The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 5, 1898 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1898
Page 5
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THE tPPER BBS MOlKESt AJtONA, IOWA, 6 1808, Know all Men by These Presents: Particularly the man or woman who buys his presents at our store. They will know they are getting the best for their money. Langdon & Hudson. TBI/BPHONB NO. IS. NSURANGE Also Land, Loan and Collection Business.- Office over Algona State Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Rocltford of Rockford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life of New York. GEO. M. BAILEY. GREATEST COMEDY OF THEM ALL. SIDE-TRACKED. [.THURSDAY NIGHT, 6th, Call Opera House. GRAND SCENIC DISPLAY. Best Specialties on the American Stage. Don't let anything prevent you from hearing ! Bishop Fowler -ON" Abraham Lincoln" SATURDAY NIGHT. It will be the literary treat of the season in Algona. THINGS TO REMEMBER. Bishop Powler Saturday evening. The Bancroft fair association meets Saturday. Remember "Side Tracked" is to- aorrow evening. The Kossuth County Agricultural |ociety meets Saturday. , Side Tracked, a lively drama, at the jpera house tomorrow evening. The woman suffrage club will meet rith Mr. J. B. Jones tomorrow after- Boon at 3 o'clock, Hogs are up a little. They bring $3 ~~3.20 now, with good prospects. Steers are worth $3.80@4.55, cows $2.75 3,25. i Remember " Side Tracked" is Thurs|ay night of this week instead of Fri|ay night, as advertised last week. eats now on sale at 35 and 50 cents. Th'e annual meeting of the Algona library association will be held at the Ijurt house a. week from Friday. The |rtrts of Thos. F. Cooke and Mrs. C. A. ggham expire. |The W. 0. T. U. will meet in the Y. |. C. A, hall next Wednesday, also |r the following regular meeting. It I hoped that arrangements will be (Jftde for the union to meet there permanently. jThe Methodist Sunday school will jeet at 9:30 next Sunday instead of 10 I'clock. All take notice. Don't wait pr a, second bell, or a first bell, but con- git your own time pieces and get to je church at 0:30 sharp. |Rev. Sinclair will, by request, next tb, a. m., repeat the sermon he eaohed a few weeks ago on " God is flrit," In the evening he will give ye last of the series of illustrated Jks on the life of Christ. There will ,i special music by a male quartette H3 others. l?h,e Women's Library Aid society Friday afternoon, Jan. 7, at 3 , at the reading room. Mre. JJios. F. Cooke will give a paper on |rly Femish art and artists. Current will be giyen. The society cor- lly invite any to whom this subject interest. eastern 8 "Golfl Bugs" are bun- jjy for wore Iowa farm loans. Special lies now. THOS. F. COORB, RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL, TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 0:05 am No. 3 departs at 3:58pm Freights that carry passengers— No. 03 departs at 10:45pm No. 71 departs at 3:20pm No. 05 departs at 8:30 p m TRAINS BAST. No. 2 departs at 10:45 am No. 4 departs at 6:28 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 departs at 10:10 pm No. 94 departs at S :20 p m R. F. HBDRICK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South— North- Freight 11:00 a m Mixed 7:05 a m Pass 7:05am Freight....-.11:50 am Mixed 11:50 am Pass 2:41 p m Mixed 7:54 pm Mixed 10:28p m Arrive at Des Moines at 12:15 p. m., 0:15 p. m., and 1:20 a. m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD. A Happy New Year. Where is our charity ball this year? Every farmer should keep an account book this year. The weather has been mild. The new year came in gently. An effort will be made to have Bishop Fowler preach Sunday. The W. E. Carty home has a new little girl up in Plum Creek. Prof. Spencer's home rejoices in a little daughter this morning. There will be about 75 from Burt and 25 from Bancroft to hear Fowler. Rev. Day lectures in the Fenton Methodist church tomorrow evening. Pearl Pugh was up at Bancroft last week to invoice the Anderson jewelry stock. The Odd Fellows' hall has the new gasoline lights. It is beautifully illuminated. Joe Steil has closed his clothing store and will go back into Durdall's store. Glen Brunson is on his sixth week of typhoid fever. He is having a serious seige of it. Frank Jenkinson sold a horse Monday for $75. The average price, however, is only $50. A son of John Chapin of Portland, has bought in with Hugh Smith in the Ayrshire Chronicle. A. W. Moore, one of the pioneers, has a little daughter at his home to celebrate the new year. A little daughter came to make the holidays joyful at the E. G. Bowyer home. She arrived Friday. The firemen cleared $70 out of their big dance besides having lots of fun. The money goes to the relief fund. John C. Patterson has a prize, it