Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1938
Page 5
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frAY. JANUARY 20, 1938. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA IAN BOHN AN ALGONA IER, IS DEAD I aturday After kness Dating rom July. I Jan. 18—Herman Bohn, farmer, died at his Saturday morning. He een in poor health, but confined to bed only week Wednesday. He Dorlys Knnfann went to Moines Thursday for a "visit friends. Goo. IV. Godfrey, Ames, was an over-Sunday guest oC his mother, Mrs. W. H. Godfrey. Mrs. L. ]<;. Potter has been guest at her son Harry Potter's, south of Algona, since Saturday. I>r. and Mrs. F. E. Sawyer left Sunday for a. month's vacation, at Houston, Tex., and other points in thf, South. Mrs. A. C. Thompson, I pent last week Wednesday Thursday with her sister, Mrs, G. Vohs. Trent! McDonnell and Duffy spent tho week-end or| suffered severe sick'their respective |d since July his condi- at Whittemore. parental ohn ;e<ad!Iy grown worse. was one of the best j;in the Fenton commun- Ijplte of bad health he 'ye jolly. He took ten- Thos. Shalt* went to Iowa City Wednesday, and is now at the university hospital there for medical treatment. L. Keiso, Minnesota Lake, Minn., iOf his wife, who has | will arrive today (Thursday) for 'ijail health many years, n few days with his sister, in,Plum Creek. was born at Hafwick, pember 17, 1865, and his JDJtought him to Plum k'ir Algona, when he was le was baptised and the Lutheran faith 6V. Mr. Maahs, of the ilmmanuel church at ek. mber 24, 1895, Mr. Bohn lulled to Mary Legenhausen Creek church, time near • the They Plum ighborhood, but in 1001, ||farm near Fairville, Pa- 'dSunty, where they lived mijffwhen they bought the .^Mii^'iiiX' .• __.__ was the father of jfildron. A son, Hugo, died WM id\a daughter, Juliana, at Survived by his wife, tho jfhere, and a granddaugh- ||Aim. A sister, Mrs. Mar- Burt, and a brother, Garner, a'lso survive, tiers and three sisters ftl Services Monday. Sriltiservices were held at •WWJjl*!-., ., _ . — f the son Fred Monday m. and at St. John's Jfiqhurch here at 2 o'- jfim the Rev. R. W. Ka- hj||icharge, and interment (iuifef'in. the family lot at l *"-' !s "-"'--ire'rs were neph- .,„..,_ — Wegener, Arth- |jte!c(iii;| Raymond Tietz, Ralph eli;||V^jV V. Yager, and Ray- from a distance who funeral were Mr. and hn, Mr. and Mrs. Ru- h||Bq!|n, Mrs. Alvin Hollatz, and Mrs. Al- pfGarner; Mr. r. an and Mrs. Mrs. Clara Walter Roen- Bohn, and Mr. and i Bohn, all of Ventu- Mrs. Julius Bohn, of Sgs; Mr. and Mrs. Will- Burt; and Henry fiVAlgona. Because of rfi.and -Mrs. Edw. Bohn, Henry Lavrenz, Wilma Itiuigo and Mrs. Harold Kuckenreuther were at Ft. Dodge Tuesday. Wilma Is employed Hawcott & Ogg's. ^f^^^m* - Jfc ^ m ^^^ mA .^^t^^mA r^ A ^r ^^i * j^ • • ^^j /^k • • ' ^^^ ./•« Bj jk^V LU^AL ^ n j| my ^•i^^^^"^*" ^^W^^^P^^^^^^BP^ "^IW^^^ Des with s an thev, i a ter's, ay. left n, at ts in irdy, and s. a. nces at Dmes City the me titan., for Mrs. irold odgo nt attend the funeral of Mrs. A. B. Groves, wife of a brother of Mrs. Moe. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Vohs, of West Bond, with their children Janice, Harold Jean, and James, wore 6 o'clock dinner guests Friday of Carl's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Vohs. