Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1938
Page 7
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20, 1938. KOgSTJTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA, IOWA PAGE Sfi!vifl«''' [ISBACH'S inuary Specials ir Inventory Cleanup of Use Items all at Reduced ^Prices for January te$.;!.- SUITS If S Suits, values to $27.50 $12.85 ilk Suits, values to $35 $15.85 JCjirlee and Michaels-Stern Suits $21.85 [(iiof the House, finest suits in stock _$26.85 OVFRCOATS itefte&aj; VF V DI\VV//\ 1 O 'i ic -~i ii&" ^'^'i ''''''^- : lilffifirnia Weight Top Coats, close-out _$4.98 Melton Overcoats $8.49 ^Jerhead Overcoats $13.49 jf|§<H;ed Coats, plain and fancy backs $16.85 |pl|i|ice of the House Coats, including |^|^ : ;Bara-Paca fleeces, the finest you IflpaSlmy, only $21.85 sfeasB'WA*.'. HATS • llriiiJ ffllil^i^fbroken sizes, close-outs at $1.95 f||lfi|r $2.95 Longley Hats ___$2.39 lipl^iar $3.85 Longley Hats _$2.98 |||||!|'$5 Dunlap Hats, at $3.98 JACKETS mstf&stii^h «JrlVslYl_j 1 \J 1ssps%i||fc IHW^OO! Melton, fancy colors $2.29 ffiropl Melton, plain colors $1.69 IWool Melton Jackets $2.49 ^«pi' PANTX • rAWlo jlBojB^epperell whipcord boot pants, san- ISl! *-"" : * \ a regular $1.69 item, and a bar- jpfat only $1.39 ||/orduroy boot pants, reg. $2.69 ___$1.98 p*:'Big Yank" whip cord pants, viia n f orized, in pepperell twill, heavy .. r ^ T .» wr . covert only $1-69 ?|leii^fl|heavy weight whipcord boot pants $1.89 llej^f|3.19 sanforized boot pants, heavy ; ?l%Ju$|cbrd, in a stylish cut, at $2.69 •'••:i<'&&Jjijjf C111 n T C SHIRTS '"• iVSiSlAfeife • !—all colors, sizes 14% to 17 —-79c i—non-wilt collars, reg. $1.25 98c ^r^^lthree—10 doz. closeouts, plain and ; ?^iitcy. and with trubenized collars, ^ilfa$|s to $1.95 $1-29 i f|(^:Sfour—reg. $1.65 to $1.95 shirts, all i r ;*a;a^iifc£s jjj colors or plain, finest shirts in at only ___$1.49 GIRLS' TOURNEY IN NORTH END THIS WEEK-END Ledyrd, Jan. 18 — This week 'hursday, Friday, and Saturday lie North End girls' tournamenl will, be held here, and teams par- icipatlng will bo Grant, Lakota, Lone Rock, Seneca, and Ledyard. 'his week Thursday evening the Grant and Ledyard girls will play he first game in the tournament, and the Ledyard and Grant boys will play In a second game, there icing no second tournament game .hat night. Friday evening Lone iock will play Seneca, and Lacola will play the Ledyard-Grani winner. 'Saturday evening the ••!TIT 1 ! THO MUFFLERS Ike ,800. I iter" bo vasl .he i aril nest busto ioce»| ,bouS ! | an ' ;eU<1 . onsototion game and the finals will be played. Bnsketcers Busy Last Week— The boys' and girls' bosketbal learns played several games las week. Tuesday they played Gran here, and won both games, tin girls by a score of 50-12, the boy by a score of 28-21. Friday even ing the boys' first and secon teams went to Ringsled, and agai broughi home two victories. Th first teams score was 29-26; th local seconds won by a score o 50-1-1. Saturday night the girl were defeated at Leland, -10-22. Beet Acreage is Pledged— William Becklell, field manager for a sugar beel company, was here several days last week, get- ling beet acreage signed up. The company now has COO acres pledged, and this assures Ledyard of keeping its beet dump. New Electric Poles Set Up— A large crew of men from the light and power company has been working here, setting new poles, C. If. KLAMP, Field Representative A week ago Monday and 'Tuesday -we attended the Register and Yibune convention. These conventions have a new slogan each ime. This time it was 'keep on he green light with a go sign." Monday morning Big Chief Wm. Jordingly started the meeting and old us that he and the rest of us would not see any of the Cowles Mrs, Hans have two children, a boy and girl. The little girl showed us her Christmas presents. The boy likes to read the cartoon filrips in Ihe dally paper. Saturday evening at Wm. J. Green's. