The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 29, 1897 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 29, 1897
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"ESTABLISHED ises. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DEOEMBER 29, VOL. XXXII-NO. 41. There May Be Other Crockery Sales, but no crockery sale ever made in Algona offered better bargains than you can get for the next week at M. Z. Grove & Son's. FOUND HUNG IN THE BARN SUICIDED DURING HOLIDAY TIME While Others Rejoice In the Holiday Season Frank McKenney Finds the Burden Too Heavy. Rev. Day's remarks. Rev. Day has secured ample recognition in Algona already as a clear-headed, vigorous, and gifted speaker, and his tribute to the higher music as the off-spring and hand maiden of Christianity, was in keeping with the music itself. The purpose of the concert was to begin a fund for the $2,000 pipe organ that will go into the new church. A liberal offering was made. TO BE 1 NOTABLE EVENT, BISHOP FOWLER TO GOME JAS, 8. His Oration on " Abraham Llttcoln" to be Given nt That Time-It is a Masterpiece. TBI/BFHONB 19. 102 E. State St. At 1 o'clock last Thursday Prank McKenney, who has been working for Mr. Voorhles, on the Dr. Bourne farm in Union, was seen alive and apparently well. At 4 o'clock he was found hanging in the barn, dead but yet warm. Friday, Coroner Morse called a jury and investigated, finding that McKenney, who has worked in Union for several years, was often despondent and irrational, brooding especially over his mother's death. He was hung on a pitchfork handle laid across two joists in a hay chute, with barely two feet of rope, and within arm's reach of studding on all sides. Ho was 43 years old, unmarried. His remains were shipped to the old homo in Wisconsin. DEATH OP A WESLEY MAN. Peter OverbocU Answers the Finn! Summons-M» Karly Settlor — Christinas Festivities. REACHES 98 YEARS. Our Former Wesley Citizen, Father Bacon, Celebrates Another Blrthday-Uls Poem. Underwear Sale at Galbraith's Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 3 and 4, we will sell our 25-cent UNDERWEAR for 50-cent UNDERWEAR for 75-cent UNDERWEAR for SI 00 UNDERWEAR for $2.00 UNDERWEAR for 15 cts 35 cts 50 cts 75 cts $1.25 Big bargains for men, women, and children. G. L. Galbraith & Co. THE CASH GROCERY. A nice mixed for 8 cents a pound. .Mixed nuts 13 cents a pound. -Wedeliver grain, and hay (in bales) to any part of the city. J. C. ANDERSON. South of court house. __ FINANCIAL. lEo^bTc^unVstate Bank, 4->>VyW A.3JG-03ST.A., S , t'j 1 f« t .?/ fait Ht A AIM **«•*•») T Directors—Win. H. Ingham, J °Wadswoi'th.BarnetDevlne, Bank of Algona. ..$50,000 '-p^e n VW^ ...President «%• gjiiTH. v«=~.~. $ W^J^ ^ t o parties furnishing first-class security. I, 'Officers and Dirwtors— . , tf - A. D. Clarice, President, 0ft Chubb/Vice Prest., TUos. H, Lantry, Cashier, Geo. fc. Galbraith, Wee,. M. Miller. Myron ScbenoU, fftoa. F, Cooke, CASH CAPITAL, $50,000. General Banking, RIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT aia on tlme WESLEY, Dec. 28.—We are called this week to announce the death of Peter Overbook, which occurred Friday, Dec. 24, at the residence of his son, Nels Overbook. Peter Overbook was born in Sweden, Nov. 18, 1821. He was married in 1846 to Carrie Johnson, five children being born, all living, two daughters now in Sweden, two sons in Minneapolis and one here. Ho moved to Wesley in 1884, from here he moved to Hayfield, from there to St. Louis Park Minn. His wife died tho 1st of February, 1897, and he Friday, Dec.24. The funeral service was hold at tbe house Monday afternoon conducted by Rev Plummer when the remains were taken to Minneapolis to bo buried beside his wife. Mr. Overbook had reached that good old age of 76 years, one month, and six days. He was a devoted Christian and a member of tho Swede Lutheran church. , The Christmas tree exercises at tne Methodist church Friday evening were a grand success In