Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 27, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 27, 1938
Page 5
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RblUAllV.27, 1938. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA PAGE PtVl LGONA S DEAD MOINES t Sickness -SK---';'']'- nulMos., Mrs. feafe' Passes. *m&&r" t&t&rlHe Turner died 4, at her Des »r a painful last . Funeral Lloyd Phillips, who has been ick with pneumonia,, is hnprov- ng. Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Kruse were it Fairmont Sunday, guests of rel- itlves. Mrs. Anna Hclmcrs Is reported n serolus condition at her home with cancer. Mrs. Minnie Itlinkman spent last week at Lakota with, her cousin, Laura Penny, Attorney J. D. Lowe was a Fort 6i||pf||t!6nduoted Saturday, John's Catholic Interment was at Glendale She was in Minn, was the „ ,,_, , who died here ^iftrlifilBO. Mrs. Turner itf''<'^il)|6n'a';H..more than 40 W'ffSoasi'.and four daugh- manager of San Antonio liiiiSieltjis-Springfield, Mo.; &«•£«.*.;•>,•»*• -white, and Mrs of Des SfSMarilyn McKim, ysaiirsv, ijj,-/ Crouch, Algona ,th the Turners a i attended the fun- tes fBro8. Land dLOCAJLS Tuttle called at a drug com/pany headquarters there. He Is representative of the company in this territory. Tlio KCT. Gco. C. Vatico will go to Mason City Saturday to attend a meeting of officers of the Pilgrim Fellowship of the Mitchell association of Congregational churches. Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Cullen, Mason City, and the children, Terence and Mary, were week-end Dodge and Humboldt business guests at the John Sl Cullen home ' Dodge and Humboldt business Whlttemore( and the Anton streit home here. Harry Hull Jr., Charles Beardsley, Carol Owen, and Jack Hamp- hlll took Owen Mathea back, to Ames Sunday. Owen, former Algona boy, had spent a few days caller Monday. Mrs. E. Y. Pierce, who Is visit- ng her parents at Sioux Falls, vill return Sunday. Ralph Buck left Saturday night or several days at Des Moines on a business mission, Irene McDonnell, Frances Duffy, and Earl Connors were Emmetsburg visitors Tuesday evening! Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Weber, Lu Verne, were Sunday dinner guests' of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Grooters. Don and Roger spent the week-end here with Jack. Doctors and Mesdames J. B. Wlnkel, L. W. Fox, and J. 0. F. Price attended a state veterinary convention at the Hotel Fort Des Moines last week Tuesday, IUULBIB. , i««-i n ,, r,a Tnnn-arlnv Irvlngton Wednesday and Thursday ro with MF. Mitt JUTS. * lOytt lUCI here "with Richards, of their children ^jA^JZT'Stt* '£ta -ZTfivSrspent'last «* Marion Rising, of Des Moines, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Rising. Tho Mesdames H. R. Cowan, visiting friends at day. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Long City spent son. Hculah Hartshorn, of the Marl- . gold City. shop, spent the week- at Thursday with Mrs. Eliza A. Richards and Mrs. Mary Zeigler, mothers respectively of Floyd, and his wife. Mildred Rich, of the W. C. Dewel home, who had visited her mother at Cooper, south of Jefferson, and a former Cedar Falls teachers col- j Dewel was away, came home Fri- ciy. Harold Brccn got home Tuesday two months a. Ang. Job |tc»!J-i»ign'way commission »i; iSq'l'P^lp Alto road grad- BDSftp^'McGuire Bros., Al- :ioifi3:i$76 and $688 respec- tyMiViMi'rti'L'^ioi.cynY. job runs Emmetsburg line, on No. i paved below Em- -j-.-.e contract for pav- i^i$wfiradlng has been let. her daughter, Mrs. Alwin lold. Geo. W. Patterson, Burt, was an Vlgona visitor Tuesday. He.came down to get a truck license re- ewed. W Leave Meet o$er(E;|the Board of Sup- 3rs|li|fl'lla6t evening for. Peo- d a road mainten- company conven- went are Chair- Algona; aiii';€!osgrpve, Wesley; P. rot John Prother rdiale,f;Cnarles Morris, of Lone H. M &:&d|&sfassistant D. T. Nu- ;e Club Holds '-. Tuesdays men of Algona first weekly prac ,„.