is a brood of Christmas chickens. They were hatched out in the natural way, too. The new well was 730 feet deep Monday. A. F. Dailey says it is in solid limestone. He makes about nine feet a day. Henry Kirchgatter, who lives south of Corwith, shot a big wolf southeast of A. L. Belton's. He ran it down with a horse. J, L. Sutton has a hog cholera remedy that is said to really do the business. He has cured a lot of sick hogs already, Sheriff Samson reports his full fees for 1897 at $2,323.28, and expenses $1,200. He is now in his new new abstract office. Irving Dodge will help Treasurer Smith a month. Mr. Smith has not decided on a deputy yet, but his son may go in with him. Every farmer who has looked at the account book THE UPPER DBS MOINES is giving away says it is a good thing. Come and get one free. Mark Boyle has a handsome leather watch chain which his brother sent him from the Fort Madison penitentiary. The convicts make them. Durdall's new light plant is in. He has 500 gallons of gasoline in the tank. He is putting the small plant over back of the Ferguspn-Hoxle block. Nelson Crawford; one of the early settlers of Letts Creek, has leased his farm to his sons find will move into Whittemore, the Champion eays. Charlie Stewart says his not) factory is doing lots of business. This is the quiet season for pop. Next summer he will be able to supply a big demand. Fred. Stockwell, formerly with the Wigwam, came borne with his wife to visit last week. He is with the Osborne company and has been recently married. Last week Deputy Boyle took Nathan Pine's son to the asylum. He is 40 years of age and has always been a lit' tie unbalanced. He had become dan gerous. Marshal Horah has sent out 60 dog tax notices. Two years ago taxes were paid oh.76 dogs, last year on 63. Still less will save their hecks this year probably. The installation of officers of the A. O. U. W. occurred last night, after which they invited the members to Ladendorff's restaurant, where oysters were served. Contractor Crellin is up from DOS Molnes and work has begun on the sewer from E. V. Swetting's to D. A. Haggard's. The cut will be 23 feet deep in places. T. H. Conner has been building on his Seneca farm this winter. He was up last week and reports everything looking well. He will have 500 hogs the coming year. The funeral of tbe little two-months- old boy of Mr. and Mrs. M. DeL. Parsons was held yesterday morning, the remains being burled at Irvington. Rev. Sinclair officiated. While out coasting with a party of friends one evening this week Miss Alice Nelson sprained her wrist and bruised one side of her face. Coasting Is very dangerous sport. A Mnson City man writes to Mnyor Chrlschilles that he wants to put a gas plant in Algona for both heat and light. He estimates It would cost $35,000. He would supply cheap fuel. Geo. E. Clarke was not able to take his part in the lyceum program Satur- eay evening, having to meet a client who came on the 8 o'clock train, and who telegraphed Mr. Clarke. The meeting of the Kossuth County Agricultural society Saturday should be attended by everybody who has the interests of the society at heart. The court room should be crowded. John Ostrura, who went to Britt, is in trouble, his wife being again insane and demanding his whole time. The county board have given him $6 a month till spring, he being still a Kossuth citizen. Mrs. Dr. Woodwortb writes to Miss Dodd that fire recently broke out in the flat she lives in and that her rooms and office were flooded with water. She was awaiting the insurance adjusters when she wrote. The seats for the Fowler oration are going fast and he will have a big house Saturday evening. Every farmer and farmer's wife and farmer's boy within range should bear this great talk on Abraham Lincoln. S. Benjamin has decided that being night watch is for some younger man and has retired. Sovernl cunrHdates will be before the city council for the position, Messrs. Raney, Tellier, and Hartwell being mentioned. Heikes has beaten Grimm again for that iron medal. The shoot was at Dayton, Ohio, for $500 aside. Hnikes got 93 to Grimm's 90. Guy Taylor was over at Clear Lake a week ago and shot about even with Grimm. The remains of W. L. Telford of Emmetsburg, well known to Algona Masons, were taken to Syracuse, N. Y., Sunday, for burial. He was a resident of the 'Burg for over 20 years. He died of pneumonia and was sick only a week. Those who want a hearty laugh and who desire to have the eye as well as the ear entertained, should invest themselves with the pastboards dealt out by Manager White for "Side Tracked." The funniest play of them all. Olof Johnson has been down from Estherville for a few days He is fully decided on going to Ala-tka, and will go across country instead of around on the sea coast. He