The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 22, 1897 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 22, 1897
Page 9
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JJHM UPPER Ms M01NE8; ALGONA IOWA,. there l« ft ClftS* ot 6r6 injured by the use of coffee, ntly there has been placed in all u _».iip stores a new preparation nBttwwHtlJ^itftd^of pure grains, *Uftke* the places of coffee. The waft delicate stomach receives it with- Sl distress, and but few can tell it i coffee. It does not cost over # tich. Children may drink it with it benefit. 15 cts. and 25 cts. per try it. Ask for GRAIN-0. %» Rll their wars the British have jSft the splendid average of 82 per cent j their battles. E fcdncat* tout Bowels With Oagcarets. S ^.-Jr Cathartic, cute constipation forever. lOc, f «5*H C CI • C. fall druggists refund money. . ^ greatest remedy tor anger is delay. None of HI*. Higglns-'-what do you 3 here foot ball, anyhow?" atkins—"They is something Tag's"" ~ a rUSh Hne> aln>t the y ? " "Well," that ain't my line." Rones and Hole*. n ^° ce £~" Tou « bu tchers have a soft. ^ P ; Y ° u weteh the bones with the meat and charge meat prices." Butcher—"I don't see as you have any call to talk. When you sell Swiss you weigh the h(" prices for them? 1 COJTGBE8S. c o a. When you sell Swiss cheese, don't you weigh the holes and charge cheese prices for them?" ___ gmoke Sledge Cigarettes. 20 for 5 cts. The estate of the late Neal Dow will b ,-niount to $450,000, giving color to his 1 theory that sobriety is the royal road * to riches. A white sparrow has made its ap- rance In Lafayette, Ind. ns thnt obstinate perpetuity, is with Hostetter's The Lnst Mnn on Enrlh To recklessly experiment upon himself with hope of relief is the dyspeptic. Yet the nostrums of this mnlncly are as the sands p£ the sea, aud presumably about efllsacious. Indigestion, • u - 4 - •• u -*•'-•• malady, even if o£ Ion eventually overcome \\ „„.._.„. ., Stomach Bitters, an appetizing tonic and alterative, which cures constipation, fever nnd ague, bilious reniittaut. rheumatism, kidney complaint and feebleness. "Happy folly! we'll be jolly! Who'd be melancholy now? With a 'Hey, the holly! Ho, the holly? 1 Polly hangs the holy bough." "MY WIFE'S LIFE." How I was the means of saving it. When the lungs are fattacked and the •vmotoms of consumption appear, then begins the struggle between affection and •hat destroying disease which slays its thousands annually. It Is a happy issue Jo the struggle when disease is conquered lad health restored. Such an Issue docs «nt always end the struggle, but it did in theoase of Mr. K. Morris, Memphis, Tenu., who saw his wife wasting and weakening ind physicians helpless, and then sue- tested the simple remedy that wrought fblcure. He tells the story thus: "Seven years ago, my wife had a severe attack of lung trouble which the phy- •icians pronounced consumption, me cough was extremely distressing, especially at night, and was frequently attended -with the spitting of blood. The doctors being unable to help her, I induced her to try Ur. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral and was surprised at the great relief it lave. Before using one whole bottle she was cured, so that now she is strong and fluite healthy. That this medicine saved my wife's life T have not the least doubt. I always keep Dr. Ayej's Cherry Pectoral In the house, whenever any of my family have n cold or cough we use it, and are promptly cured."