„,.„_,_, ,j glee club at the Sc|{pol|'Tuesday evening. The .fe;£<£"$;'*«iKi.g] ( j j n tinj niusi direction of H. R. band iHe is the-son of Mrs. Anna Breen, ]who recently came here from Titonka to live with her daughter i-Iuen" Stella Mae, stenographer for J. L. I Bonar. I Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDonald at Fort Dodge Monday. They were accompanied by Edwin Hovey, lay delegate from the First Lutheran church here, and Fridolph Soderberg, Bancroft delegate. Ony L. Taylor fivas here Monday and made up attendance at the local Rotary club meeting. He Is still running a Sioux City printing shop. His wife's mother, Mrs. Daniel Rice, pioneer Kossuth settler, who has for many years lived with the Taylors, is now 93, but is still 'active and in full possession of her mental faculties. J)a?!d Phillips, high school teacher here, spent the week-end visiting at his old home town, Grinnell, and he took the following local teachers with him: Ruth Arnold and Barbara Moyle, who visited at Grinnell; Irene Lounsberry, who went on to Marshalltown; and Gladys Bieghler, who spent the week-end at Elkhart and Des Moines. The Misses Arnold, Lounsberry, and Beighler room at the C. T. Chubb homo. Mrs. Al Staehle, Burt, was an Algona visitor one day last week. The Staehle's only child, Mrs. H. L. Sauerman, Sigourney, and the latter's young son Jimmie departed last week Sunday night for Glendale, Ariz., where, it is hoped, the climate will aid in the cure of a sinus infecton with which the lad is afflicted. They will spend some months there and are living in an apartment' at the home of Mrs. Otis Paddock, the former Gladys Trlbon, an Algona girl. Attending the funeral of Robert West at Bancroft last week Monday were Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Leffert, Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Dg White, H. M Smith, F. J. Laing, Mrs. Elsie Cady, and Walter Lorenz. The Messrs. Leffert, Smith, and Laing were among the pall-bearers. Mrs. West, the widow, and her little THE MOVIES By T. H. C. CINCE THE FIRST of this year, j movies. And all this brings me, a I have adopted a somewhat i little belatedly, to the picture of vague policy (more like a New Year's resolution, -which one expects to break rather than observe) of what we may call selective criticism. In plainer language, I am going to pick my mov- os in much the same manner as the week. HOLLYWOOD HOTEL— Again, Hollywood has made the fatal mistake of believing that all a picture needs is size and length. The lobby of Hollywood Hotel you, the customer, select your pic-j looks like the Old Roman Colos- .11 res with the view of seeing tho} seum, while the length of the best, rather than tho run-of-the I show Is almost two solid hours, mill, as I have done for countless ] Though It stands as a breezy, seasons now. 1VPA WORKERS have started a new dam'eaat of St. .Toe. Repair work has been done at the Fisher bridge dam. WEST BEND is to have a new- liquor store, and a new building Is beng erected for it by John Dorweiler. This will result in a single review of a single picture instead of ;he full week's bill, giving me a little more time to road and relax. This arrangement will perhaps put me more in the audience frame of mind. If you see every picture, good, bad, and indifferent, you become somewhat bored by the endless procession; sated, filled-up— aiisgespiolt, as we say in German. By attending just the highlights, perhaps I can also fresh viewpoint, at least interesting one from a reader's standpoint. And, after all, I am wiring this column for the readers —I hope. For I always entertain the hope that there are at least two, making that plural correct. Whether I can schedule, whether I showy bit of entertainment, these faults mar fullest enjoyment of the production. Dick Powell, my secret pain-in- the neck, emerges less obnoxious than usual. I have