Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1938 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1938
Page 11
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PAGE FOUR, ftOSStlTH COUNTY ADVANCES, ALQONA. IOWA TjffiggftA.lt. JANUAftv LODGE JEWELS PRESENTED TO OLD OFFICERS Corwith, Jan. 17—The Eastern Star and Masonic lodges held annual joint installation services last week Tuesday night. There •was <t large attendance, tmd innny •visitors from surrounding towns •were present. A buffet luncheon followed the ceremonies served by a committee headed by Mrs. Mildred Gaskill. The retiring 0. E. S. matron, Mrs. Esther Foley, WQK presented with a gift from the other officers of the chapter, by her niece, and Mrs. S. L. Thompson presented her with a past matron's emblem as a girt of the chapter. Mrs. Foley, in behalf of the lodge, presented a beautiful basket of flowers to the incoming worthy matron, Mrs. Lorena Smith. Lewis Larson presented the retiring master, George Gaskill, with a gold past master's jewel. There was special music by Teacher and Mrs. J. Worth Miller, and « quartet, Mrs. Gladys Wood, Mrs. Luiina Walley. ttutl George Gu.skiil, the .East. Mr. and pluyed for the new the kins, a Minneo,polis suburb. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Shank, Danville, 111., and their son Donald are spending two weeks with Mrs. Shank's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Baughman, and other relatives here and at Laurens. Mrs, Guy Smith, Mrs. Clarence Smith, and Mrs. Harry Maw were hostesses following the regular meeting of Paradise chapter of the 0. E. S. one evening last week. Bernard and Bernadine Metille, who had been living with their sster, Mrs. Harry Foloiy, Thor, have returned to Corwith and are with the sister Mary. Alberta Mitchell is working at the Convith telephone office, taking the place of Elva Statubaugh, who is quarantined for scarlet fever. Mrs. C. F. C. 'VVaHers and her son Leo have left for an extended visit with relatives at points in Illinois. The Erwin Ericksons, Charles City, are. visiting Mrs. Erlckson's sister, Mrs. Hobert Beer. St. Joe Funeral and burial services were held for Peter Brass', of Wesley, at St. Joseph's Catholic church Monday morning. He had been making his home with a daughter at Wesley. His -wife is dead. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ernst are parents of a son, their first child, born Saturday night. Anna Kayser is in charge. Mr. Ernst owns and operates the service station 2% miles north of St. Joe. Nick Fiscli is in Rochester, Minn., receiving medical treatment. Mrs. Peter Schmit and children spent Sunday at Fred Selberg's, near Ledyard. Ivan Snlburg who had spent the week with relatives here returned home Sunday. Board Proceedings Ed Puohser., patrol ........ 115.00 Fred J. Coon, patrol ....4. 62,80 Peter Moviok, patrol 81.00 James Kelao, patrol 84.70 Kelndor ICromlnga, patrol .. 63.15 M. L. Worby, patrol 78.06 Lyell W. Miller, patrol 84.75 Clifford Holmes, patrol t ... 8S.80 M. C. Thill, labor Gl.OO J. E. Fallc, patrol 115.20 Wilbur A. Fisher, patrol .. G2.'GO Dick Baade, patrol Goo. F. Graham, labor Lynn ICuchenreuther, patrol A. J. Hlldman, patrol Oliver Young, patrol Leo Delpprdans, labor .... Arnold Delperdane;, labor .. Jake Keller, labor Jay Godden, labor 7B.7B G7.7B 88.20 8G.1I) 85.40 32.00 29.00 18.00 51.80 D8.70 80.85 07.30 0.00 0.00 9.00 20.40 Car) Bunch, labor ". n.OO Melvln II. Hawk, patrol Mcrwii: Marlow, patrol .. J. F. Qutnn, patrol Clarence Nemmers, labor John Tobln, labor Earl Dltsworth, labor .... Doyal Saunders, labor Earl Earing-, patrol Chester Alme, patrol Alton Pettlt, patrol J. M. Lontr, patrol Ed Willard, labor Henry J. Kohlhaas, labor Bernard Leeper, labor ... E. G. Stlnstrom, labor Paul TraBainar. labor .... J. in W. Miller Siini; Star of Mrs. iUillur liiuyriuthiiio work ur the Auditor's Office, Januarv 3, 1!)3S !>:(>0 o'clock a. m. Board of Supervisors met pursuant tci adourmm-nt with the lollowlrg members present, McDonald, Ciis- K-ruve, FrasL'i- and Baum. Absent, Morris. tlie Star are: processional new year. New officers of Lurenu Smith, W. Smith. W. P.; Frances Oxley. A. M.; Dr. P. K. Wulley, A. P.; Mildred (Juskill. cond.; Maude Kiygle, assl..; Lentut \Valley, «ucretury; Add-ic 1-laiuni, treasurer; Jennie Thompson, chaplain; Fannie Barracks, marshal: lilveria Bonustet- 1er. Ada; Abigail Ma\v. Ruth; Esther Foley, Esther; Ethel Bonti- stetler, Martha; Mary Dun lap, Eleeta: Gladys Wood, Warder; Amy Foley, Sentinel. New officers of the Masons vn- the Kev. Karl W. G. .Miller. W. M.; Eric Krickson, S. W.: Jwtn Foley. J. -\v.; Lewis Larson, secretary; S. L. Thompson, treasurer: George Gaskill, p D • Lester Bonnstetter, J. D.; Vernou Suuler S. S.; Glen Dun lap, J. S.: 1-Ij-rvey Maw, tyler; f'harleh Hauun chan- laiu; E. G. Giuskill, marshal; Budd .Lawson, ehpUiin. pro tern, Shower for Ttridi'.to-Iir. . Violet Oxley was honored last Saturday afternoon at u pvc-nup- tial shower given by friends at the Legion hall. Guests wrote recipes and "wise wards of advice" for the bride-to-be, which she read for the amusement of all. Miss Oxley received many gifts, tllu ] lunc i, was served. Jn ,iiuukx the hou- oree revealed plans to be married at the homt> nf lier parent.