The Union Republican from Winston-Salem, North Carolina on December 14, 1922 · Page 7
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The Union Republican from Winston-Salem, North Carolina · Page 7

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1922
Page 7
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LI THE OTION REPUBLICAN, WlNSONAliEMrNC; DECEMBER 14, 1922. : i. qr"r.' lOOIiu rWLE'S EPMIEIIT. partsseut Te axe OltM en Opportua- VlO-V 0. GirL - .luir -Here coinee a N. C b1. . tom PPr Und. My papa Ctrl to yBd old o. E. I Hke it tine. ' tk . it has got the name Hepubli k?J his T birthday. April 11th! What J!rki (ammer best. ket' , V 1 " !1 I have to spend, s T l.lmw hours 1 Pn. I ,ftoi ' jn t0 write me, sddres ;.- As0"? MATT IE VUNCANNON, .... risk, s- v- tm f"- UllWr, 1 tnioK i win woric u " wort on. I will be 14 year , Hop. I wil lots ' present and nice letter. v ri.Vi CoW. yu wnie gooa leuers Cm letter from, the Cousins J'ItL I will receive more this time knl SOP r ,. 1 1 i Jilted. m bo " Pen' s' jr photo. , FRAILS NICHOLS, ibsts, y. c. rroa Old Virginia Oousla. Util Editor: Please sit ' over gra. LJT rirls. Die have a aeat b. L Yooi looking ssilor. C ! Ssy, glrl. "Z. kosk and don t fuss so much 5t seeder and paint. Yott hnoW yo u, jt, ind then try to make out ZL .on wouldn't use it for anything. ' f esa see the paint on your fsee , swsr down her it -Old Virgin-fr? V.. .nra sot i. on. kidl I will riM with eng before some of theM L P," A vlKOIXIA 8UXO." rt roM j)where bloom so,whie, It in Virginia. lt sua aowhere shines so bright. As ia Virginia. . Tbs birds sing nowhere quite so sweet, . As ia Virginia. And nowhere hearts so lightly beet, far rttsven end esrth'boih seem to ' Best ' ' v ; ' 10wb to Virginia., , ' ' ' Tit days srs never quite so long, - A in Virginia. Vor quits ss tilled with happy songs. j As in Virginia. i And when my- time has come to die, IJiit take me bsck and let me lie, i Close to the Blue Kidge mountains high. . Down in Virginia. There is 'nowhere land so fair, ' ' ' At in Virginia. . - 8e full ef song, so full of care, As in Virginia. . " And I believe that happy land. The Lord's prepsrd Tor morul man, , . I bnilt ezsctly on the plan. Of Old Virginia. Anyone wishing to write, let your pic-kras snd photos fly to VERA E. OVERBY. Goshen, Vs Rockbridge County. Trom a Winston-Salem Boy. ' Loral Editor: I have been reading the irnjim pige lor a long time, but I never lit ttte-a hand with you all before. "I think- tt is so nice to hear from so msny tU tt ence, and to read all the poem's u4 jokes. It sure makes time fly when jm (eel so blue. I noticed a poem about ls rears ' sgo by the name of "Ye kTM of the Weed," and if some of you Utims will send it to me it will be ap-frttiited. I will write you all one about pabling this time, but I don't know rut the next wil) b-, out I suppose it till better if the Local Editor will be u kind as to let me in the Cousins' ring tor short while. As.- tbld v saying, ' ikort vislta are appreciated more than sng ones." So being that I am a strsnr-f sad hsve no certain - awjact to -talk, sheet, I will ring off and write about . THE kUMBLER'S LIFE. A fisibler's life is like a rose, it tines he blooms, but his money soon .. goes; -ind when it's gone, he's scorned by many, B his no friends, not scarcely any. Bit show me the gambler, if you can, ss wouldn't nelp a widow of an anfortunate msn, E will (tire his last dollar, and then go . " borrow, -' lot like a rose, hie msy bloom tomorrow. And if he blooms, we will all hare a time. Drinking red whiskey and beer and wine, t why score the gambler! He'a so gen- etQOs and good. There's msny who'd be gamblers, if they only could. Bit tske my sdvice, and never play a card If I could lire this life pver 1 would slwsys work hard. rot a gambler's liie 1 would never choose, It's a life of misery, you win or lose, ind when he's dead and gone forever, Hk friends will ssy he was always clever. X'yin? words tell soft snd low, 14 bsck, young meu, wild seeds don't sow. bn't drift Into sin, no matter how small. For this is the ' prayer of an outcast, beyond recall. Money won't make everybody happy, rrienddiip bought with gold may neter last. And money won't ease thst old heart thst's breaking, Allkough it will buy whiskey, beer and Alitough it will buy whiskey, beer and - wine., ,.- . ; , s tn tne morning on your, bedside, you will die. ' But did you ever think for a -moment, en. b?jr "eras many a thing that money won't buy I All mall answered and highly appre tisiea. j . . W. D. McCANX. Arsnne .m N" C" 200 Sunaylde ' From k Kalelgh, N. 0, Cousin. tt tT?a,...Fd,t0T: This thoughtful ques-How, should Christmsa be csle-hl L U fTtel' ' sked. Read interest-BJ stories, bay all manner of trinkets, nesndy, iweets, fruits, snd explode r w?fk tsrious kinds, by filling the L. V1 fr''n sounds, and illuminat-ttu J AJ niht with rtifleial. ma-wu firj bslls. Lo I not hear this sue-wition from the bass voices, seemingly v?.i po,M,d by-Mr Jy oy Do I not hear the voice of un- 22 IS .rirU "y,n' to uthc uTTl " "k ,-fo and get aome boy J L you out in his warm car like I If, . or put on your ahort skirta, u.vrn Powder, and go to some ques-Ht i U f?n ,ik I ntend t dot ZZV . Husace, I say, let those vorces. aw ,pk.