no special dislike for the Lane sisters (I suppose they are sisters) but we see a little too much of them in this show. The celebrated movie-columnist of the Hearst Pacific papers, Louella 0. Parson, add much to Hollywood stimulating to me, is a fluestion which reader-interest, if any will doesn't Hotel; "I 5 '",, hut she herself modestly admits a more (" sin g the editorial "we") that "as an actress, we are a good columnist." The two pieces-de-resistance in the show are bands led by Benny Goodman, King of Swing, and Raymond Palg, King of Something Else of Other. Of these two I'll take the latter. I share the views of my Uncle Bob, that Benny's stuff is an echo of the jungle pure and simple, ... keep to this it will prove moved Wednesday to Mr. McDonald T ' n .business family had been living here while He Mr. McDonald ^perated a farm son. been' Mr - and alrs< Walter Van doing some special clerical work it the high school during the last Motor Co. Mrs. Win. F. Steele daughter' Virginia spent Thursday and Friday here with the former s brother, James Altwegg, find the Whites, going home Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Christensen, IcDonald Graettinger, and the little son Linden, Bobby spent Sunday at the tor- recently mer's brother P. J. Chrisensens. t of the Roy and the family will move back here this week and live at the P. J Christensen home and look alter the Christensen Bros, store, m which he was once employed, decide. In the last year I have without tho sem blance of what we had a few signs of encouragement have been taught is mus i c al. But about this. A few sympathetic, we d j sagrec on Pau i whitcman, souls, realizing the grind of such ]whom he algo relogates to the an assignment as this, console me. Hottentots. I think it is my love with the thought .that folks read; o£ lh(J nhapso( j y the movie reviews, and this is suf-' ficient to goad me on. As I have explained before, leans me towards in Blue that Paul. But I can't band Benny a thing. However, this is a purely personal has aoc Gude ian On .wo weeks. The Rey. Alfred Nelson, Schal- 1 in. snow at er, preached at the Presbyterian I their way home they were stall- Garner for a few Mason chur^Sunday J a candidate To, , City, where they had to spend the the pastorate. i night Fred Pooch return- I P ° :hey had spent a week with Mrs. Pooch's parents. Morris, who is in a hos- lowa City for medical treatment, is expected home in another week. He is employed here snent by the telephone company. Thora while P. J. and his wife are in Arizona for the benefit of P. J. s health. Roy owns a Gamble store at Graettinger and will spend part of his time there. Mrs. Christensen is the former Zita Quinn. Mrs. H. M. Brown, Denver, who had visited here two weeks with her mother, Mrs. R. J. Hutchison,, went to West Bend Sunday for a few days with a sister, Mrs. P. 0. Dorweiler, and from there was to while reader interest is the first, matteri and i£ the b]al . e of trump- consideration, I also have the sel£-| ctg does not insu .it your musical ish motive of finding that a week- , jntoingonce tnen I suppose ly task of this nature helps to keep me alert about what's going on In" the world. Brother Dowel .he elder pounds away at the New Deal, thereby stimulating his po- itical nerve centers, which show no signs of deteriorating, though, oy vote, two-thirds of his readers are solidly against his views on tfie national picture. But he diligently keeps hammering away at FDR, for what reason I have nev- Stokes is a veteran Milwaukee postal clerk here. Helen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Joynt, now of Emmetsburg, spent the week-end .with Dorothy Lee Gisch, iV>rth of Algona. Adam Berte, retired farmer who has been seriously sick with rheumatism for several weeka, is still unable to leave the house. Mrs. Martin Coonan, Emmetsburg, is expected for the week-end at the M. J. Streit home. Mrs. Coonan