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Bjustrom, here, and the latter's sister, Mrs. George Newton, Ladysmith, Wis., were 6:30 dinner guests Sunday of the Leonard Dragers, north of Algona. ' Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ostrum Lyio, Minn., and their children spent Saturday night and Sunday at tho parental Frank OB- trum's, Kdward is in Botsford lumher employ. Gladys Pacts? Mankato, is now spending the week at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Paetz, who are in Alabama. Miss Paetz is stenographer for the Michael-Leonard Seed Co. Florence Dolinert, Mason City, spent from Saturday till Tuesday at her father William Dehnert's at the Dehnert hotel. She was m-nnlnvorl .nt Tlin "Pnni-rv TVTnnnn urday. They were also at Cedar Falls, where they called on their daughter Gwendolyn, student at the State Teachers college. Mrs. George Newton, Ladysmith, Wis., came a week ago Wednesday for a visit of indefinite length with her father, Thomas Schultz, and her sister. Mrs. C. W. Bjustrom. Mary and Gladys Schultx, Knoxville and Des Moines respectively, came Sunday night for a few days with their father and the Ji.iiistroms. Mrs. Jos. Clirlstcnsen, Jewell, had heen here two months, visiting relatives and old friends. She was a resident of Algona and the vicinity 54 years. When her husband was living they resided on a farm east of town. Three years ago Mrs. Chrlstensen went to Jewell to live with 'a sister who is now deceased. She is now living with a niece, and she went back Monday. Mr. and Mrs. diet H. Williams spent Sunday with the F. R. .Ran- ATTftPr OTIOSE VII UUL> l/IOTft YuU • • ^^ • m w nni UUL Ottoscn , high school kotball tcfu headers las ed DOH Moi Wednesday boys, 29-26. met llodmai and tho loci boys 28-26. journeyed t< both teams the boys 32- day night t Moines tow here, and F to West Ben rinii vioii,, rys at Britt. On the return trip ,""ni_ '«"_"_. home they met a car going east this side of Wesley which sideswiped theirs and caused their car to careen, made a dent in the side and tore the foneder almost off. The other car did not stop. Mr. Williams had to do some fast and competent work to avoid going into tho ditch. Evfilyn Illack, Edna Mae Sill, 1WI1 rl Vri/l T> i yilijn «/!»-.« _ ._ ,t -rr _ i 1_ _ . a. im -irjufcl week Avcd ivLFs. jvonnc T^rwln r Plin jjuuu. i ne moved to tl snson, who O T> /~1 T- „ - . i . u. nor :i picture f by Clara Lc Student Hap PAGE FIVE) DOUBLE HEADERS Jan. 18— The Ottosen school girls' and boys' bass won three double- week. They defeat- es township at Rolfe voning, girls 44-28J Friday evening they on the home floor, will moot township again this Des time City, but will take up civil service Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Robinson work in February, spent the week-end at Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Worley spent Mr. Robinson travels and sells Sunday at Humboldt with Dr. and caterpillar tractors. Mrs. Larry Mosbach. Doctor Mos- Mr. and Mrs. 'Fred Pooch went bach is a former Algonian, and to St. Paul Tuesday for a week Mr. Worley is the manager of the with Mrs. Pooch's parents, Mr. and ! reemployment offices in the north- Mrs. I. W. Morris. lorn district of Iowa. Mr. mid Mrs. James Black south I Mrs. Ilorcliardt, Harrington, of Algona, and Hugh and Lucile i Kans., has been a guest at her Black were Sunday guests of the I son A. H. Borchardt's for the last C. E. Smiths here. E. S. Kinsey, county auditor, left Tuesday morning for Texas on a business mission. He will return late In the week. 3Ir. and 3Irs. John Morgan spent the week-end at Mason City. Mr. Morgan is an International Harvester representative here. Mrs. William Dehnert went to Rochester last week Wednesday and went through the Mayo clinic. She returned Sunday. Mrs. James Reed, Bartlesville, Okla., leaves today (Thursday) after a week here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hodges. Mrs. I). P. Grettie, Chicago, and her son Donald left Friday, after two weeks with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Vohs. Attorney Chaa. W. Humphrey, of Charles City, was a week-end guest of the Wm. C. Steeles. Mr. Humphrey is a brother of Mrs. Steele. Joel Herfost went to Des Moines Sunday to bring home his wife, who 'had spent last week there with her sister, Mrs. Roland White. The P. A. McArthnrs were Sunday dinner guests of the Carl Browns, south of Algona. Mr. Brown and Mr. McArthur are cousins. Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Roberts were Sunday dinner guests at the Edwin Roberts home at Mason two weeks and will remain here for an indefinite time. Mr. Borchardt owns and operates the Borchardt drug store. Druggist and Mrs. George Free of Garner, were last week Thursday guests at Wm. F. Steele's. Ruth McMahon, who is a Garner teacher, accompanied the Frees to Algona and visited at her brother Attorney M. C. McMahon's. Mr. and Mrs. James Finnemore left Tuesday night for their home at Burlington, after three* weeks here with Mrs. Finnemore's jmr- ents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Larson. Mr. Finnemore is employed In the postoffice at Burlington. Wayne Mill ward and Hazel Lehman, of Humboldt, were dinner guests at the J. W. Little home Saturday evening. Wayne is a. nephew of Mr. Little, who used to live in Humboldt county, but now manages the Klassie garage here. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gilbert, who were married recently, left for Eldora Saturday to enter into the laundry business for themselves. Both have had consider- able'experience, having been employed seven years at the Algona Laundry. Bay Work, who recently went to Clinton to take a position with a farm implement company, came Sunday to get his wife, who had remained here with the son Don- City. The Messrs. Roberts are'nie till the end of the school se- brothers. Mrs. Henry Wegener • Mr. and Mrs. Ben Nolte and the to attend. bwns Hear of mber Wedding 18—The Nail, to Mrs. Florence hter of Mr. and Mrs. copf, Lu Verne, was ide known, when the nted and moved into the latter's brother, Frank Calver, went to Dumont Tuesday for a brief visit with Mrs. Nolte's and Frank's father. Lncilo Dole, Clarence Green, |mester. The family left Monday for the new home. F. A. Hunting has be-en suffering from an infected foot tho last two weeks. It was scratched, and tho scratch became infected. He is much improved, but had to lay , .... Kathryn Kelly took Ruth Black . to Mallard 1 Sunday. Ruth, who teaches in the primary grade there, -had spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Black, farmers southeast of Algona. Evelyn is employed at the Ford Garage; Edna Mae, at the Richardson furniture store; and Kathryn at Shumway & Kelly law offices. A. K. Itonnstettcr, Garfield township, representative, was in town Wednesday for one of his seldom visits. Mr. set a rare example when, after brilliant Bonnstetter In politics, service in the House at Des Moines ho declined to run for the state senate In, this district though it was practically certain that he could have had both nominatoin and election. Since retirement from politics he has been devoting all his time to his farming. His place is just outside West Bend on the east. Editor and Mrs. Edgar Inlay, of Lakota, got home a week ago Sunday from an 18-day absence in which they visited at St. Cloud, Fla. Mrs. They drove down to Inlay's parents, Mr. visit and Mrs. Geo. L. Gray, and brother Robert, who recently made their home there after having for some years farmed Jn Portland township.. The Inlays report that they had to doff winter clothes there. They had a swim in the ocean, the weather being ideal for it. Florida people shoot firecrackers to celebrate Christmas, an old custom. Stop Signs Are