thinks he will stand as good a show in the gold mines as anybody. The board finally decides to ship the Kruger couple back to Hamburg, Germany, at county expense. This is the old couple at the poor farm the United States immigration agent was out to look after. The government fails to do anything. Marriage licenses have been issued to Edward Jogle and Mary Dinger, John Helgens and Minnie Doan, John Fullerton and Mary Smith, Henry Bloom and Emma Klassy, Julius Stroeble and Kate Weinberger, Henry Steiger and Marie Wagner. All old settlers of northern Iowa will enjoy reading Hon. Peter Melendy'u reminiscences of his land seeking trip in 1862, selecting the agricultural college lands. Mr. Melendy has been a prominent man in northern Iowa, and did the college good service in those old days. H. E. Hist has one of the handsomest rifles ever brought to Iowa. It is a Winchester of the new pattern, shooting a small calibred bullet, and carrying a great distance. It is warranted to kill at two miles. The gun is beautifully finished, the stock being out of a fine piece of wood. While at home Claude Nicoulln was persuaded to doti his football togs and have his picture taken. Claude was one of the leading "tackles" in this year's play and visited many western and eastern cities. The Minneapolis team had hard luck, but its failures were not due to Claude or his partner, the other "tackle." The right and left tackles are two of the chief players in a football eleven. The Congregationalists had a big annual meeting Monday evening, A light lunch was served and the roll of church members was called. Mrs. Stacy in her response told of how the society was formed with five members forty years ago. Following the business the company adjourned to the body of the church where Rev. Stoddard of Britt and Rev. Packard of Buffalo Center talked entertainingly of church work. Rqv. Rogers of Mason City was unable to be present, but a paper which Be?. Sinclair rend. Mrs. A. Pi Hull ftnd Mrs. C. A. Ingham were electSa deacons and M. Starr clerk and treasurer for the coming year. .. The opehiiig library club day was observed at Mrs. Thos. B\ Cooke'a Friday afternoon. About 60 were present and a fine prbgrhm was rendered. Mrs. Call And Chrischilles played a piano duet, Mrs. Sinclair sang, and Miss Bertha Hancock recited several selections. Elegant refreshments were served. The closing club day comes in June and will also be observed. F. W. Waterhouse has a copy of the Delevan, Wls., Enterprise which has a note of Interest to Algonians: Continued 111 health has compelled Rev. W. E. Davidson to renew bis resignation as pastor of the Congregational church, and some action will bo taken upon the same during the coming two weeks. The matter Is one of keen regret not only Jo the members of his church, but to the people of Delevan In general. Landlord MoMurray Is making extensive Improvements to the Thoringlon. He Is putting in water closets on both tbe first and second floors, connected •with the new sewer, also bath rooms. He Is adding some new sleeping rooms besides. Ho has been figuring on getting a. light plant of Mr. Durdall, and will undoubtedly soon have a full system of lights in his house. With hie steam beating plant these improvements will give him a finely equipped hostelry. A scandalous story has been circulated on Aug. Studer at Sexton. His son- in-law Is at the bottom of It, and evidently has had blackmail in view. It went so far as the filing of an information against Mr. Studer and County Attorney Raymond then made a full Investigation. He decided that there was no case, and was fully satisfied that he was right when the man asked him to begin It anyway, as be might bo able to make Mr. Studer pay a few hundred dollars. Aug. and Mrs. Studer have been in Illinois on a visit. Supervisor Burton wi\s down to the board meeting, and presented a release signed by the graders who were planning to come to the county for pa.y for work done for him. The release was not signed because the men had had their pay, but because they had no real claim on i.h < county, and because he assured them that they would got their money quicker by rolying on him. Supervisor Burton is a well meaning man, but he has been very loose in his private business, and has let whiskey get away with him. THE UPPER DES MOINES has no desire to Injure him, but there Is no reason why his methods should be concealed or glossed over. WE are making some prices for cash this week. See them. . M. Z. GROVE & SON. Olio Price to AJ1. Cleaning watches, $1; best main springs, $1. All work warranted. E. G. BOWYER. For Sale or Trade. My stock of clothing, boots and shoes, at Jewell Junction, Iowa, for a farm. Inquire of J. L. KAMRAR, 42t2 Webster City, Iowa. IP you are wanting any dishes come and see our stock. We