The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 22, 1897 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 22, 1897
Page 7
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THIS T3PPER DES MQ1KE8: ALGONA. IOWA D1CEMBEB 22, 189Y, 1878 1898 The.beginning of the New Year marks - ^ -— ., i ^W^ W W ^m* ,^^fc^-MM^ ^^M> ^ *- •• TWENTIETH YEAR IN ALGONA. During that time QUALITY has been our watchword. Nothing but good goods have left our store, and that is everything in our line. For the present holiday season we have the largest and most complete stock in Northwestern Iowa of Clocks, Cut Glass, China, Silver and Plated Ware, Jewelry, Watches, Rings, Chains, etc. C< «^ /-v (~*\~i \ *-» *i we have the lar g est stock we have ever bought, includ- 1 PlIlC V^niricd. ing some handsome Dresden China Clocks, Vases, Plates, Sugar and Creamers, etc. IN CUT GLASS we have the latest patterns—no old stereotyped cuttings. In Sterling Silver novelties ( we show the most elegant and serviceable lines in Berry Spoons, Souvenir Spoons, Manicure Sets, Glove Buttoners, Paper Cutters, Spectacle Cases, Combs and Brushes, Coat Markers, 1 ag Checks, Stamp Boxes, etc. Our line is complete. A number of fine diamonds in rings and pins. Also a large display of set rings, and solid gold plain and band rings. 1~Y~,~^ Fells 1 ^AlO We make a specialty of the AIKEN & LAMBERT gold P^s. Gold Pen Holders, Pencils, Tooth Picks .etc. g PECTACLES _in solid gold, gold filled, nickel, and steel bows, fitted by an experienced optician. The finest display ot Table Silver, Tea Sets, etc., ever shown in Algona. Come and help celebrate our twentieth anniversary. somewhat like the new Speer method for teaching arithmetic. A question has been raised as to the liabl ity of the townships to pay, but where they have taken the blocks and are using them, they ought to pay as a matter of fair dealing. It is better than any show tdhear Isaac Frye tell about southwestern Missouri. He says there are eight particular kinds of ticks that eat human flesh. The native Missourlan can pick them out and behead them without any break in the conversation, but it interrupted htm. He says he wore out one knife whittling himself into eood standing with the natives, but part of the wear he attributes to out- ting ticks in two. He took 200 good sized hay cocks of small pebbles off from one field, and the first time he ploughed he had as many more. Isaac got out of Missouri at the first opportunity. THE largest stock of crockery in Al gona Is being sold at cost at Walker Bros. '—40 Notice. My office will be closed after Jan. 1. If you want your flour and feed come and get it now, but don't come without LENETTB W. BUTLER. .IAMES PATTERSON'S BOSTON BLOCK. E. G. BOWYER, JEWELER AND OPTICIAN. Laird; solo, Frank Tellier; piano solo, Misa Huldah Peters; solo, G. K Wil- RAILWAY TIME CARDS. Christmas Slippers-... , : For Christmas Presents •U Make good and useful gifts. Men's Slippers, pretty and good, at 7 5cto$2.oo Ladies' Slippers, neat and dressy. Pretty Ones Well, just come and see them. We have a great many kinds. Prices are very low. BroTOll & AIM, Boots and Shoes for Cash, Boston Block, ALGONA, IOWA. Repairing and custom work. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at No. a departs at ••• Freights that carry passengers— No. 03 departs at ^. No. 71 departs at' No. 65 departs at TRAINS BAST. No.2 departs at n'tfinm No. 4 departs at 0.28pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 departs at o. No. 94 departs at—- * CHICAGO & NORTHWESTEKN. South- Freight 11:00 a m Pass! 7:05 am Mixed 11:50 am Mixed 7 ;5 4 , pm North- Mixed . • -- •- — Freight 11:50 am Pals 2:41 pm Mixed MISS riuiuiui iruwuio, ouiu, ". —....-Hams; duet, May and Ruth Palmer; select reading, Moggie Hunt; solo, Mrs. Sinclair; anthem, choir. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lagge were married ten years Monday and their friends all helped them celebrate in honor of their tin wedding. It was a pleasant gathering. Charlie and his good wife have many friends. THE UPPISH DES MOINES has reliable information that Dunlap Bros, are not leaving Ledyard. A. B., or " Andy," will go to Oklahoma for his health. The bank at Ledyard will continue, however, to do business as asual. Fixed .. 