-;, Mr and Mrs. clarence Oxley, January 3!i, to James Burns, employed oil the Paul -Mathers farm near Kanawha. Iiid« l lH'HdHits 'j'romice Visitors— The ('orwiih ind.-pcndent 'basketball team w,,n , v , 0 victories here lust v ,,-k Thursday evening when it ,,,,,, independent teams irom .Memme and Lu \'enn- '1'lic Kleninie game was the local.-' rirnt anil i he scoj'c was r.li-l'-l in their favor. Fur the secnncl game they ouilt U); u score of 54-1W Lu Vr.rne. The scheduled Motion liy Frusor and second Cusfc-rove that the oa'ioial bond J'. .1. Heiki-n for $5,000.110 bu proved. Ayes: all. Motion by Frascr and second by Cosyi-ove (liat the following: Gravel Petition!.- lif placed on file, No 41G ' M.; (.'laren.ce • No. -117, NO. -m. NO. 4151 K O . 4^0 and ' No. 4 21. Ayes: all. [ Motion by Costcrove and second by Baum that a transfer of $11000 be I imidi- I'rum the itiiad Construction i 1'und to the County Cash Koad Bond iVecount to cover Bonds and Inter- ! Dr. J. a. Clapsadclie, witness fees Floyd Duncan, witness' fee's 1 . A. Danson, J. p, feus .... Casey Loss, sheriff fees . Iver H. Nordin. j. p. fees .. W. H. Steward, const, fees Lee O. Wolfe, j. p. fees 1st, IBSb. Ayes: by I A. .1. Cog-ley, Uep. sheriff of j foes ap- 'Burrouprhs Adding Mach. Co.', supplies Browns Studio, picture . . . '. J! ; M. Minkel, examination Algoi:a Insurance Agency, premium Remington Hand plies Remington I'.and plies Mrs. Clotlldu HutcJilson, O. A. P. invest Inc., sup- ine., stip- T. L. Thorson, labor ] Eurl H. Cusliman, ijostlntr •sign Mike Wagner, posting sign. J. J. Anderson, posting sign O. H. Linde, posting sign . . O. L. Thorson, posting sign COURT FUND Gladys Walts, bailiff Frances Davidson, reporter's John H. Fotb, bailiff'.'.'.'.'.'.' Mathew c. Grier, reporter's feus H. J. Kettleman, reporter's fees Frances Davidsoi fees Casey Loss, sheriff fees'!".' Anderson Cafe, jury meals 1NSANK FUND Ayes: all. | Katherine McEvov, cltrk's reporter's fees . . C. H. Crelzmeyer, phy. fees Harold E. Hansen, witness fees Clark Heuffhain. witness- fees Win. Etl ering'ton, witness lees °i30 DOMESTIC ANIMAL 'FUND" V\. ,1. Weisbrod, g-eese killed S 00 Albert Gould, sheep killed . 27.Op 1 L. Swa.nson, sheep killed :l:«corder' Clerk's : Auditor's $D,CBS 82 none 70 Oil M. .1. Muinzer, hogs killed \\ . li. Lane, hogs killed .... Bailey, sheep killed . T. B. FUND J. T. 'Waite, insp. fees . J. A. Saiiflner, insp. fefs •I. B. Winkel, insp. 1'ees M. 1. Lichter, insp fees I'. C. Geilenfeldt, insp. Dr. Dr. Dr. i Dr. Dr. lJo -son I'nj against team has i he Fun ers. '- A. team, the md Bread team, •f'tidonts, and Mathe oili- The at Mr weel; led by n's Societies Meet— Methodisl \\'. M M S s. ('!;,,•;, Patterson's Tuosday, and the ICN.SOU Mrs. K. L. .Hatiswirth the opening clmpter of the Rebuilding Rural America hv Mark A. Daw her. The Baptist Mission Circle mei Friday a t Mrs Jacob May's, with Mrs. Htmkius assistiiifj ']'hs, tion i« a ] S o studyinu Keb Rural Ameriea, and Mrs \Vildmau led the. les.son met last u-as nn tJOUli, Harvey ' \eal due January all. Motion by Cosgrove and second by FrusiM- that the following Home- sti.-iul Credits be allowed as follows: Helen Jiselvolm, Bwea City, com. SE eui- Lot 1 Riehmonds 4th Add, then N r>0 ft. W 13I! ft. to beg., al- uatiun SG40, 1!);>G. Raymond Priube, Fenton Jnc N 1 *'. Lot 10 Blk. G, valuation $1,000. laaif Jerry Melgoiis, Algona, Lot 0 Blk. "-'U Calls Add., valuation ?1,400, li)3C 11K1T. F. H. Cxapp, AlKona, Lot 10 and Mi Lot G Blk 1, Resorvatioi: No. 1, ?uoo, l!i;:ti. Tliese claims were all previously tiled, before June 1, 19ST, but due to error In giving in their correct description and valuation these claims are being allowed. Motion by Fraser and second by ! fees Baum that the following reports be Casey Loss sheriff' approved: Auditor's Report of Fees .'A. Hutchison comm ai:o other Collections for quarter ending Doc. Si, 10S7. Recorder's Report of Feus Collected, quarter ending December si, l!Ui7; sheriff's quarterly report to Board of Supervisors: cleric's Kfport of Fees: Report of P. J. Heikc-n. mayor of Swea Cily; Annual Financial Report uf Kami Bureau. Ayes: all. Cash on hand in various offices as counted by the Bourd of Supervisors January 3rd, 1:^0 o'clock P. Treasurer's office Sheriff's office ... s [.il'lce . IT ice ... office none w. E. MCDONALD, Chairman. By motion of the Board tie .Secretary was asked to read the minutes Dr P'lli.h of Da- last rwrular session and all' . adjuurnud sessions, i j;> r j T»- Pox Aluiluu by Fraser and second by '••-•' ""•' -'-- - ' liaum ihat the minutes of the last regular sussi'jn and all adjourned sessions bu approved as read. Ayes: all. "n mm inn Board proceeded to audit and allow hills as per "Schedule <>!' Claims" iHTi.'ina I'UT written. OOL'NTY FUND A '•"••'•' K ''' My * -°° I"'. H. SI. Raney, T. B. ins,,. l->r. Kalph li. \Veber, T. B. insp l:. 