-suggest differently than . speak alone for themselves. "Not Ind Y 'lon h"11 WB ' Pleur i.. u rv.n out to Jesus, whose nmn r it t Ha i.: "s snail give our guts 10 mm T 11 sa d. . ik. M, ia'U'L . ... .. ... "f sjedy th. tB hi-' "i f:r . T 1.1 - - A .1.. j.,. - ,i ur verny i say ne nas given "is i me. Kor ,h d,y wm come when will uy nt0 ng( .-Come ye into the iJL our Urd. for I wa an hungered: gave , foo(it 1 waa a thirst, you V.T drink ; I unclothed, you itrt,i.i"J; 1 w" stranger, you en- rrr'f" company and comforts; I JJJ prison, and you visited Me." We . mA. hare with others; we read "net snd give to othere that they may a.' w ,r happy because we giro 5!'fB, to thi needy and' poor, bf" ''MJ.rejoicin8- is ours, reading, think-L;. Y,,u.tin " apiritusl. Heavenly ob-I!, wh'h are important. Thank you. '"Ksstion is the most advissble. f B0 on,y quench your thirst, t-'ryoor appetite, and amuse your own "JJ. hut thoae who are unable to com-,h birthday. "It Is, more cued to rlm h. i The T will come when Jesus will celebrate; uirmoar, by giving blessings to J you did to Him. or curses to yon th. Kif!?-n" to Himself if you so did on otrtnaay. Thanks, to the many voices C ' tered awhile ago, who now V - "r"1 uttered a 7,heT will rhan L "!? Willing snd a hppy j;. change their Pl .,0.r ihlnw von a merry thrist- w Year, I depart. great love ;ait Cousin. TEiiK: wri"eB once be- Lof. tfaaurbt I would writ Again. I Kkool. dn't think I wil ; Trom New Cousin. . ' Local Editor: Thia ia my first letter to your jood paper. I am a little boy, 11 year old. I live on tne farm. Like (arm life best of all. I can hoe tobacco, corn and potatoea and plow some. 1 go to achool at Kennedy school. My teacuer is Mies era bodenaeitner. , 1 study foar books. II anyone wisnes to write to me my address is - BASCOM PROCTOB. - Tbomasrille, N. U., K. i'. l, a. Box 59. From Three ToriyUi Conntj-Cooslna. Local Editor; We all like to read the U. B. W are three achool (iris. Oar ages are between 14 and 18. We go to school at Miller's. Our teacher's nut is Miss Binkley. - II any of you Cousins would- like to correspond witn three good looking girls, let your letters and. extras fly te ELIZABETH WOOD, ' . VliUilMA BINKLEY, - , JULIA llAUbKtt. Clemmons, X. C. ' ' From W. A. Watson. Local Editor: Here I come with a few more linea for our page in the V. B 1'to been off the page for quite awhile but will come back just the same. Won der wnst has become of all the old V. B cousins 1 Why not have a reunion the page by all writing a letter soon! What about the girls and old maids writing to . some of us old timers, as we U fet lonesome, and if you are wise, droj few lines once in a while. .. W. A. WATSON', Yuma. X. C. . ; v . . From a North Carolina Consfn, Local Editor: Will you allow a littli, .irl of U years to join your happ?. and f I am mamma 'a Thanksgiving resent. I can help mamma cook, Waal-is nes, sweep the floor and do moat any ,md of work. I want, to know if al. ( the little Cousins can cook I ' I ear ;ake nice cakes, and I want all the lit le Couaina to try my recipe: Layer ike t acant eupa of augar, l-i icup but jr, 3ggs, 1 1-4 cups milk. 3 teaspoonful umford Baking Powder, l-'J 4b. lard, easnoonful salt. 3 cuds flour. White sugar eookiea-r-1 ep-g, 2 eupa sugar. 1 u. lard, 1 cup sour milk, 1 level teaspoonfui aofla, I pinch salt. 2 teaspeonfuls Va nilla. It anyone wishes to write to me, let your cards fly to - . AMY BYERLY, iBiimuiiiic, .a, v., K. . - From ft Sad and Lonely Cousin, . . Local-Editor: As I feeling so sad, locesome and blue, I will try to write a few lines to the Cousins psge. I have leeiv.ja,di the pood old-. V. B. for . a time,. and enjoy reading it so much. I love to read the Cousins' letters, and think some of tbem write. real interesting letters. : 8ome of them give good advice. Well, I hsd aimed to write on several different things, -s-ut since I havebegan to write aeema like all my aubjecta have left me but one,' and that ia a great subject. I am afraid I can't give it justice, that is the big subject of "Love." Love la one of the greateat subjects there is. Love is wonderful, and love haa a great power. Love will cause many pleasures in msny wsys, and again love causes msny a sad heart and many a sad and lonesome night to many a loving wife. She has worried all night long because her husband ia out somewhere she knows not where, probably drunk, gambling, playing cards or "in a -lot of other sinful things, snd his loving wife st home with the little children, wondering where he is, her heart acning, thinking every minute to hear of him being dead or hurt. So love ia an awful thing. 