Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 13, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1938
Page 9
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IDAY, JANUARY 13, 1938. KbSSUTH COtrtiTY ADVAKCE, ALQONA, IOWA !6E YAGERS I ACTIVE IN ILORIDA CAMP _„, Jai^. 12—Friends bC Mr. p. George Yager, who are ig the winter at the Sara- iirist park In Sarasota, Fla, H interested in the news |s taken from that paper ttgers are former Ion and Algona, residents and the FARMS C. «. KLAM.T, Field KcpreBentHtivc ;s follow: "November 28— i«j Mrs. George Yager bravec ffh yesterday and Thanksgiv . "" went to tile beach and many shells< They are a barrel of them back So be Used In the construc- £'a rock garden. This is a ' Idea, some' of the rest of t try It. Mrs. Yager found ,„ Octopus which measures Blight inches long, on Lido "December 11— George S. J. Parker did an un- s hlng Thursday when they |i to camp a 100, pound bag oysters." "December 28— Leonard Hcerdt, east of Lone Rock, was cleaning out his barn where he keeps his feeder cattle, a week ago Monday. He has a load of fine young steers. Leonard Is always busy. These folks •have two boys. The' older one was out helping Dad. * * * * ' Ray Snyder is the buttermaker of the Lone Rock creamery, and ho is kept busy most of the time. He keeps this place in tip-top shape. Before coming to Lone Rock Ray worked in the creamery at Elmore. ~ * # * * Fred Genrich, Lone Rock, 1s that faithful mail carrier. It was late in the afternoon a -week ago Monday when we called, and Fred was busy at the postoffice, "but he tool! time out, and we had a short visi t their 'home. These folks, are oily folks and like to "kid" a fel . Mrs. George Yager, of Al ere among the many from ffetates to attend a delightful itmas party as guests of Mrs. P>ettapiece and Mr. and Mrs. {tumble and Mary Lou, own- Uhe Fern Cottage Summer at Atherly, Canada." Ac- to the society section of .per, the winter tourists .-•rand times at the Sarasota Attending card prties, danc- rties, wiener roasts, and in a choir made up of vol- Imal Tarty is Given— land Mrs. Hildreth Petti >ir infant daughter, Lae baptized Sunday by th „. D. Stahmer in the Fair ^Lutheran church. Sponsor IjRuth .Hantelman and Robei ionor of the occasion Mr. an Bettit entertained at a dinne ,uests included the Rev. Stul family, Mr. and Mrs. Ernes ieler and sons, Robert, Ervra and Delond, Mrs. Kat uwmudn, Ruth and Eldon, Mr fteirt Voetteler, and Mrs. R. D. w. ng and getting ready for more old weather. Frank is commun- . ty sheep shearer, and says he ikes that kind of work in season. ket not so good. * * * * We stopped at Clifton Engel- iy's, north of Ledyard, last Vednesday. They have two boys. Mrs. Engelby said her boys both were born on a holiday. The first boy was born Valentine's day, and he second -boy was born Halloween night. They are very proud of their boys. * * * * At Albert Looft's, southeast of Ledyard, they were culling chickens Thursday. They keep purebred chickens and sell the eggs to the hatchery. Albert was busy, but ho took time out to show us his fine big boy. This 'boy is now 14 months old, and weighs 32 pounds. They call him John Rich. * * * » Paul Gelhaus, northwest of Ledyard, was not at home -when we •called Thursday, and Mrs, Gelhaus told us he was at his broth- Chris the north J. Whltson, Indianola, member of the extension division at Ames, called Monday at Ray McWhorter's. He and Ray wore members of the 1016 graduating class at the state college. An enjoyable visit was had. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Fairbank's three children are having a siege of chicken pox. Fay Bolie, employed at Herman Bosworth's, Algona, spent several days at Chris Bolie's last week. Mrs. Will Grover was a Saturday caller at L. M. Owen's Algona, and W. E. Stahl's, Burt. Mr. and Mrs. O. 0. McFarland spent Friday afternoon at W. F. McFarland's, Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Long are employed at Louie Scott's for sev eral days. Ed Fitch, son Chester and family Sexton, were Sunday even'.ng guests at Dell Fitch's. The evening was spent playing 500. Avery Fitch is working for several days at Aage Hansen's. Mr. and Mrs. George Larsen spent the week-end at Waterloo at their son Clarence's. Clarence is not in his usual good health. Mrs. George Lanning and Mrs. Alfred Godfredson spent last week hoys were doing a good job. * * * * electric grinder, and the * * * * »pann JPrielbes Sell Home— & Carl Priehes sold their j'to the Paul Eiglers last m. giving possession at t..?