Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 27, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 27, 1938
Page 7
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ie ready to truck Most cattle are ifMMpi^emonstrated 27, loss. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PAGE SEVEN pulled the. car out in a hurry. Glen milks 11 cows and has a fine lot of Hampshire sows. * * * * 'At Jasper Smidt's, southwest of Lakota, wir Deutsoh sprechen kann. These folks told us about a fast trip to Garner. Last week Monday evening Mrs. brother Henry Meyer, of Smidt's Garner, was with them. He was going to tfew York and Intended to take a train on the Milwaukee from Algona, which he underwood would arrive at !) o'clock. The iSmidts took him to Algona and were at the depot at 8 o'clock, but the agent Informed them that the train was already gone. So they drove on to Garner, and there Henry caught the train. He would not have teen in such a hurry, but the fact was that he was due to meet his "lady friend" in Now She was coming from Ger- Henry will farm where York, many. Ernest Hofmann now lives, west of Lakota. The Smidts have three children. Peter, the oldest boy, goes to the Ledyard school, and William, 9, nnd Jane, 7, go to the home school. These folks farm 400 acres and are milking IB cows. . JARM C. 11. KLAMP, Field Representative BLIC AUCTION the Rose Arndorfer estate will sell at public auction on the farm 2 |8|f jSiltlof St. .Benedict, 3 miles south and 2 miles west of Wesley, 10 miles "•"••••'"•*- miles south of Algona, the following described property, on , January 31 SALE TO COMMENCE AT 12 O'CLOCK SHARP HEAD OF HORSES Charles Patterson, northwest o£ Bur.t, had started up his tractor when we arrived last week Monday, as he was going to saw wood. He took us out to the sheep barn, which is 200 feet long and 88 feet wide. Here he is feeding 5200 lambs. He has them divided, 2600 on the north and 2600 at the side of the barn. They are fed alfalfa hay In the barn and have grain bunks outside. These lambs will soon go to market. Besides lot he has another, and he this said he did not know how many. It was interesting to see the sheep. They seem to eat all the time. » * * * man turned out to be Prank Gronbach, of Lu Verne. After that he kept in touch with Frank as much a possible, for it seemed good to have someone from Kossuth to talk to. He had never met Frank before. * * * * G. 13. Risk, west of Elmore, was not at home when we called last week Wednesday. He has been having throat trouble and had gone to Rochester for treatment. Mrs. Risk and a son wore home, and the son showed us some fine steers. The Risks are feeding 40 big steers in an outside feed lot, and they also have 40 head of 300- We called on R. W. Butterfield,'»'• calves which they are feeding former Irvington farmer now n the barn. Elmore, last week and his wife are CATTLE SALE I will offer at Public Sale on the Jim Devine farm, 10 miles south and 3 miles east of Algona, 3£ miles north of Livermore and 4 miles west of Lu Verne, on northwest of Monday. He always busy. Mrs. Butterfield was washing the cream separator. We looked around, and it seemed to us that every pail and basket on the place was filled with eggs. Mrs. Butterfield said the egg man had not come for them. R. W. was loading some sows that he had sold to one of the neighbors. He still' raises those fine Black Polands, which he has been sell.- 10 yrs. old, wt. 1300; black gelding, smooth mouth, wt. 1600; smooth inouth, wt. 1500; and 2 geldings coming 3 yrs. HEAD OF CATTLE 3O ng of 16 milch cows, 14 milking now and 2 coming fresh soon; 5 2 steers and 3 heifers; 8 calves; and 1 white faced bull, 4 years old. Farm Machinery, Etc. me disc; 4-section drag; Hoosier end-gate seeder; single row cultiva- f!tor;||||Hf:iC. side delivery; dump rake; Moline hay loader; 5-ft. I. H. C. mower; 'jpJplpliH^C. mower; John Deere gang plow; sled; rack and wagon with steel ;wli^j|||;-Moline manure spreader; 8-ft. McCormick binder; Haynes corn plant- rods of wire; 2-row cultivator; 42-ft. Little