—K. MORRIS, Memphis, Teuu. The question: "Is consumption curable?" is still debated, nnd still debatable. It is easy to say that this was not a case of consumption. Yet tlie. physicians said it was. They should know. As a matter of fact, Dr. Ayer's Cherry Puctornl has wrought so many similar cures that it seems to argue the citrablencss of consumption, in its earlier stages, by the use of this remedy. There is no belter medicine for pulmonary troubles than Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. It gives relief iu cases of Asthma, and Ili-oncliHis, \vlierc relief has been heretofore unattainable. It promptly cures Coughs ami Colds, I,a Grippe, and all affections of tlie throat and lungs. Heretofore, Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral has been put up in full size bottles onlv, nt JT.OO per bottle. To meet a world-wide demand lor a smaller package, the remedy is now put up in half size bottles, at half price—50 cents. Write for Ur"Ayer"s Curebook (frcf) ami leant more " ' Dr. Ayer's Cherry Ayer Co., Lowell, of the cures effected by Pectoral. Address J. C Mass. desired: For Woman's Home Companion For Farm and Fireside •••• For Farm and Fireside, with Almanac For Sange Judd Farmer, with Almanac |5o For New York Tribune " 5Oc For Prairie Farmer .'"."".' Atno1 Each of the above publications is one o now is. and the offers n as the price of good reading " eel ? I 18 ''.,„ Address all orders to c , i i „*. rt 4¥fii.orl T.nlS SeCjbOU. ^1.^1^1*.'- tJ - J "• of Cough, Colds, ! )> Our physician will give *V FREE ADVICE, da-page book of recipes, aud FREE SAMPLE. _Dr—. twrite us all of YOUR SYMPTOMS Plamly. >r • Sold by DRUGGISTS, or sent lay mall. PRICE, lOc and 25c. tM » oo E rm «1L «^^«* * = ^^Jt^^^^v*-**^ ___^ Walter Baker & Co/s Breakfast Pure, Delicious, Nutritious. ~- — Walter Baker & Co. Limited, Dorchester, Mass. SENATE. Washington, Dec. 13.—A resolution *»* adopted calling on the civil service coin- mission, for information regarding the operation of the civil service law. Bill al- loxving settlers to make second entries on 160 acres passed. Secretary Alger submitted a recommendation that reindeer be purchased with which to conve^ supplies to Dawson City. HOTJSB, The nr.proprintion committee reported the legislative, executive and judicial appropriation bill, with notice that it would cull it up to-morrow. SF.SATB. Washington, Dec. 14.—Both the senate nnil house, after short sessions, adjourned out of sympathy for the president, whose mother was burled at Canton to-day. SESATE. Washington, Dec. 15.-A bill providing for thft prohibition ot pelagic scaling passed, after an amendment by Pettigrew, providing that bv the let of June next Groat Britain has not disagreed to the pelagic scaling, all seals shall be Idlled, had been defeated. Allen presertxl a resolution of inquiry as to tlve purpose and the result oE the roceuttripof l-ne monetary commission to Europe. 1IOUSI!. Tho house spent the day in consideration of the legislative, executive nud judicial appropriation bill. Eighty-nine of the 112 pages ot the bill .were covei ed aud only one amendment of importance was adopted. It reduced the clerical force at the pension olllce 05, involving a reduction in salaries Of $lin,l)00. A resolution for a holiday rfwess from December 18 to January 5 was adopted. SENATE. Washington, Dec. 10 —Wolcott, of the European monetary commission, stated thnt tlio commission had not yet reported to the president, but ho would exolain tho matter in a speech after the holiday recess A resolution passed directing tho soc- rotury of war to send supplies to American Fufl'orcrs in the Klondike region. House, resolution for holiday recess was adopted. The treaty for tho extension for of the timo for completing tue marking of the Mexican boundary line passed. HOUSE. Tho house passed a bill appropriating S75.00Q for the relief of the people who are iu tho Yukon river country, nnd also a bill pasi-cd by tho ecunto yesterday to prohibit lielngic sealing by American citi/ous. 8KNATK. Washington. Dec. 17.