10. Anlikt-r, T. B. indem...' Aliirtin \V. Geerdes, T. B iri- deni Jot- Plat, T. B. indein.".'.'.'.' .Henry Gray. T. B. indem. . . Andrew C. Berg. T. B. inedm. U alter L. Grubb, T. B. indem. lirmjst Busch. T. B. indem Andrew Johnson, T. B. indem. <•-. K. Mawdsley, T. B. indem M. .7. Member, T. B. indein. . I'-rank Meyer. T. K. indem loooo -. lsu '.'- J:1 ''.?. tllc : rs ''!'• - B - Iiulem - i!oo 1.011 7.00 :i.7u 1.00 1.00 1.IH1 3.0(1 ^.00 1.00 s.r.o •Mf>.77 in. os i.oo S4.4C George Looft, labor ........ Albert Bosman, Jr., labor .. W. c. Bowman, labor Olaf Oftedahl, labor Geo, Scblck, labor Jim Bench, labor , .Sim Leigh, labor Paul W. Larson, supplies ,. Hermai: Pannkuk, labor .... Geo. C. Olson, labor Ernest Jones, labor Alfred Wlttkopf, labor Stephen Loss, labor Henry J. Kohlhaas, labor . / Mike Altman, labor C. K. Ivol'.-lhaas, labor Mike Bormann, labor Henry J. Kohlhnas, labor.. D. B. Mayer, labor International Harv. Co., supplies Thompson Yards Inc., supplies Farmers Elevator Co., supplies Patterson Electric Shop, supplies W. E. Gutkr.echt, supplies .. Walter E. Rosenau, supplies L. C. Stands, supplies Gardner Garage, supplies., 11 vn IK'ehardson Furniture Co., 11-79 , supplies 10.16 Sorensen Groc. Co., supplies Peterson Garage, supplies.. Arthur Pehrson, supplies., E. & H. Chevrolet Co., supplies , A. Peters, supplies Beed Hardware, supplies ... Greenberg Auto Supply, supplies J. M. Fleming, supplies .... Dutchs Super Serv., supplies |F. S. Norton & Son., supplies Farmers Coop. Ass'n, supplies .. Northern Lumber Co., supplies ., Thompson Yards Inc., supplies Kuira Grain Co., supplies .... E. W. Lusby, supplies George Holtzbauer, supplies Mrs. Anna Dahl, supplies 2.00 2.00 11.00 1G.45 S. 00 S.75 S.OO 2.7fi SC.SO 4.OS B.OO 7.CO 7.50 1.02 B. H. Dreyer, labor ...... Dr. P. A.-K. No. 1, Pftlo Alto County, supplies . Dr. W.-K,' No. 3-11— Blmore Cement & Tile Co., supplies C. H. Hanson, labor Clarence Anderson, labor Dr. Tri. No. 131— George Wolf, .labor ...... Dr. H. K. No. 2— J. M. Fleming, supplies . POOR FUND District No. 1— Dr. Corbln, mod Dr. Andrews, mod Dr. KenefIck, mod Dr. Cretzmeyer, mod Dr. Janse, mod Dr. MeCorkle, dontal , General Hospital, hosp. care H. W. Geelan, prov Paul Ernst, prov H. R. Zumach, prov Schneiders, prov Bakers Dairy, prov Huff Restaurant, prov Klnseth & Son, prov Mrs. B. J. Sankey, prov. .... Cut Rate Groc., prov , C. S. Johnson, prov Moe & Sjogren, prov Leo O. Klnseth, supplies ., J. W. Neville, supplies .. Grahams Dept. Store, supplies Farmers Elevator Co., fuel .. Kunz Grain Co., fuel Farmers Elevator Co., fuel . Whlttemore Elevator, fuel . Sanford & Llndebak, fuel . Botsford Lumber Co., fuel . Jerry Schutter, amb. serv. Martin Elscheid, rent Joe Crossley, rent 3.00 Mrs. Joe Llehty, rent 8.00, C. H. Llcbty, rent 12.00 (District No. 2— 10.80 'LM'. Keneflck, med 3.00 i Dr. Crotzmeyer, mod ,., 3.00 Dr. Janse, mod. ns.sr. 05.00 108.80 85.05 13.50 3.»0 S.45 10.80 G.80 10.80 C.30 1.25 3.00 D.OO . 2.00 6.HO .05 3.00 3.00 Cut Rate Groc., prov. Moe •& Sjogren, prov. 3.00iJ. AV. Neville, supplies £.50 4.GO l.SO 1.'70 C.OO 1B2.GG C7.00 03.'13 87.73 142.00 27.2G O.DD io'-S Lease & Lease, suppfies'""..! £-'oo I G pi"es" .y. 11 . 1 !^'. s . l ° r . c : sup " c -°° Kohlhaas 'it' Spilie's',' supplies J:olsford Lumber Co., stipplies Central States Electric Co., light serv Interstate Power Co liprht serv Central states Electric Co' light serv Nelson Bros., supplies (Wesley News-World, print- 5! 30 5.00 .. Graham Store, supplies .... Botsford LumbertCo., fuel .. Dr. Bourne, mod ........... Borchardt Drug Store, mod. li W. Lusby, mod ......... I>r. Olson, dental ........ Mrs. Ella Briggs, care ...... Mrs. Jim Gallager, care .. Kossuth Hosp., hosp. care.. Mrs. Mary V. Taylor, care . . H. R. Sorenson, prov ..... Longs Groc., prov ........... R. A. Clark, prov ......... I W. T. Pilcher, prov ......... C. S. Johnson, prov ....... Anderson Grain & Coal Co., fuel ..................... Norton Lumber Co., fuel .... Standard Oil Sta., fuel.... Mrs. Win. Meyers, care .... Christian Home Orphanage, care .................... St. Anthonys Home, care .. L. M. Merritt, amb. serv. .. Alex Miller, rent .......... W. L. Martin, rent ........ A. M. Collinson, rent ........ Mrs. J. E. Moulds, rent ...... Mrs. Dearchs, rent ........ Win. F. Behnke. rent ...... Harold Smidt, rent ......... District No. 3 — Dr. Andrews, mecl ....... 14.99 ; General Hosp., hosp. care . 20.25 Cut Rate Groc., prov ....... 4.09 Dr. Bourne, mod ........... Fasbenders Store, prov ..... Ivlelnpeter-s, prov ......... Sonnenberprs, prov ......... Mrs. Mutt Krdman, prov. . . . Fanners Elevator, fuel ... Farmers Elevator, fuel .... McMahon Funeral Home, amb. serv ............... T. F. Doerr, rent ...... . ! Leo J. Hanig, rent . , . District No. 4 — J. W. Neville, supplies .... L. M. Merritt, amb. serv. .. Dr. Clapsaddle, med. . . . Dr. Clapsaddle, med. 30.no 14,40 8.22 3.07 1?.52 3.74 17.35 2.14 B.Oil 1.26 1.02 .CO 23.73 12. 