1 have experienced it myself. I have . (rone with several different boys, but I have never loved but one, and I believe I really loved him, although I never did net to be with him very much, as his Dullness called him away part of the time. He wasn't even In the states', but wherever be was, 1 loved him just the same, and always thought of him night and day. I alwaya prayed to Ood to keep and protect him while in foreign eiauswa " w a vo auv Mtm ij vici J uaj, ea IjBff,, aud t'heered me up -with his nattering tellers, ut course,! believed most everything he told me. He would write me some fakes,-s and .. I knew 4he d!da f mean , them, but .when ne'wroie me and clnirhedil wVs,'''t."ue, f really- be-lieved It slL He told, me he loved me betverharoiweir eiin-snKws twtew he would never see another girl -he loved like he did me, and begged me to always reraeatner .turn; to ne toeed me ao muea, and he had' always wrote such pice lettera to me and had treated me ao good 1 couldn't, help but believe him, snd my love for'hira had grown so deep,' I just eouldn'w tell anyone how much I really did love him, and he wrote me till he was ' married, and wrote- me in the last letter I pot from him that ' he . couldn't love another girl like he did me, and he kuew he wouldn t- ever ee svnotner ne loted like he did me. I didn't have sny I alike, and I'm migbty gau ttiey can't, for better sense than to believe what heaaidxif tuey-dH they'd all want my "Jane," and him.., engaged then to another girl. : end , you know, I could -never stand for Ho girls, you ee there is not any use to I that. Clara L. Smith, please allow me to. believe a word a boy tells you. T never compliment you on your letter. I think did believe anything one told me till this I you are a real sport, and more than tnat. one, and he some how glined all my love. ' you told the plain truth when you said snd I loved him so I couldn't help but you hsd been kissed, and. wasn't ashamed believe him, but he has proven false to to admit it. But Noah I. Bennett, I me now, and I know all he has said to heartily dissgree with you that "cars" me snd all he haa written was untrue. I .cause the downfall of the young girl. - For know I can never believe another word a really some went thst way before ears boy tells me. So dear girls, be on your i were invented. Am I not rig-tit, girls t watch, and don't put any confidence in The right kind of a girl will be what she what the boys tell you, for they will tell should be, car or no car. Boys, always yon all sorts of- lies to win your love, and treat the girls as you would want the then laugh and talk and have a sport- all other fellow to treat your, sister, and then shout you being a fool about them. But you won't blame cara for the conse-there is a day coming when they will nil quences.. Some of you may think I'm an have to (rive an account for the way they , altogether different fellow from what I have treated the poor innocent-girls here ; was before. But I'm not. I'm the same below. Boys, let me say a few words to j old six and seven, only in a different you all: Seema like being with the girls is most boya pride, and I think it is real ire to be together, sna enjoy, me, dui boya don't try. to nvxe r. fool out of r girl and tell her all kinds of lies and make her believe it 'all and then forsake, ber and leave her broken hearted, for we have all got to give an account for the deeds done on e.irtb, and let's all be what we are, and try to rove everybody, and try to live a Christian life. Let's try to meet on that bright shore. Remember me in your prayers, in my sad and lonesome 7S' A LONESOME COUSIN, Barrium Springs, N. C. From a Lonesome Girl. Loral Editor: I have jnst been reading the good old U. B, and certainly do love to read the Cousins psge. Jsckson Edwards, will you allow me to compliment you on your nice letter in Nov. 30th issue f I agree with you in your letter, for I don't like the idea of dnnkmpr, . cursing, gambling and dancing. Also go ing to shows so much., welt, i can i say much about H. & K.. for I never have had much experience in that line, so I will let them discuss the matter tnat naa more experience. Some are writing on short skirts i and bobbed hair. Well, I don't think 'too abort a skirt looks so well, especially on married ladies, and J really don't believe in bobbed hair for grown-up girla. I -don't believe if Ood hadn't aimed for women to wear long hair that He would have given it to them. I will aay this much, we all look at some tne else a nanus too mum sou ie r lip. If we would U try to keep the trash swept from onr own door steps all the time,- we wouldn't have ao much time to be seeing the. faults of our friends.. Somehow we csn see the mote thst la in our brother'a eye much better than we ean see the beam, that Is in our own eye. Let's all try to get the beam out of our own eyes, and then we can aee clearly to fet the mote out of our brother'a eye. There are so msny thst if they en do anything that will down anyone that is what they pride In doing. If you can't be a help to anyone for God take on't be burdensome. If I know my eart I really want to be a help to my ieighh:iri and friend, and if I cn t h lust let me be nothing, for if I can t help. I hope I will never hinder. I know too Conslna are say ine I wish she would hnsh and go home. " Wert, I am at home-this lonesome 8turdv evening, and am ioesome and blue. Wish aome of you lolly Cousins were here to help me. drive away the blues. What has become of so many of the old Coosins that they have nuit writing. Is it possible that they ave all done like H. L. Lawrence, taken for themselvee a wife or a husband, flare too old to write to the Cousin, pagef Hone they will all cet over their hone-moon sy nd write and tell ne ol mld how they enioy married life.. I will have to go. and ret supper. or som- AVe rn'eht rp on that door bell, a it l .Ustnrdav. So be "ood.