Posted. Irvinjgton,, Jan. 18 — Stop .signs- have been posted on seveal side roads in this vicinity. Two places where they had been needed for some time are on the road that runs north from Irvington and joins the county road just at the top of the hill, and the timber road that joins he same county road just across the track. Kobe Woman— ressivo club spent last nesday afternoon at sth Stephenson's, of Stephcnsons recently iat town. Mrs. Steph- wos a member of the re, was presented with from the club painted Stilson Elevator Ruined by Fire; Loss is $20,000 Donald Wehrspann left Sunday evening for Valparaiso, Ind., to resume studies at Valparaiso university, after a year at home be- cuse his father, W. H. Wehrspann was laid up with a broken leg. He Trekked Away to Find a Blaze; Finally Found It Irvinjgton-, July 18—Last summer Arthur -Maaa had to take .several jokes about riding a grasshopper home from his farm in North Dakota. Last week it was H. T. Sabin who took the jokes for getting up a little after 1 a. m., thinking it was morning. This week the joke is on Kenneth Roney, who started out to investigate a fire east of Irvington, supposing it to be at neighbor's a few miles away, but, like the proverbial will o' the wisp it always seemed to be just over the next hill; but the farther he went the more determined he was to find out what was burning and where, and he ended up at Stilson, the other side of Corwith, where an elevator had been burning since late in the preceding afternoon. * Fox; Killed in Grant. Ledyard, Jan. 18—One hundred Ledyard, Grant, Swea City, and Elmore men gathered at Grant Center Sunday for a fox hunt. Earl Richardson,. Grant, shot the only fox killed. Corwith, Jan. 18—Fire of unknown origin completely destroyed the Slilson co-operative elevator early last week Wednesday evening. It was discovered at 7:30. The Britt firemen were called, but the blaze had gained too much headway before their arrival to let them save the building, and in a short time it was reduced to ashes. The building and contents were valued at approximately $20,000, and both were insured. George Brickey had been manager for years, and Earl Palmer worked there as second man. Postmaster J. Joseph Bonnstetter was one of the founders and was etill a large stockholder. Swea-Eagle News Eagle township, and Ole Krams- d«Ie, Harrison, were elected directors. ANNUAL MKKTI5G POS'ITfWKD UNTIL J-'linilUAHY 5, 1»:18. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the regular Annual Meeting of tho Stockholders and Subscribers to Capital Stock of the Algona Cooperative Creamery Company, according to Article Ton of tbo Articles of Incorporation, shall be held in Algona, Iowa, o-i tlio last Saturday in January, ]!)38, for Die purpose of election of directors for the coming year nnd for receiving and, if approved, ratifying and confirming all the act* "and proceedings of the Board of Directors of the corporation done and taken dui-ing the preceding year, and for the transaction of such further and other business as may properly come before the meeting, At a meeting of tho Board of Directors on January 14, 1938, it was unanimously agreed upon to po.