7C G.90 9.75 12.60 . 10.41 365.00 G.04 210.33 13.01 30.61 17.95 D.31 9.37 3.00 1.02 17.60 14.8D 14&69 1 .10 ,1B .42 6.00 15.45 15.00 18.75 57.00 60.00 1.00 85.00 5.00 10,00 4.50 88.80 27.50 0.10 G.OO 8.00 3.00 71.00 2.60 10.00 11.21 10.5G 7.97 C.C3 26.30 20.01 8G.94 7.5<1 14.28 11.50 10.00 8.00 10.00 G.OO 13.00 49.50 24.50 03.50 7.00 12.11 1.83 88.52 79.50 9.18 21.00 1.50 37.01 24.05 152.50 24.00 35.8G 4.00 G.OO 9.92 33.50 7.34 G4.2G .75 10.00 20.00 45.00 4.50 10.00 8.00 10.00 8.00 G.OO 10.00 10.00 G5VOO Horlos for said county funds, shall be aa follows: Iowa State Bank, Alg-onn, la, $900,000 Security State Bank, Algona, Iowa 500J)00 State Bank of Lodyard, Led- yaftd, Iowa 86,000 Tltonka Savings Bank, Tl- tonka, Iowa 85,000 Exchange Elate Bank, Wesley, Iowa 85,000 Farmers & Trader*' Savings Bank, Bancroft, la 85,000 Lone Hock Bank, Lone Bock, lowo 85,000 Farmers State Bank, Whlt- temore, la 86,000 Burt Savings Bank, Burt. In. 85,000 Uumboldt Trust & Savings Bank, Humboldt, la. .... 60,000 Farmers Trust & Savings Bank, Buffalo Center, la. 60,000 and hereinafter the said County Treasurer shalli keep the public funds belonging to said county In said depositories not exceeding the maximum amount hereinbefore authorized In any one bank so designated. Adopted this 3rd day of January, 1938. Ayes: all. Motion by Cosgrove and second by Fraser that the following resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION It Is hereby resolved by the Kossuth County Board of Supervisors In regular session January 3rd, 1938, pursuant to and In accordance with Chapter 2 of the Acts of the 44th General Assembly of the State of Iowa, that the Iowa State Bank, a banking corporation doing business In Algona, Iowa, be and the same Is hereby selected and approved as the depository for public funds from and after January 3rd, 1938. The maximum to be kept on deposit at said bank shall be Thirty Thousand Dollars ($30,000). Th« maximum amount which each particular officer of Kossuth County, Iowa, shall deposit in compliance with this resolution shall be as follows: Auditor $10,000 Recorder 5,000 Clerk of District Court 10,000 Sheriff 5,000 Adopted this 3rd day of January, 1938. Ayes: all. On motion Board adjourn ur.tfl 8:00 o'clock A. M. January 4, 1938. E. S. KINSEY, County Auditor. Auditor's Office, January 4th, 193S. Motion by Cosgrove and second by Baum that ihe following reso- lueion be adopted: RESOLUTION It is hereby resolved by the Kos- sutb County Board of Supervisors in session this 4tlv day of January, 1938, pursuant to the Acts of the 45th General Assembly of the State of Iowa that the estimates of expense be placed on file and the amounts which each particular officer estimates for 1937 be shown as follows: County Auditor . County Recorder County Treasurer of said collections and payments M taxes on Drainage District No. 69. under the assessment which was 86t aside by the District CO'urt in the above entitled ease, be refunded back to the individuals paying said assessments and the County Treasurer Is now hereby ordered to makts said refunds, and WHKRBAS. the decree In O the above entitled cftse specifically states that It in no way affects warrants issued In said drainage district No. 09 subsequent to July 2, 1983. The County Treasurer is.now hereby directed to pay any and all of said warrants Issued subsequent to ther 22nd day of July, 1933, from any and all funds In his hands which are the property of Drainage District No. 09. Ayes—W. Ei McDonald, P. .T. Helkcn, J. H. Fraser, W. S. Cosgrove. Nays—none. Motion by Cosgrove and second by Itelken that the following appointments for 1938 be approved: Carl S. Pearson, deputy audllor. Loo. J. Immerfall, deputy auditor. John J. Bestenlehner, clerk In auditor office. Alma Pearson, deputy Clerk of District Court. E. F. Griffith, deputy treasurer, Frances Duffy, deputy Auto Clork. Kosella Volgt, Clerk In Treasurers office. C. H. Ostwinkle, Delinquent Tax Collector. Imelda Dooley, Deputy Recorder. Ayes: till. Motion by Cosgrove and second by FraBer that the report of Delia Welter, iTuiitlea of Peace for year end- Ing December 31, 1938, be approved. Ayes: all. On motion Board adjourn until 2:00 o'clock P. M. E. S. ICINSEY. County Auditor. Auditor's Office, January 4, 1938 2:00 o'clock P. M. Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with the following members present: McDonald, Cosgrove, Fraser and Helkan. Absent: Morris. Motion- by Helken and second by Coflgrove that Surfacing " the »U3 ritjoV.>VAS 8 « 78 :i' 10 -'Arp ^.V5S2/ES?-' •'" te Praser that 1'auper N ed on the following Lbos and, family, A in.- and Motion Cosgrove to make y, an 1 - *"" by Fraser that Helkc necessary , -fioiin. s ;,7<i 4. Ayes: all. ' '' • Motion by Frasor nni Helken that Cosgrove mi sn-'-y repairs on brni,,," No. 00 and along Ny, s"c Township. Ayes: all ' -• Motion by Cosgrov'e „„,, „ Heiken that FraHer ,„• i, S( ° repairs on Drainage ' ]> l."