Giant elevator corn- ing to breeders for the years. He also has a lost herd 20 of of tpjete||niarrow tired wagon with box; De Laval cream separator; grindstone; l : harness and some collars; 2 sets of leather flynets; 2 sets of slings; about 10 tons of wild hay; some household goods; 2 heaters; Heat- ;rola:(ifHpme Comfort cook stove; and other articles top numerous to mention. Thursday, Feb. 3 Cash, or if terms are desired see the clerk before the sale or at the sale.'K^o|property to be removed until settled for. . is. ROSE ARNDORFER purebred Holsteins, and he has a purebred bull from the I. C. Hastings herd at Garner. Mr. Hastings owns the finest Holstein bull in the world. He is a lawyer and many years ago was a partner Judge Quarton at Algona.... * * * * We called last week Monday on Albert Krosch, southeast of Elmore. He lives off a main highway, and he remarked that it was different this year to get to his house. T\%o years ago we almost fell out of sight into deep snow when we tramped through drifts to his home. Albert is one of the bus drivers for the Lakota school, and this is his sixth winter at that job. * A * * ' William Frankl, southeast of Elmore, and his hired man had just come home from Elmore when we saw them a week ago Monday. Mr. Frankl takes his cream to a creamery there. He keeps a fine herd of Holstein cows and gives them the best of care. * * * * At Henry J. Boettcher's, northeast of .Lakota, last week Monday the men were getting ready to butcher a beef. This is one place where there is a dog that could test a caller's pants. Henry's boys have a sign at the gate, "Beware of dog." The BoettcherS live near a railroad, and the dog keeps beggars away. Ira Nauman, west of Elmore, lives one mile across the state with the family, ed mighty good. 9*felll ESTATE * * * * Elmer Hansen has moved to his father's farm south of Hurt. This is where Albert Wibben did live, but he has moved to the Chris odfredson farm, southeast of Bancroft. Elmer is milking fine big Holstein cows. Ho milks three times a day and says the cows do better that way. * * * * We called last Thursday on Walter Hans, northwest of Lakota. It was at noon, and Mrs. Hans said we must have dinner Her "eats" tast- •Whi'le we wore there Fred Bauman and Walter Sachs came, and we had a dandy visit with them and the Hans family. * * * * Harm Dontje, northeast of Lakota, was cleaning his barn last Thursday when we arrived. He is always busy when we call. Harm remarked that he had little grain to feed his stock this winter, but he has plenty of good alfalfa hay, and as he keeps the mangers full his stock show up good, * * * * .- Louis Nitz, north of Lakota, was not home last Thursday. He is one of the stockbuyers in that community and is kept on the go. He | trucks most of his cattle to South S. Paul, but trucks hogs to Tama City. Mrs. Nitz, who gave us this information, is feeling pretty much herself again. A year ago she was sick. She is now looking younger than ever. * •* * * F. T. Lewis, near Lakota, was grinding ear corn when we saw him Friday. He had .put his grinder where the corn fell out of the crib into the- hopper. F. T. is feeding 50 head of steers, and they arfe fine ones. He and his two boys farm 400 acres, and F. T. owns the. farm. * * * # Tom Bosma, southeast of Lakota, informed us Friday that he and his wife had a. new boy, born January .2, and Tom thinks the r %°^]| Sale to start at 1 o'clock prompt 100 HEAD OF CATTLE| ALL IN GOOD CONDITION. 