- Tf I en say I certainly appreciated ail mull T have r-eeived. and have answered most ,11. but if I foave biased-anv. err-.- thi for n answer. Hope to bear from alLyou ""'L:'" ' .a I MARY E. BARLOW. Tayloraville, N. C. V, rront .Two V. B. Censing, . ,. ' 7 Loui Editor : We live in the country and like it just fine. We ere aweet sixteen. We wish to compliment Ben W. and think P. on their nice letters. We like to ear ride, "you .bet," when we get the chance, and that is often nal ha! Karo, what are you grinning about, aitting over there in the-corner t . All yon Cousins who wish to write to two "beauties." just come on with your letters to - J ISAM 1'UL.KMAM. Cedar Grove, N. C, H. 1, Box 10. ASSIE LAS1EH, Hillsboro, N. C li. 1 Zont a School Girl. . . Local Editor : My papa takea - the V. K, and I'' sure do enjoy reading tue Cousina paere. I thank the Local Editor for giving us Cousins a page to express our thoughts. ' I am in scaool today,- and enjoy going to achool. I think everybody ougat to go to school and get an education. My desk mate is Etuel Cox. My teacher ia Mia Eunice Phillips. My age is between 13- and 14. It ia about time for . recess, end . I will have to atop. Hoping to hear from tome of you. Couains. Address f r DESSIE HAMMER.-. . Bennett, N. C, R. 1. Box 67.- From it Harmony, N. C, Oonain, . Local E.itsr: J am a , constant reader of the TJ. B.' and enjoy ita weekly visits very much. It ia the best weekly newspaper publiahed, in my estimation. Couains. we should be . proud that we - have such, fine, instructive and mtereaiing paper in the old flortn tate, ana prouu atiil, that we nave a page all to ourselves. I take this opportunity to express my thanks to the publishers for their, kindness shown jt in giving, us space for the Young Peoples Department. Very few papers would give over a page eacn week for the ' lettera - and articles from its young readers. They had rather use up that space with "clippings." which in most instances are never read. A clipping .s an article or en item which haa been clipped trom another paper, and ia republished. 8ome clippings are interesting while- othera. are used - merely for fillers, r think .n weekW Daoor should have Young Peop'les Department. A depart ment where tne y oung , , j express - their thoughts. Some may think that the young people of -to day haven't any thoughts ,woriny oi expression, but they are aadly mistaken.. for the youth of today think thoughts that are very interesting and amusing n. some eases,' while in ev-ers mousuu " ..i -v4h nntira :n some instances we would be better off if we would not j notice them the nrt time, nis that we young people know the good taougMa ana expressions oi for by that we- may be led to think bet- tr. and hieber minded thouguts, and be come more proficient in our own expres sions. Many youne people oi oay a tendency to imitate, anC tney nave good tnoughts ana expression them, they induced, to do better themselves. This, is wnera tue jn people wno are leaoers are iv i ' down ana nana- a grave mi. ""t ahould at all times set a good example before tiiese imitators. So if you are leader of the other young people of your community, watch yourself. Just youi conduct, acts and expressiona may cause someone to do the wrong thing be care ful. ' Ohl Gee, I betcha didn't know 1 waa a preacher. Yea. o. I am not. J am called Dr. by some, and am known generally aa just Parks. I sm neither this, that or the other, being a painter. J could not afford to be anything else. I intend to take up the printing business this-fall, though, and work full time. 1 intend to publish "Modern Youth," f magazine for the young people of America. The Cousins page is improving fast, very fast, since Abe distasteful subject "oi hugging and kissing has been ejected. Hugging and kissing is a very serious pastime until the er ah the powder and D3i?t begins to come off. Hold, hold, don't "hit' line, t don't know a thing about It. Honest. , Wi-ewl I thought 1 was goner for sure then. It seemed like ten thousand bricka were coming my - way sure. - Xo harm meant. Write me, girls. I am no bear. Just a printer. And'll - 19t . . , - , WALTER PARKS MESSICK. Harmony, N. C. tv : - ' , : : From Brown Sugar. Local Editor:-i-Just thought I'd drop few -miAwfe thia-4)ool frosty mora te lev yon - know . that your criticisms haven't qnite pat me out of life, although I -can say oie-f-yu certainly did give me some pretty hard ones, but you know I can stand for more than tne average being,J You, se my name stands for something, and cola weather is better for it than hot. But' listen) Just a word, to those who upheld me. Let me ssy 1 thknlr'you'from tiie bottom of my heart. Reelly 1 do. Of course, I am not at all "frenxy" about those tbat said those things,- for everyone can't see and think 'mood. You should get a glimpse of me hr- alone, watchina- tne snow flakes fall I realize that Christmss is coming, in fact almost here. How many of you Cousins are contemplating matrimony then f ) pity all that are,, and can only say, "I wish you the best of luck." No, folks, I was -joking. If you think you are getting the right one. who will stick to you through thick and thin, I ssy, "go to it." I mean to do that when some girl comes on bended knee and says, "I offer my heart to you. Tt is in your hands. Do whst you will, cast it aside or- tske it snd cherish it. Will you be my loving husband t I'll make yon the best wife in the world I" Then is when I'll be thinking f matrimony.. Margie Rector, my sweet, what has become of you1" Really, child,- I meant to write you.