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Fitch and children spent the week-end with he Del Fitch family at Burt. Luclle Balk has been having a siege of scarlet fever, but Is recovering. A few Sexton young people at- ended a League meeting at Wes- ey Sunday evening. After the O. * * * * N. Thompson, southeast of Elmoro, was doing some repair work on his -barn .Saturday. He takes good care of his stock and , , . . „, , ,. A.i ™™tir,cr rnrdnpr showed us two fine bay mares, nen at this meeting. Oarfttier ^ Bowles Sr and Mrs. Cowles are In Arizona. John spends some of his ,ime with the Minneapolis Star, matched so closely that one can He said httd r0 £ US ed a nice sum of s Mr. Corngy ttj m for th(J leum o N ,„ a fine. job. He is looking fine and \ A worker and he and his boys always asks about his Algona ,„,, n 1nl nf t>10 no i,,i,hm-Vinnrl r.nrn time with tlie Minneapolis star, ... h|ch ,, and Gardner Jr. was in New York | ™ l hl «» "V* on business. Mr. Cordingly did a v «j, some silk and some silk-wool in this group, new winter colors 49c in this group ____^79c 98c 2 dozen $2.45 values at 1.49 UNDERWEAR union suits at 79c 16 Ib. fleece at 79c SOX Hbzen lisle, fancy colors or plain per pr. lOc "' PAJAMAS JflanneL_at $1.29 3 doz. flannel. at $1.49 |flannel._at $1.79 3 doz. flannel ._at $1.98 P Dozens of other Similar Bargains \o£ MtN'S 'riends, for he formerly lived here. We also had a shorl visit with Harvey Ingham. We saw him Monday afternoo'n in the editorial department. He keeps very active. He said if people would look hack to the time when he came to Kos* sulh county they would feel that times and conditions now are like heaven. 'He remembers when there was but one house where Wesley now is \localed. Guy M. Butts and his folks lived there. * * S' * N. L. Colton, of the Lone Rock bank, was examining money that had been in the fire at Wesley. Muriel Long had brought it to Lone Rock to her mother. Mr. Cotton is always on the job. did a lot of ihe neighborhood corn shelling. He is going lo .sell his Bheller, for Ihe boys are married now and farm for Ihemselves. * * * * At John M. Thorsbakken's southeast of. Elmore, they were taking a picture of their little girl Saturday when we came. They had hitched the team to Ihe sled and had Ihe girl holding Ihe lines St. Benedict son and son Cecil were visitors meeting they were entertained at a party by the young people of Wesley. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wise spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Wse's parents Mr. and Mrs. John Voss Sr. of Lu Verne. Mrs. Sarah Wise and daughler, Mrs. Drusie Noble, were Sunday visilors at the Henry Phillips home in Algona. Mrs. Phillips is a daughter of Mrs. Wise. HIDES / We always pay top market price for hides* Joe Greenberi? stringing wires, i'ormers, etc. installing trans- Claude Ilccce llns Operation- Claude, Reece, who was taken to a Mankato hospilal lasl week Sunday, was operaled on Wednesday for appendicilis. •Mrs. Dyer's Mother Sick- Mrs. Henry Dyer and Glenn went to Cylinder .Sunday lo visit Mrs. Dyer's mother, Mrs. Moore, who is critically sick. Other Ledyard News. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Winlers, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Winlers, and Ihe son Larry, all of Lakota, Howard Randall, of Glenburn, N. D., and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pingle were guests Sunday at N. A. Pin- ,gle's. j The Edw. Chrisls, Forest City land Cleo Gable, who makes her Ihome with them while attending I college there, were here Sunday visiting relatives. lona Berhow, Helen Rotterman and Lila Reece drove to Mankato Saturday lo call on Claude Reece who is in St. Joseph's hospita Ihere. Mr. and Mrs. Hv M. Grannor en Al Henry Janssen's, on Ihe Oliver Moe farm five miles easl of Bancrofl, we found one of Mrs. Janssen's brolhers and a neighbor boy hauling hay. Mrs. Janssen informed