is Mrs. Streit's mother. Dr. and Mrs. A. L. Dittmer, of and week, goes home today. Mrs. Julia Harms and ,,Mr. Mrs. Warfleld, Dana, 111., last week Thursday on Mrs. Eliza A.. Richards. They were on the way home from South Dakota. All are neighbors of Mrs. Richards' son F. A., who owns and operates a farm near Dana. The Chris Wallnkaits spent •Sunday at Humboldt with the Matt Wallukaits. Matt, Humboldt county court clerk, is a brother of Chris. The John Wallukaits, of go to Des Moines for two 1:3 _ f TT r\ 1 days .The. glee club Junior- and is open to practice will Tuesday... event Men in and Banquet iprmick-iDeering deal- 4 atended an In- I'Harvestet meeting Wednesday, and at the Algona •ere given by 'M. C. |m City branch nmn- jf^Murmani assistant; irt, credit manager; redall, Algona block!$' ' l»r. aim HITS. A. JLI. JJILI.UIOI, vj. • *!,„„„ TnVir- Thornton were Sunday guests of Cherokee, were also there. John, Mr and Mrl Albert Gmnzow. The another brother is manager of an Doctor is Mrs. Granzow's brother, electric lig" plan t- Call Dickinson Jr. and his sister • The Rev. F. Iv. Buigess accom Moines, grandchildren panied Senator L. J. Dickinson to ind Mrs L J Dickin- Clear Lake last week Thursday to «T^«S^'^:--^/ | ^^~^ M r_SJ?K Glee Bullock, Reding, spent last ; inson was speaker. It was Guest Vfl*.^l? .•*»••»« v j rJT *• I j 0 j.l,««l,,li-nnrl n «T\»*<-» VlWO (•/>„ week with Mrs. Charles Larsen and her daughter Beulah. Glee at-i tends an electrical school at Chi- Benny is really a king. Raymond Paige, with true Hollywood flourish, directs a simple Russian melody, Dark Eyes, as if it were the Ninth Symphony, which I suppose is also somewhat ridiculous. But of the two classas of music, I still trail along with tho old-timers. The late Ted Healy plays one of his best roles in this picture, while Frances Langford Is as al- er been able to see, since he runs i ur i ng as ever; w jth her throaty the paper for the readers and sub-: scribers, not for himself. It is as if a merchant were to buy only the goods which he himself likes, regardless of his customers' tastes. I may admire a voice and quivering mouth. Hollywood Hotel is a big lot of entertainment, and if you like long pictures it probably proved a pleasant Sunday show. pox, cago. . Mr. and Mrs. Jimiriie Neville spent last week Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday " at Minneapolis, buying goods for the Neville shoe store. inder's Arm, roken by Car Jan. 25—U. G. Edg- |trth a broken arm and He was walking ac^ in an intersection, , who was turn e dummy in the cen- him. Mr. Edgington, home and at first had not been much a doctor discover- ares. Hip is itured in Fall | Jan. 2—0. L. Miller ^Saturday evening that .Mrs. Mae Miller, Alllen and suffered a hip. She lives with Sv Bartholomews. Mrs. ttaken to the Kossuth ere she will have ast seven weeks. to Jdtime Il^ocal Church Jhioned "sing" will be ^Congregational church |ay evening, February be served at the, close. Ifirst entertainment of f be held at the church |30 years ago when much "the thing". Invited. —* Making Rounds, pispr Beardsley lately nnual rounds. He has |inished the northeast own, between the rail- It will take him till to finish the whole his tenth, year as as- Mrs. E. C. tielps, Portland, Ind., and Mrs. Aribie Praetor, Milwaukee, arrvied last weelT Thursday for two weeks; at the Lee Reed Mrs. Ben Nolte and Mrs. 'Lloyd Phillips went to Humboldt Monday to visit Mrs. Anna Streit; mother-n-law of a sister of Mrs, Phillips. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Straig, Fort Dodge, spent Sunday' with. Mrs: Straig's sister, Mrs. Lloyd Phillips. The Straigs are moving this week to Tucson, Ariz. « Mr. and Mrs. Albert Heise, Minnesota Lake, Minn., and daughter Mary were Sunday guests of , Al-j bort's sister, Mrs. Henry Lavrenz. Mr. Heise is a Ford dealer. Druggist and Mrs. Francis Lonergon, of Sohaller, were here Sun^ day. Mr. Lonergan recently purchased a drug store there. His wife is the former Inez Potter. Mrs. Neal Smith spent the weekend at Des tyoines with .her daughter Harriet who .has been sick with the flu. Harriet is a student at the A. I. B. college. Lruia Lee Deal spent from Friday till Sunday at Graettinger with her aunt, Mrs* Robert Simonsen. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Deal, went after her Sunday. Harold Fetter and his uncle, Frank Ditsworth, left a week ago Monday for two weeks with relatives at Artichoke, Wis. Mr. Ditsworth is a farmer in Irvington township. / Mr. and Mrs, Harold Cowan.who had been making a month's tour by auto, got home Wednesday. They visited Philadelphia, Miami, other points in Florida, and. New Orleans. The Homer Tuttles spent the week-end at Des Moinee, and Mr, day. for the club, and approximately 50 persons attended. Mrs. Lottie Wheeler has returned from a visit at Primghar and is again a guest of her daughter, Mrs. Raymond Anderson, but will go to Grinnell tomorrow to visit other relatives two months. Mr. Anderson is employed hereby the telephone company. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cox, south of Algona, were Sunday guests of their daughter, Mrs. Earl Miller, near Burt. Noble Crouch, of Plum Creek, spent Sunday with the Miller son John, who suffered a broken leg a week ago Friday while riding'a sled hauled by a car, Mrs. B, J. Hutelilson, daughters Mrs. H. M. Brown, Denver, and Mrs. P. O. Dorweiler, West Bend, the son John, of Wesley, with his wife, and the son Earl were Sunday dinner guests of the "Bud" Lawson, Corwith. Mr. Lawson is another daughter of Mrs. Hutchison. The Rev. and Mrs. M. A. Sjostrand, with their small son, attended an annual, meeting of the north Iowa district Lutheran conference with Dr. and Mrs. H. G. Decker, the latter another sister. She is also to stop at Kansas City for a week or ten days with a third sister Mrs. Allen T. Dean, who was badly hurt last fall in an automobile accident. Mrs. Dean Is now doing well, but can not use ner left arm yet. The Rev. F. Earl Burgess s Sunday morning 'bulletin announced Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Rockey, late of Decorah, Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Jensen, late of Hinton, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis J. Reed, late of Klemme, and Mrs. Carrie Haase, late of FeAton, with her daughter Pearl and son Gail, as new members of the church. Mr. Rockey is a district supervisor for the Standard Oil Co.; Mr. Jensen is a field representative for the Druggists Mutual; and Mr. Reed is employed at the Chevrolet garage. Mrs. Haase, a widow, moved to Algona last fall, after many years at Fenton. certain, coat or dress, but hesitate | A-.-J Lakota Woman trv Vimr. it fnr Kfnplr Irnnwinsr it.' ~-49~~» Mourns Pet Canary to buy ; it for stock, knowing it will not suit the" needs of Kossuth women. But an editor dishes out the dirt seemingly without regard to the likes and dislikes of his readers. 'There, Brother Dewel, I've got that off my chest, and darned if I "Grandma" Mussman here mourns the passirjg of her canary, Peter. The bird "was found dead in his cage Sunday morning. Peter was 11, and Mrs. Mussman, who don't think you're fair enough to I had cared for him all the years, print, it. It's all in good clean fun, and, really, W. C. and I have got along famously ever since I began filling up his nice, clean editorial page with this drivel about the him. was much attached to the little pet. When the phone rang Peter always burst into song, and the party at the other end could hear BEGINNERS WILL NEED A Typewriter to use at home to learn to type. L. C. Smith 7 Corona and Rpinington typewriters at the Ad- ACADEMY HALL MONDAY EVENING 8 O'clock Cards, Luncheon, Dance Public Invited. 'journey. 