- but was so busy farming. I just couldn t get the time. But you won't be angry, will you? And listen! - Yon are my ideal of a SDort. "Cf" I like your style. Come on, boys, take your part. These girls are giving us "fury on Ine "powder and paint" subject. Girls, don't tret it in 1 your heads I won't take, up for. my sex. You really don't do us' justice. Of course Belittle powder and ereim won't hurt, a tiny bit of ronge. helps, but I say for goodness sake, don't paint up your fare and come ktaring some fellow in the face looking like an Indian warrior. He might go home with painter's colic, and not be able to see you for a month or two. Girla. we don t mean to criticize yon so harshly, but just tell yon a few plain facta. Just for your good. "C!" Miss Anderson, of Mount Airy, certainly gave us some hard hits. I'd certainly like to meet that , little primpy, fellow. . I '.11 bet his pants' go on like a pair of new kid gloves, what "U" betf I primp some myself.' If I didn't I'd be so darned, ugly I'd: acare myself. Bnt mamma ssys I'm the prettiest child she's got named ' "Brown Surer." so why should I worry about beaatyt I know a fellow s mamma wouldn t misrepresent the ease, would she. crirlst Miss Altie Stallinrs, yon hsve my heart felt sympathy. A fellow that wina a rirl'a heart and then casts her aside, well. I say it wouldn't do for me to be the judge. Some fellow' would eom,e up minus head, and thia apoliea to the girls. : ss wel. Flirtine is all right when not carried tot far, but you know there's a limit to all things. When it berins to ret serious I ssy stool Think I Whst will the reaalt be? .-Most liable yonnr msn'a or rivl'v hesrt broken. Miss Stallinrs, I hone tha younp- man you are now roing with wi'l prove true end the young man who prove'' untrue gets his reward. Gueas yon all think I am not aueh. a "kissing hue" s I wsa when I came before. The art is I usnslly like to talk about the present circumstances, and yen know it' most too cool for those mnonlirht srirs and "kisses" now. "C?" I'll fust let you rest on that nntil spr'ng. Do you Cousins care for me to write you sgstat If you ao. inst sy ao. Uon't be bashful, rirls. Please don't any of yon ret. it ! your heads that T am married, for nothing like that 'wi!T hsn-pen oon. Listen Andrew Gideons, you know who I tin, bnt don't give me away. .Plenne notice m address is changed. A bushel of love and a kiss for .each. , . . .. - - : V BROWN SUGAR. Mount Airy. N. O, B. P. D. 2. From Cedar Utovt'll. 'C.V'CotiMn. Local Editor: My dad ia a itepuuiitau. He takes vour DSDer. and I sura like te read the Cousins page. -I wish to roui- Suroem Margaret, ewsom, ineima iu label Crawford and Pauline Long. o their-lettera. Anyone wiahing to correspond with me, address - . OPAL COLEMAN, 'i - Cedar Groves K, B. 1. r , Trent av School GlrL - Local Editor: I have been reading the Cousins' letters and think they are fine I live on a farm and farm life. I don't believe I . would like te live' it town. I am not going, to achool yet. I have had to work in tobacco and help get in the crops. My age is between 14 and 16. If any of yon Cousins wish to correspond with a blue, eyed girl, just let your cards snd letters fly to . VIRGINIA MOORE, Orimesland, N. C; R. a. - , From' TJ. B. Couiin. . Loeal " Editor- I wlah to say just word in - behalf of oor . dear old U, . B. Just think, it is the grandest paper, and it would be still better if the kiaaing subject was dropped. Some of the Cousins write good letters, while other are not so good. Well, as titne is precious and news ia acarce, will close. - All. mail will be answered and appreciated. ; . . RUBY S. RUSSELL, Raeford. N. C it. 2. From a, TJ. B. Cousin. Loral Editor: I will take for my subject Mother.- There . is no name under Heaven as aweet as mother. There it no one that knows how dear mother is till she is gone. Girls and boys, treat your mothers kind, for yon don't know when she will pass away to that horn above. I had a dear mother," but she is gone to that happy-home above. I want to meet her there aome day. Let's all try to meet our mothers and loved ones, where we will never have to part. Willis Clifton, I don't apree with you where you said we must live above in ain. If you will read John 11-8 "If we Bay we have na ain mm deceive ourselves.' and the truth is not is it," The , 10th verse of the ma rhantar "It vt SBV WO hSVO UOt sinned we make Him liar, and Hia word ia not in us." Most of you Uousins are writing interesting letters, write me. MtAlry, N. C, R. .. , J ...... -k-.-'.! From a Creedntoor, K. 0 Oontln. ? Local Editor: Mother' takea your nan,. nrt wo mil like it tine. Jnst don t hardly know how to do without it in our v, T m .Ivui s-lad when Satur day cornea, so I can get to see ib .1 it i k. want En camDiiiuniifc n.vK) B. P. on her nice letters. X ""'i " wars read every one on tne page. . am a country girl. and. like country -life all right, and also like town. I live on 235-acre farm , in old Granville eoun-, tr. close to the edge of Wake county, f eo visiting in Wake nften. It i almost Xmie. A am expecting iui vi Uu.k-mj, and a real good time. I wish some of yen Cousins would run over and . stay a while with me. i vui imwn the riddles in the last paper. George Mooney. yours wss a man.