us she and one of her )rolhers would conlinue fanning. She has seven brolhers and Ihey ire nol all married. This helps ler, and Ihe boys are hard workers. She is having an adv. in Ihis paper to sell a truck and thresh- A miKcellanous .shower in honor of Vakurien StjuCl'ick-John- was well attended and she received many gifts. Cards were played and the bridge pri/.e went to Agnes Rosenmeyer, the 500 prize to Mrs. August Harig, Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Honigir, ng machine. * * * * C. A. Haag, wesl of Ledyard, was busy doing chores Thursday, for he is always busy. These folks have buill an addilion lo their house. There are 12 children in Ihis home, and C. A. keeps the place in tip-top shape. * * * * Walter Scolt and his son Clarence, wesl of Ledyard, will move Iwo miles north from where they now live. This is the farm where Ralph Johnson now lives. Ralph has boughl the farm where Mr. Scott now lives. The Scotts have one of the old Airdale dogs. This dog is plenty sharp, especially at night. There are not many of this breed any more. * * * * Reuben Lulter, west of Ledyard, is still balching. When we were there a year ago some of the neighbors said probably he would not batch very long. This year it is the same story, the neighbors insist he will not 'batch long. At Mr ana Mrs. iu ivi. ^i«um,, ™ that Reuben is a good housekeep- tertained Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Car- or, for he keeps everything neat "and clean. * * * * At Henry Selberg's, four miles northwest of Ledyard, Mrs. Selberg informed us that they became grandparenls Christmas morning when a son was born to their oldest daughter, 'Mrs. Soren Pederson. They live near Keister, Minn. They feel very proud of this baby boy. They have named him Gerald Some. The Selbergs penter and D. A. Carpeter at o'clock dinner Sunday evening. Dr. and Mrs. Bahnson, of Burt, were visitors Friday evening at Dr. and Mrs. B. A. Storey's. The two doctors are osteopaths. The Ralph Johnsons, Mrs. Grace Welfare, and the toiler's family, all of Grant, were Sunday guests Waterloo? arrived Sunday for a few days with the later's mother, Mrs. Mary McKenna. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Arndorfer, daughter, Mr. and Mrs. William Arndorfer were Sunday aflernoon callers al Ben Malern's. 'Mr. and Mrs. Tony .Grandjenet and other members of the John Grandjenet family motored to Rockford Monday to spend the day at Frany Weinner's. Lorraine Huschka was a dinner guesl fit the Ben Matern's Sunday. A card party will be given at the St. Benedict hall on January 25, sponsored by Circle No. 2 Mrs. Floyd Wood and Mrs. George Riche. There will be a few hours of dancing afler lunch. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kollasch, a son, Henry Arndorfer, and Ihe Jailer's children called on the Ben Kun)kels Sunlday afternoon. Mr. .and Mrs. Harvey Johnson their children, and Grandpa and Grandma; Kelly were Saturday evening guests near Irvington al the John Johnson's. Cards were played. Henry Grandjenett, of Bancrofl, was a Sunday guest of the home folks. •Mr. and Mrs. George Parsons, Irvington, and Mr. and Mrs. Dg White were Sunday afternoon guests at Harvey Johnson's. Mrs. Parson is Mrs. Harvey Johnson s sister, Mrs. White is Harvey's sister. The RevJ Father Kramer was a business caller al Algona Monday. U J. H. Welfare's. Herbert Neibauer and William Long, who had been visiting relatives in this vicinity, lefI Sunday. nave dau ghters, Norma ThesI girls allend Mrs. William Wenzel school al Grant spenl Sunday al Fort Dodge with Mr. Wenzel's daughter, Mrs. Faye Hethershaw. wnen we suw mm A- nutij. The Howard Jensons, Mrs. L. A. we as i ie( j j£ ne wanted to ICUC.Y Nit?., and Jack Moulton were Sun-' his daily paper he said to see the day dinner guests at Henry j .. DOSS) » meaning Mrs. Nelson, so Blome's. I we -went to the house. Mrs. Nel- Jack Moulton, Marjorie