1 == Consisting of cows and calves, White Face and Polled An- §5 Two Thoroughbred Polled Angus Bulls. __ Thirteen feeder pigs weighing about 100 pounds. Ten tons of Alfalfa. H TERMS — Cash, or make arrangements with your banker. = f! No property removed until settled for. s ( Thos. D. Coleman & Sons | H Colwell Bros., Auctioneers. Iowa State Bank, Algona, Clerk S iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH JCOIWE1L BROS, Auctioneers. IOWA STATE BANK, Algona, Clerk. ublicSale line" in Minnesota. We called ° tt '!y oun g s ter is the best baby among him January 17 and found him ati the 193S mot i e i s . There is also a his evening chores. He has a herd ^ girlj Betty L OUj now s ix years of yearling calves that he is feed- | old ing, and they are dandies. He j * * * * milks Holstein and Shorthorn • D. 0. Friets, • west, of Lakota, :ows and keeps a purebred B'ack W as cleanng his chicken house Angus bull. He says calves from when we called Friday. He is al- such matings do better. Ira feeds W ays busy. The Friets family has 1 ' ' a new house, seven rooms, with bath. This is a fine home, and it was built by Cowan & Son, of Al- Michael Christ, northeast of La- gona _ kota, said last week Tuesday that * * * * he had been looking for "the pa- We had a. short visit Thursday per can." He told us a little w ith E. L. Gutknecht, of Saskatch- about his experience in the army, ewan, at the Henry Wirtjes sale, He was sent to France, and when n€ .ar Lakota. E. L. reported the he got there he stayed at a hotel poorest crops since he has lived where the men waited for orders, there. He is near La Porte. Per- He did not know anyone, but he sonally he looks fine and shows overheard a young fellow say that the climate must agree with something in German, and the him. I decided to quit farming will sell the following described property p ,., and one-half mile south of Bancroft, 6 miles east and one-half mile jpRingsted, one-half mile south of Seneca on the Martin Thorsen farm ednesday, Feb. 2 Ptt START AT 1 P. M. S1IARP , LUNCH. WAGON ON THE GROUND Head of Horses 2 all the grain he raises some years, and even buys some feed. PUBLIC AUCTION As I have rented my farm and am planning to move to Algona, I will sell the following described property at my farm three miles west and two and three-quarters miles south of Algona, or one-quarter mile north of Cresco Church, on ' Tuesday, February 1st Sale To Begin At 12 O'clock Sharp Lunch Wagon on Grounds ^good work team, weight about 2800, color black. Head of Cattle good milch cows, 4 are milking now, Shorthorn breed; 2 winter calves. Head of Hogs 10 !se sows are' Poland Chinas, bred to a'good Spotted Poland hog. 7 Good Ewes . Farm Machinery, Etc. jn. Moline gang' plow; 16-in. Moline sulky plow; Moline cultivator, sin- 2-row Mc-Deering cultivator, 3-horse hitch; good 999 John Deere corn I with 80 rods of wire; Mc-Deering manure spreader in No. 1 shape; ten- Irmick-Deering disc; John Deere seeder, nearly new; 5 1-2 ft. Emerson 8-ft. Deering binder; 4-section drag; drag cart; 10-ft. hay rake; wag|36-in. box; low wagon, 5-in. tires, these are two good wagons; good bob rack; Mc-Deering engine, 11-2 horse, with trucks; 2-hole corn shell- Jl feed grinder; 3-steel barrels; 2 shovel boards; swill cart; 65-gal. hog- set of hay slings; hay fork. Joway cream separator, No. 12, 1000 Ib. capacity; about 40 rods of 32-in. >ire; about 40 rods of 48-in. poultry fence wire; set of wagon springs; |ttonwodd lumber and boards; some 2 by 4 and 2 by 6 hard wood lumber; pilding; tank heater; pump jack; roll of snow fence; 3 rolls of crib wire; phicken waterer; 2 good hog troughs; set of 1 1-2 in. harness 4 horse • 150-ft. 1-in. barn rope; 5-gal. cream can and one 8-gal.; forks and shov- tank; ironing board; ice creamfreezer; and other articles too numerous jon. _ One good watch dog seed corn. TERMS—Cash, or see your banker. >hn J. Lenihan, Prop. * £r 1D~D i^'£irT^tft~W A11 A^i/tn 4>m*c *W T< fiiTPTifc'lV fl<ii*lr ''£* X? JwJK^ Kf *• ^LFXI * /»Uvi'fT-r M.v*Pc fjj • -»3 • ij(j ii/jyj JL i \tj*n • S-/*,ci ik I have decided to retire from farming and have rented my farm and will sell the following described property at public auction at my place J /o mile north and iy 2 miles east of Hardy, y 2 mile south and 2y 2 miles west of Renwick, on— WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2 Sale starts at 12 o'clock sharp. Lunch served by the Lutheran Ladies' Aid G—HEAD OF HORSES—6 Bay mare 3 yrs. old, wt. 1500; bay mare 4 yrs. old, wt. 1600; bay mare 10-yrs. old, wt. 1700; black mare, smooth mouth, wt. 1600; 2 gray mares, smooth mouth, wt. 1500 each. 17—HEAD OF CATTLE—17 Six head of good milch cows, 5 fresh and one to freshen in March; 4 head of yearling Angus heifers; 2 yearling Angus steers, and 5 winter calves. 