-a norse in -plow. The plow waa dead, so I m looking for vour oicture.' Annie. M. nail. yours: 1. ine crow s ieint ... u.--er than the crow. 2. NYet waa the man a dor: he walked. So tome-on with your pictures. I like to receive pictures of unknown people, and awojike to rerres-pond with strangers, lota of yon Cousins write to me. I will answer all. I will hang my clothe, on thia line and p-o to the rack bouse and go to tying tobacco. Am expecting to hear from aome of you Cousins. . All who want to write see my address. y- teXIE DAVIS,' j Creedmoor. N. C, R. 2. " -J- to tbV, From a Blind GlrL ; t i vAnr- Since I wrote "ZV .nd it ha. been in horrible condition. I ran over a 'vj waron on the porch that my little brother had placed there, and aa you know.I am bilnd. I did not know it was there. I hsd to go to Boone, N. C.r to a doctor for treatment. It ia so bad to be blind, and r often timea feel as if I am in nthes people'a way. Oh, .how I would like, tr take one peep at thia beautiful world, but it was not intended for me to see It. Soote beautiful day I hope up yonder, I wil - in, f itnni rold. enki. k. far at mv dear Saviour, wlfi! will wipe all tears away. Ne aiekne4r 4 and dving will be there, is not tnai t blessed thought? It is while I am here that I must bear the trials and tempt ; tions which I am trying to do with al my heart, but the road often aeema Borough and steep. In my other leterI asked the Cousins and readers of the . B-to help me buy some ' winter clothing, which I need ao badly right now. The, weather np here is very cool today, ano nn. faala an ehlllv by it turning cold ar suddn. Mrs. Hobbs. I do thank yon t' l much for what you ent me.. May GotJii bless your home and family. Dear resd-,-1 era, if you feel like helping me buy some winter clothing just send on whatever amonnt you want to at once, and if it is only a dime, I will appreciate it. Margie Bradshaw Pully, you please write a letter to the U. R.f as I like to hear vonr letters read so much. I suppose you know W. A. Watson, he ia a good friend of mine, and we live about a mile apart. I voted last election a straight Republicsn . ticket. I rode to the - election in W. A. .Watson's car. He came, after me, and I went with him. We elected onr whole county ticket. Write to me. Cousins, I am your blind Consin, .- imTvntp riurvvn1 - Yuma, K. C, co W. A. Watson. ; My Second- Letter. Local Editor: Cousins, please move over just wee bit. I will not stay long. I want to aay just a few words about "Mother." Mother is a little word with a whole lot of meaning. I wonder how many boys and girls of todsy are as good and kind to their mothers as thev I say few. very few. Bnt listen, mother is your best friend, she is always ' true, - her promises are never broken, and her love will never fail. . We do not appreciate our mothers as we should. We will be snrryk some day for the way. we have done, and the cruel words we have spoken. We will be sorry, but sorry too late. Just think we were once an Infant, and onr mothers cared for us, she waa very kind snd pstient, and cruel words are the only thanks she gets for it. Listen, boya and girls, you sre doing things this very dsy that you know your mothers don't wsnt you to do. You are out late at night, while your mothers are at home bathin- her face with teira. wondering where her boys snd girls . are, and what they are doino-. Mother a heart is often fille with pain. Now let ns try to heal thepoor wounded her that has so many times been broken. No, I am not a mother, I am only 18 years of age. Well I nave a little piece of poetry I would love to see in print: The mother sat still, with snowi white , hair. - " V : - So feeble, and thin, and pale; -The ton t her, ide,in hia manhood pride,. . ' ' .' Waa ruddy, and tall, and hale; So ready of hand, so fleet of. foot. So bsnghtv In his own might; , ' ' That he oft forgot the tender cere, ; That was still his mother's right. ? That the careless wrong and the cruel word, Were -easy to do and aay;. . Till sorely wounded.' with flushing cheeks. She answered him thus one day: I If only the.' past could- speak, my son. : If tho .weuld'st remember right. How I ? carrie thee in . these trembling - arms. , And toiled for thee dsy and night; - , Lovinc.and guiding," and watch in ft thee. Till the year hve, made thee strong; If only thou would at remember thia, . ; . Thou, never -would do me wrong; . For now I am eastSipon thy love, I am frail, and old. and gray; . Oh, son. that I nursed long years ago, , Remember rSy love today." Be dropped by her kneea aa in olden I j,, times, - , ' ' Her pardon and love to aeek; .-;?? Her gray head bowed to his young brown head, . j , And her tears were on hia cheeks ! : ? And ever since in her heart she trusts, Tn h'a strong young arms haa rest. For be never forgets that once he lay, .. An infant upon her breast. Oh, men, in your strength., end hope, and Joyl Oh, maids, in your youthful ehsrmst Remember that wailing infants once. Yon lav in your mother's arms! Remember she then, was fair and strong; That yon will grow old and gray: Tht the wrong or the rirht yon do to her Will come back, to your heart aome dayt 1 " ETHEL WEST, I Asheboro, N. C, R. 1. . , . DEPML1EIIT A STYLISH COAT STYLE. 