mattress $19.75 New Furniture and Rugs Arriving Daily Our Factory Hook-up enables us to ff iv, county Conservation' Lea-mo' vith 10 ^ 4 ?"^ at ™ e emo;;; with Frank Mnrnette as principal speaker. Therein be election of be f Ol* Oi^fl n T* "i i^Luai i>.«.^ius, wnere Mr. I ,•„„, Thompson has accepted a position ,'"?'' J with a broadcasting company The'o ' by - - Jhompsons came liere a year ago,! , M ' "oward, Washington, luwu tit n ' rl . 10ml ' son roi'i-osented.'^" 0 ' 0011 " oss ession the same dav' the Des Monies Register-Tribune |^_V Ho . w ard comes from the ttuk- f*in ty-trt-n £T/) nf* >* JIM nA,, ri , . -»•«-»JL Maurice Mallorys anfThe Sher- nans are also quarantined F-i • v , ReV " Fathei ' Dolh '°«. of -n y, was a guest early in the veek at Henry Folder's.' He is a ophpw of Mr. Folder 'siopnv ,-, Kreb ;l bach came from bleepy hye, Minn., for the week ,end with Mrs. Krebsbach. Student Xnrses Tisit Ifcre— Lcona, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Adolph Naas. is a student nul-se ind ii, JS hospital . Rochester, and she came home Sunday for three , TOe k 8 with her I. ch arges of grand larce'nvVf six I 1 ,?** 0 ' fcat , tl ° from Ilis ™» Al'h- |or Ho took the cattle to St Paul and sold them for $400^ ftKORGE CAEarOmCor wnit- temore, who recently passed bar tests, is planning to open a lawyers office in Algona. He 'was graduated from De Paul unlve^! ity, Chicago, last 'June; A H-COUJfTl' set-up letics was formed in Algona one day last week, and 0. S? Reilev was elected president. Plans are for county, district, and state tournaments at baseball ' NEED 192 » - 1930 AJ u u mi CARg years. ~ W0rked wlti 'The only son, John, is '" ^ high school rent the family homo and apartment. The son and and the Davenports ', was dead at Greeloy, . - no other facts concern- ner have been received. Frankls in Texas; Truck Wrecks Car Irvington, Feb. 1—Mr. and Mrs John Frankl, who had been at r^ r ' C °l°-' are , *™ enJoytaB till March 1. Beforp lonvincr Boulder the Frankl car wi h John-at the wheel, collided with a truck. The drivers were uninjured, but the car is reported to have been so badly wrecked that a new one was purchased for the trip to Texas. ' week relatives. ACADEMY HALL MONDAY EVENING S O'clock Curds, Luncheon, Dance PuMJc Invited. J*i:i'oi{i; you I'Aixr K'*< full Jnfor.uulioii. »«-' llUVl' lR.lj.Jful illllS- lifcniturc. it's Botsford Lumber Company •nil s .Voyers Are Hosts— ca v 8 - Sunclay evening at the Mr -.nrl Af Ve '' S Tr Wei '° ent enalned ?ne and Phyllis,'Mr. anT Mrs* iprr'^i^ir-- 4*! or ; Many at Academy Tarty— There was a large a card party at the i_, "'Sin- RlUi Burke y won high at brii Missouri Visitors Leave— The Clyde Wilsons returned to lieu- home at Independence Mo ! last week Thursday, after "iv we eks wltn Mra _ W iiVon's mother ! '•». Emma ililbert, and other latives. "inn Other Whittemore. lJ/o K V', J n hn WalUron {lml Mr B . Kate Cullen went , 0 Mr and Mrs. Lawrence Pert! ento,ta 1 ned Sunday evening a '-irds, and guests were Mr and Mrs. Otto Halm. Mr. and Mrs. Her - neVakr Mr - a » d M - Mr and Mrs. Martin Eicheid and -chers Ten Kossuth teachers wrote I . *' " ^ .s^z&vrsirtss 11 iss ny Hallf Whmei »° rc Sn'!?,^ W £? ^"-tlo" 1S o d f a> Cou a nr " ' ~ ' a »ine}. Jins week Fridav 9fi* eighth graders in the county' wil take state tests at the Bryan so 100 building and (l '^" schools throughout the county une of the most important essen- ley, ' forth in at their f'»m their s" said Mrs. Shir- tliem to concen- e done by puttine- I>el«ng' Askew Attraction 18 Artists the Thellannonetts most sensational ,1 ".-""«•.• atMihuuoiini doubling band in tlie noHli- ivest. .Come and have a good tim DO YOU HAVE ONE? ^i^^^^ --• CHRYSLER ,„„, r. Has had tmnk. Tires like new, large ATTENTION Friday & Saturday BACON SQUARES Lb „ b18 19c TTATI^.-,,^ ~ L-0; 19< TENDER ROASTS AND STEAKS OUR SPECIALTY YOUNG CALVES LIVER We Specialize in Ham Loaf and Meat Novelties LONG'S GROCERY M5 F 0 ,<1 Deh,« 2-door w itl, Tt i to» who uccd exh , ttSSf 1934 Fonl M(X) , , spl 1U011e - a "' 10tS » tallll , Has Colum . »to--« nice family «„• 111 *-,.^ dandy «»• f " r condihon thimighout. 0 '^- and n ot t,,,, Tudor ruck S. W. B. overhauled in "ou unevi'olet CouiDe wiri, T>- i ±J6Z 1 the shop. °^ G ^th P lc k- llp boXj llo;y • OLDSMOBILE ] 9360ldsmolbileConnp i i 1»» on flu. C4l , ™Pe-look s and nms like mw We tare a ^^ BODY SHOP ' - M °" y chea P er ones o ho , k A . MAXWELL .

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