The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 29, 1897 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 29, 1897
Page 9
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SALVAtlON he dfo from thirty like t» ttfottit td toy Mfifldl m&ftf tdii, Mf< Smitfa; tetl yoti that I shall always , , i hav$ several sisters &1- it, . i sorry td intrtldei biit t have flMMlfit C6 ItojffrM b* the nsft of coffee. ,ly thefe has been placed in all ' starts a, new preparation 1K*0 ffia'de df pflre grains, i takes the places of coffee. The _£delicate attifnacn rfecelveS it with* bdiBlress, and but few can tell it tt coffee. It does not cost over X atioh. Children may df ink it with It benefit. 15 ctsi and 25 cts. per Try {fa Aak tot Q&AIlfea f man recently released from 'fall In '"i Carloina has applied^ leave to ice at the bar in that state as at- at law< /••* o*s Cure fqp'tJonsumption has saved j-ge doctor bills.—C". L. Baker, 4238 ttt Sq.jjTOUadelphia, Pa., Deo. 8,1895. ./Carter, a contractor and early of Seymour, Ind., has forty- i Immediate relatives living in the Award with him. Co**! Cough Baliam tuncl beit. It Krtll br*»k up A cold quicker IngelM. It l»fclw»y» reliable. Try It. lift up the burdens of others, fyoti will be surprised how much your own-will become.—Symel. ». Mr«. TVInglow'i Soothing; syron fehlldren t«ethlng,ttfteng the fruiiu.rtdnnls Inflsm- ... •n.eure< wlndoollo. ggcent*abott.a. t Padupola, Ceylon, amounted to - 285 1-2 Inches, or ^-otmobo Is the leading brand of froi'ld, because it is the-best. fiJllam Gage of Great Bend, Kan., ImarrietLthe divorced wife of his A on the»ptea .that he had to support Anyhow.' u, '- j.,* — - —• tti'i' No-Uo-BaoforFlftyContg. 'haranlood tobnooo habit oure, makes weakmon »"*•; blooa Ipurq., 60o, SI. All-druggists. a,,eminent French physician claims ave-discovered the microbe of bald- tfe&t th« flfeet, frost o! *hose «ri in Banjmadttcd, fcttrt b6efi eitfgnl tit tft6 ice add soffietfri&y not last through tto sttee. Danptef also threatens those who tofcgledt w&at lire euUd "trifling" atlmenM for they may not last through the crisis. Resort to Hostetter's Stomach Bitten at 6fic6 for incipient rfsentoatiBtri, toalarla, constipation, nervousness and kldnejr com* plaint. ^ _ ____ „.„.',.. . "Lore," rennu-lred the observer of men and things; "is dot definitely known to'fcafferjjaugliijd at the took- smiths eince tfife latter went Into the bicycle repair business." „ Inventor*. ' k; > The days of buncoing inventors are about at an end. Under the new law which goes into effect January 1st, no solicitor or lawyer will be allowed to call his place of business a "Patent Office," as sueh a claim or advertisement is. calculated to mislead and deceive inexperienced Inventors into the belief that such an office were in some ' the United States- the new year, the t_ ent Office," .."NebrtM "Northwestern Pfttf fact, all private pati appear and each'" firm of attorney!., , upon his or their '.'i standing in order kttnected with " j. With Vlowa Patit Office," ', and, la ,_-,_ will dls- /attorney or jr dependent Icatlone and get: business. This is as it should be.'Parties desiring free Information as to the law and practice'of patents may obtain the same in addressing Sues & Co., registered patent .lawyers. Bee Building, Omaha, Neb. - 1 ' Tennyson Is said to have received $60,000 a year from the' Macmillana during the last years of his life. We admire a man who is positive In his convictions. Dr. Taf t. No. 4 Him Bt.. Rochester. N. Y. la BO RUTS thnt I>K.TAFT'8 ASTHMALEINB will euro every case of Asthma, thnt ho will send a trial bottle absolutely free to those afflicted. Mrs. Cleveland is said to be a strict disciplinarian with her children and a firm believer in the Frobel system of education. Ruskin's sixty-four books bring him In $20,000 a year. bronchitis, or whooping cough, there ia no remedy, so sure and safe aa Dr. Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral., From the first dose its healing influence is manifest. The sufferer who has been kept awake by the cough falls into a restful sleep, and awakes strong and refreshed. Dr. Ayer's Cherry f Pectoral is acknowledged £obe a specific for all pulmonary c-'complaints. Physicians" praise and prescribe it. K It* is now put up in'half si%e bottles at half price, iOc. ** "One of my children had.croup. One night I was startled : by the child's ,hard breathing, and on gbiug to, it found it strangling. It had nearly 'coased to breath. Having a part of a .bottle of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral .in Hho house, I gave'the child three doses at short intervals, and anxiously 'waited results. From the moment the Pectoral was given the child's i breathing grew easier, and in a short time it was sleeping quietly and i,breathing naturally. The child Is alive and well, to-day. AVer's Cherry "^ectoral saved its life."-—C, J. WOOLDRIGB, Worthen, Texas. .' Ml M 9m BC 99 Ml Ml Ml Ml Ml kRANTEED TO CIJIRE^dyspepsia, constipation, headache, ^Ifverandfkidney diseases, ' *••. Kay's Renovator te usjiU of YOUR SYMPTOMS plainly. . will give • Sold by < FREE ADVICE, { DRUGGISTS page b'«qk of recipes, and 9 or sent by mall, FREE SAMPLE |i PRICE 25 CTS. & $1. |$s p|, B. J. KAY MEDICAL CO.; (Western Office), Omaha, Neb. i mah for 1898, \ ^Bk. iiEJha WeefCly Bemjs the Jeading .paper in the Trans-Mis- Jyf- >Ct. will be'jnuebT'^provea in 180^, enlarging some of its ^pirtroents. The price remains the same, 65 cents per year, The Bee prints J3 pages each week, publishing ALL the both foreign and domestic; accurate market reports from J e, giving special attention to the western country, as well articles of epeciaiyinterest to each individual member of of The Bee have/fmade favorable arrangements with a lg pubjieatjons.offyhe country, which enables them to offer se publications with The Bee at nominal prices. Pee Alone Is 65, Cents Per Year. add the following amounts for each publication Hpme CompAOlon,,. ,., Id Flr§§!d9 p..'. , , 20o vlth Almanac.,, ,,,,.».. 35q pariper, with Almanac ,, 35o Jte 9»e of the Ijest in its Une. At »« tf we ' as ife/»ow is, and ttia offers R»ad» ^U orders tQ , Omaha. p'- ! £' MEUlCA'3 MM of sluttt mission has received a notable addition, In the.itefson of Adjfii<< tant Caroline Prbst of London, Who has come to this country to organize a corps of trained nurses in connection with the Salvation Army. Carnegie hall, New York, will see the birth, of this new branch of work. A trained school for nurses .will be started Immediately, as it is intended to place a nurse at each of the posts established in the shims. All sick persons will be cared for, but women In childbirth are considered the especial charge of this band of mercy. Adjutant Frost has received the degree of doctor of medicine in Dublin, which was confirmed by the New York board of health upon her arrival. Her record Is fourteen years of active work, with 4,000 aecouchements. Two trained nurses from London and two from Chicago -will form the nucleus of this movement, The costumes of the nurses of the Salvation Army will be a decided novelty in this country. •They are of brown linen, with scarlet /collars and cuffs, a dainty white apron, jcap and elbow cuffs for Indoors. Outdoors the long blue cloak and tiny princess bonnet, with white strings, lire worn. Adjutant Frost is more like an American in speech and appearance than an Englishwoman. She claims the Isle of Jersey as her home, ADJUTANT CAROLINE FROST. but years of study and work all over the continent have made her thoroughly cosmopolitan, and . given her the distinctive touch of a woman of. culture and breeding. In appearance the. adjutant is a handsome, motherly- looking woman of p.erhaps 40 years. Her lovely, unselfish life has traced upon her face the tender sympathetic lines, indicative