4109. Black .velvet and squirrel fur are here portrayed. ' Thia ia a jcood model for broad cloth, velours, end other closk-ings. The' collar ia convertible. It may be turned' up high, or rolled low with the fronts open. - The Pattern is cut in 5 Siaes: 6, 8. 10, 12, and 14 yeara. A 10 year size requires 2 1-4 yards of 54 inch material. t A Pattern ot this illustration so lit te any address on receipt of 12c. in silver or le. and 2e. stamps. B'e sure to give number and aise. A SMART STYLE FOR THE i GROWING GIRL. - 4206. The girl who likes something different will be pleased with the style lines- of this model. The lonr waist and . aiue closing are youthful and becoming , Plaid suiting in brown tones, with bands of red broad cloth developed this style. The Pattern ia cut in 4 Sises: 8, 10, 12 and 14 years. A 12 year aiie requires 3 1-4 yards, of 44 inch material. One iuu niiTfi khib in uiue nomespua wiin pipings-in henna or orange. Or in black panne velvet with pass atitchery in green ur wdui A pattern of thia illustration mailed to any address on receipt of 12e in ailve. or le and 2e stamps. , B sure to give number and sise. A PRETTY STYLE FOR A . " SCHOOL DRESS. - " 3860. For the frock that shall be a "little different," thia design will be just right. It ia in suspender style, and made to slip over the head. The guimpe ia . finished sepsrstely. Crepe or pongee may be used for the guimpe, and pongee, gingham, ehambrey or rge for the dress The sleeve is attractive in wrist or elbow length. ThearPattern is cut in 4 Sizes: 6, 8, 10 and 12 years. ArO year sixe requires 2 yarda of 27 inch material for the guimpe and 2 1-4 yards ot 86 inch material for the dress. A iuttt'-rn of this illustration mailed to any address on receipt of 12e in silvei r,lc nd 2c stsmps. Be aure to give number and aire. . .4 A POPULAR PLAY DRESS. -- 4201; Thia simple " version of tho "Romper" fashion will readily appeal to the busy home dress maker, because of its easy development, and comfortable lines., . Gingham waa selected for thia style with white linens for eollar ; and ctiff s.v The sTeeves'"niay 1e In wrist or elbow . length. -t The Pattern is cut in 4 , Siseai 2. 8, 4: and B years. A 8 year aise requires 11-3 yarda of 27 inch material. - A Pattern of this illustration sent to ny address on receipt of 12c. in silver or le. and 2e. atampa. . Be sure to give aumber and aixe. - Address: FASHION DEPARTMENT Union Republican. Wiuaton-Salem, N. C From Randolph County Consin, Local Editor: We take the TJ. R and I like to read it fine. Some ot you cousins write nice letters. 1 am sorry for the poor blind girl, and hope the good eople will help her. I see where the oys and girls are right on some things, and , some they are not. I had rather spend my time at church than at dances. Bobbed hair nd abort dresses are the go nowadays. Of course the hair will grow long, but the dresses will not unless you piece them. Morrison Price was fine on Sin. The most of . you Cousins are ne on writing letters. What is this: There is a little cun and in . that cup. there is a little sup, ?ou cannot get that snp nntil you break that cup. My address is i , M. J. FARKS, Pisgah, N. C. ' From s Funny Little GirL Local Editor: -I 1 ke to read the Cousins' letters best of alt. I see yon all have a new subject Car Riding. That ia all right. When a good looking boy wsnts to tske you car riding be sure to go with him. .My age is between 13 and 16 years. I haven't gone to school very much.. There are seven teachers where I went to school. Miss Jane Bsttie wss my teacher. My pet is the broom. I wish to compliment Naomi Cole and J. ,K. Brady on their nice letters. Anyone wishing to write to me, I will answer all mail. ! Red is the wafer, blue is the filling, I'll -marry you if the old folks are willing. ADA GEAN BROTHERTON, Davidson, N. C, R. P. D. 1, Box 64. From a 16-Year-Old GirL Local Editor: Aa I am rather blue this fnominpr. decided to write a few lines to the good old U. R., as it ia my favorite nsner. - T am enin tn achnnl. Mv teacher is Miss Bertha Parks. My desk mate is Mattie VunCannon. I have written to the U. K. several times and received many nice lettera, of which all were appreciated very much. I have just finished reading the letters in the TJ. K. Some' were real interesting, while others were not so good. I wish to compliment Allie Stallings and Princie Green on their nice letters. I feel aorry for Princie Green. What have you Conslna been doing this summer? I have been working in the field, snd oh, my I I hsve had a time, too. . The world is wide and full of flowers, Think of me in lonesome hours. Would be, glad to hear from any. of you cousins. - VESTER NE.WS0M. , Strjeby. N-.C. " From An Unfortunate GirL Local Editor: First of all, I wiah to thank, the kind Editor for1 givino- ns a space in the TJ. B. for .which to express our thoughts. I am a crippled girl, and have been a cripple all my life, and Couaina, yon ail may know that my life is not much pleasure to mehere -on earth. But' I have got a- happy home in Heaven, snd I have' also got a dear father and mother waiting for me np there, and -Cousins, won't that be a happy time when we meet onr dear father and mother, and all onr loved ones I My mother died the 11th of last August, and my father died the 23rd ef last September. It sure was hard to give them up, bnt the Lord knows best I have five brothers and four sisters, and they are all married. I am now ataying with one of my sisters. They sre all good and kind to me. I enjoy ataying with them, bnt there ia nothing like being with dear old father end mother. . Cousins all youjs-ho have pot a father and mother be good and kind to them, for yon most remember that they are your best friends. Now I wish to thank Mrs. Morgsn with all my heart for the $1.00 she sent to me. I certainly do appreciate anything that anyone gives me. Well, I guess I have stayed long enough for this time, so good luck and best wishes to all the Coaains. If anyone-wishes to write to me, here la my a ress,. , MABTn.V HAYWOOD, 1 Wsdevitle, N. C. 'Fwm1 "Bbckinsham Cotiiity Co'usin.; ' Local Editor: Have been reading the TJ. B. and enjoy reading the Coumne letters. I wish to compliment Rev. Theodore tors, Matt.e A. trivsn and Mrs. Maggie B. Pully -on their nice letters. Wonder what haa become of Lametta Darnell, of Ben nam, N. O. f Come on with some more of your good letters. George Mooney, the answer to your riddle is a man plowing. Send on your photo. I am sending a oi fc'r which I would be glad to aee In the TJ. B. .- PLANT AND SOW. V Ye lovely bands of blooming youth, ' Come listen to the words of truth; -Tne seed which teachers love to sow, . They wish to germinate and grow, i tVe trees we plant when they are small. Which soon grow np and then are tall, ' Kor truth that we must know, "Tall oaks from little acorns grow' The flowers spring at God's eommsnd. Perfumes the air and painta the land; The sun's bright raya with vicor shine. To cheer the plant, the shrub and vine. Then let us ia, remembrance keep, To plant and sow that we may reap. The fruit of labor and of love. At God' right hand, in Heaven above. .Hope to hear front some of the Cousins. ANNIE VAUGHN. Stokesdale, N. C, R. 1. i : My Farewell Letter Local Editor: Well, here I am aeain I am rel o-lad to be back with you all again. I guess some of you Cousins will m riad vtuen you see the heading of my letter,, but I don't mean forever. I sm just leaving N. C. and going to V., for a while. ' so it will be my last one from. here, bnt if 1 csn get time I wil write after I get out there. I am going out there to take pastoral work and be in school, too. I have just closed another old time revival meeting. I think we had. somewhere about 109 to get saved. Th? don't mean . that many to sip-n a card, but to come to an altar ot prayer. I can't tell how many will hold out, but I expect to see some of them when I leave this old world and go into the next one for J believe aome .of them meant bua iness. I hsd a letter from a Cousin the other day and she said she bad decided that I was a Holiness preacher, and of course I am not ashamed of my colore. I believe we should stand for what th Bible teaches. Borne hsve ssid it's all right, but if I were him I would have been aome other kind of a preacher, but ssy. I believe every man that preaches the Bible t neiieve he will preach Holiness, lor the Bible teaches it from beginning to the epd. I will say before I leave, aome of you Cousina may have wrote me,, and didn't get an answer, but I didn't mean to slirht anyone. I have been away from hme so much 1 eouldn't hardly keep up with my correspondence. REV. THLODOBE YORK, Greensboro. N. C. 926 Silver Run Ave. P. S.: My address will be Shackleford. Vs. Would be glad to hear from any of you Cousins. . Will try and answer all mail. . Paint Without Oil Remarkable Discovery Tnat Cuts Down the Cost of Paint Seventy-five Per Cent. A Free Trial Package is Mailed to Everyone Who Writes. A. L. Rice, prominent manufacturer of Adams, N, Y., discovered a process of making a new kind of paint without tlie use of oil. He named it Powdr-psint. It comes in the form of a dry powder and all thst is required is cold water to make paint weather proof, sanitary and durable for outside or inside painting. It is the cement principle applied to paint. It adheres to any surface, wood, stone or brick, spreads and looks like oil paint and costs about one-fourth as much. Write to A. L. Rice, Inc., Manufacturers. 259 North St., Adams, N. Y.. and a trial package will be mailed to you, also color card and full information showing you how you csn ssve a good many dollars. Write today. Advertisement. O 326 ACRES SUB-DIVIDED INTO SMALL FARMS WED.. Free Barbecue EASY TERMS OFFICE: Ground Floor Next to Owens Drug Store , Winston-Salem, N. C. N vt-7''! Come 'to Sec us ? SASHfeS J BLINDS 0 LUMBER SjjLIME So CEMENT FLOORING LUMBER Ba ' syaysjawaajiaiBsaaasjssssjssas WE CAN SUPPLY YOU PROMPTLY WITH ALL NECESSARY , MATERIALS FOR NEW OR REPAIRED t CONSTRUCTION WORK ! GET OUR i Oinoco Comer Main and 2nd Streets PART OF THE 3F -. A lA FA1M Two Miles From Lewisville A 10:30 A. M. Dinner to Everybody a a AUCTION DEPT. owe DEC. for Anything In DOORS ROOFING MANTELS GRATES TILING BRICK PRICES Supply Co. Winston-Salem, N. C. Bn ,4 Attending the Sale BAND MUSIC 201 Coo ROBY LEONARD. f

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