«t- Friends here recently learned of the marriage of Wilma, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Broclf, Swea township, to Carl, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zielskie, Ledyard, which took I place December 24. The bride is ia graduate of the Swea City high school, and Mr. Zielskie, since finishing school, has been employed on his father's farm. Mrs. Lawrence Byers has returned from a month with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. Musselman, Halbrite, Sask., Canada. Mr. Byers, who suffered from hay fever last fall, will try some other climate, but has not yet decided where to locate. He is holding a farm sale this week Wednesday. Mrs. Theodore Anderson suffered a painful fractured right arm in a fall at her home a week ago Friday. The Harry Lindes and the Frank Isaacsons were released from quarantine for scarlet fever last week Tuesday. They had been under quarantine since December 20. Kenneth, Elden Isaacson and Wallace Linde had mild cases, but Morine Linde was critically sick. Morine will be able to attend the Swea City high school his week. Swea township men show great interest in. better dairy production. At an Annual meeting of the Swea City creamery a week ago Saturday R. H. Walker was elected president; Henry Larson, and Harold V. Jones, also of Swea township, Stewart Butterfield, of and the latter's mother, Mrs. El- off work during the worst of the They Minn., were last by the Rev. Willard |pastor a Baptist Jld' were accompanied by i|lrs. Donald McCartney, Mr. Nail has been in business in the Cor- Mly for the past several tionnl Conference. ire, Jan. 18—Mrs. H. E. left Saturday for D. C., to attend a on the causes and cure lie is one of 100 dele;he United' States. ATURES, 21c AY THRU SATUR. Bcond- Feature |OB STEELE AT SUNDOWN" g Coast Guard" . JANUARY 28-24 , Glenn MORRIS Eleanor HOLM lea's Swimming: |Cliainpion 3nd. Feature ' CQLTQN FAI» mer Green, motored to Amos Sunday, and Mrs. Green remained for a week with a sister. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cox, farmers south of Algona, were Sunday dinner guests of the Earl Millers, near Burt. Mrs. Miller is a daughter of the Coxes. Ifutteriuaker I, L. Seemaii, and Bruce Eckhart, with Albert Granzow, will attend a monthly meeting of the buttermakers of Sec. 6 at Ti tonka today (Thursday ) a . Mrs. Oliver Moe and her daughter, Mrs. Marguerite Kenefick, drove to Forest City Monday to infection. He is a railway postal clerk on the Milwaukee. Antone Johnson, local representative, attended the 49th annual meeting -of Iowa agents of the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co., Milwaukee, at the Roosevelt hotel, Cedar Rapids, Monday and Tuesday. Some 100 representatives attended programs, lunch- e'ons, and a banquet. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Deal returned Sunday from Waterloo, 'where they attended a state painters' and decorators' association convention Thursday, Friday, and Sat- Hrain Tumor is Removed. Lu Verne, 'Jan. 18 — Herman ; Mey- i ers had an operation for tumor I on the brain at Rochester Thurs- j I day, and at last reports he was j doing as well as expected. I Week End Specials One-third off on snow tires and tire chains. Extra Allowance on your trade-ins 40%Of f on Heaters GMENBERG AUTO SUPPLY Drive in Service. YouieQnly Young ONCE" with LEWIS STONE CECILIA PARKER M MICKEY ROONEY SUN.-MON. JANUARY 28-24 OIDKPO ROSEMARY LANE HUCHHEftBEST eUMOAFAMai LOLA LANE DWKtl UMttOIO' KMV MOW 1 UYKMD Hnfft W* 0 UMfl T90P • *UW JOH1M • IDUIt M*«p» • hwM W IUH* tHfWUV fpn» p* 1» J*7 W«I4 ***«•«• W* *W Htteri M«t*4n . O4,W **n W J«-» W«** ^<y^u»->M»»WM«'WWViM^«wji^.it*.i)«i'*n(itij < «ii»iiniti^ Mae.Tinee, Chicago Tribune, Wed., Jan. 19 says Hollywood Hotel is a grand pio ture. You've listened to Hollywood hotel hour in radio—-• now see it on our screen. TUES.-WEIK, JAN. 25-26 Continuous from 1 o'clock daily. Plus A virile story of the N. W. Royal Mounted in beautiful natural settings. Technicolor. "ROMANCE LAND" Riding Bails, Betty Boop De Luse News Algona Auction Co. Algona, Iowa Invites all farmers to attend their farnnrs' day starting at 10:00 a. in. on Thursday, January 27 See the TWIN POWER Tractors—the Tractors that outmode all others in downright usefulness—the utility of 2 Tractors for the price of 1. FREE Many Valuable Prizes Given Away Free Special Discounts on All Cash Purchases Farmers' Day The Grand Prise of one Spike Tooth Ha row will bo given away at 4' o'clock. 