of the highest type of womanhood. But back of this womanly exterior is the brain force and executive ability of a man, In terse, straightforward language she discourses enthusiastically of her work. Operated On a Tiger, Rev. Samuel Haughton, who died In Dublin on Sunday last, was not only a clergyman and a man of science, but a medical man to boot, and his knowledge of surgery enabled him on one occasion to perform with complete success, under circumstances of great per- 'sonal danger, an operation on the paw of one of the tigers of the Dublin zoo. The claw of the animal, having become distorted, had .grown into ^he foot, and gangrene was threatened, A net was thrown over the animal and he was drawn forward to the door of the cage; and then, while the assistants held his paws, excepting the dis- ased one, Dr. Haughtpn cut away t'be claw. The rage of the tigress, looking on'through the bars of the side den, was' terrible tp witness, and after, the operation she turned up the paw of her mate, examined it, and then licked him as a cat licks a kitten. A 'week later Dr, Haughton was again at the zoo to see how his patient was going on; When the tiger espied him, he be* gan to pun* like a cat and allowed the doctor to examine the paw. Indeed, for years afterward both the tiger and tigress showed themselves most frien4- ly and grateful to Dr. Haugbtpn, Oregon's Traveling; Mountain. There is a mountain of dark-brown on the Columbia river nearly 8,000 f§et in height and stretching along the stream for six or eight miles. When the white settlers first came in,to the country the Indians told them this mountain was traveling; jthat some day it would move Across the Qolunv b}a. and f<?rm a Jake whjcb wpu}d reach Jfrom Ihe cascades to the dalles. Whftt the Indian eajd.faas been found, trup In. some jrespepw,. The mpwtaip is }n. njo.tjon^ Its tyovemer^ js'foj^aid ao<J downward,, T>e yaijroad builders Whp constru.f!ted, , th ^ r UP 8 &Jq»g the bags found, «the^ Jrftqfcs cpiUtyually, jfprce,4 put fi|/pla$e, J £ son ie,> places,; the in^yejnfat, Oh! *Mt Am the sandman ^ And Whg? It tfi* Bftndmaa h lc , iboe* he carry & sack on hu little rotittd he.scatterft the sand with & laV* nafifl, - « , * i • that «e«p^ .llme 11 ! fcfere? Ah! my deaf little children, aobody knows, • . i- the sandman comes ftiid the Bind* itian ^oes, hduirh we nSftjr.Wiah *Wr^ awiott *<$ n the Baaamah 6o»ea we shut oil* eyea ' A BOON POft Hm (Dnfwl >tor«fh«n ' 1,000,000 People* 1 "6 props'* is the name of a powerful rtmedy which ia guaranteed to cure rheumatism, neurallga, catarrh, anth- jna, la grippe and kindred ailments. The company Is entirely safe In making the guarantee, because every, month they receive thousands of grateful letters from those who were sufferers, but nave never received one 'complaint The effect of "6 Drops" is felt at once. Jamefl Williams of Regent, 111., writes on November 12, J897: "My wife haa been suffering two years With rheumatism. She used about one bottle of '6 Drops,' and can now go without her crutches." To more extensively advertise the merits of this remedy the producers will for the next thirty days send out 100,000 of their sample bottles of this positive cure for 25 cents a bottle by mall prepaid. Large bottle, 300 doses, $l (for thirty days 3 bot- tlea ?2.60). Those suffering should •write to the Swanson Rheumatic Cure company, 167-169 Dearborn street, Chicago, 111., and take advantage of this generous offer. This company Is reliable and promptly fill every order. Mrs. Elizabeth A. Horton of Boston Is a collector of dolls and now has 250, brought from every part of the world. «1OO Howard, 810O. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that soieuce hag been able to cure in all its stages and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure no-w known to the, medical fraternity, Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure IS: taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing Its •work. The proprietors have so much faith In its curative powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any CHRO that It fails to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Bold by druggists 75o." Hall's Family Pills are the best. A graceful and honorable old age is the childhood ot immortality. — Pindar. ',£mw? ; ;«w!M5i5iMa'j " 'jfo,,..,•«•'- ;».•-*.,£., .^j^i* ,' < A*as«AHM'%>A*k .i* .. , --JL. , 1 Family Medicine. Moves the bowels each Utvy. In Order to be healthy this is necessary. Acts gently on the liver and 'kidneys.' Cures sick headache. Price, 25 and 50c. Anthony Hope charges $450 for a magazine story, reserving the copyright. '."• '' -..., . • FITS PormanontlyCqrciI.TTofltg or nervousness after fl»et day's use of Dr. Kllno's Gi'uut Nervo Restorer. Bend for PIVEE SH.OO trial hottlo and treatise, Du. B. U. KXINK, Ltd.. 831 Arch St.. Philadelphia, Pa, Ian Maclaren made $35,000 out of "The Bonnie Brier Bush" and "Auld Lang Syne." Educate Tour Bowels With CimoarotB. Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever. JOo, 26o. If C, 0. C. fail druggists refund mouoy. Mr. Gladstone's price for a review Is $1,000. •••.•.••.-:• - Bmoke Sledge Cigarettes. SO for Bets, As a matter of fact, nobody believes in a hell except for his neighbor. tB6flslftfft«oH is » iSta* Si „ intheute^neorgjaafc^Its&pstheBtKiafi ' If you become aneffild, there is ho knowing wt and the inside of yMr; lips find inside your,ey6i— in ft dangerous way" afad must stop that flralil 6n S tip on a generous, «|Uitln£ tonic, like Lydia, E. Pini MBS. Eowm EWhtd, 413 Church St., Bethlehem, Paij naysi " 1 feet itiny duty to write and tell you that i , I ftm better -than 1 have been tot four yettrs. '" * I used kydla -fir PJnkham's Vegetable, Coin- pound, one package of Sanative Wash, one box of i Liver Pills, and can say that X am perfectly oiired. ^ 4 'Doctors did not help me any. I should have been in my grave by this time If It had not been for yoti* 4 ^ medicine. It was & godsend to me. I was troubled with * J excessive menstruation, Which caused womb trouble, y and I was obliged to remain in bed for six Weeks, Mrs, / Plnkham's medicine was recommended to me, and, i •..,,. After using it a short time, was troubled no more With' flooding I all pain in my kidneys. This,' also, I have no more.. I shall always ret Compounfl. foe U has cured me, and it will Cure others. 1 would like to have !yMS publish this letter.** (In such cases the dry form of Compound should '"' The Secret Out. He—I am astonished, not ( to jay shocked, that you should uphold so brutal a sport as football. She—Well, you horrid men won't allow us to go to prize fights. , "' ; • *.rj Oraln-o., i t, Ask your grocer to-day to show' you a package of GBAIN-0, the new food, drink that takes the place of coffee/. • The children may drink it without injury as well as the adult. All who try it like it. GKAIN-0 has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure grains, and the most dellcnte stomach receives it without distress. \i the price of coffee. 15 cents and 2rj cents per package. Sold by all grocers. Tastes like coffee. Looks like coffee. Woman is by far the superior of man. No man ever lived who could combine politics and pink teas. ' It Keep* the Feet Dry and Warm And is the only cure for Chilblains, Frostbites, Damp, Sweating Feet, Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allenls Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken into the shoes. At all Druggists and Shoe Stores, 25c. sent^FREE. Address, Allen S. Oliusted, LeKoy.'N. Y. When a woman says she'd Just like to see a man tell her what she may or may not do, ehe means it. to CoiiMimptlon, Kemp's lifilsam will stop the cough at once, , Go to your druggist to-day and get a sample bottle free. Sold in 25 and 50 cebt bottles. Go at once; delays are dangerous. Host lives which turn out a failure do it from the simple lack'of moral courage. To -Cure Constipation irorover, Take Oascnrot's Candy Cnthnrtio. lUo or Z6o. U 0. C. 0. lull to euro drugglets rotund money, Conan Doyle received $35,000 for "Eodney Stone." One More. • ' ', Ay^J "Another suapicioUs ease in town/V, eald the bank president to the yellow- fever district, , , ' ' ^ ."YOU don't<,sarsor ' 7 •'.;„ i-jy "fact, "I'think'the cashier has gob-;!