Oswald, gon fiaid she en joyed the basket- Sexton W. C. Nelson, Grant school engineer as we call him, was when we saw him Friday. When renew and Lawrence Nitz were at Mankato Sunday, and called on Claude Reece. Mr .and Mrs. Otto Richter, Elmore, with two sons, visited the Clifton Engelbys Friday evening. Dr. and Mrs. B. A. Slorey attended a district meeting of osteopaths at Algona Monday evening. The Rev. and Mrs. Karl Hammer, Lakota, were Sunday dinner guests at George Thompson's. ball games very much.. The new gynmas [ um is great for the children. * * * * J. C. Blome, northwest of Ledyard, was busy milking his cows Friday. His son Arlo was helping him. This was evening chore time. J C. said they were milking a little early, for Arlo plays basketball on the 'Ledyard learn and he wanted lo get in for evening prac- Mrs. J. Weaver was taken very j | sick Friday evening, and was slightly improved Saturday, but is still bedfast. | Mr. and Mrs. Fred Plumb and; children were visitors Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Plumb's mother and sister in Algona. The home project meeting of the farm bureau will be held Tuesday at Mrs. Dale Thompson's east of town. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Thompson and children spent Sunday at Forest City with Dale's brother. Mr and Mrs. Clarence Ander- ORDER YOUR RUBBER STAMHt- from the Advance. Stamp pad*, service, dependable work, fan inks, and other supplies. QuicV prices. ' Sl Lot tort. Save on your * [ybrid Seed Corn Iowa 931 and other strains suit- |ble for your locality. Leave your orders at our office jp* with our representative MR. L. M. OWEN iderson Grain S Coal Co, .ICSL3 CVL VJliVJ*t5^j j. »» u ... t —- 11 **•» wU tVJ favi* Mr and Mrs. William Wiemer, | t j ce . j. C. has been batching the Clyde Behse, and Jack Welfare la a t week as Mrs. • Blome and their were at Mankato Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Sanders and Eleanor visited the daughter, Mrs. Paul Nitz, Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Otis Mldthune, Elmore, were Sunday guests at Ed? ward Halvorson's. Mrs, Margaret Looft, Swea City, snent Thursday at her daughter, Mrs. N. A. Pingle's. Mr and Mrs. Edward Halvorson visited Friday at Peter Johnsons, I Bancroft. , , Lillian Kllnksiek, who works at ijiumu jv!***"«•«"» •• — - , Algona, spent the week-end at itllOl* »i VyV*»«. **« ••—- —• son Eugene, 8, and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brandt and their son are on a southern vacation at San Antonio, Tex. Mrs. Blome has a brother living there to visit. * * * * We had a short visit with Otto Richter, southwest of Elmore, Friday Mrs. Richter showed us their new baby boy, born Halloween night. They now have two fine boys. The older boy eaj»s he will soon help his dad. We did not get to Otto's father, Herman Richter s, for he lives off the main h'g hw _ a j and snow was too " "~ " to - dr ,ve Long's MEATS ARE TREATS SO JOKE The George Thompsons visited friends at Titonka Sunday evening. . Seneca 2-3-4 The Seneca high school boys' basketball teams .jnet the Whittemore academy s boys at Seneca Friday evening. The Seneca boys second team defeated the Whitte- niore seconds 17-5 and the Seneca firsts downed the Whittemore regulars 36-6. The Seneca high school girls basketball team will meet the Lone Rock gms Friday evening in the county tour- "^o^odroVKracht suffered a broken finger one day ea.rly last w<>ck while cranking his ear. The J V Campbells vacated their farm Friday morning and left for Decatur 111. where they spend several days witr relatives They Plan to locate in Des Moines. M » NEED A Type to use at home to/learn >Corona and it the Ad I vaace. e us about the newspaper. * * * * August W. Hagedorn, southeast of Elmore, was busy doing some repair work. They had just moved onto this place last week. Iwo years ago they moved to a farm east of Blue Earth. They like the old