The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 29, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 29, 1897
Page 7
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THE UPPER DES MOiNES: ALGONA, , MILWAUKEE A ST. PAUL Know all Men by These J LOCAL TBAIfiS WEST. No. 1 departs At No. 3 departs at Freights ' No. 3 departs at Freights that carry passengers- No. 93 departs at No. 71 departs at No. 65 departs at. n<t} TRAINS BAST. No.2 departs at ...................... n- No. "" 6 - No. 94 departs Ladies' Home Journal and will hold a reception «oon and sell them on some nlan still to be decided on. The pic lures are full sized reproductions from drawings by such artists as aooej, Lynch, etc., and are very handsome. The much heralded farce comedy, " Side Tracked," made famous by Jule Walters, will be presentedi with an exceptionally strong cast at the Call, irl day, Jan. 7. 4 The N. J. Skinner deal with Mrs. Boals is in court in a new form. Mrs. CHICAGO * NORTHWESTERN. Particularly the man or woman who buys his presents at our store. They will know they are getting the best lor their money. Langdon & Hudson. ... .11:00 a m M - 7:06 a in Pass ........ 7 :05 am Freight ..... 11.58 am Mixed ........ 11 -.59 am Pass . Mixed .. 7 :54 p m Mixed Arrive at ties at 12 -.15 m., and 1 :20 a. m. o p. m., 0 :lT> p. VEgpEBi Ag6 nt. bv her. It is something like the Lund Sses over again. A suit aga ^Herman Doege may come on this week. Prof. Van Erdewvk has moved to Al- We wish all our friends and patrons,.... A the NO. 15. SURANCE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Bualness.- Offloe over Algona State Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford. Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Rockford of RooUford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life of New York. GEO. M. BAILEY. THE LOCAL FIELD. Bishop Fowler next week. The new city well is down a little over 700 feet. Glen Brunson is having a very severe run of typhoid. Tho question is: Shall Algona undertake the normal school again i All the merchants report a big holiday trade, much bigger than a year ago. , Begin the farm year with a good account book. Call at this office and get one free. Christmas was a mild balmy d,,y with tho best sleighing wo have had in five years. Judge Qiuvrton convenes court today to hoar equity matters. Some divorces may come up Th. lent school and nas pruvo» ""V,,,: " teacher of exceptional tact and ability. P rh,a!XA=4« rt y i^?i p «,7»S ffi^«Hws wishes were extended to tho nappy ccup?e Mr. Dawson is a popular Bailor? and an old settlor in Kossuth. Thirty years ago his father was frozen to death in Cresco. Frank Lull, who left Algona a year Happy New Year. Come and see us. GREATEST'COMEDY OF THEM ALL. SIDE-mCKED. FOR OUR NORMAL SCHOOL. PLANS MAKING TO KEEP IT GOING Prof. Albert G. Owen of Aftoii Will Visit Algoua Soon with TUnt Purpose In View. A pleasant dancing party was . by the club lust evening. Thol orchestra played. A Madison county man was soiling our native hazlenuts on the street JOB terday at 50 cents a pock. When ho loft home he had 40 bushels. Bishop Fowler's oration on Lincoln will be given Saturday evening of next week, Jan. 8, at the opera house. It will be the event of tho yoai. Miss Uilla Pettis has been elected by workin old i-nnnina 1 a dressmaKiiiK « D ui.«.