7:54pmMlxea iu 'S ,£ „ Arrive at Des Moines at 12:15 p. m., 0:15 p. m., and 1:20 a. m. ^ H VESpBIl) Ag6n t. =========== THE LOCAL FIELD. Furniture Saturday will be Christmas. Eight inches of snow came Sunday vening. Wheat is worth 70@80 cents, oats 8, corn 16*, flax SI. The thermometer hangs about zero nost of the time lately. The shortest day is past. The days grow longer from this on. The West Bend opera house is being fitted up for a big clothing store. The Jule Walters Comedy company will play "Side Tracked" in the opera house, Jan. 7. The new steel bridge was done Fri day It is the handsomest bridge in northern Iowa. Bishop Fowler's great oration on Lin coin wiU fill the opera house, from pres ent indications. The Methodists have a committee appointed to look up plans for the new church. The members are Gardner Cowles, E. J. Gil more, Archie Hutchison W. C. Danson and F. S. Norton. They will spend the next two months in agreeing upon what to build. Then the work will begin. Rev W. S. Lewis, president of Morning Side college at Sioux City, dedicated the new Union Methodist church Sunday, free of debt Ho had a big meeting and preached an able sermon. In the evening he preached to a large audience in Algona, Rev. Day going to Burt. The permanent officers of the Algona Lyceum are Thos. F. Cooke, president; E. V. Swotting, vice president, Miss Ellen Thompson, secretary; fc. Tellier, treasurer. Meetings will be held every Saturday evening after this week, at the court hall. The next meeting will be held Jan. 1. IF you want a nice rug you can get it at home just as cheap or cheaper than you can of any peddler. See Galbraltn & Co. ____ CHAMBER sots—tho largest assortment and lowest prices at M. Z. Grove ft, Son's. i JAS. A. OER does fl rst-olass carriage painting at right prices. Now is tho I time to have this work done.-38t3 DON'T miss the groat crockery sale at Walker Bros.'—50 BAPTIST COLLEGE TROUBLES. Hov. I.niidiB Will Attend n Meeting to Decide -Wliicu IB the Honl Baptist College. Rev. D. R. Landis went to LaFay- etto, Ind., to preach last Sunday. On his way homo ho will stop at Marshalltown for the Baptist mooting that is to decide whether Pella or Dos Moines or both shall have Baptist colleges. Tho Pella school is long established. Tho Baptists want to make it an academy and have tho Dos Moines colloae the central school of the state. The Pella Baptists object. There nre 60 delegates appointed who will discuss, and decide what to do, HUMHOLDT College pays your railroad faro, and, besides, (jives you board, room, and tuition for $22.00 per term. Next term begins Jan. 4. Address J. P Peterson, Humboldt, Iowa.—12 Holiday Goods. I have just received the finest line of goods I. have ever bought since being in business, viz: A large assortment of lamps, and so cheap that no one can afford to be without one. Fancy plates of all styles, toilet sets of the latest designs, water sets from $oc up to $2.50; when you look at them you will feel that you can't keep house without one; lamp globes of all colors, and if you are in style you must have one; and when you step into my store just imagine that you are in Burly & Tyrrell's store of Chicago, and when you look around "and see the beautiful things you wont know the difference, and I can sell cheaper than you can send away and get them. I wish every person in Kossuth county would call and see the lamp I am selling for $1.50. Grocery Llfte. 1 have a large line of candy, and a No. 1 candy at toe a pound. Nice assortments of fancy nuts, fresh roasted peanuts every day. Fresh Fruit. A rttce line of teas; try bur $oc tea; our 35c tea Is better than most stores sell at $oc. t have a fine line of coffees from 12£ to 400 a pound. I have a few barrels of apples yet. Have you tried the flour made by the Algona Milling Co. ? It is hard to beat. Buckwheat flour, maple sugar, 10 bars soap for age, and everything else that is kept in a first-class grocery. Please call and be convinced that you can get more for your money than at any other store in Algona. Thanking you for past favors, I am, respectfully, Cowlos' Block, No. 8. James Patterson. MONEY—On first mortgages. Money—On second mortgages. Money—On short time. Money—At lowest rates. Money-Goo. C. Call, Algona, Iowa. Ono Price to All. Cleaning watches, $1; best main SI. All work warranted. <?*• E G J 30WY ER. shots will go down. The Brotherhood of Yeomen have organised at Clear Lake with 42 members and at Renwick with 22. C. B. Hutchins is hauling rock to Inasmuch as there was a coroner s inauest over the remains of Mrs. Wickler at Whittemore, it is only proper to eorrect the statement that she died as the result of a surgical operation, ine inquest revealed that tho surgical operation was properly conducted and was necessar-y, and that death was inevitable. The Bancroft Register says Rev. Day had no trouble in selling seats for Bishop Fowler there. It adds: Bishop Fowler is one of the great orators of this age, and his "Abraham Lin- « McDo.,.a will proba not move till spring. who went to the St. stock of went with light overcoats. to is what it was bought for. A. M. COAN. after a few tnls age, aim uio ^m~~ — — coin" is not only the greatest oration on that greatest character of our country, but it is his greatest oration on any theme. . Tho best debate lately heard in Algona was at the lyceum Saturday even- intr The high school boys spoke bet- ter'than many college students we have heard, and Dr. Kenefick and Prof. Snencer were able leaders. The Hawaiian question was splendidly presented and the audience was well repaid for being