every respect. The church was beautifully decorated with evergreen and holly. *The two spruce trees that were erected were beau 1- fullv trimmed and heavily loaded with rich and beautiful presents. Long bo- ore the time arrived for the exercises to begin the church was full to its utmost capacity. The program, was good and weft rendered/ All that were m-esont were well pleased and pronounced Hone of the best Christmas exercises ever held in Wesley. The committee on arrangements are to be congratulated on their success in got- t1m» uu the program and drilling the children who took part. The Congregational church had a Christmas entertainment at their church on Christ- rnas eve, which was well attended and nil had a very enjoyable time, ine Scandinavian church hold their Christmas exercises Christmas even ng and all had a pleasant and enjoyable time. Our band boys got together Christmas afternoon and • favored us with some fine music. The Epworth League will give a literary entertainment at the Methodist church next Friday evening to which everybody is Invited. It is free to all. Rev. Plummer will begin his protracted meetings at the Methodist church next Sunday. Let everybody hear in mind and come out to them. Our city council have decided to put in public watering tanks at W. T. Presnell"s livery barn and at S. E. Grove's barn. This is a move in the right direction as water is becoming scarce in t0 Our public schools are closed forip, two weeks' vacation. Prof. W. H. Brown and family accompanied by Ins brother of Nora Springs went to Primghar Saturday to spend the holidays Wl Mr!and* Mrs. Barney Casler are re- ioicing over the arrival of a little gu 1 which came to bless their home th.e 27th inst. METHODIST CHRISTMAS CONCERT. A Socred Concert Given by the Choir and Western stars-Exceptlonally T-lne Music. 1 The Western Stars, Algona's concert company, appeared for the first time Sunday evening at the Methodist church, joining with the choir in a sacred concert. The trio.-Kate Smith on the violin, L. J. Smith on the piano andD. T. Smith—in "Heaven Hath Shed a Tear" was one of the finest pieces of music ever heard in Algona. D T Smith's solo "The Mighty Deep was also to be classed with the best. His voice has improved with rest and Sre and is today one of the best bass voices in the west. A. feature of the program was Prof. Smith's piano solo composed by himself. It evidenced ?be t'raining'of a skilled musician in Mr. N. B. Bacon, who was a familiar figure In Algona, now lives in Des Moines. Each year he observes his birthday by writing a poem for the State Register. Saturday he reached his 98th milestone. The Register says: Mr. Bacon retains all his mental and most of his bodily vigor, and ho and his friends believe ho will see the 20th century and his 100th year with unimpaired strength. Until a year or two ago Mr. Bacon was an avaricious Register reader. Somo time ago his sight began troubling him and of late he has been able to read only the largo headlines in the Register. This has boon a source of much discomfort to him as he has long since prided hlmso f on keeping posted on what tho world was doing, and it was always a comfort to those around him to converse with him as he know so well the matters of In- MrBaconrnacs his home with his son, E. F. Bacon, on Nineteenth street. He walked half a mile to the pole In November, 1896, to vote. He refused offers to ride and said he wanted to w Uk it He visits with tho no ghbora on Nineteenth street, and annually they visit him to pay him their respects and wish him many happy returns of tho dB Mr Bacon's father lived to be over 93 years of ago. He served seven years In the revolutionary war without being discharged once and came out a sound man. He also had three brothers in ino revolution. They entered from Massachusetts. Mr. Bacon says that his memory of things when ho was a bov is perfectly clear. Ho remembei s well the total eclipse in 1805, and I was 13 