67—HEAD OF FEEDER PIGS—67 67 head of August farrowed feeder pigs weighing 70 to 80 pounds each. FARM MACHINERY, ETC. 42-ft. Kewanee elevator, complete and practically new, 8-ft. McCormick-Deering grain binder; 14-ft. 3-sec. roller; McCormick-Deering 10-20 tractor; Little Genius heavy beam tractor plow; Oliver\gang plow; John Deere sulky plow with sod •breaker; walking plow; New Idea 10-ft. spring tooth harrow on wheels; 2-section spring tooth harrow; 10-ft. John Deere disc; 21-ft. 4-sec. John Deere harrow; John Deere corn planter with bean attachment; John Deere 2-row corn plow; John Deere single row corn plow; 6-ft. McCormick-Deering mower; John Deere hay loader; Minnesota side delivery rake; all steel auto steer roller-bearing farm truck and rack; also flat rack fits truck; 3 wagon gears with triple boxes; New Idea manure 'spreader; McCormick corn binder; eudgate seeder and seeder box; McCormick-Deering gas engine; Iowa gas engine; grindstone; 2 self hog feeders; ]0xl6 brooder house; 3 Sol-hot brooder stoves; 3 incubators; Iowa cream separator; John Deere hand corn sheller; 3 sets of harness; 12 leather horse collars; 2 sets of leather nets; kerosene tank heater; Cowboy tank Heater; wood saw on Ford running gear; 10x16 wash house; and numerous other articles. The above machinery, etc., is all in good condition and some of it practically new. Also 30 bu. of spy beans. UOUSlUiOr.il> GOODS—Dining table and chair, dresser set, library table, and other household goods will be sold. Terms of Sale—Cash, or make arrangements with your bank. No property to be removed until settled "forl A, H, KRAUSE, Prop. R, JC, UJiVj Auctioneer D. J, Christensou, CJerfc Aberdeen Angus Cattle Twenty-four head of Aberdeen 'AngTis cattle, either registered or eligible to registry, including- one two-year-old buLI and one just past a year old—good individuals and best of breeding. Two bull calves. Twenty fem,ale$ consisting of eight cows, four of which are two year old heifers, and 12 heifer calves. The cows and two-year-old heifers are all bred to my registered herd bull. The above cattle are of Blackcap breeding and are outstanding individuals. Also offering for sale six other 'head of cattle including two grade Angus cows to be fresh by sale day, two grade Angus cows to freshen in the spring, one Jersey cow and one Swiss cow. 4 Head of Horses 4 One gray team, smooth mouth, wt. 3300; one bay gelding, wt. 1600,8 years old; one bay mare, wt. 1500, six years old, in foal. Weight 250 pounds. Bred for Late April Farrow One Hampshire Boar 2 Pair of Guineas 1OO Chickens MACHINERY 8-ft. McCormick grain binder; McCormick-Deering corn binder, nearly new; John Deere 6-ft. grass mower, nearly new; 5-ft. Adriance grass mower; John Deere side delivery rake, nearly new; Deering hay rake; McCormick-Deering corn planter with 160 rods of wire; two-row John Deere cultivator; 2 single row cultivators, one new; 4 section flexible harrow; John Deere end- gate seeder; 8-ft. Osborne disc; Clipper fanning mill in good condition; potato plow; Sfover hammer mill, nearly new; 60 ft. six inch rubber belt; narrow tired wagon with triple box; wide wheel truck wagon; hay rack; bob sled; 16-inch sulky plow; two single row surface cultivators; Ideal manure spreader; tank heater; grind stone; dirt scraper; cement mixer; stone boat; 50 gal bog water fountain; 25 gal. chicken water fountain; 8x16 brooder house; DeLaval cream separator No. 16, nearly new; some empty bee hives and supers; 15 ton clover and alfalfa hay in barn. Two sets of harness and extra collars; two sets of hay slings, scoops and forks; two feed bunks; hog troughs, some seed corn, some early potatoes, Majestic range, and some household furniture. Also other items too numerous to mention. TERMS: Cash, or make arrangements with Clerk, ^^^F • ^^^r. ^^^V^V<^^ ^^P^Hr^v ^^H^ ^^^^1^ ^K^ ^(F^BP

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