^ 105, P. A.-K. No. 1 and N 0 j, r J c Motion by Heiken ,,i ,j ,. Fraser that the follow-in... if lowances for 1938 be am " Anna Cttyler, $1800 •«'''' Keepher, $15.00; Mi- i-,?' $10.00: John D. Magin,,,; l!ia Mrs. Augusta Beif/., jr, iin.";, to Koppen, $8.00; Ne'iV',?' $35.00; Mrs. Pat Cavn,.,,,,, 1 ' Nina Dutton, $10.00- M,.,. ,?'',• gomery, $10.00; Nanev v nr 'i, $5.00: Mary Witte, $&o (n> "' fredson, $15.00; Mrs V,.i,,, 5 eon, $G.OO; Mrs. Jnlliii o, $5.00; Mrs. Dora Dak. Jnj, Jesse Speraw, $10.00- ]|,.!i,, , Edith Smith, $25.00- Mi,,. ! Brlen, $50.00; Mary I! s,'i/n Wm. Harsch, $10.00;' M ', ''' man, $20.0,0: Peter , " e Thompson, $25.00; Chin. • $5.00; Martha Kentz «TIMID• Jucliem, $D.OO; Mrs. i;,.,'^ cash allowance for 32 incinti bl< ' Clerk of District Court County .Sheriff unty .Sheriff i? s: ,i i -^ Motion by Fraser and second by Cosgrove that the Beer Bond of n,'. v' 1Sanl ' ey ' Sexton, Iowa, be ap- AIM' ^ yes ^ a11 Motion by Cosgrove ard second 58.00 7.50 DO.OO 9.00 5.00 5.00 S.fiO in*i7,^, -- — • Vi; J'ebrtiary 15tlv, 1938, Court Algona, be the time and place set for ihe 1938 Secondary Road meeting. Ayes: all. 7.14 i n nn ' * • - • • i"-"" iOwatoniui .75 McMullen Store, prov.' 1C. Oil P. Tool Co., supplies ll!oo |f, mjta Uept. Store, prov.' fees Dr. H. R. Gibson, insp. fees E. Weber, insp. fees !Dr. L. W. Fox, insp. fees Dr. R. C. Ball, insp fees Dr. H. E. Woodward, T. 1 insp. B. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. R. C. Ball, T. B. insp. J. B. Winkel, T. B. insp L. W. Fox, T. B. insp. . M. 1. Lichter. T. B. insp. -H. Ji. \Vooodward, T. B. .sons, Lucy visits Oak- Ex-Corwith (iirl .Married- Mrs. Shelby Steven, two Wiliria Stevens, and Mrs. Harris h«ve returnwl from with relatives at Hollandak- land, and llayward, Miuu attended the wedding of Elleii' daughter of Mr. and" Mrs. Loster Barber. llayward, to Lu Verne Whitiaker, Jiniwndald. Minn. Thb Barbers are former residents of Corwith, arid the bride if a sniiid- dauffuitr ,jf Mrs. Harris. Clulj Sludie.s Jewisli Druiuii The C'orwitjj Woman's club last week Tuesday afternoon Mrs. J. M. Gehrt's, and discuss were given on Jewish drama the United State.*, with Mrs. P J.' Walley discussing the legitiiuate •stage and Mrs. Williutu Duck^tt the screen. It was poi;i u -d out that a large number uf stars, directors and producers are Jewish. The next meeting will be ou January ^5 tit Mrs. ('luude Stall's met at Student j\ursc Has ()j.era(i«H- Florenee VVidt.n. .student nurse at Mason City's Mercy hospital, came Sunday for a tew weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. K J Widen, while she is recoverin t ' from au appendicitis operation. Mr. Widen drove to Mason ,('ity for Jjer, and the Wilma Merriam and Eleanor Johnson, student uur.ses ; Cr at the samo hospital, accompanied him there, after Saturday night with their parents here. Frank I uli-ll. My. .I<'ss AniK'i-.suil, bly !•'. \V. Uaeon. bty \\'. \V. .Sullivan.'P. M., post- af.u- I'onuld lu-al. bty l-tulji'ii LuiMltke. 'bty Kn'luij'i.l K u I lasL-ii, bt\' I: C. Davis, bty Hi-liry OUi-ker'k. bty J-larry liatlialis. bty.' Josi-pll l)l))io.y|(i, bi.V I- A. Winki-l for Mary Wille (.!ui:m.ls. OUulys \Villo Gar- i-igun and Henry .lames \\'Hle. jpi-oUiii- of will .... .Kiobar-J Ui-isto\v. bty \Vulli-l- 1C. Uob..-rts, tiiy .U'-'inburd Wetzel, bty.' Frank ''lapsaiJille, bty .1 .1:. Thoiniison, bty lidwin Liudtke, bty Axi-1 ErieUson, bly.' ^^" V\'. Sulliviin, ixistage rt.lii.. K. winter Jr., bty . . .Kubeii Luc-dtke. bty. ...!.... Alice Andtregg. bty I'''. S. .\orion iV Son,' supplies W W. Sullivan, postage .... Harry Bui-kehnu n, bty '.'ity of Algona. light s'erv. .. W. \y. Sullivan, postage .. Traeit Huli-zbuuei-, salary .. HI.ZI-J I". Ki-eii. serv. rendered I'.ugem- Meyers, b! v Frank Stall k-ituin, bly U. O DaviK, bly. . . . '. K. U'jiu i-iug. bty. . Ulviri 1: Kox, bty lii'-l urd Millar, iity l.'elmur Fislit-i-, Liti- '.'.'. Verl lulUTson, bly Gerald Culeman bty M. W. l-'ost, freight '.'..'.'.'. \Voodrow Peterson, bty A. L. Studebak.er, labo'r ... Belly Sheridan, salary liosella Vnigi, salary".,. Mary K. Sands, salary .... Doroihy 'J'. Sbatlo, siilarv.. Lucille Doll-, salary . . Charlie Wi-lier. bly. . . Olio 1-tiebu-r. bty. ' M J. Duffy, Co Treas adv bly Henry Harlman, bly. ".'. ! i !'. M .1. Duffy. Co. Treas office I.-.YJ) W. S. Cosgrove, comm. & ses- se^.^lMi •I. JI Fra.ser. comm. & si-s- ^iiin \V. L 1 . McDonald, comm. & .se**iun !•'. Wm. Baurn, comm. & ses- Chas. Morris, comm. & ses- .siun _ National I'.eeinploynient lite, office exp C. H. Oslwinkle, del col Win. Shirley, office exp .1 J. J.Jooley. office exp 1. A Winltcl, office exp. .'. .Messenger I'l-inllng- Co., sup- plit.s Fryc- Mfg. Co.. supples' .'.'."" JvevMune Knvtlope Cu. supplies iJi-nkirs Feigemanii Co., sup- plieti ! Hurl Mui Tilonka 'J Printing 1.00 I'.IKi 1.00 1.00 25.00 a. 00 1.00 1.00 1.00 2.00 o.llll 1.00 204. SO ::74. 