•"•••- nnd employs from three to four ladles. Some 200 wont to the fair grounds Saturday to see tho shooting matches. Kandall, who resigned h« . nished some excitement for tho cowls'Block, James Patterson. "No. 8. u CA.I *• *^'«-' Kettle FRIDAY NIGHT, JAN. 7. Call Opera House. GRAND SCENIC DISPLAY. Best Specialties on the American Stage. TWO AND A HALF YEABS. judge Thomas Sends tlie Swea City lar to tlio Penltentlary- OtUer Court Notes. Hammond, the Swea Ci y burgla , was sentenced to the P^enUary Jo, two years and a half by Judge Thomas £•££353= et the judge adjourned court and Thursday afternoon went home Storm Lake. THE WHALEN CASE. A new trial was granted Ja of Emmetsburg, convicted Some weeks ago Ambrose A. Call received a letter from Prof. Albert G. Owen of Afton college inquiring about the normal school in Algona, and suggesting that urrangeinunts might be made to reopen it. On account of the pressure of his business correspondence the matter after a letter or two was turned oyer to THE UPPER DES MOINES and several letters have passed back and forth. The last from the professor suggests its own problem to the citizens of Algona and the surrounding county. I ti9a9f ° T1 l° W8 = "prof. Owen has been in school work ivv ears. He Is an experlonced.and Bueeessful educator, and is undoubtedly able to build up a school. Hi. proposition will bo for Algona to guarantee him enough scholarships for the nrst term to insure a working school from , Samuel Mayno was watching a tin ° Attorney Bonar says church V ±I5n 3s will be° cleared with the Ann Leslie aged 10 years, cited week, ago Fi -ida bho Study" in his charge, which is a very honorable distinction. Miss Jessamine To ne e ads a paper on drawing, and Mrs Thoi F. Cooko sends a pap r on- Utlo'd " The First Six Months of a Child's Life." the result of an item .in the last know, that wo have such an article -ngum statements. In'fact neither one fiSiSS lms lG a' doub 8 lo-°Bcam V ed spout, which makes it impossible to molt it oft. The only tea kettle that has a special heavy bail that runs entirely through the handle. The only tea hettle that has special heavy ears that will not bl Tho only tea kettle made of spocia heav?co7per, "i<*el platod-will out last two ordinary nickel tea kettlos. Our range kettles and silver-lined offoo and tea pots are beauties. Tho 'Rochester" nickel goods are the cheapest to buy-they are all made of heavy copper, nickel plated. Ibey will not rust or chip. Our line .of nickel goods must be soon to be aPP«o«»- ed Wo would bo pleased to have you compare them with other nickel goods on the market. • Wo have eighty different patterns of have ever had. John Meyer and Lena Light, Walter and Minnie Lab/. name™ or, has been chosen president oTthe Union Pacific rail way. advanced by Mr. "••-•"'=•••-:--. in Algona. Mr. Rice has lost all but 16 out of 135 hog . The famous side-spUting ^"^l L chorister of the truth and veracity. In trial Judge Thomas said .. .. ~of insufficiency of the ^dence^ Emmetsburg Tribune say. tcome feels very down-hearted at tne of the case and protests his «n n _ in the strongest terms. ^ ed to the ly a sad condition. H ae t e penitentiary he leaves a, wire Family without means o y the Without passing °n the n»i of the de case, we must say in' Il T lway8 borne a fendant that he has J™ agoo d very good name bereateuw, | fl to hearted fellow, who has neve , provide for his family- „ con . - The Reporter says Whaien ^^ victed of a crime that miiy bel ieve of the people of Emmetsbuig he is innocent." IIonvlBHingthetown, looking over Sill be thinkin£about_ ] OHIOAGO MAEKET PKIOES. only about 3,000 head being The Monitor says tho farmers north Algona" aStartiilbelo^ that at Bancroft. ~, . f The fire company officers are: Chief, A. F. Dailoy; nrst < ^- lle WiUiams-, treasurer, A. H. £?' bTwitnessed here this season Aside from the highly amusing situ Hons in tho play and the hilarious au- Scsof HorStlon Xerxes Booth, the tramp scenic effects have been added with unstinted liberality, and the mark of wonderful and pains-taking drilling ?ndtne severest discipline, are^ appar- ont in every scene and in the wot K 01 over? participant in the performance. L F. Swotting, who left Algona a few weeks ago, is back 'or a couple o weeks