—A spirited discussion on tho tax on alchohol and boor wno indulged in lieUveen Platt, of Connecticut. Hour nnd Vest, aud Allisou ox proved re- grot that tlie matter had como up at ull, us the tax could not be spared from the revenues. One hundred and eighty-three private pension bills pmswl. Souato bill for tho relief ot the Kloudikors was substituted for tho homo bill aud conference ordered. HOUSE. Tho house com Dieted the consideration of tho Jesuilativo, executive and judicial appropriation bill, excepting tho paragraph relating to tho civil sorvico. By agreement tho debate on this latter paragraph will go over until after the holidays. An amendment abolishing the mint at Now Orleans was adopted. SENATE. Washington, Doc. 18.—Several resolutions culling on departments for information were adopted. Conference report on bill for relief for tho Klondike minors was adopted. It appropriates $200,000. Adjourned till January 5. I HOUSIt. I After spending several hours in paying tribute to tho memory of the late Representative Cooko, of Illinois, the house ad- jonrued till January 5. RUSSIA GETS A SLICE OF CHINA. Occupies J'<irt Arthur, tho Japs IJclng r»r»fil Out. ST. IVrKWHUJin, Dec. 30.—It is announced that a Russian squadron under Kosir Admiral Ui-ounow lias entered Port Arthur, on the Chinese cofist, with the entire acquiescence of the Chinese government. The squadron intends to remain at Port Arthur all winter. This is due solely' to the need of a temporary winter station, nnd involves no question of forcible occupation or hostile demonstration or any intention uRtimst China, Japan or any other pjnve.''- , REPORT. i£ked the tailor. "Bring what with me?" "The small check." lasTiymas ISCAEES , Hospital Atid a f6a*M t6 the con*' 1 Sold at once; Kemp's Halsam will stop at once. Go to y«n«' Mai ™ and pet a sample bottle free. 25 and 60 cent bottles. Go delays are dangerous. Sh*'* * «»**»'«• "Doesn't your wife's craze for bargains annoy you, Grumpy? ,, "Not at all. If she wants a half a dollafshe never thinks ot asking me for more than thirty-nine cents." Do Yon Kane* fro-Night? Shake into your Shoes Allen's Foot- Ease, a powder for the feet. It makes tight or New Shoes feel Easy. Cures Corns, Bunions, Chilblains and Sweat- ImtlTeet, At all Druggists and Shoe Stores, 250. Sample sent FREE. Address, Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy. N. Madame Eames. the well American prlma donna, recen *n cn-rnntro fnr n. tour of Qermany o» the Sof &000 a hJght. but the best offer she received was $100. nrnnty In Mlonil Deep. Clean blood makes n clean skin No beauty -without it. Cascarets Candy Catliar- tte cleans your blood nnd keens it clean, by stirring up the lazy liver and driving£11 impurities from the body. Begin to-daj to Eanish pimples, bolli, blotches Wwskheadi, • nud that sickly bllioviswraplexion by taking Cnscarets.-beouty for ten cents. All druggists, BatlsfactuDuguaranteed^lO, 25 B0 °- Blue butter is made from the milk supplied by the native cow of India. "Klonilyke Bullntln, Will be published by the Soo Line Mondays, containing all the TisLHGKArnio NEWS and un-to-dnto information ns to tlie JIHST ROUTES. SEMVIOES, BHUMSIIIP BAIMNOS, nnd every fucility as same develop e. INVALUABLE to Alaskan prospectors nnd all their friends. To be placed on mftlUne list send six cents (Oc) in stamps to W. R. CALLAWAY, G. P. A.. Minneapolis, Minn. Nervoua ailments are more often caused by idleness than overwork. tfaev will try to save the tooth, though „.