The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1954 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 11, 1954
Page 10
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fAGE TEN BLVTHJUVILLS (AKk.; COUKIKE NKWS Missing Witness In Reuther Case Sought in Canada DETROIT (AP) — Wayne County Prosecutor Gerald K. O'Brien, working against time, prepared a court move today to push the effort to track down his missing key witness in the Walter Reuther shooting case. Tb* prosecutor sought it warran charging assault with Intent to kll against ex-convict Donald Rltchii so that the Ml aid of Canadian police would be assured. Provincial police of Ontario, where Ritchie apparently fled after eluding his police guards Friday in Detroit, said they could make an active search for him without the formal warrant. However, the Ontario police were reported on the alert. The home of Ritchie'* mother and * glr] friend wer« reported under surveillance. O'Brien's move was the latest official ctep in the bizarre story of reputed secret confidences, fears of gangland vengeance on Ritchie, and then his sudden flight. Ritchie, S3, named by O'Brien as the witness who implicated four other men in the shotgun attack on ReutbAr, skipped out as the slate was completing its court case for presentation Thursday. At that time Carl Rends, 35, one of the defendants, is to be examined on charges of conspiracy and assault. Renda bu denied the charges. O'Brien said that M Ritchie were not found the case against Renda and the other tbree might collapse. The whereabouts of one of the latter trio, Santo (Sam) Perrone. father-in-law of Renda, still was unknown. Perrone has not been seen since before issuanct of the charges last Wednesday. One unsupported rumor had It that Ritchie fled out of anger over a reference to himself In a newspaper as a "squealer." At the same time O'Brien said he feared Ritchie might be killed by gangsters if the police did not catch up with him. The police search got aid from an unexpected quarter. Aid from Defendant It came from Clarence Jacobs, Tecurnseh, Ont. co - defendant whom Ritchie allegedly named as the trtggerman in the attempt on the life of Reuther at the CIO leader's home the night of April 30, 1948. Jacobs Is Ritchie's uncle. In a lail cell appeal he asked bis nephew to give up. Like Renda, Jacobs has denle any connection with the attac He is held without bond In Win sor. Jacobs' lawyer. Ross L. Riddi said his client appealed to Hitch n this manner: "You were no more there tha was. Come forward and tell th .ruth and tell the whole stor Surrender yourself wherever yo are. I have nothing to fear." Ritchie's.reputed story Implica id Renda, Perrone. Jacobs 'eter Lombardo, the latter an th mate of Leavenworth Penitentiary MONDAY. JANUARY 11. 1H4 TO EASE PARKING PROBLEM—This Is in artist's revised design of a modern parking building ' which will be erected in San Francisco, Calif. Called the Downtown Parking Center, it will be able to accommodate 8400 cars every 24 hours. The 417,000 iquare feet unit, specifically designed for rapid parking and getaway. Is expected to be ready by next December. Entry to Up ramp ii ihown at right, the Exit ramp is at left. Ai far right is the door to the nine-itory building lobby. locution for a tele- FOR BETTER RECEPTION-Thls strange ull „„ „ , cle vision antenna on a farm near Burley, Ida., is not an altemr.! to be tunny. The farmer claims that b.v placing his antenna alup the privy he gets better reception. i rand mot her, with 4 Victims, Is Ontario's Wolf Killing Champ BLIND RIVER, Ont. 1*1—Northern Ontario's champion wolf killer is a grandmother who is eagerly awaiting the day she can hack another notch in her rifle. Mrs. Roy Beharrlel now is look- Ing for wolf No. 5. "I'm just now beginning to get out and enjoy life." says the sharp- shooting farm wife. Known throughout this northern Ontario countryside for her prowess in killing wolves, she doesn't ?6 hunting for them. They seem to come to her, with fatal results. The Canadian Tourist Assn. presented her with a wolf killer's badge after her third wolf kill last October. She Is one of the few women so honored. She shot her fourth wolf as it attempted to prey on the Beharriel heep flock. "I never shot anything bigger han groundhogs and squirrels be- ore the wolves," she says. She first learned to shoot as a girl of 10 and bagged her first volf In 1951. Revived in House Her second wolf, shot in 1953, ave her a "real scare". Her oung adopted son Wayne called ut he could not slioo the big gray Nudist Movie s 'Red Hot' OKLAHOMA CITY W) — "Ten ays In a Nudist Camp" proved 50 hot for a theater's movie pro- ;ctor. Firemen snid the film accident- ly caught fire while being shown nd heavily damaged about $35,000 orth of supposedly "fireproof" rejection equipment. "dog" off the road. She looked out and saw a wolf with the child. Grabbing her 30-30 rifle, she felled it with one shot, then dragged it into the house. The wolf, revived by the warm kitchen, began growling and snapping. In sheer panic, Mrs. Beharriel grabbed a hockey stick and clubbed it to death. The Beharriels live on a 160-acre farm near here. They have about 70 sheep and with a purebred ewe costing $75, three wolves must be shot at the present bounty of 825 to pay for the loss of one ewe Hungry wolves have played havoc with their flock. "The few I have killed do not cover our losses," Mrs. Beharriel said. What does Mr. Beharriel think about his wife's hunting? "All this publicity is bunk," he exclaims. But his proud grin and a twinkle his eye show what he really thinks of his wife. Quick Relief for HEADACHE NEURALGIA T«l STAMACK youn.ll ... lob. l»h or powdm . . . •qoinil any ytmV. <r«r uwd. Miss Universe Gets New Title STOCKTON, Calif. IM— Miss Universe Is now California's own and she has a new title: Mrs. Ronnie Marengo. The 17-year-old French beauty. Christiane Martel, was married yesterday to the 21-year-old son of a department stove owner and lei happily in a shower of .rice fo a Palm Springs honeymoon. • They'll be back here in twc weeks and move into a new ranch-style home with a swim ming pool and he will continue managing a suburban branch o his father's store. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Free Book on Arthritus And Rheumatism How to Avoid Crippling Deformities An amazing newly enlarged 44- page book entitled "Rheumatism" will be sent free to anyone who will write for it. It reveals why drugs and medicines give only temporary relief and fail to remove the causes of the trouble; explains a specialized non-surgical, non-medical treatment which has proven successful for the past 33 years. You Incur no obligation In sending for this Instructive book. It may be the means of saving you years of untold misery. Write today to The Bajl Clinic, Dept. 4204. Excelsior Springs, Missouri. Long - wearing, heat - resisting plastic stripes soon may mark traffic lanes and parking spots on the I nation's roads and streets. The | stripe "sets" in less than five minutes, and should last from three to five years on roads of relatively light traffic. ox Job to Pay Taxes LINCOLN, Neb., Wj _ A Lincoln an whO'OWetl <99.20 In taxes went I fore'trie-county board and asked r a Job" so he could pay the bill. The board directed the county :8lneer to put the man to worfc, th the promise of a, possible reg- ar county Job If things went well. If your hot- water system runs cold when it should run HOT ... or if you have old- -»^— fashioned equipment that heats only when you light it ... then see the HEATMASTER. Fully automatic HEATMASTER gives you piping hot water without the fuss and bother of tending outmoded watir-heater device*. ...if its washable IET US LAUNDER IT! 19(53 I And The Alcoholics CALL YOUR PLUMBING CONTRACTOR OR DEALER IN BLYTHEVILLE Distributed in This Area by Mifalltl) (WHOLESALE EXCLUSIVELY! lew 211-215 Walnut SHI You can't beat us — for efective, easy-on-your-clothes laundering, expert finishing, convenient frienldy serv- ice. Choose from our many services today. Phone 4418 lor pickup and delivery. LAUNDRY. CLJANIRS Within Alcoholics Anonymous, the year 1953 closed as the eighteenth year of a successful fellowship of men and women sharing their experience, strength and hope that they might solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. 1953 for A A was a monumental year of growth in action for the lone primary purpose ... to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers." An increased consciousness of the opportunity and the obligal'm of service was reflected in the spirit and works of individual groups as well as in the collective spirit of th« world wide fellowship. Outside AA, there were many new activities by agencies of medicine, church and government that indicated an increased consciousness of the fact that alcoholism is everybody's problem." An aroused society was fast proclaiming that the sick mind and sick body of the chronic drinker were an important concern of the public health rather than merely a blot on the public morality. Research and education came into action on many new fronts to make 1953 a year of hope for the 4,000,000 American'alcoholics. AA GROWS NEW GROUPS That the AA message had been constantly carried in 1935 is best attested b.v the registration of new groups through the year. As of April, 1953 (issuance date of AA's annual directory) there were 3,938 groups. In the ensuing six months, two new groups a day were added to the roster, to bring the yearend total of registered AA units above the 5,000 mark. Prison groups showed a steady, high rate of growth, 31 being added since April in institutions for a total of 211. Hospital groups increased by 16, for a total of 117. Outside the United States, there was a similar growth, with a total of 821 groups in 62 countries now in the world-wide neighborship. Canada reported new strength in every province. But AA's 1953 growth was measurable beyond numerical gains; it was a year of solid progress in maturity and unity. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Box 873 — Blytheville, Arkansas Anyone Interested Invited to Our Meetings Open Meetings 8 p.m. Every Friday Night , Closed Meetings 8 p.m. Every Tuesday Night Club Room over Hardy Furniture Co. I. Main Street — llythiville. Ark. does it better... Stay-Bright- is an amazing new cleaning process, a remarkable Cheimeal that brings back the positive original color to clothing and completely eliminates the dull flat appearance of an o I d garment. IT ACTUALLY ADDS MONTHS OR YEARS TO THE LIFE OF YOUR CLOTHING. be the judge... You'll be pleasantly surprised at t h e efficiency of the new Stay-Bright Process. Bring us your old garments and let us restore them to their oriainal luster. You'll be convinced it is the ONE and ONLY cleaning method of today. ON CLEANING Cash and Carry at Hudson's • BETTER (LEANING • THE HUDSON FINISH • 8-HOUR SERVICE Phone 2612 for Pickup and Delivery HUDSON CLIANIR - CLOTHIER - TAILOR ill., Arkonsos fcwfe, KMnourl

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