35 500.70 .404.20 4 517.70 4!H.25 4!)4.70 177.10 294. S5 321. Dl) 2G4.00 i! 30G.OO 24.48 2S.S1 27.70 2S.93 4(10.23 14.00 C.4C 70 Charles Plathe, T, Ji. indern! Herman J. Studer, T. B. in- dem v ermm J. Studer, T.' B. iii'dem' George H. ^Vessel, T. B. in- dein Samiua C. Wincliell/T'B'in- dem K. A. Bruellmar., T. B. indem'. Ben Knox. T. B. indem Peier p. Cassem, T. B. indem. Joliii Long, Jr., T. B. indem. 1-fter J. Dahlhauser, T. B in- dein Anna M. Lovsuid. T.' B'. Yn'd'em J'red DeVrles, T. B. indem 14.25 13.30 Hi.(Hi 12.0U 3(1.71 13.5:: 20. OS 15.14 30.!>."i 13.4(1 30.CO C.CO 10.57 S.3J 32.13 4C.S4 12.3R 13.70 r iii\ 11 — -•--•- • •t-,^,, j. . j_,. Jin, r' S • iU ;, yc :. r & T'-outman. T. B. Of- tax priming in^ Boy Scout J'asses Test— Fourteen boy scouus were present at the latest weekly meeiin;; at the 8tihoolhou.se. Jimmie J^ar- Bou passed one of hi.s second-class requirements, and Bobby Joe Welter und Vidal Bonnstelter began on inerit-badKo requii'emenls. Kliplo Luose plies Advance PubiiVhi'nil' - Co., print- Leaf Co., sup' 'Co.', Des Moines, Olher C'or»vilJi News. The Percy Moshers have returned to their home at Rockl'ord, Jll., after visiting i'or some lime with Mrs. Mosher's parents, Mr. and Wrfi. Frank liuntiiiK. Mrs. liuiil- iiig accouipuuitd them as far as Dubuyue, where .she was to .spend a month wilh another daughter, Mrs. Clarence Terpestra. Mr. und Mrs. (,'ullison are spending a couple of mouths with their dauKulw, Mi-s. E. 1{. Jefl'ord, Minneapolis. Mr. Jefford is station figent for the M. & St. L. at Hop- Algora Upper printing Banci'oft l:egisler, print l"ng .Sy.-ea City Herald, printing n hitlemorc Clianipion, printing Perkins Bros. Co.! ' su'p'pl'ies J.icliardson Furniture. Co supplies ' 'jeorffe Holl/.buuer, supplies (j 1'. Towne, supplies .... Cowan Building & Supply Co., MJJ.Mics; ' ChriMfcr.seii liros. Ci. 25.0(1 27.01) 1.00 2.00 1.00 a. oo (i.OO 3.00 4.00 l.UO 1.00 i.OO 1.00 :i.ou c".r,o C7.SO 90.00 55.00 05.00 32.00 11MIO 7.0C C.70 3E8.SE 370.20 385.GO 384.GO 205,94 C.CG 28.39 822.02 2L'.95 7.77 2G5.51 9.31 45.73 "s'7G 10.87 190.S7 123.01: 1S5.0S C4.49 2. SO 3G.GO l.UG in- deni Leo .N. God e, T.'B.'Yiid'em. Oiol Ofidahl, T. B. indetn.. Lay p. Gordon, T. p. indem. Kalpli C. J J riebe, T. B. indem. Adw. B. J. Habeger, adm., J . JJ. indem. Peter M. dem. Jirni-st I-labeger, T, W. .1. Stewart, T. J'aul jlurn, T. B J-'loyd Treat, T. B. Fred L'bben, T. B. 8.18 23.47 13.43 35.11 17.4h Schiltz, T. B. 'ii'i- B. indein. B. indem. indein. .. indein. . . indein SUD- . Supply Co., sup- sup- Ins. Ag- 'tty.".'.' Jowa Mul. Turnadu i-ncy, ]ireiniuni Lowell Uiiderbukke Melviij J'r.si. bly. . Philip Jietfer. bty. . . lluw.-u-d liullix, bly Jicn Groen. lii.\- J. A. Sanftner, ury fees li. .1. jiuumaii, jury fees .. 'Si. A. Kvuns, coroner's fees F W. Green, jury fees W. A. White, jury fees Kd\v. Cai'csiu.s, jury fees .. LyJe Dj.voji, witness I'ei^s .. JI. A. JOvar.v, corunti-'s fees Frank Kohlbaas, jury fees . N. K finrilMt. jury fees .... JJon 11. JIutc'l ins, jury fees .. 32.13 30.05 .40 .40 .20 2.00 , 3.00 2.00 2.00 23.70 2.30 2.30 2.30 K. CO 55.00 2.30 2.30 2.10 ; John Voss, Jr., T. B. indem. \\ail Walunan, T. 11. indem J-red Henkei:, T. B. indem. Lrnt'si Jleidfc-ker, T B in- dem CONSTRUCTION "FUND . . I. Merryinun, bridge work •': J , Meri-yman, bridge work H. M. Smith, salary Don T. Nugent, salary ....''.I Bancroft Register, printing . Advance Publishing Co; priming Haggard & Waller, printing lilor.ku Topic, printing .. » esley News World, printing »\ hittemore Cliampion, printing P.. M. Wallace, labor ...'.'.'. John lirpeldlng, payment of : land 'Lars ligtsdal, labor".'.'.!!"! F. S. Norton & Son plies John Dorweller, supplies!!!! IJoei:k Motor Service, sup- piifcs Standard plies MAINTENANCE'FUND Lrady Transfer i- .Storage, freight ;lowa Public Serv. Co., light serv I Iowa Union Tele, Serv! 'tele' ! serv .Bernard Leeper, labor !!!!!.' C Ji. Benedict, drivers test j JI. \V. Post, freiglit i Clarence Baum, labor . ! Brady Transfer & Storage', I freight i City y£ Algona, light s'e'r'v. t red J. Coon, adv. patrol . •Motor Vehicle Dept. drivers test H. W. Post, freight ...'.'.'.'.'.' S-i. J\ Turley, patrol 'Wilbur A. Fisher, adv. patrol J\ m. O. Ludwig, adv. patrol Hugh Jiullerfield, adv patrol Mike Baker, adv. patrol .. M. J. Dully, Co. Treas., adv. ; freight Joe Fraser, labor ... Henry C. Nelson, labor .... . Ji. 'J'. TurJey, labor ... Arthur F. Baum. patrol ..'!.' jHugli Butterfleld, patrol .. JM! Baker, patrol Bike Baker, patrol Klirier ICwing, patrol J. JI. Montgomery, patrol Ben Nolle, labor' •Jim Ji. Merryinan. labor"." Hubert Mergt-i-, patrol l.aluli Mark la. patrol Harry Helinke, patrol .' K L. Hubi.-r. patrol John Hru.."p|n.'an, patrol • s . I'. McDo"Hid, patrol .. Wm. O. L>"lwlj?, patrol ..!! 