1 Some farmer purchaser will take home this Grand Prize FREE, ' = You will have an opportunity to learn something about the manufacturers we i represent and the products we sell. This Farmers' Day will be an annual affair, i and we want you to be with us to enjoy it. It will be an excellent gathering of : our customers and your neighbors. . : MANY VALUABLE PRIZES GIVEN AWAY THROUGHOUT THE DAY L Come Early aiid Stay With Us All Day,We Handle a Complete Line of Massey- j=§ Harris Fanu Machinery ana ImplemeutsFree, Lunch oil the Grounds at 12 O'clock == ^^^F w ^ m t^r ™ ^^^^^W^^I^F flffff^ ^WHS^HPW ^(IF^IF ^*"P ^^^4fp iP . SSSS lllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllililllliiilililllH MI1N WANTED $75 a month paid to many men at, first and more later. Local manager of nationally known company wants to hire several •men for work in this locality. Deliver orders to farmers, render service and do other work. Farm experience very desirable. Car necessary. Permanent work. You only need to give your name and address. Address Box 8744, care of this paper. Name A.ddress pone the Annual Meeting of the Algona Cooperative Creamery Company to February 5, 1938, at 12:30 p. in. in the High School Auditorium because of a High School Basketball Tournament being held on January 23, 1938, at 12:30 p. m. The board unani- inously agreed that they would meet in the High School Auditorium on January 29, 1938, and transact the postponement of the Annual Meeting to February 5, 1938, at which time the Superintendent of the High School has agreed that, we may use the High School gymnasium and Auditorium. The Methodist ladies have agreed to serve the dinner. Very truly yours, M. P. CHRISTIANSEN, 18-] 9 Secretary. DANCE —at— V.F.W.Hall ALGONA SATURDAY, JANUARY 22 RAY COOK TUESDAY, JANUARY 25 Orville Kay and Orchestra s IGAtStore Phone 355 pGCias Free Delivery FRIDAY - SATURDAY - MONDAY January 21-22-24 CARNATION Milk 7 C 3 for CATSUP, 18-k. De Luxe, 14 oz. Ige. 15c PINEAPPLE, 18-k No. 2 crush., can 19c CORN Starch I. G. A. Package 8c PEAS, No. 2 Early June SPINACH, 18-k No. 2 TOMATOES, 18-k. qual. No. 2 BISQUICK, 20 oz. pkg. Cans Cans b CansZlC 19c Ciirol " 1 MACARONI or Spaghetti, 8-oz. pkg. 5c NOODLES, Carol, 5-oz. pkg. fresh __5c PEANUT BRITTLE, Ib 9c BROOMS, No. 1 common/each ___ 29c FLOOR WAX, no-rub, pint cans _ _ _39c SOAP GRAINS, IGA 25 oz. 17c 4 A P.&G. Laundry I U Bars STARCH, IGA Gloss, 16-oz. pkg. KITCHEN TOW- O -I O«t ELS, IGA C Rolls I 3C 9c Household Cleanser I. G. A. 3 Cans 13c Red A Coffee 1 Pound 2 Pounds FOLGER'S Coffee 1 LB. 27c 2 Ibs. 53c MOLASSES, Coral 2% Lb. can SYRUP, dark '5-lb. pail __ SYRUP, light, 5-lb. pail __ MATCHES, 5c boxes CARROTS, bunch LETTUCE, large head 6C 7c 19C Fancy Waxed, lb._ ORANGES, Sunkist Large, 252 size 2 doz. Quality Meats 2 21c I^S 25C bs. 19c PURE LARD BIEATY SPARE RIBS LIVER, Beef or Pork PORK CHOPS, O-f ** Center Cut _ Lb.|£l C OMAR Flour 49 I/BJS. $1.89 FANCY BEEF ROAST ----IE PORK ROAST, loin or rib end ,y? ? ! HEINZ, SOAP CHIPS, Crys. White, 5 Ib. pk. 35c SOAP, Sally May Toilet (with 1 bar Free) 4 bars 19 C SUGAR, 10 Ibs. fine granulated 52c SODA CRACKERS, 2 Ib. box ____15c COOKIES fey or plain, 10 kinds Ib. 19c PRUNES, Irg. size 40 to 50, 2 Ibs. __15c 17c 28c 89c 3 for 1 OC GRAPE FRUIT, Jumbo Size, 10 for 29 C POTATOES, peck RUTABAGAS, M^ 35c

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