25—Postmaster J. owner of the Fenton Karl, Bob and Gerl Jons Nordabl drove , Minn,, near Minne- ay to attefl.d a skll * Tbey returned the! Milk Fund BENEFIT DANCE AT V, F. W, HALL SATURDAY, JANUARY 29 feu pep cent of total foe turned over to the School Milk fvM, Music will be pi-oyided by Joe UttiuiuerstroHi and His — 86* each. pJws t»s» ..IOWA.. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^ WEDNESDAY THRU SATURDAY "RIDERS OF WHISTLING SKULL" and "PAID TO DANCE" v SUNDAY AND MONDAY, JANUARY 80-81 EXCEPTIONAL! WISE CIRL!-She knew how to fight -but bad to learn bow to love!.., SM her in the arms of Hollywood's tew.romantic threat to your heart! .2nd Feature Do» Terry in "BLACK DOLL" SKO RADIO , mmam HOPKIRS nay flllLUUID - '. * UliS TUESDAY, EXTENDED RJJN PBJCE 10'36c 'YOU'RE 4 SWEETHEART' and WTCH The Algona Auction Co. We are hero to serve both the seller and buyer at our pavilion In Algona every Saturday. Saturday, January 29 Don't forget ive sell anything that you hare to sell every Saturday by (lie hend or weight. Our place Is packed Vfitti buyers, and all stock is demanding good prices. So don't forget to get your stock in, as you will get the best cash price. 10 head While Kock pullets, 1 brooder house, 1 brooder store. Case used tractor 12-20, Twin City tractor, 17-28, John Deero spreader. NOTICE—On February 5 we expect to hold our first horse sale, as we have some calls for all kinds. Don't forget, if you have any horses to sell, let us know so we can advertise them. Wo will drop our Tuesday sale until later, so don't forget, we will sell every Saturday. We have some furniture, also some shop tools Don't forget—every Saturday we will hare a repair man for all makes of separators. We also handle the complete line of Massey-Harris machinery. Don't forget to look this Twin Power Row Crop Tractor over. Will handle 82-in. sep. and 3 14-in. plows. Open every day. Sale barn phone 77 or residence 3F22. Start on stock at 1:30. TERMS—Cash. No property removed until settled for. C. O. RIDDLE & SON Operators and Anctloneers. Hood's IGA Store Specials FRIDAY - SATURDAY ^MONDAY January 28-29-31 _ Free DELIVERY at 1 9:00 AND 10:30 A. M. — 2 AND 4:00 P. M. Post Toasties Large Boxes 3 25c English Walnut Meats Fresh LI». Marshmallows Fresh Li). fir DC SATURDAY, JANUARY 29 "CHAS. CHAN AT MONTE CARLO" Plus "Our Gang" in "Follies of'1938" SUNDAY AND MONDAY, JANUARY 80 AND 81 —2 TOP ATTRACTIONS—2 ENTERTAINMENT SWINGTIME HISTORY Feature No, 2 THE OLD ARMY GAME TURNED OUT TO BE ROMANCE Iowa Boy Makes Good. DUTCH REGAN Formerly WHO Sports Announcer Plus a Great Hearted Army 1 •Horse MURPHY" "SERGEANT Salad Dressing, Carol, full quart __27c Catsup, Irg. 14 oz. bottle lOc Sweet Pickles, 20-oz. jar Carol 23c Tomato Juice, I. G. A. jumbo tall, 2 cans _21c RAISINS Thompson's Seedless 2 LB. PKG. 15c Grape Fruit, good grade No. 2, 2 cans 21c Peaches, sliced, No. 2£ cans L_^ 21 c Cut Green Beans, No. 2 cans _ _2 for 19c Corn, I. G. A. No. 2, Country Gentleman, 2 for 25c OXYDOL LARGE PKG. 21 c Spinach, Arko, No. 2 cans "— 9c Sweet Potatoes, No. 2 cans ____ lOe Corned Beef, I. G. A. 16-oz. cans __25c Cake Flour, I. G. A., reg. size 25c COCOA I. G. A. Quality 1, 12c Dessert Powder, all flaors, I. G. A., 4 pkgs. -- Climalene, large box 22c Coffee, Brown Betty in cannister, 2 Ibs. 49c Coffee, Red A, pound __ 18c. Free Oranges 1 doz. Oranges will be included with every delivery order taken on our 9 a. m. trip on both Friday and Saturday morning's. WHEATIES, 2 PKGS. — BUTTERNUT COFFEE, 2 Lbs. 21C 53c TOMATOES • Good No. 2 cans 3 ,25c I Cranberries, Ib. .?,. lOc Grapefruit, large size, dozen 29c Lettuce, large crisp heads, 2 for 13c Carrots, fresh, large bunch 5c Quality-FANCY MEATS- Cleanliness Pure Lard, 2 Ibs, 21c Pork Chops, center cuts, Ib. 21c Cheese, American or Brick, 2 Ibs. _ _49c Pork Liver, 2 Ibs, _19c Sliced Bacon, 14b. pkg. 23c Veal Rpast, Ib, -,-- -~17<? Beef Roast, choice tender Silts, Jfe -16Q, Picnic Hams, just out of smoke, W> f , '

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