neighborhood in Kossuth better. They have two children a fioy and girl, Donald, 8, and Mary Jane, 16 months. She was born m Minnesota. Donald told us aU about his horse that he rides. He says his name is Bill and said he hoped he would get his name m th-5 paper. Mrs. Hagedorn re- narked that they got a great Kick ut of the farm news. Robert Weiler, *4% miles south ' Elmore, was doing work onhs ?n"~the house and showed "h^babygW, born October 7 have named her Maijys This is tbeir first child have been married ny _j, and this is the best baby m 'he world. ^ # ^ Earl E. Haas, two miles south of Bankers Life Farm Loans Low rate, long time funds from an IOWA COMPANY. See me for prompt closing, no commission. EDWAIID C.U'ESIUS Heise Bldg. • Algona, lowu Anniversary Sale This Is our third year at our present location, and with the Chrysler and Plymouth contract. . Three years of splendid business far beyond our expectations. With the public acceptance continually growing from year to year of these two truly fine cars we expect to do even a greater business in the year of 1938. To take care of this business we are going to reduce our present stock of twenty-five Used Cars as much as possible within tlie next two weeks. The following cars listed have been reconditioned if necessary and are guaranteed to be as represented. PlYMOUTHS 1937 Plymouth Tudor—with built in trunk. Tires like new—large heater—(black) ]936 Gunmetal Plymouth Deluxe 4 door Sedan. All new tires- heater. A-l condition. / 1936 Plymouth 2 door Sedan—splendid condition. FORDS 1936 Ford 4 door Deluxe Sedan with built-in trunk. Has^Columbia rear axle overdrive, custom radio and heater—a nice family car 1935 Ford Deluxe 2 door with Kari-Keen trunk. A dandy car for those who need extra trunk room—splendid condition throughout 1934,Ford 4 door, deluxe Sedan, lots of goods miles and not too much money. 1929 Ford Coupe—a good used car for little money. CHEVROLETS 1934 Master Coupe—good. 1934 Master Town Sedan—like new. 1930 Chevrolet 4 door Sedan—6 wire wheels—trunk rack. Ke- painted and motor completely overhauled. 1932 truck S. W. B. 1930 Chevrolet Coupe with Pick-up box, now being overhauled in the shop. OLDSMOBILE 1936 Oldsmobile .Coupe—looks and runs like new. We have a real price on this ear. Many Cheaper Ones BODY SHOP No wreck job is too small or too big for our shop. This shop was furnished with all new equipment of latest type within the last year. See us for free estimate. All work guaranteed. MAXWELL MOTORS Phone 595 State and Jones sells .catfie and has some fine animals in tbe y*rd, Mr. and Cash Paid For Cream Open all day Saturday and Saturday night. ALGONA CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY COMPANY Farm Sale Because I am moving to Mitchell County, I will sell at public auction, Wednesday, Jan. 26 at my place, 4 miles west and 4 miles north of Wesley, or 1 mile east and 4 miles north of Sexton, or 1 mile south of Doan church. SALE STARTS AT 1 P. M. SHARP— FOLLOWING PROPERTY 3 Head of Horses One black gelding, 5 years old; one old black team, mare and gelding 25 Head o§ Cattle 19 head of white face heifers, been on full feed since first of October; one white face steer; 3 milch cows; 2 yearling calves. Farm Machinery One John Deere Tractor, Model D; one F-12 Tractor with cultivator, almost new; one John Deere 40 ft. elevator with power and hoist, 2 years old; one Rock Island two row cultivator; one Hayes single row cultivator; two surface single row cultivators: one 'disc single row cultivator; one Deering grass mower one drag cart; one John Deere gang plow; one One Minute fanning mill one hand corn sheller; one endgate seeder; one seed corn dryer; 3 sets of harness and 2 sets of flynets. Other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS—Cash, or make arrangements with banker. V Ovwier Whittemore State Bank, Clerk

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