1-rank J. Biirkc, patrol Tom AVtlr. pnlrol Bert Khfllinyer, patrol .l"t- M. J'vKiT. patrol ..!!!! F. Gronbaoh, patrol .. r . K. Grace Track Serv. sup- lAuto Ta.gr Industry,'supplies Itasco Alloy Co., supplies .. J-'rutt Electric Co,, supplies, l Pink Sutiply Co., supplies , Cords Piston Hing Co., sup' plies i Viking Steel Corp., supplies . .Slifi-o Iron Store Co., supplies .Central A.uto Electric Co. : supplies Du leer, art Hughes Trac. & Equip. Co.. supplies . . . Jowu Mach. & Supply Co. supplies Wilson Road Machine Co.' supplies Gibbs Cook Tractor & Eq'u'ip! Co.. supplies Ft Dodge Mach. & Spply Co., s\i]jplies J. U. Adams Co., supplies . Globe Machine & Supply Co., supplies 7;-., °s; Barton \V,arner Co., supplies 10;io'.l!7 Balbaoh Co., supplies Standard Bearing Cr., supplies Kelley How Thomson ' Co.', supplies Sieg Fi. Dodge Co.. supplies Arnold Motor Supply, supplies Arnold Motor Supply, supplies Standard Oil Co., supplies . Peerless Oil Co., supplies . Swaney Oil Co., supplies . . Shell Petroleum Corp supplies 1C. &-. H. Coop. Oil Co., sup" plies Albert Ellingson, labor .... Kossuth County Mut. Fire Ins. Co., premium J. 1. Merryman, bridge work DRAINAGE FUND 31.02 , Dr. No. 4— 10.78 I Farmers Elevator Co., sup- i plies 18.08 j D. B. Mayer, labor ." " 12.2SI George Looft, labor . 1G.2S | Dr. No. G— Farmers Elevator Co., sun- plies E. Br. Dr. No. 5— Clias. E. Chubb, engineer . Dr. No. 24— Homer Olson, labor .... Dr. No. SI— Albert Bosma, Jr., labor Henry Christiansen, labor Paul Trasamar, labor .... Dr. No. 34 — Thomspon Yards Inc.. sun- Plies Dr. No. C8— Thompson Yards Inc.. sun- plies Fred Gronbach, labor!!!! Lawrence Curren, labor . Herman Warmbier, labor C. C. Scharlach. engineer .. Concrete Products Corp. supplies Dr. No. 78— Farmers Elevator Co. sun- plies George Graham, labor Dick Baade, labor .. Dr. No. SO— D. B. Mayer, labor George Looft, labor .. Henry Christiansen, labor Dr. No. 83— Cl-.as. E. Chubb, engineer Carl Garrett, labor Fernley Nolle, labor .. Homer Nolle, labor Shell Petroleum Corp., siipl plies Dr. No. 84— Moore <t Moore, supplies Dr. No. 90— Farmers Elevator Co SUD- plies '... Thompson Yards Inc., sup- Plies Henry Christiansen, labor Paul Trasamar, labor . .. Albert Bosma Jr.. labor Dr. No. 105— E. L. Fitch, labor E. L. Fitch, labor ' .Moore Ac Moore, supplies Dr. No. Ill— Dick Baade. labor George F. Graham, labor .! Concrete Products Corn supplies Dr. No. 144— Herman Sanders, labor Dr. No. ICG— Northern Lumber Co sun- plies Sub IS of Dr. No. CO— Northern Lumber Co., sun- Plies Dr. E. K. No. 2— E. G. Slinstrom. labor .. JSd Willard, labor ! Northern Lumber Co.. sunl plic-s Dr. H. 1C. No. 2-3C— John Collins, labor Ed. Chapman, labor Harry Frandson, labor Dr. H. K. No. 4-DC— George Oaks, labor . . . Dr. H. K. No. 2— Iowa Culvert & Pipe Co supplies Clias. E. Chubb, engineer Dr. Ji. K. No. ~6 — ]•'. S. Norton & Sor. supplies Concrete Products Corp supplies Royal "400" Oil Co., supplies Dr JI. K. No. 8— James Kelso, labor .... Frank J. Burke, labor .' M. C. Thill, labor E. L. Huber. labor Wm. F. Gronbach, labor . Dr. P. A.-K. No. 1— (Hoods Store, prov 45.00 'Kennedys, prov. fuel I A. M. Ewers & Co., supples W.. A. Murray, fuel O. P. McDonald, fuel Farmers Elevator Co., Augusta Betz, care .... Hardy Buell, rent .... •1. H. Sheridan, rent .... J. B. McGaliern, rent District No. B— Dr. Minkel, med Mrs. Anna Handy, care 944! Blomsters, prov iThaves Sisters, prov 14.U7 11.20 14.1(0 10.113 7.75 11.5U 13.22 12.78 12.50 12.41 03.00 144.OU 245.00 150.00 3S.80 47..2S 44.90 29.GO 33.40 17.43 50.00 97.50 15.0(1 128.52 24.84 29.37 0.00 335.58 3.20 1.53 3.0C 12.15 12.00 2.90 42.00 4.87 18.44 10.00 4.00 3.71 43.7G 10.0(1 10.00 10.00 10.00 1.30 24.75 21.55 4.40 54.54 34(5.9n 21.09 54.41 43.91 55.07 71.58 1S7.53 101.43 1290.8!! 207.01 340.43 33.25 1SS.79 50.10 3.00 335.10 11.14 10.00 7.50 7.35 8.75 4.75 34.C5 54.00 34.05 1.13 1.B9 25.20 2.40 33.50 12.50 33.70 H. M. Dyer, prov. Hill Top Dairy, prov Wai-burtons, prov Pimsers Groc., prov. : C. R. Smith, prov. ..'.'.'" • Thompson Yards Inc., fuel •J. P. Seliisscl, fuel : 12. II. Worley, rent '.'. j Henry Klein, rent ;A. C. Klocke, rent Mrs. Ben Rushton, rent ..'' 1 General Poor— j Graham Store, supplies Mrs. Bertha Dettman, l*bor . Mrs. Elhel .Tones, labor Mrs. Elbe) Jones, labor . . Mrs. Geo. Dettman. labor .! Mrs, Ethel Jones, labor .... Bertha Dettman, labor .... Hilma Ostrum. labor Mrs. Wendell French, labor' Kossuth County Mut. Fire Ins. Co., premium County Farm— John Helming, labor Frank L. Miller, light ser'v. K S. Norton & Son, supplies Thos. Akre, prov Thos. Akre, prov. R. A. Clark, prov. Cut Rate Groc,, prov. ...! 1_! J. W. Neville, supplies .... Graham Store, supplies I-red Runge, shoes repair.. Dr. Bourne, med. Dr. Baker, dental ...".'" Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care \V. G. McCulloujjh, ainb. serv. 3j. M. Merritt, amb. serv. 4.00 10.00 10.00 5.34 3.00 33.00 52.50 14.00 25.00 10.00 20.5B 3.0(i 12.34 11. Of, 15.50 5.00 18.00 10.00 20.50 15.00 08.50 20.00 15.00 5.58 10.00 Motion by Cbsgrove and second Charles Morris, Wes- NAME IS. H. Beards ley Joe Cogley .. O. H. Graham W. C. Slamer A. B. Ogren .. Henry Schroeder Wm. G. Flaltr,. D. C. Ellis ., Guy Bone ... Pearl Rlcklefs Ihno A. Gardes Frank W. Elbert . Township— liay K. Hansen ., Wesley Barnbard , Chas. Llndliorst .., C. W. Berprgren Fred C. Wagener .. Mike Heiderscheid Kobert Bunkofske W. L. Reynolds Marven Vaske L. A. Barslou Ofccar Fran die Lawrence Hutchins John Hartshorn ... W. H. Patterson .. Andrew Elbert ..., 33d Chamber A. M., IHollls Benscboter Room i W. R. Stewart Otto Wolf F. H. Meseher Thomas Graham ,. .T. W. Bollig $7,200 B.OOO .. 