Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1938 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1938
Page 10
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ROOF of YOUR HOME - ..till IJV!H^ in an iniiisulali^f! ;ionu\ thai, -o:ir -ir)?.f^irH rooms av? iiavd ro heat; in n-mt !•••?.' V-vir Hoon; nnM ^tainvays aro 11-,i pc.- 1 , i- • ^ii'ii on •.-*:•;•••-' r-old <layfi you :'.<!"'• --^11 ':. • 'i rl • ' •' ' ...' - 1 <* MIICT Y.'^T) :'iv-;ntv ill ;|;iy. retrain.5 t.li« t'nr- ,;,/..-. .-.mnipy iio your I'HP! bill, trying v.o •v.;- ',),• jbni" hmif.f' \vni-m. Avid in 311 m- ",,cv r-i-n 1 ;-. it- just. ,is bad rlu- other way? On- ,l,u- mi- iv-• :-.h'> -ipoer roomm! How terri- The eomplfil-.i-! «uiro for such conditions of iltsr-onifort and t'ufl extravagance is now avn-Hnblf to ovory homo owner. Homo insulation is rhn answer - - - and marks the moat, important, advance in living economy and comfort sinrv; r.lifi mortem heading plant: was inlrorliuwl. Insulation is no longer an ovppriment. The public is today il<>iiwiHluif? insulation. Engineers are apwil'ying it daily for both industry and domestic uses. Aey You Fire Protection 1 e or Building can with Capitol Rock Wool Cool in Summer Equipment Insures and Thorough Installation • * 'W^JlwjftrV •» - . Ca OF OUR DEALERS IS • Owe o'f These Burma To-Day for Free Estimate ;'.,/,>n;i--'in T-.irOs, •v -liyHoTd-rVliwlor lO'VO, .(.jffnlo !'.«I(«»T /. f<»wi- jT,.y»oTif<!'l T. .iv-n'.'Jvonsr, IIXTO, J/dinbT iVmpnnj', . T IifMnl."r t'o-, Kini«wl>», Rnffnlo f!*"ntw, . !lnt<, Town. .V. 3»wm»! .* ?lon. fi*l> Mills, itwn, L*kuta. Town. flros. & S»n r Jia.nrnns, To mi. f <% !'<V Tii'n I,flin)»f>T Oo., n i'ariJs, Sionv IlJiplds, Iowa, Siiinn firt.k« f.ninlwr Oo^ Stonn T<ake, IOITO. riiompson Yards, ThoinpsoTi, IOTTIX. '/Vchstcr City I/umber Store, Wobst«r City, YstTils, West Henri, IOITO, " ,tf. k, lorrn. ft V< ) ro. I )«npti) "I «>'»<! , Jlfnllard, Wanly, [( Yar<1«, A. 8c Hon, Palmar, fotra. /.ainfior Store, J'0/M.liontftS, Town, Oily, j',a.nc-$r<>w, j'.ofc ;t»r'1>fir", 0')., •fii»m|ison i'anls, .i, •'!', Umiit, Holfc, Jotf l. .U .-Uixvr-.Hi .« H'.r., »« ftvnmrt', Jorro, , Jomv, Tiiornpsun Yiirds, IUin«roft, lown. lliw^k IMaml Iihr. Oo-, I/edyard, lonvn. i.'vonch Iiinnher Co^ T! tonka, loivn, Punnfrs' i'i»-openvtlvo IMnnlieT Oo^ "Wesley» Town, Jtoynl Fiumliw C*s Cylinder, IOITO, Spah 11-K.ose Lumber t!o^ Butlivon, TOITO. XiirtlifTn T-ninl>er Oo« EstJicrrille, IOITO. ltoyn.1 T.nmbfiT'Co., Graettlnger, lo^vo, 'Fanners' Ele-vixtor, Wnllingford,. lona, l>isi)ii Iiiimlier Co^ Albert City, Iowa, Kanncrs* Co-operttUvo Lumber Co., 3favn.- . i. i. «. r iv».rvi«l ,f : Son, .loic.' 1 , Iwrn. Lumber Co, Bode, Iowa, s Complete Insulation FILL OUT THIS COOFOM pj-«««5»iit it at a«y 01? ow Wa*ieh stores a in 70'Ji -will get a FREE estimate. You will be mvvd»?.r no* obligation wh3t*«vr/ar. Check a. sqwave Keiow f tronld H1f«> my f i p;n yhunmii? «. 1 i fi'Ml !»l' . Prom the earliest times and in all climates man has sought to 1 protect himself by insulation. The dead air cell, although a secret of nature for many years, haa been providing scientific insulation to many races since the beginning of time. Nature taught the Eskimo to build his home with snow blocks and cover hia body-with the-skina of fur-bearing animals, both containing millions of dead air cells. The South Sea Islander thatches his hut with sea grass,, reeds, and bamboo polos. All three natural dead air cell insulators afford maximum protection against the blaing sun. Live air ia such a poor insulator that it offers no resistance whatsoever to the heat of the sun. In the thermos bottle, air has to be removed in order to achieve the dead air cell principle of insulation. Whereas, your house is surrounded by over 1,500 cubic feet of livn air space, located between the walls and roof structure, giving you less protection against heat and cold than ia enjoyed by the South Sea islanders or the Eskimo. Science has been at. work tor years searching for the perfect dead air cells; with which to fill these gaps and thus stop the in- between air circulation which actually conveys the heat away in winter, and transfers it inside in summer. Although nature gave us the formula it took science many years to develop a man-made product to meet present day require^ nients.. The product had to embody tins Dead Air-Cell Principle and be ... inexpensive . . . heat-resisting . . . fire-proof . . . moisture-proof . . . decay-proof . . . vermin . . . proof . . . sound- deadening . k . . non-corrosive . . . odorless and clean. It had to-as-sure a compact fill between the walls, a quick and inexpensive method of application and alifetime of uninterrupted service. Capitol Rock Wool Supplied the Answer It's a product of nature scientifically reconstructed to utilize r.h« dead air cell principle of insulation. FOf.R TVCHES OP CAPITOL BOCK WOOL PROVIDES GREATER INSULATING EFFECT THAN A SOLID BOCK 11 FEET THICK Fov years you have been enjoying the benefits of Rock Wool insulation in your stove, where the interior of the oven may reach 500 and more degrees, and the exterior is barely warm to your touch. It's this insulation which has also made possible low sosr. electric refrigeration. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of this new discovery 12 months %f the year. Every good refrigerator ia built with 2 to 3 inches of the best insulation available. It is put there to overcome a temperature of only 30 degrees. Insulation ia >>v«n:Dr|| house which, haa to overcome a ?.mwjjjj[ grees and more. ": : s|!f YOU' jJt¥ST TnSDEBSTAJSD THE 3IiPl|| YALUE OF INSULATION !; : ||| The coldt walls: and ceiling areas i||J cause the repid circulation of air, K^oi drafts and temperature variations be^tjld The live circulating, air within rhe T$a|j the inner to- the outer; walls. Tlin IMS' the "uninsulated roof offers but little:« does not escape through the walla. If the live- air between these waS.- of dead' air cell& in the form of CapiS walls cannot give up their heat, they tyjjjfc manently ends all drafts and wide ia And Here are standing Wint Life in a Capitol Rock Wool beyond conception. No matter ? what type of heating system you c which are otherwise impossible, upstairs with every floor and every \ gree of heated' comfort' Drafts of v magic, permittng every portion, of a eluding floor apocfii to b& utiliaedfor: InHulatiom and good health £0 i Wool insulation, protects you assi to Ineffective heat distribution ly controlled temperature and household. Now Left Coi Summer Adi For many hours each; day. heat of the sun.. Because of its dir*| greatest a.monTjt Q£ heat. .d A roof temperature of 130 degree common. The ordinary roof struct! the transfer of this terrific heat and; ily conveys it to< all parts of the kous Rock Wool provides sufficient resist! more than 81 per cent of this teat c Many attractive and otherwise better than bake oven in summer, told discomforts for the want of Cap- to id- Ins in- In such homes restful and ble.. Fitful slumber has impaired the progress of many business and p-j Now consider the woman her time indoors. She cannot k«=-{ a bake oven temperature. Child re . conditions and suffer in health aud | Summer cooling is aow within S Wool insulation provides the eooUn?| ice per day and assures S to 15 (leg tores. Its automatic periormau^ expenses. of in sse !>ck of ra* Ing It is Unnecessay to Suffer on Hot Nights It's cooler every hot night of the year for those who sleep under the protective coolness of Capitol Rock Wool. There's a treat and a new sleeping experience in store for those to whom healthful and restful sleep is a necessity. Is it any wonder that property owners everywhere are insulating with Capitol Rock Wool? Living takes on a new meaning in a Capitol Rock Wool insulated house. Heat waves may come and go, but you enjoy an atmosphere of coolness and comfort almost beyond description. From kitchen to living room, and from first floor to finished attic you experence the same degree of desirable comfort. IN OTHEB, WORDS— Here is summer air conditioning in its .simplest, most efficient and inexpensive application, devoid of complicated machinery, electric requirements or service problems, rendering an everlasting service to every member of your houshold. Rock Wool Furnishes Fire Protection In less than ten minutes an uninsulated house can become a blazing inferno. Last year fire destroyed property valued at 260 million dollars and killed over 10,000 men; women, and Children. Here again we see the detriment of having live air spaces between walls and roof structure. Contrary to popular notion, fire does not spread along surfaces, but is carried from section to section by the violent whirling of air and flames between the walls, which offer no resistance to their spread. But there is undisputable proof that flames cannot spread through the fire-resisting properties of Capitol Rock Wool, which confines the fire to the original area, and starves it by keeping air from circulating. Capitol Rock Wool is pure rock and is therefore as indigestible to rodents or