^ bled the funds, and I'm going to take ( i steps to quarantine hlm.'f ( , ( " '' ^ * Bead the AdvertUoments. , f , You will enjoy this publication" f much,better If you Mil get intO,th«/?i, habit of reading the advertisem'entsV'kr They will afford a most interesting '' study and will put you in the • way^of ? getting some excellent bargains. On* 1 * .„ advertisers are reliable, they, send' ,> <lS what they advertise, . . '' ' l 'f * The ideal of a true wife Is one who' doesn't ever let on to her husband that' she knows he doesn't know haw to poko the fire as well 'as, she does. • ' k Do Tfou l)t»noo To-Nlglit? Shake into your Shoes Allen's <Poot- " Ease, a powder for the feet. It makes "'• tight or New Shoes feel Easy. Cures'"^ Corns, Bunions, Chilblains and Sweat- , ing Feet. At all Drug-gists and Shoe ' Stores, 25c. - Sample sent FREE.- 1 , Ad->dress, Allen S. Olmsted, LeJEloy, N.* ¥. t'^ v Sw-lnburne, .who writes very little, . makes $6,000 a year by his poems. ' \ • Hcnuty la Hloocl Docp. ,,,..'/ Clean bloqd makes'a clean skin. No • beauty without it. Casoarets Onpdy Cathar- ,' tie cleans your blood and keeps it clean, by ; stirring up the lazy liver and driving afl hn»., ' purities from the body. Begin to-day to > bonish pimples, boils, blotches, blockhead*, r i?i -a and that sickly bilious complexion by taking - <"$n$ CaBoarets,—beauty for ten cents. r'AHdrug- , ^?,%f gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10, SB,'BOol; M ''I|^ If Faust had not Played the devll^ia „ &M all probability Marguerite would. ', ',' ^\& • .,,...— .- _.„., , i ,- —. * fp f , pjW TO OCKE A COLD IN Q?fB IJAY. ' , I ^ Take Laxotivb Bromo Quinine Tablets. AO ' *' Druggists rotund the mouoy if it falls to cure. 85o l >fc *'•!. The woman who owns no master ' \/^ owns no man. " •* w •f»i *} Ey soothing and subduing She pain* • ^ . That's the way ST, JACOBS OIL>«- NEURALGIA.J AN OPEN LETTER To MOTHERS. WE ARE ASSERTING IN THS COURTS OUR RIGHT TQ TUB EXCLUSIVE USE Off THE WORD •• OASTORIA ". AND' "PITOKER'f OASTORIA," AS OUR , XRAJM 'MARK, f, DR. SAMUEl| PITCHER, of My'annis, was the originator, of "PITCHER'S CASTOR I A," the same that has borne and does nowi jSTJf -s/tfTi". ^ .'"* on every bear the fao-simile signature of &£ejtyKHSt&&4f wrapper, Phis is the original "PITCHER'S CASTOfllA," which has been used in the homes of the mothers of America/for over thirty years, LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it 19 the kind you have always bought STf • x/gyV.^^ on th0 and has the signature of(^G&j?7$4%"fa wrapper. No one has authority from me to use my name.except Phe Centaur Company of which Chas. ff, Fletcher fa • President.' March 8, Do Not B© Deceived, Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting a cheap „. which some druggist may offer you (becaiise .hs maks? a few wore on it), the ingredients of which wen Ji$ does not fenow. Kind You Have Always iought? D """ THe.PAC-SIMIU SIGNATURE OF Insist pn Having The Kind That N^ver Failed Yoifc h ?«l»T»V» 'Leave Omaha any day afternoon at 4:35-^^'^ clean, comfortable, not crowd* ed tqwast sleeper—and; reach San Francisco .evening, r Los Angeles day, noon. No transfers^ goes right through, ed Pullman porter and enced excursiorjuisanduc Ueve you of all bother. EVJiEyTHJIir^ provided, Ttokste*I., Berths (b g e»9«gh for two) f& Wf»%ft« loWev giving |wll infer patton. ^ ^-;^, J. R-eraois/Oenerftl pasa^gw m ALASKA

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