9,110 4.2(10 c,850 Board of Ayes: all. Motion rs of the Kossuth County Social Welfare for 193S. by Heiken and second by Cosgrove that the Kossuth County The Algona Upper Des Register Advance, Leo Guerdet D. C. Gardner .. Henry C. Nelson George Baas .. A Alma Pearson bonds be Evoy for ?G,0( 11,000; Walter H. Steard for $500- and Consuelo L. Hanna $500. Ayes: 3.11, Motion by Fraser and second by CpsBi-oye that the following resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION WHEREAS, on the 28th day of August, 1937, the District Court did, try order enter a decree in the case :..' T^i 1 ?.4?;..9 r i 1 , well .. el " a1 ' vs - Drain- Li Algona belonging to Kossuth County - be sold to Paul Clark for $375.00. for j Ayes: all. Motion by Fraser and second bv Cosgrove that the 193G poll tax charged against Raymond A Daken be abated. Ayes: all. Motion-by Fraser and second by Cosgrove that the 1930 old age pension and penalty charged against John beegebarth be abated. $2 30 Ayes: all. Motion by Cosgrove and for 1938 baaod on the' days allowed for making aessment at the rate of 11 and fixed as follows: Taxing District Algona .... Bancroft ... Burt, Fenton Lakota Ledyard . ., Lone Rock Lu Verne .., Swea City .. Titonka .... Wesley .... Whlttemore Buffalo Burt Cresco Eagle Fenton .... Garfleld .... German ... Grant Greenwood Harrison .., Hebron .... Irvlngton .. Ledyard .... Lincoln .... Lotts Creek LuVerr.e ... Plum Creek Portland "... Prairie Ramsey .... Riverdale .. Seneca ..... Sherman ... Springfield . Swea Union AVesley .... Whittemore Motion-by Fraser and focond'•:,'' Cosgrove that a refund of U'dv.- given Alfred Miller, Spring'-''/ Township for excess amount oft' 1 - • tax paid in^ 1935, receipt attach':' Ayes: all. ",:'.Motion by Cosgrove nnd sec--' i by Fraser that, the 30,1C, Old .i 1 Pension tax charged to Sadie Gri- '.'be abated, not a citizen. Ai- ' all. Motion by Helken and perprd 1- Fraser that a refund of $236V-- made to Estel AckermaTi for 0: Age Pension tax paid twice in 1S3* Ayes: all. Motion by Cosgrove and second t Fraser that the Drainage P that tax. 43.80 4.50 7.00 7.25 7. SO 34.71 17.95 2.80 WHEREAS, certain drainage assessments have been paid In to the KoK.suth Conn- District No. BE IT NOW RESOLVED that all c, 1 ,;; j County Treasurer of Kc V.50 li'- Iowa . or Drainage Old Av'e's'-' 8 nKeeper be abated"."""$c!20^ • Motion by Fraser and second bv 1 Cosgrove that the 1935, 193G Old •Age Pension tax against John D Magnusson be abated. $4.9C. Ayes-' all. McAnlncli on church proper for 3930 and 193C same being si! ! in 1935 to church. Ayes: all. •-: On motion Board adjourned "& Die." E. S. KINSEY. ; County Auditc'.i 50.00 10.80 44.20 09.52 70.43 4.13 20.10 i 50.32 3.44 1.00 39.00 7.00 210.50 3.00 1.50 Irving-ton Light & Power Co' light serv. ... Robert Runehey, labor' '.'.'.'." 7 50 Oeorge Holtzbauer, supplies 3'43 Kohlhaas & Spilles, supplies 3 "79 3-.oy Sherman, supplies «'co RESOLVED: That the" Courty Auditor is authorized to Issue warrants for all bills allowed at this business at Yh'is'"seSs'imi! 1 the old Board adjourn. Ayes: all. E. S. KJNSEY, i.r -^ Coun '.v Auditor. w. E. MCDONALD, Chairman. Auditor's Office January 3, 1U37 NOTICE TO CAR OWNERS m further notice. 7 gai ? ing ? 6 -^ration time of li- f motor vehicles will be in 'effect until 1< 1938 LICENSE ^?f,-"" le .^!! 1 ^ ainbe Z™* to purchase your 1938 license s| | TRANSFERS l^^'—^^^^D-'t? 4 ? 1 ;;.. i eoruaiy i, but transfers cannot bfi marip hv Q ^i~_ A ...", ',.". on hand as of g| t j= £ .nmviaua, to anSX^»,5±±- *^™^™«™ 1 SS ^'be^S. 6 "**"• *""* *• ° r MW Cl.CO 84.35 94.50 81.70 102.80 89.95 55.20 27.0(1 81.C5 83.30 inu.ir, 05.20 1S9 Ml 90.40 S4.S5 75.35 90.40 84.10 83.75 73.53 9.'JO 5.40 .97 S.21 3.0S 3.OS 2.09 378.30 8.32 anda'pj "oved £j'^ !' el ? by ' ^esfgnSf "d to-wlY-' S Ol Kossuth County, Iowa, inTo 1 " ""'*""' Otherwise all trans- gS 1938 license be secured before trans- gf S-' STORAGE S a *ty ? in S by Allng a Btop^r^d^tT'aiTSfuSfii S treasurer's office before February 1 1938 w» S Plates are returned. cuiud -ry i, I9d8. We will of - during 1938, may do so g| license plates to the county 3? cannot store junk cars until g! still in storage and nothing gf storage until otherwise taken care g| registered in 1938. to-wit: Iowa Tilonka Bank. , ooa. Lone Itoek Bank. Lone Rock 4.5S j ]a 373.53 33.32 9.CO 4.20 7.20 3.80 8.4(1 Slate Bank, Wbittemore, ^=V^»« rl y ° U t0 Ucense ~ torcycles. above ruling applies to all carS) county 1937 ' for 1937, before they ian be r early please do so, and help % g> g| ty treasurer of all such cars on % J. DUFFY Kossuth Cownty Treasurer ALGONA, IOWA

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