present. The court hall was crowded. Two weeks ago Wm. K. Ferguson was in Ames to look at the Red Polled cattle on the college farm. Last week Prof. Curtlss came up and looked at Mr. Ferguson's Red Polled s took, the outcome being a trade of bulls Ihe willingness of the college farm to take Tor a ChrlBtinnH Present. While you are bunting high and low for something acceptable for a Christmas gift, let us suggebt that a box of those fine cigars made at our factory will fill the bill exactly. Wo put them un In boxes made especially for the purpose, and can fill your order promptly. We also carry a fine and complete line of pipes, cigar holders, and smokers articles generally, any of wl;i chare the proper things for holiday gifts. Come in and see what wo have. t2 SCHU & WATEHIIOUSE. THE best values in lamps at M. Z. Grove & Son's. HAVE your carriages repainted now, while you cannot use them. Jas. Orr will do your work right at reasonable prices.-3813 EIGHTEEN karat rings that are 18 karat, not 14 karat rings made up by some jobber and stamped 18 >">•">* 6 J DINGLEY f\ SObID GOLD FILLED 2O YR. Lady's Watch, c/ 1 J7O Dingley & Pttgh, AND UP^~0-DATE JEWELERS. A Merrj_Xmas Old Gold and Sliver. Wo buy your old gold and, silver. Bring it in and it. Sign of the big watch. 31tll JUST received, a new line of carpets, lace curtains, and shades aGalbraith's. not he has not 0 ***»*• — , Qnoncer is representing Georgia . Spencer• «r P Tbe colone l Undertaking and Embalming. BIG HOLIDAY TRADE U« 8 Been Full of Buyers- Three Days L««- v n iidav real estate apply Bancroft Register says a sun ),000 miles across is near the _*. »*.« onn and adds, it nan he recent election notnmg w wv * " T." j, results in Kossuth. better grade of goods. Coagre- farm. . , The "Western Stars" is a musical organization in Algona that will early next month give several entertainments 1^neighboring towns It is composed of the three Smiths, Prof. L. J. |m h, D. T. Smith, and Miss Kate Smith. Each has a musical specialty and is master in that line. They have been practising for some time, and we predict that nothing better has been given hy any of our visiting quartettes than they will give. A week ago Monday Mrs, Wilson of LedyTrd an! Miss Stebbins of Webster City came to Algona expecting to leave Tuesday morning. They spept the night at the Algona house, but tnorn- inl found Miss Stebbins not feeling will A fever developed and Sunday morning she died, in spite of aH possible care. Her relatives came Monday and took the remains south on the Strain. MissStebbios was about 86 years of age, and died o< inflammation of the bo welg. ( So much has been eatt about the mathematical block fake ftftt era mav like to know •xaetl li To St SiuSr A * directors at $25 a Bet. The WpefeB aye in If you want a genuine Smyrna or Moquet rug, look at Galbraith's. Scrlbner'B for 1808. Scribner'B magazine has a great program for the new year. The story of tho revolution by Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, to run throughout the year. (For the first time all tho modern art sources and resources will bo brought to bear upon the revolution Howard Pyle and a corps of artists are making over 100 paintings and draw- fnes expressly for this groat work.) Captain A. T. Mahan's "The American navy in "he revolution," to bo illustrated arine artist From Santa Glaus, who is now making our store one of his many distributing points. As his agent we can offer vouTlarger assortment of presents than you would believe were contained in a hardware stock. Guns, Revolvers, Pocket Knives, Skates, Sleds Corn Poppers, Shears, Carving Knives, patent self-bastmg meat and turkey Roasters, Stoves, Sad Irons, nickel and copper ware, everything in the way of sporting goods, table and kitchen furniture, and the < thousand ^d one things which make useful and enjoyable presents. Call and look over the line which Santa) Claus has instructed me to show you. j J. W. ROBINSON, PIONEER HARDWARE. irv in the revoiuwuu, w "« »•««••»"•>-" by Carlton T. Chapman, the marine artist; Hnrrv Fenn and others. Thomas Nelson Page's first long novel, "Red Rock-A chronicle of reconstruction » Mr. Page has devoted four years to the story, and he considers it his best work. miiiBtrafod bv B- West Clinedinst.) ( Sard Kipling, Richard Harding Davis, Joel Chandler Harris, George W. ^^^^s^^ssr^ 1 ^ BUY YOUR Opinions " pb » The Workers" in a new field-Walter A Wyckoff, the college man who became a laborer,V* tell about his experience with sweftVahoP laborers and anarchiats in Ohi- cftgo. (nfustrated from life by W. H- L Tleibeatre, the mine, etc., will be treat"The Oonduot of Great Businesses" were "The Wheat Form." "The 'etoMin'W, with wrnwovft AT THE CASH GROCERY. A nice mixed for 8 cents a pound. Mixed nuts 13 cents a pound. We deliver grain, and hay (in bales) to any part of the city. J. C ANDERSON, South »f ccmrt howae,

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