are closing out the entire stock of crockery, and will save you money. M. Z. GROVE & SON. . SEE our ad. M. Z. Grove & Son. COUNTY ASSESSOKS WILL MEET. A Dig School of Instructions to Ho Held In Algoim Next Week Thursday. The new law calls all the township assessors together to learn their duties. They will meet at the court house next week Thursday, Jan, 13, at 10 o'clock. The new law governing assessments will then be read, and carefully studied until each one is familiar with it. The new law makes an assessment considerably more binding than it used to be both for the assessor and the assessed. THE Des Moines Daily News is offered to mail subscribers at $1 a year. The News publishes the associated press dispatches, telegraphic markets, proceedings of the Iowa legislature and congress and all the news of Iowa and the world for less than half the regular price of a daily paper. It is a family newspaper of the highest class, and employs a large staff of able writers, including Judith Jorgenson, Edwin A. Nye, Jessie Lee Wilcox and others. Send $1 to the News, Des Moines, Iowa, and get the News a whole year. SEE Grove & Son's ad. The State University OF THE SEVERAL DEPARTMENTS Will lecjin the year 1897-98 ••11 On September 15. For particular Information as to the respect ive departments address as follows: Collegiate—Charles A. Schaeffer, president, Iowa City. Law—Emlln McClaln, chancellor, Iowa City. Medical—E. W. Rocliwood. M. D., secretary of faculty, Iowa City. Homoeopathic Medical—J. G. Gtlchrlst, M. D., registrar of faculty, Iowa City. Dental—W. S. Hosford, D. D. S., secretary of the faculty, Iowa City. Pharmaceutical—K. L. Boomer, Ph. O., dean of faculty, Iowa City. Expenses In all departments are reasonable. Cost of board In private faiullleSi ¥3 to 95 per week; In clubs, $2 to $2.60 per week. For catalogues or for general Information address CHARLES A. SCHAEFFER, President. We wish all our friends and patrons, i *«*» A Happy New Year. Come and see us. Cowles' Block, No. 8. James Patterson. A Good Cup of Coffee CANNOT BE MADE in a poor coffee pot. The ordinary tin pot is scarcely worth taking home, while the cheap granite pot will " chip off," when it becomes entirely disabled for further use. Our celebrated " Rochester" nickel plated coffee pot is one that will answer every requirement, being made of heavy copper and then nickel plated—it makes an article that will nevenrust or chip, and the price of nickel ware is now so reasonable that no one can aftord to buy anything else. When you buy Rochester goods you get the best made. If you wish this exemplified place the Rochester goods alongside of ordinary nickel goods- and draw your own conclusions. We keep ordinary nickel goods. We sell " Rochester nickel goods. O. M. DOXSEB, HARDWARE. WATEK OR NO PA Y. 35% Artesian won contractor. I hnvo the t.uiy cable stoum drilling maulilue owuuu iu tUo county; sink wells for watev supply fru'towUK, cities, and railroads. Special atti'Utlim to farm well work. Eathuatca uuidg. I ploy only expert drllleiu Addvt'ss A, Dauey, Algona, Iowa, SPECIAL SALE THIS WEEK On Men's Patent Leather and Enamel Shoes. Six pair Men's pat. leather lace, regular price $6.00, to ciose at $3-5° Eight pair Men's enamel shoes, lace, regular price $5.00, to close at $3-5o Fourteen pair Men's patent leather lace shoes, regular price $3.00, to close at. . .$1.75 Those are rare bargains. Come at once— they won't last long. No more at these prices when these are gone. Bargains In all linos of footwear. BroiBell & AIM, Boots and Shoes for Cash, Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. Repairing and custom work. A FIRST-CLASS COLLEGE EDUCATION Free of Charge to Students of Iowa. Afforded by the Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic; Arts. A new college year begins Feb. 22, 1898. Large faculty, excellent equipnXent, reasonable living expenses\ Thpjv qugh courses in the Sciences,' in Agriculture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mining Engineering, a Course for Women, Veterinary Science, Dairying and Group Courses. You can have an illustrated compendium free by addressing Don't Forget that we always have on hand all kinds of grain and ground feed, bran, shorts, and oil meal at reasonable prices; also C of all kinds and grades, Goods delivered to any part of the city. H.L. C. & N. W. Elevator. M. P. HAGGARD. G. F. PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.] Abstracts, Real Estate, At ?£, Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. Fred Thorn, AT HOBART, IOWA, Gives as many pounds of sugar for a dollar as anybody, and sells all kinds of GROCERIES at right prices. We want a, part of your trade, and will do the square thing_b# Qur customers at aU ti

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