-_., — __ even This too late. They comfort £»*•£"• ir«fc the thongnt that they can replace their teeth, but they cannot replace their internal organs 1 Iverv one of those patients in the hospital beds tad plenty ol warnings in the form of bearing-down! other women to follow her example. She say» to Mrs. Phildiaiii: "I thank you very much for what you have done for me, for 1 had given up iu despair. Last February, I had a miscarriage caused by overwork. It affected toy heart, caused me to have sinking spells three to four a day, lasting sometimes half a day. J. could not be left alone. I flowed constantly. The doctor called twice a day for awcek, and once n, day for four weeks, then three or four times a week for four months. Finally he said I would have to undergo an operation. Then I commenced taking LydU. Pinkham's Vegetable Compounded after one ?;i CM • *i ; Don't Tobact* Spit and Smoke Tour lift To quit tobacco easily nud forever, bo magnetic, full o£ life norvo and vigor, take Ko-To-Bnc, the wonder worker, that makes weak men strong. All druggists, 50c or 91. Cure guaranteed. Booklet and sample tree Address Sterling RonieUy Co., Chicago or New York. . Medical men are to be envied; if they cure us we are loud in their praise; if they do not, we preserve a dead silence. ._ Dropsy treated free by Dr. H. H. Green's Sous, of Atlanta, Gn. The greatest dropsy specialists iu the world. Bead their advertisement in another column of tbis paper. N. R. Freeman of Winamo, Ind., the oldest justice of tho peace in Indiana, has united 2,897 couples in matrimony. TO CUKE A COLD IN ONE DAY. Tolte Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. AJ1 Druggists refund the money it it f alia to cure. 25o The only two animals whose brains are heavier than that of man are the whale and the elephant. Mrs. AVlnslow'sSootlilnB syrup For children tc,ctliini;,Boftoii8«io BuniB.rc(IUL.e8lnrt<im. BuUlou,-U»ya imiii. euros wind colic. «0 cents a liotll* Frances B. Willard says that among other things women of the present need are larger shoea^ Coe's Cough Balsam Ctnu win. is*n-*-**«--,* ~ . LYNKSB, 10 Frederick St., lloehcster, A Vnrnnt Clmlr. Returned Tourist-"! do not see old Mr. Goodsoul around. He was very feeble when I left, and I Presume he has gone to his eternal rest, nas no n °Re' S ldent-''W B ll. n-o; but he has moved to Philadelphia." Snlzor Seed Co.'s Oroat Froo Exhibition Cnr. This car is making its third annual tour through Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and Iowa, stopping at all principal stations in tho rural districts. Tho rare display of seed products mudo by the John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., in this car is well worth going miles to see. A Wlf o'ft Dwvotlon. Young Husband—"My dear, some of my garments are sady in need of but- tain !•!> Disguise our bondage as we will, 'tis woman, woman rules us still.—Moore. Star Tobacco Is tho leading brand of the world, because it is the best. "Holly and ivy, box and bay, Putin the_church on Christmas Day." To Curo~Constipatl<>n ITorevor, Tnko'irot'8 CuniY Gullmrtlo. 10o or 26o IfC. C. U. wlUojuro_d^BBlstsrotuna monuy. "Everything cornea to him who waits," quoted the Kentucky man who married the granddaughter of the girl who had refused him. The pressure of the atmosphere on a man of ordinary size amounts to about fourteen tons Young Wife—"Yea, my love, I noticed tbat, and have sent for my mother. She IS a splendid hand at sewing on buttons./^ It ATnkcri Cold Foot Warm And is the only euro for Chilblains, Frostbites, Dump, Sweating 1'eet, Corns and Bunions. Aslt for Allen s Foot-Ease, a powder to bo shaken into the shoes. At all Druggists and (shoe Stores, 25c. Sample sent I<Kl!il<_. Address, Allen S. Olmsted, LoRoy, N. Y. "Is your baby intelligent?" "Intelll- cent! Why, i£ she wasn't she'd never IB able to understand the language my wife talks to her." lino's Fiimlly Medicine. Moves the bowels each day. In order to be healthy this is. necessary. Acts gently on the liver and kidneys. Cures sick headache. Price, 25 and 50c. In Russia it is tho custom for duelists to breakfast together before going out to fight. "He llveth best who lovetlybest n All things, both great and small. lor Consimptlon In first nnroroe You will see the excellent e llrst dose. Sold by dealers everywhere. Urgo bottles 25 cents and GO cento. ^ MALLET DAVIS Over a Hal! Century Favorites, SOLD DIRECT TO CONSUMER AT FACTORY PRICES. Wrlto for Catalogue ami Prices Uo- foro buj'liilf. HALLET& DAVIS CO. Wabasli Ave., Cor. Jackson St., CHICAGO. When Answcripo Advertisements Mention This Taper. I He said his back was broken by LAW1EBACK, but all his strength came back by use of ^ B It strengthens, • builds up, restores, CURES. PATENT OFFICE -•- DKsMoiNKB. Dec. 17.