years old when the war of 1812 broke ° U Hlsl897 poem for tho Register In honor of his birthday Is as tollows: A BIRTHDAY POEM. . BACON. Bishop Fowler is by common consent the foremost orator on the American platform. Indeed it may be safely said his superior does not exist among those who use the English tongue. In the character of Abraham Lincoln his great powers of mind find an inspiration no other name in history can furnish, and his splendid oratory aptly depicts the traits which mark "the rail splitter from the Sangamon bottoms" as the greatest product of tho nineteenth century. It Is a privilege indeed for Algona to hear this great character analyzed in tho bishop's oration. No one should miss it. Call opera house should bo and will bo crowded the evening of Jan. 8. Hero Is what the Minneapolis Tribune said of the groat effort: His lecture on "Abraham Lincoln" was a mar- yel of eloquence, pathos, and wit. Every sentence was polished, and glistened with Incarnate genius. For over two hours tho audience were held spellbound. At times their enthusiasm broke into loud applause, and again their deep emotion burst Into tears. His words cut like knives in places, and thrilled like martial music In others. ^^~~' y^ week. MlssCoate Is visiting feer brother iti Canton, S. D. Mr tad Mrs J B. Crabtree of Chicago in the city, where he has been many years, and where he 18 well known as one of the most responsible dealers. Will Purvis came home from Chicago last wee? and will remainthree.weeks. Hesavshe hopes to spend the summer m Algona and do some out door sketching. There is some as handsome scenery of the quiet kind about Algona as the earth affords, and he can do It full i«st tee. He 19 already an artist of merit, with a bright future ahead of him. POE NEW YEABS' CALLS. UTL W. J»t jj^vuw»»t I've reached the milestone number ninety- Decembe h riho nineteenth day IB the i late, The year eiRhteon hundred ninety .seven ., Time strengthens my hope In God and heaven. The night of death for me is drawing near, Bv favor divine I've lived tho past year, To write my name and Hneago-so rare- AndTive it to the public free as air. I'll write or the living, far as I Unow. " Sssffl^^^^2r' ^^ss^s^s^^^ 11 * 1 None deformed, or a feeble mind In tho clan, Temperate, living on nature's good plan, Bonuare In affluent oJrouinBtanoM, Others have similar piles of finances. Now here of tho departed ones ™ l write: Four lovely daughters, who were my delight, All I ever had, have gone and left me. Of their social lives death has bereft me. Eleven grandchildren on earth no more, Five great-grandchildren on the other shore, All safely gathered In the shepherd's fold. Now my age and lineage Is all told. Tf this crude poem looks ostentatious, Then pity me and be kindly gracious; To make it plain, I've done my level best, I close, " The pure in heart are ever blest. Dated, 1100 West Nineteenth street, Des Moiiies, Iowa, Dec. 10, 1HU7. WHAT ALGONA NEEDS IN 1898. The Public Lyceum Will Have a Program of Speeches oil This In- toresUuif Topic, Following is the public lyceum program for Saturday evening, beginning at 7:30 o'clock: AlBona Will Celebrate an' Old Time Observance Saturday from 8 to O O'clock. A number of the ladles will receive New Years'calls Saturday from 2 to 6 o'clock. A list of the homes that will be open cannot bo published, but at Mrs. J. T. Chrisohilles,' Mrs. S. K McMabon's, Mrs. Dr. McCoy's and Mrs. Gardner Cowles' there will be gathered a number who will bo pleased to see their friends. __ Wesley a Hltf City. Bailey: In company with Cap Bush of the Signal we visited Wesley Monday. It is a nice town, but it took us all the time to keep Cap quiet He Is not used to living in a large city like j Wesley. . PEKBONAL MOVEMENTS. I W. P. Jonos leaves for Mollno and Chicago tonight. C. M. Doxsoe and family wont to Rolfe for a Sunday visit. .Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sullivan spout the holidays In Iowa City. Dr. and Mrs. Shore spent Sunday in Algona visiting relatives. Mrs. Luolla Wartman Eastman is up from CaUoudar for a visit. A BUSINESS CHAN&E, Sheriff Samson Buys the Abstract Business of 1,. .T. nice-Latter Will Leave Al«ona. Sheriff Samson has bought the Hay & Rice abstract business. He takes possession next month, and he has J. E. King, an old abstractor of Emmetsburg, in the office now getting the run of the work. Mr. Rico has been planning to sell ever since his wife's recent Illness, and will go to a climate better suited to her. Algona will regret to lose Messrs. Hay and Rice, but will be pleased to have Sheriff Samson remain. Ho is a genial, prompt, and reliable business man, and will make a success of his new venture. j A NARROW ESOAPE. Touna Children Play With a Gun- Parents Ouecht to Be Fined. Up at Germania last week threellttle Post boys wore playing together. Ernest, who is about 14 years old, was wrestling with a brother, when the third brother, younger than be picked up the gun, which was near by and minting it at the two brothers that Cre wresting, pulled the trigger. The contents hit Ernest in the took, and being bont over it Rlanoed BO> ai to make only a flesh wound. Jhe Standard savs the doctor was able to ploic out most of tho shot and that no serious injury will result. ^ Guy Scott is up from Bos Moines. Ho is studying law in Drake university. Ip ' THINGS TO BEMEMBEK. Bishop Fowler next week. Lyceum Saturday evening at the court house. Keep the agricultural society meeting in mind, Saturday, Jan. 8. There will be an 'oyster supper at Henry Reid's In Union Friday evening given by the Presbyterians. Seats will be reserved without extra cost at E & F. drug store, commencing next Friday morning, for the Fowler oration. A iolnt installation of the W. B. C. and £ A. B. will be held next Wednesday evening, Jan. 5. All members take notice. Barton & Crabtree shipped six oars of hogs last week. They are paying $3 The Chicago receipts run up to 30,000 and 50,000 a day. Miss Gertie Williams 1» switch, S. D., visiting her old friends. p A. Wartinan, who is taking a medical oourae at DOB Moinos, is homo for tho boll- days. a. Andrew MoMahon, a prominent ' of Davenport, is spending a week with Ills brother. ... Mm T H Warren is homo from a VIBII of Bovoral months at Arcadia, Wta., and Minneapolis. ' up and visited her last week. Oardner Cowlos and E. J. Murtagh are homo from Wa'hingtou They attoudod the spring mail route lotting. , Installation of A. O. U. W. officers next Tuesday evening, and also work °n the seeond degree. AH membera requested to be present at 7:30 sharp. " Side Tracked," tho comedy with the most humorous tramp character ever written, has been secured by Manager White for his patrons for next Friday, Jan. 7. Rev F E. Day will preach at .the Methodist church next Sunday morning and evening. Morning theme, '"The Divinity of Jesus." In the evening the sermon will bo "The Bible and Woman." The-best seats will be re- Jerv™d for ladles until 7:30. All are welcome. Good music. T G. McDormott came over from Mason City for Sunday at home He is one of tho rising young lawyers of this part of the 8t Coi. Spencer will go with L. E. Koy to Cuthburt, Ga., next month. Wm. K. 1' oigu- 80i), Archie Hutchison and others talk of coing also. _ Holloway, Samuel Mayno, Stove ona Needs in 1808." Ten minute . E. Clarke " Ul Ui IW'W-** Of a minister ^ • -™Of a newspaper J • " •, ~. iv % *"ol board Cj< • exton is going also. Mr and Mrs. Thayer Lumber start to- Music __ CHAMBER sets from $2 up, at M. Z. Grove & Son's. SWEAT will not discolor goods dyed with Putnam Fadeless dyes These dyes are guaranteed to be absolutely fast to sweating and washing. Ten cts. a package. Sold at E. & F. drug store. Attention. All persons owing me on book account please call at once and settle. 