insects as it is to humans. A fill of Capitol Rock Wool between the walls of your -house forms a barrier against rodent and insect life which makes it difficult for these pests to travel and live within your walls. Watch the Snow on Your Roof and Your Neighbor's Roof Warm shingles and melting snow play havoc with roof construction. Certain warm spots on your roof melt snow faster than others. This forms puddles of water which soak into every open joint and and crevice. At night, lower temperatures cause this water to freeze and expand, resulting in cracked roofing, open joints and damaging leaks. And no more lath marks. We have seen many ceilings ruined by lath marks caused by the difference in heat resistance between the plaster and where the plaster and lath join togther. A layer of Capitol Rock Wool insulation equalizes the resistance and permanently corrects this defacing problem. . Here are Five Important Points 1. We honestly believe that Capitol Rock Wool insulation would have been included in the original plans for your house, had it been available at that time and had you known the facts as presented herein. 2. We don't know of a single item which contributes , as much as Capitol Rock Wool to comfort, health, economy, and safety—or that guarantees all year automatic service; is everlasting; is free from fuel, upkeep and service problems; requires no visible space, and is immovable and noiseless. 3. We can't point to another single kind of insurance which works to avert disasters, safeguards your home against the' destructive forces of nature or affects the welfare of your household more than Capitol Rock Wool. 4. While from a dollars and cents standpoint, Capitol Rock Wool has no equal you get more than a dollar in return for every 50c you invest. Capitol Rock Wool insulation will cost you positively nothing. Your original cash investment is amortized within a few years—but your dividends on fuel savings and on the preservation of health and property continue for the rest of your life. It is everlasting! 5. We live but once! And,we.are entitled to all the comfort, health, and happiness which life-^af fords, so'don't let anything deprive you from enjoying Capitol Rock Wool insulation now forevermore. Algona's Only Paint Store and This Certificate Goes With Every Installation of Capitol Rock Wool! This Certificate Should Be Transferred with the Property This Certifies that the Residence OWNED BY has been insulated with Capitol Rock Wool which customarily reduces fuel costs 20% to 40% and makes the home 8° to 16° cooler in summer and measureably warmer in winter. Also helps to maintain even temperatures upstairs and downstairs. GUARANTEE—Capitol Bock Wool Insulation is fireproof, vermin-proof, and permanent; resists moisture and sound; and is guaranteed for quality by The Stands ard Lime & Stone Company, Baltimore, Maryland. Installation: Completed: Installed by COWAN BUILDING SUPPLY CO., 110 South Dodge Street Algona, Iowa Phone 275 COWAN BUILB SUPPLY COMPANY no South Dodge Street K. S. •*»** Wiowe »7i Algona, Iowa. :. A WORD ABOUT; OUR STORE;. Wholesale and Retail— Our business is to serve both the Dealer and Consumer. Therefore we at all times carry a large and complete line of quality products. Paint and Painters' Supplies— Pratt and Lambert Inc. Paints, Varnishes, and Enamels. Dutch Boy White Lead. Turpentine, Oil, Alcohol. Wooster Brushes. Wall Paper— More than 300 patterns in stock representing Birge, Atlas, Henry Bosch, and Mayflower in every price range. Out of town customers will find our books available at their local dealers. Glass—• Pittsburgh Plate Class Co. Single and double strength, Plate Glass sold and installed. Copper electro plated polished plate mirrors, plain and tinted. Floor Covering— Armstrong's Linoleum and Goodyear Rubber Tile Inlaid—stock or custom made patterns. Gauges— Standard — Medium — Heavy. Print Patterns— , Standard Floor Coverings. Quaker Rugs. Maintainance Supplies— Huntington, Hillyard, Davies. -Young, Washburn quality Seals, Waxes, Soaps, Compounds, and Paper Products. Floor Surfacing— Sanding and finishing all types of floors, new or old. New and complete equipment. Equipped with generator for country work. Venetian Blinds— .Warren, pui-chased direct on quantity contract basis. Incidentals— Wetit—Rapid wallpaper remover. Minwax—For floors and woodwork. The Minwax method produces beautiful floors that never need re-scrapjing. GRADY PHIU4PS, Manager 1 NORTHWEST IOWA'S LATEST FAINT

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