>' : - •» *• . •n.-i^.t,^. Iftft " l_/UUJ it;n i«.«u-. , Burt, had arrived home when we called a week ago Monday He once. ^ f 1J_1(-, 4* vhiww~ - - id Mrs. Priebe left Monday ew dayg new car for Mexico, where spend six weeks. Mr. Charles <«H*>° rural mail route is in jjirge of his substitute, Ed Priebe. KEriebes plan to build a home the spring. The Eiglers moved tp^heir new home Monday. ...£,„„ Meeting— 20 members of the Fenton i League attended a sub- rally at the Methodist In Estherville Sunday af- m. The main speaker was an of the junior college was furnished by the sen- r of the church there. Ai^ meeting lunch was served, aiisocial hour followed. Transferred— a . lt «MV«»«' ^ rS - EnOS Wl ' ede SPGnt ilfday with the latter's parents, %land Mrs. G. R. Krause Mr. > has been employed in a market iri Waterloo, and dy was transferred to a like ion at Independence. He left iy evening for that place, ig Mrs. Wredo for a visit her parents. ver is Held Sunday— (miscellaneous shower in hon' Mr. and Mrs; Fred Johanne- 8 held at the Senega Lur ... basement Sunday evening Swing the league meeting. Af- V short program the honored its were presented with many L v * B— i ~.lt^ n ' nttnr which We had a visit with Ray Black ast week Tuesday. These folks ormerly lived northeast of Sexon, but have now moved to the arm they bought southeast of Lone Rock. Ray had finished repairing the pump, as It had not aeen throwing enough water to suit him. Ho wants his machinery to work right. Ray took us into the house and showed us their little girl. She Is now nine months old and is very smart at this ago as she talks already. Mrs. Black s mother was there. She thinks that children learn to talk sooner if people "talk to them more. She says this is the finest baby ever, and her name is Bonnie Lou. * « * * Charles Morris, county supervisor, lives in Lone Rock. As a rule when we call there Charles is out tending to the.road work. .Tuesday he was at home, sun nursing his foot on which he recently spilled some very hot water. This has been very painful. He expects to he oUt in. a The H. George Beenkens, who .live on the Iowa side of r,ho state line west of Elmore, were busy putting up their season's supply of meat Thursday. Mrs. Beeuken said, "We have a new baby boy at our home." He was born December 5. They have named him Eldon Marlyn. They have one girl and three other boys. southeast Mr. and Mrs. V. Applegate'S son uobby is ill at the grandparents home, the Potters, Algona. He has carlet fever and throat infection. The little daughter at home is recovering saisfactorily from scarlet ever Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Peterson were last week Wednesday supper guests at" Ed Dittmer's. Mrs. George Lanning and Mrs. S. M Peterson were Thursday after- at Alfred Godf red-j * * Lawrence Hagedorn, I_JCl W I Cll*jV j ».M.ps%-v i -- ^ of Elmore, was moving onto his father's farm south of Elmore Thursday. His brother Aupust who lives in Minnesota, was moving onto the farm where Lawrence lived. This was a week for the Hagedorns. * * * * Lester Johnson, north of yard, and his brother live busy Led •wit! noon callers son's. The Clifford Ringsdorf family spent Sunday at Peter Godfredson's, Bancroft. .,„!„,, I •Mr and Mrs.' George Lannmg | spent Sunday with relatives at Spencer. * * * * ' Patterson, north of VUl U, UA1V* >"^ •" ------ -,•!_„ their mother. The boys had been busy cleaning out the barn when we called Thursday. They have a basement barn, and the basement wall is laid up of natural old nig- gerhcad rock. This makes a very warm barn. * * * * James M., Leslie, who lives :n the east part of Ledyard, is perhaps the oldest bachelor m the Ledyard vicinity He has a very small house, and has been busy lately Airing his -house for elec- been in 'Chicago with a car- •J*"-" , ._ lately WUIUB " io " , .__ trie lights. He had been using load of sheep. He reports the mar- law, Mrs. Anna Reimers. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stoeber and Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Stoeber were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Stoeber, celebrating the birthday anniversaries of O. H. Stoeber and Mrs. Wilfred Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Meyers and Mrs. L. J. Weisbrod attended aj birthday dinner and party at Andrew Hanson's near Titonka Tuesday, honoring Mrs. Hanson's mother, Mrs. John Coughlin, Algona. Mr. and Mrs. John Wallace entertained at a family dinner Sunday Guests included Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Weisbrod, Mr. and .Mrs. Charles Weisbrod and sons, and Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Weisbrod. Mrs Henry Reimers entertained at a quilting party Saturday afternoon and guests were Mrs. V. J. Tatum, Mrs. A. J. Krause, Mrs. Fred Dau, Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod and Mrs. J. A. Schwartz. Gus Kraft and daughter, Mrs. H. Gade, and two children Helen and Marlene, Algona, visited with . the Fred Kulows Thursday. Mr. Kraft s an uncle of Mrs. Kulow. in Algona. The Robert Carney family and J. 11U J.VU M\Jl \- NrfW • V the Jens Sorenson family, Algona were visitors at Philip Wander's Cash Paid For Cream! Open all day Saturday and Saturday night. ALGONA CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY COMPANY useful" gifts, after which was served. . \ Newel to California- mton relatives and friends of Anna Newel will be Interest- know that she left recently Kanawha, where she had living with her daughter, , Henry Johnson, _ iths with her son, Dr. Ctar- Newel, Frseno, Calif. FENTOtf NEWS Ima Madison accon ^Peterson, Ringsted, irt Fort , jge Monday in the Peterson any- ince and brought home Uburg from a Fort Dodge Otto hos • Ll UlM «,*«*- - — , Mr. Wilberg suffered a ken neck and a broken back week Wednesday when a tree pled over on him that he was He Is in a critical Sting down |dltion. AT. and Mrs Alvin Zumacn, of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kern, Selen and Lloyd, were Sunday evening dinner guests at W. P. Weisbrod's in honor of Mrs. Weisbrod's birthday anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kading visited at Fred Kulow's Wednesday. Sunday the Fred Swan family was entertained at the Kulow home at dinner, Maxine Donahoe spent the weekend, with her father, William Donahoe Jr., from Friday evening to Sunday. Maxine attends .ichool in Emraetsburg. Mr. and Mrs, W. V. Yager and Mr. and Mrs. C. F. -Wegeuer and children were entertained at a 6 o'clock dinner at Amos Fnrae- stad'a. , , Mrs. Anna Osborn and her sister, Mrs. Jennie Jensen, the latter of Seneca, went to Ringsted Tuesday' to visit till Friday with relatives. Save on your Hybrid Seed Corn Iowa 931 and other strains suitable for your locality. Leave your orders at our office or with pur representative MR. L. M. OWEN Anderson Grain * Phone 308 Goal Go. 2-3-4 Annual January Clearance Sale USED During the year of 1937, we sold 477 used cars. During January of last year we sold 48 used cars. Why? Because our cars are priced right and sold as represented, after being properly reconditioned in our own shop. Due to the splendid public acceptance of 1938 Ford cars and trucks, we have the finest selction of Used Cars and Trucks to offer that we have had in many months. ALL MAKES, ALL MODELS, ALL READY TOGO. i • ii ;; -"!: 5 i Stop in and look them over. Perhaps your old car will make the down payment and possibly save buying two licenses. EASY TERMS TO SUIT, IF DESIRED. i Again, during January, we will liquidate our Used Car Stock, because we are stocking up with new cars and need the room. Despite higher prices on all new cars, our used cars are going to be sold on an average of $75 less than a year ago—again we ask. you to-— " Make Us An Offer an rs. n , VM r's. Harvey Higley and daugh- i place, and Mr. and Mrs. Earl t er Diane Kay are spending two Afield and Mr. and Mrs. John Leeks with Mrs. Higley's ; parents. Afield were Sunday dinner M r. and Mrs. Albert Wolfgram. ists at Ernest Christensen's at Mr. and. Mrs. F. H. Bohn and therville The occasion \vas tho daughter Mary Ann and the li 'thdav anniversaries of Mrs. Zn- Johnsons were Sunday ( evening " h Mrs Earl Theesf ie\d, and guests at G. B. Johnson s. Christensen. . I Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hayenga