41t2 JAMES PATTERSON. A PEW nice chamber sets left over at Grove & Son's. E Plvmouth Rock roosters for J JNO. G. SMITH. with a splendid musical equipment, Miss Smith's skill with the violin needs no commendation. She ranks with the best outside the large musical centers. Her playing in this concert was up to her own high standard. The anthems by the choir, the solos by Misses Crete Goddard, Clara Yet- Swiwa Mr. W, Wlnden, werejyll ex- A »>B StocU Sale. The hogs, horses, cows, etc., of Supervisor Burton will be sold by Sheriff Samson tomorrow afternoon in Algona atao'olock. There will be bargains for somebody. CHAMBER sets from $10 to $2 at Grove & Son's. who is teaching there. Miss Eva Lantry is expected home from i r incolHNeb , fo» New Years. Josh Lan- ife and his daughter Edna are expected down from Minneapolis, Geo Walters and bride came f rqm MU- fn«l Frldav for a visit. Geo. and his fath- £3n!aw are 'reconciled. Tho old gentleman only stayed mud two auys. Harrv Wilson was in town Monday re- m^senting the Western Mutual life insurance company of Chicago. His business is Organizing advisory boards in each county. Rev Dav was in Des Moines last week to hek ? arrange for the coming annual Epworth League mooting at Colfax. Rev. Day U officially -connected with tho manage- njont. Jess Stepbeuson, the Milfora druggist, visitnd in town over Sunday. He snys ue and Nels Ericksen are having a good business His partner will be down next week for a visit. Mrs F D Calkins entertained her lady f riena's yesterday from 3 to 5 o'clock. Each wore Tome i article of dress to represent a popular song, »nd the others guessed what song it was. Maypr Cbrisobilles goes to Mason City to speak at the Jackson day banuuet, Jan. 8. HewillElve the best response they will have J number of Algona Jaoksonians of the new school will go over. . The Modern Woodmen of America will have a public Installation qfof- flcers followed by mus c and short speeches, work in the in tiatory -de- gree,anda banquet, at Odd Fellows hull Monday evening, Jan. 3. Price Sf admissC 35 cents*' Tickets are on sale at C. J. Doxsee's office. An earnest life will bo the theme of theWraon at Congregational church next Sabbath morning, followed by reception of members and communion service. Preparatory service Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock. In the evening the pastor will give another illustrated talk on the Life of Christ. At the evening service there will be a solo by Mr Frank Tellier and other special music, The annual meeting of the Congregational church will be held on Monday, Jan. 3, at 5 o'clock p. m. The ladles will serve supper in the church parlors when there will be a roll call to which every member Is earnestly requeBtedto respond with a verse of scripture or remarks. The bus ness meeting will bo followed by a fellow- hip meeting with the toUowinepro. a-ranv Address by Rev. C. H. Rogers ^f Mason City, subject, -The Ohuroh a Home." Address by Bey Jno. C. Stoddard of Britt, subject " What ' the Church Ought to Expect of Its Pastor.' Address by Rev. N. L, Packard of But- ftlo d <SS, subject, "What thePastor Ouu-ht to Expect of His Churoti. These addresses will be accompanied bv special music. All are cordially In- v'Ued to attend the fellowship meeting which will begin at 7 o'clock, ter an r. . , Sient Miii Bowyev, wjoto » brilliant pianist, played Gottohalk 8 '''ot to be overlooked was HomeBue Homeseekers' exou,V8lon tickets may be sold to certain territory on Nov. 8 and 16, and Deo. 1 and, ?1, 180?. - e selling rate will be one. lowest r first 01(18,8 fare plus f& Dr. Geo. W. Ingham came from Chicago Friday and he an! Mrs. Ingham will start for the coftVttne last of the week. He says busPs iu Chicago is reported better than at any time since tUe world's fair. Mlaa Grace Wvmdt of the Pftblio schools maindar at.the Goia and stiver. We buy your old gold and silver. Bring it in rind ott, Sign of the big watch. JUST received, a new line of carpets, laps out-tains, and shades aGalbraith a. karat rings tha£ <m J8

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