—Six applica- nrenurcd in our office and pros- Denied bins in the U. S. Patent of- floe have" been allotted to Iowa m CUKKD BV W Trade- (Eutabllshed 1780.) •^Wf+aA* >9c 50c CANDY CATHARTIC r »'W r Wv w ^ ^CONSTIPATION f UTETHE u ALL PPUQGISTS fl$ WWF? , of West Union, for a duplex stay for buck ssivvs. To R G. Rider, of Mt. Ayr, for a nut look specially adapted for railway •joints, and for bolts in bridges. To J R. Urnden, of Rowen, for a tree protector, made of woven wire adapted to bo adjusted to trees, de- tdchublv fastened and provided with a top of bibulous material to be saturated" with tar or other adhesive matter. To II. R. Gregory and R. H. Batten, of Prescolt, for an adjustable straw stacker and threshing- machine attachment adapted for elevating straw to different heights and conveying it in different directions. To C T. McCixrroll, of Ottumwa, for a sheet metal stove specially adapted for deflecting and controlling' the products of combustion. To 11 SchneeUloth, of Holstem, for an acetyline gas generator adapted to be advantageously operated in an office store or dwelling for producing', ("is for illuminating and heating, from calcium carbide aud water placed in the generator. . Valuable information about obtaining, valuing and selling patents sent free to any address.- Thomas G. & Ralph Orwig, Solicitors of Patents. An applicant for a license to act as cab driver in London is compelled to undergo a civil service examination. He is taken to a yard where there are several posts driven in the ground, and through and around these he must cleverly drive and turn before the license js granted. Some one informed Robert J. F- Copeland, of'NewVork, that holding a BiaaU quantity ot carboljo «« 6 1 JP the mouth was a remedy fpv the toothache, He tried it, and tb,e »<?>d, HP **• - W W that.'while gaspi» ? J ? r «wi HUNDREDS qF DOLLARS TRYING TO GET WELL, BUT ALL IN VAIN, USED "? DROPS" FOR TWO MONTHS AND IS NOW COMPLETELY CURED. „._-,THOUSANDS OF GRATEFUL LETTERS RECEIVED £7 WHICH THE FOLLOWING Spare-Tin^ Study ', Thorough courBO iu liqoUkoopI \ uliorthuiul. Hoiniiou, iournali " NSON BHEUMATK .CUB. 81 tto )lng,' D _ _ Itsm. "liniwinK, '«i»l ".'j f' r * l1lt!llf S,S' oiiL'inuenui: (civil, ineoliMiioai, elautrlojl, oto.V »},«"{„?{',. ^toAi'VW^S. ;?• Instructors. "1'eos iuud«r-te. Jiftn your. Illustrntoil oatalutfiie frne, istatr ,ni>roHtcd. N»tloiinU'orr..|»»"l''|«'."»«J"J;. ami Kulloorf »»uk UlUldluit, WMkbBlo-i.U. 0 HE ALASKA OUTFITTER WHAT TO TAKB AND WHAT IT COSTS W BOW TO WSACJ1 TUB COLD WELDS ,_. U .H.. .Y JONES' CASH STOHH 108 & 110 Front Street. PORTLAKP. ORE. 8 a poMtlve cure for nh e «,«a«Bm, S o, ft Hc» SWANSON BHEUMATra CUBE •been sufterintj two yeura with Rheuinatisra.SUe couianoi got uooutu a ^lSd c peBs, etc.. o., ACTIVE DROPS" has never been equalled, '••I DROPS" URALGIA IIOO.OOO), Frue Sick and Nervous Head aches POSITIVELY Cured in 30 Minutes, by 1 DROPSY ?& , I ojee" esud for book of t««tim I- I treatlutmtVr«o. l)r. ll.U. Uli NEWPISCOVEBYiKlve : —'li vellof ami cures worst nioolals and 10 days' UllKKN HE PAYS THE FREIGHT SEND 10 CIS. IN STAMPS. SENT ?*MI* H»ve beeu tested MW Sf.TSoHpsqoSa. SOUTHERN At ell dri^ggUU or 8«pt PO*J< paid UPO.H r«pe)pt 8< T tot iBtg. SALESMEN gnU^UUI |»H es, e , Grain, Potatoes, ptq. TUls Is the best paying worU of tlje season. You sbouW not 5?i*>s it- Write toSrterBis ft? Jwll »ur»er? Co., WfQ OUT. SPEQiil CHB1STHAS OFFEBS

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