vls- rs Everett Dreyer entertained jted in Algona Sunday with Mip -»o .tables of bridge Saturday Hayenga's sister, Mrs. Katherine ig at her home. Mrs. Walter Doege, who is, ill in bed. _ won the high score prize. Jo hn Meyers returned Monday ler guests included • Mesdames from Clear Lake, where he had lest Ruske, Raymond Stoeber, visited since Christmas ftt the LOS Flnnestad, George Jentz, Charles Glaus home. Tence Theesf ield, and Alvin Mr. and Mrs. John Newel and iac h Mr. and Mrs. Fred Newel spent , and Mrs. Chas. Newel were Sunday afternoon at Le Roy New- and hostess to the evening el's at Hartley. ige club at their home Thurs- Lena Weisbrod, daughter of Mr. r evening. Mrs. Fred Newel and an d Mrs. W. P. Weisbrod was out W. Ruske won the high score O f school all last week because o. Mr. and Mrs. George Jentz gland trouble. for absent members. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Weisbiod tr. and Mrs. Edwin Creinert and Mrs. Don Weisbrod and daughter Verdel were enter- daughter Anna Rae, spent triaay ted at a 6 o'clock dinner Thurs- ___ __ - _____ ..... . . . • evening at the parsutal ....... -- - brge Meyers home near Whitte- re iii honor of Lawrence Mey- birthday anniversary. and Mrs. Carl Beck enter- a group of neighbors at 500 1 Iday evening. There were elx files, and high prizes went to Irjorle Voigt and Bennie Mala- ysky and consolation to . Irene and William Millsi'. Shelby Weisbrod, of the Weis- d Implement Co,, .spent last fik at MoUne, 111., attending a D^ere mechanical school. ..,. his absence Mrs. Weisbro.4 at tp B,urt to visit her gister-ln- ess Just Received Our New Spring Shipment of HARNESS Bankers Ufa Farm Loans Low rate, long time funds from an IOWA COMPANY. See me for prompt closing, no commission. EPWABD CAPESICS Heise Bldg. .This is a complete line of high grade harness built to stand up under years.of t service. 1 Back pad and breeching sets. Also full assortment of strap repairs. See Our Line Before You Buy -s Kohlhaas & Spilles 1 - 1937 Blue Ford Fordor Sedan With heater, mud and snow tires on tbe roar. This car is clean in every respect and looks like new. 1 - 1937 Ford Tudor Sedan Low mileage, has always been in town. A honey of-a job. 1 - 1937 Ford Tudor Coach Blue color, heater and defroster, must be seen tc be appreciated. 1 - 1937 Chevrolet Master Tudor Has been owned by a professional man. Never driven hard, also low milegae and ready for the i oad. 1 - 1936 Chevrolet Coach With built-in trunk, heater (hot water) and mud and snow tires on the rear. Try it out. One 1933 Chevrolet Coupe Lots of Service Left in this car. One 1930 Chevrolet Sedan 4-door, good cheap car. One 1929 Chevrolet Coach, New paint, looks great, runs fine. i One 1932 Ford Coupe, Model "B" has not been abused 1 - 1936 Ford Tudor Sedan (Tray, with, radio, hot waxe-: heater and overdrive. | This car is as clean as a button. 1 - 1936 Ford Tudor Sedan Gray, hot air heater, motor reconditioned, as clean inside and out as a new car. 1 - 1935 Ford Tudor - Black Completely reconditioned, good rubber, finish in excellent shape, runs beautifully. 1 - 1934 Ford Fordor Sedan With Eadio and Hot Water Heater, a nice For- dor for someone. 1 - 1934 Chevrolet Coach Has been thoroughly recondiitoned, and a real buy—lots of car for little money. 1 - 1933 Ford Tudor Sedan Reconditioned motor, new tires all around, as clean as a whip. This is a wonderful buy. One 1929 Model "A" Coupe has been around but will stand lots more. One 1930 Ford Fordor Town Sedan, a dandy running model "A" One 1929 Ford Model "A" Town Sedan, good for many miles AND SEVERAL OTHER CARS PRICED TO SELL CHEAPLY USED - TRUCKS One 1936 Ford L. W. B., Heavy duty, dual equip- One 1934 Dodge Truck— Motor overhauled. Has ment. This truck thoroughly reconditioned dual tire equipment and long wheel base. from stem to stern. One 1933 Ford L. W. B. Truck-Cheap, B» 7 ^^™™^^«»^^ paint, mud and snow tires on rear, motor recon-7=20 s m tiont, d2-b, 10 ply duals m icai low ditioned. . • mileage, can save someone plenty of money. One 1935 Ford Pickup— dandy farm unit. Kent Motor Sales FORD Service OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAY MORNINGS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE

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