He has been at Clifton, At i *t»n atnmn mill is demonstrating that tllO 8U1VTM' Hi i* 1 1D . , r_ TT_ Vina the Bold quart, there is rich. He has O. M. DOXSEE>, HARDWARE. THE GREATEST SALE OF.... CROCKERY Library Aid society Tfridav afternoon, Dec. 31, at d o . A sffi musical and literary program will be rendered. brought and plenty of around $4, the 1.85. The slow at struck a rich lead. - Landis handed in his resigna- ' ' ' the Baptist church - Sunday evening Ever held in Algona. today and continuing ten days we •• j PASH ONLY, our entire stock will offer for sale, FOR c . Ab ". ^^V COS T. We of Staple Crockery m stod,: pa terns AT ^^ was feel safe in saying that a better ine ot V^ s f he stock plain -white. CROCKERY is the next issue of this papei Son's. THAT Blue Vitreous China goes with the lot at W£ke^Bros.^40_ •\Ve Buy L-h- watches, sell watches, and tradewa^ ^ es. Come in and see us. ' tte people you arejookin^to, Sign of the big watoh.^ ,,!, THE largest stock of KOna is being sold at Bro8.'-40 - t ! to you want a nice rug you can. ^ . |t home just as cheap or ou ^ lbralt h ^yw can of ftny peddler. See ua DON'T miss the great crockery "-"-- Bros.'-50 ? 4.00@4.35. i at, common steers sold nnovest lets going tor pooioo" feeder u-awu ..-—--- •^f^ff^S^-SlW . ,ead.y P' loae ?l n hr ot S5.76@0.50. best grades seHint, Q{ a gold rea aily Today's oaenufe^^ higher pl .i ce s. ft i!e?S.^^SKsffi^S^?5 v, QO uv w acUors - weights at$3.55@ numerous auditor next fall. The county board meets Monday to Sheriff Christenson, and August Studer is the now postmaster Sexton August began voting the , ,. Come eany fcr tb. bast selecUon. »€»". — , Sf-^a &£%&&• at $3.60^4.45 wiUi e B - n good d V*** n ample field for the exercise of man" He will maise a good nasby, „.his appointment is a worthy recogni tl0 The Grand Army post has recommended Drs. Sheetz and McCoy as the AlMna members of the new pension Examining board. No appointments have bee" made and whether any Algona doctors will be on the board remains to be seen. Asa A. Brunson thought he would m- •"•. . T!_ *„« -i.vrii-nnt, alittle and line clock at Sheetz' ran 11 days and hours It stopped Monday morn- at 2-58, and three guesses ETu^^ffiorsr Reinholt Heise guessed 2 oolook^ nobody else coming nearbi». i:ne number of guesses was "^thaMt In/tii->VIA whole store force to couni took the wnoie hRfl ft WrrlinlMllv WALKER BROS. During the present month I will make a special no 18,0» MA^ ^ r° at " " q»e Gleaning watches, v Brings, $1. All , 8 4N @ 9l2 >|@27io; No. 2 yellow, n""" 27 fo. 2,23i@23io-, No. 2 white, ~ first y-n second i foiey—On short time. ltie water supply abundant trouble about the pressure. The Kossuth County Agricultural BO- PlBtv will meet on the second Saturday ?nTanuarvT which will be a week from SaSy Thisis a very important meeting in view of the reoept action at Ses Moines. Let every farmer be presenVand every businessman also. When Bishop Fowler closed hi£ oration on "Lincoln" at Spirit Lake Chaw tauoSa in 1895 the entire audience n«« and applauded enthusiastically with hand SS& voloe. Handkerohie^ were in atr and cheers were infant evidence in the ovattpn given the furnished the little contest besides. CUT ON ROBES of all kinds. I have a big assortment to select from, so come early and get a good bargain. eastern "Gold Bugs" are bun DON'T miss the crockery sale this week at Grove & Son's. public reading room by IM 50 pictures given out by *VUIBO. BUBS! W you want a genuine Smyrna or Moquet rug. JQPU at Galbraith.»B, FOB time loans on rearestate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. i. PORMOV. Montana Buffalo Black and Red and Black Goat of all sizes, A splendid assortment of winter plush blankets of all shapes and sizes. D. B. AVEY.

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